The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4880

Ito Yuhiko actually knew very well that Ye Chen might not really think highly of himself.

After all, when Ye Chen first came to Japan, he had a conflict with him, and even his attitude was very arrogant at that time, thinking that this young man from China should bow before him.

Then, when he was taught by Ye Chen to be a man, he realized how nasty this young Chinese man was.

And the reason why Marven Ye was able to be polite to himself later, and once offered a helping hand, was entirely because of his daughter Nanako’s face.

Therefore, at this time, Ito Takehiko, in addition to his endless gratitude to Ye Chen, only had one thought left in his mind, and that is: how is his life so good.

He didn’t feel that his life was good because of Marven Ye’s help, but he lamented that he was lucky to have a daughter as good as Nanako.

If it weren’t for Nanako, I’m afraid that the best situation for me now is to lie on the hospital bed with amputated limbs, all kinds of tubes inserted all over my body, and rely on all kinds of nutrient solutions to survive.

It was because of Nanako that Ye Chen helped himself recover after his amputation, allowing him to live the life of an ordinary healthy disabled person. Now, Ye Chen is directly using a panacea to heal his two broken legs. can grow back.

Now that I have become a healthy person again, I will not have any regrets related to myself in this life.

The only thing that still worries him is the life-long event of his daughter Nanako.

If you can entrust your daughter to Ye Chen with your own hands, then your life will be complete.

Just when Ito Takehiko imagined that his daughter would marry Marven Ye in the future, Tanaka Koichi next door also started an experience almost the same as Ito Takehiko.

Fortunately, Tanaka Koichi has Hong Wu sitting next to him, so when Tanaka Koichi was frightened by his legs, Hong Wu directly dragged him out of the bathtub. Everything is not an illusion or a dream, but a reality.

The excited Tanaka Haoichi cried and said, “Mr. Hong, I’m going to kowtow to Mr. Ye to thank him!”

After saying that, he was ready to rush out the door.

Hong Wu grabbed him back, put his foot into the shower, and said cursingly, “Damn, you are exhibitionist! You’re going to run out naked! It’s not ashamed of your bean sprouts! Go take a shower first, change your clothes and go out!”

Only then did Tanaka Koichi come back to his senses and realize that he was still naked. He quickly bowed and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hong, I’m really sorry! I was rash!”


At this moment.

Marven Ye had already walked out of the bathroom where Takehiko Ito was.

Because of worry, Ito Nanako was standing not far from the door waiting anxiously at this time, and her aunt Emi Ito was waiting here with her.

Seeing Marven Ye coming out, Ito Nanako subconsciously wanted to step forward, but when she thought that her father was still in the bathroom, she stopped and asked Marven Ye from a distance of a few meters, “Jun Marven, Odosan… .How’s it going?”

“It’s good.” Ye Chen smiled and said, “I’m taking a shower, and I’ll be out in a while.”

Ito Nanako pursed her lips and said tentatively, “I seem to have heard my father cry just now. I don’t know if I heard it wrong…”

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