The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4931

So, she tried her best to break free from the prison guard who was hugging her, rushed to Ma Lan’s side, and stomped her foot on the calf of her right leg.

Ma Lan broke his right leg several times, and now he is not completely agile. He was suddenly stomped by Zhang Anqi, and only heard a thud, and instantly felt a sharp pain, and the whole person collapsed and shouted: “Ah …my leg…my leg! It’s broken again!”

Zhang Anqi watched Ma Lan roll on the ground with her broken leg, and she deliberately scolded loudly, “Listen to me, the surnamed Ma! I gave you my foot for Mandy! Don’t forget it. , Mandy’s leg, you broke it! Then I will break your leg to avenge her! This is called blood debt and blood!”

Ma Lan kept rolling on the ground in pain, and couldn’t help shouting to several prison guards: “My leg…my leg is broken again! Please take me to the hospital! Don’t let me Stay here! Please!”

For Ma Lan, the pain is secondary. The most important thing is that she must quickly find a way to leave the ghost place of Bedford Hills Correctional Institution. If she can’t, she will go to the hospital to delay it. Maybe Ye Chen will be at night. Let the prison let him out.

At this moment, the Chinese female prison guard suddenly ran over and said out of breath, “Sister Lan, you have been released, Sister Lan!”

Hearing this, Ma Lan even forgot the pain, and asked subconsciously, “Really?! Am I really released?!”

“Yes!” The female prison guard has already started to execute according to Ye Chen’s plan B, so she said without thinking: “The relationship your son-in-law is looking for has already called the warden, and the warden asked me to arrange for you to be released immediately! ”

“Great!” Ma Lan almost cried with joy.

Although he was beaten by the three Zhang Anqi and even broke his leg, but now that he is to be released, it means that he has stopped his losses in time!

She originally thought that if she couldn’t get out at noon, she was afraid that she would be beaten for half her life.

So, Ma Lan blurted out and choked: “Quick… let me out… I don’t want any personal belongings, I just ask you to let me out immediately…”

The female prison guard immediately said, “Don’t worry, Sister Lan, you can go through the formalities with me now. I’ll call an ambulance for you first and take you to the hospital for treatment!”

“Okay!” Ma Lan burst into tears with excitement, and said quickly: “Please, send me over now, I don’t want to stay here for a minute…”

The female prison guard asked her, “Sister Lan, are you sure you want to get out of prison and not stay in Bedford Hills Correctional Institution?”

“Yes yes yes!” Ma Lan nodded like an oil drilling machine, and choked: “No more, no more!”

Just after finishing speaking, another prison guard walked in with three women in custody.

Ma Lan took a closer look, and suddenly his jaw dropped.

Because these three women are none other than Chen Zitong who were taken away before lunch and released.

She ignored the pain and asked in astonishment, “Zi Tong…you…why are you back?”

Chen Zitong said helplessly: “Don’t mention Sister Lan, the plaintiff gave up the withdrawal, saying that he wanted to discuss the conditions with our lawyer. There is no way, we have to continue to be locked here…”

As she said that, she looked at Ma Lan and asked in surprise, “Sister Lan, what’s wrong with you?”

Ma Lan was full of grievances and had nowhere to vent. He pointed at Zhang Anqi and the three of them and cried, “Zi Tong…they beat me…I helped them so much, and they beat them to death. Me, you have to call the shots for me…”

As soon as Chen Zitong heard this, he immediately gritted his teeth and said, “Sister Lan, don’t worry, we will definitely teach these few bastards who will pay revenge to the death!”

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