The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4934

Ye Chen didn’t care about Ma Lan’s awakening at this time.

He just pondered in his heart that if Ma Lan was like this now, if he brought him back to Providence, Xiao Churan would definitely feel distressed when he saw it.

Moreover, this Ma Lan’s leg is broken again, and most of her self-care ability has been lost. If she is brought back, who will take care of her daily life?

Xiao Churan still has to attend classes, and it is inconvenient to take care of her by herself, so the best way is to let her stay in New York for treatment.

However, there are still two problems, one is how to make Ma Lan willingly stay in New York, and the other is how to explain to his wife Xiao Churan.

But the top priority is to send Ma Lan to the hospital for treatment first. Although she has a leg injury, half a blood-scattering pill can make her live and live, but Ye Chen still feels that it is somewhat wasteful to use the pill on Ma Lan. .

So, Ye Chen drove Ma Lan to the Fei family’s private hospital.

Because Fei Jianzhong had greeted him in advance, the hospital was waiting in full force. As soon as Ma Lan arrived, he was carefully lifted out of the car by several nurses, and then pushed to the orthopaedic treatment room in a wheelchair.

A group of orthopedic specialists surrounded Ma Lan and used all kinds of professional means to treat her, which made Ma Lan regain the feeling of being a ghost in Bedford Hill Correctional Institution.

After the doctor’s diagnosis, although Ma Lan’s right leg has a certain fracture, it is not too serious and does not require surgical treatment, but still needs to be immobilized in a plaster cast, combined with drug treatment and self-cultivation.

Later, in order to allow Ma Lan to rest better, they directly arranged Ma Lan in the best ward, and its interior luxury was much more upscale than a suite in a luxury hotel.

Several nurses gently moved Ma Lan onto the hospital bed and adjusted it to the most comfortable angle for her, and then one of the nurses said to Ma Lan: “Ms. Ma, wait a moment, I’ll get you some fruits and vegetables. Dim sum, you need to replenish your stamina first.”

“Okay! It’s really hard for you!” Ma Lan’s condition improved a lot because of the use of the analgesic pump. In addition, lying on the comfortable hospital bed, she finally regained her smile.

The female nurse said respectfully, “Ms. Ma, you are welcome, this is what I should do.”

After the female nurse went out, Ma Lan couldn’t help but sighed to Ye Chen, looking at the luxurious environment around him: “Good son-in-law, the hardware conditions of this hospital are also very good, this ward must be at least 100 square meters, right? Such a luxurious ward can’t cost more than a thousand dollars a day?!”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Mom, this hospital is opened by my client himself, he has already said that your treatment here will not cost you a penny, and you will definitely arrange the best doctors, nurses and wards for you. .”

“No money?!” Ma Lan was stunned and blurted out: “Mom, it’s really cool not to spend a penny to live in such a tall ward!”

Just after finishing speaking, the female nurse knocked on the door and came in with a very delicate fruit plate and dessert.

She put all the food on the small table in front of Ma Lan and said respectfully: “Ms. Ma, please have some fruit snacks first, and I want to introduce to you that the screen by your bed is actually a touch screen. There is an ordering interface, where you can choose the meal you like, and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.”

Ma Lan said in surprise: “Mom, so considerate? Let me see what delicious food you have.”

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