The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4981

At this time, the aura in his body had been consumed by more than 90% again, he was very tired, and his heart was extremely decadent.

He was like a gambler who had come to his senses, and only realized after waking up from a dream that he had lost too much in this scam.

At this moment, Ye Chen wanted to take another Peiyuan Pill, but then he thought about it, if he took another Peiyuan Pill, how would it be different from those victims who fell into the scam?

What I need to do now is to stop the loss in time, and stop having any illusions about this ring!

Thinking of this, the exhausted Ye Chen took off the ring, held it in his hand, and stopped sending any spiritual energy into it.

At the same time, he couldn’t help thinking of that Lin Wan’er.

He felt that this girl seemed extremely unusual.

Not to mention whether there are any unknown secrets in this ring, just the fact that she can decide to give this ring to herself in an instant is enough to see that her courage in doing things is extraordinary.

Moreover, if the nine copper coins that he saw were indeed hexagrams, then the girl’s accomplishments in the I Ching gossip would have even beat Lai Qinghua by a large margin.

Lai Qinghua is at the top of the top in I Ching gossip and Feng Shui secrets. It is no exaggeration to say that he is an Einstein in the field of divination and Feng Shui.

If such a great figure at the top level is really left behind by a little girl like Lin Wan’er, then Lin Wan’er will be so strong that she is simply not a human being.

It seems that the only way to solve this series of puzzles is for Lin Wan’er to solve them herself.

With the huge consumption of spiritual energy and the constant thinking in his mind, Ye Chen felt his body became more and more tired, just like ordinary people who stayed up for three days and three nights, the whole person was already at the critical point of deep sleep.

So, he slowly closed his eyes unconsciously, and fell into a deep sleep.


After about half an hour.

When Ye Chen was already asleep, Helena, who had been fidgeting in the living room, suddenly stood up from the sofa after a long and intense psychological struggle.

She took out her mobile phone in a panic, found the date record of her last period, and then searched the Internet for an ovulation calculator.

When she entered the start and end time of her last period, as well as her average period between periods, the little software popped up a pink love sign for her, with a line of words on it: “Congratulations on your current period. You’re ovulating, and it’s the perfect time to start conceiving a new life!”

Seeing this line of words, Helena’s expression first showed a bit of surprise, and then she became extremely firm as if she had made some important decision.

Afterwards, Helena took a deep breath, and with an uneasy heart in her heart, walked to the bedroom door and gently pushed open the bedroom door.

At this time, Ye Chen was lying on the bed, sleeping like a baby.

Helena looked at Ye Chen who was sleeping soundly, and after a moment of silence, she simply put her heart on the sidelines, slowly stretched out her snow-white hands, put them behind her back, and opened the long zipper on the back of the dress.

With the zipper opened, Helena’s amazing back was almost completely exposed to the air.

Then, the whole long skirt slid off her tender shoulders, and instantly fell on her slender and sexy ankles…

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