The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5060

And behind this wall, there is actually a huge machine room. This machine room is actually a heavy-duty elevator equipment and operation room. Below the machine room is a huge lifting cage.

Li Nianzong led the crowd onto the cage, activated the cage with his own iris, and then the cage led the crowd down to a depth of minus 600 meters.

While the cage was running downwards, Li Nianzong said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, all the safety equipment here is one-way, the hidden door just now, and this lifting cage, can only be operated by us from the outside. , In addition, after the cage reaches the bottom, there is a door that can be opened from the outside, and only we can open it from the outside.”

Ye Chen asked him: “Isn’t this the only way for the dead man’s garrison to the outside world?”

“That’s right.” Li Nianzong nodded and said: “The dead men can only enter and exit through a passage, but there are a large number of steel ventilation pipes in their garrison, but the thickest inner diameter of those pipes is only eleven centimeters, and people can’t get out at all.” So they have no possibility of escaping. Even if they can open the door at the bottom, they can’t climb up the 100-meter-high well. Even if they can climb up, the cage is always tightly blocked At the crossing, they can’t get out at all, so there hasn’t been a prison escape since it has been in use for so many years.”

After speaking, Li Nianzong said again: “Of course, this also has something to do with the poison in their bodies. Even if they escape from here with all their efforts, without understanding the medicine, they will definitely die within a week.”

Ye Chen nodded, feeling a little more emotional about the living environment of the dead.

Six hundred meters underground, without seeing the sun for many years, how hard is this kind of life?

Just like what May 47 said, many children of dead men were born here, and from the time he was born until he started working for the organization at the age of twenty, during the twenty years in between, he didn’t even have the chance to see the sun.

Thinking of this, how to solve the lives of these dead men and their families in the future has become a relatively difficult problem.

Ye Chen naturally didn’t want to let them live at a depth of 600 meters, but this copper mine was the size of several hundred people in the eyes of the outside world, so if these people were brought to the ground, the buildings on the ground would not be able to bear such a large number of people. many people.

At this time, the cage has come all the way to the bottom.

After walking out of the cage, there is a transitional area with an area of about 40 square meters. The so-called transitional area means that the back end is connected to the cage, and the front end is connected to the last gate where the dead are held.

Li Nianzong took out a key from his pocket, inserted the key into the lock hole, and then went through the pupil comparison, and then heard the door click, and then slowly opened it outward.

And when the iron door opened, Ye Chen was startled by the scene in front of him and lost his mind.

What appeared in front of him was an underground plaza with at least tens of thousands of square meters. The ceiling of the plaza was at least fifteen meters high, and every ten meters was supported by a thick load-bearing column, and the lights on the top were Illuminate the entire square as bright as day!

And the passage in front of Ye Chen is not at the bottom of the square, but in the middle of the vertical plane of the square.

When he stepped out, in front of him was a circular platform protruding outwards, which was seven or eight meters from the ground and seven or eight meters from the top.

When he stepped onto the platform, there were already thousands of people standing neatly on the ground of the square seven or eight meters away from his feet.

At this time, thousands of people suddenly knelt on one knee and shouted respectfully: “Welcome, Your Excellency Special Envoy!”

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