The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5069

At this moment, all the children’s eyes were attracted by the rising golden thing!

As the arc of the rising sun became wider and wider, the golden light dyed the entire sky and the entire sea golden.

The sky is full of rays of light, and the sea is sparkling!

The rising sun distorted the light of the skyline, making it look more dreamy.

The children, as well as the parents who took care of the young children, were stunned.

Even though the light was becoming more and more dazzling, no one was willing to blink their eyelids.

The mothers of those young children, as well as those children who are still entering adolescence, subconsciously hold each other tightly with their best friends. They or they are in small groups, and they have burst into tears uncontrollably.

The scene in front of them now, even if they racked their brains underground for another twenty years, they would still be unable to come up with a reason.

Soon, that round of golden sun has completely rushed out of the sea level, and the world as far as the eye can see has been bathed in the newborn sunshine.

For hundreds of millions of ordinary people living in this time zone, this is just an ordinary and ordinary day.

But for these more than 700 children, this moment is a new beginning of their lives!

Ye Chen looked at the hundreds of immature faces illuminated by the sun in front of him, and said to Li Nianzong, 3900, and Wan Pojun and others beside him: “Before today, their life was a long night; after today, They have the real light!”

After finishing speaking, he suddenly made a decision and said sharply: “From now on, don’t let these children practice martial arts anymore! If anyone really wants to learn, it’s not too late to learn after they reach the age of eighteen!”

Thirty Nine Zero said subconsciously: “Sir, if you wait until you are eighteen to start martial arts, it will be too late…”

“Late?” Ye Chen snorted coldly: “I really want to learn, it’s never too late! I don’t let them practice martial arts, because I don’t want them to pay too much for their childhood!”

“Besides, if our generation can eradicate the Poqing Society, why do these children need to practice martial arts?”

“Compared with practicing martial arts, they should get out of here, settle down in a peaceful and stable country with their parents, study hard, go to an excellent university, study a major they are interested in, and then find a job that will allow them Start a family and start a business, and then create their own value in society!”

“This is the best choice for them!”

Thirty-nine zero realized that his thinking was still in the previous mode.

Before Ye Chen appeared, the only thing a dead man could do was to improve his abilities as much as possible, and become a knight guard as much as possible. After becoming a knight guard, he would have a few more children to ensure that there would be a “scholar” among his offspring. In this way, we can get rid of the life of fighting and killing.

However, the situation has changed now.

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