The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5107

“If he wants to fly, as long as he uses the correct name and ID card when buying the ticket, he can check in smoothly with the ID card;”

“If he wants to go abroad, then use his name and passport number to book a ticket, and then he will be able to exit the customs smoothly with his passport;”

“However, if anyone wants to look up him through the information registered on the plane, it will be impossible to find out. If you want to search for someone named Ye Chen who has flown in China, but you only know his name , then his information will not be displayed.”

Lin Wan’er’s two willow leaf-like eyebrows were slightly clustered in the middle, her expression was solemn and worried.

After hesitating for a moment, she asked the old man: “It doesn’t matter whether the person I’m looking for is the first type or the second type, with your status and connections, can you find out these hidden information?”

Hearing Lin Wan’er’s question, the old man pursed his lips and sighed: “Miss, there is actually a very troublesome underlying logic behind this matter.”

Lin Wan’er said, “Say it.”

The old man said: “Whether it is the first type or the second type, the number of people who are hidden is actually not small. Some special talents, military experts, intelligence personnel, and secret service personnel have their identities encrypted. Tens of thousands of people.”

Speaking of this, the old man changed the subject and said again: “But the trouble is that although these two kinds of hidden people have a database, most of the people who can access this database do not have this database. highest authority.”

“That is to say, if I used these two methods to hide the information of two people, then even if I have the authority to this database, I can only access the information of these two people, and I have no information about other people. Those who have the right to read, not only do not have the right to read, I don’t even know how many people are in it;”

“Conversely, even if you also have the relevant authority of this database, you can’t find out who I am hiding in this database. The two of us are insulated from each other;”

“Moreover, there are multiple branches, each with different levels and authorities. For example, the intelligence department, its top leader, has the right to access the hidden information of all intelligence departments, but has no right to access the information of other departments. Condition.”

Lin Wan’er thought for a while and asked, “There must be someone who has access to the entire database, right?”

The old man smiled awkwardly: “Miss, there are very few people with authority, and they can be counted on one hand, and it is absolutely impossible for these people to leak information to anyone who does not have authority, so I will take this road now. No way.”

“I understand.” Lin Wan’er nodded, knowing that it was already impossible to start from the access authority of the database.

So, after thinking for a long time, she suddenly remembered something and asked, “By the way, if a person’s identity information is not concealed from birth, can his information before being concealed be found?”

The old man replied: “If it is the first type where all the information is hidden, so that this person seems to have never appeared in this world, then the information of his birth will also be erased;”

“If it is the second type, it depends on how the person who hides his information operates. Some people may erase all of them for certain purposes; but if some people want to create the illusion that this person’s whereabouts are unknown, Then the previous information will not be erased, because this information has to be made public to respond to inquiries from interested parties.”

“For example, when a person graduates from university at the age of 22, for some reason, he needs to disappear from the world, then his file information before the age of 22 will not be erased, only a missing person will be added to his file, or he has disappeared. The death label, the information will not be encrypted, even an ordinary police officer with the lowest authority can easily find the file information before his disappearance in the population system.”

Lin Wan’er’s eyes lit up, and she blurted out, “Does the information you gave me just now include the missing and dead Ye Chen?”

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