The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5109

“Okay!” The old man was also a little excited, and immediately opened a background on the laptop, and entered Ye Chen’s name and original ID number in it.

Afterwards, the two checked the results with full expectation, only to find that the information given by the system was still the missing file of Ye Chen who was eight years old.

Lin Wan’er frowned: “Why can’t we find out? Did someone give him a new identity?”

After finishing speaking, she couldn’t help asking herself and answered, “There is a high probability that this is the case!”

Lin Wan’er guessed right. After Tang Sihai arranged Ye Chen into the orphanage, he gave Ye Chen a new identity. Although the new identity was still called Ye Chen, it was no longer the Ye Chen from Yanjing Ye’s family. It was Ye Chen who had no father or mother and was adopted by the Jinling Welfare Institute.

His household registration was placed on the collective household registration of the Jinling Welfare Institute, and this was the case for all children adopted by the orphanage.

Therefore, he naturally has a new ID number, one that belongs to Jinling.

In this way, neither the Ye family nor the An family could find him again, and the only one who could find him was Tang Sihai.

Regarding this matter, the old man said: “If someone changes his identity, then the previous set of information will definitely not be found out. You must know his new identity’s name and ID number to find out.”

Lin Wan’er frowned, and said: “If someone helps him settle in another place, get a foreign account and identity information, then his actual encrypted identity will not be the identity before disappearance, but the one after disappearance.” new identity.”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er said again: “I understand… Twenty years ago, after Ye Chen disappeared, someone hid his whereabouts, got him a new identity, and hid the file information of his new identity. Therefore, the former Ye Chen disappeared when he was eight years old, and a new ‘Ye Chen’, or ‘Ye Chen’ with another name, appeared in a new place. No one else could find him except the person he sent information to.”

The old man hesitated for a moment, and then said: “Miss, it is not 100% sure yet, the Ye Chen you are looking for is this Ye Chen! What if the missing Ye Chen is only a few years away from the person you are looking for?” If you are distracted, wouldn’t you be misled by this kind of speculation? After all, children’s facial features have not yet developed, and it is normal to have a certain resemblance to someone, but it is very likely that after puberty, they will move towards another person who is completely different. developed in that direction.”

Lin Wan’er nodded, and said seriously: “You are right, although my intuition tells me that the Ye Chen I am looking for should be the Ye Chen who disappeared twenty years ago! However, in this kind of thing, you can’t trust your intuition too much. , Just relying on the resemblance of childhood photos to confirm, it is a bit hasty to confirm the truth.”

Thinking of this, she blinked her eyes, remembered something, and said with a smile: “By the way, can you help me retrieve the file information of Ye Changying and An Chengqi?”

The old man said: “Ye Changying can, but An Chengqi can’t, because An Chengqi is an American citizen, and the investigation can only find out some official files that she and Ye Changying left in China after they got married.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Wan’er said, “I just need a photo of the two of them.”

“That’s no problem.” The old man quickly retrieved the information of Ye Changying and An Chengqi from the system.

When Lin Wan’er saw the handsome black and white ID photo in Ye Changying’s file, her frowning brows instantly relaxed!

She couldn’t help clapping her hands excitedly and said with a smile: “Haha, my intuition is right! It really is him! The Ye Chen I’m looking for is almost exactly the same as this Ye Changying!”

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Wow, how to make things complex and getting out the information from that compalexity.
A full detail how to shortout the complex hidden information. That is how hackers and crackers works and broke open encrypted complex informations.

That’s why I love this novel. Ones someone tried to find his information by his vehicle ID by cracking the encryption and was caught.
And this time Lin find him by his childhood photo and his parent’s photo.

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