The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5130

It was also at that time that Ma Lan really realized that Qian Hongyan and Xiao Changgan really have the heart and guts to eat people!

Therefore, Ma Lan has always held a grudge against Qian Hongyan, and is very wary!

The reason why she got close to Qian Hongyan before was because Qian Hongyan had been kneeling and licking Ma Lan like a pug, which gave Ma Lan a great sense of superiority and made Ma Lan enjoy that kind of money. Hongyan stepped on her feet, but Qian Hongyan was still worried about the feeling of her stretching her thigh.

However, even though she brought Qian Hongyan to eat, drink and have fun every day, she still always remembered that Qian Hongyan was a snake and scorpion that ate people without spit out bones, and she must always be on guard against her biting people again.

Originally, she thought that it would be impossible for Qian Hongyan to turn over in this life, but she never expected that this bitch turned over so quickly!

She recalled the logo she saw on the rear of the car just now, and couldn’t help asking Marven Ye: “Good son-in-law, what kind of car is G500, is it expensive?”

“G500…” Ye Chen said casually, “It’s one of the Mercedes-Benz G. It’s better than the G350 and worse than the G63.”

Ma Lan blurted out: “Didn’t you say that the big G is G63? Why is the G500 also a part of the big G?”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “It seems that the cars of the G series are all called Big G, and although the G500 is not as expensive as the G63, it is not cheap, and this car has always had a premium, so it will cost more than two million if it is all in one.”

“What did you say?!” Ma Lan’s eyes widened, and she said in shock, “Only that G500 costs more than two million?!”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded: “More than 2 million is definitely needed, after all, it is a big G.”

Ma Lan suddenly stomped her feet angrily: “Damn it! Is God blind? Can Qian Hongyan drive a car worth more than two million yuan?! What can she do? Her family is so poor that they can’t help it.” She’s driving a Mercedes-Benz G that costs more than two million yuan, what kind of face does her mother have!”

Ye Chen said a heart-wrenching sentence: “Mom, since he can afford such an expensive car, it’s definitely impossible for him to be unstoppable. In the past, he might really be unable to untangle it, but now it seems that he has indeed turned around.”

Ma Lan thought of something, frowned and said: “Is it Xiao Weiwei?! I think I heard her say before, Xiao Weiwei set up some etiquette company, and the business seems to be doing well. Damn, I thought Xiao Weiwei was working for others. I didn’t expect it to be so good. Make money!”

Ye Chen shook his head: “Mom, it’s unlikely. Even if Xiao Weiwei’s income is good, she probably only buys half a big G throughout the year. What’s more, she seems to have only been in business for a few months, so how can she make so much money?”

Ye Chen is actually quite clear about the situation of Xiao Weiwei’s etiquette company, after all, he took it down and let her run it.

With Hong Wu and Chen Zekai taking care of them, the etiquette company’s business is really good during this time. If it follows the general etiquette company’s model of squeezing the hostesses, the company can indeed make a lot of money.

However, Xiao Weiwei has now repented of her evil ways, and has also experienced the hardships of being framed by others, so she is very sincere to the hostesses under her company. Not only do they get less commission, but they even create a lot of benefits for them.

Just buying a commuter car and hiring a full-time driver for the hostesses is a lot of money.

Besides, not 100% of the company’s net profit goes into Xiao Weiwei’s pocket, Xiao Weiwei can only get a small part, so after all, it is not a big problem for Xiao Weiwei to earn one million a year, no matter how much it is, it is actually unrealistic.

After hearing this, Ma Lan asked with a look of horror: “If Xiao Weiwei didn’t buy it, then could it be that Qian Hongyan turned over on her own?! This… this is impossible… Qian Hongyan, an idle old man A woman doesn’t have any connections or special skills, what can she use to turn her around?”

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