The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5171

In Lin Wan’er’s heart, she was a girl with a withdrawn personality and a bit of aloofness.

She doesn’t like interpersonal communication, and likes to stay at home alone, read books, drink tea, write calligraphy and draw pictures, and burn incense to tell fortunes.

Qiu Yingshan’s mansion really surprised her. Thinking of running around for days, she just wanted to take a good rest here and regain her slow pace of life.

Moreover, she has already decided not to contact Ye Chen before school starts, so it is the best plan for her to practice self-cultivation here and occasionally visit the places of interest in Jinling in disguise.

So, she made a series of lists and asked Sister Xian to help purchase them. In the list, there were a hundred ancient books, seal incense made of ten materials, tea leaves from five different origins, and various pens, inks, papers and inkstones.

Sister Xian got the list and asked her with some doubts: “Miss Lin, I can understand everything else, but these one hundred ancient books, do you have any requirements? For example, the title of the book, the author, etc…”

“No.” Lin Wan’er smiled slightly: “You just go to the Jinling Antiques Market and find some real ancient books. No matter what kind of books, as long as they are ancient books and you can still read them, you can buy them. As for the money , Just ask your husband to come out.”

Sister Xian was secretly surprised. These days, people who read physical books are rare. How could anyone like to read ancient books.

Ancient books are also antiques, and buying a hundred antiques at once is certainly not a small sum.

However, her professional ethics always told her to do things according to her duties, and don’t ask questions that shouldn’t be asked.

So she said, “Okay, Miss Lin, I’ll get ready later!”

At noon, Lin Wan’er, together with Qiu Yingshan and his wife, had a sumptuous lunch at the manor on the first floor of Zijin Villa.

Not long after dinner, the travel-worn Sun Zhidong rushed over from Yanjing.

Although Qiu Yingshan sent someone to greet him at the airport in advance, when Sun Zhidong arrived, he was still stunned when he saw that Sun Zhidong was alone, and blurted out: “Zhidong, you…why didn’t you bring a bodyguard?”

Sun Zhidong said without hesitation: “I came to Jinling to meet the lady, so naturally I should bring as few people as possible! The lady has a special status and the situation is also special. I have to minimize the risk as much as possible.”

Qiu Yingshan said: “How can they agree to you coming here alone? Even if you force them with a gun, they have to send someone to follow, right?”

Sun Zhidong smiled and said: “Not to mention, I really took out the gun and forced them not to follow me, but I didn’t point the gun at them, but at myself. I told them that I was only half a year old anyway. But if I survived, if I was not allowed to leave the capital, I would kill myself with a single shot, and it would be done ahead of time.”

Qiu Yingshan asked in surprise: “Who said you can only live for half a year? I think you are in good spirits. It is not a big problem to live another five to ten years!”

Sun Zhidong smiled helplessly, and glanced at Lin Wan’er.

Qiu Yingshan suddenly realized, and quickly asked Lin Wan’er: “Miss, did you figure this out?”

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