The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5204

Otherwise, even if he got one or two Rejuvenation Pills by accident, it would be difficult to live to such a great age in combination with the background of the times and average life expectancy.

At this time, Ye Chen remembered the old lady’s previous self-introduction, so he asked her: “Grandma Jiang, when we met in Mexico, you said that your ancestors practiced medicine for generations, and it was not until the Anshi Rebellion that the inheritance of medical skills was broken. It happened when your ancestors met this old ancestor Meng?”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded and said: “In 756 A.D., when the Anshi Rebellion was at its worst, Anlu Mountain occupied Chang’an and opened the first year of Shengwu. My family’s ancestors, his parents and grandfather originally lived in Chang’an. Grandfather and father were imperial physicians in the imperial court. They escaped before An Lushan occupied Chang’an and traveled all the way south, but encountered rebels near here. The rebels killed all the relatives of the ancestors. It was only then that the ancestors of our family were rescued from the swords of the rebels, and that year, our ancestors had just turned six years old.”

Ye Chen suddenly realized: “So your ancestors survived, but their medical skills have been lost, right?”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded slightly, and said again: “At that time, all the medical books handed down by the ancestors were in the accompanying luggage. It is said that there were at least three or five boxes. The ancestor killed all the way, so he stuffed a genealogy tree and two phoenix bone and rattan bracelets into the ancestor’s arms, and then the ancestor’s father burned all the medical books with fire oil, and since then, the Jiang family’s medical skills have been lost…”

Ye Chen couldn’t help sighing: “Countless classics were lost in this kind of turmoil. Your ancestors in the Tang Dynasty knew what a phoenix bone vine is, but now, in the whole of China and even in the world, few people still know what this kind of phoenix bone vine is.” Things, our current traditional culture and Chinese medicine are all citing classics, but I don’t know how many classics have long been buried in the long river of history…”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something, and asked in surprise: “By the way, Grandma Jiang, you said there are two bracelets?”

“Yes!” The old lady said firmly: “The two bracelets are made of phoenix bone rattan. They were originally a pair, and they were the family heirlooms of the Jiang family. The bracelet was made of phoenix bone vine, so he asked the ancestor if he would give him one of the bracelets, and in return, he would accept the ancestor as a disciple. The ancestor was helpless at the time, so naturally he agreed , and Old Ancestor Meng is indeed a gentleman, he only wanted one of the phoenix bone vines, and asked the ancestor to keep the other.”

Ye Chen asked again: “Then your ancestor also learned spiritual energy from this old ancestor Meng?”

“No.” The old lady shook her head and said with emotion: “It is said that it is difficult to find one among millions of people who have the talent to master spiritual energy. Not to mention my ancestors, even the wife and children of the ancestor Meng didn’t have this talent…”

As she said that, the old lady pointed to the picture of a child reading a book on the wall, and introduced: “My ancestors didn’t have that talent, so they worked as a servant boy next to Old Ancestor Meng. Grandfather Meng raised him by his side and taught him to read and paint. These three paintings were all made by our ancestors when they were old, and the last one is his self-portrait when he was old.”

Ye Chen felt emotional when he heard it, and couldn’t help sighing: “It seems that this old ancestor Meng is indeed a god-man, not only has great supernatural powers, knowledge, and fine painting, but also has compassion, which is really rare…”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded slightly, and then said again: “My family’s ancestors lived with Ancestor Meng for more than sixty years, until 820 A.D., Yuanhe fifteen years of the Tang Dynasty…”

“At that time, Ancestor Meng was nearly 160 years old, and our ancestor was also 71 years old. At that time, Ancestor Meng told my ancestor that if his cultivation level could not break through for a long time, or if he could not refine the I’m afraid it’s hard to live to be two hundred years old, so I decided to find another more suitable cave and concentrate on retreat; ”

“When the master and servant parted, Meng Laozu gave my ancestors some money and a pill, and ordered our ancestors to enter the world to live. He promised my ancestors that when he found the way of longevity, he would definitely come back to increase my family’s ancestors. Chance;”

“Although my ancestors were heartbroken, they also knew that the fate of the two masters and servants was doomed, so after the two said goodbye, my ancestors entered the world and married a woman in Jiangyang Mansion not far from here to continue the incense;”

“Three years after marriage, he brought his wife and children back here to settle down again. He hoped to stay here to guard the mausoleum of Meng Laozu’s wife and children. At the same time, he also hoped to wait here until Meng Laozu returned. Generations, over a thousand years…”

Ye Chen was a little puzzled, and said, “Your family ancestor was already 70 years old when he parted with Meng Laozu, and he was able to go down the mountain to marry and even continue the incense. This is really unbelievable under the environment back then. With the elixir given by Old Ancestor Meng before he left?”

“That’s right.” The old lady sighed: “Ancestor Meng gave my ancestors two pills, one was given by my ancestors when they were fifty years old, and the other was given when they parted. The ancestral precepts left by the ancestors said that these two elixirs are the most precious treasures in the world. Just taking one can make a person 20 years younger. It’s only thirty years old.”

Ye Chen was shocked, and blurted out, “Grandma Jiang, isn’t the elixir that Ancestor Meng gave your ancestors called Huichun elixir?!”

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