The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5253

However, from a certain day, Xiao Weiwei suddenly made more money, and the family’s living standard also rose rapidly visible to the naked eye, leaving the three of them behind very quickly.

If this is the case, there is not much difference between Zhang Guifen and the three of them. The key is that the Xiao family has become richer and richer for some reason these days, especially that Qian Hongyan who bought a Mercedes-Benz worth two or three million. The car immediately made Zhang Guifen and the others envious.

Now listening to Ma Lan’s provocation, Zhang Guifen felt even more unbalanced. She couldn’t figure out why the Xiao family could get up again even after they were so down and down, and so high!

Thinking of this, Zhang Guifen became even more depressed, and her back molars were clenching.

Ma Lan accurately captured her changes, and immediately knew that what he said hit the pain in her heart.

So, she immediately lowered her voice and said very seriously: “Let me tell you, Gui Fen, the reason why the Xiao family can turn around is because the old lady Xiao is shameless, smelly and shameless. The eldest daughter-in-law of the man who is pregnant with a child, Qian Hongyan!!

“Qian Hongyan?!”

When Zhang Guifen heard this, she immediately frowned like Zhang Fei, and asked sharply: “With her broken shoes, why can she turn over?! Could it be that she is sleeping with others by selling her appearance?!”

Ma Lan sarcastically said: “Selling her looks? Just her? She’s the kind of guy who sells her looks at most, and she can only exchange two buns at most!”

After finishing speaking, Ma Lan looked left and right, then looked upstairs, and quickly said: “Gui Fen, this is not a place to talk, let’s talk over there, don’t let the Xiao family upstairs hear!”

Zhang Guifen immediately winked at her two good sisters, and Dong Yuling understood, and immediately stepped forward to support Ma Lan with her, and quickly walked to the edge of the far wall.

Seeing that there is no need to worry about being heard by the Xiao family, Ma Lan stopped them and said, “Three three, let’s talk here!”

Hearing Ma Lan’s words, Zhang Guifen stopped first, and the other two also stopped immediately.

Then Zhang Guifen asked Ma Lan: “Ma Lan, tell me quickly, how did Qian Hongyan’s broken shoe turn over?”

Ma Lan said with righteous indignation: “That stinky and shameless person is a fucking chicken thief! She is now doing live streaming on the short video platform like others! Tens of thousands of heartless viewers follow her ass every day to buy, buy, buy , This group of people will buy whatever she pushes, and the money is fucking in Qian Hongyan’s pocket! They can earn tens of millions a year!”

“What?!” Zhang Guifen immediately scolded furiously: “Only that unruly broken shoe can earn tens of millions a year?! Is God blind or has his heart wronged?!”

Ma Lan looked like I know you the most, she patted her legs and said, “Gui Fen! To tell you the truth, our sister and son really want to go together! You say that bitch Qian Hongyan, fifty years old She is such a person, she can still have a big belly with wild men outside, and infect her husband with a venereal disease. For a person like her, Xia Tianlei should kill her first. Why can she earn so much money? Don’t you think so? !”

Zhang Guifen said without hesitation: “That’s right! I, Zhang Guifen, hate two kinds of people the most in my life. One is the bastard who doesn’t obey his parents, and the other is the stinky bitch who doesn’t obey women’s morals!”

After speaking, Zhang Guifen asked her again: “You haven’t said yet, how did Qian Hongyan get rich?”

Ma Lan looked friendly, and asked her, “Gui Fen, are you free to watch the live broadcast? It’s the kind of live broadcast that sells goods on the Internet!”

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