The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5256

Ma Lan returned home on crutches, while Zhang Guifen and the others immediately walked to their villa.

Coming downstairs of the villa, Zhang Guifen looked up at the room on the second floor, and said to the other two in a low voice: “As expected, they closed the windows and doors. I will climb up to their balcony on the second floor to see if I can I took pictures from the outside, but the sound insulation of our windows is very good. Even if I can take pictures, I probably can’t record them. You go to the door of their room, plug in the earphones of your mobile phones, and put the microphone under the crack of the door. Go record their voices inside, and send them to Ma Lan later, she said that she will use her mobile phone to mix the picture and sound together.”

“Good Miss Guifen!”

The two agreed in unison, and then hurriedly started to act.

At this time, in the bedroom on the second floor, Qian Hongyan was still broadcasting live.

She has prepared ten products tonight, and she has reached the last one now.

Since today is not the weekend, the traffic is not too big, so Qian Hongyan also plans to download the broadcast early and take a break. Don’t look at her live broadcast for only two or three hours a day, but these two or three hours are almost non-stop talking, nerves and attention. The strength has to be tense all the time, don’t make mistakes, don’t show flaws, so after a live broadcast, people are still very tired, so she also looks forward to finishing the speech and going to the broadcast to rest.

At this time, she didn’t know that Zhang Guifen, who had a strong body, had already climbed down from the balcony on the third floor and came to the balcony of the room on the second floor.

Although the curtains in the bedroom on the second floor were tightly drawn, there was an inverted V-shaped gap in the middle of the sliding door’s sheer curtain.

For the mobile phone camera, as long as it is close enough, even if there is only a finger-thick hole, it is enough to capture the whole picture inside.

A few minutes later, Qian Hongyan finally finished broadcasting the last product. When the family members in the live broadcast room snatched up all the stocks, she said devoutly: “Thank you to all the family members for your kindness to Yanzi tonight. Support, Yanzi can support her paralyzed husband and son, and her eighty-year-old mother-in-law, thanks to the help of her family, Yanzi is here, thank you for your help, thank you!”

Xiao Changqian, who was paralyzed on the bed, also said vaguely: “Thank you… thank you all…”

Xiao Hailong choked on the other bed and said: “Thank you for your help. When I recover, I will definitely bow and kowtow to everyone in the live broadcast room!”

The old lady Xiao, who was dressed in shabby clothes, came to the camera tremblingly at this time, and she kept bowing her hands and said: “Thank you, old lady, for being here… Thank you!”

After everyone finished thanking her, Qian Hongyan reluctantly said goodbye to her family again, and then closed the live broadcast room.

The moment the live broadcast room was closed, she immediately reached out and pulled off the wig she was wearing on her head, revealing a very elegant chestnut curly hair, and complained dissatisfiedly: “Damn, this broken headgear is too fucking hot!”

Xiao Hailong hurriedly said: “Mom, you said you’re fine, so why not perm your hair? Forget it, if you still dye it, won’t it be troublesome if people see it?”

Qian Hongyan scolded angrily: “You know what! Your mother and I are worth tens of millions now. Do I have no face when I go out? You can’t let me drive a Mercedes-Benz big G, and I look like a beggar, right? Besides, the live broadcast room is getting more and more popular and the audience is getting more and more. When I go out, I must find a way to change my makeup. The bigger the difference between the real person and the live broadcast, the better, otherwise, if the audience in the live broadcast room finds out what to do?”

Xiao Hailong was so reprimanded by Qian Hongyan that he didn’t dare to refute, he could only nod resentfully and echoed: “Mom, you are right, I am too self-righteous…”

Qian Hongyan snorted coldly, and continued to reprimand: “There is more! I told you before today’s live broadcast that you only have one task tonight. When the live broadcast is over and you thank the audience in the live broadcast room, you must give me some There are tears in your eyes, but when I saw you just now, why is there only thunder but no rain, where are your tears?”

Xiao Hailong said nervously: “Mom… I… I just can’t cry when I think about how easily you can earn hundreds of thousands tonight…”

Qian Hongyan scolded angrily: “Trash! You have to cry if you can’t cry! If you don’t let those people in the live broadcast room be moved and think that they are very noble, how can they willingly spend money on us? Let’s live broadcast The selections in the room are all cheap and worthless goods, and the selling price is several times higher than the cost price. Why do people buy our things at a high price? Isn’t it just for psychological satisfaction? You and your dad are paralyzed in bed now , I can’t kneel down to them, I’ll let you shed a few tears and you still can’t do it?!”

Xiao Hailong said submissively: “Mom… I… I really want to cry, but I don’t have the final say on the tears. I want to cry, but I can’t cry, and the tears can’t come out, what should I do? …”

Qian Hongyan said coldly: “It’s easy if the tears don’t come out. Tomorrow I’ll drip some wind oil or chili oil on the other side of your pillow! If you can’t cry, just turn your head to the other side quietly and let the wind oil drip on the other side of your pillow.” Rub it on the essence and chili oil, and I’m sure you’ll be able to cry tears!”

Xiao Hailong was taken aback, and quickly said: “Mom… that’s too cruel, I’m afraid my eyes would be swollen…”

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