The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5318

Seeing that Ye Chen even stretched out his hand to gesticulate against his face when he threatened to slap him, Hong Changqing really wanted to tear him into pieces, because he had never suffered such humiliation in his life.

However, when he thought that he still had important matters in Jinling, and that he would go to the police station when he went out, even if there was a huge hatred in his heart, he could only suppress it desperately at this moment.

Seeing that his face was livid and his whole body was like a pressure cooker about to explode, Ye Chen sneered and sneered: “What’s the matter? Don’t you dare to give me the pulse? I see you old bastard, yesterday you cheated and won the miracle doctor! Otherwise! , why don’t you dare to take my pulse?”

Ye Chen originally suspected that this Hong Changqing had set up a trick for Shi Tianqi, but seeing that he turned out to be an eight-star warrior today made his guess even firmer.

An eight-star martial artist must spend most of his time practicing martial arts every day. Even if such a person has the talent to become a top Chinese doctor, he absolutely does not have the time and opportunity to become a top Chinese doctor.

In this world, there are many top scientists who can win the Nobel Prize, and there are also art masters who can study a certain musical instrument or a certain painting to perfection, and there are also many athletes who can practice like sports to become world champions.

However, who has heard of a Nobel Prize winner who can also become the world’s top pianist and Olympic champion?

Human energy is always limited. Since Hong Changqing is an eight-star martial artist, it is doomed that he does not have much time and energy to become a leader in other fields.

At this moment, seeing Ye Chen being aggressive all the time, Hong Changqing felt a little nervous in his heart.

Although he is a Daoist celestial master, he can be considered a great figure, but for so many years, his main energy has been devoted to practicing martial arts, and his secondary energy has been used to study the refining of some low-level Daoist elixir, and he has not gone deep into it at all. Have studied Chinese medicine.

However, it’s not that he doesn’t know anything about medical skills. After all, the Taoist school is good at medical skills, so he is still better than most Chinese doctors with limited levels, but compared with Shi Tianqi, a master of Chinese medicine, there is still a big gap.

When he fell in love with Shi Tianqi’s Jishi Hall, and at the same time wanted to occupy the magpie’s nest and step on Shi Tianqi to quickly gain a foothold in Jinling, he thought of digging a hole for Shi Tianqi.

It is precisely because his own medical skills are not as good as Shi Tianqi’s, so he deliberately found a few nurses, and then took the opportunity to compete with Shi Tianqi in medical skills. All the female patients who came to see the doctor yesterday were arranged by him. As long as Shi Tianqi agrees In the competition with him, no matter who Shi Tianqi chooses to be the benchmark of the competition, he is doomed to lose.

But at that time, I had been leading Shi Tianqi by the nose, and using the witnesses on the scene to put pressure on Shi Tianqi, Shi Tianqi didn’t think about it at all.

But Ye Chen is not Shi Tianqi.

Shi Tianqi may feel that everything is fine because he chose the benchmark for the competition from a few patients.

But Ye Chen felt that this sounded a little tricky.

Seeing that Hong Changqing still didn’t speak, he frowned and said, “Don’t dare to compete, do you? I think you are a liar! Before I call the police and arrest you, get out as far as you can!”

Hong Changqing gritted his teeth and said: “Who said I dare not? It’s just that you are Shi Tianqi’s person, and you are all in the same boat. What’s the point of me giving you the pulse? Even if I guess correctly, you will say that I am wrong!”

Ye Chen smiled, directly took out his ID card, buckled it on the table backwards, and buckled his name and date of birth, and said lightly: “Come on, my ID card is here, you give me the pulse, as long as If the date of birth on your number differs from my ID card within seven days, I will consider you a winner.”

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