The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5375

Hong Changqing quickly turned down the vanity mirror of the co-pilot, seeing that he really had a wretched smile on his face, quickly suppressed the smile, and said awkwardly: “I’m sorry, Master Ye, it’s my subordinate who lost his composure…”

After finishing speaking, in order to ease the embarrassment, he hurriedly asked again: “Master Ye, where are you taking your subordinates?”

Ye Chen said: “I’ll take you to the place where you will work next.”

“Working place?” Hong Changqing was startled, and subconsciously asked, “I wonder what jobs Master Ye has arranged for his subordinates?”

Ye Chen said casually: “In the next period of time, you will be a teacher in Jinling. I have a venue, and I will get you a group of students in two days. You will be responsible for teaching them martial arts for me.”

“Ah? Teaching martial arts?” Hong Changqing blurted out: “Master Ye! The martial arts mentality practiced by my subordinates is the secret of Taizhen Dao that cannot be passed on. The ancestors of Taizhen Dao have established rules long ago. Otherwise, the sky will be struck by lightning!”

Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, just send me one to see if there will be a thunderbolt.”

“This…” Hong Changqing said embarrassingly: “Master Ye, this subordinate is not making excuses in front of you, but as a warrior, you naturally know that the most important thing for a warrior is the martial arts mentality. Most martial arts families and sects , I can’t even come up with a complete heart method, but my Taizhen Dao is different. My Taizhen Dao martial arts heart method has never been lost for so many years! If I spread this heart method, others will pass it on. If the method is passed on to more people, then the advantage of my true way will be gone!”

Ye Chen snorted and asked him, “Who told you that your Taizhendao martial arts mentality must be complete?”

Hong Changqing said seriously: “Master Ye, Taizhen Dao’s martial arts mentality was written down on the bamboo slips. The bamboo slips were a product of the pre-Qin period. The entire bamboo slips have not been damaged for more than two thousand years. The original version is still in my Taizhen Dao If it is properly preserved in the cave, then it is naturally a complete mental method!”

Ye Chen said disdainfully: “As far as I know, a truly complete martial arts mentality can at least allow one to cultivate to the Great Perfection of the Dark Realm, and a higher-level martial arts mentality can even allow one to break through to the Transformation Realm, or even the Grandmaster Realm.” , your master guards the complete mentality, and you haven’t been a master of the dark realm for so many years, you have the nerve to tell me that your mentality is complete?”

Ye Chen was not talking nonsense to Hong Changqing.

According to the records of “Nine Xuantian Jing”, martial arts is actually the entry point for many people to practice spiritual energy. Many people have no talent to control spiritual energy, so they can only enter the Tao with martial arts first, and use the martial arts mentality to cultivate true energy, and at the same time get through The dantian and the meridian, after the strength breaks through the master realm, they will have the ability to transform true energy into spiritual energy.

Moreover, it was also mentioned in the “Nine Xuantian Jing” that in ancient China, there were as many martial arts people as a cow’s hair, and there were many sects, just like the rivers and lakes in martial arts.

Why martial arts fighters like to snatch high-level martial arts is similar to the pursuit of high-level martial arts by martial arts practitioners back then.

The skills in martial arts can make people become unparalleled masters in the world.

And high-level martial arts mentality can make people achieve extraordinary bodies.

If a person cultivates a mental method and cannot reach the state of Dark Realm Dzogchen, it may be that this person is not strong enough or talented enough.

But if thousands of generations of people have practiced this mental method, and no one has reached the state of great perfection in the dark realm, then it proves that this mind-breaking method is simply nonsense, either it is garbage among garbage, or it is simply a fragment.

When Hong Changqing saw Ye Chen questioning the master’s mentality that had been passed down for thousands of years, his face blushed immediately, and he said falteringly: “Impossible… Absolutely impossible… These are all mental methods that have been passed down for thousands of years. How could it not be true?” It’s complete… besides, how can there be any masters in the Transformation Realm and Grand Master Realm…”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “Since there are transformation realms and master realms, it proves that someone has reached this height. Why can’t people reach this height now? Is it because modern people eat well, dress well, and live a long time?” ?”

Hong Changqing was speechless for a while.

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