The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5393

Hearing the voice of the hero questioning, everyone’s expressions were terrified.

Chang Shengbo spoke first, and said respectfully: “Back to Lord Ying, my subordinates are investigating in Yanjing. There are no clear clues yet, but my subordinates believe that there will be gains in China.”

The Lord Ying asked coldly: “Do you still think that Lin Wan’er has the greatest possibility of escaping back to China?”

“Yes!” Chang Sheng Bo replied: “My subordinates think that Lin Wan’er should be in Huaxia.”

The British Lord asked him, “Why are you so sure?”

Chang Shengbo said: “My subordinates have analyzed Lin Waner’s current situation. For her, choosing a wild place with a large area and few people to hide seems like the best choice, but my subordinates think that she has already failed in Northern Europe. It happened once, so this time, she will definitely do the opposite and go to the place with the most people, and as the saying goes, a hermit hides in the city, Lin Waner is also Chinese, hiding in China is definitely the best choice for her. ”

The Lord was silent for a moment, and then said: “This witch is more cunning than a fox, and I can’t figure her out. Uncle Changsheng, let’s do it according to his intuition.”

Chang Sheng Bo respectfully clasped his fists together: “Your subordinate obeys!”

The Lord Ying said again: “By the way, since you have arrived in Huaxia, you should take the time to go to Jinling.”

“Go to Jinling?” Chang Sheng Bo asked, “I don’t know what orders the British Lord has?”

The British Lord said coldly: “Although Ye Changying and An Chengqi were beheaded by you in Jinling back then, the whereabouts of their two sons have never been known. In addition, the relatives and friends of the husband and wife are looking for the whereabouts of the boy, so I didn’t let you chase after him, but for some reason recently, the more I think about this incident, the more uneasy I feel. If you can Find the whereabouts of that kid, don’t report to me, just kill him!”

Chang Shengbo’s expression was stern, and he said with shame on his face: “My lord, after killing Ye Changying and his wife, I immediately went to the school where his two children are, trying to kill the grass, but in the end One step too late, when the subordinate arrived, he had already been taken first, and asked the Lord to punish him…”

Yingzhu said: “I’m not trying to settle accounts after the fall, but this incident really makes me feel uneasy. You must find him when you go this time!”

Chang Sheng Bo immediately said in a high voice respectfully: “My lord, don’t worry, my subordinates must find a way to find that kid and kill him with my own hands!”

The Lord Ying said with emotion: “If that kid is still alive, he would be almost thirty years old now!”

Chang Shengbo nodded: “If I remember correctly, when Ye Changying and An Chengqi were beheaded by my subordinates, their son should have just turned eight years old.”

“Eight years old…” Lord Ying murmured, “Twenty years have passed, so he is now twenty-eight years old.”

Chang Shengbo said respectfully: “The Lord of the Kingdom is wise!”

The Lord Ying said coldly: “Uncle Chang Sheng, if he is still alive, don’t let him live past thirty!”

Chang Shengbo said loudly without hesitation: “My lord, don’t worry, as long as he is still alive, within two years, my subordinates will definitely kill him! If he is dead, my subordinates will also dig out his bones and present them to the British lord! ”

“Okay!” the Lord Ying said: “After the matter is completed, Changsheng Boding will record a great achievement!”

Afterwards, Uncle Zhongyong who was in New York said: “Master Ying, my subordinates are investigating clues related to Anjia in New York, but the venue where the performance was performed that day has been bought by Anjia, and now it has been completely overturned and rebuilt. At the scene, no valuable clues were found, if you want to know how An Jia escaped from danger that day, and the whereabouts of those dead, you should probably make a fuss about An Jia.”

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