The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5398

Oberjun cupped his hands and said politely: “Let’s go together!”

The two were polite and sat next to each other at the huge dining table.

Wu Shutong ordered all the other idlers to go out, and after the door was closed, he filled a glass of wine for Ou Bojun himself, and said with a smile: “Uncle Jiangong, this is the first time this subordinate meets you, I would like to offer you a glass of wine, and I would like to ask you to show me your face.” !”

Ou Bojun could see that although Wu Shutong’s cultivation had only reached the realm of metamorphosis, he didn’t dare to underestimate him. He quickly picked up the wine glass and said with a smile: “You are welcome, Dudu Wu. Come, let’s drink this cup together!”

The two of them lightly touched their wine glasses, and both raised their heads and drank it all.

Putting down his wine glass, Wu Shutong suddenly became sad, and sighed: “Uncle Jiangong, to tell you the truth, my subordinates also know why you came to the Youjun Dudu’s Mansion this time. I have made a major mistake, and my subordinates have always felt extremely guilty, and I know that it is difficult to clear up the suspicion, this time I also ask Uncle Jiangong to find out what happened, and make this subordinate innocent!”

Ou Bojun didn’t expect that Wu Shutong would suddenly get to the point so quickly, he also put down his wine glass, and said seriously: “Captain Wu, Oumou would like to know, how did the British Lord’s secret order pass down after it was given to you? ”

Wu Shutong said frankly: “The British Lord’s order is directly given to the subordinates. The subordinates did not tell this matter to the few in the middle based on the principle that the fewer people who know, the possibility of exposure and leaks, and the lower the overall risk. Instead, he directly gave the secret order to Ni Zhenyu, the Jiedu envoy in charge of the dead soldiers’ station, asking him to select the most elite members from the Xiaoqiguard to go to Northern Europe.”

Ou Bojun asked: “Then those who came into contact with the secret order, do they know Lin Wan’er’s identity?”

“I don’t know.” Wu Shutong blurted out without hesitation: “To be honest with you, Uncle Jiangong, I am the only one who knows Lin Wan’er’s identity in the entire Right Army Governor’s Mansion. I passed the secret order to Ni Zhenyu that day, and I just told him to let him go. When Nordic catches a girl, even he doesn’t know Lin Wan’er’s identity, as for those Xiao cavalry guards who went to carry out the mission, it’s even more impossible to know, they only know that the girl is the master of Ying, and there will be a lot of rewards if caught.”

Ou Bojun nodded. He had already guessed that this would be the case. This is the style of the hero. The hero hoped that the people who would arrest Lin Wan’er would not know what Lin Waner’s identity was and what was special about her. Avoid any risk factors in the middle as much as possible.

Thinking of this, he asked Wu Shutong: “Captain Wu, did you ask Ni Zhenyu about this matter? He sent the person out. If there is a mole involved in this matter, then the mole must be him or his subordinates.” , it might even be him and his men!”

Wu Shutong said: “Uncle Jiangong, my subordinates reported the whole incident to the Lord Ying. Both I and his old man felt that there should be no internal traitors in us, because Ni Zhenyu and the others don’t even know who they are going to arrest. In order not to expose the importance of the target to the outside world, Ni Zhenyu wanted to lead the team himself, but I didn’t even allow it, because according to the information we got, Lin Wan’er didn’t have any masters around her, and a few Xiao cavalry guards were enough to catch her and bring her back. ;”

“Therefore, the logic of the whole matter is a bit weird. Only the Lord and his subordinates know that Lin Wan’er is going to be arrested. The subordinates are loyal to the Lord, so it is impossible to leak it to the outside world. Therefore, the subordinates feel that it is more likely. It is the other party who has planted a dark line here, or the other party has mastered our movements in some way that we do not know.”

Speaking of this, Wu Shutong said again: “Before you arrived in Naples, the British lord explained to his subordinates that he hoped that you could find out at which link we were caught by the other party. Could it be that the other party has already sneaked in? The resident of the dead, or has been secretly monitoring the resident of the dead, but we don’t know it?”

Oberjun was silent for a moment, his brain was running fast.

Unfortunately, he is not Li Yalin.

If he were Li Yalin, he would definitely sort out all possible flaws in the whole operation.

As long as he is given enough time, he will definitely be able to focus the problem on the air express company that is specially used to transport the dead.

No matter how capable you are, it is impossible to hide the trajectory of an aircraft with a take-off weight of 200 to 300 tons in the sky. In fact, even a small aircraft may escape the radar. , will be tracked and locked by multiple radar stations at the same time.

Moreover, all radars are operated by the aviation security departments of sovereign countries, and intercontinental navigation must be relayed and controlled by multiple radar stations in multiple countries.

Therefore, Li Yalin’s train of thought hit the weakness of the Po Qinghui. What he was eyeing was not the station of the dead soldiers, but the plane that dispatched the dead soldiers and the Xiaoqi guards.

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