The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5422

Wu Shutong was startled, then gave a wry smile, nodded and said, “Very well, you are smarter than me, more decisive than me, and more vicious than me. Let me ask myself, if I know you betrayed the hero, I will definitely find a way to protect you.” , so I am convinced that I died at your hands today! I don’t expect you to let me go, I just ask you to take good care of your sister-in-law and your nephews for me!”

Wu Shuhang smiled: “Brother, why don’t you ask me for something else…”

Wu Shutong grimaced, and blurted out: “Wu Shuhang, what do you mean?! Don’t you even let my wife and children go?!”

Wu Shuhang shrugged helplessly, and said: “Brother, even if I want to save your wife and children, the Lord of England will not agree. You know his old man’s style of doing things. He will do everything without leaving any future troubles. I will kill you today.” No matter how I make up stories with your wife and children after I go back, as long as they don’t see you back alive, they will guess that I killed you, and they will definitely hate me and the hero to the bone. For those who keep it, it is a huge hidden danger to break the Qing Dynasty…”

Speaking of this, Wu Shuhang paused slightly, looked at Wu Shutong, smiled and said: “Brother, the meaning of the hero is… to cut the grass… to get rid of the roots!”

Wu Shutong has completely collapsed!

He never expected that a single thought in his mind would push himself, his wife and children into an abyss of eternal doom!

He burst into tears immediately, and begged: “Shuhang, I beg you to leave me a bloodline, even if you keep me a son!”

Wu Shuhang shook his head, and said coldly: “Brother, I will leave you a bloodline, after that, who shall I ask to leave me a bloodline?”

Wu Shutong broke down and cried bitterly: “I want to talk to the British Lord! He also has the blood of the Wu family flowing in his body. As the same clan, why do you want to kill me like this!”

Wu Shutong looked at his younger brother without blinking with his bloodshot eyes, and begged in an extremely humble tone: “Shuhang, my good brother, I beg you to take care of you for half of my life, please take care of me.” I will bury my wife and children together, I have never begged you in my life, this is my last request before I die…”

Wu Shuhang shook his head, and said indifferently: “Brother, if you and I were in Naples right now, you don’t need to tell me, I would teach your family to be buried together. But right now, you and I are in Cyprus, so I can’t take your Dead bodies on the plane, it is impossible for the airports on both sides to allow a dead person to enter or leave the country.”

Wu Shutong choked with sobs and said, “Shuhang, then you can burn me after I die, then take my ashes back and bury them with them!”

“Impossible.” Wu Shuhang refused expressionlessly: “In this situation, where do you want me to burn you? Maybe the Cyprus police came here before your body was burnt.”

Wu Shutong asked him: “Then you can’t let me alone in the wilderness of Cyprus?!”

“How could it be?” Wu Shuhang said in relief, “If you were in the wilderness of dead bodies in Cyprus, the Cyprus police would definitely start with your corpse and investigate the relevant clues, then it would definitely be traced back to the flight we came from, and it would be determined that you came from Naples , That will bring a lot of unnecessary troubles to the Youjun Dudufu, so the best way is to let you sleep forever underground here.”

Wu Shutong said: “If you bury me, won’t others find my body?”

Wu Shuhang said with a smile: “The water you drink is a special poison prepared by the British Lord for traitors. Drinking it will not only make you lose all your mobility, but will also gradually corrupt your internal organs.”

After finishing speaking, Wu Shuhang looked at the time, and said again: “It is estimated that in a few minutes, you will die due to the corruption of internal organs. After you die, I will dig a hole to bury you. After an hour, you will die.” The whole abdomen will be turned into a cloud of blood;”

“After a few hours, your body will be completely decomposed from the inside out, leaving only a white bone;”

“If you wait another day, even the bones will be corroded clean;”

“When the time comes, brother, you will be fully integrated into the land of Cyprus.”

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