The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5475

When Hong Changqing disclosed the entire content of the first chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” to the Taizhen Dao disciples, the entire Taizhen Dao was ecstatic.

According to the rules of Taizhen Dao, the content of the first chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” is divided into four parts. All disciples in the sect can get the first part of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”. Reach the rank of three-star warrior;

As for the third part, it must reach the level of a five-star warrior;

Whether or not the final fourth part can be obtained depends on two points.

First, whether the cultivation base can break through to a six-star martial artist;

Second, whether he is about to become the next head.

Long Siqi’s cultivation has just broken through to a five-star martial artist, so before she came to Jinling last time, she only mastered the first three parts of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”. The door bit, and got the fourth part.

Taizhen Dao disciples are also very aware of this rule, so almost every disciple in the sect will do their best to improve their cultivation and strive to learn more.

But now, the rules of Taizhen Dao that have been passed down for thousands of years were suddenly broken by Hong Changqing.

He directly made all the contents public, and told everyone that he was sorting out the contents of the second chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” that he got by accident.

As soon as these words came out, it gave Taizhen Dao disciples even more motivation.

And everyone took it for granted that this was the fundamental reason why Hong Changqing asked Long Siqi to move them from the United States to Jinling with the token of the sect leader.

As a result, all previous doubts, incomprehensions, and even dissatisfaction and reluctance in my heart disappeared at this moment.

Immediately afterwards, Hong Changqing went along with the flow and told everyone that because he had to concentrate on studying the content behind, he had no extra energy to take care of sect affairs during this period, so Long Siqi took the post of acting head and was fully responsible for all affairs of Taizhen Dao .

Since Long Siqi was originally Hong Changqing’s personal disciple and the designated heir to the sect head, so everyone naturally did not have any objection to her being the acting sect master.

What’s more, everyone’s food, clothing, housing, transportation, and daily expenses in Jinling are all provided by Long Siqi’s family, so everyone is convinced that she will be in charge of the sect.

Seeing that the problem of Taizhen Dao has been temporarily resolved, Hong Changqing also felt relieved and prepared to return to the Champs Elysees Hotel to start making final preparations for tomorrow’s lecture.

Just when Long Siqi was about to drive Hong Changqing back, Hong Changqing suddenly received a call from Grandma Ye Chen.

Hong Changqing quickly connected and asked respectfully: “Madam An, why did you suddenly think of calling Hong?”

Ye Chen’s grandmother said: “Master Hong, Chongqiu recently arranged for a housekeeper to find a property in Jinling, and An’s family is planning to leave for Jinling in the near future, so I would like to ask you to help me find out how the feng shui of this property is. Does Hong Tianshi have time?”

Hong Changqing quickly said: “If you have time, when is Mrs. An planning to come over?”

Ye Chen’s grandmother said: “It’s just a few days. If there is no problem with the place to stay, it may pass by at any time, so I will ask Master Hong to help.”

Hong Changqing said without hesitation: “No problem, old lady, please give Hong the address, and Hong will go there!”

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