The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5486

The An family had known for a long time that the old lady was going to Jinling.

Moreover, her decision has long been approved by the whole family.

After experiencing the crisis that almost wiped out the family, the An family who survived the catastrophe lost interest in career, money, and status, and hoped to try their best to make up for the shortcomings in life in the future.

For the entire An family, An Chengqi’s death was naturally the greatest regret.

And what followed was Ye Chen’s whereabouts were unknown.

An Chengqi’s death is irreparable and irreparable, and the only thing that can make up for it now is to find Ye Chen.

Especially the old man’s Alzheimer’s disease is getting more and more serious. When the An family doesn’t want to find Ye Chen in the future, the old man can’t remember Ye Chen at all.

On weekdays, An Chongqiu, as the general manager of Anjia’s internal affairs, had already arranged for his subordinates to buy Jinling Wanliu Villa in advance, and at the same time coordinated over a hundred martial arts masters and well-trained bodyguards to go to Jinling for preparations in advance.

There are so many masters protecting Wanliu Mountain Villa layer by layer, and China’s law and order is much better than that of the United States, and there is no proliferation of guns, so for the An family, the safety in Jinling is also very important. Much higher than the US.

At this moment, An Chongqiu said: “Mom, this time I will go with you and Dad first. Zhao Nan and Youyou will stay in the United States to arrange the children’s affairs. After the children are settled, they will leave for Jinling to follow us.” Convergence, Kaifeng is not in a hurry to leave for the time being, some business matters in the United States, as well as various affairs of the board of directors, still need to be arranged by Kaifeng, so Kaifeng is the last to leave.”

Old Madam An had no objection to this arrangement, so she nodded and said, “Just follow Chongqiu’s arrangement.”

The others also nodded. An Chongqiu, the big brother, can always arrange all the affairs of the family in an orderly manner, so he is very prestigious within the family. Even An Kaifeng, who is in charge of the entire An family business, In the family’s internal affairs, he has always obeyed An Chongqiu’s words.

Seeing that no one had any objections, An Chongqiu asked the old lady, “Mom, when do you think it’s appropriate for us to leave?”

Old lady An said without hesitation: “Let’s go at night! I will arrive after a night’s sleep. I have asked Hong Tianshi to help me look at the Fengshui of Wanliu Villa. Hong Tianshi said that the natural environment there is very good. The city is more suitable for the old man in our family to recuperate.”

An Chongqiu immediately said: “Okay Mom, then I will coordinate the plane now and go there as soon as possible.”

“Oh, that’s right.” The old lady suddenly remembered something, and said, “There is something that I have hesitated for a long time, but I still want to say hello to you.”

Everyone hurriedly said, “Mom, tell me!”

The old lady looked around at the crowd, and then said: “This time, when you go to Jinling, none of you are allowed to bring your family members with you. Tell them it’s my intention. If they complain about me, let them complain.”

An Zhaonan’s wife who had been with him for twenty years turned out to be an undercover agent who had been placed by the Po Qinghui for more than twenty years. This incident made the old lady feel extremely insecure.

She also doesn’t know whether the other half of her eldest son An Chongqiu, second son An Kaifeng, and youngest daughter An Youyou have the same hidden danger, so she went to Jinling this time to find clues about her grandson. Among other things, An Chengqi has passed away after all, if Ye Chen is implicated because of inadequate secrecy work, she is afraid that she will not be able to explain to her eldest daughter after her death.

An Chongqiu, An Kaifeng, and An Youyou also understood the old lady’s worries very well. Although they trusted their significant other very much, no one dared to speak too much at this time.

Therefore, An Chongqiu took the lead in expressing his opinion: “Mom, don’t worry, I didn’t plan to bring my wife and children with me when I went to Jinling this time.”

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