The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5487

An Kaifeng and An Youyou also nodded in agreement.

“Okay.” The old lady said gratifiedly: “From now on, as long as the Qing Dynasty is not destroyed, the important affairs of the settlement can only be decided by me, the old man, and you four brothers and sisters. The descendants of the An family are not allowed to interfere, nor are any outsiders who cannot be absolutely trusted.”

Everyone nodded again and again. During the extraordinary period, the old lady’s approach was unanimously approved by everyone.

At this time, the old lady said to An Chongqiu again: “Chongqiu, please contact Yalin to see what he is doing now. If his time and energy allow, please ask him to go to Jinling with us. Right now, except for Nannan, I only trust him as a foreigner, and he has been a detective for so many years. No one is better at finding people than him. If he can go with us, he should be able to Helped us a lot.”

“No problem.” An Chongqiu said immediately: “I’ll call Lao Li in a while to see if he has time.”

The old lady urged: “I have to wait for a while, call now. If Yalin is in the United States, and the time is okay, you send a plane to pick him up, and we will go together at night.”

“Okay!” An Chongqiu immediately took out his mobile phone, walked to the window and called Li Yalin.

Some time ago, Li Yalin had been in Syria. His mission was to find out where the other dead soldiers of the Poqing Society were stationed. After breaking the Qing Dynasty, it entered a dormant period, and the shipping company’s clues were temporarily interrupted, so Ye Chen gave Li Yalin a vacation and asked him to return to the United States to accompany his wife and daughter.

Right now, Li Yalin has just returned to Houston for two days.

After receiving a call from An Chongqiu, he just pressed the answer button when he heard An Chongqiu ask: “Old Li, are you in the United States now?”

“Yes.” Li Yalin didn’t say anything about his going abroad some time ago, and said casually, “I’m in Houston.”

As he said that, he asked curiously: “Chongqiu, you haven’t contacted me for a while, why did you suddenly call today? Do you need my help?”

An Chongqiu didn’t have any ink marks, so he went straight to the point: “Lao Li, my mother is going to Jinling to find clues about my nephew again. She wants to invite you to go with her. After all, no one is looking for someone Better than you, is it convenient for you to see the time?”

When Li Yalin heard this, he felt a little worried.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to go to Jinling, the main reason is that he already knows the identity of Ye Chen, and he also knows that Ye Chen, whom An’s family is looking for, lives in Jinling. However, as long as Ye Chen doesn’t nod, he must not reveal his identity. Therefore, if he went to Jinling with the An family, he would have to pretend to help the An family to find Ye Chen’s whereabouts. He couldn’t bear the thought of the two old people’s eagerness to find their grandson.

An Chongqiu saw that Li Yalin did not answer for a long time, so he said: “It’s okay, Lao Li, if it’s inconvenient for you, don’t make it difficult.”

“Nope.” Li Yalin hurriedly said, “I’m already retired, so how could it be inconvenient… Tell me what time you want to leave, I’m going to prepare.”

An Chongqiu said: “My mother means to leave New York tonight. If you have no problem, I will send a plane to Houston to pick you up.”

“Okay.” Li Yalin readily agreed, and said, “You coordinate the plane and tell me the time of departure from Houston. I will simply pack up a few clothes and go to the airport.”

An Chongqiu said gratefully: “Thank you so much, Lao Li, I will arrange the plane right away, and I will tell you as soon as the plane arrives in Houston.”


After hanging up the phone, Li Yalin thought for a moment, and decided to report the situation to Ye Chen in advance. On the one hand, Ye Chen was his own savior, and on the other hand, Ye Chen also saved the entire An family. In this case, he should tell Ye Chen the situation If Ye Chen really doesn’t want to meet with An’s family, it’s better for him to make preparations in advance.

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