The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5586

Zhang Ermao snorted, snorted and said with a smile: “I think you are not too young, how can you open your mouth to lie? Who will believe what you said, just wring your fingers and put it in the antique market, it will be about 30,000 yuan. If you really like it, can you give me 50,000 yuan? The price of 3 million yuan is only you who don’t understand antiques and Leizi can just open their mouths and agree!”

When Chang Shengbo heard this, he was dumbfounded.

He didn’t know that this was the latest script Ye Chen arranged for Zhang Ermao, so he could only explain palely and innocently: “Boss, I’m really not a thunderclap…”

“Stop talking.” Zhang Ermao waved his hand, and said impatiently: “To tell you the truth, I asked him to quote three million, just to use this price to find Leizi, but anyone who really understands antiques will hear this The offer is absolutely scolding, only the plainclothes Lei Zi who wants to dig up clues will agree to it, and then take the opportunity to find more clues.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Ermao said again: “But let me tell you, your trick is useless with me!”

For a moment, Chang Sheng Bo felt that he was really beyond words.

He really didn’t expect that the other party’s offer of three million yuan was originally the intention.

Combined with Chang Shengbo’s speculation before, he believed that this group of people was a gang that specialized in robbing tombs and selling the stolen antiques, so he believed even more in Zhang Ermao’s words.

Because he feels that this kind of criminal gang can survive forever, it must be very cautious and cunning, and there are countless anti-investigation methods. Pseudo-affirmations are also necessary.

Combined with the more stringent and prudent organizational structure of the CCP, Chang Shengbo has almost no doubts about Zhang Ermao’s performance.

The more this happened, the more he was afraid that Zhang Ermao would misunderstand him, so he quickly said with an apologetic smile, “Boss, you really misunderstood me. I’m not Lei Zi. I really want to buy something I like…”

“Okay, okay.” Zhang Ermao said perfunctorily: “You can say anything, you like good things, don’t you? If you like it, just go shopping in Antique Street and buy more. Don’t delay my business.”

Seeing that Zhang Ermao didn’t listen to his explanation, and even wanted to drive people away, Chang Shengbo was extremely annoyed in his heart, and wished to slap Zhang Ermao to death here.

It’s really not good, just grab the lightning strike wood directly!

However, he dismissed his two thoughts almost instantly.

Because he was very clear about his mission in Jinling this time.

To kill An’s family and wait for Ye Changying’s son to show up is the death order given to him by the British lord.

When I came to Jinling by myself, I should have started to complete the task non-stop, but I got off the plane and went straight to the antique street.

If there is any trouble caused by this, if it reaches the ears of the Lord Ying, I will have no way to justify it.

Therefore, Uncle Changsheng could only suppress his anger, and said to Zhang Ermao in an almost begging tone: “Brother, you really misunderstood me. If you don’t believe me, just give me your bank account number.” , I’ll transfer three million to you directly! The Leizi you mentioned shouldn’t really spend three million to buy your antiques, right?”

“Then who knows.” Zhang Ermao curled his lips and said, “It’s not that I haven’t encountered fishing law enforcement before. What’s the use of you sending me the money? If you are really a thunderbolt, this money is the mission fund, and you don’t need it yourself.” And once I collect the money, I will be convicted of illegal reselling of antiques. When the time comes, when your police badge is on and your handcuffs are handcuffed, you will be arrested directly, and the money you call me will also be worth a lot. If I take it back, I won’t get any money by then, and I will have to sing in prison for three to five years, what are you trying to do to me.”

“You…why don’t you eat oil and salt!” Chang Sheng Bo anxiously stamped his feet on the spot.

He never expected that this Ermao would be so cautious, even a bit too cautious.

Moreover, no matter what he said, he didn’t believe it, and he didn’t believe it when he said he would send money to him. This was not giving him a chance to mediate at all!

He cursed angrily in his heart: “Damn it, if the law didn’t matter, I would have pulled your kid’s head off!”

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