The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5595

The instructor said coldly: “It’s not time to rest, don’t go!”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lips, and said in embarrassment: “Instructor, I… I’m on my period…”

When the instructor heard this, he stopped insisting and waved his hands: “Go! Go and come back!”

Lin Wan’er seemed to be pardoned, and said to Claudia in a low voice: “Claudia, I have something to go first.”

Before Claudia came back to her senses, Lin Wan’er had already left the phalanx quickly.

Lin Wan’er walked out of the playground, hurried back to the dormitory and changed into the camouflage uniform for the military training, took her mobile phone and put on a black disposable mask, and before leaving, she took the elixir that Ye Chen gave her and kept it close to her body. Then he hurried out the door.

After going out, she sent a message to Sister Xian, and then called Ye Chen while trotting towards the school gate.

She was afraid that the thunder explosion just now had something to do with Ye Chen, so she kept muttering: “Hurry up and answer the phone…Hurry up and answer the phone…”

After a while, the phone was connected, and Ye Chen’s voice came: “Xiaowan, what do you need from me?”

Hearing Ye Chen’s voice, Lin Wan’er breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly said: “Brother Ye Chen, I have been very grateful to you for what happened last time, so I would like to ask you what time is convenient, and I would like to invite you to dinner.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Let’s talk about it after your military training is over. During this time, you should stay at school and don’t go anywhere.”

As he said that, Ye Chen thought of something and asked her: “By the way, it’s still time for your military training, right? How can you call me conveniently?

Lin Wan’er lied on purpose: “Just now there was a thunderstorm, and it felt like it was going to rain, so the instructor asked us to take a rest and check the weather.”

“Oh…” Ye Chen frowned slightly, he couldn’t help but speculate in his heart what Lin Waner’s intention for this call was.

From his point of view, Lin Wan’er’s intentions for this phone call can’t escape three kinds.

The first is what she just said, simply wanting to treat herself to dinner;

The second type, perhaps because the thunderstorm just now made her realize that something was wrong, so she called to confirm her safety;

The third possibility is that she deliberately mentioned the mine explosion just now on the phone, and her intention was to remind herself to pay attention to safety.

Of course, it doesn’t rule out that Lin Wan’er first made the call to confirm her safety, and after confirming her safety, she deliberately brought up the thunderstorm to make herself careful.

After Lin Wan’er confirmed Ye Chen’s safety, she didn’t plan to talk to Ye Chen on the phone, because she was afraid that if she talked too much, Ye Chen would doubt her again, so she smiled and said: “Ye Chen Brother, you won’t refuse to invite you to dinner after my military training is over, right?”

Ye Chen readily agreed and said, “Well, I’ll invite you when your military training is over.”

Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Okay, no problem! Then it’s settled!”

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