The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5599

Chang Shengbo knew it very well.

In view of the fact that I had disobeyed orders and postponed my coming to Jinling when I was in Yanjing before, so if there is no suitable reason this time, I can no longer disobey orders anyway.

If he didn’t disobey, it meant that he had to go to Wanliu Villa immediately, and kill the sleeping An family and all those who protected them.

Such a big move will surely shock the whole world.

It is conceivable that Jinling, as the place where the incident occurred, will definitely enter an unprecedented state of martial law.

If that’s the case, how can I dig out clues about Zhang Ermao and his family?

Therefore, if you want to delay the time to do it, the best way is to take the initiative to explain the magic weapon.

After all, the magic weapon is not only very precious to himself, but also to the hero.

Chang Shengbo wanted to detain the piece of lightning strike wood that could summon thunder from the sky, and take out the ring, so that the British Lord could give him a few days of grace.

The Lord Ying heard him say the word magic weapon, his voice froze for two or three seconds, and then asked coldly: “You got the magic weapon? What magic weapon?!”

Chang Shengbo quickly explained: “Back to the British Lord, my subordinates accidentally met a dealer who dumped antiques. They just dug an ancient tomb in Jinling some time ago and sold the antiques. Among them is a Qing Dynasty. The jade finger, inside the finger, there is a complete formation!”

The hero immediately asked: “What about the effect? Have you tried the effect of that formation?!”

Chang Shengbo replied: “The formation is a passive acupuncture method, and my subordinates speculate that it should be some kind of passive formation.”

The British Lord was surprised and said: “Is this really true?!”

Chang Shengbo said firmly: “Master Ying, how dare this subordinate lie to you… If you don’t believe me, after this subordinate completes the task, I will bring this magic weapon back for you to have a look at!”

The Lord Ying paused for a moment, smiled, and said, “Uncle Chang Sheng, it seems that you have selfishness towards me.”

Chang Sheng Bo hurriedly said: “I dare not! This subordinate originally planned to confirm the authenticity first, and then report to the Lord of the Kingdom. Besides, this subordinate also thought that if they could take the opportunity to find a few more magical artifacts and go back to offer them It is a great achievement for the Lord of England…”

The Lord Ying sneered, and said, “Since that’s the case, it’s your heart.”

After all, the British Lord said again: “Well, I will give you three more days. If you can find more magical artifacts, I will give you a great credit when I come back. If you can’t find the magical artifacts, you must not delay any longer.” After three days, you must destroy An’s family!”

Chang Shengbo breathed a sigh of relief, and won the three-day window period, which should be enough for him to dig deep into Zhang Ermao.

If you can find more and better magic weapons, then you will screen out the poor ones and return to the hero, if you can’t find other magic weapons, then you can only take the jade wrench back to the hero , just use this jade wrench to exchange for a chance to make a big fortune with a small one.

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