The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5607

Chang Shengbo even felt that this fluctuation was somewhat familiar.

At this moment, Uncle Chang Sheng was even more excited, and he couldn’t help sighing secretly in his heart: “This is the third magic weapon! I’ve really poked the nest of magic weapons! If there is one, there will be two, and if there is two, there will be three. Three is already there, and four, five, and six don’t seem to be a dream!”

At this time, the rider went straight to Zhang Ermao’s booth and asked him, “Are you Zhang Ermao?”

Zhang Ermao nodded and asked him, “Where’s my goods?”

The rider took out a jewelry box from his fanny pack and handed it to him.

After the other party left, Zhang Ermao opened the jewelry box and took out the second jade wrench made by Ye Chen from inside.

Chang Shengbo’s eyes have not blinked even once since Zhang Ermao opened the jewelry box.

And when he saw the contents of the jewelry box clearly, he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed, and murmured, “Why is it another finger?”

Zhang Ermao smiled: “Who knows about that thing, ask the owner of the tomb… Maybe he loved wearing finger wrenches when he was alive. The two big brothers have one on each side, doesn’t it look grand.”

Chang Shengbo felt a little depressed.

He is actually not very interested in this kind of magic weapon of the passive formation.

In his opinion, compared with the one he got yesterday, which can summon the thunder, this kind of magic weapon is like heaven and earth.

The expectation in his heart is still looking forward to getting a magic weapon that can increase his attack power.

But now there is another finger, should I buy it or not?

You say buy it, I already have one, and I haven’t figured out what the effect of one is;

Don’t buy it, it is also a magic weapon, you can’t let it slip through your fingers, right?

While feeling depressed, Zhang Ermao on the side said, “Old man, let me tell you. You can buy this finger ring too. At that time, the two thumbs will wear one on each side, and the main thing will be a row of noodles!”

Chang Shengbo thought to himself: “Since I have already told the Lord about the ring, it is also a good thing to buy a second one now. One is for the Lord, and the other one can be kept by yourself. What if it is really something?” Things, at least I won’t be beating my chest.”

Thinking of this, he said to Zhang Ermao: “Okay, since I have a destiny with Finger Pulling, then I want this one too, or 500,000 U.S. dollars?”

Zhang Ermao hurriedly said: “Old man, five hundred thousand won’t work this time. The family has ordered that this finger is the last one. After it is sold, there will be no more, so it will not be sold for one million dollars less.”

“One million…” Chang Sheng Bo said with some displeasure: “This is the price of sitting on the ground, double the price of the flat land!”

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