The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5889

At this moment.

On the highway leading from Shiwanda Mountain to the outside world, three inconspicuous Buick commercial vehicles were driving smoothly on the highway.

These cars all have license plates from Chuncheng, the capital of southern Yunnan Province, and belong to a well-known car rental company in the country.

Buick Business is the most well-known ordinary MPV model in China. It has a large market share and is relatively popular, so no matter where you see it, it will not be eye-catching. It is very low-key, and no one will think of riding in this model. People who own cars are associated with great wealth.

However, these three Buick Business vehicles have nothing to do with Buick except for the fact that they still have Buick logos. The vehicles have undergone systematic transformation, and their power, safety, privacy, and comfort have all undergone qualitative changes.

At this time, in the second Buick business car, the driver was the young nun who stopped Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er at the foot of the mountain before, and the person sitting in the passenger seat was the elderly master’s wife.

Sitting on the second row of seats behind the teacher was the middle-aged woman called Madam. The bracelet that Ye Chen was twisting in his hand was the one she left at Qingzhao’an.

At this time, the teacher turned back to look at the middle-aged woman and asked respectfully: “Madam, what shall we do next?”

The lady was looking out the window in a trance. When she heard the question, she said: “Go to Jinling. I will stay in Qixia Temple temporarily as before. You two will also come with me. After arriving in Jinling, don’t show your face.”

“Okay!” The master nodded slightly and said, “Then I will inform the abbot.”

After saying that, the master asked again: “By the way, madam, which girl do you want to contact next? I’ll see if I can find an opportunity.”

The lady raised her eyebrows and said with a smile: “Who do you want to meet… I really want to meet Nanako Ito. Among these girls, she is the one who has the most hope of becoming a Taoist.”

The master smiled slightly: “Then I will find a way to arrange it.”

The lady nodded and chuckled: “She seems to be studying martial arts in the Champs Elysees?”

“Yes.” Master Tai said, “With her are Su Ruoli and Qin Aoxue.”

The lady said: “The talents of these two girls cannot be compared with Nanako Ito. Unless there is a great opportunity, there is no chance to enter the Tao.”

The master couldn’t help but said with some worry: “Madam, Nanako Ito is Japanese after all. If she really becomes a Taoist, will there be any risks?”

The lady shook her head and said: “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter which country she is from. What matters is whether her character is upright and where her heart is. If her character is bad and her heart is heretical, what does it matter if she is Chinese? ”

After a pause, the lady continued: “At present, it seems that this girl’s character is impeccable, and her heart is no longer in Japan.”

The master’s brows widened and he said with a smile: “Madam is right, my subordinate is overly worried.”

The lady nodded and asked her, “By the way, how do you feel about Lin Wan’er when you saw her today?”

The master sighed: “I feel that even if Lin Wan’er stands in front of me, I can’t see any trace of time at all. She has lived for more than three hundred years and still looks and feels like a young girl. It is really enviable… …”

After saying that, the master added: “However, she can always give her subordinates a vague and unfathomable feeling.”

The lady smiled and said: “Without any cultivation, but able to escape Wu Feiyan’s pursuit for more than three hundred years, and at the same time survive intact in a world of great changes, Lin Wan’er’s mind must be far beyond that of ordinary people.”

“Actually, I have known about her existence for a long time, but like Wu Feiyan, I could never find any clues about her until she was betrayed by her servants in Northern Europe. This shows that she is smarter than we thought.”

The master couldn’t help but ask: “Then will she guess your identity in the future?”

The lady said: “It will definitely happen. As long as we have contact with them later, it’s just a matter of time.”

The teacher quickly asked: “Madam, are you ready?”

The lady shook her head: “Not yet, so we have to be extra cautious next time so as not to leave any clues.”

The master nodded and said, “Madam, we will arrive at the airport in about forty minutes. The crew will be on standby at any time. What do you think of the flight arrangement?”

The lady looked slightly moved and asked, “Where are they?”

The master knew that the lady was asking about Ye Chen and Lin Waner, so she quickly said: “Their plane is also in Yongzhou, and they will probably fly directly to Jinling later.”

The madam nodded, pondered for a moment, and then said: “Then we should be more cautious. Let’s fly to Yanjing first. After arriving in Yanjing, we will change a plane and then go to Jinling. We still cannot take it lightly in front of Lin Waner. This time we will contact her directly. , which is equivalent to telling them that we have been observing secretly, and they will only be more cautious in the future.”

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