The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1641-1650

Chapter: 1641
Qian Hongyan followed the Xiao family into the restaurant with resentment towards Mrs. Xiao.
Old Mrs. Xiao sat down directly on the main seat of the dining table and glanced at Qian Hongyan’s cooked food. She frowned dissatisfiedly and said, “Why are all home-cooked dishes? I don’t have any hard dishes. I don’t know I’m old. Do you need to replenish your body?”
Qian Hongyan said with a bit of aggrieved: “Mom, you can’t blame me for this. The money in that family is yours. I only have a few hundred yuan in total. How can I afford to buy a lot of big fish and meat.” ”
Old Mrs. Xiao coldly snorted, “I know you can find a reason. You can buy a chicken for a few hundred yuan, right? A local chicken is only a hundred yuan, can’t you afford it?”
Qian Hongyan was very angry and said, “Mom, five people in the family eat, you don’t pay me living expenses. I am also a clever woman who can’t cook without rice. There is still pork in this meal today, and I might not even be able to eat meat for the next meal. ”
Old Mrs. Xiao glared at her: “There is no problem with living expenses, but you have to reimburse it. In the future, you will go to a regular supermarket to buy food and come to me for reimbursement with the receipt.”
Qian Hongyan knew that the old lady was really afraid of getting her own money.
Qian Hongyan felt a little disgusted when she thought that she might have to buy vegetables for hundreds of dollars every day and reconcile the reimbursement with the old lady.
But she didn’t show it. She just said smoothly: “Okay, since mom is not too troublesome, then we will check the accounts once a day from now on.”
The old lady Xiao smiled sarcastically: “I don’t find it troublesome, the old lady is very energetic.”
Qian Hongyan didn’t pick her up with interest, picked up the bowl and took a couple of mouthfuls. First URL
Xiao Weiwei next to her was flipping her phone while eating sips, and then said to Mrs. Xiao: “Grandma, can I apply for an image fee with you?”
Old lady Xiao frowned and asked, “What image fee?”
Xiao Weiwei behaved and said: “Grandma, look, I am now the commercial director of our Xiao Group. This commercial director usually specializes in external affairs. After going out, it represents the image of our company. So my dress, even Cosmetics and skin care products have to meet our company’s positioning.”
Old lady Xiao gave her a white look, and said, “Don’t be arguing with me here, just say what you want.”
Xiao Weiwei said: “Grandma, I want to apply for 100,000 yuan to buy a bag, buy new clothes, and buy some cosmetics and skin care products.”
“One hundred thousand?!” Mrs. Xiao coldly snorted, “Do you really think our family’s money was brought by the wind?”
Xiao Weiwei said aggrievedly: “Grandma, didn’t Mr. Wu give us tens of millions? The funds in the company’s account are also quite abundant. 100,000 yuan is nothing to us!”
The old lady Xiao said angrily: “Isn’t that what? I tell you, money is because I always think that 100,000 yuan is nothing, 200,000 yuan is nothing, and even 1 million is not much. Little by little, we defeated the Xiao Group! So from now on, we must seize this opportunity of rebirth from the ashes, and we must not make any mistakes we made before!”
Xiao Weiwei was also a little unhappy, and muttered with a little emotion: “After so long and hard days, I don’t even have a decent set of cosmetics now, so I will go out to discuss business and cooperation in such a disheveled manner. I’m sorry for the reputation of our Xiao Group. Besides, my bags were sold cheaply for the sake of life. Now I don’t even have a good bag. Wouldn’t I be laughed at when I go out.”
Old Mrs. Xiao waved her hand impatiently: “Okay, don’t come to this set with me. The bag problem will be solved. Just buy a fake one. Buy a fake Hermes. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to carry it out? ”

Chapter: 1642
“What’s the face…” Xiao Weiwei was anxious, choked up and said: “How can I say that I am also the commercial director of the Xiao Group. I was caught by a fake Hermes when I went out. What a shame if I was found out!”
Mrs. Xiao sneered and said, “You know what a fart! If you have a noble status these days, you just carry a fake bag, which is true in the eyes of others; but if you have a humble status, you are even saying the truth. Bao, in the eyes of others, he is also a fake! The Xiao Group is now in Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth from the ashes. In the eyes of outsiders, you, the commercial director, naturally contain a lot of gold. Even if you carry a fake bag, no one will think that is fake!”
Xiao Weiwei was depressed: “Grandma, even if you don’t look at it, if I am the commercial director of the Xiao Group, even if I am your granddaughter, giving me 100,000 yuan is not too much, right?”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted: “Don’t come to this set, it’s only ten thousand yuan, you want it, don’t pull it down!”
Xiao Weiwei was very depressed, but when she thought of 10,000 yuan, if she didn’t want it, then she would have no cents.
So she nodded and said aggrieved: “Well, ten thousand is ten thousand…”
The old lady Xiao cleared her throat and said solemnly: “I tell you, this time, we must let the Xiao Group regain its glory! We even want the Xiao Group to take another step, so you call me one by one. With the spirit of 12 points, no hedonistic thinking is absolutely allowed, otherwise, even if it is my son or grandson, I have to get out! Do you understand?”
Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong, and Xiao Weiwei knew very well in their hearts that the old lady was just talking to them.
Although my heart was depressed, everyone didn’t dare to show any objection. They could only nodded bitterly and said in unison: “I understand…”
Old Mrs. Xiao was satisfied, and waved her hand: “Okay, hurry up and eat. I have to go to the company in the afternoon to continue working!”
Everyone had no choice but to bow their heads to eat honestly. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this moment, Xiao Weiwei was flipping through the WeChat Moments, and suddenly saw the one sent by Ma Lan, her face suddenly blue.
There was a sense of irritation in her heart: “Ma Lan’s bitch has a bunch of Hermes. I want to buy one. Grandma didn’t even agree and asked me to buy a fake. If I really buy a fake Hermes, in case I was met by Ma Lan, so I still have to let her die?!”
Thinking of this, she felt more and more angry in her heart, Ma Lan’s old Zhuhuang, why use such an expensive thing?
I am now young and naturally beautiful, so why can’t even Ma Lan compare to him?
Thinking of this, she said aggrieved: “Grandma! Look! Even Ma Lan’s bitch has used real Hermes, why can’t I use one real?!”
Old Mrs. Xiao snatched the phone from her, took a look, and said angrily: “Damn Ma Lan, I know it all day long!”
Xiao Changqian also took the phone and looked at it and found that there was a picture of Ma Lan taking a selfie with her bag on his back. He said coldly: “This stinky lady’s legs seem to have been plastered off! I’m going to jump out!”
Xiao Hailong’s teeth tickled when he thought of Ma Lan, and hurriedly asked him: “Dad, didn’t you say that you want to punish her before? When do you do it? I wanted to teach this damn lady!”
“Don’t worry.” Xiao Changkun snorted coldly: “She broke her leg before and stayed at home all day long, so she couldn’t rush into her house and fix her? Wouldn’t we have to put us in? Since hers The cast has been removed from the leg, and she must be stumbling out. When the time comes, we will seize the opportunity and she will be treated well!”

Chapter: 1643
Xiao Changgan still hates Ma Lan very much.
Because Ma Lan has never put away the more than 20 green hats she hung on her terrace.
Not only did she confiscated them, she also successively bought a batch of new ones online, and now there are more than 30 in total.
Xiao Changqian goes in and out of Tangchen First Grade every day, passing through Ye Chen’s house, so he will see the more than 30 green hats fluttering in the wind, and every time he is angry enough.
Moreover, he hated Ma Lan even more when he thought of Ma Lan’s mockery of himself.
I always wanted to find a chance to tidy up Ma Lan, and by the way, I also added a bit of blockage to Ye Chen’s house to make Wu Donghai as satisfied as possible. However, Ma Lan had a plaster on his leg, and he stayed at home most of the time without going out. no chance.
Now that Ma Lan’s plaster has been removed, she will surely run out very quickly because of her character. As long as she goes out frequently, she will have a chance to deal with her.
When I heard that Ma Lan was going to be cleaned up, Mrs. Xiao was also interested. She said in a cold voice, “This damn Ma Lan is jumping all day long. The last time she was in the detention center, she should be taken. All the legs are interrupted to relieve the hate!”
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said, “Grandma, then we can find a chance to break her legs this time!”
“Yes, grandma!” Xiao Hailong also became excited immediately, and blurted out: “Break her both legs, I’ve long seen her uncomfortable!”
The old lady Xiao looked at Xiao Changgan and said: “Chang Gan, Ma Lan has been insulting you and humiliating the entire Xiao family. You really should make a plan and give this bitch a little bit of color.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Xiao Changqian nodded repeatedly: “Mom! Don’t worry! I will definitely not let this stinky lady go!”

After having lunch at home, Ye Chen called Hong Wu to drive over and picked him up to the kennel.
He plans to go to Japan tomorrow and quickly settle all matters concerning Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
To get Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, it is inseparable from the help of brothers Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro.
In Hong Wu’s car, Ye Chen asked him: “How are Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro’s performance at the kennel recently?”
Hong Wu chuckled: “Master Hui Ye, these two brothers performed well in the kennel. They worked hard and didn’t dare to pretend to be forceful everywhere. They were honestly like quail, but they couldn’t meet. Two dogs with hatred are the same. They have to be pinched as soon as they meet. I now assign the two to different areas and try to avoid them meeting.
Ye Chen nodded lightly, there was naturally a deep hatred between Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro.
Especially Ichiro Kobayashi, he was scammed by Ye Chen, and even his father was poisoned by Ye Chen. It was already miserable enough. I didn’t expect that his younger brother would fall into trouble and he gave him one. For the crime of poisoning his biological father, he also spent a lot of money to offer him a reward.
It can be said that he would never forgive Kobayashi Jiro until he died.
In fact, Jiro Kobayashi hates his own brother.
Because Ye Chen had already made it very clear last time, only one of the two brothers could go back to Japan with him, and the other person had to stay in the kennel and work for a lifetime.
And Ye Chen himself tends to take his brother Kobayashi Ichiro home, so he hopes that his brother will have some accident every day, it is best to die suddenly, in that case, he will become the only candidate for Ye Chen.

Chapter: 1644
Although after returning to Japan with Ye Chen, he must give him 90% of the shares, but this is much better than staying at the kennel to work.
After Ye Chen came to the kennel, he instructed Hong Wu: “Bring both Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro.”
“Good Master Ye!”
Hong Wu immediately ordered to go down, and soon, several of his men came over with brothers Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro wearing work clothes.
When the two met at the door, Kobayashi Ichiro rushed over and kicked Kobayashi Jiro when they were not prepared, kicked Kobayashi Jiro out, and said in a curse: “You bastard, dare to show up in front of me! ”
Kobayashi Jiro was kicked to the ground and hurriedly got up and rushed over to fight with him. He yelled, “You bastard, I must kill you!”
Kobayashi Ichiro is not to be outdone: “Come on, let’s see who kills who! I will blow your head with a punch!”
Hong Wu’s men hurriedly separated the two and kept them under control. One of them yelled, “What the hell is the fuck? Just be honest with me! Otherwise, there will be good-looking ones from both of you later.” .”
The two of them didn’t dare to make any trouble, and were led into the room one after another.
Ye Chen sat on the chair of the grandmaster, looked at the pair of brothers with interest, and said with a smile: “Two, how are you doing these days?”
When the two saw Ye Chen, they all knelt in front of him. Kobayashi Ichiro said excitedly: “Mr. Ye, you are finally here! I have been waiting for you to come back these days, so I can follow you to Japan, Ninety percent of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares will be transferred to you!” Remember to read in one second
Kobayashi Jiro said hurriedly: “Mr. Ye, don’t believe this bastard. He is a natural rebellious person and he is not a good person at all! Choose me! If you take me back to Japan, I will give you 95% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”
Ichiro Kobayashi was crazy, and he blurted out: “Jiro, you beast who murdered my brother, dare you to say that I was born with a bone?!”
Kobayashi Jiro ignored him and looked at Ye Chen and pleaded: “Mr. Ye, I don’t ask for anything else. You only need to leave me two shares, and I will give you the remaining 98%. Please, take me. Go back to Japan…”
Ichiro Kobayashi next to him gritted his teeth: “Mr. Ye, if you take me back, 99% of the shares will be given to you!!!”
Kobayashi Jiro collapsed and shouted: “Mr. Ye, I will give you all! You only need to save me some real estate and pay me a salary!”
Ye Chen looked at the two brothers vying for me with great interest, and smiled lightly: “Okay, don’t chat here. Ye Chen always counts my words. Last time I promised Ichiro Kobayashi to take him back. He gave me 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares, so naturally I will not break my promise.”
After that, he looked at Kobayashi Ichiro who was ecstatic, and said, “Ichiro, you prepare. Let’s set off in the last two days.”
Kobayashi Ichiro was trembling with excitement, and when he knocked Ye Chen three heads in a row, he said excitedly: “Thank you Mr. Ye, thank you Mr. Ye!”
Kobayashi Jiro almost collapsed, crying and said: “Mr. Ye, please take me back, I am willing to do anything you ask me…”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Well, Jiro, how about you, just stay here honestly. Here you can eat, drink, and live. You don’t have to worry about anything. If your brother is not obedient, I Naturally, he will be sent back to replace you.”
Jiro Kobayashi fell into despair. Will he wait until the year of the monkey? !
On the side, Ichiro Kobayashi seemed to be reborn, and asked Ye Chen excitedly: “Mr. Ye, when are we going to leave?”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “Tomorrow!”

Chapter: 1645
Ichiro Kobayashi was excited when he heard that Ye Chen would take him back to Japan tomorrow, but then he felt nervous again.
He looked at Ye Chen and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Ye, how can I convince the public when I return to Japan like this? Everyone thinks that I killed my father, and they all think I’m dead. Suddenly I went back, I was afraid it would be difficult to inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceutical…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Isn’t this a trivial matter?”
After finishing speaking, he immediately beckoned to Hong Wu: “Hong Wu, arrange for someone to prepare a camera and shoot a video of confession for Kobayashi Jiro to let him admit that he poisoned his father to death, and then offered a huge reward for his brother. Human head in order to achieve the goal of monopolizing Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.”
When Kobayashi Jiro heard this, he felt as if the sky had fallen, crying and said, “Mr. Ye, you can’t do this! Didn’t you say that if my eldest brother behaves badly, just change me back? You let me now Plead guilty, how can I go back in the future?”
Ye Chen said coldly: “What are you afraid of? You brothers will record a video of confessing guilt alone later. If your brother is in charge, you will be in charge; if you are in charge, let your brother be in charge. This is not Is it perfect?”
Both Kobayashi Jiro and Kobayashi Ichiro are full of despair, now that Ye Chen is really going to die?
However, they are also very clear that their current life and death are in Ye Chen’s hands. If they really fight against him, they are likely to suffer a disaster.
So the two could only nod their heads honestly and do it, and the people arranged by Hong Wu took them to the empty room next door to shoot the video.
Ye Chen called Han Meiqing’s son Paul at this time and asked him as soon as he came up, “Paul, do you have time in the past few days?”
Paul hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, what are your orders?” Remember to read the book for one second
Ye Chen said: “That’s what I told you before. I will accompany me to Japan to resolve the issue of the transfer of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares and complete the relevant legal procedures.”
“No problem!” Paul said immediately: “When is the specific departure time? I can arrange what I have at hand, and then I can go with you.”
Ye Chen said with a smile: “Tomorrow, let’s go early and return early.”
“Ok.” Paul said, “Then let me book the ticket, who are you with?”
Ye Chen said casually: “You don’t need to book the ticket. I will say hello to Chen Zekai and let him arrange a private jet.”
“it is good!”
Then Ye Chen hung up the phone and called Chen Zekai again.
After all, the Ye family has a big business. In Jinling, there is a private jet specially assigned to Chen Zekai for daily use. When Chen Zekai heard that Ye Chen was going to Japan, he immediately arranged for the crew of the private jet to apply for the route and departure time.
At the same time, he said to Ye Chen: “Master, you are going to Japan this time, and you are not familiar with the place of your life. Or I will go with you. I have some friendship with many Japanese companies and families. In case of any need, It can also be convenient for you.”
Since returning from killing the Eight Great Heavenly Kings in Changbai Mountain, Chen Zekai has followed Ye Chen with all his heart, and regarded Ye Chen as the only master in his heart, and Ye Chen can also see that this person is now 100% credible and is completely under his control. Since he wanted to follow, he had no objection.
So Ye Chen said to him: “Let’s do this, you arrange the plane, and then arrange two or three capable subordinates, and then go there together.”
With that said, Ye Chen glanced at Hong Wu and asked him, “Hong Wu, have you been okay in the last few days? If it’s okay, come with me to Japan.”

Chapter: 1646
Hong Wu nodded immediately and said, “No problem, Master Ye! Hong Wu will listen to your instructions!”
Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction, and said to Chen Zekai: “Old Chen, Hong Wu is with us, Paul from Smith Law Firm, and Ichiro Kobayashi from the Kobayashi family, please let the crew prepare.”
“Good master! I’ll make arrangements!”
At this time, the brothers Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro also recorded their own back-to-back videos.
Later, the two were brought back by Hong Wu’s men.
Ye Chen looked at the two and said lightly: “Ichiro Kobayashi, you have a good rest today. Tomorrow Hong Wu will take you to the airport with you, but I will warn you in advance. Please be careful along the way. Don’t think it’s like going to Japan. Back at your home court, if you dare to have any disobedience, I will definitely not spare you.”
Kobayashi Ichiro nodded like garlic: “Mr. Ye, don’t worry, I will die, and I won’t rebel against you…”
Ye Chen gave a hum, then looked at Jiro Kobayashi, and said lightly: “Jiro Kobayashi, you just stay here, Hong Wu’s men will make you eat and drink well. Apart from work, you will have the rest. Time to pray for a while, pray that something will happen to your eldest brother or cause something, so that you have a chance to return to Japan.”
Hearing this, Kobayashi Ichiro waved his hands in fright: “Mr. Ye, you don’t need to worry about anything, I will never cause anything. Jiro, the bastard, will never have the chance to leave this kennel in this life!”
Kobayashi Jiro gritted his teeth angrily. First URL
However, at the moment Kobayashi Ichiro became Ye Chen’s first choice, and he could only honestly be a spare tire.
What is a spare tire?
If there are no problems with the tires being used, no air leaks, and no punctures, the spare tire will never have the opportunity to be employed.
Thinking of this, the hatred in his heart for his eldest brother is even more deeply rooted.
If it weren’t for so many people here, he would have liked to rush up now and strangle this big brother to death with his arm!
Seeing that the brothers were hostile and jealous of each other, Ye Chen was very satisfied.
What he wants is such an effect, allowing them to deter and check and balance each other.
In this way, none of them dare to make trouble with themselves, and can only honestly let themselves be at their mercy and be their own puppets.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen stood up and said to Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, starting tomorrow, we will strengthen the guard of the kennel. We must take good care of Jiro Kobayashi, and we are not allowed to go on business trips!”
Hong Wu immediately nodded and said, “Master Ye, you can rest assured that there are more than 20 guards here, and dozens of the most ferocious purebred hounds. One bite of a dog will also take Kobayashi Jiro’s The small body is gone, tomorrow I will transfer ten more subordinates to come and surround this place into an iron bucket, there will never be any business trips!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Okay, your style of doing things has become more and more appetizing to me, but you should also pay attention to it. If he is disobedient and you really let the dog bite, don’t let the dog bite to death. , It’s a good thing to keep him alive.”
Hong Wu looked at Jiro Kobayashi and smiled sullenly: “If this kid dares to run, I will let my snow mastiff bite his stuff first!”

Chapter: 1647
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has multiple production bases in Japan.
Its headquarter is located in Tokyo. In addition to Tokyo, there are also production lines of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in several cities such as Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya.
In addition, some time ago, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical also invested a large amount of funds to establish Asia’s largest biopharmaceutical production base in Osaka.
When Ye Chen went to Japan this time, in addition to finalizing the share transfer agreement with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and completing the share transfer, he also brought Wei Liang from Wei’s Pharmaceuticals to inspect these production bases.
Wei Liang is now the general manager of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical and the specific person in charge of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical. After Ye Chen takes over Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, he will be in charge of the entire production line of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical for the time being.
In the future, if the time is right, Tang Sihai can come over to take over Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, and then let Wei Liang focus on the country, and continue to expand the scale of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical in China.
Therefore, Ye Chen and Chen Zekai made an itinerary plan.
They will fly from Jinling to Tokyo tomorrow morning. Chen Zekai will contact his staff in Tokyo to respond to them locally. At that time, they will arrange a team to accompany them throughout the journey.
After getting things done in Tokyo, I drove from Tokyo and headed west for Yokohama.
Yokohama is near Tokyo, not too far away, and it is less than a hundred kilometers by car.
Then, drive from Yokohama to Nagoya and finally to Osaka. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After the inspection in Osaka, you can fly back to Jinling directly from Osaka.
The reason why I have to drive around these cities is mainly because Japan has a relatively small land area. In fact, these cities are not far apart.
From Tokyo all the way to Osaka, it is more than 500 kilometers away. It takes less than an hour to arrive by plane. What’s more, there are two cities in the middle of Yokohama and Nagoya. It is a lot of trouble to fly, which is far less convenient than driving.
Ye Chen studied the map of Japan and found a small detail. The highway from Nagoya to Osaka in Japan happened to pass through Kyoto.
Nanako Ito, who was seriously injured, was resting in Kyoto.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but think: I must go to Kyoto to see her!

At the dinner table, Ye Chen told the family directly that he was going to Japan tomorrow.
When I heard that Ye Chen was leaving tomorrow, Xiao Churan said with a bit of dismay: “I just came back today, and I will leave tomorrow. I haven’t stayed for 24 hours either…”
“Yeah!” Xiao Changkun couldn’t help but muttered, “Good son-in-law, making money is important, but your body is more important. You keep running back and forth like this, and this body can’t stand it either.”
Ma Lan said with excitement, “Oh, what do you know? You haven’t had any success since you got married, and you have no motivation at all. That’s why our family has been looked down upon by the old lady and has never had a good life. ”
After that, she looked at Ye Chen with a flattering expression, and complimented: “Look at our Ye Chen, how ambitious! I don’t know how many times stronger than you!”
Xiao Changkun snorted: “Are you a human again? You used to chase people, and Ye Chen said that they were useless. Wasn’t it you? You used to chase your daughter and divorce Ye Chen?”
Ma Lan’s expression was a little unnatural, and she said anxiously, “Xiao Changkun, you don’t instigate discord here! I was wrong before, but I can correct it if I know my mistakes!”
After speaking, he hurriedly said to Ye Chen with a smile: “Good son-in-law, how many days are you going to go to Japan this time?”
Ye Chen said: “If it’s fast, it’s three to five days, if it’s slow, it’s a week.”

Chapter: 1648
Xiao Churan couldn’t help muttering: “Huh? So long?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Isn’t this going to a foreign country? I’m not familiar with the place where I live. It’s definitely not as convenient as doing things at home. In case I really want to help others change their feng shui, those raw materials are probably not available. It’s so easy at home, so the time period may be. President.”
Xiao Churan felt a little stunned.
In the past few days when Ye Chen went to Yanjing, she thought about him falling asleep every night, and now she finally looked forward to him coming back, but she didn’t expect him to leave again, and it took several days to leave.
Ma Lan couldn’t help asking at this moment: “Good son-in-law, you went to Japan to show others Feng Shui this time, how much would they give you?”
Ye Chen replied casually: “Two or three million.”
“Oh! So much!” Ma Lan clapped his hands happily, then gave a thumbs up and complimented: “My son-in-law is amazing! You can make two or three million by just watching Feng Shui!”
After finishing speaking, he quickly said with a smile: “Good son-in-law, I heard that Japanese cosmetics, cosmetics, skin care products, etc., the quality and efficacy are good. Don’t forget to buy some gifts for mom when you come back. what!”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t see it anymore, and blurted out, “Ma Lan, are you endless? Ye Chen has bought you a lot of Hermes, and you still ask for gifts? You are not greedy enough!”
“You need to take care of it!” Ma Lan gave Xiao Changkun a white look, and said angrily: “I’m asking about what I want, not what you want, what are you doing here? Who didn’t mention the pants? Give you Revealed?” Remember to read for a second
When Xiao Changkun heard this, his angry cheeks flushed and his whole body trembled!
“I didn’t mention my pants to show myself? Doesn’t this compare myself to that thing?”
“This girl’s broken mouth is too bad! I really want to smoke her with a big mouth!”
However, Xiao Changkun only dared to think about it in his heart, if he really started with Ma Lan, then he would be annoying.
So he immediately looked at Xiao Churan and complained: “Churan, look at your mother, it’s really a dog that can’t spit out ivory. What kind of quality is this!”
Xiao Churan couldn’t listen anymore, and couldn’t help but said, “Mom, you can’t be more civilized…”
“Good, good.” Ma Lan waved his hand indifferently: “I’m a little civilized, and I don’t have a general knowledge of this old thing.”
Ye Chen, who was on the side, shook his head and smiled, but he didn’t even think about it. He was used to the bickering between the two men a long time ago. If the two of them didn’t fight each other someday, they would have something wrong.
After dinner, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan returned to the bedroom on the second floor.
As usual, the couple took a shower one after another, and then lay on the bed one after another.
Ye Chen hadn’t gone further with Xiao Churan since he was promoted to the first level before the fight, but Ye Chen hadn’t been too anxious, not to mention that there had been a lot of things recently, and he was always troubled by the presence of other women.
Thinking of going to Japan tomorrow, Nanako Ito’s face and how she looked when she was injured in the ring appeared in his mind.
Ye Chen didn’t understand why he would never forget the Japanese woman Ito Nanako.
It seems that I was attracted by her dual character of being gentle as water and tough and unyielding?
When he was thinking about it, Ye Chen suddenly felt that Xiao Churan next to him moved.
I thought Xiao Churan was just turning over normally, but she didn’t expect that she would lift the corner of Ye Chen’s quilt and get into his bed…

Chapter: 1649
Xiao Churan got into Ye Chen’s bed and gently hugged his waist.
At this moment, she felt an unprecedented sense of security.
Having been with Ye Chen for so long, this is the first time to hold Ye Chen like this. Although she feels full of security, her heart is still short of breath.
Ye Chen, who had been thinking about things, was startled by Xiao Churan’s actions.
When he turned his face, Xiao Churan was also taken aback by him.
Xiao Churan’s pretty face suddenly became hot, and he stammered: “Husband, you…you haven’t slept yet?”
Ye Chen also explained in a flustered manner: “I slept, woke up again…”
After speaking, he couldn’t help asking: “Wife, why did you run into my bed?”
Xiao Churan said in embarrassment, “That…I…I am…I am…”
Xiao Churan stammered and murmured for a long time, before he simply turned his mind and said, “I just don’t want you to go out again, so I want to hug you to sleep, okay?”
Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a little throbbing when he heard this. He stretched out his hand to put her in his arms and whispered softly: “Silly girl, my husband will be back in a few days.”
“Yeah.” Xiao Churan gently leaned in Ye Chen’s arms and said with a smile: “I found that holding you to sleep like this is really safe.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Will I be able to get another level up from now on? How about we just sleep in a bed from now on?”
Xiao Churan was immediately embarrassed and said in a low voice, “It’s not impossible to upgrade to one level, but for the time being, you can only upgrade to one level…”
Following Ye Chen’s previous routine, I must ask Xiao Churan at this time, when will he be able to reach the full level? When can I have a baby? After all, even Ma Lan supported the two of them to have a baby quickly.
Perhaps, if he satisfactorily, he would be able to get things done for the couple.
However, because Ye Chen always unconsciously showed the figure of Ito Nanako in his mind, it made him feel a little uncomfortable.
That feeling, like a thorn stuck in Ye Chen’s heart, instantly made him calm down a lot.
So, he gently hugged Xiao Churan, and said softly: “It’s okay, you will be promoted to the next level. It’s fine to sleep with you.”
Now, it was Xiao Churan’s turn to be surprised.
She also thought that Ye Chen would definitely come to make some soft and hard bubbles.
However, he never expected that Ye Chen would accept it so easily.
This made her heart linger for a while.
In fact, she has had deep feelings and dependence on Ye Chen after getting along for so long.
However, after all, she was an unmanned girl, and she was somewhat hesitant and worried about breaking through the relationship.
If Ye Chen was very active, he might just let him go.
But Ye Chen’s sudden calmness really made her unexpected.
She wanted to ask Ye Chen, why did she act so indifferently today? Is it because she doesn’t like herself?
However, she soon felt that it was really difficult for her to speak such words, so she could only hide it deeply in her heart.
Soon, Ye Chen by his side let out a uniform breathing sound, Xiao Churan sighed in his heart, and fell asleep slowly with a bit of loss.

Chapter: 1650
Ye Chen woke up early the next morning.
In fact, he didn’t sleep well this night.
I don’t know why, as long as I close my eyes, I can’t help thinking of Nanako Ito.
During this period of time, there have been many women around Ye Chen.
Whether it was Song Wanting, Qin Aoxue, or Chen Xiaozhao, Li Xiaofen, and Gu Qiuyi, although these women more or less made him feel a little heart-stirring, none of them made him feel distressed like Ito Nanako.
After Gu Qiuyi waited for so many years and found herself for so many years, Ye Chen really felt guilty in her heart, but after all, Gu Qiuyi was born in a big family and was loved by her parents in every possible way.
After adulthood, she became an internationally renowned star, and was sought after and loved by countless people.
Even without herself, her life is very wonderful, very rich, and very happy.
But Nanako is different.
Although she was also born in a rich family and was loved by her family, she was indeed injured too badly in the battle with Qin Aoxue.
Suffering such a serious injury, the double blow to the body and spirit is absolutely impossible for an ordinary girl to experience in her lifetime. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Moreover, Ye Chen can also imagine that although she is out of danger now, she must be tortured by injuries all the time. This feeling must be very painful.
And she could not have played this game.
However, she did everything to make herself admire.
Even in the last match against Qin Aoxue, she waited for a chance to win with one move in order to make herself notice her, even if she was injured.
Ye Chen knew very well in his heart that if it wasn’t for himself, how could Cai Caizi be so seriously injured?
It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen always feels distressed for how she looked when she was injured.
Ye Chen also reflected on that, as a married man, he should not feel sorry for other women, let alone a Japanese woman.
However, that kind of mood is completely beyond his control.
After washing, Ye Chen quietly left the bedroom without waking Xiao Churan, who was still asleep.
At this time, Chen Zekai had taken his entourage and waited at the door of Tangchen Yipin.
Ye Chen went downstairs and saw that Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan hadn’t gotten up, so he left a note, and then quickly walked out of the house.
At the door of Tomson Yipin.
Several Rolls-Royce stopped side by side. As soon as Ye Chen came out, Chen Zekai and his men all got out of the car, bowed respectfully to him, and said in unison: “Mr. Ye!”
Ye Chen nodded and got into the same car with Chen Zekai.
As soon as he got on the bus, Chen Zekai immediately said to Ye Chen: “Master, Paul, Wei Liang and they all went by themselves. Hong Wu and Ichiro Kobayashi walked past the kennel. We only need to meet them at the airport, the plane and the crew. The personnel are ready, and they will leave at any time after they arrive!”
Ye Chen said, the biggest difference between private jets and ordinary civil aviation flights is that the time is relatively free. As long as you apply for today’s route, you can theoretically depart at any time.
There is a thought in his subconscious mind now, that is to go to Tokyo to get things done, and then rush all the way to Kyoto.
I don’t know why, Ito Nanako has become a curse in his heart, always emerging and constantly affecting his emotions.
He felt that this might be mainly because he felt a little sympathy for Ito Nanako’s experience, and if he cured her by himself, this demon would naturally disappear.
As a result, he said to Chen Zekai a little impatiently: “Okay, time is waiting for no one, hurry up!”

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