The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2031-2040

Chapter: 2031
Looking at the photo, Ye Chen couldn’t help but return to the snowy night in Kyoto many days ago.
It was under that heavy snow that he saved Ito Nanako by himself, and also saved Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu with a hand.
Thinking of this, he sighed in his heart and replied Nanako: “Thank you, and wish you a happy Chinese New Year!”
Regarding Nanako’s mention of snowing in Kyoto, Ye Chenzhen made any response.
He knew that he shouldn’t have too much emotional communication with Nanako.
At the beginning, I felt that she shouldn’t have been trapped by the injuries Qin Aoxue brought to her all her life, so I wanted to cure her.
Now, she has recovered and saved her life by herself. It stands to reason that she has completely cleared her.
If it involves too much, I am afraid it will be out of the question.
Ye Chen himself knew that those women who liked him might not be able to explain to them, and Nanako was the same.
Therefore, keeping some distance appropriately is considered responsible to her.
Nanako Ito is indeed a talented girl. From Ye Chen’s reply, she can see Ye Chen’s inner thoughts.
Therefore, she replied to Ye Chen: “Ye Chenjun must be spending the festive season with his family now, and Cai Caizi won’t bother you! I wish you a happy holiday again!”
After replying to this sentence, her heart was very sad.
She knew that today is a traditional Chinese holiday and the most important holiday of the year, so she sent a WeChat blessing to Ye Chen.
At the same time, it happened that she happened to accompany her father to Kyoto for training in the past two days. It happened that there was a heavy snowfall in Kyoto tonight, and she immediately thought of the night when Ye Chenru was the god of war.
Thinking of that night, she missed Ye Chen more and more.
Therefore, he also took advantage of the opportunity of New Year blessing to share the heavy snow in Kyoto with him.
But what I didn’t expect was that he actually didn’t respond with half a word.
Although she was very disappointed in her heart, Ito Nanako could still understand. She knew that Ye Chen had a husband, and even if she liked Ye Chen again, Ye Chen still had to keep a certain distance from herself.
So, she put her phone away and sat alone on the wooden steps at the edge of the yard, staring at the falling snow.
Takehiko Ito, who had his legs amputated, was now manipulating the electric wheelchair, slowly approaching.
The voice of the wheelchair didn’t even startle Ito Nanako.
It’s just because, at this moment, all the attention in her mind is not on her eyes and everything around her, but on the distant Ye Chen.
Seeing his daughter staring at Daxue in a daze, Ito sighed.
My daughter, how can I not understand?
Ito Xiuhiko has long seen that his daughter has a loyalty to Ye Chen and has always been thinking about it. Seeing her like this, he can’t help but feel distressed.
So, he coughed and called out: “Nanako.”
Only then did Nanako Ito recover, and said embarrassedly, “Father, why are you out?”
Yuihiko Ito smiled slightly and said, “I didn’t go in for a long time, so I came out to see you.”
Nanako Ito said hurriedly: “Then let’s go back, it’s quite cold outside, don’t freeze you.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Ito said with a smile: “Nanako, there are some things that you can’t force, let alone be anxious, and you have to go slowly.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly concealed: “Dad, what are you talking about, why can’t I understand…”
Ito Xiuhiko smiled and said: “Ye Chen is a good man, and what is rare is that he is also very capable. Such a man is worth waiting for a few more years.”
Nanako Ito blushed immediately.

Chapter: 2032
However, she did not immediately deny it, and even ran away on the spot. Instead, she put her hands in front of her and bowed deeply: “My father, Nanako knows!”
Ito Xiuhiko smiled comfortedly, and said: “I am old, and I can’t stand the cold wind. I’ll go back to rest first, and you should go to bed earlier.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “My father, let me see you off!”
Ito Yuhiko waved his hand: “No, you like to meditate, just meditate for a while.”
After all, he controlled the electric wheelchair, turned half a circle on the spot, and returned to his room slowly.
Nanako Ito watched his father’s back disappear at the end of the corridor, feeling that her face was still hot, so she gently covered the thick snow with her hands, and then she covered it with her hands. face.
The cold hands made the temperature of her cheeks drop a lot, and Nanako Ito’s heart gradually calmed down.
After a while, she stretched out her hand again and wrote two beautiful Chinese characters on the snow with her fingers. These two Chinese characters were Ye Chen’s name.
Afterwards, she supported her chin with her hands and watched the snowflakes fall on the two Chinese characters one by one until the two Chinese characters became more and more blurred and eventually disappeared.
At this moment, she slowly stood up and returned to her room.
at the same time.
Osaka, Japan is only tens of kilometers away from Kyoto.
A one-armed woman, led by several Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers, came to the Self-Defense Force station in Osaka.
This one-armed woman surnamed He, the daughter of the He family of the four major ancient martial arts families in China.
She is Su Ruoli’s biological mother, He Yingxiu.
Since the time difference in Japan is one hour faster than that in China, it is already ten o’clock in the night in Osaka at this moment.
Under the leadership of the soldiers, He Yingxiu finally entered the self-defense force station after passing through strict security checks.
Afterwards, the soldiers led her from a building on a high-speed elevator all the way down.
The high-speed elevator stopped at a depth of fifty meters underground.
Here is the three defense underground base of the Osaka Self-Defense Force.
The three protections for civilian use are waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof.
The three defenses in the military refer to the prevention of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and chemical weapons.
Therefore, this three defense base is the most closely guarded area of ​​the Self-Defense Force in Osaka.
Now, this three-defense base is used for other purposes. All the more than fifty masters of the Su family, including Su Ruoli, are detained here. The strong defense here can effectively prevent them from breaking out of prison.
After He Yingxiu was brought in, he was directly arranged into a closed room.
The iron door of this room is 20 centimeters thick, much stronger than the bank vault.
After she sat down in the room, a Japanese soldier reminded her in a low voice: “People will be there in a while, you only have five minutes.”
He Yingxiu nodded hurriedly and said seriously: “Thank you!”
The soldier said no more, turned and left the room. A minute later, a young woman with metal shackles on her hands and feet walked in under the leadership of the two soldiers.
This young woman had a gloomy expression, and her eyes were full of coldness.
However, after she entered the room, those cold eyes immediately stared in surprise, and then two lines of tears rolled down.
She looked at He Yingxiu, who was also crying silently in front of her, and cried out in a choked voice: “Mom…”
He Yingxiu walked two steps quickly, holding her in her arms with one hand, while gently stroking the back of her head, while lovingly said: “Ruoli, you have suffered…”

Chapter: 2033
Su Ruoli hugged He Yingxiu’s waist tightly and asked excitedly: “Mom, why are you here?! How did you come in?!”
He Yingxiu saw that a few Japanese soldiers had retreated, and said: “Ruoli, your father asked me to come.”
“Dad?” Su Ruoli asked hurriedly, “How is dad now? Has he returned to China? No danger, right?”
He Yingxiu shook her head and said softly, “Don’t worry, what’s wrong with your father, he has returned to Yanjing safely before.”
Su Ruoli just breathed a sigh of relief, and muttered, “Dad, it’s all right…”
He Yingxiu said: “If Li, your dad originally wanted to come to Japan to rescue you personally, but he is now the subject of strict monitoring by the Japanese national security department, so it is not convenient to come to Japan again in a short time, so let me come and meet him. meet you.”
Su Ruoli was very puzzled and asked, “Mom, the Self-Defense Forces kept me so tight, how did you get in? Why did they let you in?”
He Yingxiu said: “The Japanese authorities have indeed reached the highest level of control over you, and your dad has inquired about it. They hope to sentence you and several principal offenders to death. In order to save you, your dad spent a lot of money in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. The high-level activities have a good relationship and are ready to rescue you!”
“Help me out?!” Su Ruoli exclaimed, and asked: “This…how is this possible? The Japanese Self-Defense Forces guard me very closely now, and there are tens of thousands of Self-Defense Forces on the ground. Soldier, how could you rescue me from here…”
He Yingxiu explained: “Although you are currently being detained by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, the Self-Defense Forces cannot represent the Japanese judiciary after all, so you still have to be tried by the Japanese courts, and according to Japanese law, you are to be escorted back to the court where the case occurred. Trial.”
Su Ruoli asked hurriedly: “Then you are going to be escorted to Tokyo for trial?”
“Yes!” He Yingxiu nodded and said, “The Japanese Self-Defense Forces will use their military transport aircraft to send you back to Tokyo. After arriving in Tokyo, they will be escorted by the special operations team of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. At that time, your father will arrange a stand-in in Tokyo, and with the help of a senior from the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department, you will be replaced.”
Su Ruoli was dumbfounded, and after a while, he asked, “Mom, can you change me out so grandiosely?”
He Yingxiu took her hand and said seriously: “Don’t worry about this, your father has already arranged it. Before the double is found out, he can buy you twelve hours. At that time, your father will arrange for you to travel from Tokyo Port. Leave Japan by boat.”
With that, He Yingxiu squeezed Su Ruoli’s hand and said with emotion: “Ruoli, in order to save you this time, your father spent nearly one billion yuan to clear the relationship between the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. If you can return safely this time Domestically, I must repay your father well in the future!”
Su Ruoli’s eyes were red, and she nodded while crying, choked up and said: “Mom, don’t worry, I will repay Dad well!”
He Yingxiu nodded and said: “Also, after you return to China this time, the Japanese side will definitely do everything possible to catch you back. If they know that you have returned, they will definitely apply to our country and take you back. Extradited back to Japan for trial, so after you go back, you have to live under a new name. Su Ruoli will no longer be able to use this name in the future.”
Su Ruoli hurriedly asked: “Mom, if I can no longer be called Su Ruoli in the future, what should I call?”

Chapter: 2034
He Yingxiu said: “Your dad said, you can pick up the name as you like, and he will help you get the relevant household registration information.”
Su Ruoli flashed a flash of joy. Just as he was about to speak, He Yingxiu added: “Ruoli, your father said, you can continue to have the last name Su, or you can call any name other than Su Ruoli, but you can’t Use the character of the Su family.”
Having said that, He Yingxiu sighed and continued: “In other words, you can’t have the word’zhi’ in the name of Zhifei and Zhiyu…”
Su Ruoli’s expression of joy just now became extremely bitter. She looked at He Yingxiu and asked, “Mom, Dad still doesn’t want others to know who I am?”
He Yingxiu said with ashamed expression: “If Li, you are your father’s illegitimate daughter after all, and few people know about this. Apart from your father, only your grandfather knows about your father and his lover. The relationship is very good. If she knows that your father still has an illegitimate daughter like you, she will definitely break with your father…”
Su Ruoli choked up and said, “Mom, can’t I tell others that Su Shoudao is my father all my life? Do I have to be a girl who has never had a father since I was young in front of outsiders?”
He Yingxiu’s eyes were red, and she sighed, “Ruoli, the reason why your father had that past with me back then was entirely my own request. He didn’t even know of your existence for many years, so you can’t blame it. He does not want to disclose your identity!”
“What’s more, your dad paid a very high price to save you this time. Even if he can’t publicly claim that you are her daughter, deep down in his heart, he still loves you very much! You can’t do it anyway. Blame him, understand?”
Su Ruoli sighed when he heard this, nodded slightly, and said seriously: “Mom, I know, don’t worry, I will never mention this matter again in the future, let alone blame Dad in my heart! ”
He Yingxiu squeezed Su Ruoli’s hand hard and said seriously: “In a few days, you will be escorted to Tokyo. Then someone will contact you, change you out, and send you to the dock. Mom is here. Waiting for you at home!”
Su Ruoli hurriedly asked, “Mom, are you not waiting for me in Tokyo?”
He Yingxiu shook her head and said, “Your dad said, once you successfully escape, Japan will definitely check everyone who has recently entered the country. At that time, if it is found that I am from China and have been to Osaka, it will be before the incident. Going to Tokyo means that I gave the Japanese Homeland Security Department a complete clue for nothing. So after he asked me to meet you, he would return home from Osaka immediately to avoid leaving clues. As for Tokyo, he will arrange for others to go. Meet you.”
Su Ruoli nodded and said, “Okay mom, I know! You wait for me to go back in peace in China!”
At this time, someone opened the door and said: “Time is almost there!”
He Yingxiu looked at Su Ruoli reluctantly, and said, “Ruoli, take care of yourself these few days, mom will go!”
Su Ruoli nodded gently with tears: “Mom, take care, and also help me say thank you to Dad…”
He Yingxiu patted her arm and whispered: “There is no 100% success rate in everything, but you must promise mom and come back alive!”

Chapter: 2035
Su Ruoli looked at He Yingxiu, nodded heavily, and said with tears in her eyes: “Mom, don’t worry, I will go back to see you alive!”
He Yingxiu touched her face with one arm, and said lovingly: “After I go back this time, don’t go back to Su’s house. I will stay with my mother at grandma’s house for a while, and wait for the limelight before going back.”
Su Ruoli gave a hum and said, “Mom, take care.”
He Yingxiu whispered: “Don’t disclose the thing about saving you to anyone who was arrested with you, because this time only you can leave. If you let them know, in case of unrest, I’m afraid it will be taken. Come trouble.”
Su Ruoli sighed softly: “Okay mom, I see…”
He Yingxiu nodded, and then reluctantly left.
And Su Ruoli was also taken back to her cell by soldiers.
However, Su Ruoli at this time was full of gratitude to Su Shoudao in his heart.
Although she is only an illegitimate daughter, and her father Su Shoudao cannot admit her identity, Su Shoudao is willing to pay such a high price to rescue her. This is indeed far beyond Su Ruoli’s expectations of Su Shoudao, and it also makes her heart. Moved deeply.
Originally, she was ready to be sentenced to death, but after seeing her mother He Yingxiu, she rekindled hope for the future life.
Yanjing time, ten o’clock in the evening.
The Ye Chen family in front of the TV are watching the Spring Festival Gala on TV.
Xiao Churan’s emotions seemed a bit agitated, and said to Ye Chen: “The program published on the Internet says that Gu Qiuyi’s solo singing will be in prime time at 10:10 and should be coming soon!”
Ye Chen nodded, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.
Although he knows that Gu Qiuyi is a big star, he really hasn’t watched Gu Qiuyi’s film and television dramas, and he hasn’t heard the songs she sang.
This is mainly related to Ye Chen’s personality. He has no need for entertainment, so naturally he doesn’t care about the entertainment industry.
However, he naturally cared a little more about Gu Qiuyi. After all, this was his childhood friend who grew up with him, and he was also the fiancée that his parents made for him.
So he and Xiao Churan looked forward to the TV together, looking forward to Gu Qiuyi’s appearance.
The schedule of the Spring Festival Gala is almost exactly the same. At 10:10, the host smiled and said: “It is said that the taste of first love is the most beautiful feeling of life. Next, the film and television song superstar Miss Gu Qiuyi will bring us Her new single “First Love”.”
Afterwards, Gu Qiuyi, wearing an elegant evening dress, stepped onto the gorgeous stage.
Xiao Churan said excitedly: “Wow! Gu Qiuyi’s dress is really beautiful!”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but nodded in agreement.
Gu Qiuyi on TV deliberately put her long hair gently behind her head, which is a little more dignified and a little more charming than before.
Ma Lan looked at Gu Qiuyi and couldn’t help sighing: “Oh, this girl is really beautiful! Much more beautiful than those female stars!”
After finishing speaking, he said with some regret: “In fact, with the appearance of Churan, he can also enter the entertainment circle and become a star. Even if it is compared with this Gu Qiuyi, Churan is not inferior.”
Xiao Churan smiled and said, “Mom, you are too admiring me. How can I be a star? I want acting without acting skills, and a voice without a voice.”

Chapter: 2036
Ma Lan said seriously: “What’s the matter? Now, being a celebrity doesn’t need acting or a voice at all, it’s enough to be beautiful! Look at those popular stars who can produce albums even if the tone is not perfect. The movie, why? Isn’t it good-looking!”
Xiao Churan shook his head helplessly: “Mom, don’t talk about it, let me watch the show well…”
Ma Lan did not forget to add another sentence: “Chu Ran, what mom said is true, and mom thinks you really have no problem…”
At this time, Gu Qiuyi was already singing.
When she opened her voice, Ma Lan couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Oh! This girl’s voice is really good!”
Gu Qiuyi hurriedly waved her hand: “Mom, stop talking!”
Ye Chen was also a little surprised by Gu Qiuyi’s voice. Although she seemed to be just an idol star, when she opened her voice, she showed a very good singing skills, absolutely professional.
The tune of this song is melodious and fresh and refined. It is similar to the song “Legend” sung by the Queen.
Ye Chen couldn’t help being immersed in it.
Five minutes later, after Gu Qiuyi sang a song, Ye Chen was still immersed in the wonderful atmosphere created by her singing just now.
Gu Qiuyi’s eyes turned red when she heard it, and she clapped unconsciously, and said with emotion: “Gu Qiuyi is really great singing! This song is very moving!”
Then, she said to Ye Chen again: “Husband, Gu Qiuyi will come to Jinling for a concert in a while, will you accompany me to watch it?”
Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed when he heard this.
Gu Qiuyi did invite herself to see her concert, but if she goes with Xiao Churan, this thing always feels a bit wrong.
He sighed in his heart: “Although I have never thought about divorcing Churan and honoring the marriage contract that my parents made for me and the daughter, but I can’t bear to take Churan to watch the concert of the daughter, this is somewhat for the daughter. unfair……”
Just when Ye Chen hesitated, Xiao Churan couldn’t help but coquettishly said: “Husband, you should accompany me to see it once, is it okay? I beg you…”
After finishing speaking, he added: “I will go grab the ticket then, if I can’t get it, I will go to the scalper to buy it. You don’t have to worry about anything, it’s fine to pay someone else!
Ye Chen heard this and knew that Xiao Churan must be determined to go to Gu Qiuyi’s concert. Even if she didn’t agree, she would go.
Moreover, I have promised Gu Qiuyi to go to her concert, and I will definitely not break my promise by then.
In this way, I can only agree to it.
So he said to Xiao Churan: “My wife, don’t worry, I will accompany you when that happens.”
Then he said: “Oh, right, you don’t have to worry about getting the tickets anymore. I went to Ms. Gu’s house last time to see Feng Shui. Ms. Gu should be more or less able to save face, and I will ask her for it. The two front-row tickets should not be a problem.”
Xiao Churan asked in surprise: “Husband, are you telling the truth?! Can I really find Miss Gu to get the front row tickets? The front row tickets for Miss Gu’s concert are very popular, and they are generally not released at all. When selling, the price increased several times or even dozens of times. Once at a concert in Yenching, the first row of tickets was fired to 100,000, which is an order of magnitude as the Queen of Queens back then!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Miss Gu is still very angry, I believe it will definitely give this face.”
Xiao Churan said excitedly: “That’s great! Thank you husband for supporting my star-chasing career!”
Ye Chen couldn’t help sighing. At this moment, the phone received a WeChat message and Gu Qiuyi sent a text message: “Brother Ye Chen, did you watch my performance in front of the TV?”

Chapter: 2037
The Spring Festival Gala was broadcast live to 1.4 billion viewers across the country, so the Ye Chen family had just watched Gu Qiuyi’s show in front of the TV, and Gu Qiuyi had just finished the show and came backstage.
At this moment, she didn’t care about changing clothes, so she quickly sent Ye Chen a WeChat first.
What she cares most about is Ye Chen’s views on her performance.
Originally, the Spring Festival Gala director team hoped that she could sing her other famous song, a song about friendship.
Gu Qiuyi had already promised the director team to sing that song, but after meeting Ye Chen again, she had the idea of ​​changing the song.
So, she negotiated with the director team and expressed her wish to change the song.
At the beginning, the Spring Festival Gala director group was very reluctant.
This is mainly because the Spring Festival Gala performances have always been very meticulous and cautious, and such things as temporary song changes have almost never happened.
However, Gu Qiuyi has been working hard, and finally the program team saw that she really wanted to sing today’s song, so she had to compromise.
Gu Qiuyi chose to sing the song “First Love” today because he wanted to sing Ye Chen.
There is a lyric in this song, which she wrote specially for Ye Chen. The lyric is: From the first time I saw you, you have been deeply burned in my heart, I cross the sea of ​​people, I found you not far away just to tell you that in this life, I will never leave you again.
Ye Chen couldn’t feel the affection in Gu Qiuyi’s song.
But he can only pretend to be ignorant, and reply to Gu Qiuyi: “I watched your performance, it was great! I sang very well!”
Gu Qiuyi happily sent a message: “Brother Ye Chen, this song…is written for you…”
Ye Chen asked in surprise: “You wrote this song yourself?”
“Yes.” Gu Qiuyi said: “I am the songwriter, okay?”
Ye Chen replied with a thumbs-up expression, and exclaimed: “I really didn’t think that not only did you sing well, but you could write your own songs. It’s amazing!”
Gu Qiuyi sent a playful expression with a tongue out, saying: “I learned the piano from my mother when I was a child, and then I just hummed while playing the piano by myself. I slowly tried to write a few songs. After I published it, I felt that the response was not bad. Yes, so I wrote more one after another.”
Ye Chen praised sincerely: “It’s really awesome! Unparalleled!”
Gu Qiuyi was satisfied and said, “Brother Ye Chen, I wrote this song specifically for you a few years ago. I didn’t find you at that time, so the lyrics are another version. After I found you, I made some adjustments to the lyrics. , That’s why there is this edition.”
Ye Chen was moved in his heart and replied: “Thank you for your daughter, thank you for always remembering me, and thank you for doing so much for me for so many years.”
Gu Qiuyi sent a shy expression and said, “These are all things that should be done. Who made me your child bride since I was young…”
Ye Chen was speechless at once.
It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a child bride for marriage since she was a child.
At this time, Gu Qiuyi sent another message: “Brother Ye Chen, I won’t tell you for now. My parents are still at home waiting for me to go back to eat New Year’s Eve dinner, and then stay together for the New Year’s Eve. I have to go now.”
Ye Chen knows that it’s not easy for every actor to participate in the Spring Festival Gala. They all participate in the performance on New Year’s Eve. If they are local actors from Yanjing, they are relatively better. After the performance is over, they will immediately change their clothes when they step down. Hurry home to spend the holiday with my family.
Some foreign actors are more sentimental. In order to go to the Spring Festival Gala, they can only spend the festive season in a different place alone.

Chapter: 2038
Fortunately, Gu Qiuyi’s house is in Yanjing, and her performance time is very good. Now she rushed back. There is no New Year’s Eve, and she can stay with her family until 12 o’clock.
So Ye Chen replied: “Then you go back and accompany your uncles and aunts, and help me bring them to them. I wish they still have you, and Happy New Year!”
Gu Qiuyi also replied: “Thank you, Brother Ye Chen, and wish you a happy new year!”
Afterwards, Ye Chen put away the phone, and concentrated on watching the Spring Festival Gala with his wife Xiao Churan.
When it was almost twelve o’clock, Xiao Changkun said with emotion, “Hey, although firecrackers are banned now, although it is environmentally friendly, the Chinese New Year is indeed a bit less flavorful. What a pity…”
“Yeah.” Xiao Churan on the side could not help but sigh: “When I was young, I really liked the smell of fireworks exploded by firecrackers, and now I rarely see them.”
Ye Chen said: “Although firecrackers are not allowed to be set off in the urban area, the suburbs are still possible. Do you want to celebrate with firecrackers in the suburbs?”
Xiao Churan’s eyes brightened, then dimmed, and shook his head and said, “Forget it, everyone is spending the Spring Festival at home at this point. Where can I find firecrackers…”
Ye Chen thought for a while and sent a message to Chen Zekai and asked him: “Old Chen, do you have some fireworks in stock in Shangri-La?”
Chen Zekai replied immediately: “Some young masters, do you need?”
“Yes.” Ye Chen said: “My wife wants to go to the suburbs to shoot.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Then I will send it to you.”
“No need.” Ye Chen said: “Have a good time for your festival, don’t delay reunion with your family because of me.”
After that, Ye Chen asked him again: “Shangri-La is on duty tonight, right?”
“Some young masters.” Chen Zekai said: “Shangri-La is open 24 hours a day, and there are always people on duty.”
Ye Chen said: “Okay, then you say hello to the person on duty, I’ll drive over to pick it up.”
Chen Zekai was very moved by Ye Chen’s actions, and quickly said: “Master, or I will let the person on duty send it to you. Anyway, they are on duty with three times the salary.”
Ye Chen replied: “Forget it, for the New Year, I don’t want to toss others, it’s not appropriate, I drive by myself, this time will definitely not be traffic jam, it will be there in ten minutes.”
Chen Zekai had no choice but to say, “Okay, master, I’ll say hello to the people below, you can go and get it anytime.”
After confirming with Chen Zekai, Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan: “My wife, I will go out and come back soon.”
Xiao Churan hurriedly took his hand and said seriously: “Husband, don’t go out to toss, just watch TV at home. It doesn’t matter whether you set off fireworks or not.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said fondly: “Nothing, wait at home, and your husband will be back soon.”
After speaking, he got up and took Xiao Churan’s car keys and stepped out of the house.
Xiao Churan still wanted to stop him, but seeing that he was walking very fast, he had already left the door in the blink of an eye, so he sighed helplessly and told him: “You drive slowly, don’t worry!”
Ye Chen’s voice came from outside the door: “Good wife, I know!”
Seeing Ye Chen left, Ma Lan couldn’t help sighing: “Churan, Mom said to you, Ye Chen is really good for you…”
After speaking, Ma Lan said with emotion: “Before, Mom always felt that Ye Chen was unpromising and not worthy of you. You should find a rich young man to marry to be considered a good marriage… But Mom didn’t understand until now that the most important thing about marriage is the relationship foundation. Money is not so important. What’s important is that he has to treat you as a treasure so that you can live happily…”

Chapter: 2039
Ye Chen drove straight to Shangri-La, and Chen Zekai’s subordinates had already pushed a trolley and waited at the gate.
Seeing Ye Chen’s arrival, he hurriedly pushed the car forward and said respectfully: “Master Ye, Mr. Chen asked me to prepare some fireworks for you. Would you like me to help you get in the car?”
Ye Chen nodded, opened the trunk, and said, “Thanks for your hard work.”
The other party hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Master Ye, you are polite, this is what I should do.”
After all, he put several large boxes of fireworks into the trunk of the BMW car.
Ye Chen thanked him, and drove back. At the same time, he called Xiao Churan and asked her and her father-in-law to prepare, and then get in the car directly to find a place where you can set off fireworks and firecrackers to find the New Year atmosphere.
Xiao Churan was very happy, put on thick down jackets with his parents, and waited outside the gate of Tomson Yipin early.
As soon as Ye Chen’s car arrived, the family of three got in.
Xiao Churan asked Ye Chen: “Husband, where are we going to set off firecrackers?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “As long as you are not within the city limits, you can think about where to go.”
Xiao Changkun suggested at this time: “Or go to the riverside! The riverside scenery is good, after the fireworks rise, reflections on the river surface can be reflected, and it will be more artistic!”
Xiao Churan smiled and said, “Dad, this is a good idea! Then go to the riverside!”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “I know there is a nice place with a large river embankment!”
Ye Chen listened to his wife and father-in-law talking about the riverside, and suddenly thought of Song Wanting from the Song family.
Before, Song Wanting was passing by the Yangtze River when sending herself home, and she suggested that she should accompany him on a stroll along the river.
I didn’t think much about it, so I readily agreed.
What she didn’t expect was that after walking on the riverside and going back, Song Wanting sent herself to the gate of Tomson Yipin Villa, and then kissed herself in the car.
That scene still stays deep in Ye Chen’s memory. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel a little different kind of warmth.
Ye Chen, while thinking wildly, drove the car all the way to the Yangtze River under the command of Xiao Changkun.
What reminded him was that the tidal flat led by Lao Zhangren turned out to be the place where Song Wanting brought herself back.
Since it was New Year’s Eve at this time, there was no one around.
After Ye Chen parked the car. Carrying a few boxes of fireworks with Lao Zhangren, they came under the river embankment.
On a concrete-poured river embankment, Ye Chen placed the fireworks at certain intervals.
On the other side, Xiao Changkun could not restrain his impulse and set off two firecrackers.
The festive sound of firecrackers echoed along the river, and people immediately felt the feeling of the New Year.
When the firecrackers burned out, Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, “Churan, I am going to set off the fireworks!”
Xiao Churan immediately took out his mobile phone and said excitedly: “Husband, wait a moment, I will turn on the video first!”
“it is good!”
After taking Xiao Churan out of his mobile phone and turning on the camera function, Ye Chen lit the fuze of the fireworks.
Colorful fireworks rose into the sky and exploded on the surface of the river. The wide river surface reflected the wonderful colors of the fireworks bursting in the sky. Xiao Churan was already dancing with joy on the side.
After one group of fireworks burned out, Ye Chen immediately ignited the second group, followed by the third and fourth groups.
Until all the fireworks were burned out, Xiao Churan’s cheeks flushed with excitement!
She hasn’t had this kind of feeling for a long time, setting off fireworks and firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, so she is excited like a child at this time.
Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan are also very happy. This Lunar New Year is of great significance to this family of four.
And this New Year’s Eve, having lived so perfect, made them feel an unprecedented sense of happiness.
Twenty-four o’clock on New Year’s Eve.
It is also the zero point on the first day of the new year.
Ye Chen set off the last set of fireworks, and Xiao Changkun also lit the last set of firecrackers.
Xiao Churan put his hands on his mouth and shouted: “Husband, parents, happy new year!”

Chapter: 2040
Ma Lan leaned on crutches and shouted excitedly: “Happy New Year!”
Xiao Changkun looked up at the fireworks, and the brilliant brilliance was reflected on his face. The face was full of wrinkles and was full of happiness.
At this moment, Xiao Changkun inevitably thought of Han Meiqing in his heart.
This was also the first Spring Festival that Han Meiqing had after returning home after more than 20 years.
Xiao Changkun quietly took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Han Meiqing. The WeChat only had six words: “Meiqing, Happy New Year!”
Ye Chen’s mobile phone has been bombarded by WeChat push.
Many people sent him New Year greetings at this moment, and he had no energy to reply one by one, so he posted a text in the circle of friends: Happy New Year to all family and friends! ”
This night, thousands of houses in Jinling were lit up.
Ye Chen’s family of four even played on the riverside until one o’clock in the morning before drove back.
Most people are immersed in the unique sense of happiness in the New Year. Only the old lady Xiao’s family is still struggling with the starvation.
During the day today, Zhang Guifen didn’t know where to buy an old 21-inch color TV. This kind of broken TV, even if it is intact, can sell for dozens of dollars at most. Normal people almost don’t even bother to take a look. .
However, for the three Zhang Guifen and the others, this shabby old TV allowed them to watch the entire Spring Festival Gala intact and brought them great satisfaction and happiness.
While watching TV, they ate up all the New Year’s Eve dinner they had prepared, and finally left a bite of vegetable soup.
After eating in the living room, the three of them did not forget to carry the TV back to Zhang Guifen’s room.
In order to prevent Mrs. Xiao’s family from taking any advantage of them.
Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei had been thinking about the little rice in the incense burner, so they had been hungry and boiled until a little bit more before finally putting Zhang Guifen and the others to sleep.
After sleeping Zhang Guifen and the others, they began to prepare porridge.
The rice in the incense burner did not look very good because it had a lot of incense ash, but the old lady Xiao and Xiao Weiwei, who were so hungry that their chests stuck to their backs, could no longer take care of them.
Without a word, they brought the incense burner into the kitchen very neatly, then poured the rice out and washed it clean, and then immediately cooked the porridge with the rice.
The rice in the incense burner is almost over a jin, and it’s all boiled into a big pot of porridge.
Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei each drank a bowl when the rice porridge was just cooked.
Later, feeling that it was not enough to relieve hunger, so everyone drank another bowl.
Feeling that the taste was a bit weak, the two secretly put the salt and soy sauce bought by Zhang Guifen and the others into the rice porridge and stirred and drank.
Zhang Guifen tried every means to leave an obvious opportunity for Mrs. Xiao, but she did not think that she would miss the rice in her incense burner, as well as her own salt and soy sauce.
Early the next morning.
New Year’s Day.
Xiao Churan was a little tired because he went out to play around last night, and he still didn’t get up.
Ye Chen had already woke up and made himself a cup of tea in the living room downstairs.
In his free time, he brushed the circle of friends. In addition to the circle of friends congratulating Xinxi, he also saw a circle of friends released by Song Wanting.
“Leaving for Japan today, the period is estimated to be one week. During this period, please contact Mr. Song Honor for the relevant affairs of Jinling.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but be a little surprised, thinking that Song Wanting went to Japan on the first day of the new year.
At the same time, next door a04.
Zhang Guifen and the three woke up early. Although today is the first day of the new year, they still have to go to the supermarket to work and make money.
The first thing Zhang Guifen did when he got up early was to put a stick of incense on the portrait of Guanyin Bodhisattva, so that Guanyin Bodhisattva would bless him in the new year with peace and prosperity.
She lit the three sticks of incense, made a wish, kowtow, and when she stood up to insert the three sticks of incense into the incense burner, she suddenly found that she felt a bit wrong.
Originally, when the incense is inserted into the rice in the incense burner, there will be an obvious sense of damping.
But now, she couldn’t find any feeling.
When she took a closer look, she was immediately angry!
She screamed: “This dead old woman surnamed Xiao! Even dare to steal the rice from the old lady’s incense burner!?”

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