The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2121-2130

Chapter: 2121
Ye Chen looked at Watanabe Shinka with a look of excitement and eagerness. He lightly tapped his finger on the table twice, and said with a smile: “Mr. Watanabe, I, Ye Chen, never say anything with confidence. If I can’t cure you, Of course I won’t say it.”
Watanabe Shinka was so excited immediately, he blurted out: “Mr. Ye! If you can really cure me, no matter what the conditions are, I will agree!”
For Watanabe Shinka, although he is not as rich as Ito Takehiko, he is still one of the top richest people in Japan.
After having so much money, making money has long ceased to be his first motivation in life.
His first motivation is to enjoy life.
Ironically, when it comes to enjoying life, you lose the body to enjoy life.
For Watanabe Shinka, this kind of pain is an unbearable burden for Watanabe Shinka.
However, this kind of hidden illness often has nothing to do with more money or less money. No matter how rich he is, the place cannot be used or cannot be used, and Da Luo Jinxian can’t save him.
Ye Chen looked at Watanabe Shinka at this time, smiled indifferently, and pointed to Ito Takehiko: “Mr. Watanabe, for the face of Mr. Ito, and for the sake of your cooperation with Miss Song, I can cure your hidden illness. But I have another request…”
Watanabe Shinka was very excited: “If you have any requests, please mention it!”
Ye Chen snorted and said, “It’s the terms of cooperation between you and Miss Song. Make a little more concession.”
Watanabe Shinka nodded repeatedly, and couldn’t wait to say: “How to make concessions, you decide!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “In this way, both of you will contribute capital at a ratio of five to five, but the equity will be distributed at a ratio of six to four. That is to say, Miss Song’s Song Group has to own 60% of the equity in the joint venture. This, Do you have any questions?”
As soon as Ye Chen said this, Ito Yuihiko was blindfolded, and he thought to himself: “Ye Chen is too dark, right? Is this person always so dark? Every time he opens his mouth, he will invest five or five and four or six points. Shares, they ruined 10% of the shares…”
“Moreover, this is not a project of several hundred million yuan. For a steel company to invest at least 20 to 30 billion yuan, if you want to take 10% of the shares of others, the corresponding amount is to go to 2 to 3 billion yuan!”
However, Watanabe Shinka nodded and said without hesitation: “Mr. Ye, as long as you can heal me, I have no opinion on this condition of yours!”
In the past few years, Watanabe Shinka has exhausted all his patience and hope in the process of seeking medical advice everywhere.
Before he saw Ye Chen, he already had a very clear and certain understanding of this matter. That is, even if you let yourself take out 10% or even 20% of your personal assets, as long as you can find it again The meaning and pleasure of being a man, he agreed without hesitation.
After the money reaches a certain amount, it is just a number, and no amount of money has any practical significance.
However, his own male prowess is half the fun of a man’s entire life!
Give up 10% of the shares and reap the joy of life for the other half of a man. This transaction is really worth it.
Ye Chen nodded slightly, and said, “I have a medicine here. You can take it and it will take effect.”
After that, he looked at Ito Takehiko again, and said: “Mr. Ito also helped me and Ms. Song a lot this time. I said before that I will help you to regulate your body before leaving, so this time you and Mr. Watanabe Get treatment together.”
As soon as Ito Yuhiko heard this, his heart was immediately excited.
He thought to himself: “From the changes before and after his daughter Ito Nanako, you can see Ye Chen’s supernatural powers!”
“The injury that my daughter suffered at that time was helpless by all top doctors, but I didn’t expect Ye Chen to heal it!”
“Even my daughter’s injuries can be cured, so Ye Chen can treat me with this weak physique, and he can’t help it?”
Thinking of this, he hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, thank you so much!”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said: “Wait a moment, I will prepare medicine.”

Chapter: 2122
After that, he stood up and returned to the room arranged for him by the Ito family.
After returning to the room, Ye Chen took two clean glasses from the coffee table, and then poured half a glass of water into the glasses.
After pouring the water, he took another rejuvenation pill from his pocket.
He scraped off some powder from the Rejuvenating Pill, and the powder immediately melted after falling into the water.
Two cups of water, a total of one-tenth of a rejuvenating pill.
Ye Chen wasn’t stingy.
The main reason is that the conditions of the two people are different, and the demand for rejuvenating pills is not large.
The first is Ito Takehiko, who is weak, mainly because of the injuries and shocks he received when he was in the accident, and the damage to his vitality after the amputation operation.
In this case, a little rejuvenation pill is enough to replenish the blood he lost.
As for Watanabe Shinwa.
His main problem is that his energy is sluggish. Rejuvenation pills can naturally replenish the energy, but supplementation is like filling a tank of fuel for a car with no fuel. If he opens this tank of fuel, he will fall into An immobile situation.
Therefore, Ye Chen prepared to do both.
First use a little water added with Rejuvenating Pill powder to restore his essence, and then use a little aura to help him repair the loss of essence in his body, so that he can produce essence by himself like a normal man in the future. In this way, he will be able to restore his ability in that area.
For Ye Chen, Aura is the best scalpel. He can use Aura to get rid of the lesions in a person’s body, restore a person’s blood qi, vitality and essence, and repair the body’s damaged meridians.
On the contrary, he can also use spiritual energy to abolish a person’s blood, vitality, essence, and even meridians.
At the time, Xiao Yiqian, the chairman of Yanjing Qiancheng Group, after getting together with Xiao Weiwei, he pretended to be forced in front of Ye Chen. After Ye Chen sealed his spirit with aura, he lost his ability to be a man.
There is also a Japanese Sanda expert like Yamamoto Kazuki, after he had used the aura to destroy the meridians of his whole body after he talked about the sick man of East Asia.
Therefore, Ye Chen can now also use aura to repair Watanabe’s new and damaged essence.
When he came out with two glasses of water, both Ito Yuhiko and Watanabe Shinka were a little surprised.
Ye Chen came to the two of them and handed the water cups to them respectively: “Come on, two of you, drink the medicine.”
The two looked at each other for a while.
They didn’t expect that the medicine Ye Chen said was only two glasses of white water?
Seeing the two of them were surprised, Ye Chen smiled slightly: “You two will drink this glass of water, and you will naturally know that there is no effect.”
Ito Yuihiko nodded, picked up the cup, and said seriously: “Okay Mr. Ye, I will drink now!”
After all, drank all the white water in the cup.
Watanabe Shinka looked at Ito Yuhiko hesitantly, then at the water glass in front of him, hesitated again and again, and decided to hold the glass up and drink it with his head up.
After a few seconds, both of them felt a different kind of warmth suddenly poured into their bodies, and a different kind of warm current flowed from their abdomen throughout their bodies.
At this moment, the two of them were dumbfounded. Looking at each other, they could easily see the deep shock in each other’s eyes!

Chapter: 2123
When the two were shocked, Ye Chen looked at Watanabe Shinka with a smile on his face, and said with a slight smile: “Come on, Mr. Watanabe, stretch out your hand, and I will signal your pulse.”
Watanabe Shinka was nourished by the warmth in his body. He was immersed in it. Hearing Ye Chen’s words, he nodded hurriedly and said, “There is Mr. Lao Ye!”
After that, he stretched out his hand immediately.
Ye Chen put his fingers on Watanabe’s Xinhe Meridian, and a touch of aura penetrated into his meridian.
These few auras can already guarantee that he can continue to produce essence in the future, and then make him rejuvenate the male glory.
Watanabe Shinka couldn’t help thinking of his beloved wife in his mind at this time.
Thinking of the two gentle scenes, I felt a little change in my body!
This bit of change immediately evolved into a strong impulse, which made him overjoyed!
“This…this…is effective so soon?!”
Watanabe Shinka was shaking with excitement.
In order to make sure that the impulse was not fleeting, he hesitated for about two minutes, motionless, without saying a word, using all his attention, he felt his impulse!
In these two minutes, not only did his impulse disappear, but it became stronger!
At this moment, Watanabe Shinka’s excitement burst into tears!
He exclaimed from the bottom of his heart: “I have been looking forward to it for so many years, and I have been waiting for this day in my dreams, and today is finally realized!”
At this moment, he looked at Ye Chen and cried, “Ye…Mr. Ye, you are the living Hua Tuo!”
Ye Chen smiled calmly and asked him: “Mr. Watanabe, just ask you for 10% more shares for this curative effect, is that too much?”
Watanabe Shinkazuto stood up and blurted out, “Not too much! Not too much! You are my second-born parents!”
At the side, Ito Yuhiko, seeing Watanabe Shinwa’s pants put up a bag, hurriedly waved at him: “Oh, Shinwa, sit down, sit down! How well are you!”
Watanabe Shinka looked down, embarrassed and excited at the same time!
“Brother Ito…this…this is the symbol of male power! You don’t know, how long have I longed for this power again!!!”
Ito Yuhiko was stunned suddenly.
At this moment, he suddenly understood Watanabe Shinka’s excitement.
At this moment, he thought of his legs.
Although it hasn’t been long since I lost my legs, my desire to stand up again, and to have my legs again, is beyond everything.
If one day, I can grow legs and regain the state of a healthy person, then I am afraid that I will be ten times or even a hundred times more excited than Watanabe Shinka!
Thinking of this, he sighed in his heart: “Hey, in my life, I am afraid that it is impossible to have legs again. In the future, I don’t know that I will face decades of incomplete life… At this moment, I suddenly admire Watanabe! He has also experienced several years of crippled life, but he was healed by Mr. Ye. What about me? In this world, I have never heard that a severed limb can grow… ”
After sighing for a while, he finally realized that Ye Chen was not actually black.
He made up for Watanabe’s imperfect life, but only received his two or three billion yuan of shares.

Chapter: 2124
For ordinary people, two or three billion is indeed a sky-high price, but for Watanabe Shinka, it is only one percent, or two percent of all his assets.
Let anyone who has lost his male prowess spend 1% or 2% of his total assets to regain the coveted ability, I believe that there is no man in the world that will refuse.
Watanabe Shinka was also very excited at this time, and blurted out: “Mr. Ye, don’t know how long I can maintain this ability?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “It must be enough to maintain for twenty years. By that time, you are nearly seventy years old, and you can be considered old and healthy. If you maintain yourself properly, it may not be impossible to maintain it to your seventies.”
Watanabe Shinwa’s face flushed with excitement, her fists clenched, and her voice tremblingly said, “Twenty…twenty years?! This…I dare not even dream of this! Too! That’s great… it’s really great!”
Xiuhiko Ito said, “Shinwa, since Mr. Ye has helped you make up for your shortcomings, let Nanako bring Miss Song back. You can sign the contract first!”
“Yes, yes!” Watanabe Shinkazu said without hesitation: “Sign! Must sign!”
Ito Yuihiko nodded, took out his cell phone, called Nanako, and said, “Nanako, you and Miss Song will come back soon. We have dinner.”
“Good father!”
Not long after, Ito Nanako walked back with Song Wanting.
At this time, Song Wanting was still holding a small khaki milk dog in her arms.
The puppy was crawling around in her arms at this time, appearing to be very intimate with her.
Nanako Ito smiled and said: “Xiaoyou and Sister Wanting are very fond of each other and have been sticking to her, so Sister Wanting wants to bring it back to Jinling for feeding.”
Song Wanting fondly petted the little milk dog in her arms, and said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, Xiaoyou is a little girl. She seems to like me very much, and I like her very much, so I want to take it back to China. , Don’t know if it’s inconvenient?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “What’s inconvenient, we two big living people can smuggle back, not to mention a little milk dog, there is a lot of space on the boat, I am afraid that a hundred dogs can hold it.”
Ito Yuhiko also nodded again and again, and said with a smile: “The boat I prepared for the two is indeed very large, and dozens of people are more than enough.”
Song Wanting was overjoyed, and smiled softly: “Then I will take Xiaoyou back!”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Sister Wanting, I will ask someone to prepare some dog food for you. At night, you and Ye Chenjun can take it directly on the boat!”
Song Wanting nodded and thanked: “Thank you so much Nanako!”
Nanako Ito blinked and smiled, “Sister Wanting and I don’t be so polite!”
Song Wanting said: “Xiaoyou is leaving with me, would you miss it?”
Ito Nanako Yu Guang quietly glanced at Ye Chen’s face, and said with a smile: “If I want to see it, I will go to Jinling to see it, and I can also see my sister and Ye Chenjun!”
In fact, it was Ye Chen that Ito Nanako wanted to see most.
However, she knew very well in her heart that Ye Chen was a married man after all, and he traveled all the way to see what he said.
Therefore, when Song Wanting takes the puppy to Jinling, she can at least borrow the reason to see Ye Chen in Jinling.
Although this rhetoric is more or less trivial, at least it can be regarded as a famous teacher.
Song Wanting was also aware of it at this time, and she couldn’t help sighing: “Ito Nanako, such a tender little girl, was completely captured by Master Ye. I really don’t know how Master Ye will pay these peach blossom debts in the future!”
At this moment, she felt a little distressed for Ito Nanako, and also a little distressed for herself. Although the two had just met for a while, deep down in her heart, she felt a real pity for the same illness…

Chapter: 2125
At this time, Watanabe Shinka immediately said to Song Wanting with a flat face: “Ms. Song, Mr. Ye talked with me in depth just now, and I and Mr. Ye hit it off right away, so I decided to readjust our contract terms. .”
Song Wanting was a little surprised, and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Watanabe, how are you going to adjust?”
Watanabe Shinkazu said with a smile: “In this way, both of us will invest in a ratio of five to five, but in terms of equity allocation, your company holds 60% of the shares and our Nippon Steel holds 40%!”
Song Wanting was immediately stunned!
She wondered, what is the operation of Watanabe Shinka? !
Why did you give up 10% of the shares all at once?
The next moment, she immediately looked at Ye Chen and told her instinctively that it must have been during the time she left with Nainazi. Ye Chen had regained this condition with Watanabe Shinka for herself!
She was shocked in her heart: “What method did Master Ye use to get Watanabe Shinhe to make such a big concession?! In this way, Master Ye owes Watanabe Shinhe a favor to me?”
Thinking of this, Song Wanting felt a little panic.
She didn’t actually think about taking advantage of Nippon Steel.
In fact, she just wanted a 51% controlling stake.
Of course, the controlling rights are not in vain.
Not only will I invest in a 51% proportion, but also provide land and local relations to promote the rapid implementation of cooperative projects.
However, at the moment, Nippon Steel is obviously giving itself a huge bargain!
Just when she didn’t know what to do, Ye Chen said, “Wanting, since Mr. Watanabe is so sincere, let me tell you to sign the contract now. When we return to China, we will finish the domestic affairs. We can promote cooperation with Mr. Watanabe.”
Song Wanting heard this and hurriedly said: “Master Ye, this…is this…appropriate…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Nothing is inappropriate, Mr. Watanabe is full of sincerity, don’t you want to cooperate again?”
Song Wanting hurriedly waved her hand: “No, no, I didn’t mean that…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Then you can sign the contract steadily.”
Watanabe Shinka also hurriedly echoed: “Yes, Ms. Song, I am looking forward to cooperating with the Song Group. We signed the contract earlier to save nights and dreams! Good partners like Miss Song and the Song Group, I I’m really afraid that you will not cooperate with us and will cooperate with other people instead!”
Song Wanting was so shocked that she couldn’t add anything.
What Watanabe Shinka said was too much for himself and the Song Group.
To be honest, this is how the Song Group is rushing to cooperate with Nippon Steel, and Nippon Steel is the world’s top steel group, ranking first in Japan and top in the world. How could the Song Group turn to cooperate with others? .
However, Watanabe Shinka said that he had fallen in value and stubbornly praised Song Wanting. It can be said that his posture has been very low.
Ye Chen also said at this time: “Wanting, don’t rush, everyone is still waiting to eat, sign the contract quickly, let’s have dinner, and prepare after eating, and go to the dock to take a boat.”
When Song Wanting heard this, she didn’t hesitate any more, she glanced at Ye Chen gratefully, and then immediately said to Watanabe Shinwa, “Mr. Watanabe, let’s sign the contract now!”
Watanabe Shinkazu naturally agreed, “Good job, sign it quickly!”
Yuhiko Ito ordered his subordinates to prepare a portable printer, and then the two changed the data on the originally prepared contract on the computer, and then printed it out, signed each other, and exchanged each other.
Song Wanting is very excited, because with this contract, the Song Group will definitely make great progress in the future!
If you manage well, you may be able to become the new first family in Jiangnan in the future.

Chapter: 2126
Watanabe Shinkazu was even more excited.
It is more important to him to be a complete man again.
Moreover, getting acquainted with someone with great magical powers like Ye Chen, there must be more unimaginable benefits in the future.
Therefore, this business is even more valuable to him.
Takehiko Ito was equally excited.
After drinking Ye Chen’s glass of water, he obviously felt that his body became much stronger all at once.
I used to be a little weak, as if I fell down with one blow, but now the whole person feels that the body and energy are very abundant, and it can’t be better.
Except for the amputation of the legs, there is no way to recover, the other feelings are the same as before I was injured, and even vaguely stronger than then.
This is also of great benefit to him. After all, after the body’s vitality has been greatly recovered, he can prepare for rehabilitation training.
Rehabilitation training for the disabled and amputees is very physically demanding and cannot be carried out when the body is weak.
And if Takehiko Ito wants to wear a prosthesis, he needs to do a series of adaptive training in combination with the prosthesis, which requires more physical strength.
Originally, he had to cultivate for at least another six months before it was possible to start rehabilitation training and prosthetic adaptation training.
Now, Ye Chen helped him save at least half a year.
When Song Wanting and Shinka Watanabe signed the contract, Yuhiko Ito immediately started to cut the fish, and he personally opened the specially prepared 50-year-old whiskey.
The host and the guests enjoyed this meal.
Ito Yuhiko is happy, Watanabe Shinka is also happy, Song Wanting naturally goes without saying.
Ye Chen was also in a good mood. After all, a piggyback could help Song Wanting seek more benefits. This would provide her with a greater help to control the Song family in the future and strengthen her control of the Song family.
However, Nanako Ito felt a little lost.
After all, Ye Chen is leaving tonight, and when Ye Chen comes to Tokyo this time, he doesn’t even have much chance to get close to him.
Therefore, during a meal, Nanako Ito has been peeking at Ye Chen, with a deep sense of reluctance in her gentle eyes.
After dinner, in accordance with the rules of Japanese hospitality, all the wine and dishes are removed, and then they are served with the tea ceremony.
However, Watanabe Shinka clearly couldn’t sit still.
His body’s reaction has always been strong and vigorous, so that he was a little absent-minded and couldn’t wait to go home quickly, surprise his wife, and at the same time look for the happy feeling like a fairy.
Therefore, after the meal, he stood up impatiently and bowed to everyone: “Brother Ito, Mr. Ye, Miss Song, there are still problems in the next home, so let’s leave first! Thank you Brother Ito for his hospitality! Thank you Mr. Ye for your help! I am grateful!”
Yuhiko Ito naturally knew what he wanted to do in a hurry, so he nodded and smiled: “Okay, you can go back quickly!”
Ye Chen also smiled and said, “It’s late, Mr. Watanabe, go back to rest earlier.”
Shinka Watanabe hurriedly said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, I don’t know if I have this honor, can I exchange contact information with you?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, nodded and said, “Let Mr. Ito send you my mobile phone number then.”
Watanabe Shinka was overjoyed immediately. As long as Ye Chen is willing to exchange contact information with him, he can ask him for help if he encounters any problems in the future!

Chapter: 2127
At this moment, Tokyo Airport.
A military transport plane belonging to the Japanese Self-Defense Force landed at the airport.
This C2 military transport aircraft was developed and produced by Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries and has a full load capacity of more than 30 tons.
In the cabin of the transport plane, nearly a hundred Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers with live ammunition were escorting more than fifty top Su family masters, including Su Ruoli.
Their task is to transport these people, including Su Ruoli, to Tokyo safely and hand them over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
The Matsumoto family’s killing of the door will soon open in Tokyo. By then, everyone including Su Ruoli will participate in the trial as defendants.
The Japanese judicial department is preparing to conduct a public trial of Su Ruoli and others this time, and simultaneously broadcast live to the whole country and the world through TV and online channels.
The reason for such a huge momentum is mainly because the previous Matsumoto family’s killing of the door had a bad influence throughout Japan and even internationally, and it seriously affected the overall image of the Japanese judicial department.
The Japanese judiciary decided to save his face by severely punishing these murderers.
After landing, the plane taxied all the way to an open apron.
Hundreds of special forces from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department have been waiting here for a long time.
All of them were loaded with live ammunition, and they had a strong spirit, for fear of any changes in this matter.
Therefore, not only did they dispatch hundreds of elites this time, but also dispatched more than 30 wheeled armored vehicles.
These wheeled armored vehicles, which are usually used to deal with terrorists and criminals, are now all mobile prison vehicles for this group of people.
Su Ruoli was very nervous at this time.
She knew that her father Su Shoudao had already made arrangements to replace herself with a substitute after arriving in Tokyo.
Once he was successfully swapped out, his father’s person would immediately arrange for him to leave Japan and return home.
Su Ruoli believed very much in the ability of her father Su Shoudao and believed that she could definitely return to China alive, but deep down in her heart, she couldn’t help feeling guilty for the companions around her.
She thought to herself complicatedly: “This time, although I can run away, but these brothers don’t have such a chance…”
“In other words, what I have to do now is to betray all my comrades in arms, to forget their lives and deaths, and to escape alone!”
“If they knew, they would hate me very much, right?”
Thinking of this, Su Ruo couldn’t help feeling a moment of shame.
At this moment, the tailgate of the cabin was opened, and the armed self-defense team members began to ask them, these criminal suspects, to get off the plane in an orderly manner.
On the outside of the plane, the special forces of the Metropolitan Police Department are ready. Every time a suspect comes down, they will immediately send three members to guard it 3 on 1.
Not only are handcuffs and handcuffs indispensable, but they also cover their heads with a black cloth bag so that they cannot see their surroundings.
As the first offender, Su Ruoli was taken directly into the first wheeled armored vehicle.
Subsequently, the other suspects rode in a wheeled armored vehicle for each of them, and the entire convoy left the airport in a mighty manner, preparing to go to the most heavily guarded special prison of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
At this time, on the edge of a crossroad on the highway outside the airport.
Several people in black are using binoculars to observe the convoy coming from a distance.

Chapter: 2128
One of them was holding a remote control in his hand, while keeping an eye on the leader of the convoy and counting the time.
When the convoy was less than 50 meters away from the intersection, the man pressed the remote control, the original green light began to flash, and then quickly turned into a red light.
Since the airport is in operation 24 hours a day, the traffic volume at this intersection is relatively busy. For the fleet of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the traffic rules must also be observed.
Therefore, the first wheeled armored vehicle stopped directly at the frontmost position of the through lane.
The convoy behind, also slowly stopped.
The logic of the red light conversion is to take turns in four directions, one minute in each direction, so it takes a long time to wait for the next round of green lights, which is a full 180 seconds.
The special forces on the armored vehicles were all standing by for fear of any gaps in the escort.
Fortunately, there was nothing unusual about the vehicles going back and forth on both sides, and no one approached their convoy.
But who would have thought that at this moment, the special forces in the first wheeled armored vehicle immediately opened the emergency escape port under the vehicle.
This wheeled armored vehicle specially prepared for special forces has very good safety. In order to ensure that the special forces in the vehicle can escape from danger, or after the door is severely hit or exploded, they are specially placed on the bottom of the armored vehicle. , Installed an emergency exit opening from the inside to the outside.
This emergency escape port is like a tank door installed upside down on the bottom of a wheeled armored vehicle.
At this time, after the hatch was opened, a black sewer manhole was facing directly below.
Because it is settled in advance, the manhole cover and the hatch are almost completely vertical.
The hatch was just opened by the special forces in the car, and the sewer manhole cover was also removed at the same time.
Immediately afterwards, someone pushed up a woman with the same figure and clothes as Su Ruoli, and also wearing handcuffs and black cloth bags.
As soon as the woman was pushed up, several special forces team members immediately pulled her into the car, let her sit beside Su Ruoli, and then immediately raised Su Ruoli, followed the emergency exit and sent her Inside the sewer.
After the sewers connected Su Ruoli into the sewers, they immediately gestured an ok gesture to the special forces in the wheeled armored vehicle, and whispered: “The red light has thirty seconds left, close the hatch!”
The special combat team above nodded and said, “You guys should also cover the manhole cover? Okay, wait for our convoy to leave for one kilometer before taking Miss Su away!”
The person below said immediately: “Don’t worry, I know!”
After all, quickly replace the sewer manhole cover.
The emergency escape port of the armored vehicle was also closed at the same time, and everything worked in a tacit agreement, and it was seamless.
After a few seconds, the red light turned green, and the armored car in the first place drove out, and the cars behind followed it. No one knew that the important suspect in that car had already been dropped!
After the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s convoy had left about one kilometer, a black truck came from a distance.
When the truck came to the intersection, the traffic signal light just turned red again.
After the car stopped, someone in the box of the truck opened the secret entrance at the bottom and tapped the manhole cover directly below with a stick.
Immediately afterwards, the manhole cover was removed, and Su Ruoli, who was covering his head, was pulled into the truck again.
Afterwards, the manhole cover was tightly closed again, and the truck drove off with a kick, as if nothing had happened at the scene.
In the carriage of the truck, a Japanese woman unbuttoned Su Ruoli’s black headgear and looked at her and said: “Miss Su, I am entrusted by Mr. Su to save you from Japan! We will now go to Tokyo Port, where the ship is already waiting. It’s you!”

Chapter: 2129
Ito House in downtown Tokyo.
Ye Chen and Song Wanting are also ready to go.
This evening is a good opportunity for smuggling.
Because tonight, the Coast Guard patrol unit is going to overhaul the equipment.
Therefore, there will be a few hours of vacuum time at sea.
In addition, the Japanese Coast Guard is strict in terms of entry and exit. Most of their energy is doing everything possible to crack down on illegal immigrants smuggling into Japan or smuggling illegal goods into Japan.
I have little interest in smuggling people and objects out of Japan.
So in this way, it will be easier to leave Tokyo.
Ito Yuihiko prepared the team and planned to personally send Ye Chen and Song Wanting to the dock.
And Nanako Ito also had this idea.
Naturally, she felt unwilling to give up Ye Chen in her heart, but she knew very well in her heart that she would never be able to leave Ye Chen.
Therefore, she was very satisfied to be able to send Ye Chen to the dock.
So, after everyone was ready, Ye Chen and Song Wanting, accompanied by Ito Takehiko and Ito Nanako, took the bus to the pier.
In the car, Ito Yuihiko said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, Nippon Steel’s Hashimoto Jinxian has been brought to the dock by the ninja I sent.
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction: “Thank you, Mr. Ito.”
Ito Takehiko hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye doesn’t have to be so polite, it’s all I should do.”
After driving for forty minutes, the convoy arrived at the huge port of Tokyo.
The entire Port of Tokyo covers a large area, at least several kilometers along the coastline.
Most of the berths are exclusive berths for ultra-large oil tankers and container freighters. These berths are close to the operation area. Not only are there many workers working here, but they are also the worst-hit areas for smuggling, so customs inspections are very strict.
The berth Ito prepared for Ye Chen and Song Wanting was actually a relatively simple and small wharf.
This type of terminal can only dock ships under a few thousand tons, and the monitoring is relatively lax.
In fact, smuggling does not start from embarking, because Tokyo Port is still within Japan’s territory and territorial waters, so embarking from here is not illegal.
Boarding from here, as long as you don’t leave the country without authorization, don’t enter the high seas without authorization, it is all reasonable and legal.
At this time, several small and medium-sized yachts were docked at the pier, the largest of which was a luxury cruise ship prepared by Ito Takehiko for Ye Chen.
The convoy drove directly to the pier and stopped directly at the boarding gate of the yacht. Although Ito Yuhiko lost his legs, he was still supported on a wheelchair and sent off.
After Ye Chen and Song Wanting got off the bus, Ito Xiuhiko said: “Mr. Ye, the crew and the captain are my confidants, you can rest assured!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly: “There is Mr. Rauteng.”
Ito Yuhiko hurriedly said, “You don’t have to be so polite!”
Ye Chen looked at the time and said to the father and daughter Ito Xiuhiko, “It’s not early, we have to hurry up, so we won’t talk more with the two, we will have some time later!”
Yuhiko Ito hugged his fists and said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, there will be a period later!”
Nanako Ito said disheartenedly: “Ye Chen-kun, there will be a period later!”
Ye Chen looked at her and smiled slightly and said, “Nanako, please take care!”

Chapter: 2130
Nanako Ito nodded with red eyes, then looked at Song Wanting who was holding the puppy, choked up and said, “Sister Wanting, I wish you a good journey. If you have a chance, you must come to Tokyo to see me!”
Song Wanting also hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely! If you have time, you can also come to Jinling to see me and Xiaoyou!”
Nanako Ito took a bit of joy and said without hesitation: “Sister, don’t worry, I will go to see you after I finish this time!”
At this moment, a middle-aged man walked down from the boat and said respectfully to Takehiko Ito: “Sir, we are ready to set sail at any time.”
Yuhiko Ito asked, “Where is Hashimoto?”
The other party said: “Hashimoto was detained in the cabin for the first time, with all his limbs tied up. I sent a person to stare at him, and there will be no mistakes.”
Ito Nodded in satisfaction, and said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, you and Miss Song can board the ship!”
Ye Chen said: “You guys go back too, let’s go!”
Ito Yuihiko shook hands with Ye Chen, and Ito Nanako also hugged Song Wanting gently.
Later, Song Wanting came to Ito Takehiko again and said sincerely: “Mr. Ito, this time in Japan, thank you for your care!”
Ito Xiuhiko laughed and shook hands gently with Song Wanting, and said seriously: “Miss Song, don’t be polite with the Ito family at any time. You, like Mr. Ye, will always be a distinguished guest of the Ito family!”
Nanako Ito came to Ye Chen’s side at this time, blushing and embarrassed.
When she looked at Ye Chen, she gently opened her arms, wanting to see Ye Chen’s next reaction.
She wanted to hug Ye Chen and bid farewell, but she was worried that Ye Chen was unwilling, so she could only use this small gesture to test it.
Seeing Ye Chen smiled slightly and stretched out his hand towards him, Ito Nanako hurriedly stepped forward, rushed into his arms, held him tightly, and said nothing.
In fact, Ito Nanako had a lot of things to say to Ye Chen deep in her heart, but at this moment, in front of her father and Song Wanting, those things she wanted to say but couldn’t say.
The two embraced for a while, and with Ito Takehiko’s cough, Ito Nanako hurriedly withdrew from Ye Chen’s arms, and said to Ye Chen with all her face, “Ye Chen-jun, take care!”
Ye Chen nodded lightly, and finally said goodbye to the father and daughter, and walked into the boat with Song Wanting.
This cruise ship is very large, with three upper floors and three lower floors. On the uppermost deck, there is even a freshwater swimming pool, which is much more luxurious than the cruise ship that Mr. Song gave to Ye Chen.
After Ye Chen and Song Wanting got on the ship, they went directly to the top deck, stood in front of the guardrail on the deck, waved to Ito Takehiko and Ito Nanako on the dock below, and said loudly: “It’s too late, the sea breeze is getting colder and colder, two of you Go back quickly!”
Nanako Ito nodded gently and asked her servant to help her father into the car. She also sat in the car obediently, but she was anxious to let the driver drive, but wanted to wait for the boat to leave and watch Ye Chen leave before leaving. .
At this moment, a business car with a one-way black film drove from the entrance of the dock, passed the Ito family’s convoy, and continued to drive forward.
In this three-row business car, sitting in the middle row is a beautiful woman with a struggling and painful expression. This woman is Su Ruoli.
At this time, Su Ruoli was still ashamed of his own escape.
At the thought of more than fifty followers who followed him and they were about to face severe punishment under Japanese law, Su Ruoli was not only ashamed, but also hated.
What she hates is the man who cheated herself and so many of her men at Osaka Airport that day!
She still remembers the appearance of that man, if she had a chance, she would kill him by herself and avenge her brothers!
Just as she gritted her teeth, the driver said, “Miss Su, our ship is in front, we are ready to set sail!”
Su Ruoli wanted to take a look at the ship that was about to take him out of Japan, when Yu Guang suddenly caught a glimpse of a man standing on the deck of the cruise ship next to him!
At this moment, Su Ruoli’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his expression became extremely cruel!
She gritted her teeth and murmured: “It turned out to be him! It’s really a narrow road to the enemy!”

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