The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2151-2160

Chapter: 2151
The captain just wanted to survive at this moment, so he asked Ye Chen tremblingly: “Brother, if I listen to you, can you spare my life?”
Ye Chen nodded and promised: “As long as you cooperate obediently, I can spare you not to die. Even then, I can arrange a new identity for you and let you start a new life.”
As soon as the other party heard this, he immediately said with gratitude: “Brother, with your words, I will listen to you!”
Ye Chen said with satisfaction: “Okay, then you just say everything as I told you!”
Having said that, Ye Chen thought for a while, and said: “Since the old dog Su Chengfeng has set up an emergency plan, then you simply tell him that Su Ruoli was killed by his emergency plan.”
After that, he immediately whispered a few words in the ear of the other party.
After listening, the captain nodded, and immediately picked up his satellite phone, drew out the long antenna, and called Su Chengfeng, Su.
At this moment, Su Chengfeng is at Yanjing’s home, waiting for his feedback.
As soon as the phone was connected, Su Chengfeng immediately asked: “How is the situation now?”
Just now, after Su Ruoli was subdued by Ye Chen, the captain called to report the situation, so Grandpa Su is now very worried that things will change unexpectedly.
According to Ye Chen’s explanation, the captain said: “Master, Miss Ruo Li was pierced in the heart by Lao Xu’s crossbow bolt, and now she is dead…”
Su Chengfeng asked, “Are you sure Su Ruoli is dead?”
The captain hurriedly said: “OK! We have all seen with our own eyes, if Miss Li was hit by a crossbow, she died in a few seconds.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly asked again: “What about her corpse? Is it still in that man’s hands?”
The captain replied: “The body has been thrown into the sea by that man. We were worried that he would come to chase us, so we evacuated first…”
“Evacuation?!” Su Chengfeng roared angrily: “You are so brave! How come you evacuated without getting Su Ruoli’s body? Who told you to evacuate? The Japanese are still waiting, you let me How to explain to the Japanese?!”
The captain said embarrassingly: “Master, that man is too strong. We are not his opponent at all. If we don’t leave as soon as possible, he will definitely kill us all…”
Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and cursed: “I don’t care about those, you can find it for me now! Even if you dive to the bottom of the sea, you must find Su Ruoli’s body. If the Japanese can’t get Su Ruoli’s body, I will only be you. It’s asking!”
The captain hurriedly said: “Master, if Miss Li is dead anyway, what use does the Japanese want her body?”
Su Chengfeng roared angrily: “I have already concluded a deal with the people of the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department. What I did tonight was not to help Su Ruo escape, but to behave for some people! Whether Su Ruoli was dead or not. It’s alive, the Japanese must take her back and give them an explanation to their citizens!”
With that said, Su Chengfeng said again: “You must find Su Ruoli’s body, and then go to the predetermined location to hand it to the Japanese! If you break my good deeds, I’ll fucking kill you!”
When Su Ruoli heard this, his whole body was already struck by lightning!
Not only was his face extremely pale, but the tears were also completely connected.
She even dreamed of thinking that her own grandfather would want her own life!
If it wasn’t for the man in front of me, I’m afraid I would have been killed by the poisoned crossbow bolt!

Chapter: 2152
At this time, the captain hurriedly said: “Master, I will set out now, and I must find the body and send it to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces!”
Su Chengfeng said, “If you can’t figure this out, you don’t have to come back!”
“Good lord!”
The captain agreed, then hung up, looked at Ye Chen, pleadingly said: “Sir, if Su Chengfeng knows that I lied to him, he will definitely break my body…”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Don’t worry, since you have done things according to my instructions, then I will naturally honor my promise!”
Having said that, Ye Chen said again: “You guys will come to Jinling with me tonight. After you arrive in Jinling, I will settle you in an absolutely safe place. Then you will live incognito for a while, and wait for me to take Su After your home is settled, you can restore your free identity and live a free life with integrity!”
When the captain heard this, he knelt down in ecstasy immediately, kowtow to Ye Chen, and said excitedly: “Sir, then we brothers, everything will depend on you in the future!”
Several other people also knelt down.
Ye Chen’s willingness to spare their lives made them extremely grateful and very grateful. In this case, naturally everything followed Ye Chen’s instructions and arrangements.
Ye Chen looked at Su Ruoli at this time and said indifferently: “How about a little beauty? I was wrong, right? Su Chengfeng, an old thing, is not ready to save you back to China at all. Everything is just acting for you. That’s it.”
Su Ruoli’s eyes are red and swollen, and she has already lost the stubbornness just now. Her face is ashen, but she asks with some doubts: “But I still don’t want to understand one thing, why does he want to act for me? Anyway, he is not ready to save me…Whether I am dead at sea or captured by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, I cannot leave Japan alive. Why is it necessary for him to show me such a deliberate act?”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “Since it is acting in a play, then there is definitely not one person in the audience. Besides you, there may be other audiences who also need to see this drama, such as your maiden family. ”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen said calmly: “Although I don’t know the identity of your maiden family, but I want to come, since you are Su Shoudao’s illegitimate daughter, then your maiden family should be a little capable!”
“If the Su family does not save you, your maiden family will definitely feel chilly; but if the Su family goes to war to save you, but eventually won’t save you alive, your maiden family will be very sad. , But at least I will be grateful to the Su family for their hard work!”
“You have also played for the Su family for a period of time. What is meant by acting on the spot and false feelings, you should be very clear in your heart?”
Su Ruoli understood it almost instantly!
Ye Chen’s words woke her up all at once.
She thought to herself at this moment: “Although the Su family is the strongest family in the country, they have always relied on the He family for combat effectiveness!”
“After all, the He family is one of the four major martial arts families in China. Because of the relationship between the mother and father and the illegitimate daughter of me, the relationship between the He family and the Su family is very close!”
“Almost all the masters of the He family are serving the Su family!”
“So, when Su Chengfeng did this scene, he must want to show the He family a look, let the He family know that the Su family did their best to save me!”
“In this way, it will definitely be able to greatly win the favor of the He family, and make the He family more devoted to the Su family!”
Just when she wanted to understand the reason for this, Ye Chen smiled and said: “Little beauty, I don’t know if you have ever heard of a very interesting story.”
Su Ruoli blurted out and asked, “What story?”

Chapter: 2153
Seeing Su Ruoli’s face full of curiosity, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “This story tells that there is a rich second generation who wants to pursue a big beauty, but this rich second generation is rather picky and doesn’t want to do it for this beauty. Spending too much money, so he pretended to tell this beauty that he wanted to buy her a Ferrari…”
“Then this rich second generation bought the Ferrari sales and let the Ferrari sales accompany him in a scene.”
“When he took the beauty to see the car, the salesman told them that there are no existing cars, so they can only book first, and then this rich second-generation will pretend to be in front of the beauty. I got a million deposit and got a contract to book a car.”
“The beauty thought that the Ferrari bought for herself by the rich second generation was already certain, so she climbed into the bed of the rich second generation that night and was succeeded by the rich second generation.”
“After the rich second generation succeeded, they immediately went to the Ferrari salesperson, returned the one million deposit, and then gave the sales 20,000 yuan a bonus.”
“And that beauty didn’t know it. She didn’t know that the contract signed by Fu Erdai was not a formal contract signed with the 4s shop at all, but a fake contract signed with that salesperson. Fu Erdai didn’t give her at all Ferrari, he tried his best to do this scene, just to trick her into sleeping.”
“The price of a Ferrari is often more than four or five million yuan, but this rich second generation actually only spent twenty thousand yuan from start to finish, and successfully slept with this beauty. Twenty thousand compared to five million. Not one part!”
Su Ruoli blurted out and asked, “You…what do you mean by telling me this story?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and sighed helplessly: “You, you really look beautiful, but this brain is really stupid!”
Su Ruo was a little angry in his centrifugation, but facing Ye Chen, he dared not show it.
So she could only ask Ye Chen like a gas bag, “Then can’t you make it clear?”
Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “In fact, this story of the rich second generation pretending to buy a car is the same as the Su family pretending to save you!”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “Look, if the Su family really wants to buy the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and save you alive, it is not impossible, but the price may be very high!”
“After all, the impact of this matter is extremely significant, everyone must weigh the weight of it, unless the money is particularly large, otherwise no one dares to take the risk.”
“I guess, if you really want to save you alive, for a billion dollars, it is impossible to get through the multi-layered relationship between the Japanese judicial department, the customs department, and the Self-Defense Force!”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen turned around and smiled: “But! What if you just pretend to save you, but actually don’t let you leave Japan alive? It’s definitely not going to cost you so much, so I guess I will buy a car. Like that story, the actual cost is less than one percent of the expected cost!”
Su Ruoli heard this, and deep down in her heart, she immediately felt extremely shocked, and all three views of her whole person collapsed completely at this moment.
Although she didn’t want to believe that everything Ye Chen said was true, she was not a fool either.
Su Chengfeng intends to kill himself, he himself has indirectly admitted on the phone, this matter is completely fixed.
Therefore, the story Ye Chen told, and his speculation about the Su Family, can be said to hit the nail on the head.
In her opinion, this story and speculation also perfectly fit the overall context of this matter.
At this moment, her whole heart was ashamed. There were too many tears just now, so at this moment, she even had no tears.
Seeing that she had basically given up her mind, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Don’t stay here for long. We must leave Japan as soon as possible while the Japanese Self-Defense Force is still recovering.”
After speaking, he called out the crew of his ship, pointed to the captain and crew of the Su family boat, and ordered: “You guys, take them to the bottom cabin and clean the deck. a bit.”

Chapter: 2154
Ito’s crew hurriedly followed suit.
At this time, Song Wanting also walked onto the deck and asked Ye Chen in surprise: “Master Ye, are these people coming for me?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “No, they are here for me.”
Song Wanting was even more surprised when she saw Su Ruoli with a crossbow arrow stuck in her leg and she was motionless. She hurriedly asked him: “Master Ye, this woman is…”
Ye Chen looked at Su Ruoli and smiled slightly: “This little beauty, who was an enemy before, shouldn’t be counted anymore now.”
After speaking, he raised his eyebrows at Su Ruoli again, and asked with a smile, “Little beauty, am I right?”
Su Ruoli felt embarrassed.
Although she had seen the true face of the Su family, and although Ye Chen did save her life, she still couldn’t give Ye Chen a good impression.
After all, it was Ye Chen who reported her and her companions to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.
Among her companions, many of them are from the He family, and many are even her brothers and cousins.
However, although she had a good impression of Ye Chen, her hatred for Ye Chen also disappeared a lot as the whole matter became clear.
Therefore, she didn’t know how to answer Ye Chen’s question for a while, and could only stubbornly turned her face to one side.
Seeing her resentful appearance, Ye Chen couldn’t help but chuckle a few times, and said: “Little beauty, the Su family doesn’t know you are still alive, let alone you are in my hands, so you will listen next. My order, like everyone else, come back to Jinling with me first.”
Su Ruoli subconsciously said, “I won’t go back to Jinling with you!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “You are on my boat and don’t want to follow me. Are you going to get off the boat now?”
Su Ruoli was immediately embarrassed.
She thought sadly in her heart: “I have nowhere to go right now. If I don’t follow this guy, I can only wait for the Japanese to catch me here… In the eyes of the Japanese, I am heinous. Criminals, once I fall into their hands, there will be no escape…”
“Moreover, I can’t go back to China by myself…”
“Let’s not talk about the vast sea, I can’t go back at all. Even if I go back, I’m afraid it’s hard to escape the claws of the Su Family…”
“Just now, when the captain called Su Chengfeng, he clearly told him that I was dead. If I went back alive and the Su family knew about it, the Su family would immediately realize that the captain lied to them…”
“They will also realize that their vicious scheme has been completely exposed!”
“At that time, they will definitely do everything possible to kill me…”
“Now, my only chance is to follow this man back to Jinling…”
“He is so strong, he must have a way to bring me back quietly, and he must be able to hide from the Su family…”

Chapter: 2155
At this moment, Su Ruoli wanted to survive first, and then find out the truth of the whole thing.
At this moment, although she was full of hatred for the Su family, she still had the last hint of fantasy.
She felt that if this matter was planned by her grandfather Su Chengfeng alone, and her father Su Shoudao was not involved, and even kept in the dark, then she would be more relieved in her heart.
But if grandfather Su Chengfeng and father Su Shoudao participated in this matter, then he and the Su family would be completely cut off!
At this point, Su Ruoli looked at Ye Chen and pleaded in a low voice: “I can go to Jinling with you, but can you let me call my mother? I have to let her know that I’m still alive… .. Otherwise she will be very worried…”
Ye Chen blurted out without hesitation: “No!”
Su Ruoli thought that she begged Ye Chen so hard that she only hoped to report peace to her mother, but she refused Ye Chen altogether.
She couldn’t help but asked a little annoyed: “Why not? Even if the entire Su family wants me to die, my mother will definitely not participate in it…”
Ye Chen said coldly: “You have to know that a mother, her daughter is really dead, and her daughter is not dead, her response to outsiders is completely different!”
“If your mother doesn’t know that you are still alive, then she will definitely show a very natural sadness, and the Su family will never find any clues;”
“But if you tell your mother the situation now, and your mother knows that you are dead, she must have a hard time pretending to have truly lost her daughter. If that’s the case, it’s easy for the Su family to find a flaw!”
As he said, Ye Chen sneered and said: “After all, your surname Su is very good at everything. You led people to destroy the Matsumoto family. Su Chengfeng asked you to kill you in Japan. Who knows if he will Are you looking for trouble with your mother and want to cut the roots?”
As soon as Su Ruoli heard this, he was immediately ashamed.
She was indeed brainwashed before, thinking that the interests of the Su family were above all else and that the interests of the Su family should not be desecrated.
Therefore, she has always been very ruthless in dealing with the enemies of the Su family.
However, the last time the Matsumoto family was destroyed, it was not Su Ruoli’s meaning, but Su Shoudao’s meaning.
The Matsumoto family nearly killed the children of Su Shoudao, which made Su Shoudao extremely angry at the time, so he ordered Su Ruoli to lead the people to transcribe the Matsumoto family.
Now, when I think that the Su family is also unrelenting to himself, Su Ruoli is also very ashamed and regretful in addition to anger.
I had known that the Su family was such a group of people, and would not give up their lives for them without saying anything.
At this moment, she really realized that not only was she too one-sided in thinking about the problem, but also too one-sided and simple about the Su family.
She couldn’t help but blame herself in her heart: “Su Ruoli, Su Ruoli, you are so stupid! For so many years, except for killing people, you know almost nothing and know nothing, even you almost dragged your mother into the water. ……”
“This man is right. If she lets her mother know all this, she will most likely go to the Su family immediately. Even if she can hold it back, once the Su family finds her, she will find it hard not to be noticed by the other party. , It will put my mother in danger…”
Thinking of this, she immediately looked at Ye Chen, nodded obediently, and said angrily: “Then…then okay…I…I listen. your……”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and said: “I will ask you to take you to the cabin to rest first. The blood from your wound has stopped. Later I will help you pull out the crossbow arrow, and then help you remove the toxins in your body. .”
Su Ruoli nodded lightly, hesitated again and again, then bit her lower lip and whispered, “Thank you…”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and said to the captain of his own ship: “You follow me to the next ship, set it in the opposite direction and let it go at full speed, so that it can divert the attention of others.”

Chapter: 2156
The captain nodded quickly.
At this time, the six people thrown into the sea by Ye Chen had all drowned.
The bodies of several of them have begun to sink to the bottom of the sea.
Ye Chen took the captain to the opposite cruise ship. After the captain set the course, Ye Chen asked him to return to the ship first.
After that, he drove the power of the ship’s engine to its maximum, and the ship rushed out immediately.
Song Wanting saw the ship driving away on the next deck, and shouted with some worry: “Master Ye…”
As soon as the voice fell, I saw a figure on the ship jumped up and jumped into the water with a perfect parabola.
After that, she saw Ye Chen poking his head out of the water lightly and swimming back to the boat without hesitation.
Song Wanting was worried about Ye Chen and quickly took a bath towel. The moment Ye Chen got on the boat, she immediately handed the bath towel to him, and said with concern: “Master Ye, quickly wipe the water on your body, and then go to the cabin to soak in heat. Take a shower to avoid catching a cold…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “It doesn’t matter, just change to clean clothes later.”
As he said, he told the captain on the side: “Let’s set sail now and enter the high seas as soon as possible.”
“Okay Mr. Ye!” The captain nodded immediately and said: “You go and change your clothes first, we will set sail!”
Ye Chen returned to the cabin and changed into a clean single. The crew helped him put the clothes soaked in sea water into the washing machine integrated with washing and drying. In this way, he could be washed and dried in a few hours.
At this time, Su Ruoli was arranged in a big bed room on the first floor.
Because Ye Chen had sealed her meridians before, she could only sit on the sofa and couldn’t move at this time.
Ye Chen knocked on the door politely, then pushed the door in, looked at Su Ruoli and asked, “How do you feel?”
Su Ruoli said awkwardly: “I…I’m okay…”
After finishing talking, she asked very puzzled: “Can you tell me how you did it?”
Ye Chen frowned and asked, “How did you do it?”
Su Ruoli asked: “How did you do it to instantly remove the toxins in my body? And it can also help me stop bleeding. What I cannot understand is that my body’s ability to move seems to have been greatly affected. limit……”
Ye Chen said lightly: “Since you are a martial artist, you should have an understanding of internal power?”
Su Ruoli nodded and said seriously: “I know internal strength, but this seems to be completely beyond the scope of internal strength, right?”
“The martial arts people work hard to train their internal strength to enhance their physical fitness and strength. This strength can only run in their own body, but your internal strength seems to be able to run in my body… .This…this is also amazing…”
Ye Chen snorted and said with an arrogant expression: “My internal strength is completely different from your internal strength. The ancients said, how can the light of fireflies compete with the sun and the moon? If my inner strength is the sun and the moon, Then your inner strength is nothing but fireflies!”

Chapter: 2157
Chinese martial arts have emphasized the accumulation, operation and use of internal forces in the body since ancient times. The so-called Qi meridians, Qi Shen Dantian, Da Zhou Tian and Xiao Zhou Tian are all based on this theory.
The overall logic of Reiki is similar to the internal force. The most obvious difference is that in addition to its own accumulation, operation and use, Reiki also has an ability that can be released externally.
No matter how strong the internal strength is, it can only rely on one’s own body. A good internal master can kill a heavy bull with one punch, or even an elephant with one punch.
But even so, he couldn’t achieve the ability to kill a mouse in the air.
The reason is that the internal force cannot be released outside.
After all, internal force is actually an entry-level low-end version of Reiki.
And the spiritual energy is a thousand miles higher than the internal force.
The difference between the two is like the difference between primates and humans.
Although the DNA of primates and humans has almost 99% similarity, the gap between the two is still a difference between heaven and earth.
No matter how smart a chimpanzee is, it cannot become a human being.
Between the two, there is an insurmountable gap.
Among Chinese martial arts practitioners, there are at least tens of thousands of people who can master internal Qi.
However, among these tens of thousands of people, almost none of them can train their internal qi into aura.
If Ye Chen hadn’t had the help of the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures” and the earlier piece of spiritual stone, even if he took a lot of Rejuvenating Pill, it would not be possible to form aura in his body.
This is a real great opportunity, an opportunity that ordinary people cannot get in a few lifetimes.
Ye Chen naturally couldn’t tell Su Ruoli the actual situation, but the light of the fireflies and the brilliance of the sun and moon had already shocked Su Ruoli deep in his heart.
She murmured in her heart: “It turns out that his internal strength has reached a higher level… No wonder his strength is so perverted, and he can easily save my life, which is better than The martial art I know is so powerful…”
Ye Chen said calmly at this time: “Although the toxins in your body have been removed, your wound is still open. I will help you pull out the crossbow arrow, and then help you clean up the wound.”
Su Ruoli looked at the wound on her leg. The crossbow arrow almost penetrated the entire thigh from the base of the thigh. She couldn’t help but secretly said in shame, “I am still wearing black tights, but if he wants him to help me deal with the wound, He must take off or tear my pants off…”
“But… but this part is indeed a bit too private…”
Seeing that Su Ruoli was more or less embarrassed, Ye Chen’s first thought was: “Otherwise, just let her handle it. She is a professionally trained killer who must be very good at dealing with such small wounds. .”
However, another thought popped into his mind: “This woman’s character is as strong as an untamed wild horse, and her methods are vicious and cruel. For such a woman, I want her to be honest from tonight. , To be submissive, you must first completely wipe out her self-esteem!”
Thinking of this, Ye Chen said with a cold expression: “Come, I will help you sit on a single recliner, you lie on it, and I will help you deal with the wound!”
Su Ruoli vaguely said: “Um…I’ll do it myself…please give me a pair of pliers, and some debridement potion and gauze for dressing. it is good……”
Ye Chen said blankly, “It’s not impossible for you to deal with it yourself, but the legs are rich in blood vessels. When the crossbow arrow is taken out, the wound will bleed heavily. If the wound has injured the artery, once you rush the crossbow arrow If you come out and the wound opens, it will be life-threatening, and if you hurt your nerves, you may be disabled in the future.”

Chapter: 2158
Su Ruoli knew very well that there was indeed no problem dealing with ordinary wounds by himself, but if it really hurts the arteries, it would be really difficult to get started.
Moreover, if you hurt your nerves, it will indeed leave certain sequelae. Once there are sequelae, your strength will definitely be affected.
Thinking of this, Su Ruoli’s heart suddenly hesitated, not knowing whether to let Ye Chen help.
After all, Ye Chen is a master whose strength is far surpassing him. If he handles his injuries, it must be much more reliable than handling his own injuries.
Seeing her struggling expression, Ye Chen said categorically: “Okay, don’t rush, life is more important than anything else, and I believe you don’t want your legs to be disabled. Otherwise, a little beauty would walk on a slope. , That’s too ugly.”
After that, he has stretched out his hand to Su Ruoli, and said without a doubt: “Come on, I will help you to the recliner!”
Seeing Ye Chen’s uncompromising posture, Su Ruoli suddenly felt a little embarrassed deep in his heart, and said in a low voice, “I can do it myself.”
After that, she wanted to support herself with both hands, but after a few tries, she found that her arms simply couldn’t help her.
Seeing that she had nothing to do, Ye Chen said calmly: “Don’t bother, your meridians have been temporarily sealed by me, and your body can’t use strength.”
Su Ruo was a little shocked, so she handed her hand to Ye Chen obediently, and said in a low voice, “Then I will trouble you…”
Ye Chen stretched out his hand to hold her soft and cold little hand, and then directly supported her up.
It was the first time that Su Ruoli was held in this way by a man, and her heart beat like a drum.
She grew up with her mother and has always practiced martial arts hard. Not to mention falling in love, she even has no chance to get along with boys.
Suddenly he was holding his hand so intimately by the man, and he panicked unconsciously.
Ye Chen helped her onto the recliner and asked her to lie on it gently, then locked the swing function of the recliner, and said to her: “I will cut off your trouser legs first.”
As soon as Su Ruoli heard this, her face flushed with shame, and she asked herself desperately: “Do you really want to cut your pants? In that case, wouldn’t the entire thigh be exposed to him?”
Just when Su Ruoli was still unable to accept Ye Chen’s decision for a while, Ye Chen had already picked up a pair of scissors, followed the position where the crossbow arrow was shot, upwards a few centimeters, and cut Su Ruoli’s entire trouser leg. Down.
Su Ruoli only felt a sudden cold in her right leg, and when she looked down, her slender legs were completely exposed to the air, and she immediately covered her face shyly.
Ye Chen didn’t even think that Su Ruoli’s legs would be so beautiful, even far surpassing all the women he knew.
This may have a lot to do with Su Ruoli’s martial arts training since childhood.
Her legs are not only slender, but also very straight, and even have faint muscle lines. Compared with those supermodels, they are not much better, or even better. They are definitely the best legs in a million.
Seeing Ye Chen staring at her leg motionless, Su Ruoli felt embarrassed in her heart. She felt that although this man was very strong, he seemed to be similar to those squint men. What is the difference.
So she asked a little bit angrily: “What are you looking at?”
Ye Chen raised his head, smiled indifferently, and said calmly: “I’m looking at your legs, your legs are very beautiful.”

Chapter: 2159
Su Ruoli thought that Ye Chen had admitted to seeing his legs so generously.
He was so open and natural, and Su Ruoli’s angry mood suddenly seemed a bit at a loss.
Su Ruoli, who had originally accused Ye Chen a little bit, suddenly didn’t know what to do.
Moreover, the bit of anger in his heart disappeared with his generous confession.
So, she could only give Ye Chen a shy look, then turned her face away, and whispered with a bit of shame: “If you see enough, please help me treat… ”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “Okay, let’s start treatment now.”
Su Ruoli asked subconsciously: “Is it enough to watch so soon?”
After finishing speaking, I realized that I didn’t seem to be right, so I asked for help in embarrassment: “Uh, no…I didn’t mean that…I mean, if you really see enough, Let’s start…”
When she said this, she was somewhat disappointed.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said without shame: “The doctor is kind, although your legs are really good-looking, I still have to help you deal with the wound quickly.”
After speaking, he held Su Ruoli’s thigh with one hand, and took a pair of pliers with the other hand, and said: “The crossbow arrow has barbs. I can only cut it from the tail and pull it away from both sides. It may hurt a bit, you have to bear with it.”
Su Ruoli nodded gently: “Come on, I can bear it.”
Ye Chen snorted, carefully cut the crossbow arrow with pliers, then grabbed the crossbow arrow arrow, and said: “In this way, I count 123, and then take it out. You are mentally prepared.”
Su Ruoli hurriedly said: “Okay!”
Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “Come on, let’s start, one or two…”
Just after the word was finished, Su Ruoli felt a sharp pain in her leg, and the pain caused her to shout immediately: “Oh, it hurts… Didn’t you say to count to three? How to count to two Just pull it out?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I am a person who likes to be surprised. If you really lose three times, what if you can’t control it and suddenly retract your leg?”
Su Ruoli had tears in her painful eyes, and said grotesquely: “Then you can’t be so unexpected, I’m almost so painful, I don’t have any preparation…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “How can you say that you are also a tried-and-tested killer, why can’t you stand this pain?”
Su Ruoli said aggrieved: “It was really painful just now. I was injured by this cold weapon. The pain is much more serious than being shot by a bullet…”
Ye Chen smiled faintly: “The pain is just that. Now it’s nothing. I will debride and sterilize your wound, put some anti-infection medicine on it, and then wrap the wound, and it’s basically done. ”
Su Ruoli could only nod her head and asked, “Would you not use alcohol to sterilize me? That will hurt even more…”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “Alcohol is not suitable for wound sterilization. I’ll use some iodophor for you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt as much as alcohol.”
Su Ruoli breathed a sigh of relief, and then saw that Ye Chen brought a bottle full of iodophor, then used metal tweezers to add a clean cotton ball, and then dipped the cotton ball with iodophor and applied it evenly. Above his wounds.
Iodophor is a drug that is very suitable for debridement and sterilization of wounds, and the pain is indeed much less than that of alcohol.

Chapter: 2160
Seeing Ye Chen holding the tweezers and carefully helping himself with the wound, Su Ruoli’s heart felt a little more fond of this strange man who had made him extremely angry.
She looked at Ye Chen and asked in a curious voice: “Hey…I don’t know what your name is yet!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Does my name matter to you?”
Su Ruoli pretended to be annoyed and said: “The last time you cheated me, I still didn’t settle accounts with you! So you are of course very important to me!”
Ye Chen nodded, and said, “Hey…I cheated you because you were a bit too much to kill the Matsumoto family at that time. You are also Chinese, so naturally you know the Chinese ancestors. Don’t you still understand the reason that your behavior is not harmful to your family?”
Su Ruoli looked a little ashamed and said: “Although I did the things, I also acted on orders. The owner of the family clearly requested that the Matsumoto family pay the most painful price, so I followed his instructions and led people to The Matsumoto family has been wiped out.”
Ye Chen asked her, “The Patriarch you are talking about is Su Shoudao or Su Chengfeng?”
Su Ruoli whispered: “It’s Su Shoudao…”
Ye Chen sneered, with a bit of disdain, and a bit of self-deprecating: “Su Shoudao, this old bastard, luck is so good, I accidentally saved his son and his son by chance. The daughter, Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, the two heirs of the Su family, didn’t expect to save his illegitimate daughter today, I was fucking drunk too!”
Su Ruoli exclaimed: “What did you say? You saved Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu?!”
Ye Chen nodded, and said uncomfortably: “It’s wrong, I really saved the two of them. I didn’t know that they were sons and daughters of Su Shoudao. If I knew it, I would not Will save them both!”
Su Ruoli couldn’t help asking: “Do you have any deep hatred with him?”
Ye Chen looked at Su Ruoli and said seriously: “I have a hatred against him!”
Having said that, Ye Chen said again: “I said, one day, I will let him kneel in front of me, crying and apologizing to me, begging me for forgiveness, and then, I might cut him down. His head may also be grudged with a smile, whether it is alive or dead depends on his own good fortune!”
Ye Chen still doesn’t know how much the death of his parents has to do with Su Shoudao.
Judging from the information he has so far, Su Shoudao was indeed enemies everywhere with his father, and even personally formed the well-known Anti-Leaf Alliance at the time.
However, it is still unknown whether the death of the parents is related to the Anti-Leaf Alliance and how much it has.
In Ye Chen’s speculation, three parties are responsible for the death of their parents. One is the Ye family, the other is the Su family, and the other is the Rothschild family in Europe.
It’s just that he still doesn’t know who is most responsible for these three parties.
Su Ruoli was shocked when he heard this, and asked tentatively: “Could you tell me what hatred you have with him?”
Ye Chen said lightly: “You don’t need to ask such details about this.”
Su Ruoli nodded in disappointment, and then asked: “Then…then can you tell me your name?”
Ye Chen said lightly: “My last name is Ye, and my name is Ye Chen.”
Su Ruoli muttered to herself, “The last name is Ye… Ye Chen? Could it be… Could it be…”
When Su Ruoli said this, he looked straight at Ye Chen and exclaimed: “Could it be that you are the Ye family?!

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