The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1141-1150

Chapter: 1141
At this moment.
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It was late at night, Ye Chen and his wife were sleeping soundly in their bed.
At this time, Ye Chen’s cell phone suddenly buzzed twice.
Worried that the phone would noisy my wife’s sleep, I quickly picked up the phone, and then found that I had received two WeChat messages.
At this time, it was 12 o’clock in the night. He didn’t know who would send WeChat to himself at this time, but he guessed that there must be something important to send WeChat at this time.
So he immediately unlocked the phone and found that the WeChat was sent by Hong Wu.
“Master Ye, something happened to Changbai Mountain. Wei Liang and I are at your doorstep. I wonder if you have time to come out to see you?”
Ye Chen frowned.
There was an accident in Changbai Mountain, which proved that the Wu family had another idea of ​​Wei family father and son. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
So he got up lightly and went downstairs to the door of the villa.
Hong Wu and Wei Liang were standing at the door and waiting respectfully.
Seeing how nervous their expressions were, Ye Chen asked, “What happened?”
Hong Wu said, “More than half an hour ago, the Wu family sent people to Changbai Mountain. This time there were a lot of them, including 16 people.”
Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Then, just talk about the result.”
Hong Wu respectfully said: “They intended to take the Wei family father and son. The two sides had a gunfight. Wei Liang and I killed 15 of them, and one of them escaped.”
Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Have your people lost?”
Wei Liang said: “Master Ye, I lost three of my people, and the fifth person lost one. The total is four.”
Ye Chen said with a hum, “It’s okay, it’s a victory overall.”
Hong Wu nodded and said: “I think the Wu family will not let go of the two failures. They may soon have a full hands on Changbai Mountain. Wei Liang and I have already started raising people and rushed to Changbai Mountain in the near future, but I am worried. Once the Wu family will send their queen master.”
Ye Chen frowned, “Queen master?”
“Yes!” Hong Wu said, “It is rumored that there are eight heavenly kings under the Wu family. These eight heavenly kings are all warriors, and they are extremely powerful!”
After all, Hong Wu said again: “Master Ye, our people can deal with ordinary people. But if we deal with masters of martial arts, it may be a man’s arm blocking the car. It doesn’t matter if you have a dozen subordinates, but I am afraid that Master Ye will be delayed. What happened, in case they rescued the Wei family and his son, Hong Wu could not shirk the blame!”
Ye Chen knows that big families have super masters in captivity.
In my own impression, the Ye family had many masters when they were young.
The strength of these masters is far beyond the cognition of ordinary people.
For the super family with trillions of assets, only the real top master can protect its safety.
So Ye Chen asked him, “Hong Wu, what do you think?”
Hong Wu hurriedly said: “Master Ye, please forgive me. I have always felt that there is no need for Wei Yongzheng and his son to continue to live in the world. Your enemies are now using them as bargaining chips and are trying their best to fight for it. Instead of doing this, it is better to use this Killing the father and son will never cause trouble!”

Chapter: 1142
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “If everything is solved by murder, then the Wu family will be dead long ago. Some people deserve to die and must be killed as soon as possible, such as the gang of beggars; but some people kill it. It’s boring.”
After Ye Chen finished speaking, he smiled, and then said, “Think about Ichiro Kobayashi in your kennel. Actually, he could have been killed long ago, but why should I keep him? It’s because I think this person It’s fun to live, and there are more possibilities when it’s alive. If he dies, many things will lose a lot of fun. The same goes for the Wu family and the same for the Wei family.”
In Ye Chen’s heart, everything in the world complements each other, reinforces each other and restrains each other.
I kept Kobayashi’s life so that he can live with his brother Kobayashi Jiro.
The purpose of keeping the lives of the Wei family father and son is to let them and Wei appear to live together.
If Kobayashi Ichiro is really dead, if he wants to check and balance Kobayashi Jiro, or even Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he will lose his best bargaining chip.
If Wei Liang’s heart becomes rebellious in the future, then he can use the Wei family father and son to counter him.
This is the ancient art of the emperor.
The real Mingjun would never truly believe in a treacherous official, but he would never completely favor a loyal official.
However, North Korea must not have treacherous ministers because they are the key to counterbalance loyal ministers. Remember to read in one second
If he is a loyal minister without the checks and balances of a traitor, then he will become increasingly arrogant and devoid of emperor, and will gradually become a traitor.
That’s why Ye Chen needed to check and balance between different people and different people.
After all, the Ye Family is a top-notch big family. The children of the Ye Family have learned the Four Books and Five Classics from a young age, familiarized themselves with ancient history, and studied the techniques of emperors. These methods were almost brought out of their bones.
Therefore, Ye Chen shook his voice and said, “Killing Wei Yongzheng and his son means that I am afraid of the Wu family. This is a sign of weakness, and I never show weakness.”
Having said that, he said lightly: “If I’m right, the Wu family has probably dispatched the Eight Heavenly Kings, and maybe they are already on their way to Changbai Mountain.”
“Ah?!” Hong Wu and Wei Liang were both dumbfounded.
Wei Liang said in surprise: “They probably won’t be so fast. After all, they just lost 15 people. They should have to go back and rest for a while before making a comeback.”
“No!” Ye Chen said confidently: “If Wu Donghai could mobilize martial artists, then he should have dispatched martial artists long ago. Therefore, I guess that the man who can really send martial artists should be the old man of the Wu family!”
“The old generation of entrepreneurs are still very powerful. Mr. Wu started from scratch, and his ability, courage, and courage must be much better than ordinary people. If he is in charge of everything behind his back, the means must be much higher than that of Wu Donghai! He will definitely be among others. When you think it’s least possible to launch an attack, launch a fatal blow.”
After that, he smiled indifferently: “And when the most unlikely attack was just after the failure, everyone thought he would definitely retreat to rest, but he wanted to hit the opponent by surprise.”
Hong Wu exclaimed and said, “Master Ye, what shall we do now? Should we send someone over overnight?”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said calmly: “If the opponent dispatches a martial artist, it’s not enough to see how much they can go, it’s just to die.”
Hong Wu was shocked: “Master Ye, what should we do?”
Ye Chen said lightly: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, I have my own arrangements, after all, flying from Suzhou to Hangzhou all the way to Changbai Mountain, the distance is still quite far, there is still enough time to prepare!
Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Wei Liang’s eyes flashed with joy, and a heavy rock in his heart fell to the ground.
Therefore, he said gratefully: “It seems that Master Ye is already confident! Wei Liang is here, thank you Master Ye!”
Wei Liang is the one who fears the Wei family father and son the most.
He didn’t want the Wei’s pharmaceuticals that he had finally gotten, and in a blink of an eye he gave up his hands!

Chapter: 1143
Seeing that Wei Liang was a little nervous, Ye Chen smiled indifferently, turned off the topic and asked, “By the way, how are you doing at Wei’s Pharmacy?”
Wei Liang looked straight and reported: “Master Ye, the overall development of the pharmaceutical factory has been fairly stable recently, but it has encountered some obstacles in developing new markets.”
“What’s in the way?”
Ye Chen wondered, according to the strength of Wei’s Pharmaceutical, it should be said that there are few rivals in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.
However, for the development of new drugs, as long as a good prescription is found, there should be no problem.
But if the prescription is not good, the strength of the pharmaceutical company is meaningless.
Wei Liang hurriedly replied: “Recently, Wei’s Pharmaceuticals has invested heavily in developing a new Chinese patent medicine. The main effect is to drive away evil spirits and reduce dampness, cool the blood and relieve the heart of the stomach, and treat stomach symptoms such as stomach pain, stomach acid, and retching. , Both have good curative effects.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Stomach diseases are also diseases that modern people easily get. As far as I know, there should not be too many stomach medicines in China. Except that Sanjiuweitai is somewhat famous, I have not heard of it. Are there any other well-known Chinese patent medicines for the treatment of the stomach? In this case, you shouldn’t be too hindered, right?”
Wei Liang frowned and explained: “I developed this medicine because I saw that there are too many people in the city nowadays. Many young people who go to work have stomach problems at a young age, and there is a large group of potential customers, so I brought the team to tackle problems. I found a suitable recipe from countless ancient recipes, but I didn’t expect to be a step ahead by foreign companies, and they also optimized our original recipes.”
Ye Chen frowned: “Foreign companies? Plagiarizing our ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions? Don’t those companies mainly focus on western medicine?”
Wei Liang shook his head and said, “It’s not a western medicine, but Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals obtained an ancient prescription from our country, and then developed a kind of stomach powder based on the ancient prescription. The efficacy of this stomach powder is indeed stronger than our stomach medicine, so now the stomach powder market It has been taken over by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, which is very unfavorable for us.”
He paused for a moment, and then said with a little frustration: “Leave aside, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals has developed our ancient traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. The level of development of our ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions is indeed very high. Since the era of Kobayashi Masao, they have been profiting from Kampo medicines all over the world. , Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s background is too deep.”
“Xiaolin Pharmaceutical?” Ye Chen frowned when he heard this, and asked, “Xiaolin Pharmaceutical was badly injured before, but is it still so competitive now?”
Wei Mingliang nodded, sighed, and said, “Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals is the top pharmaceutical company in Asia after all. As long as it doesn’t hurt the bones, it has strong competitiveness, and they have the best hardware laboratory and R&D team in Asia. Therefore, we can optimize a stomach powder based on the ancient prescription.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly. He didn’t expect that Jiro Kobayashi really had two brushes. The entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was scammed by himself for more than 10 billion, and he was about to turn over so soon.
At this time, Wei Liang also sighed: “We didn’t make good use of the essence left by our ancestors. We finally let foreigners plagiarize it. It’s really a shame.”
Ye Chen asked: “How big is the impact of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical on you now?”
Wei Liang said: “The gastric medicine alone will have a very big impact. In the long run, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals is now actively developing new drugs. I estimate that in the future it will gradually eat away our development space. The income has already been greatly affected. Almost all the money invested in stomach medicine has been squandered, and we will continue to research and develop new medicines. If it succeeds, it will be fine. If it fails, it will be further into the quagmire.”
After talking, Wei Liang said again: “During this time, the World College Sanda Fighting Competition is about to begin. It will be held in Jinling. This game is sponsored by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and the promotion is very big.”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Will Jiro Kobayashi come?”
Wei Liang said: “I don’t know this yet, but it is said that the award-giving guest for this finals is a high-level Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. It is still unclear who it is. It may be Kobayashi Jiro.”
Ye Chen nodded lightly.

Chapter: 1144
In fact, there are countless kinds of magical ancient medical prescriptions recorded in the “Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures”. There are dozens of stomach medicines alone. Just picking one out can help Wei Liang completely crush Xiaolin Pharmaceutical.
However, the pharmaceutical industry is a very profitable industry, so I certainly cannot help Wei Liang in vain.
So he said to Wei Liang: “Wei Liang, I have a few good recipes in my hand. They are produced and they are definitely best-selling magical medicines. If I use the recipes to buy shares, how many shares would you give me?”
Wei Liang almost said without hesitation: “Master Ye, Wei Liang can have today. It depends on your achievements. The entire Wei’s pharmaceuticals belong to Master Ye. You will give me a word from Wei Liang immediately!”
Wei Liang was also very clear in his mind.
Without Ye Chen, he could not inherit Wei’s Pharmaceuticals.
Without Ye Chen, if the Wei family father and son came back, they would not be able to hold Wei’s Pharmaceutical.
Therefore, he was willing to completely adhere to Ye Chen, even if he gave up Wei’s Pharmaceutical, he would never give the Wei family father and son a chance to stand up.
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Well, if the prescription I gave you is more effective than Kobayashi’s stomach powder, then you give me 80% of the shares of Wei’s Pharmaceutical, and I will continue to be better in the future. The prescription is for you to ensure that Wei’s Pharmaceuticals can grow into a company of hundreds of billions in the future. By that time, your personal assets will exceed 20 billion.”
The current assets of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals are about two to three billion yuan, but they still have certain debts, coupled with the recent poor management, the overall decline. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
If Ye Chen can really enable Wei’s Pharmaceuticals to grow into a large group of hundreds of billions in the future, even if Wei Liang is only 10%, he can double his assets.
So for him, he has no reason to refuse.
And he had heard about it a long time ago that Master Ye’s first-hand magic pill, if the prescription he took out, it would surely be able to sell!
Therefore, Wei Liang agreed without hesitation, and said excitedly: “Thank you Master Ye! Wei Liang has nothing to say!”
Ye Chen is not trying to take advantage of Wei Liang, but the top prescription is really worthless!
For example, the male magic drug Weige, its parent company, made hundreds of billions of dollars in profits because of this drug.
Therefore, if you give it to him in vain, it is simply a mentally disabled person.
Win-win cooperation is the best solution.
So Ye Chen said to Wei Liang, “In this case, you should go back first. Tomorrow I will ask the lawyer to sign a contract with you, and I will give you the prescription at that time.”
Hong Wuye hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, what should I do about the Wu family?”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “I have my own decision, so don’t worry!”

Chapter: 1145
At this moment, there are two solutions in front of Ye Chen.
First, he immediately went to Tang Sihai and asked Tang Sihai to send masters from the Yejia family to Changbai Mountain to intercept them. There are many masters from the Ye family, so dealing with the eight heavenly kings shouldn’t be a problem;
Second, he immediately set off to Changbai Mountain and personally sniped the Eight Heavenly Kings at the foot of Changbai Mountain.
After thinking for a few seconds, Ye Chen decided that he should solve his own problems and go to Changbai Mountain personally to get the Eight Heavenly Kings settled.
Ye Chen has been getting the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures” for some days, and his constant enlightenment has enabled him to continuously improve.
At the same time, his body has been tempered with spiritual energy, which is even more different from ordinary people at this time.
Not to mention that he has refined so many Rejuvenation Pills himself, relying on the Rejuvenation Pills to raise his body to a higher level.
As far as Ye Chen’s current strength is concerned, let alone the Eight Heavenly Kings, even if it doubles, it will not be Ye Chen’s opponent.
However, you must go to Changbai Mountain as soon as possible.
Because the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family may have already set off. Remember to read in one second
Suhang is several hundred kilometers further south from Jinling, so this gave Ye Chen some time window.
If he is efficient, it is possible that the Eight Heavenly Kings will arrive at Changbai Mountain first.
So he immediately called Chen Zekai, blurted out and asked, “Can you arrange a plane for me? I want to set off to Changbai Mountain immediately.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “No problem, master, Jinling Airport has our business jet, and it is the world’s fastest civil business jet specially customized by the Ye family, which is much faster than ordinary jets.”
After speaking, Chen Zekai said: “The Ye family has always believed in that timing is above all else, so the Ye family’s plane is faster than all the family’s private jets!”
“Very good!” Ye Chen said with satisfaction: “You can let the plane wait at the airport to get ready for take-off. At the same time, let your Shangri-La helicopter pick me up at Tomson Yipin. I will rush to the airport immediately.”
“no problem!”
As Chen Zekai said, he hurriedly asked, “Master, do you need a helper when you go to Changbai Mountain? If you need it, I will call the family.”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “You don’t need a helper anymore. Do me a favor and prepare a helicopter to wait for me at Changbai Mountain Airport. After getting off the plane, I will use the fastest time to reach a village at the foot of Changbai Mountain.”
“No problem!” Chen Zekai said immediately: “I will make arrangements. If there is no helicopter in Changbai Mountain, I will immediately transfer from another place. You will definitely solve this problem before you arrive at Changbai Mountain, Master.”
“it is good!”
Ye Chen hung up the phone with satisfaction, and Hong Wu immediately said, “Master Ye, Hong Wu is willing to go with you!”
Wei Liang on the side also folded his hands and said, “Master Ye, Wei Liang is also willing to walk with you.
Ye Chen thought for a while, then said to the two of them: “Since you want to go, then come with me.”
Both of them were stubborn and loyal to Ye Chen. At this time, they were unwilling to let Ye Chen go to Changbai Mountain alone.
Ye Chen also knew very well that if the two of them wanted to be more committed to themselves, they had to let them see their true strength.
Especially for Wei Liang, Ye Chen must make sure that this person is absolutely unconcerned with himself, so that he can safely give him the peerless prescriptions in the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”.
So when going to Changbai Mountain this time, you might as well let him follow the experience to see the true strength of his master!
Soon, Chen Zekai’s helicopter flew to Tomson Yipin.
Ye Chen and the three got on the helicopter and immediately went to Jinling Airport.

Chapter: 1146
At this time, at Jinling Airport, Ye’s private plane deployed in Jinling was ready to take off at the end of the runway.
As long as Ye Chen got on the plane, the plane could take off immediately.
And this plane can send Ye Chen to Changbai Mountain in two hours.
In contrast, the private jet of the Wu family takes at least three hours.
Moreover, the Wu family does not have the Ye family’s ability to simultaneously mobilize resources across the country or even the world.
I believe that after the Eight Great Heavenly Kings arrive at Changbai Mountain, there will be no helicopter waiting for them. At best, Wu’s family will prepare off-road vehicles to take them to the foot of the mountain.
According to Hong Wu, from Changbai Mountain Airport to the small village where the Wei family and his son live, off-road vehicles need to drive at least two hours without snow.
If it snows and the road conditions are not good, it will take more than three hours to arrive.
But the helicopter is much faster, flying straight, forty minutes.
So Ye Chen still has time, and he can definitely arrive before the Eight Heavenly Kings. First URL m.
The helicopter stopped directly at the end of the airport runway, next to Ye’s business jet.
As soon as Ye Chen got off the helicopter, the door of the business jet opened.
What he didn’t expect was that it was Chen Zekai who opened the door!
Ye Chen looked at him in surprise and asked, “Why are you here?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Master, I really don’t worry about you going alone. I’m afraid you don’t want me to follow, so I can only do this. Please don’t blame it.”
Ye Chen nodded gently: “You are already here, and I can’t drive you down. Let’s go and let the plane take off as soon as possible.”
Hong Wu knew that Ye Chen was Chen Zekai’s young master for a long time, so he was not surprised about it. However, he knew very little about the Ye Family, so every time he met Ye Chen, he respected Ye Chen as Master Ye instead of Master Ye.
Of course, this is also related to Ye Chen’s unwillingness to reveal his identity. If you call him Master Ye, some people may be able to connect him with the Ye family.
However, Wei Liang on the side was stunned by this young master.
Chen Zekai is a wise man. He knew that the young master brought Wei Liang with him, and he knew that Wei Liang was already his confidant.
Moreover, since the young master is going to take him to Changbai Mountain, he must be ready to show his skills in front of him, so there is no need to deliberately conceal his identity.
Wei Liang was shocked at this time, he knew who Chen Zekai was, so with Chen Zekai’s young master, he immediately guessed the identity of Ye Chen.
At this moment, he was shocked.
I never dreamed of my own Master En Gong Ye, not only a master with the ability to reach the sky, but also the eldest master of Ye Clan’s top family of Yanjing!
The superior strength is already admirable, and I didn’t expect the family background to be even more prominent!
No wonder everyone says Master Ye is a real dragon on earth!
With such ability and background, of course it can be called the four characters of the real dragon on earth!
Thinking of this, he immediately knelt on one knee and said respectfully to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, you are the very noble young master of the Ye family, but you are willing to fight the injustice for me, for my dead mother, and win the family property for me. Wei Liang is unforgettable!”
Ye Chen said calmly: “Wei Liang, if you are grateful and want to follow me with all your heart, I will definitely send you a splendid wealth!”
After all, he looked at Hong Wu and smiled and said, “Hong Wu, you are the same.”
Hong Wuye immediately knelt to the ground and said respectfully: “Master, as early as the moment you rescued me from Wu’s bodyguard, Hong Wu’s life was yours!”

Chapter: 1147
The Ye Family’s business jet drew up in the dark, galloping in the direction of Changbai Mountain at a very fast speed!
The speed of this airplane is indeed much faster than that of ordinary airplanes. Even Ye Chen couldn’t sigh. No wonder Ye Family can stand on top of China’s top family. You can tell from the details of the airplane alone.
In important cities across the country, arrange such airplanes to ensure that the family can arrive one step ahead of others in case of emergency. As long as they seize the opportunity first, they have the possibility of winning.
Chen Zekai told Ye Chen: “The young master actually has a faster plane in the Ye family, but there is one and only one of this plane, which was stored by the master at Yanjing Airport.”
“Oh?” Ye Chen asked curiously, “Is there a faster plane?”
“Yes!” Chen Zekai nodded and said, “I don’t know if you have heard of the Concorde? Years ago, the French developed a supersonic passenger plane that can fly at twice the speed of sound and cruise at an hourly speed. 2150 kilometers.”
Ye Chen said in surprise: “I have heard of Concord Technology, but isn’t this aircraft already retired?”
Chen Zekai said: “Retirement is just withdrawing from the public’s vision. That’s because this aircraft is flying too fast, the flying cost is too high, and the noise of breaking through the sound barrier during flight is too loud, ordinary people can’t afford it. However, after retiring, four of the best in condition were bought by the world’s top big families. After they were bought, these aircraft have always received the best maintenance and maintenance.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but marvel.
Unexpectedly, his grandfather still has such a big hand, and bought a Concorde airliner. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But this also shows the extraordinary courage of the older generation of entrepreneurs.
Regardless of whether a Concorde airliner may be extremely expensive, but with it, the father can be two or three times faster than others at the most critical moment.
An ordinary business jet can fly at a maximum speed of eight or nine hundred kilometers per hour, but the Concorde can reach 2.5 times that!
If there is an order of 1 billion US dollars, waiting to be signed in the United States, and whoever can get the order soonest, then the Ye family must be the only person to get this order.
Someone else’s plane takes eleven or two hours to fly, while this plane only takes about five hours. That is to say, before others arrive, he has already signed the contract.
Two hours later, Ye Chen’s plane had landed at Changbaishan Airport.
At this time, on the side of the runway, a helicopter was already waiting here.
After Ye Chen got off the plane, he asked Chen Zekai: “Help me ask the airport if Wu’s private plane has landed here.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly made a call with his mobile phone. After a while, he admired Ye Chen and said: “Master, you are so knowledgeable. The airport tower has just received an application for an exclusive private jet. They will land in an hour Here.”
Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction: “An hour’s time advantage is enough. Let’s go to the foot of Changbai Mountain to see the scenery!”
Then he stepped into the helicopter that had been waiting for a long time.
Chen Zekai, Hong Wu and Wei Liang also boarded the plane.
The helicopter immediately climbed and flew towards the foot of Changbai Mountain.
The time at this time was around four o’clock in the morning, and because it was winter, there was no trace of the sky to light up at this time.
However, a round of beautiful moon in the sky still clearly outlines the outline of the earth.
The helicopter flew out of the airport and passed over the city. Right in front of it was the majestic Changbai Mountain.
The outline of Changbai Mountain under the moonlight is particularly clear. Because the whole mountain range is white, it looks very beautiful under the moonlight.
Forty minutes later, the helicopter landed one kilometer outside the village.

Chapter: 1148
Hong Wu had been to Changbai Mountain once before, so he was somewhat familiar with the terrain here. He pointed to a snow-covered mountain road next to the plane and said to Ye Chen: “Master, this is the only road into the mountain. If the Eight Heavenly Kings at home don’t take a helicopter, they have only one way to come.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then we’ll stay here and wait.
Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Master, do you want to call all of us here to help?”
Ye Chen faintly spit out two words: “No need.”
Chen Zekai was somewhat worried about the safety of the young master, and couldn’t help but said: “I also know the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family. They are indeed strong. You alone may not be their opponent. For the sake of caution, let’s call some people over to help! ”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said coldly: “Today’s matter, only the four of us are present, and only the four of us know about it. If anyone other than us knows, they will be punishable!”
The other three people looked horrified.
They could hear the powerful pressure and the strong domineering from Ye Chen’s words.
It seems that Ye Chen wants to keep all the eight heavenly kings here today!
The Eight Heavenly Kings at this time just landed at Changbai Mountain Airport. Remember to read in one second
After the plane landed, the eight people walked out of the plane and then left the airport directly through the normal passenger passage.
They were not like Ye Chen. Ye Chen didn’t go through the passenger passage at all, but took a helicopter off the runway.
The main reason why they did not receive such treatment was that the Wu family had no influence here at all.
The Wu family is a Jiangnan family. Although it is the so-called first family in Jiangnan, it is far behind the real top family.
Their strength is mainly covered in the south of the Yangtze River, and they have begun to decline after crossing the north of the Yangtze River.
And the strength gets weaker as it goes to the north, not to mention the Changbai Mountain which is so close to the north.
However, although top families like the Ye family are Yanjing’s family, their national development strategy is the same as that of the United States in the global development strategy. They must achieve four-character hegemony.
The United States is the global hegemon, and the Ye family is the national hegemon.
For Ye Family, it is his home field anywhere in the country.
If Ye’s family thought, they could kill the Wu family anytime in Suzhou and Hangzhou, in the Wu family base camp.
This is the embodiment of the strength of a top family!
At this time, the Eight Heavenly Kings headed by Fan Linyuan, after leaving the airport, saw two off-road vehicles parked at the airport gate.
These two off-road vehicles were the drivers temporarily arranged by the Wu family.
The Wu family has no influence here. The 16 people sent yesterday rented 5 off-road vehicles here before they went to rescue the Wei family and his son.
This time, the Wu family rented two off-road vehicles at a high price online and let the Eight Heavenly Kings drive there in person.
After the Eight Heavenly Kings took the car, they took two off-road vehicles and headed towards the mountains.
On the road, Fan Linyuan, the head of the Eight Heavenly Kings, was sitting in the co-driver. He picked up the walkie-talkie and said coldly: “Brothers, we have to drive more than two hours. I am killing! Anyone who dares to stand in front of us will kill without mercy!”

Chapter: 1149
On a mountain road that stretches for tens of kilometers, two off-road vehicles drove one after the other.
These two vehicles are also the only two vehicles on these dozens of kilometers of mountain roads.
Driving in the snow is not easy, because when you look around, the lights can hit all the places in white.
Fan Linyuan was dazzled by the white snowfield outside, and said with some annoyance: “That kid surnamed Ye is indeed a beast. Since the father and son offended him, they simply killed him and sent them to this bird. What are you doing in a ghost place that doesn’t shit? It’s really unlucky for us to come here now.”
The man driving the car said helplessly: “I asked before I came, this kid with the surname Ye is a devil. He not only likes sending people here to dig ginseng, but also likes sending people to black coal pits to dig for coal, I listened. Said that he had previously brought the boss of a listed company to a construction site to carry cement.”
“What’s this?” Fan Linyuan said lightly: “Have you forgotten how the Beggars died? A dozen people were welded to death in the car and sank. The bodies have not been salvaged until now, knowing that they are waiting for them. What is his fate?”
The driver smiled and said, “Everyone is dead, what fate is there?”
Fan Linyuan said: “There are fish, shrimps and crabs in the river. A car-welded iron cage is sunken at the bottom of the river. There are more than a dozen dead bodies inside. Sooner or later, these people will be eaten into bones by those fish, shrimps and crabs, and big fish will eat meat. Small fish eat skin, have you all done small fish massage in fish spa shops? That kind of fish, even the dander will be eaten completely, and it will not take long for them to leave no trace of meat on their bones. ”
“I’m going!” a man in the back row blurted out, “No wonder the family wanted to kill him, this kid is so evil!”
Fan Linyuan said lightly: “We can’t take it lightly. Today’s battle must be retired.”
The driver asked, “Brother, do you think there will be masters on Changbai Mountain?”
“Probably not.” Fan Linyuan said: “The people from Wu Donghai sent here just a few hours ago. According to the only one who survived, the other party did not have close contact with them, it was all gunfights. So I guess the other party should No master is just a bodyguard with a gun.”
“That’s good.” The driver said with a smile: “We are brothers. We have practiced golden bells and iron jerseys when we were young. I dare not say that we are top masters, but it is definitely not something that ordinary bullets can hurt. It seems tonight It’s just a battle of butchering dogs. You can win easily and return to Suzhou and Hangzhou triumphantly.”
Another man said: “It would be fine if Ye Chen was here, we can definitely kill him and go back to receive the reward from Master Wu!”
Fan Linyuan smiled and said, “That Ye Chen shouldn’t be here. The Wu family investigated before. Before we set off, the others were still in Jinling.”
Having said that, Fan Linyuan said with emotion: “It would be great if he was there, holding his head back and returning to Master Wu, Master Wu said he would also give us several hundred million.”
The driver said at this time: “By the way, brother, since this Ye Chen is so evil, does the strange disease that the second son of the Wu family developed some time ago has something to do with him?”
Fan Linyuan shook his head: “This is really bad, but it’s not impossible.”
As he said, he said with emotion: “The strange disease of the second son is really unheard of. It has not been cured for so long, and there has been no relief. It is really weird.”
At this moment, Ye Chen on the hillside stood in the snow with his hands full and negative.
Behind them, Chen Zekai, Hong Wu and Wei Liang were already shaking in the snow, their faces pale and purple.
While rubbing his hands, Chen Zekai cursed his mother: “The eight kings of the dog days are too slow to come! I think it will be bright in an hour!”
Hong Wu looked at Ye Chen and asked with concern: “Master, are you wearing so little clothes?”
Ye Chen shook his head slightly, now he has no fear of severe cold.
Don’t say standing here for an hour or two, even if you let yourself stand here for a day or two for a month, you will never get frostbite.

Chapter: 1150
Wei Liang also sucked his nose from the cold. When the four of them first arrived here, Ye Chen was worried about exposing the target, so he let the helicopter go first. Otherwise, he could sit in the helicopter for a while, at least to block the cold of Changbai Mountain. wind.
After waiting for another ten minutes, Ye Chen suddenly saw four beams of light from two cars on the winding mountain road.
Chen Zekai also saw the light and said nervously, “Master, they should be here!”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “After waiting for them for so long, I almost fell asleep.”
Hong Wu hurriedly took out a pistol from his waist, gritted his teeth and said, “Damn, I want to see how awesome these eight heavenly kings are today!”
Ye Chen said lightly: “Hong Wu, put the gun away, the gun is useless to them.”
Hong Wu was taken aback, but after a while he figured it out again.
He had seen some skills in the metaphysical world before, including Ye Chen, who was able to directly order Tianlei. If a warrior with a deep cultivation base can block bullets, it is not surprising.
Chen Zekai asked at this time: “Master, what will we do later? If there is anything we can help, please let me know.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “You don’t need to help anything, just follow behind me and watch.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Hong Wu said hurriedly: “Master, you can just draw a few sky thunders directly later, and cut these eight heavenly kings directly into ashes, just like that Yu Jinghai.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “I’m tired of always using thunder to strike people. Since today is a martial artist, let’s just use force to discuss it.
Chen Zekai had never seen the scene where Ye Chen struck Jinghai with thunder, but he had heard of it and heard a little.
However, he has always felt that it should be a coincidence, because he has never seen anyone who can order Tianlei in his memory.
Although the Ye family knew a lot of people in metaphysics, they had never heard of anyone who had the ability to reach the sky.
At this moment, seeing the two cars hovering up the winding mountain road and getting closer and closer, Ye Chen took the initiative to walk to the center of the mountain road and walked down the mountain.
The remaining three looked at each other and hurriedly followed.
Fan Linyuan was already drowsy while sitting in the car, but the brother who was driving took a look at the navigation and said to him, “Brother, we are almost there.”
Fan Linyuan hurriedly asked, “How far is it?”
The other party said: “The navigation display is less than 5 kilometers away.”
Fan Linyuan stretched out and said cursingly: “It’s finally here, so everyone can cheer up, no matter how weak the enemy is, we can’t take it lightly.”
One of his juniors immediately took out the walkie-talkie and said: “Everyone is cheering up, we are almost there!”
The person in the car behind replied via the walkie-talkie: “Yes, we have already started warming up.”
The vehicle continued to drive, and at the moment when it turned a curve, the driver suddenly saw the light hitting directly ahead, and there was a person standing in the middle of the road!
The driver beside Fan Linyuan exclaimed: “Fuck, is that a human or a ghost?!”

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