The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2201-2210

Chapter: 2201
When Nanako Ito heard this, she asked in surprise: “Ye Chen-kun, you…what kind of gift are you going to give him?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Presumably he is still anxious to get angry because he doesn’t understand why Su Ruoli disappeared and why he was dropped by someone?”
Nanako Ito said: “This is indeed the case. My dad said that the uncle is under great pressure now, because it is difficult to do this kind of critical task. The main reason is that the expectations of the people are too high. If you do it well, everyone will be happy, but if you do it No, it is very likely to suffer the anger of the people.”
Ye Chen agreed and said: “Yes, this kind of thing is a double-edged sword. If you don’t use it well, you will hurt yourself.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said with a smile: “But, the gift I gave him can make him turn this double-edged sword into a single-edged sword!”
Nanako Ito asked in amazement: “Ye Chen-kun, what do you mean by this? A double-edged sword has become a single-edged sword?”
“Right.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “In other words, with my gift, he doesn’t have to worry about harming himself if this sword is not used well.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Ye Chen-kun, what exactly is this great gift you are talking about?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You tell him that the reason why Su Ruoli was dropped is that the Su family and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are all in collusion. To the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.”
“Ah?!” Ito Nanako’s voice was extremely surprised: “Ye Chen-kun, what you said is true?! The Su family, really colluded with the Self-Defense Forces?”
Ye Chen asked her: “When did I lie to you?”
Ito Nanako hurriedly explained: “Ye Chen-kun, Nanako didn’t mean that… Nanako just thought… this thing is too subversive! How can the Self-Defense Force, as the Japanese army, be so absurd? Things come?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Hey, say a thousand things and ten thousand. The reason why the Su family and the Self-Defense Forces flies and stalks each other, is not for profit! The main reason is that the Su family’s energy is too large to cover the sky, you tell Your dad’s friend, let him focus on breakthroughs from the Self-Defense Forces, and he will definitely make significant progress.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “As long as you, uncle, can find real evidence of collusion between the Self-Defense Forces and the Su family, even if there is no way to capture Su Ruoli back, you can still fight a beautiful turnaround on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Department. Up!”
Ito Nanako also knew very well that before Ye Chen didn’t tell him about it, the key point of this matter was whether his uncle could smoothly arrest Su Ruoli.
But now, the key point of this matter has immediately changed.
As long as the uncle finds absolute evidence that it is indeed the Su family and the Self-Defense Force that replaced Su Ruoli, the Metropolitan Police Department can instantly get rid of all responsibilities, and all the gangsters will be dumped to the Su family and the Japanese Self-Defense Force!
Thinking of this, Ito Nanako hurriedly said with joy: “Ye Chen-kun, then I will do my uncle first, thank you for this great gift! As long as the trouble is solved, I will let the uncle thank Ye Chen-kun! Let him I personally came to thank Ye Chenjun!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You don’t have to be so polite, as long as I go to Japan in the future, or if there is anything useful to him in Japan, it is enough for him to be polite.”
Ito Nanako blurted out: “Ye Chen-kun, don’t worry! My uncle has always been very affectionate and righteous. If he can really come back with Ye Chenjun’s help this time, he will definitely remember Ye Chenjun’s kindness!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Then I will reveal a little more information. You must ask him to check the Maritime Self-Defense Force that went to sea last night. The inner ghost must be out of this group of people. Everyone catches them all for a sudden trial, and they will definitely find a breakthrough!”
Nanako Ito thought for a moment, and said: “The level of the Self-Defense Force is higher than that of the Metropolitan Police Department. If you arrest people directly, it may be difficult to push, and the Self-Defense Force will definitely interfere.

Chapter: 2202
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Isn’t he from the homeland security department? As far as I know, homeland security is the most important thing for any country. Therefore, people in the homeland security department must be at a higher level than the military. You Let him ask his former colleagues or leaders to help, and the Homeland Security Department will come forward to arrest people in the Self-Defense Force. I believe the Self-Defense Force has absolutely no guts to interfere.”
After a pause, Ye Chen said again: “After the homeland security department catches people, they can be handed over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for interrogation. No matter how many people are caught, they will all be isolated and interrogated separately. Find the key clue!”
Nanako Ito couldn’t help exclaiming: “Ye Chen-kun, your method is really great! I will tell him now! Thank you for my uncle first!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Okay, you can tell him quickly, I’m just waiting to see this great show of Jedi Reversal!”
Ye Chen only revealed to Ito Nanako that the Su family colluded with the Self-Defense Forces and exchanged for Su Ruoli, but did not tell her that the whole thing was that the Su family and the Self-Defense Forces played the game together. On the surface, it was a release, but it was actually left hand Invert these inside stories.
This is mainly because these words don’t make much sense when they come out of his mouth.
Moreover, the more clues you give, the easier it is to interfere with the opponent’s concentration.
Therefore, he only talked about the secret trade between the Su family and the Self-Defense Forces, and the rest, let the uncle of Ito Nanako, follow the clues he gave, go in-depth, and let him dig out the background. That would be more lethal.
At this moment.
Yanjing, Su Family Mansion.
Su Ruoli and the accompanying crew members had not heard from him for so long, making Su Chengfeng anxious.
Su Shoudao was also worried about this matter.
It’s just that Su Shoudao didn’t know the inside story of the whole thing.
He thought that the Su family had an accident while rescuing Su Ruoli.
So he asked Su Chengfeng a little anxiously: “Dad, what the hell is going on? Don’t our people want to take Ruoli back to China by the waterway? Why suddenly there is no news, and only the ship is left by the Japanese. The guard intercepted, where did Ruoli go?”
Su Chengfeng said depressedly: “How do I know? I know as much about the whole thing as you do. You ask me, how can I answer you?”
Su Shoudao saw his father’s tone a little irritated, and hurriedly apologized: “Dad, you calm down, and I am not targeting you… It’s just that this fact is too weird. My heart is always hanging. Li, this heart can’t come down!”
Su Chengfeng said coldly: “I have sent someone to Japan to investigate this matter. Once there is any news, I will synchronize it to you as soon as possible.”
Su Shoudao sighed worriedly, and said, “Dad, who did you communicate with the Japanese Self-Defense Force? How about you give me contact information and I will call him to see if there is anything Ignored clues.”
As soon as Su Chengfeng heard this, he became frustrated, and said to himself: “May I give you your contact information? The grandson of the Japanese Self-Defense Force now thinks I’ve played with him, and is chasing after me asking me to give him an explanation. Call him, wouldn’t Lao Tzu’s overall plan become clear to the world?”
Thinking of this, he said with a black face: “I said, I have sent someone to investigate, and news will be sent to you simultaneously. Do you have any comments on my arrangements?”

Chapter: 2203
Seeing his father a little angry, Su Shoudao hurriedly stood up, bowed and said, “Dad, calm down your anger, I didn’t mean that, I just worried about Ruoli… Anyway, Ruoli is my flesh and blood. , She is unsure of her life and death, and her whereabouts are unknown. I am indeed too anxious…”
Elder Su looked at him coldly, and said word by word: “Shou Dao, to do big things, you must have the strong heart of Taishan collapse and not change your face, and the disappearance of an illegitimate girl will make you panic like this? So what? If my old man dies, can you still manage the Su family?!”
As soon as Su Shoudao heard this, his whole person was instantly excited!
He thought to himself: “The old man started to doubt my heart and my ability. This is not a good sign!”
“If I have been on Ruoli this matter and behave too nervously, the old man will definitely think that I am weak, not strong enough, and cannot be promoted to the position of Su Family Patriarch…”
“If it is because of Ruoli’s matter that affects the old man’s judgment of the successor, then it is really not worth the gain…”
Thinking of this, Su Shoudao said with an awe-inspiring expression: “Dad! Don’t worry! No matter how this matter turns out, I will never let this matter affect me!”
Old man Su looked at him suspiciously, and said coldly: “Will it affect you? It’s not your mouth that has the final say, but my old man’s eyes have the final say!”
Su Shoudao hurriedly said: “Dad, you are right! I will show you with practical actions!”
Elder Su gave a hum and waved his hand: “Okay, you can go out.”
Su Shoudao respectfully said: “Good dad, I’ll go out first…” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Elder Su coldly reminded: “If Li is still alive, then I believe he will contact you. If she contacts you, you must tell me the first time!”
Su Shoudao said without hesitation: “Dad, don’t worry, if you just contact me, I will report to you as soon as possible!”
Elder Su gave a hum and waved his hand: “Go.”
Su Shoudao quickly turned around and hurriedly left Old Su’s study.
At this time, Su Shoudao’s back was already wet with cold sweat.
After living in the rich family for a long time, he increasingly felt that the rich family is no different from the ancient palace.
The lord of the wealthy family is the ancient ninth-five lord, and his heir is the prince below.
Although he has been appointed by the old man as the “prince” who will inherit the Su family in the future, the old man still holds the power, and he must always be cautious and walking on thin ice!
Otherwise, it is very likely that he did not say a good word and angered him, and then he was mercilessly dismissed!
There are so many princes who were deposed because of their words and behaviors against the Lord in ancient times!
During the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Han Jing deposed Prince Li Liu Rong;
During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Zhang emperor Liu Jiang deposed the prince Liu Qing;
During the Three Kingdoms period, Sun Quan deposed the prince Sun He Chapter: 2204
Li Chengqian, the eldest son of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, was also abolished because of his rebellion against his father;
The worst thing is to count Aixinjueluo Yinfeng, the prince of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. He is the brother of Yongzheng Emperor Aixinjueluo Yinzhen. This buddy was abandoned by Emperor Kangxi and was put under house arrest until death. , Can be described as extremely miserable.
Su Shoudao was also worried that if he caused the old man’s dissatisfaction because of Su Ruoli’s affairs, and if the old man abolished himself, his loss would be extremely heavy, and most of his life’s efforts would be in vain.
Thinking of this, Su Shoudao decided that regarding Su Ruoli, he must control his emotions as much as possible in front of the old man, and must not let the old man have any feelings of dissatisfaction with him!
The daughter is important, but the position of the Su Family Patriarch is even more important.
What’s more, this daughter is still her own illegitimate daughter!
Here, the old man Su rushed into Su Shoudao and made a fire, and he was more or less worried.
In fact, the main reason why he got angry with Su Shou Dao was mainly to hide his guilty conscience.
After all, he made the decision to betray Su Ruoli.
The old man had already settled an account. The crimes committed by Su Ruoli in Japan are extremely heinous. I really want to buy the relevant personnel to release her. Not to mention the huge cost, it is easy to offend the Japanese government.
Therefore, he planned to cooperate with the Japanese Self-Defense Force, get Su Ruoli out by himself, and then let the Self-Defense Force capture him back and sell the Self-Defense Force a favor.
After all, the Japanese Self-Defense Force still has a lot of energy in the Japanese government. As long as it has a good relationship with the Self-Defense Force, it will be very convenient for future development in Japan and cooperation with the Japanese government.
However, the old man never dreamed that such a big change would happen to the original seamless plan.
Su Ruoli’s disappearance put him in a dilemma now.
On the one hand, he did not know how to explain to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and how to eliminate the indignation of the Japanese people towards the Su family;
On the other hand, he didn’t know whether Su Ruoli was dead or alive. If he was still alive, would he already know what he was doing secretly? What if she knew about it and asked herself to retaliate in the future?
While he was irritable, his most trusted subordinate hurried over and said in a low voice: “Master, Masaji Honda of the Japanese Self-Defense Force has called again. He said to give us 24 hours. If we pay back within 24 hours If you can’t give Su Ruoli to them, the one billion dollar deposit we gave them will not come back…”
“Also, Honda Shoji is very angry now. He thinks we are playing with them on purpose, so he said, if we don’t hand over Su Ruoli, then he will have enemies with us and let us be careful in everything.”
Elder Su sighed and cursed very annoyed: “Damn! Where did Su Ruoli go? A great living person, he can’t disappear out of thin air!”
The subordinate hurriedly said, “Now all the police in Japan are looking for the whereabouts of Su Ruoli. The Self-Defense Forces are also investigating all passing ships at sea. If Li is still in Japan, it is only a matter of time before she is found; She has already left Japan, so she must have left Japan by water. Based on the time since her disappearance, she should have returned to China.”
Elder Su frowned tightly and said coldly: “If it’s the former, it’s okay to say, but if it’s the latter, it will be troublesome! She has no reason not to contact Su’s family when she returns to China, unless she already knows the truth. ! In that case, we will be a bit tricky in the future!”
After that, he immediately ordered: “Wang Liang, you immediately send someone to monitor the He family. If Su Ruoli returns to China, if he does not contact us, he will definitely contact her family and closely monitor all the He family’s movements. Report any disturbances to me immediately!”

Chapter: 2205
At this moment, Tokyo, Japan.
Forty-eight-year-old Suzuki Tomohisa was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office where he had just taken office, helpless.
He is the new director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
Prior to this, he was a middle-level senior in the homeland security department. He was very well-known in the homeland security department because he was very good at investigating and had a very hard wrist.
This time, Su Ruoli was found to have dropped the package, and the whole Japan was shocked. The Japanese government was overwhelmed by this, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department became a target of public criticism.
There is really no way, the Japanese government can only let Suzuki Tomohisa take orders.
However, Suzuki Tomohisa didn’t want to take this mess either.
As a wise man, he generally stays away from such cases that shock the whole country.
Because cracking such a case is certainly very successful, but if you fail, you will definitely disappoint the people of the whole country.
For so many years, Suzuki Tomohisa has relied on a steady and steady fight, a little bit of experience, accumulation of successful cases, and his own popularity.
Therefore, he likes to take on tasks that are not so challenging and difficult.
He didn’t want to interfere with such a challenging and difficult task.
Because, it was hard for me to rely on a steady fight until today, and I can continue to maintain a steady and steady style until retirement.
In that case, you will be able to retreat and reap the admiration of the people across the country.
Now this extremely difficult task, being able to complete it will certainly make myself a big step forward.
But if it is not done, it will also waste the situation and status that I have gained for so many years.
It’s like a gambler who has won a lot of money and plans to play a few hands and leave the game with the money.
However, at this moment, the dealer asked him to bet on Stud and put in all the money he had won before.
Only fools are willing to do such things.
But Suzuki Tomohisa couldn’t help it.
After all, he works in the national security department. After all, he is a national civil servant. What the Japanese government wants him to do, he has no room for bargaining at all.
Now, it is a foreign woman he has never met that determines the future trajectory of his life.
And he only knew that this woman was called Su Ruoli, who was the main murderer of the Matsumoto family. As long as he could catch her, he would be well-known throughout Japan; but if he could not catch her, he would disappoint the whole Japanese people. Sinner in the eyes of the Japanese people.
As for where is Su Ruoli? Is it still alive? He has no clues at all.
Ten thousand steps back and said, even if I can’t find Su Ruoli, I have to at least find out how she was removed from the mountain under everyone’s eyes.
Now that the double has been poisoned and died, and several people responsible for her transportation have disappeared for no reason. The Metropolitan Police Department could not find any valuable clues.
Just when he scratched his scalp and didn’t know where to start, his deputy pushed in and said embarrassingly: “Mr. Suzuki, there are many media reporters outside. Not only our domestic nhk and Asahi Shimbun, but also There are many top overseas media including bbc and cnn, they all want to interview you…”
“Interview me?” Suzuki Tomohisa said with a black face, “I just took office, what can I do for an interview?”
The deputy said: “They want to know the progress of Su Ruoli’s disappearance case…”

Chapter: 2206
Suzuki Chihisa angrily said: “You help me tell them that there is no progress on this matter. If there is any substantial progress, then I will definitely announce it to the national and even the world media through the press conference.”
The deputy nodded: “Okay Mr. Suzuki, then I will reply to them first!”
Tomohisa Suzuki stopped him and said, “Oh yes, from now on, no media reporters are allowed to enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department without invitation or permission!”
“Okay, I know!”
After the deputy went out, Tomohisa Suzuki rubbed his temples distractedly, and said to himself: “Hey…As long as you are in danger, you have never had any good things! This case has such a great influence. Not only the people of the whole country are paying attention, but even overseas media are paying attention. If you don’t handle it well, your reputation may be ruined. It’s fucking tricky!
Just thinking about it, the phone rang suddenly.
Hearing the ringing of the cell phone, his scalp suddenly numbed, and his veins jumped suddenly.
What he is most afraid of now is answering the phone, not only that various media have tried every means to find out his mobile phone and want to interview him over the phone.
There are many leaders of government departments who are constantly asking about the progress of the investigation of the entire case.
He is troubled by it.
When I helped her look at the screen of her mobile phone, she realized that it was the daughter of her good brother, Nanako Ito. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest The Suzuki family and the Ito family were originally family friends.
He and Ito Yuhiko have been close friends since they were young, and they also attended the same university. Although they are not brothers, they are not much worse than their brothers.
Therefore, Ito Nanako seemed to him as his half daughter.
Seeing that it was Ito Nanako’s phone call, his irritable mood was greatly relieved. He got on the phone and squeezed a little smile, and asked: “Nanako, why do you think of calling me?”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Uncle Suzuki, I heard that you recently transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to investigate the case of Su Ruoli’s disappearance?”
“Yes.” Tomohisa Suzuki asked, “Have you heard of Nanako?”
“Yes…” Ito Nanako said, “Uncle Suzuki, have you found any useful clues?”
Tomohisa Suzuki sighed: “So far, there is no clue. This Su Ruoli is almost as if the world has evaporated.”
Nanako Ito hesitated for a moment, and said: “Uncle Suzuki, I have a very good friend. When I called me just now, he revealed a little clue to me, so I will call you quickly. Helped.”
When Tomohisa Suzuki heard this, he immediately asked excitedly: “Nanako, what you said is true? Who is your friend? What clue did he give you?”
Nanako Ito solemnly said: “Uncle Suzuki, I’m sorry about the identity of my friend, I can’t tell you.”
While speaking, Ito Nanako said again: “As for the clue he gave me… he told me that the reason why Su Ruoli was quietly transferred is not the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. , But from the Su family and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.”
“The Japanese Self-Defense Force?” Suzuki Tomohisa asked in amazement: “Is the Self-Defense Force also involved in this matter?”
“Right.” Ito Nanako said: “My friend said that it was the Su family and the Self-Defense Forces who united and sacked Su Ruo, and then deliberately dumped the pot to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.”
Tomohisa Suzuki hurriedly asked: “Then what is their purpose? Do you want to rescue that Su Ruo back to Su’s house?”
“No.” Ito Nanako said: “Their purpose is to throw Su Ruoli’s scapegoat to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and then the Japanese Self-Defense Force will capture Su Ruoli back at sea and give all the credit. Self-Defense Forces.”
“What?!” Suzuki Tomohisa was dumbfounded, and blurted out: “Nanako…you…what you said…is true?!”
Nanako Ito said seriously: “This is what my friend told me. I believe him. He said that if you want to seize this clue, you can use your relationship with the national security department to take the Japanese sea that was patrolled at Tokyo Port yesterday. All the members of the Self-Defense Forces are taken away for quarantine review, there should be a breakthrough!”

Chapter: 2207
Ito Nanako’s words overturned all the speculations and inferences of Suzuki Tomohisa about the whole matter.
He never dreamed that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were also involved in this kind of thing, and a strong anger suddenly came to his mind!
Immediately, Tomohisa Suzuki gritted his teeth and said: “Nanako, thank you and your friends for reminding me. I will definitely bring all the relevant persons responsible for the trial as soon as possible!”
Nanako Ito smiled and said, “Uncle Suzuki, I hope this clue can help you.”
Tomohisa Suzuki confidently said: “Nanako, if this clue is true, it really helped me a lot!”
After all, Suzuki Tomohisa hurriedly said, “Nanako, I won’t tell you anymore, I have to arrange for arrest!”
“Good Uncle Suzuki!”
Tomohisa Suzuki hung up the phone and immediately contacted his old leader of the Homeland Security Department.
The clues provided by Ito Nanako are of great importance. If the Self-Defense Forces really participate in the removal of Bao Su Ruoli, this is not only a national scandal, but also a major homeland security incident, so it must be thoroughly investigated.
The leaders of Japan’s homeland security department also paid great attention to this matter after hearing about it, and almost immediately sent a very high-level homeland security expert to fully cooperate with Suzuki Tomohisa to conduct a thorough investigation of this matter.
The relevant person in charge of the Self-Defense Force at this time does not know that he has been exposed.
They are constantly putting pressure on the Su family, forcing them to hand over Su Ruoli.
The people of the whole country are paying attention to this case now. As long as the Self-Defense Forces can arrest Su Ruoli and bring him to justice, they can make a great contribution.
However, even if the Su family is unwilling to hand over Su Ruoli, it does not matter. After all, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for this matter, and the senior level of the Self-Defense Force does not have to bear any consequences, and there is a billion-dollar deposit as compensation.
In short, the Self-Defense Force feels that although what he did this time is not a successful big deal, it is definitely a deal that will not lose money.
However, they did not expect that the United Nations Land Security Department of the Metropolitan Police Department had already targeted them!
An invisible big net has been slowly spreading towards a part of the top level of the Japanese Self-Defense Force!
At this time, Ye Chen had just returned home.
Pushing the door and entering, I heard the restaurant is very lively.
Xiao Churan was chatting with people. Hearing the movement of the door opened, he came out busy to check. When he saw that Ye Chen had returned, he said with joy, “Husband! Why did you come back without saying hello or making a sound?” !”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “I didn’t just finish my business, because a client was in Japan and said that he was going to come back by private jet, so I just took a ride back.”
Xiao Churan nodded, stepped forward to hold his hand, and said with a smile: “Husband, it takes two or three hours for you to fly from Japan. Surely you didn’t eat at noon?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “No, I’ll go home as soon as I’m done.”
Xiao Churan smiled and said, “Then you came back just right. Ruo Lin just came back from Yanjing today. I asked her to come to eat at home. We just opened the red wine, so you can eat together!”
With that, she took Ye Chen and walked into the restaurant.
In the restaurant, Dong Ruolin was chatting with Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan. When Xiao Churan came in with Ye Chen’s hand, her expression immediately became surprised!
She went back to Yanjing for a few days during the Chinese New Year holiday. She has been missing Ye Chen for a few days, so as soon as she got off the plane this morning, she couldn’t wait to visit Xiao Churan with gifts.
Said to come to see Xiao Churan, but what he wanted was to see Ye Chen.

Chapter: 2208
However, it was discovered after coming that Ye Chen was not at home.
It turned out that Ye Chen went to Japan a few days ago because of an emergency, and has not returned.
This made Dong Ruolin feel a little stunned, and her originally high mood instantly dimmed a lot.
Just half an hour ago, Xiao Churan’s family left her at home for lunch. She still hesitated, thinking that Ye Chen was not at home. At this time, staying at Xiao Churan’s home for lunch, wasted a time with Ye Chen. Good opportunity to be close.
She wanted to say that she would just wait for the next visit, but couldn’t hold back Xiao Churan’s enthusiasm, but she had no choice but to agree.
But she really didn’t expect that Ye Chen would come back before eating this meal!
Therefore, at this moment, Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen with a look of excitement.
Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were naturally very happy to see Ye Chen returned.
Xiao Changkun’s Calligraphy and Painting Association is resting these days. He faces Ma Lan at home every day, and he is almost annoying to death. Seeing Ye Chen come back, he is naturally very happy.
As for Ma Lan, she was even more happy. When she saw Ye Chen, she said happily: “Oh my good son-in-law, you can be counted as coming back after so many days. Don’t you know how much mom missed you these days? !”
With that said, his eyes couldn’t help but looked at Ye Chen’s hand.
When Ye Chen went to other places recently, she always brought her all kinds of high-end gifts back, so this time she also looked forward to what gifts Ye Chen would bring to herself.
However, Ye Chen was empty-handed at this time, and it didn’t look like he had prepared a present.
Ma Lan was somewhat disappointed in her heart, but she was too embarrassed to show it. After all, her current attitude towards Ye Chen had changed drastically from before.
She felt that Ye Chen was an out-and-out good son-in-law.
Even if Ye Chen didn’t bring her a gift this time, she was not upset except for a little disappointment.
At this time, Ye Chen also realized that when he came back in a hurry and didn’t prepare a small gift for Ma Lan, Ma Lan would definitely feel a little lost.
So he walked up to Ma Lan, sat down beside her, and said with a smile: “Mom, I’m so sorry. This time I wanted to buy some gifts for you from Japan to bring back, but suddenly a friend wanted to take a private seat. When the plane returned to China, I temporarily took his downwind, so I didn’t have time to buy gifts.”
Ma Lan hurriedly waved his hand: “Oh my son-in-law, you are already very happy if you have mom and mom in your heart. As for gifts, there is no need to buy them every time!
Ye Chen nodded and smiled casually: “Mom, I will transfer you 200,000 yuan on WeChat later. If you take it and buy something, it’s just a little bit of my care!”
When Ma Lan heard this, the whole person asked with excitement: “Oh my god, my son-in-law! What you said is true?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Can there be fakes? Mom, wait a moment, I will transfer the money.”
After all, he took out his mobile phone and directly transferred 200,000 cash to Ma Lan via WeChat.
Ma Lan received the WeChat push and opened it. It was Ye Chen who gave him 200,000 yuan, so he clicked to receive it excitedly, clapped his hands happily, and smiled: “Oh! What is the life of my Ma Lan! I found a good son-in-law!”
Xiao Changkun on the side shook his head repeatedly and said to Ye Chen, “My dear son-in-law, in the future, give your mother a little less money. If she has a little money, she will have to spend it. You know that since her broken leg, until now, How many things have you bought online? A room is almost filled with her!”
Ma Lan glared at him and scolded, “Xiao Changkun, take care of your mouth and don’t spit out stinky farts, what’s the matter with you! I think you are jealous of my son-in-law being so kind to me!”
Xiao Changkun said angrily: “You just fart!”
Ma Lan curled his lips and said, “What’s wrong? I fart? I fart, where is your mouth calling or something?”
Xiao Changkun’s angry old face flushed, and he snorted coldly, “I really don’t bother to take care of a vulgar woman like you!”

Chapter: 2209
Seeing that Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were about to choke again, Xiao Churan hurriedly came out to complete the game: “Oh, Mom, dad, don’t you always choke up when you talk? Ye Chen just came back, and Ruo Lin is here, don’t let anyone else. I saw the joke…”
Xiao Changkun looked at Ma Lan and snorted coldly, “I don’t know you as much as you look at the face of a girl!”
Ma Lan said disdainfully: “Look at what you said, it’s like I want to be familiar with you.”
After all, Ma Lan turned his head to the side and stopped looking at Xiao Changkun.
At this time, Dong Ruolin said to Xiao Churan in embarrassment: “By the way, Churan, Gu Qiuyi will come to Jinling for a concert next month. Let’s go and watch it together?”
Xiao Churan hurriedly smiled and said, “Ye Chen said he wants to accompany me. He knew Gu Qiuyi and said that he could get tickets for the front row.”
Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen in shock and asked, “Ye Chen, do you know Gu Qiuyi?!”
Ye Chen nodded: “You know, Miss Gu is one of my clients. I have helped her see Feng Shui before.”
Dong Ruolin blurted out: “Mom, it’s so good?! Then you must be familiar with Miss Gu, can you help me find a ticket for the front row? I will pay you twice!”
Having said that, Dong Ruolin was afraid that Ye Chen would not agree, and clasped her hands together and pleaded: “Ye Chen, like Chu Ran, I have liked Gu Qiuyi for a long time. I especially want to sit in the first row and watch her concert…”
Speaking of this, Dong Ruolin sighed and said: “But her concert front-row tickets are too difficult to buy. As long as she opens the concert, the rich second generation from all over the country will swarm like flies, and it will I grabbed all the good seats. I have robbed them several times without success, so I can only ask for your help…” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling big when he heard this.
At the earliest, I promised Gu Qiuyi that he would go to her concert, and then he promised his wife Xiao Churan that he would take her to Gu Qiuyi’s concert.
Xiao Churan was his wife, and Gu Qiuyi was her fiancee who had been married since she was a child. Taking his wife to see his fiancee’s concert was very uncomfortable in itself. I didn’t expect Dong Ruolin to join in the fun at this time!
Dong Ruolin liked Ye Chen’s things, Ye Chen herself had known for a long time.
And he also knows that Dong Ruolin has a fiery personality and courage. When she was in the hot spring with her and her wife, she dared to run to her while her wife was asleep and confessed. If she was there at Gu Qiuyi’s concert, it would not be true. Know how messy it will be…
So Ye Chen said embarrassedly: “Ruolin, I’m really sorry, I may not be able to help you with this matter, because I have already greeted Miss Gu, and Miss Gu said that at most two tickets can be solved for me. .”
“You also know that my relationship with Miss Gu is just the client relationship of Party A and Party B. It is very interesting that people can solve two tickets for me. I am really not embarrassed to ask someone more… ….”
When Dong Ruolin heard this, she didn’t have too much doubt in her heart.
She thought to herself: “Gu Qiuyi’s concert tickets are hard to find, and the seats in the front row are even more difficult to change.”
“Ye Chen just helped Gu Qiuyi watch feng shui. It is indeed very rare that people can promise him two tickets for the front row. No matter how much he asks, it seems that Ye Chen is a little careless. I can’t let Ye Chen. I was looked down upon to help me get tickets!”
Thinking of this, she hurriedly said: “Then I will think of ways myself. If I can’t get the tickets for the front row, I will be satisfied when I get a ticket for the first five rows.”
Ye Chen was also slightly relieved when he heard this.
He felt that if he couldn’t prevent Dong Ruolin from going to the concert, it would be a good thing for Dong Ruolin to sit a little further away from her and her wife.
At least, I can be less stressed when the time comes.
Ye Chen knew very well that if she asked Gu Qiuyi for three tickets, she would definitely not refuse, and she would definitely give three consecutive seats.

Chapter: 2210
What if Dong Ruolin insists on sitting next to herself?
So, if she can’t agree to her request, let her find a way to get the tickets. The best situation is that she can’t get the first row seat, but step back and say, if she gets the first row Seat, as long as she doesn’t sit next to her, she has nothing to worry about.
At this time, Dong Ruolin said to Xiao Churan again: “Churan, do you want to go shopping together in the afternoon?”
Xiao Churan glanced at Ye Chen, and whispered in her ear: “Ruolin, I still don’t want to go shopping. I will go to work in two days. Ye Chen has just returned from a few days after going out. I want to be at home more. Stay with him.”
Dong Ruolin was shocked.
She could see that when Xiao Churan said this, it was entirely from the heart.
This made Dong Ruolin realize that Xiao Churan, who has always been less sensitive to feelings, might have truly fallen in love with Ye Chen.
This made her very sad.
She used to feel that Xiao Churan married Ye Chen only under the pressure of his grandfather. From an emotional point of view, she definitely did not love Ye Chen.
In that case, digging a corner by yourself will feel at ease.
However, if your girlfriend really fell in love with Ye Chen, wouldn’t they both be happy?
If that were the case, it would indeed seem a bit immoral to grab love with a sword.
At this moment, Dong Ruolin wondered if she would give up pursuing Ye Chen.
If she gave up pursuing Ye Chen, there would be no need for her to stay in Jinling.
After all, the chairman of the Emgrand Group has not shown up until now, and Dong Ruolin’s family has also given up the idea of ​​letting her catch this line.
This time Dong Ruolin went back to the New Year, and the Dong family hoped that she would quit her job at Emgrand Group and return to Yanjing for development.
But Dong Ruolin said she didn’t want to resign because she didn’t want to give up Ye Chen.
But at this moment, Dong Ruolin felt a little shaken in her heart.
At a certain moment, she even felt that she might as well leave Jinling and return to Yanjing to develop well.
In this case, not only can I keep my girlfriend’s relationship with Xiao Churan, but also my career and relationship will not be delayed.
After all, no matter how much energy she puts into Ye Chen, it is difficult to get the return she wants. In the end, it is very likely that the bamboo basket will be exhausted.
However, when he thought of Ye Chen’s many pasts of saving herself, Dong Ruolin couldn’t restrain her strong love.
She felt that if she gave up Ye Chen, she might not find a man who could make her heart move in her life.
After thinking about it, Dong Ruolin decided: “I want to stay in Jinling and continue to fight!”
“If Ye Chen is willing to accept me, then even if I am cast aside by the people of the world, I will never hesitate!”
“However, if one day it is confirmed that I am pregnant, then I will completely withdraw, return to Yanjing without hesitation, and never see Ye Chen again!”

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