The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2221-2230

Chapter: 2221
Seeing Su Shoudao kneeling on the ground and crying, Du Haiqing immediately stepped back subconsciously, freed his hands, and said seriously: “Su Shoudao, you understand my personality. When I promised to marry you, I made a decision with you. The Three Gentlemen’s Covenants, do you remember?”
Su Shoudao red eyes and nodded slightly: “Remember…I remember! I remember every word! Wife, I am really confused for a while, please, forgive me this time, just this time. ?”
Du Haiqing said with a serious expression: “Su Shoudao, I hope you first talk about the three gentlemen’s covenants.”
Su Shoudao’s heart suddenly hurt, and he trembled: “The first clause of the gentleman’s covenant, no matter what time or situation, as long as…as long as…”
Du Haiqing asked, “Just what?”
Su Shoudao long sighed: “Hey! As long as… as long as Ye Changying is willing to come back and accept you, I must divorce you unconditionally and never entangle you!”
Du Haiqing nodded and asked him: “What about the second one?”
Su Shoudao said: “The second thing is that you must not prevent you from meeting Ye Changying as a normal friend after marriage.”
Du Haiqing asked again: “What about the third one?”
“The third…” Su Shoudao murmured: “The third is that you marry me not for love, but to have a stable family, so either of us needs to abide by morals. The bottom line is that you should not be ambiguous with other opposite sex during the marriage relationship, or even have actual relationships. If you change your mind, you must inform the other party in advance and break up peacefully…”
Du Haiqing gave a hum, and said calmly: “Since you remember it, there is no need for me to repeat it. I will go back to my mother’s house today. Tomorrow morning, we will go through the divorce procedures. Both of our children are grown-ups, and there will be no custody issues involved. As for the property of this family, I don’t want a penny, so let’s do it.”
After that, Du Haiqing turned and left.
Su Shoudao hurriedly knelt in front of her, grabbed her suitcase, cried and said, “My wife, you don’t know the specifics of what happened back then…”
“He Yingxiu…He Yingxiu, she nearly lost her arm back then to save me. I want to make up for her, but she…but she said she had a crush on me for many years and just wanted to leave without regret……”
“I…I was also moved and impulsive at the time, so…so it happened with her once…”
“I swear to heaven, I, Su Shoudao, only betrayed you once, the only time…”
“Please look at the face of our husband and wife for more than 20 years, please look at the face of our sons and daughters, forgive me this time! I beg you…”
Du Haiqing said seriously: “Su Shoudao, there are many ways to thank someone for repaying, why do you have to choose the one that betrays your marriage?”
Su Shoudao cried and said, “Wife…I…I’m confused for a while…”
Du Haiqing waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter whether you are confused or not, what matters is that you have made your choice. Now that you have made a choice, then dare to act!”
After all, Du Haiqing said very solemnly: “If the two of us can simply divorce tomorrow, we can still be friends even if we can’t be married in the future; but if you don’t want to break up peacefully, then I can only ask The court sued for divorce, and you know that the case for divorce is to be heard in court. You are also a man of good standing. There is no need to make things so ugly, right?”
Su Shoudao looked at Du Haiqing, crying, and choked up and asked: “My wife, what do you want me to do so that you can forgive me? As long as you tell me, Su Shoudao will do my best! !”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly: “Su Shoudao, I’m sorry, I really can’t forgive you.”
Su Shoudao’s whole person was trembling, and he asked her: “My wife, you and I have been married for more than 20 years, do you really want to be so unfeeling?”

Chapter: 2222
Du Haiqing asked him, “Su Shoudao, do you know why I loved Ye Changying so much?”
Su Shoudao’s whole person was suddenly startled.
He looked at Du Haiqing and asked in a hoarse voice: “Why?”
Du Haiqing laughed bitterly, and said in a painful voice: “When Chang Ying was about to get married, I also ran to confess to him like He Yingxiu confessed to you…”
“I even thought about giving my body to him. Even, I even had the same reason as He Yingxiu…”
“I said to him at the time: Long Ying, I have loved you for so many years without any results. If you really don’t love me and don’t want to give me a result, then don’t let me leave the last regret… …”
“I also said: Chang Ying, a woman, the most precious thing is her own chastity. The reason why this chastity is precious is because every woman wants to leave it to the man she loves the most, and I hope to Leave your chastity to you…”
At this point, Du Haiqing’s voice also choked up. She looked at Su Shoudao and said in a crying voice: “However, the biggest difference between Changying and you is that Changying did not hesitate to reject me at the time! Because he said he absolutely can’t It ruined my future!!! For this alone, you will never compare to him!!!”
Su Shoudao heard this and said nothing.
He felt his face hot for a while, so hot that he couldn’t even open his eyes.
Du Haiqing sighed when he saw that he was not talking, and said, “Su Shoudao, couples together, so get together and get together, okay?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Su Shoudao couldn’t help crying.
He wanted to say a few more words of admitting his mistake and begging for forgiveness, and then think of a way to beg and retain Du Haiqing.
However, when Du Haiqing said just now that she had begged Ye Changying just like He Yingxiu begged to herself, but Ye Changying refused her, he really had no face to excuse himself.
And he also knows very well that it is useless to excuse. Since Du Haiqing has decided, he will definitely not look back…
Just as he didn’t know what to do, a hurried knock on the door came, and the butler said angrily outside the door: “Master, the master asked me to ask you to go right away, saying that there are a hundred thousand urgent and important events, so you must ASAP!”
Su Shoudao was a little horrified. He had been taking a shower, and his wife would divorce him after taking a shower, so he didn’t know that the Su family had been pushed to the forefront of the storm because of the announcement of the Japanese National Security Agency.
He actually doesn’t want to go anywhere now, he just wants to do his best to keep his wife behind. However, his father’s majesty is not something he can disobey, and his father has asked the housekeeper to say that there are a hundred thousand urgent and important events. It’s the father who will definitely be angry.
Thinking of this, he could only shout to the housekeeper through the door: “Okay, you go first, I’ll get dressed and go over!”
After the steward left, Su Shoudao looked at Du Haiqing and pleaded: “Wife, when I come back, can we have a good chat?”
Du Haiqing shook his head and said: “There is no need to talk between us anymore, you should go to the old man’s place quickly!”
After all, she took advantage of Su Shoudao’s carelessness, pulled up the suitcase and pushed the door and walked out…

Chapter: 2223
Seeing Du Haiqing’s resolutely and without looking back, Su Shoudao was so painful that he almost suffocated.
He had known for a long time that Du Haiqing did not actually love him.
He had already known that the person Du Haiqing had always loved in his heart was actually Ye Changying.
Moreover, Du Haiqing sometimes underestimated Su Shoudao’s skill.
Although he has never interfered with Du Haiqing’s privacy on the surface, in fact, he has already grasped all Du Haiqing’s behaviors clearly.
Many years ago, after the mobile phone started to have the wifi networking function, Su Shoudao allowed top Internet hackers to closely monitor his wifi network.
Du Haiqing’s mobile phone, when connected to wifi, which software and which websites he visited after connecting to wifi, he can use the tools provided by hackers to perform comprehensive monitoring.
Therefore, he also knows that Du Haiqing has quietly visited the web album website almost every day when he is not around for so many years.
In order to know what secret she was hiding in the web album, he even asked his subordinates to use a company shell outside to directly acquire the operating company of the web album.
Acquiring this company will naturally control all user data of this company.
Including what the user uploaded and browsed here, he can see clearly in the database.
Therefore, he had known for a long time that Du Haiqing went to that web album every day to see some photos of her with Ye Changying, or Ye Changying’s own photos.
This has always been a huge torture for Su Shoudao.
He couldn’t accept the beloved wife around him, he was always thinking about other men.
Even if that man is already dead!
Could it be that if I worked so hard and worked so hard, it was not as important to her as a dead person?
Because of this, he has always hated Ye Changying.
Even if Ye Changying had passed away for many years, he still hated him to the extreme, and he hadn’t weakened in the slightest for so many years.
However, Su Shoudao has always used the five words “Vested Interests” to hypnotize me.
He thought, what if Du Haiqing loves Ye Changying deeply? Isn’t she married to herself? Didn’t you give birth to two children?
So, in the final analysis, he is Du Haiqing’s man and her only man, which is already an absolute victory.
However, now Du Haiqing resolutely left him, and instantly destroyed his “Vested Interests” mentality without leaving any residue.
Although the hatred in his heart was overwhelming at this time, but when he thought that the old man still had important things waiting for him to pass, he could only temporarily calm his mind, wiped his tears, pounced his face with cold water, and wrapped his pajamas. Hurry to the old man’s study.
Su Chengfeng’s study room is larger than the living room of an ordinary villa.
To put it bluntly, this is Su Chengfeng’s chamber.
Like the imperial library of the ancient emperor, Su Chengfeng not only reads books here, cultivates his body, but also regards it as the core brain of the entire Su family.
He often discusses important matters of the Su family with his sons and core members in the study. Many decisions that affect the Su family and even the business community of the whole country originate from this.
Right now, Grandpa Su had summoned all the second-generation descendants of the entire Su family.
In addition to Su Shoudao, there are Su Shoude, Su Shouren, Su Shouyi, Su Shouli, Su Shouzhi and Su Shouxin.
Su Chengfeng has five sons and two daughters, which are the seven people of Taoism, Virtue, Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom, and Belief.
Because of entanglement with Du Haiqing, Su Shoudao came last.

Chapter: 2224
As soon as he came in, he found that in the entire study, his father and six younger siblings were all flustered.
This made him feel a little bit in his heart.
In his impression, his father had been calm and composed for many years. It was always the case that Taishan collapsed before his appearance. How could he panic like this today?
Moreover, he also found that the eyes of the younger brothers and sisters around him looked very strange at this time.
Their eyes are nervous, fearful, sympathetic, and even compassionate.
So he asked nervously, “Dad, what happened?”
Su Chengfeng raised his head to look at him, and asked with some guilty conscience: “Did you see the news feed?”
Su Shoudao looked down at his pajamas and said embarrassingly: “What push? I was taking a shower just now. After washing, the butler said that you were looking for me, so I hurried over and didn’t even get my phone… .”
Su Chengfeng sighed with a complicated expression, and said: “Shou Dao, there are some things, you have to understand me more, I sit in this position, I really want to take the overall situation into account, not too concerned about the love of my children!”
Su Shoudao was a little surprised.
He didn’t quite understand why the old man suddenly said such a thing. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Moreover, the old man’s tone seemed a bit like admitting his mistake and begging for forgiveness.
You know, the old man has always treated his children and grandchildren extremely harshly!
At the family meeting, Su Zhiyuan, Su Shouxin’s son, was satisfied with dozens of slaps and almost fainted by his father because he talked nonsense in front of the old man and made him unhappy.
This shows that it is impossible for the old man to admit his mistakes to his children and grandchildren.
But today, why did he say this? !
Su Chengfeng, the elder of the Su family, did not admit his mistakes to his children and grandchildren in his life.
He has always been extremely strong and has the style of an ancient emperor.
In the eyes of ancient emperors, Jiangshan Sheji and his own power were the most important, and his children would never be the first.
It was the same in his eyes.
The foundation of the Su family, and his unshakable position as the head of the Patriarch, are the most important things in his eyes.
In front of these, what do children and grandchildren count?
However, this time, he never dreamed that the National Security Agency of Japan would actually find out his affairs with the top Japanese Self-Defense Forces!
They even found out the true identity of Su Ruoli, who was Su Shoudao’s illegitimate daughter and his own granddaughter!
Now, people all over the country know that Su Chengfeng is a tortoise bastard who can sacrifice the lives of his grandchildren at any time for his own benefit!
These children in front of me don’t know how to think of themselves.
After all, if any father or grandfather does such a thing, his children and grandchildren will be very disappointed, and even stay away from him.
Therefore, Mr. Su is very clear in his heart: “This incident must have caused me to be cast aside by the world, and the Su family has suffered heavy losses in all aspects. If I do not deal with the internal influence of the family properly, my Patriarch will most likely be Immediately lose all prestige! Even the Su family may be overwhelmed!”
“At the moment, it is the most critical moment for the Su family! Therefore, I must try my best to calm Su Shoudao’s mentality first, otherwise in case he knows that I betrayed his biological daughter, and he cannot be on any level. If he understands and tolerates me a little bit more, then he is likely to take the lead against me in anger. If that happens, the family trouble will be too great!
“As long as I can hold him steady, everyone else can hold it!”

Chapter: 2225
At this time, Su Shoudao hadn’t figured out what major incident had happened.
So he looked at Old Man Su and asked, “Dad, what’s the matter?”
Elder Su sighed lightly, and said grimly: “Hey…It’s Ruoli…”
Su Shoudao hurriedly asked: “Have you found Ruoli’s whereabouts?!”
Elder Su shook his head: “Not yet… keep the Dao, about Ruoli, Dad must apologize to you… I hope you can forgive Dad…”
Su Shoudao did not expect that the old man would apologize to himself, and hurriedly said: “Dad, what are you doing… Just tell me if you have anything to do. If you leave this thing, even if it fails in the end, I will not blame you……”
Su Shoudao also felt that the old man did not spare any effort to save Su Ruoli.
However, this matter itself is indeed very difficult, and the incident occurred in Japan, and the Su family is beyond reach. If there is an accident in the rescue process that causes the rescue to fail, or even Su Ruoli’s unfortunate death, it is indeed possible. Understandable.
At this time, the old man Su sighed: “Hey…I am always confused about this matter! Rescue if Li has committed a felony in Japan, it is fundamentally difficult. It’s not a problem that money can solve…”
As he said, his eyes were a little red, and he choked with shame: “Shoudao, I know it is difficult to save Ruoli, so he reached a secret agreement with the top of the Japanese Self-Defense Force…”
Su Shoudao was startled, and blurted out: “Agreement?! What agreement?! How did you reach an agreement with the Self-Defense Forces? Ruoli and the other fifty-plus masters were all caught by the Japanese Self-Defense Force!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Mr. Su lamented: “Hey, I am also based on the principle of maximizing profits, so I want to play a play with the Self-Defense Forces. On the one hand, the Self-Defense Forces can make outstanding achievements in front of Japanese society and let us establish a relationship with the Self-Defense Forces. A good cooperative relationship, on the other hand, can also stabilize the He family. After all, everything is for the benefit of the Su family…”
Su Shoudao was stunned: “Dad, what do you mean by this? Did you just make a scene when you said you wanted to save Ruoli?!”
Elder Su said with great pain: “I also have difficulties!”
Su Shoudao tried his best to control his emotions and said: “You have been talking about news feeds before, what kind of news feeds are they?!”
Elder Su gave his second child Su Shoude a wink. Su Shoude immediately handed the phone to Su Shoudao and said: “Brother, you read this article first.”
Su Shoudao took the phone and read carefully every word.
After he finished reading this article, Su Shoudao almost went away!
“This old guy used my biological daughter as a bargaining chip to please the Japanese Self-Defense Forces! Is this man still half-human?”
“No wonder, Du Haiqing knew about Su Ruoli! No wonder she suddenly wanted to divorce me! It turns out that all this was dug up by the Japanese National Security Agency!”
Thinking of the fact that his wife Du Haiqing resolutely ran away from home and divorced herself because of Su Ruoli’s matter just now, combined with this thunderbolt news, Su Shoudao’s whole person was a little untenable.
He glared at Old Man Su, and angrily rebuked: “If Li is your granddaughter! How can you do this?! Do you know, because of what you did, if life and death are unknown before now, Haiqing will follow I am divorced! Why are you doing this? Why?”
Elder Su said earnestly: “Shou Dao! Even if I don’t do this, we won’t be able to save Ruoli!”
Su Shoudao gritted his teeth and asked: “It’s impossible to save Ruoli, so do I have to take Ruoli out to act? Do I have to use Ruoli out to please the Japanese Self-Defense Forces?!”
Seeing that Su Shoudao’s attitude was very bad, Old Man Su couldn’t help frowning slightly, and said in a cold tone, “I said, I do this for the benefit of the Su family!”
Su Shoudao couldn’t control his anger, and sternly shouted: “The interests of the Su family?! Is it possible to sacrifice my daughter’s life for the interests of the Su family?!”

Chapter: 2226
Elder Su said coldly: “Don’t forget, she is just an illegitimate daughter with a shameless identity!”
Su Shoudao angrily shouted, “What about the illegitimate daughter? The illegitimate daughter is also my daughter, Su Shoudao!”
Father Su was equally angry and asked him: “What? Are you questioning my decision?! Are you going to settle accounts with me?!”
Su Shoudao gritted his teeth and said, “Because of you doing this, my biological daughter is missing, and my wife will divorce me too!”
Elder Su said coldly: “Don’t think it was me who harmed Ruoli, you are the one who really harmed her!”
“If you didn’t let her destroy the Matsumoto family, how could the Japanese government hate her to the bone?”
“Your biological daughter became the number one felon in Japan because of your orders!”
“With all the crimes you made her commit, according to Japanese law, she must not escape her death!”
“So you have to remember, you are the cause! You are the cause! Not me!”
When Su Shoudao heard this, his whole expression was as if struck by lightning, and in an instant, he became extremely ashamed.
Mr. Su was right.
If he hadn’t had to destroy the Matsumoto family at that time, Su Ruoli would never end up like that!
Therefore, when he heard this, the anger in his heart instantly faded away because of shame and self-blame.
Seeing the prospect of a comeback, Mr. Su immediately pursued the victory, and said sharply: “So, even if I don’t do this, Su Ruoli will never survive! How can you say that I killed her? Even if she didn’t survive in the end, mainly The person responsible is also you, not me!”
“On the contrary, it was precisely because I made such a show that Su Ruoli had a chance to survive!”
“You know, her whereabouts are unknown now! This proves that she is neither in the hands of the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department nor the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Maybe she can really find a chance to survive!”
Su Shoudao’s whole person was extremely depressed.
He also knew that for Su Ruoli’s crimes, in the Japanese judicial system, there is bound to be the only possibility of death penalty. The father is right. If Su Ruoli really died, most of the responsibility lies with him.
At this time, the old man Su continued coldly: “As for Du Haiqing, if she wants to divorce you, please divorce!”
“Unlike us, the Du family is in a high position and pays great attention to face. The fact that you have an illegitimate daughter is exposed. Even if Du Haiqing does not divorce you, the Du family will definitely force her to follow suit for the sake of face. You left.”
“Anyway, the Du family’s historical mission to the Su family has been completed, and we won’t have any needs for them in the future. Divorce is not a bad thing.”
Su Shoudao said desperately: “But my feelings for Haiqing come from the bottom of my heart…”
“I know.” Old Su snorted coldly, and said, “Do you know, where is my most dissatisfied with you?”
Su Shoudao shook his head blankly.
Elder Su sternly reprimanded: “The thing I am most dissatisfied with is that you are too humble when facing Du Haiqing! The dignified Su family man, how can you be so humble to a woman!”

Chapter: 2227
Faced with his father’s reprimand, Su Shoudao said with an expression of pain, “Dad, isn’t that the way things are like feelings? One party is always more involved than the other, and Haiqing has been steadfast in the years he has been with me. In comparison, I have let her down…”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand with a somewhat impatient expression, and said, “Haiqing, don’t talk about it anymore. Now is not the time to discuss the love of your children. The most important thing now is how to deal with our next affairs. trouble!”
“Yes, big brother!” The second child Su Shoude said with a sad face: “We are really stabbing the hornet’s nest now. The whole Japan is now excited about the Su family, and the domestic people also think that we are ruthless and unjust, and the Internet is all against us. Remarks, as soon as the stock market opens tomorrow, the stock prices of our listed companies will definitely plummet, and then our losses will be incalculable!”
The third child Su Shouren blurted out: “Also, now even our own people will probably be chilled by Su Ruoli’s affairs. The children don’t know if they have heard of this. If they do, I’m afraid I will think more in my heart…”
Su Chengfeng said with a black face: “Go back and make it clear with your children! The reason why I want to use Su Ruoli to cooperate with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces is that, on the one hand, Su Ruoli is not a dignified married girl, but a shameless private. Having a daughter, on the other hand, is also because Su Ruoli himself is bound to die, so let your children not think about it! Don’t discuss this matter within the family. Offenders will be sent directly to South America to stay for three years!”
When everyone heard this, their expressions were stunned.
The old man must feel that this incident is very embarrassing. As the trader behind him, once the incident is exposed, he must feel unable to look up.
As a result, everyone tacitly remained silent, no one spoke or even nodded.
This is where the Su family’s sons are smart.
They all know that the old man pays great attention to his own face and majesty, so once he feels that this incident is a scandal and does not want others to mention it again, then they simply don’t even answer the right answer and treat it as nothing.
Seeing that everyone was silent, Mr. Su’s face eased a little, and he said: “I’m planning a few things now, you guys will listen to me!”
Everyone stepped forward and respectfully said: “Dad, say it!”
Elder Su said in a cold voice: “First, from now on, contact all the media that we can contact and pay a big price for them to delete the report!”
“Second, contact all social media, platforms, and apps, and ask them to delete the Su’s incident from all the hot search lists and delete negative content!”
“Thirdly, let the navy dispatch the rumors, claiming that this incident was all a competitor’s fiction, and Su Ruoli is not a descendant of the Su family at all! Anyone who dares to spread rumors on the Internet or other media platforms must bear corresponding legal responsibility! ”
Everyone nodded.
Elder Su sighed: “With the current situation, our Su family can only conduct crisis public relations.”
“As long as crisis public relations are done well, it’s not impossible to turn against the wind.”
“Of course, the headwind can only come back to the domestic public opinion. The Japanese people and the government now hate the Su family. No matter how the Su family is washed, it is impossible to wash it in Japan. You will definitely not want to make money from the Japanese in the future. And in the future, Japan will definitely report to the revivalists in all aspects…”

Chapter: 2228
Su Shoudao forced himself to temporarily put Du Haiqing and Su Ruoli’s affairs behind him, and asked, “Dad, do you have any estimate of how much loss this incident will bring us?”
Su Chengfeng sighed: “For the time being, it’s not good to say that Japan is the largest market in all of Asia besides our Chinese homeland. This alone will cause incalculable losses to our Su family now and in the future. !”
“Moreover, Japanese companies have been deployed overseas for many years, and they have had a great impact. Whether it is the US or European markets, they are deeply involved. If they really want to attack Su’s home overseas, all our future overseas expansion will be greatly affected!
The second child Su Shoude asked: “Dad, can’t we remedy the relationship with the Japanese government?”
“Remedy?” Su Chengfeng smiled bitterly: “How to remedy it? If we can find Su Ruoli and then return it to the Japanese judicial department, we can more or less recover it, but now that Su Ruoli’s whereabouts are unknown, what can we do? ?”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “Then find a way to find Su Ruoli! At that time, hand Su Ruoli to the Japanese judicial department, attach a sincere and open letter of apology, and if possible, compensate for this. It should be able to ease!”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand: “Even if we lose money, we have nowhere to do it. The Matsumoto family has been wiped out. Even if we want to compensate their relatives with a sum of money, we must be able to find relatives! Then it will be even more touching. It hurts the nerves of the Japanese people!”
When everyone heard this, they all agreed.
This matter is indeed different from ordinary criminal cases.
In general criminal cases, as long as the family of the deceased is actively compensated and the family of the deceased is allowed to voluntarily issue a letter of understanding, a certain degree of lenient treatment by law and public opinion can be obtained.
However, Su Ruo left the entire family of the Matsumoto family, and even the son of Ryoto Matsumoto, who had changed his surname with his ex-wife, did not let go. The Matsumoto family was dead, so how could any relatives come? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Therefore, even if the Su family wanted compensation, no one could compensate.
Su Shoude said with an anguished look: “In this case, let’s prepare with both hands. On the one hand, we should quickly do crisis public relations, on the other hand, we should quickly find Su Ruoli’s whereabouts!”
After all, he looked at Su Shoudao with regret and said seriously: “Big brother! Don’t blame the younger brother for saying you, you said that this whole thing was done by you, if you didn’t If you mess with He Xiuying, there will be no such a tricky illegitimate girl like Su Ruoli…”
Su Shoudao saw that his second child suddenly attacked him, frowned, and said coldly: “Shoude, it happened 20 years ago. You still take it out and make a fuss in front of your father and other younger siblings. , What is it?”
Su Shoude didn’t expect that his eldest brother was so sharp, he could see his thoughts all at once, and in the presence of his father and younger siblings, he first gave himself a moral kidnapping.
He himself wanted to make use of the topic in front of the old man, and transfer the responsibility for this matter to Su Shoudao. In this way, it is equivalent to helping Dad transfer the responsibility, and he also splashed the eldest brother in front of Dad. A pot of dirty water.
However, Su Shoudao’s mind was really fast, and he poured the dirty water back all at once.
So he immediately said again: “Big brother is right, Su Ruoli is in his early twenties, and it doesn’t make much sense to talk about it, but let’s just talk about the present! Just say that Zhifei and Zhiyu were kidnapped a few days ago. Things, as long as you calm down a little bit, don’t get angry and let Su Ruo leave the Matsumoto family full of people, this matter will not be where it is today! In the final analysis, it is still your trouble!

Chapter: 2229
Su Shoude had prepared a set of combo punches.
His plan was to first attack Su Shoudao with the first punch, unable to control his lower body, mess around, and cause subsequent troubles;
Following the second punch, he attacked Su Shoudao for being too cruel. He had to destroy the crowd, and it led to such a disaster.
This first punch hit the air, but this second punch hit Su Shoudao’s face firmly.
Several other children of the Su family, upon hearing this, immediately showed their approval.
After all, these things in Japan have nothing to do with them, and now they are also implicated, and they are all caused by Su Shoudao alone.
Su Shoudao’s expression suddenly became very ugly.
The order to destroy the Matsumoto family was indeed given to Ruoli.
However, there is one thing he dare not say.
At that time, the old man had instructed himself, and his intention at the time was to punish the murderer severely.
Had it not been for the old man to set the tone, he might not have dared to give Su Ruoli the order to kill the door.
But Su Shoudao couldn’t say this, nor did he dare to say it.
He also knew that as far as the matter of destroying the Matsumoto family was concerned, on the one hand it was indeed an order from him, on the other hand, he was indeed impulsive.
At the time of the incident, Su Shoudao learned that the kidnapping of his children turned out to be Mrs. Matsumoto, and Mrs. Matsumoto almost killed Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei. Su Shoudao felt angry and unbearable.
Matsumoto wanted to kill his sons and daughters, which in his opinion was an act of rebellion.
If you just killed Mr. Matsumoto, you wouldn’t be able to express the bad breath in your heart!
Moreover, Matsumoto’s methods at the time were indeed very sinister and vicious!
If he only killed him, the other members of the Matsumoto family would definitely avenge him, and would definitely use more sinister tricks against him.
Therefore, he decided to let Su Ruoli lead the Su family master to destroy the Matsumoto family!
However, who knew that after Su Ruoli killed the Matsumoto family, he could not escape!
If she had escaped, there would be no evidence of this matter. Even if the whole Japan thinks that the Matsumoto family was the one who destroyed the family, it doesn’t matter. There is no evidence. What the hell do they say?
However, the bad dishes are there. Su Ruoli and other Su family masters were directly made dumplings by the Japanese Self-Defense Force when they fled from Japan…
This immediately pushed the whole thing into an abyss that Su Shoudao could not control.
Now, Su Shoude attacked him with this incident, and he didn’t know how to respond.
Seeing that his elder brother Li lost no more words, Su Shoude immediately realized that he had hit the seven inches of his eldest brother, so he hurriedly pursued the victory and said:
“Big Brother! We also expect you to lead us and lead the entire Su family to create new brilliance in the future, but if you can’t control your own temperament and character, the Su family is afraid that you will suffer a big loss in your hands in the future!”
“Don’t blame me for speaking straight as a brother. I also want our Su family to be better in the future! As the future leader of the Su family, you must be able to hear different voices, so that our younger brothers and sisters, also Can better assist you, right?”
When Su Shoude’s words came out, Su Shoudao’s face turned green!

Chapter: 2230
He is a wise man, so he knows exactly how much murderous intent is contained in these seemingly heart-warming words.
He gritted his teeth in his heart secretly: “Su Shoude, Su Shoude! You fucking find the right chance to fall into trouble!”
“Although I am also responsible for the whole thing, it is not me who has brought the Su family to this passive situation now, it is the old man! But, Su Shoude, this bastard in front of everyone, throws all the pots to me, this It is forcing me to carry this pot!”
“If I recite, then I will become the sinner of all this;”
“But if I don’t want to recite, the old man still doesn’t know what to think, he will definitely hate me very much!”
“Furthermore, the bastard Su Shoude repeatedly mentioned in front of the old man that I was the future helm of the Su family, and said that he would better assist me. Isn’t this damn murder?!”
“The old man is still alive! And the old man is still firmly in control of the entire Su family! Su Shoude repeatedly said in front of him that I am the helm of the future, he is trying to make the old man hate me!”
“Since ancient times, the longevity emperor has always been on the prince’s guard! Because in his opinion, the prince is always coveting his throne and his power, so the prince must always be looking forward to his death!”
“Deep down in my old man’s heart, he must have the same guard against me too!”
“Now being mentioned by Su Shoude, the old man’s guard against me will definitely become stronger!”
“Not only that! Su Shoude’s doing this is tantamount to helping the old man secretly get out of the siege!
“Originally, the old man was the bastard who used his granddaughter’s life in exchange for benefits regardless of blood relationship!”
“But, being bitten by Su Shoude so violently, the responsibility came to me! The old man must be very satisfied with Su Shoude’s operation! This is damned!”
Sure enough, as Su Shoudao expected.
After Su Shoude said this, Old Su’s face immediately looked much better.
He thought to himself: “Such a big pot always has to be carried by someone. As the saying goes, a dead daoist is not a poor daoist. Since Shoude has simply thrown the pot to Shoudao, I am happy too!”
So he said coldly: “Shou Dao! What do you think of what Shou De said?”
Su Shoudao’s desire to die is gone.
“What do I think? What the fuck can I say? My actual opinion is that Su Shoude is totally bullshit! But can I say that? Can I fucking say it?”
“If I fucking say that Su Shoude is farting, doesn’t it mean that I still want to throw the pot on your old man again? With your old man’s temperament, can I have a good life in the future?”
Thinking of this, Su Shoudao sighed in his heart: “Hey! Say a thousand things and ten thousand, and in the end you have to smash your teeth and swallow in your stomach!”
So he said with a look of ashamedness: “Dad, I accept what Shoude said. This is indeed my fault. I did not do it right. Don’t worry. I will take warning and actively correct it in the future. !”
Su Chengfeng suddenly felt that the breath blocked in his chest disappeared in an instant.
Sure enough, people don’t want to go back to their backs. People who are close to each other will shake the pot. It’s like a child is sick. The husband complains that his wife didn’t take good care of him. The wife complained that the old man didn’t care when he was fair. The wife complained about the time wasted by putting on make-up and changing clothes, and the wife complained that the old public car was too slow to grind.
Anyway, as long as you can throw the pot to others, even if it is to your son, it is a great thing to celebrate.
So, he nodded gently, and said in a serious tone: “As the son of Su’s family, you are too impulsive to do things. You should really polish the edges and corners of your body.”
As he said, he cleared his throat and continued: “Ahem, let’s do it! From now on, until this matter is completely resolved, you should stop appearing in the public eye and go quietly to Australia for a while. Let’s wait until the limelight has passed!”

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