The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2231-2240

Chapter: 2231
Hearing the old man’s arrangement, Su Shoudao almost squirted out a mouthful of old blood!
“Obviously it was the old man who did a lot of fucking and did a lot of things, but I wanted to go to Australia to avoid the limelight? What the hell is this?
Thinking of this, he hurriedly said: “Dad, you have kept me out of public view for the time being. I accept it completely, but there is no need to let me go to Australia, right? There are still a lot of things in the group. Find a way to mediate and save it!”
Elder Su said coldly: “If you stay here, the paparazzi will keep watching your every move, and don’t forget, now I don’t know how many families are waiting to take the opportunity to drink our blood and eat our meat, you It’s their breakthrough point!”
“So, in my opinion, you still go to Australia to avoid it. Don’t we have a seaside villa in Queensland? You go there and relax. I will help you sort out the things here.”
Su Shoudao almost collapsed.
He murmured angrily in his heart: “Let me go to Australia at this time. Isn’t it clear that I can be used as a moving target and attract firepower? If I don’t go, I would say, in the outside world’s perception of this matter, it is still the old man. Betrayed my granddaughter, if I ran away, I don’t know how this group of people arranged it on me!”
“Moreover, I am now the executive vice chairman of the group and the second-in-command of the group standard. If I leave, who will take my job? Could it be Su Shoude? If Su Shoude this bastard takes my job, wait until I come back. When the time came, the executive vice chairman belonged to him, so would I be emptied?!”
Just as Su Shoudao tried his brains to decline the arrangement of the father, Su Chengfeng directly said: “Shoude, you will help your brother arrange the plane. Let him set off tonight. His work in the group will be temporarily determined by the future. You take care of it.”
When Su Shoude heard this, his heart was excited and almost cheered.
However, he still suppressed his excitement and respectfully said: “Don’t worry, Dad, I will arrange the plane!”
Su Shoudao begged: “Dad, even if you let me go, please take me two days to relax. At least let me have a good chat with Haiqing!”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand: “There is nothing to talk about. Based on what I know about Du Haiqing, she can’t remarry with you, so you might as well cut the mess and divorce her!”
“I…” Su Shoudao’s voice was almost crying.
If you really have to go, there will be too much delay.
Not only the wife’s business, but also the heir status of the group. He also wanted to find out Su Ruoli’s whereabouts. After all, it’s his own flesh and blood. Now it’s hard to tell, he always has to find a way to find out. What if she is still alive?
If you find her by yourself, you can also find a way to secretly arrange a destination for her, let her go to a certain corner of the world and live incognito.
But if someone else in the Su family finds her, or the Japanese find her, then she will definitely die!
Seeing that he was unwilling to agree, Su Chengfeng immediately reprimanded: “What are you? Don’t you even abide by my arrangement?”
Upon hearing this, Su Shoudao immediately realized that he had no room for mediation. In order not to completely offend the old man, he could only gently nod his head and said: “Good dad, I listen to you, tonight go.”
Su Chengfeng nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand: “Okay, go back and clean up, say hello to Zhifei and Zhiyu, and leave in an hour.”
Just when Su Shoudao was called away by the housekeeper, Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu were still in their study, looking at the computer screen.
After their mother, Du Haiqing, left, she drove back to her family’s home and called their brother and sister.
On the phone, Du Haiqing told them about Su Ruoli very calmly. Both Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu were shocked by the news.

Chapter: 2232
I am afraid that for any young man in his twenties, it is difficult to accept this reality immediately when he suddenly hears that his father actually has an illegitimate daughter.
Especially Su Zhiyu.
Like her mother Du Haiqing, she has serious emotional cleanliness.
Although she has never been in a relationship so far, if such a thing happens to her, she will definitely divorce her husband resolutely like her mother did, without any hesitation.
Therefore, although she will find it difficult to accept this reality for a while, she unconditionally supports all her mother’s decisions.
At this point, Su Zhifei is more or less machismo.
He felt that a man like his father was almost unlikely to be loyal to marriage for a lifetime.
Men who are wealthy to the extreme seldom are satisfied with only one heterosexual partner, so it is actually normal to get in trouble outside.
After all, he grew up in the circle of the upper class, and in this circle he has seen many men’s occasions.
There are illegitimate children and illegitimate daughters. It’s a lot of people in this circle. It’s already commonplace.
The most powerful person he has ever seen is a billionaire who engages in the Internet. He found a lot of women and gave birth to him a lot of children, and he still showed off on social networking sites. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest So, in contrast, if his father had just had a one-night stand with his bodyguard and gave birth to a daughter, Su Zhifei felt that his father was already in this circle, relatively low-key and family-oriented.
In fact, women in this circle have long been used to such things.
Of course, he did not say this to his mother and sister, because he understands the character of his mother and sister. If he washes the floor at this time, he is afraid that they will be scolded by them.
Su Zhiyu was very angry inside.
She felt the same for her mother at this time. If she met such a husband, she would definitely leave him without hesitation. So she said to Du Haiqing with difficulty covering her anger on the phone, “Mom, I support. You divorced your dad! You made this kind of mistake and kept it hidden for so long. This incident is absolutely unforgivable! I saw him later, and I must ask him face to face!”
Du Haiqing is not as passionate as her group, but simply said indifferently: “Zhiyu, I told you this because you and your brother are both grown-ups. You have the right to know these things, but this is a matter between us. You don’t have to confront your dad because of this.”
“In addition, after I divorced your dad, you two can choose to continue to live in Su’s house, you can also choose to live in your grandmother’s house, or you can go out and live by yourself. Mom has no problem.
“In the future, if there is any family gathering at Grandpa’s or Grandpa’s house, you should all participate as usual, but your father and I will no longer attend each other’s family meetings, and everything else will remain the same.”
Su Zhiyu said unwillingly: “Mom! Why do you have to confront the woman surnamed He for this matter? To seduce someone else’s husband and have the face to give birth to a child, this woman is too much!”
“No need.” Du Hai said calmly: “She is also a poor person. I have nothing to blame for her, and you shouldn’t go to her to confront her. Feelings are all personal choices, and there is no right or wrong.”
Su Zhiyu asked with a choked voice, “Mom, what are your plans next?”
Du Haiqing smiled and said: “I have no plans. When your dad wants to understand, he will divorce quickly. If he can quickly understand, I will divorce and go out to relax. If he doesn’t understand for a while, then I won’t spend time with him, go out first.”
Su Zhiyu hurriedly said, “Mom, where do you want to go to relax?”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly and said two words: “Jinling!”

Chapter: 2233
Du Haiqing’s idea of ​​going to Jinling has been buried in his heart for nearly 20 years.
Since the death of Ye Changying and his wife, she wanted to go to Jinling to take a look, after all, that was where Ye Changying’s life last fell.
As a woman who has loved him for most of her life, she especially hopes to go to Jinling for a walk, see, and live for a while, trying to find traces of Ye Changying’s existence in Jinling.
However, as a woman who has been married as a married woman, her moral values ​​have always reminded her that she should not go to Jinling, because that is indeed unfair to her husband.
Going quietly to Ye Jiazu’s grave to worship Ye Changying is already what Du Haiqing feels most guilty about Su Shoudao in his heart. If he goes to Jinling again, it is really inappropriate.
But now, she has no moral constraints.
Su Shoudao’s body derailed first and had broken the gentleman agreement between her and Su Shoudao. In that case, she no longer has to be bound by any reason. It is time to realize her wish to visit Jinling.
When Su Zhiyu heard her mother said that she was going to Jinling, she immediately said happily: “Mom! My brother and I are just planning to go to Jinling! Or let’s go together!”
Du Haiqing asked curiously: “What are you going to do in Jinling? Why didn’t you listen to you?”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “Mom, I am going to Jinling because of the company’s business needs. It happens to say that I will take Zhiyu around. If you also go, then I will arrange a plane and a hotel!”
Du Haiqing smiled and said: “You don’t need to arrange a hotel. Your grandfather has an old house in Jinling. It has been taken care of for these years. Let’s live there when we go.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Su Zhiyu asked in surprise: “Mom, grandpa still has a house in Jinling. Why have I never heard of it?”
Du Haiqing smiled and said: “Your dad is a little taboo about Jinling, so I haven’t taken you to Jinling for so many years, so naturally you don’t know about the house.”
Having said that, Du Haiqing introduced: “Your grandfather’s ancient house in Jinling is very impressive. It is right next to the Presidential Palace. The house has existed since the Ming Dynasty, until the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. Over the years, all the people who lived in it were big figures. In the 1970s, your grandfather spent a lot of money to buy it, and he and your grandmother occasionally live there for a few days.”
When Su Zhifei heard that his father was a little taboo about Jinling, he instantly remembered the past.
He had heard of some things back then, knowing that Ye Changying, his mother’s favorite back then, died in Jinling.
Therefore, his heart suddenly became a little tangled.
At this time, Su Zhiyu on the side said without hesitation: “Mom, why don’t you go to Grandpa’s house to have a good rest tonight, let’s go to Jinling early tomorrow morning!”
Du Haiqing said: “Okay, you two should not talk to your dad about me and him. This is a matter between the two of us. No matter what, it will only affect the relationship between me and him, me and you, or him. You and you will not be affected in any way, understand?”
Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu returned in unison: “Understood mom…”
Du Haiqing said with satisfaction: “Okay, I’m at your grandma’s house, so I won’t tell you anymore.”

Chapter: 2234
Su Zhiyu hurriedly said: “Mom, then you have a good rest tonight, I will call you tomorrow morning!”
Su Zhiyu hung up the phone, and Su Zhifei on the side said with some worry: “Zhiyu, Dad has been a little taboo about Jinling. If we go to Jinling with Mom at this time, will he be very angry?”
Su Zhiyu snorted coldly: “What about getting angry? He had an illegitimate daughter outside, and he took her home grandiosely and put her under the eyes of our family. How could he not think that we would have a family of three? Are you angry?”
After a pause, Su Zhiyu said angrily: “Seriously, I still want to confront him face-to-face! We went to Jinling three of us to give him a signal to let him know that all this was his fault!”
Su Zhifei said embarrassingly: “Hurt, this kind of thing, how can we as children say something…”
As he said, Su Zhifei said again: “There are so many top rich people in this world. Some of these people don’t play extramarital affairs. Dad was just confused that time. Among these people, they are considered to be Very good one.”
Su Zhiyu asked with a very serious expression: “How can you say that? Can a rich person be disloyal to marriage?”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “Oh, I didn’t mean that. I just said that I don’t think our dad’s plot is very bad. If he admits his mistakes and regrets sincerely, he can be forgiven. Mom will resolutely follow Is his divorce a bit ill-considered? After all, the relationship between husband and wife for more than 20 years, coupled with our two children, can’t we give our dad a chance?”
Su Zhiyu said earnestly: “You are a typical scumbag thinking! When it gets bigger, the three views are not right! I ask you, if you get married in the future and your wife cheats on your back, can you forgive her?”
“I…” Su Zhifei said awkwardly: “It’s not such a thing. After all, men cheating and women cheating, it is not the same thing…”
“Why isn’t it the same thing?” Su Zhiyu said with a bit of annoyance: “Is it true that there are such things as inferiority between men and women? Men cheating can be forgiven, women cheating can not be? Su Zhifei! Know you For the first time in so many years, I discovered that you were so politically incorrect!”
“I tell you! If you make this kind of mistake in the future, even if your wife forgive you, I won’t forgive you! Then I will deny you a scumbag!”
Su Zhifei was scolded by Su Zhiyu, and said with an embarrassing expression: “Oh my aunt, your mouth is too bad, I didn’t do anything, why did you become a scumbag?”
Su Zhiyu said coldly: “This kind of thinking is a typical scumbag thinking! I think it’s great to have two bad money, so I can mess around outside?”
“If you really want to do this, then you don’t want to pursue Gu Qiuyi. After all, Gu Qiuyi is also a lady of everyone. Your scumbag thinking is simply not worthy of them!”
“I suggest you, from the entertainment industry, find a female celebrity who is all about money and wants to marry a rich family to get married!”
“At that time, you will make three chapters with others in advance: you give her enough money and provide her with a good enough life, and she must not interfere with you outside being with any woman. Isn’t this happy for everyone?
When Su Zhifei heard this, his face was gloomy and said, “Am I wrong, am I wrong…”
After speaking, he quickly turned away from the subject and said: “By the way, I will arrange the plane quickly and we will fly to Jinling together tomorrow morning!”
Su Zhiyu saw that he wanted to change the subject, and immediately said aggressively: “Su Zhifei! Respecting women and respecting your partner is a compulsory course and basic skill for every man. If you become a scumbag in the future, I will Without your brother!”

Chapter: 2235
This night, the whole Yanjing was shaken.
The Su family caused a catastrophe in Japan and was named and targeted by the Japanese National Security Agency, which dealt a huge blow to the reputation and influence of the Su family.
At the same time, other Yanjing families, headed by the Ye family, also started gearing up.
The Su family now has lost a large number of masters and offended the overseas chaebols. In the future, the Su family will have to tighten up and behave like a man. In this way, other families have the opportunity to cannibalize the power of the Su family.
Ye Zhongquan was particularly excited about this.
He felt that this was God’s blessing.
Ye family’s second spring is finally coming!
So he summoned all his children except Ye Changmin and immediately formulated a three-year plan.
From now on, in the next three years, the Ye family will attack the Su family in an all-round way like the Su family organized the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then!
Not only must we pull the Su family down from the altar, but we must also take our own strength to the next level, leave the Su family far behind, and regain the title of the first family in the country!
However, Mr. Ye did not immediately start to do it, but chose the day of the declaration of war at this year’s Qingming ancestor worship ceremony.
He couldn’t hide his excitement and said to all his children: “This time the ancestor worship ceremony will bring the Ye Family branches across the country to Yeling Mountain!”
“At that time, I will use the most solemn ancestor worship ceremony to make all Ye’s surname realize that the Ye family is a large family with an orderly inheritance, a super family that was once brilliant! Let all the Ye family name Ye as the highest honor !”
“By then, it will be an unprecedented moment of unity among the Ye family!”
“By then, at the ancestor worship ceremony, on the grounds of avenging Changying, I will order all the Ye family members to work together to defeat the Su Family, and ask the Su Family to severely punish Su Shoudao, the leader of the Anti-Leaf Alliance!”
“The moment when the Ye Family is up and down with the same enemy, it is the best time for us to fully fight the Su Family!”
When the eldest child Ye Changkong heard this, the whole person was already excited, and said excitedly: “Dad! At that time, we will also have an anti-Soviet alliance! We must knock down the assets of the Su family by half! Let them directly fall out. The sequence of the three major families of Yanjing!”
Elder Ye sneered: “In Yanjing, there are many families that have hatred against the Su family. Among them, we are the one who hates the most, followed by the Gu family. If we raise the banner of dealing with the Su family, the Gu family will definitely follow! ”
“The most important thing now is to let Chen’er and Gu Qiuyi from the Gu family get married soon!”
“Once the two of them get married, the Gu family will definitely help the Ye family without hesitation! At that time, the Su family will be unable to parry and let us slaughter them at will!”
Ye Changkong asked, “Dad, didn’t you still say before, if you want Chen’er to try, can you get Su Zhiyu from the Su family?”
Elder Ye waved his hand and chuckled coldly: “I thought that the Su family was overwhelming us in all aspects after all. We just couldn’t beat them, so it’s better to change your mind and let Chen’er pursue that Su Zhiyu. ……”
“But who would have thought that the Su family would encounter Waterloo one after another in Japan? Their vitality is now severely injured. We can go directly to a full-scale war with them, and how can we marry their girl with Chen’er?”
Having said this, Old Man Ye laughed a few times and said loudly: “Hahaha, God’s eyes are open! God’s eyes are open!”
The old San Ye Changyun on the side asked, “Dad, what if Chen’er doesn’t want to marry Gu’s girl?”
Elder Ye smiled unpredictably: “At that time, Chen’er will also come to the ancestor worship ceremony. At that time, I will announce the plan of revenge against the Su family in front of all the children of the Ye family, and then let Chen’er and Gu family Marriage is used to strengthen our overall strength and to slam the Su family underfoot. The parents’ hatred is not shared. I believe he will not refuse!”

Chapter: 2236
Yanjing, Du’s family.
Before Du Haiqing arrived home, her parents and brothers and sisters knew about the scandal in the Su family, and also knew that Su Shoudao had an illegitimate daughter outside.
Therefore, when she hadn’t come back, the other brothers and sisters of the Du family rushed back one after another at the call of Mr. Du.
Mrs. Du and Mrs. Du are very aware of Du Haiqing’s temperament. They knew that as long as Du Haiqing knew about this, he would definitely go back to her family’s home immediately. So they didn’t call Du Haiqing or let others call Du Haiqing. They gathered together and waited for Du Haiqing to return.
When Du Haiqing’s car drove into the Du’s mansion, her parents and several siblings greeted them one after another.
Du Haiqing saw the whole family appear in front of him, and he was immediately moved to no avail.
Unlike other business families, the Du family has held high positions for generations, so money has never been something worth mentioning to the Du family.
Because they don’t care about money, there is no intrigue between the Du’s brothers and sisters.
Among the descendants of the Du family, some have inherited the mantle of Mr. Du in the system and have excellent career prospects; some are devoted to studying their own majors in the top universities or scientific research institutes; some people rarely hear about it. Although the Confucian merchants have a net worth of hundreds of billions, they never show up.
As for Du Haiqing and several of her sisters, they all have their own emotional destinations.
Under the education of Mrs. Du’s childhood, the women of the Du family did not have a strong sense of professionalism. On the contrary, all of them were experts in family management, and each of them had the fine virtues of traditional Chinese women. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest As soon as Du Haiqing got off the car, Mrs. Du stepped forward, holding her hand distressedly, and whispered: “Haiqing, you are wronged.”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly and said, “Mom, don’t say that, I don’t feel wronged at all.”
Old man Du on the side said, “Haiqing, our family hasn’t gotten together for some time. I’ll let someone burn a charcoal fire. Later, we will have a copper pot-shabu-shabu with the family!”
One of the favorite delicacies of the older generations of Yanjing people is copper pot-shabu-shabu.
Different from hot pots in other places with induction cookers or gas stoves, the older Yanjing people eat copper pots for shabu-shabu, and they must use copper pots with a hollow inside and charcoal.
In the severe cold of Yanjing in winter, it is a wonderful treat to eat shabu-shabu while guarding the copper pot.
The five generations of the Du family were all native Yanjing people, and they naturally loved this copper pot-shabu-shabu.
It’s just that in recent years, the children have started their own families, and each family has a different situation. Although everyone often comes back to visit the elderly, it is really not easy to get together.
Therefore, the old man immediately became addicted, thinking about the family’s enjoyment and a good meal, otherwise if everyone came to comfort Du Haiqing, it might be counterproductive.
Sure enough, when all the children heard that they were going to eat copper pot-shabu-shabu, they could not care that it was almost late at night, and they were all excited.
Du Haimei, the sixth oldest, was Du Haiqing’s little sister. She immediately stepped forward with excitement and took Du Haiqing’s arm. She smiled and said, “Second sister, I just have been idle these days. I want to stay with my parents for a few days. How many days will my sister sleep together?”
Du Haiqing smiled and said: “Tonight is okay, but tomorrow is not. I want to go to Jinling tomorrow.”
“What?!” Everyone looked at Du Haiqing in surprise.
The old man Du Zhenhua asked, “Haiqing, did you go to Jinling to grow a tassel?”
Du Hai checked his head and said frankly: “Yes, Dad, I always wanted to go before, but I couldn’t help it. Now I don’t have so many taboos, so I want to go there quickly, but I have a wish.”
Du Zhenhua looked a bit lonely, and said sincerely: “Changying…Changying…I failed to recruit Changying to be my son-in-law. It’s the biggest regret of my life…”

Chapter: 2237
Du Zhenhua sighed, making the expressions of everyone at the scene somewhat regretful.
Mrs. Du hurriedly pinched his waist, and whispered: “You guys, you really don’t open the pot or pick which pot, so I hurried the kids to go in and get ready to eat!”
Du Zhenhua sighed: “Oh, Haiqing is so big. She sees a lot of things better than us. What I say is also from my heart, there is no need to be too taboo.”
Du Haiqing nodded and said seriously: “Mom, I’m really not angry or uncomfortable about this time, so you don’t need to be too sensitive.”
Old Mrs. Du looked surprised: “Hai Qing, Shou Dao has been hiding from you for so many years, are you not angry at all?”
Du Haiqing said seriously: “I am not angry, but feel relieved.”
Du Zhenhua smiled and said: “Good thing! It is good to be free! To be honest, for so many years, Dad has always felt that you are unhappy. Now that you can come out, Dad will be happy for you!”
Du Haiqing nodded seriously and smiled slightly: “Thank you Dad!”
Du Zhenhua laughed and beckoned hurriedly: “Walk around, eat shabu-shabu! Haifeng, your three brothers will accompany me for two drinks for a while!”
As the son of Du’s family, Du Haifeng nodded without hesitation and said: “Good dad! Our three brothers will accompany you for a few drinks tonight!”
Du Haiping, Du Haiqing’s sister, also hurriedly smiled: “Dad, is there any red wine at home? Our three sisters will also accompany you to drink some!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest The sixth child Du Haimei smiled and said, “That’s great, Dad, my eldest sister and second sister will accompany you to drink some!”
Du Zhenhua was immediately happy, and smiled heartily: “Okay! Your three sisters haven’t come back on New Year’s Eve. Let’s treat it as New Year today!”
Du Haimei hurriedly said: “Dad, we want to come with you during the New Year, but you can’t let anything…”
Du Zhenhua said seriously: “You are married to the Shen family and you are the daughter-in-law of the Shen family. You should spend the New Year with your in-laws. The same is true for your two sisters. This is the rule. Your three brothers will come to accompany your mother and me for the New Year. If your three sisters also come, they will say that my old man Du is ignorant and only thinks about his own home.”
Du Haimei hurriedly said: “I know Dad, I’ll talk to Shen Silong, and I’ll be back with you next New Year’s Eve.”
Du Zhenhua smiled and said: “Let’s talk about it then, look at Xiao Shen’s meaning, if he is unwilling, don’t force it.”
Afterwards, Du’s three children and three daughters walked to the restaurant with a pair of elderly people.
In the restaurant at this time, the chef at home has put a beautiful brass pot on the table. In the middle of the pot, there is a green flame of charcoal, and a pot of clear soup is boiled outside. The table is already full of fresh cuts. , All kinds of lamb.
Lao Yanjing people are very particular about eating lamb. Basically, they don’t eat lamb rolls prepared by machines in hot pot restaurants. They eat pure and fresh hand-cut lamb.
There are a lot of hand-cut lambs. Lamb has various names according to different parts, such as upper brain meat, tenderloin, large three-pointed, small three-pointed, and cucumber strips.
Different meats have different cutting methods, different sizes and thicknesses, and there are many sayings.
The Du family seldom show off their wealth and live a life of extravagant and wasteful local tyrants, but they are very particular people, but they are not about pomp and price, but about taste and essence.
Take food as an example, the Du family’s mouths are more than one.
The fried oil cake at the entrance of the Hutong will not be greasy for a family for ten years, but once they change to a slightly poorer craftsmanship, they will find it difficult to swallow even if the difference is minimal.
Mr. Du has no bad habits all his life, just like smoking.

Chapter: 2238
I especially like to smoke a cigarette produced by a cigarette factory in southern Yunnan.
After the old man smoked for twenty years, the cigarette factory’s technology and production line improved, the formula was upgraded, and the cigarette paper and filter material were changed.
Everyone felt that the improved product was more exquisite and higher-grade than before, and the taste was not much worse, but Mr. Du just felt that the taste was not right and couldn’t adapt.
Later, because of this, he even fell ill.
When the old man’s subordinates heard that the old man was sick and hospitalized, he made a special trip to visit him.
When I asked about the cause, I learned that the old man turned out to be suffering from the taste of the cigarettes he had smoked for 20 years, so he simply made a phone call and asked the cigarette factory to reopen the old production line that had been dismantled and ready to be scrapped, just for the old man. People who produce the original cigarettes can be regarded as curing the old man’s heart disease.
However, the old man also felt guilty for using the privilege. He specially asked his second son, Du Haiyang, to run to the cigarette factory, verified all the costs of reopening the cigarette factory’s production line, and then paid for it all out of his own pocket. This is considered to have accepted the privilege with peace of mind.
In fact, the children of the Du family have inherited the father’s exquisiteness.
The more exquisite, the more refined you live.
Therefore, the family not only has high academic qualifications and strong abilities, but also inherits the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of gentleness, courtesy, frugality and concession.
At this time, the Du family was sitting around the table, eating the shabu-shabu and drinking wine. The eight of them had a lively chat, and they all seemed to be in a very good mood.
At first, everyone was worried that Du Haiqing’s mood would be lower.
But unexpectedly, Du Haiqing’s whole state is extremely relaxed and comfortable.
Everyone and her are close relatives, and they can see that her ease and comfort is not the result of the performance, so they are completely relieved.
The old couple are in a particularly good mood. Over the years, the six children have started a family, and no matter which one they look at individually, they all have a very good, even impeccable, but they have always loved Du Haiqing.
This is mainly because they have always known that Du Haiqing has loved Ye Changying for so many years to no avail. Later, after Ye Changying’s wedding, she decided to marry Su Shoudao, which was really impulsive and outrageous.
The night before Du Haiqing got married, he held the old lady and cried all night, while his sister Du Haiping and his younger sister Du Haimei were with them, and they all felt distressed.
At that time, Niang Sa, because she felt sorry for her, tried to persuade her to repent of her marriage, but she did not agree with her life and death.
After so many years of marriage, although Su Shoudao is very fond of Du Haiqing, only Du Haiqing’s family can tell that she has always been unhappy.
Especially after Ye Changying’s accidental death, she became more taciturn, and even started to eat fast and reciting the Buddha occasionally, and became a layman who practiced at home.
But now, everyone can see that Du Haiqing is really relieved.
The old man Du Zhenhua remembered that Du Haiqing was going to Jinling, so he asked, “Haiqing, how long do you plan to stay in Jinling this time?”
Du Haiqing thought for a while and said, “Dad, how long will I stay? I don’t know now, just stay and see.”
Du Zhenhua asked again: “Who will accompany you?”
Du Haiqing said: “Zhifei and Zhiyu are with me.”
Du Zhenhua nodded: “The old house in Jinling has been very well maintained. You have not been there for many years. You can live there for a few days. If there is nothing wrong with your mother, I will also go to Jinling in two days. In a few days, Yanjing was too dry in winter, and your mother had said that she wanted to go to Jiangnan for a few days.”

Chapter: 2239
When the entire Du family was enjoying themselves, Su Shoudao had simply packed his luggage and was about to leave for Australia.
What happened this time made him very passive. The old man made him clear that he temporarily avoided the limelight, and he could only do it honestly.
Before leaving, he called Su Zhifei and asked: “Zhifei, you and your sister, come to my study.”
Su Zhifei was so busy that he said: “Good dad, let’s go over.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone and said to Su Zhiyu: “Zhiyu, dad let us go to the study.”
Su Zhiyu said angrily: “Go by yourself, I don’t want to see him!”
Su Zhiyu will find it difficult to accept that her father betrayed her mother and has an illegitimate daughter who is only one year younger than herself, so she is very reluctant to see Su Shoudao at this time.
Su Zhifei helplessly persuades: “Zhiyu, in matters between parents, we are children, so we should not participate too much. You can’t cut off your dad because of the small mistakes made more than 20 years ago. Father-daughter relationship?”
Su Zhiyu said seriously: “I don’t want to sever relationship with him, but I don’t want to see him now. Go and see him yourself.”
Su Zhifei asked awkwardly: “Then I will see Dad later, if Dad asks you, what would I say?”
Su Zhiyu blurted out without hesitation: “Then tell him directly, I don’t want to see him yet.”
Seeing that Su Zhiyu was not joking, Su Zhifei sighed helplessly and said, “Well, let me go first.”
Immediately, Su Zhifei stood up and stepped out of Su Zhiyu’s study.
The Su family villa covers a huge area, and the whole is more like a castle. Although the family lives together, they live in different areas of the villa.
Su Zhifei went downstairs to his father Su Shoudao’s study. After knocking on the door and entering, he saw Su Shoudao with a sad face and smoke, as if he was ten years old.
Seeing Su Zhifei coming in, Su Shoudao asked in surprise, “Where is your sister?”
Su Zhifei said awkwardly: “Zhiyu is a bit…a bit…”
Su Shoudao gave a wry smile and asked, “Zhiyu must be very angry with me, right?”
Su Zhifei sneered and said: “She is a comparison axis. In fact, this kind of thing should have been taken care of…”
Su Shoudao sighed: “Hey, after all, I failed your mother and your brothers and sisters.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “Dad, don’t say that…Isn’t it saying that there is nothing right or wrong about feelings, and you don’t have to blame yourself too much…”
Su Shoudao waved his hand: “There is nothing right or wrong about who you like and who you don’t like, but after getting married, you really have to be responsible for your marriage and your spouse. This is because I did not do it right. Knowing that fish is angry with me is justified. .”
After speaking, he said again: “Knowledge, I call you here, mainly to tell you something. Your grandfather asked me to go to Australia to avoid the limelight. I will leave tonight. I may not be able to come back in a short time. .”
“Go to Australia?!” Su Zhifei asked in surprise: “Dad, what did Grandpa ask you to go to Australia at this time? Why are you leaving so hastily? Even if this is a big mess, there is no need to go to Australia, right? ”
Su Shoudao smiled bitterly: “This incident is a scandal between me and your grandfather. Your grandfather asked me to go to Australia. Naturally, he regarded me as the person who was behind the scenes and also asked me to divert the media attention. After I leave, they will definitely leak the news that I ran overnight to the media, and the media will definitely focus their energy on me.”

Chapter: 2240
Su Zhifei said angrily: “Dad! Grandpa did too much in this matter, right? He betrayed Su Ruoli. If it is really broken, he is an old fox who can betray his granddaughter. If the time is not to quickly find a way to solve the immediate crisis, but also to throw you out as a target, this is not justified!”
Su Shoudao waved his hand and said seriously: “Such words, if you talk about it here, don’t talk about it when you leave this room. Your grandpa’s temperament is like this…”
“In his eyes, personal interests must be taken care of first in everything. In the face of personal interests, nothing can’t be sacrificed.”
“He can sell Ruoli to the Japanese Self-Defense Force today. Who knows if he will sell one of us to a certain interest group tomorrow? So when you are by his side, remember the five words: Companion with you, like a tiger! ”
Su Zhifei nodded gently.
Su Shoudao said: “By the way, Zhifei, after I am gone, during this period of time, you and Zhiyu will accompany your mother, and also help me apologize to her, say a few more good words, and have to trouble you Help me pay more attention to your mother, see what she did, where she went, who she met, and let me know if she is moving.”
After speaking, he quickly explained: “Don’t think too much, I don’t mean to let you help me monitor your mother. The main reason is that I want to try to save my marriage with your mother, so I have to ask you to help. Be an internal response.”
Su Zhifei nodded: “Dad, I understand, don’t worry.”
After finishing speaking, he hurriedly said: “By the way, Mom said that I will go to Jinling tomorrow, and Zhiyu and I will also go…”
“Go to Jinling?!” Su Shoudao asked, “What is your mother going to Jinling for?”
Su Zhifei hesitated and said: “Um…maybe mom wants to relax, I don’t know the details…” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Su Shoudao’s expression was very ugly.
He knew very well why Du Haiqing went to Jinling.
He gritted his teeth and thought to himself: “Jinling, is where Ye Changying died back then!”
“She has been lingering with Ye Changying over the years, and the idea of ​​going to Jinling certainly doesn’t exist for one or two days!”
“Here just said that he wanted to divorce me, then he was going to Jinling immediately, Du Haiqing, you are too much! In your eyes, do you have a little respect for me?!”
“Today, it just broke out that I had an illegitimate daughter out of marriage. Tomorrow Du Haiqing will go to Jinling to miss Ye Changying. If this is known, where will I put my old face!”
Thinking of this, Su Shoudao hated him very much.
Su Zhifei saw that Su Shoudao’s expression was very ugly. Knowing that he had said something wrong, Su Zhifei hurriedly changed the subject: “When will you leave, Dad? I’ll see you off.”
Su Shoudao forcibly calmed his mind, retracted his thoughts, and said to Su Zhifei: “I have to set off in ten minutes. This time I was arranged by your grandfather to go to Australia. Your second uncle was often behind the scenes. I was not here. Time, you and Zhiyu must be careful of him.”
“Second Uncle?” Su Zhifei frowned and asked, “He always obeyed you, why did he get into trouble with you at this time?”
Su Shoudao sneered: “Since ancient times, no matter how many princes the emperor has, he will only choose one prince to succeed the grand prince. In order for the prince to succeed, he will greatly weaken the strength of other sons and ensure that they are unable to rebel. , Your second uncle wants to be the prince, naturally he will do his best to deal with me.
Su Zhifei gritted his teeth: “The second uncle is polite to you and us on weekdays, and welcomes us with a smile. I didn’t expect that this time would suddenly turn around!”
Su Shoudao smiled bitterly and said: “Your second uncle is a typical smiling tiger, with a knife hidden in his smile and a sword in his mouth. This time I was negligent. He seized the opportunity to cheat him. After I come back, I will let him pay!

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