The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2241-2250

Chapter: 2241
As the father and son were talking, Su Shoudao’s cell phone rang.
The screen showed that it was his second brother, Su Shoude, who was calling.
Thinking of Su Shoude’s downfall at a critical moment, Su Shoudao was full of hatred, and his mood would naturally not be good.
He directly pressed the speaker and asked in a cold voice: “What’s the matter?”
Su Shoude smiled and said, “Brother, the car is ready and the plane is ready. It’s time to take you to the airport.”
Su Shoudao gritted his teeth and said coldly: “Okay, I will say a few words to Zhifei, and I will go down in a while.”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “Brother, don’t delay anymore. The old man is still waiting for me to report back. What he meant is that you must go as soon as possible, the sooner the better.”
Su Shoudao could only hold back his anger and said, “Okay, I’ll be here in five minutes!”
“Good brother.” Su Shoude smiled: “I’ll be waiting for you at the door, and I’ll take you to the airport in person!”
Su Shoudao didn’t speak any more and directly hung up the phone.
Then he looked at Su Zhifei and said with deep meaning: “You must accompany your mother more these days. If she has anything to do, please report to me in time.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Su Zhifei naturally hoped that his parents would be able to reunite, so he nodded very seriously and said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I know.”
Su Shoudao nodded, stood up, dragged the suitcase and said, “Okay, I’m leaving.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly asked, “Dad, when will you be back?”
Su Shoudao shook his head and said, “It depends on what your grandpa means. I don’t know when.”
After that, Su Shoudao waved his hand: “Don’t say anything.”
Immediately afterwards, he took the box and walked out the door.
Su Zhifei hurriedly took the first step, took the box from him, and said, “Dad, I’ll take you to the airport!”
Su Shoudao said, “No, you can come back if you send me down.”
At this time, in the huge villa courtyard, a Lexus LM commercial vehicle was already waiting in the courtyard.
Toyota Alfa itself is already the top commercial vehicle in China. This new Lexus LM is one level higher than Alfa.
Su Shoude stood outside the car door, looking at Su Shoudao who stepped out with a smile on his face.
With a few meters away, Su Shoude hurried forward to greet him, and said with a cordial smile: “Oh, brother, please get in the car, let’s set off!”
Su Shoudao said coldly: “I am not you who are leaving, what are you anxious for?”
Su Shoude was not angry, and said with a smile: “Oh, big brother, am I still doing this for you? The old man urged him tightly. If you move a little slower, he must be upset again!”
Su Shoudao was very angry. He wanted to give Su Shoude a bad face, but he didn’t expect that Su Shoude would use his father as a shield for everything. When he said this, if he shook his face, then he Going back to the old man, I must speak badly about myself again.
In desperation, Su Shoudao could only hold back his anger, and said, “Since Dad ordered it, then go quickly!”
After speaking, he asked the driver to take the suitcase from Su Zhifei and put it in the back of the commercial vehicle, and said to Su Zhifei: “Zhifei, take care of your mother and your sister.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “I know Dad, don’t worry…”
Su Shoudao didn’t say a word, stepped into the back of the commercial car, waved to Su Zhifei, motioned him to go back.
Su Shoude smiled and sat beside Su Shoudao, and said to Su Zhifei: “If you are done, go back and rest. I will send your dad on the plane.”
After speaking, he told the driver: “Okay, drive quickly!”

Chapter: 2242
The driver immediately started the car and left.
Su Zhifei was very disappointed when he saw the commercial vehicle leaving the villa yard.
Tonight is almost more difficult than the night when he and Su Zhiyu were kidnapped.
At that time, he and Su Zhiyu were only facing danger to their lives.
But tonight, he experienced a series of changes such as his father being exposed to an illegitimate daughter, his parents’ relationship changes, his father’s momentary loss of power, and his being sent to Australia.
He was not only worried about his parents’ feelings, worried about his father’s future, but also worried about his future.
Before tonight, my father is the next heir to the entire Su family.
And he is naturally the heir to the next generation.
However, the changes tonight have changed everything.
Father has lost his father’s favor and trust.
If he loses his power and fails to recover, his future will be gloomy.
If you let your second uncle Su Shoude be the heir, you wouldn’t even have a chance!
The worried Su Zhifei returned to his sister’s study in despair. At this time, Su Zhiyu was still checking the photos of male passengers at Japanese airports.
Seeing Su Zhifei coming back, Su Zhiyu glanced at him and asked a little angrily: “What is Dad looking for? Did he make excuses to clean himself up?”
“No…” Su Zhifei sighed, “Hey! Dad was driven to Australia by Grandpa!”
“What?!” Su Zhiyu blurted out in shock: “Dad was driven to Australia? When was this?”
“Just now.” Su Zhifei said sadly: “Dad has packed his luggage and set off. The second uncle sent him to the airport.”
Su Zhiyu asked very puzzledly: “Why did Grandpa drive Dad to Australia?! From the beginning to the end, the relationship with Dad is nothing more than Su Ruoli’s relationship with him. Exposing an illegitimate daughter is not a big deal, grandpa, why is this?”
Su Zhifei said, “Dad said, Grandpa wants him to take the blame.”
Su Zhiyu’s heart suddenly stunned, and he blurted out: “It’s awful, awful, this is awful… Dad is going to leave, grandpa must have all the shit basins on him… …”
After that, Su Zhiyu said nervously: “I think, grandpa might declare to the public that the decision to betray Su Ruoli was made by his dad! That way, he will be able to get rid of the infamy of betraying his granddaughter. He is going to be burdened with the scapegoat of betraying his own daughter!”
Su Zhifei said helplessly: “There is no other way…Grandpa asks Dad to leave tonight, and Dad can’t help but leave…”
Su Zhiyu looked at Su Zhifei and said seriously: “Brother…The Su family may be changing the sky now…”
Su Zhifei asked: “You feel it too?”
Su Zhiyu nodded solemnly, and said solemnly: “Brother, I don’t care about money or power. Anyway, I’m a girl, and I can’t inherit much property, but you are different. If our dad this time If you can’t stand up again, then you will be over in the future…”
Su Zhifei covered his face, and said sadly: “But what can I do? I can see that Grandpa is eager to shake the pot now, and the best person to shake the pot is our dad…”
Having said that, he said again: “Furthermore, the pot of betrayal of his own daughter is too cruel. Once this charge is confirmed to our dad, then in the eyes of outsiders, our dad will have an extremely ruthless image, and the impact must be extremely bad. Just rushing to this point, Grandpa would never let him inherit the position of Su Family Patriarch…”
Having said this, Su Zhifei sighed faintly: “Oh…our family, maybe from now on, I won’t be able to get up again…”
Su Zhiyu’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled tightly. She clenched her neat little white teeth, and resolutely said: “No! We must help our dad get back the position of heir!”
Su Zhifei blurted out and asked: “How to grab it?!”
Su Zhiyu said coldly: “Don’t ask first. Tomorrow we will go to Jinling with my mom, and stay away from this place of right and wrong for the time being. I have my own way how to help Dad regain all this!”

Chapter: 2243
After half an hour.
A Boeing 747 transformed private jet launched from Yanjing Airport.
This aircraft of the same model as the U.S. Presidential Air Force One, with a typical three-level cockpit layout, can be fully loaded with up to 467 passengers.
But now, on the entire plane, apart from the crew, there is only one passenger, and this passenger is Su Shoudao.
The flight distance from Yanjing to Queensland, Australia is about 9,000 kilometers.
It is impossible for ordinary small and medium private planes to fly directly on such long routes.
Only a large passenger plane such as the 747 with a range of more than 10,000 kilometers can complete a direct flight.
At this time, Su Shoudao was very depressed on the plane.
Seeing outside the window, the brightly lit night view of Yanjing is getting farther and farther, and his mood is getting heavier.
Just less than 20 minutes after the plane took off, someone sent a set of photos to the mailboxes of reporters from major media in Yanjing.
This group of photos was taken from a long-distance sneak shot of Su Shoudao, rushing to the airport, going through security, and boarding the plane.
Because it was at night, the photo was a bit blurry and there was some noise, but the photographer was just right, so that people can recognize the person in the photo at a glance, that is, Su Shoudao.
In addition to sending these photos to reporters, the sneak shots also revealed a gossip to reporters. The news stated:
“The truth about Su Ruoli’s incident is that Elder Su did not participate in the whole affair. It was Su Ruoli’s biological father, Su Shoudao, who conspired with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to betray Su Ruoli!”
The other party also said: “The reason Su Shoudao wants Su Ruoli to die is because he does not want Su Ruoli to be exposed as his illegitimate daughter! I want this secret to fall into the sea forever!”
The other party even broke a story, saying: “After the incident was revealed, Du Haiqing, Su Shoudao’s original wife, immediately returned to her natal family and unswervingly wanted to divorce Su Shoudao. The reason why Su Shoudao left Yanjing overnight to go Australia, in fact, was afraid that the things that he was behind the scenes would be revealed! That’s why he fled to avoid the limelight overnight and asked his father Su Chengfeng to stay in Yanjing to take care of him.”
The media got this clue and immediately regarded it as explosive news, so they broadcast it in the first place!
As soon as the news appeared, it immediately caused a shock of public opinion!
Previously, the Japanese National Security Agency said that Su Chengfeng, the old man of the Su family, betrayed Su Ruoli.
In contrast, to the domestic people, Su Shoudao betrayed Su Ruoli’s version, which is more credible.
The reasons are as follows.
The first point is that Su Ruoli is the illegitimate daughter of Su Shoudao. Su Shoudao wants to defend his reputation, his personal settings, and his marriage. Therefore, he would not want to see Su Ruoli’s identity exposed. Therefore, he killed Su. Ruo Liekou’s fundamental motive;
The second point is that Su Ruoli’s order to destroy the Matsumoto family in Japan was given by Su Shoudao. This shows that Su Shoudao’s methods are extremely cruel and vicious, and can be described as inhumane. Therefore, he wanted to kill Su. If you leave the mouth of the mouth, it will be more tenable;
The third point is that Su Shoudao must have a ghost in his heart. Otherwise, it is impossible to set off for Australia without hesitation the night after the incident. This run proves that he definitely has a big problem!
With the continuous spread of news articles, Su Shoudao immediately became the most inferior person in the hearts of the people across the country.
It was he who ordered the killing of dozens of ups and downs of the Matsumoto family, it was he who pushed his own daughter into the fire pit with his own hands, and it was he who fled in embarrassment with his tail sandwiched in the first place!
As a result, there was a wave of crusade against Su Shoudao on the Internet!
It’s just that Su Shoudao was still on the plane at this time, and he didn’t know what was happening behind him.

Chapter: 2244
At the same time, the study of Su Chengfeng, the old man.
Su Shoude graciously took a tablet computer, presented media reports and netizen comments to Su Chengfeng one by one, and said with a smile: “Dad, in this way, everyone will no longer rely on Su Ruoli’s affairs. The old man’s head is on.”
Elder Su nodded in satisfaction, and at the same time he was completely relieved.
The older you are, the more you cherish feathers, especially for people like Mr. Su.
He was wise for a lifetime, even the goal and life idol in the minds of countless people.
Seeing the age when he is about to retire, if Su Ruoli is really overturned in the gutter, then his fame will not be guaranteed.
Therefore, deep down in his heart, he is extremely eager to shake this black pot out, and the cleaner he shakes, the better.
It’s just that before that, he had never figured out what method he should use to completely shake the pot.
After all, what he did and did was exposed by the National Security Agency of Japan, and all they exposed were facts, and he couldn’t dispute it at all, and he couldn’t refute it at all.
However, he really did not expect that the head of his second son, Su Shoude, was so brilliant! Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest I originally planned to send the eldest son Su Shoudao to Australia first, and then give the eldest son Su Shoudao all the matter of destroying the Matsumoto family.
As for uniting with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to betray Su Li, the old man himself did not expect that he would really get out.
However, what Su Shoude did is really beautiful!
He had someone secretly took photos of Su Shoudao boarding the plane, and then sent an anonymous manuscript to the media.
Immediately afterwards, he successfully dumped all the black pots to Su Shoudao!
His trick is to be regarded as textbook level!
Among them, the clue chain is clear and the story logic is complete. Although most of them are fabricated, they appear to be justified and convincing.
Elder Su was very happy, after all, his fame was finally completely preserved, which was more important than anything else.
He didn’t want to be insulted at his age, and be spurned by others when he died.
So now he is really happy and relaxed.
However, he was not good to praise Su Shoude directly, so he said with some emotion: “Hey! This matter, I must be wronged and defended!”
Upon hearing this, Su Shoude hurriedly sighed: “Yes, Dad, brother is really going to be a little wronged in this matter…”
As he said, he turned his head and said seriously: “Dad! But then again, we Su family, anyone can lose face, but you can’t lose the face of the old man!”
“Your old man is the mainstay of the Su family, the backbone of the seven of our brothers and sisters, and the grandfather emperor who has inherited the genealogy in the hearts of all the descendants of the Su family. You must never leave a stain like Su Ruoli in your life! ”
“So, for the sake of your fame, for your glorious image, eldest brother will share the worries for you, that is also right!”
Su Shoude’s words directly touched on Su Chengfeng’s heart!
He could no longer hold back the joy deep in his heart immediately. While stroking his beard, he smiled and said, “Shoude, you are right! You made a great contribution to this matter today, and I will do it for you in my heart. Write down!”

Chapter: 2245
The news about Su Shoudao suddenly dominated all the media headlines.
Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei were very angry about this. Su Zhifei even went to his grandfather several times to question the cause, but Su Zhiyu stopped them.
Su Zhiyu knew very well that it was grandpa deliberately trying to protect himself and sacrifice his dad, so going to confront him now would only make him angry.
Instead of this, it is better to be honest and not say a word, and even accompany my mother to Jinling as planned early tomorrow morning.
As for how to help Dad come back, Su Zhiyu had his own plan in mind.
It’s just that now she has to wait patiently for the opportunity.
At the same time, the He family evacuated all the masters in the Su family overnight.
The Patriarch He Hongsheng, Su Ruoli’s grandfather, directly ordered internally that the children of the He family must not do anything for the Su family until the Su family gave a clear explanation.
At the same time, he also called Su Chengfeng and asked the Su family to give him a clear explanation.
Su Chengfeng promised, but in reality, he didn’t pay attention to him at all.
At the moment he just wants to keep his reputation, as to whether He Jia will turn his face with him, he doesn’t care at all. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest After all, after his cooperation with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces was exposed, he knew that no matter if this matter was carried out by himself or Su Shoudao, the He family could no longer serve the Su family.
That being the case, why continue to waste energy on the He family.
This night.
Su Ruoli, who was under residential surveillance at the Chen Zekai Hotel, did not know what was happening outside.
She was lying on the soft and luxurious big bed in the hotel, tossing and turning, and everything in her mind was Ye Chen’s figure.
She couldn’t figure out why this man had such a strong strength.
Even more can’t figure out why this man saved his life.
“After all, I rushed to kill him. Instead of retaliating against me, he saved my life. Is this what people say to retaliate with virtue?”
“Thinking about it, that man is really extraordinary”
Early the next morning.
A private jet landed in the peaceful ancient city of Jinling.
This plane is the private plane of Du Haifeng, the son of Du’s family.
Du Haiqing did not want to take the Su family’s plane anymore, so his eldest brother Du Haifeng sent her his own plane.
After the plane stopped, Du Haiqing, who was nervous, walked down the spiral staircase, accompanied by a pair of children.
In her heart, she has been thinking about Jinling for nearly twenty years.
For twenty years, she would sleep with Ye Changying’s name silently every day. When she thought of Ye Changying, she couldn’t help thinking of Jinling.
Ye Changying is the love of her life.
Back then, Ye Changying died in Jinling, but now she finally has the opportunity to come to cherish her memory, and it is naturally difficult to calm down in her heart.
As soon as a family of three arrived at the arrival hall of the airport, a middle-aged man respectfully greeted him and said, “Miss, you have worked hard all the way.”

Chapter: 2246
It was an old housekeeper from the Du family in Jinling.
Du Haiqing met this old housekeeper when he was still young. In the past two decades, the old housekeeper has been taking care of the old house in Jinling. Du Haiqing also married to the Su family, so the two have never met again.
However, Du Haiqing recognized him at a glance, and said respectfully: “Uncle Wang, don’t come here all right!”
After finishing speaking, she hurriedly instructed the pair of children next to her: “Knowing Fei, Knowing Fish, please call Grandpa Wang.”
Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu hurriedly said respectfully: “Hello, Grandpa Wang!”
The old butler hurriedly bowed and thanked him, and then flattered Du Haiqing and said, “I didn’t expect the second lady to still remember it.”
Du Haiqing smiled and said: “Why don’t you remember, you used to be in charge of the house next to Prince Gong’s Mansion in Yanjing. Later, after your father donated the house to the national museum, you came to Jinling.”
The old butler nodded repeatedly and said with emotion: “After I came to Jinling, I went back to Yanjing twice a year to report to my master, but every time I went in a hurry, I hurried back after the report, so I never saw you again. ”
As he said, he couldn’t help sighing: “Oh, second lady, you haven’t been to Jinling for more than 20 years, right? I remember that before you got married, you would come to visit the old lady every year, and then you didn’t come back much. ”
Du Haiqing nodded and said, “I haven’t been here since Da Changying passed away in Jinling.”
When the old housekeeper heard the words, his body was startled, and he couldn’t help but sighed: “You said Young Master Chang Ying is really jealous of talent.”
Du Haiqing asked him: “By the way, Uncle Wang, you were in Jinling before Changying’s accident. Do you know what happened back then?”
The old housekeeper said with a grimace: “When Mr. Chang Ying came to Jinling, the master told me that he said that Mr. Chang Ying was coming. Maybe there was some conflict with his family, plus the Yanjing side. I was under a lot of pressure, so I came to Jinling to relax. He asked me to find Mr. Changying and invited his family of three to live in the old house for a few days. He also asked Mr. Changying to tell Mr. Changying that if he wanted, their family of three could stay in the old house. House, treat the old house as your own home”
Du Haiqing asked quickly: “Then what then? Are they here?”
The old butler shook his head and said, “Young Master Changying has been here by himself, but he just visited him and asked me to thank him, but he didn’t agree to stay.”
Du Haiqing asked again: “Then did he say anything?”
The old butler thought for a moment, and said: “At that time, Young Master Chang Ying said that he also encountered something and didn’t want to cause trouble to the Du family, so he thanked him and left.”
Du Haiqing nodded in a sense of loss, looking melancholy for a while.
At this time, the old butler was busy and said again: “By the way, Miss Second, let’s stop talking here. The car is waiting outside. Let’s go home first!”
Du Haiqing nodded and said, “Good Uncle Wang, go home first.”
Outside the airport, three Hongqi cars were parked side by side.
Du Haiqing said to Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu: “Zhifei, Zhiyu, let’s sit in the back car, I’ll sit in the middle car, and chat with your grandfather Wang by the way.”
The brothers and sisters naturally agreed to come down and board the last red flag.
The old housekeeper opened the back row of the red-flag car in the middle for Du Haiqing, and after Du Haiqing got in, he got into the co-pilot.
As the convoy left the airport, Du Haiqing asked the old butler: “Uncle Wang, I want to ask you something”
The old butler hurriedly said, “Second Miss, please ask!”
Du Haiqing said: “Uncle Wang, I heard people say that Changying came to Jinling with his wife and children. Since he didn’t want to live in our old house, where did he live in the end?”
The old housekeeper explained: “Young Master Changying also likes the old mansion very much. At that time, he asked me to help him find it, so I asked a friend to find him a slightly remote old mansion.”
“The house used to be the mansion of a great military ruler, but after escaping, it was handed over to others to take care of. After a long time, the house was abandoned.”
“But Mr. Chang Ying liked it very much, so he rented it and renovated it himself.”
Du Haiqing suddenly said with excitement, “Uncle Wang, can you take me to see it?”

Chapter: 2247
At this time, Ye Chen, just pushing his electric car, came out of the gate of Tomson Yipin’s villa.
Xiao Churan’s company has ended the Spring Festival holiday and officially went to work, and his father-in-law Xiao Changkun has also begun to reinvest in the affairs of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.
In the morning, Ma Lan, who was on crutches, made breakfast. After Xiao Changkun and Xiao Churan finished their meal, they drove a BMW to their business. Ye Chen cleaned up at home and prepared to go out to buy some meat and eggs.
The small vegetable garden at home can provide the vegetables and fruits that most families need, but meat and eggs are still available at the vegetable market.
Ye Chen rode out and did not rush to set off. Instead, he parked the car on the side of the road in the Tomson Yipin Villa area, resting his feet on the ground, and took out his mobile phone to call Chen Zekai.
Ye Chen read all the scandals that broke out in the Su family last night.
The direction of public opinion condemned Su Chengfeng from the beginning, and then turned the spear to Su Shoudao. Ye Chen could tell at a glance that this was Su Chengfeng’s self-protection trick.
It seems that there are already conflicts in the Su family now, which is very exciting good news for Ye Chen.
Although he is still not sure whether the murderer of his parents was the Su family, he must make the Su family pay a huge price because of the fact that the Su family had formed an anti-leaf alliance.
Now, the Su family is beginning to disintegrate internally, which is naturally an excellent situation for him.
Next, how to make the Su Family disintegrate more thoroughly and make the Su Family go farther and farther on the road of unrest is what Ye Chen is most concerned about right now.
In his view, Su Ruoli is definitely further disintegrating the Su family’s nuclear weapons.
As soon as the phone call to Chen Zekai was answered, he asked, “Old Chen, how is Su Ruoli and the others now?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Back to the young master, I just sent someone breakfast. According to the food delivery person, they are all in good condition.”
Ye Chen asked again: “After breaking their connection with the outside world, they didn’t have any awkwardness, did they?”
“No.” Chen Zekai smiled: “The crew members are still afraid that others will know that they are back. Even if they give them a mobile phone, they dare not call outside.”
Ye Chen asked, “What about Su Ruoli? How is the state?”
Chen Zekai said: “According to her subordinates, she has nothing to be dissatisfied with, but she asked about you.”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Oh? What did you ask about me?”
Chen Zekai smiled and said, “I ask you when you will be there, and I want to discuss something with you.”
“Yeah.” Ye Chen checked the time. It is only 9:30 in the morning. As long as he can buy the meat and come back at 11, he won’t delay Ma Lan cooking lunch, so he said: “Well, let me Go by in a while.”
“Good young master.” Chen Zekai said respectfully: “Should I drive to pick you up?”
“No, I’ll ride a battery car, it’s easy.”
Ye Chen didn’t actually have a good impression of Su Ruoli.
Although this woman is very beautiful and has a very hot body, her heart is also very vicious.
If he hadn’t guessed it by himself, he was the illegitimate daughter of Su Shoudao, and he would never save her life.
She stayed alive just to make the Su family sick.
After all, it is very easy to kill a general of the Su family, but it is not so easy to create a mortal enemy for the Su family.
If you can let Su Ruoli, like yourself, treat the Su family as enemies, the Su family will definitely add a lot of trouble in the future.

Chapter: 2248
This is Ye Chen’s purpose for keeping Su Ruoli.
He planned to send Su Ruoli back to Yanjing when the time was right.
Immediately, he put away the phone, turned the accelerator of the battery car, the little eDonkey made a buzzing sound, and quickly rushed out.
After leaving the Tomson Yipin community, Ye Chengang turned right by bicycle and was about to go to Chen Zekai’s hotel. He heard a familiar voice behind him shouting with some nervousness: “Brother-in-law!”
When Ye Chen turned his head subconsciously, he saw a familiar woman beckoning to him on the sidewalk behind him.
“Xiao Weiwei?” Ye Chen was very puzzled when he saw the woman clearly.
It’s not a day or two since my family and Mrs. Xiao’s family have turned their faces. For such a long time, the family has been like fire and water.
Not to mention that you will not say hello when you meet. If the mother-in-law Ma Lan sees her family on the terrace of the villa, she can’t wait to scold her for an hour to relieve her hatred.
So, he didn’t quite understand, what did Xiao Weiwei tell herself to do?
Moreover, why is she willing to call herself brother-in-law? Didn’t you call yourself trash before?
Thinking of this, he frowned and asked: “Are you okay?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest Xiao Weiwei hurried two steps to Ye Chen, and said with a bit of shame: “Brother-in-law, why are you going there?”
Ye Chen said coldly: “I’m going to buy vegetables, what can you do?”
Xiao Weiwei bit her lip lightly, and asked anxiously: “Brother-in-law, can you take me to the Pearl River Regency? It’s not far from here. An electric car can be there in 20 minutes… .”
Ye Chen looked at her up and down, and saw that she was dressed very formally, with light makeup, and said with a sneer: “You dignified Miss Xiao, riding on my electric car is too cheap? Why? Why? Same, then I will start to rinse?”
Xiao Weiwei immediately lowered her head ashamed when she heard this.
At this moment, what she thought of was the situation when she was sitting in Wang Yunfei’s Bentley car when she saw Ye Chen downstairs in the Emgrand Group.
“At that time, Ye Chen rode this electric car…”
“At that time, I didn’t put Ye Chen in my eyes at all. I always felt that he was a complete soft rice king and stinky silk, so I really didn’t look down on him with half-eyeballs.”
“But, who would have thought that today, more than half a year later, Ye Chen became the master of Jinling, but I was reduced to a courtesy lady who wanted to support my family for two hundred yuan a day?”
“Moreover, in order to save some money to feed my grandma, dad and brother, I even reluctant to take the bus or take a taxi…”
Thinking of this, she plucked up the courage, and said in a very humble manner: “Brother-in-law…Don’t make fun of me. Our family is in such a downturn now. I am still a little Miss Xiao family. …..”
After finishing speaking, she raised her head and looked at Ye Chen with red eyes, and said guiltily: “Brother-in-law… the previous things were all my bad and I was wrong. I shouldn’t look down on you. I shouldn’t fight against you and Churan everywhere. Life has taught me too many lessons. I am also deeply aware of my mistakes. I hope you can live without regard to the villains and stop following me…. ..”
When Xiao Weiwei said this, Ye Chen was somewhat surprised.
He really didn’t expect Xiao Weiwei to say such a thing.
What he didn’t expect was that when Xiao Weiwei said this, her tone and attitude were very sincere.
He could see that Xiao Weiwei’s words were from the bottom of his heart, not just talking.
Seeing Xiao Weiwei sincerely apologized and sincerely knew that he was wrong, Ye Chen’s attitude eased a little, and said indifferently: “Knowing a mistake can be corrected, and there is no way to be good. If you really realize that you did a mistake in the first place, it is not too late to wake up. ”

Chapter: 2249
Hearing what Ye Chen said, Xiao Weiwei nodded in a hurry, even her voice choked up, and said seriously: “Brother-in-law, you are right…I now…I really wake up now… …. I am no longer the old lady who had a high-level eye, unlearned, and a dog-eyed little girl…”
Then, she opened the zipper of the down jacket a little bit, revealing the blue etiquette uniform inside, and said: “Brother-in-law, look, I have started looking for a job by myself now, and I will be a welcome guest in the newly opened Zhujiang Lijing community. ……”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “How did you become a welcoming guest? If I remember correctly, you are a college student anyway, isn’t it better to find any job than to be a welcoming guest?”
Xiao Weiwei whispered in a very ashamed voice: “This…brother-in-law…to tell you, my dad and my elder brother were beaten to be useless people because of their plot against my second aunt. Now I can only lie in bed and can’t do anything. My grandmother is too old and lost weight some time ago. The stimulation of my second aunt has not been relieved, so I can’t go out to find a job. I can only make money. To support a family…”
Speaking of this, Xiao Weiwei sobbed a few times and choked: “But…but I can’t find those serious jobs, because such jobs are only paid next month, but I Dad, my brother, and my grandma, the three of them are still waiting at home, I will make money and go back to fill their stomachs…”
“So…so I can only find a job like Miss Yingbin that can finish daily…”
Ye Chen nodded lightly.
When he and his old husband went to the supermarket to make purchases a few years ago, he saw Mrs. Xiao who helped customers pull plastic bags in the supermarket.
At that time he knew that the Xiao family was exhausted.
In the past, they leaned on Wu Donghai, and they were able to drink spicy food.
But later Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong got into a catastrophe and tied Ye Changmin and Ma Lan together, and Wu Donghai also completely offended Ye Changmin. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest In the end, Wu Donghai learned of his identity as the young master of the Ye family, so he could only bend his knees and seek a way to survive.
Now that Wu Donghai has become Hong Wu’s licking dog, it is naturally impossible to give the Xiao family any chance.
Had it not been for that I still wanted to leave the Xiao family a little bit of escape, the Xiao family would have been swept out by Wu Donghai.
However, Ye Chen didn’t feel sorry for them if he left this back path for them.
He felt that since ancient times, the sages have concluded that the wicked have their own truths.
Therefore, instead of letting them get out of Tomson, it is better to let them feel the deep water in Tomson.
Therefore, Wu Donghai only looked for a relationship and released Zhang Guifen and the others in advance.
Ye Chen had already figured out Mrs. Xiao clearly. He knew that if Mrs. Xiao saw Zhang Guifen and the three of them want to live in a villa with him, she would do everything possible to drive Zhang Guifen away. Will offend Zhang Guifen to death.
as predicted.
Originally, Zhang Guifen and the three were still grateful to Mrs. Xiao, and if Mrs. Xiao treated them well, they would definitely go all out to give back to Mrs. Xiao.
In that case, with the help of three big-and-feeling village women, Mrs. Xiao’s family can at least have enough food.
However, Ye Chen just determined that Mrs. Xiao would not choose this path.
Therefore, I deliberately let Old Lady Xiao experience the feeling of shooting herself in the foot.
The original help turned into an enemy, which would definitely make Old Lady Xiao miserable.
And Mrs. Xiao did not disappoint him.
Now, it is obvious that Mrs. Xiao has been struggling to feed a family of four alone, so Xiao Weiwei can only carry the burden of supporting the family.

Chapter: 2250
Ye Chen looked at Xiao Weiwei in front of him. Although his impression of her was slightly changed, he did not sympathize with her.
Immediately, he faintly said: “Zhujiang Lijing is not far from here. If you take a car, the starting price is almost the same.”
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said: “Brother-in-law…I can’t wait to split my money in half now. I can’t bear to take the bus, let alone take a taxi…”
As she said, she pointed to the high heels under her feet, and said: “I was going to walk straight over, so that I can save some money. I just saw you passing by here, so I mustered up the courage to apologize to you. By the way, can you take me a ride…”
In fact, Xiao Weiwei now has a good impression of Ye Chen.
Since the day before the Chinese New Year, when many big figures in Jinling came to pay Ye Chen New Year’s greetings, she realized that she had made a huge mistake when she looked down on Ye Chen.
She also realized that the current Ye Chen is no longer comparable to the evening Ye Chen.
Moreover, Ye Chen has always been very good to Xiao Churan, and Xiao Weiwei also sees it.
Therefore, her current view of Ye Chen has changed drastically from before.
When I went out today, I just saw Ye Chen riding a bike passing by, so he mustered up the courage to call him.
She was also looking forward to taking this opportunity to fight Ye Chenhua into a jade silk.
But Ye Chen really didn’t have a good impression on Xiao Weiwei, so he said: “I still have something to do. If I don’t go along with the Pearl River Lijing, I can’t take you there.”
Although Xiao Weiwei felt lost in her heart, she did not continue to entangle her. She nodded very refreshingly and said, “Brother-in-law, it’s okay, if you have anything to do, please do it first. I’ll just go over.”
Seeing that she was still wearing high heels, Ye Chen couldn’t get it in less than 40 minutes. He felt a little sympathetic, so he said: “Well, let’s add a WeChat account, and I will transfer some money to you. ”
Xiao Weiwei subconsciously said, “No need, brother-in-law…I can’t ask for your money…”
Ye Chen said calmly: “Just call me brother-in-law at you, sincerely, I should help you, not to mention that you met me, and if you meet your sister, she will definitely help you too.”
Xiao Churan has always been kind, and doesn’t like to hold grudges. If she was shown the appearance of Xiao Weiwei, she would definitely help.
When Xiao Weiwei heard this, she was touched and ashamed, and choked up, “Brother-in-law, I used to be so to you, you are still willing to help me… I am… I am… ”
Speaking of this, Xiao Weiwei couldn’t help crying.
Today, she really understood what it means to repay grievances with virtue.
As someone else, I have offended others before, so I definitely want to step on myself to read jokes at this time.
However, instead of ridiculing and mocking herself, Ye Chen was willing to help, which really surprised her.
Ye Chen said at this time: “Okay, don’t cry, don’t shirk, hurry up and add a WeChat, I will have something to do in a while, I have to go first.”
Xiao Weiwei was so busy that she nodded her head again and again, but when she reached into her pocket, she realized that she didn’t have a mobile phone…
Her mobile phone was taken away by Wu Donghai’s people a long time ago.
So, she said nervously, “Brother-in-law…that…I…I…I don’t have a mobile phone…”

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Hmm. I am wondering if Chang Yang knew of Su Shoudao’s indiscretion 20 years earlier and killed by the Alliance for that reason. Afterall, Su Ruoli is about 20 years old. Oh, I am just guessing, because I dont think Chang Yang would have told Du Haiqing of Su Shoudao’s illegitimate child. I will continue to read to determine why was Chang Yang and HIS wife killed or was it truly an accident.

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