The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2271-2280

Chapter: 2271
It was the first time Liu Zonghui met someone like Ye Chen.
No fights, no scolding, and a smile on his face, he looks more civilized than anyone, but a mouth is to eat human bones.
Fifteen and five million? How can he get so much money?
Regardless of whether he has opened a ceremonial company, he is forced to buy and sell all the time to make good prostitution, and he does not make less money, but like him, the more money he makes, the more he spends.
Originally, these people who have been in the gray world all have a natural instinct to have wine and to be drunk, and to have money and not spend more time.
Therefore, although Liu Zonghui usually makes a lot of money, he does spend a lot of money outside.
He can make at least a few million dollars in a year, but he can’t hold back his spending money and extravagance, so he will have at most 1.8 million yuan left in his hands throughout the year.
All of Liu Zonghui’s savings totaled only three or four million yuan. At this time, Ye Chen asked him to return 15.5 million yuan as soon as he opened his mouth. He couldn’t get so much money even if he sold his kidneys.
So, he cried and pleaded, “Master Ye, let me tell you the truth, I really don’t have so much money…”
As soon as Ma Zhongliang heard this, he kicked him up and scolded: “Fuck! Don’t you want to face? Master Ye gave you a solution to the problem, and you are still crying here? Do you have to let me take you? Are you satisfied with death?”
Liu Zonghui trembled: “No… Brother Zhongliang, I really don’t cry poor, I really can’t afford that much money…”
Ma Zhongliang scolded: “Can’t you pay? If you don’t pay, I will scrap your legs!”
Liu Zonghui trembled in fright, and immediately glared at Chen Xiaofei, and angrily cursed: “It’s all because of you, a bitch, who keeps out and makes trouble for Lao Tzu all day long!”
After that, he said to Ye Chen again: “Master Ye, the matters of the Overlord Clause are all handled by this Chen Xiaofei. You have the wrong hands and the debtors. You have to find her to settle the accounts!”
When Chen Xiaofei heard this, her whole body was frightened, and she hurriedly said: “Liu Zonghui! You are too shameless? These things are all your ideas. I am just a subordinate who runs errands for you and helps you out. You Give it to me at this time, do you still have a conscience?”
After finishing speaking, she hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, this Shangmei etiquette company was built by Liu Zonghui. I used to be the lady who accompanied me in KTV. He accepted me as a lover and said that he would take me to make money. That’s why I was tricked into this business. Strictly speaking, I, like Weiwei, are victims!”
“Fuck your mother!” Liu Zonghui blurted out: “Chen Xiaofei, you don’t pretend to be white lotus flowers here, what the hell are you, who doesn’t know on Jinling Road?”
“Don’t you fucking sell it out?!”
“It doesn’t matter if you sell it out. When you see your mother Sang making money, you want to stand on your own. You jumped out and wanted to dig the corner of the previous mother Sang. You committed a big taboo!”
“People threatened to destroy your face with sulfuric acid and drive you to desperation. Then you ran over and begged me to protect you and beg me to take you out of that circle!”
“If it weren’t for me, you would have been disfigured a long time ago! You even ran out to bite me back then, do you still have a conscience?”
Chen Xiaofei said in a panic: “You… don’t talk nonsense, these are all made up by you!”
Ye Chen shouted coldly at this time: “Shut up all of you!”
Chen Xiaofei shrank her neck in fright, and immediately closed her mouth with interest.
Ye Chen glared at her, and said coldly: “Miss Chen, it doesn’t make any sense to pass it in a hurry. When I and Liu finally settle the account, I will naturally give you a clear calculation.”
Chen Xiaofei hurriedly knelt down in fright, and begged: “Mr. Ye, I…I was really forced…please see that I am a woman. Don’t be like me.

Chapter: 2272
Ma Zhongliang, who was on the side, heard this and walked forward, slapped her face severely.
Before Chen Xiaofei recovered from the beating, he pulled Chen Xiaofei by the hair, dragged her to Liu Zonghui’s face, kicked her down beside Liu Zonghui, and said coldly: “You fucking pretty good. If you have the ability, you dare to play moral kidnapping with Master Ye? Master Ye is a real dragon on earth. Under normal circumstances, I don’t beat women, but I, Ma Zhongliang, are not so particular! !”
Chen Xiaofei was so scared that she didn’t dare to speak any more.
She really wanted to play a moral kidnapping for Ye Chen, first to highlight the point that she was a female classmate, so that Ye Chen could not do anything to herself.
But she didn’t expect that Ye Chen really didn’t do anything to herself, but Ma Zhongliang didn’t take it at all…
At this time, Ma Zhongliang looked at Ye Chen and spoke respectfully: “Master Ye, how to clean up these two bastards, just give your orders!”
Ye Chen said lightly: “First come one by one, let’s talk about what they owe me money first.”
Liu Zonghui has realized at this time that this matter is basically impossible to be good today.
If I don’t hurriedly pray for Ye Chen’s forgiveness, I still don’t know how much he will suffer.
So he hurriedly said respectfully: “Master Ye, I have a total of more than 3.7 million deposits. I will give you all of them. I only ask you to raise your hand and forgive me this time…”
Chen Xiaofei on the side also hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, I… I also have more than 700,000 deposits, and I am willing to pay you all, please let me go…” .
Ye Chen waved his hand: “You two add up to less than five million, but this difference is a bit far? You see, this moment has delayed you for several minutes, and the benefits will soon exceed 20 million, so I advise you to pay all the money as soon as possible, otherwise the interest has been running here, and for you, the pressure to pay the money will definitely increase.”
As soon as Liu Zonghui heard this, he cried and said: “Master Ye…I really don’t have that much money… You just stripped me alive, I can’t get 20 million. Come out, please raise your hands high…”
Chen Xiaofei also cried and said, “Yeah, Mr. Ye, I really don’t have that much money…More than 700,000 yuan is all my belongings…”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “When you pitted those girls, they must have begged you to raise your hands high? Did you raise them?”
The two dared not speak anymore.
In the past, when they pit little girls, they didn’t care about each other’s life or death.
If you don’t have money, you will be honest.
The two of them would even force the company’s contracted courtesy lady to accompany the wine and sleep for money.
At that time, they never ignored anyone’s plea.
Seeing that they both stopped talking, Ye Chen sneered, and said, “Given that the money you owe me has exceeded 20 million, which is far beyond your actual repayment ability, you will have to give me other ways for the part that is not enough. Get it back!”
Liu Zonghui tremblingly asked: “Ye…Master Ye, how do you want us to find a supplement…”
Ye Chen sneered: “People say that you spend money to eliminate disasters. Since you can’t pay, you have to suffer a little bit!”
Ma Zhongliang on the side suddenly felt that he instantly got Ye Chen’s point!
In the past, when Ye Chen dealt with Liu Guang, Liu Ming, father and son, and several masters in the Wu family, what Ye Chen liked most was to engrave on each other’s forehead!
So he immediately said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye! Just tell me, what words would you like to engrave on their foreheads, I have a knife!”

Chapter: 2273
As soon as Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei heard that Ye Chen likes to engrave on people’s foreheads, they immediately thought of Liu Guang and Liu Ming, the father and son who everyone in Jinling knew about!
The father and son were a sensation in the city and even the whole country.
First, Liu Ming was engraved with the words “poor hang” on his forehead because he offended a mysterious big man.
Then Liu Guang, Liu Ming’s old son, wanted to avenge Liu Ming, but he also offended the mysterious big man, so the four characters of the father of the poor were carved on his forehead.
This is not over yet.
What really made the father and son famous all over the country was actually the cross talk about the Wu family they said together.
The cross talk they said by the father and son completely offended the Wu family. There are rumors. In fact, they did not dare to offend the Wu family at all. The reason why they recorded such a cross talk was completely intimidated.
It was not clear to everyone before that he was threatened by someone who dared to offend the Wu family to death. Now, Liu Zonghui figured it out. It turned out that it was Master Ye that both Liu Guang and Liu Ming had offended.
Now, Liu Guang and Liu Ming’s fate, I am afraid it will be his turn.
As soon as he thought of this, Liu Zonghui felt an inexplicable pain in his forehead.
It was as if someone had carved words on his forehead with a knife.
Just when he was at a loss, Ye Chen on the side said to Ma Zhongliang: “Forget the lettering. The mistakes these two people made are not to look down on people, but to bully the market and force the good to be a prostitution. solution.”
Ma Zhongliang hurriedly asked respectfully: “Master Ye, how do you want to solve these two people? As long as you say something, I will make arrangements!”
Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “Is there any KTV nightclub under your hand?”
Ma Zhongliang blurted out without hesitation: “Master Ye, this is what we have eaten! KTV nightclub, Hong Wuye assigned to my hand, there are six!”
Ye Chen said: “Okay, let this Chen Xiaofei go over to accompany the bar. Doesn’t she like to force the little girl to accompany the wine at night? Just now I have to force my sister-in-law to accompany the wine, so let her taste it herself With this kind of taste, don’t give her a penny of the money she earns. When will she save up to five million, and when will she be free!”
As soon as Chen Xiaofei heard this, she was so frightened that she collapsed instantly. She knelt on the ground and cried and said, “Mr. Ye, please forgive me this time for the sake of my confusion. Kind of beauty, I can earn three to four hundred yuan, five million yuan at most when I go to ktv to accompany a drink…How long do I have to earn to be a head…”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Why? You know you feel uncomfortable when you are on your own. Then when you force others to accompany you, why have you not considered the feelings of others? I will let you know. What is meant by do not do to others what you do not want to do!
Chen Xiaofei cried and said: “Mr. Ye…I did do a lot of wrong things before, but…but I have some restraint. Generally speaking, I am at best pitted by myself. Hundreds of thousands, how can you pit me five million so much…”
Ye Chen said calmly: “If you think 5 million is too much, then we can adjust it to 10 million. If you think 10 million is too much, then we can adjust to 20 million.”
Chen Xiaofei almost collapsed when he heard this…
She cried with blood in her heart: “This Ye Chen is too ruthless!”

Chapter: 2274
“One opening is five million. If he really does what he said, I will at least accompany ten years of wine in KTV for nothing!”
“Isn’t this killing me?!”
Seeing Chen Xiaofei not speaking, Ye Chen said coldly: “Since you do not agree, then I will directly increase the price for you. I will increase the price to 10 million at the beginning. At that time, Ma Zhongliang and Hong Wu will stare at you together, and they will not earn enough 1,000 Wan, even if you are the king of heaven, I don’t want to save you! I will give you three seconds to think about it!”
After all, Ye Chen started the countdown directly.
“three two……”
Just when Ye Chen was about to count to “one”, Chen Xiaofei no longer dared to bargain. She cried and said, “Mr. Ye, I promise, I promise…”
After that, when thinking of her own destiny, she was about to cry in despair like those girls who were forced to ktv by herself.
At this time, Ye Chen looked at Liu Zonghui, smiled indifferently, and said: “Mr. Liu, Mr. Chen has already made arrangements here, and it is time for you to arrange a way out.”
Liu Zonghui secretly thought desperately in his heart: “This Chen Xiaofei is so miserable. I must have nothing good to eat. If I don’t think of a solution anymore, wouldn’t it be all in my life?”
Thinking of this, he squatted his head hurriedly and desperately, begging: “Master Ye, in the future, I am willing to seduce you and be a cow and a horse. I only ask you to forgive me this time…please… …”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “Don’t tell me this is useless. When the two of you were embarrassed and entrapped innocent women, why didn’t you think of forgiving them once?”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen sneered: “Since Chen Xiaofei is going to KTV to accompany him, then you should go to KTV to be the tortoise. Just like her, when will you earn five million, and when will you be free? , The two of you can be regarded as double-staying and double-flying, and no one will abandon the other.”
“Being a turtle?!” Liu Zonghui’s face turned pale when he heard this word.
Gui Gong was a man who did groceries in a brothel in ancient times. To put it bluntly, he couldn’t even count as the security guard of the nursing home.
Generally speaking, the dirtiest, most tiring, and most indiscriminate work done by Mr. Tortoise, put in modern KTV, is the role of handing toilet paper to the guests who have washed their hands at the toilet door. It can be said that the whole KTV Here, even the guard dog is worse than…
Thinking of this, Liu Zonghui burst into tears, and choked up: “Master Ye, leave me as a dog by your side. No matter what you order in the future, I won’t have any delay. Please don’t send me to ktv to go to the tortoise… I am also on the road for some time. People on Jinling Road know more or less, and ktv is the most frequented by Taoists. Place, if you see me there, my old face can’t hold back…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “What are you afraid of? When you become a tortoise in the future, put a small tray next to the ktv sink with a few banknotes in it, and then ask the guests to consume when you hand over tissues. Are you not? Have you ever been mixed up on the road? There are many acquaintances and many friends. Everyone will take care of your business and give you more tips when you see that you become the tortoise. You may make five million faster than Chen Xiaofei.”
“I…I…” Liu Zonghui just wanted to hit his head to death on the concrete floor.
He cried desperately in his heart: “Think of me, Liu Zonghui. On Jinling Road, he is the number one person in size and size. Although he is not as good as Ma Zhongliang, it is at least the upper-middle trigram!”
“Now, let me be the number one person in ktv to be the tortoise. Wouldn’t it be the laughingstock of the entire Jinling Road?!”
“Moreover, when I used to be arrogant and domineering, I didn’t have any enemies!”
“If I met this in KTV in the future and they found me nodding and bowing at the door of the toilet and handing tissues to the guests, wouldn’t I be beaten as a dead dog?!”

Chapter: 2275
Seeing Liu Zonghui’s silence for a long time, Ma Zhongliang stepped forward and kicked him angrily, and cursed, “Grass! You are a dog who doesn’t know how to lift up. Master Ye will give you a way to survive. You fucking don’t hurry up and kowtow.” Thanks? Really wait until you are sent to the Wuye kennel to feed the dogs, you fucking cried without tears!”
When Liu Zonghui heard this, he shivered in shock!
Who doesn’t know about Hong Wuye’s dog farm?
It is said that there are dozens or even hundreds of fierce purebred fighting dogs.
Some people say that Hong Wuzhen rarely throws his enemies into the kennel to feed the dogs.
If this is really sent to the kennel, let alone alive, even a whole body will not be mixed Thinking of this, Liu Zonghui was desperate deep in his heart.
To be honest, let him be the tortoise, to some extent, it would be better to kill him.
However, if you really want to let him die, he doesn’t have this courage.
He choked in his heart and sighed: “Although the tortoise is ashamed and his life is bleak, it is better to die than to live.”
“I really want to hit me to death here, and I feel terrified in my heart.”
“Moreover, Master Ye in front of me is not something I can contend with.”
“Even Hong Wuye treats him respectfully. I am a kind of stuff, but in front of him, he can only be regarded as a broken fish and shrimp. Now he is willing to spare my life and let me go to KTV to be a turtle father. On the one hand, if I don’t respond quickly, if he changes his mind, then I really have to regret it.”
Therefore, Liu Zonghui quickly choked with gratitude and said: “Master Ye, thank you for not killing me. Liu Zonghui must follow your instructions to be honestly a tortoise in KTV, and work hard to make money and return your interest.”
After finishing speaking, he hurriedly said: “By the way, Master Ye, give me an account. I will first transfer all the three million dollars I have on hand to you and the remaining five million dollars. Give it back to you”
Seeing that this guy accepted his punishment, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said coldly: “The money you make is all the hard-earned money pitted from those little girls. It is earned without conscience. If I take your money, it means that I have also become a member of that group of girls.”
Liu Zonghui was overjoyed when he heard that Ye Chen didn’t want to take his own money.
It doesn’t matter if you are a tortoise, as long as you can save more than three million deposits, you can at least live a well-off life!
But waiting for him to be happy, Ye Chen said to Xiao Weiwei: “Weiwei, I have a task for you.”
Xiao Weiwei has been by the side, watching Ye Chen move her mouth to determine the future fate of Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei, the worship of him in her heart has reached a point where there is nothing to add, and the look in his eyes is like seeing a god.
Now that Ye Chen said that she wanted to give herself a task, she was flattered and said excitedly: “Brother-in-law, if you have anything to do, Weiwei will definitely go all out!”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “From today, I want you to take over the Shangmei etiquette company. You will be responsible for this company. As for the company’s shares, let Liu Zonghui transfer all of it to your name today. ”
“Ah?!” Xiao Weiwei said in surprise: “Sister-in-law, you let me accept Shangmei? But I don’t know how to run a company.”

Chapter: 2276
Ye Chen said seriously: “As long as you are serious, responsible, and considerate to your conscience while doing things, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do well.”
After speaking, he said again: “I will let them both transfer all their deposits to the Shangmei company account. As for how to use the money, after you take over the company, you must sign all the company All the overlord clauses are found, and the unequal clauses on each girl are unconditionally removed, and then the money is distributed to them as compensation according to the number of years they were forced to sign contracts. The distribution rules must be fair and reasonable!
When Xiao Weiwei heard this, she almost nodded her head without hesitation and said: “Good brother-in-law, I will definitely send this money to them in a fair and reasonable way!”
“Very good.” Ye Chen nodded and said with satisfaction: “After you compensate them for the money, you should make it clear to them that the company will be in charge of you next, and the company’s subsequent operations, sharing, payment and other processes. All will be open and transparent. If they are willing to continue to be courtesy ladies, then continue to cooperate with the company and sign equal employment contracts! As long as you implement these points well, I believe they will not refuse.”
“In this way, after you take over this company, you will have a stable team, and then take some etiquette work, I believe the company will definitely be profitable.”
Xiao Weiwei heard this and said very seriously: “Brother-in-law, you are right. As long as you sign an equality agreement with everyone, everyone will be very willing to sign with the company!”
Speaking of this, she continued with some empathy: “After all, it’s really hard to be a ceremonial lady by yourself. Every morning you have to spend a long time washing, making up, and dressing, and then an event is often from morning to night, so , It’s impossible to talk about cooperation and expand relationships at other times during the day’s activities”
“For those of us who are courtesy ladies, the best way to cooperate is to have a reliable company to help us undertake activities everywhere, and then make reasonable arrangements, scheduling and overall planning for us.”
“In this way, everyone is also willing to let the company take a draw from their own labor remuneration. Employees and the company cooperate with each other and get what they need, so that they can do better and better.”
During this time, Xiao Weiwei had a hard life.
The hard work is because she has changed from a lady who never touched the sun with her fingers and never came out to make money, to a laborer who travels every day to ask for a living.
Remember one second It is precisely because of her actual participation in labor that she can learn about an industry and discover problems in an industry down-to-earth.
After she had been a lady of etiquette for a while, she also figured out the ups and downs of the lady of etiquette.
At this moment, she secretly thought: “The little girls who are like me as a lady of etiquette, all of them have no background and helpless bottom. They earn money by hard work every day. Since everyone has chosen this line of work. , They are all ready to endure hardship and suffer, so they are not afraid of hardship or tired.”
“But what we are afraid of is to meet an unreliable company”
“Like Liu Zonghui’s Shangmei etiquette company, the work arranged for everyone is very heavy, but the compensation is very small.”
“It’s fine to give very little. Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei are still not satisfied. They want to further squeeze the surplus value of our little girls, so they use various overlord clauses and contract traps to cheat us, and even force us to make money. Push into the fire pit”
“If we can find a reliable company, the company and employees will support each other, even if it is a little bit tired, no one will complain.”
“It’s a pity that the group of Miss Etiquette is indeed too weak and too easy to be bullied! So most of the bosses in this industry, like Liu Zonghui, are not greedy enough, and do everything possible to exploit us little girls with no background. ”
“So, as long as we are still in this industry, we can only jump from this pit and into that pit.”
“But now my brother-in-law gave me a chance to run an etiquette company. If I do it hard and work hard, let alone how much money I can make, at least I can ensure that the girls who work with me will not be The company is bullied and will no longer be desperately squeezed out of surplus value by the company”
Thinking of this, Xiao Weiwei’s heart began to feel a little passionate.
She looked at Ye Chen with admiration and firm eyes, and said confidently: “Brother-in-law, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will definitely try my best to not let you down!”

Chapter: 2277
Ye Chen has known Xiao Weiwei for so long, and for the first time today, it is the first time to see this expression on Xiao Weiwei’s face that he is determined to do a good job.
She really didn’t have this energy before.
In the past, she was young, impetuous, ostentatious, and disliked the poor and loved the rich.
But now she, after experiencing some hardships in life, has a lot of calmness.
This point made Ye Chen a little relieved.
The Xiao family is certainly hateful, but these people are all blood relatives of his wife Xiao Churan.
Therefore, this is also the real reason why Ye Chen has always been engaging them to death.
Otherwise, with the patience of the Xiao family, I don’t know how many deaths have been made.
Now that Xiao Weiwei has the determination to correct evil and return to righteousness, she might as well give her a chance.
However, given the opportunity, she can’t completely let her decide the company alone.
So Ye Chen said to Xiao Weiwei: “After you take over the Shangmei etiquette company, remember to remember your original intention, and don’t let the company make a little money and let it go.
Xiao Weiwei nodded repeatedly, and said firmly: “Brother-in-law, don’t worry, I will definitely remember your enlightenment and teachings…”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and continued: “After Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei’s money is paid to the company’s account, you leave 500,000 in the account as operating funds, and you receive 10,000 yuan a month for the basic company, and then find An accountant manages the accounts, and every month I will ask someone to check the accounts to see if you have public funds for private use.”
Xiao Weiwei said without hesitation: “Brother-in-law, I will never do any small actions. You can supervise me at all times. If you find that my mind is wrong, please chase me away at any time!”
Ye Chen nodded and said: “In addition, if you buy three domestically-made commercial vehicles for the company, you will buy the 10-seater and 13-seater domestically-produced vehicles, which are cost-effective, and the brand-new price should be around 100,000. Then hire three drivers to take the girls out to run activities, so that no matter whether it is windy, rainy or severely cold, the girls will be less guilty. Since you are here from this step, you should be more sympathetic to them. hard.”
Xiao Weiwei’s moved tears became a thread.
Although she has been a talented lady of etiquette for a short time, she has tasted enough of her hard work.
Real estates in some suburbs are far away and inconvenient for public transportation. It may take more than an hour to go back and forth to go back and forth, but the taxi is too expensive, and the income from participating in the activity may not be enough for the taxi fare.
In addition, the weather is very cold now, and it’s very late at dawn, so she sometimes has to go out after five o’clock. Only she knows how hard it is.
If the company can equip everyone with a car and drive the car to take everyone to the event, it will be a very practical and good benefit for every lady of etiquette.
Therefore, Ye Chen’s ability to take this into consideration really moved her heart.
Liu Zonghui on the side listened to Ye Chen’s simple words with his own ears, and handed over his company to others, and he collapsed deep in his heart.
Although he felt resentful in his heart, he didn’t even dare to let go of a fart at this time.
He now wants to understand. What he has to do next is to transfer all the money to the company, then hand over the company to others, and then go to KTV to be the tortoise.

Chapter: 2278
If the tortoise is ready, he still has a chance to regain his freedom soon.
Otherwise, you may really have to work for a lifetime in KTV.
You can’t be in your 60s or 70s, with gray hair, still handing out toilet paper to male customers at the toilet door? That’s too damn bad.
At this time, Ma Zhongliang on the side saw Liu Zonghui’s face with a dead father’s depression, and felt a little sympathetic in his heart.
Thinking of this, he sighed in his heart: “Although Liu Zonghui almost caused me a catastrophe today, he is still a friend of mine. He has always respected me without saying anything, and he has arranged for my favorite girl, I I still owe him a favor…”
“And just now, in order to protect myself, I immediately beat him up and threatened to abolish him. Thinking about it now, in my heart, it’s true that the fuck is a bit sad. If it spreads outside, outside People in the United States will also say that Ma Zhongliang is not kind, and if something happens, he will betray his friends…”
“Furthermore, Master Ye’s whole person is really too bad. Let Liu Zonghui go to KTV to be the tortoise. This is tantamount to letting a company leader with a million-dollar salary go to clean the toilet. All the people on the road love face. Who is this kind of thing? I can bear it…”
At this point, Ma Zhongliang took advantage of Ye Chen’s talking to Xiao Weiwei at this time, so he leaned in front of Liu Zonghui and said in a low voice: “Hey, Zong Hui, don’t feel too depressed in your heart. If you can have this ending today, it is already burning. The fragrance is high…”
When Liu Zonghui heard this, tears flowed down. He stiffened the urge to cry and asked in a choked voice, “Brother Zhongliang…I’m the fucking here, or are I burning up? ”
Ma Zhongliang nodded earnestly and said: “Don’t say you are a small boss who is doing evil all day long. There was a boss whose company was valued at more than one billion yuan and was about to be listed on the GEM. No one has ever done you. This kind of conscientious business is because I was blinded and pretended to be forced by Master Ye, and now he is still carrying cement at the construction site! Master Ye can say, when will it be enough for 20 years, and when will it be finished! You Tell me who is worse than him?”
Liu Zonghui was taken aback.
Ma Zhongliang continued: “So, just think about it, is it when the tortoise is light in KTV for ten years, or is it going to the construction site to carry cement for twenty years?”
“Sleeping day…”
As soon as Liu Zonghui heard this, he quickly wiped away his tears, and choked up: “If you say this, you should be more comfortable as the turtle father…”
“Still!” Ma Zhongliang sighed, “So let me say, you are good! It doesn’t matter if the money is gone, it doesn’t matter if the money is still there, there are few arms or legs, so many people have offended Master Ye before. There are really few people who can end up like you, but that’s not enough? What bike do you want?”
Liu Zonghui nodded as if smashing garlic: “Brother Zhongliang, you are right…I…I…hey…I recognize…”
Ma Zhongliang nodded lightly and continued: “This matter, blame your concubine. Damn, it’s not good for her to offend Master Ye. Isn’t this going to catch up and die?”
Liu Zonghui gritted his teeth and nodded.
When it comes to Chen Xiaofei, he really hates it!
So she gritted her teeth and cursed in her heart: “Chen Xiaofei of the dog day, you are more than defeated if you fail to succeed! If you knew you would cause such a disaster for Laozi, I would rather not sleep you and send you to KTV to accompany you! In that case! , Lao Tzu will not suffer this catastrophe today…”
“Hey, it’s a pity that there is no such thing as’early knowing’ in everything. After all, there is no turning back in life. No matter how angry or dissatisfied, you still have to go to work at KTV at night?”
Thinking of this, he looked at Ma Zhongliang and pleaded with tears: “Brother Zhongliang, in the future, my brother will be doing a job with you in your place. You must cover me a little bit…”
Ma Zhongliang turned his back to Ye Chen, quietly patted his chest, and said seriously: “Zong Hui, don’t worry, brother will take care of you quietly!”

Chapter: 2279
Ma Zhongliang knew very well in his heart that Ye Chen sent Liu Zonghui to KTV to be the tortoise, which was a punishment for him. If he helped and followed him upright, it would be equivalent to opposing Ye Chen.
He must have the guts.
Therefore, the solution he can think of is to take care of Liu Zonghui a little bit quietly and appropriately in the future, and it can only be a little bit.
For example, if you go to the bathroom in KTV and meet him handing a tissue at the door, don’t give five dollars if you can give ten dollars, don’t give ten dollars if you give twenty dollars.
Even if it is over fifty, if Ye Chen feels that he is obviously generating income for Liu Zonghui, he might find himself in trouble again.
Ye Chen and Xiao Weiwei set the direction for the operation of the etiquette company, and said to Ma Zhongliang: “Little Ma, you take Weiwei and Liu Zonghui to handle the company transfer in the afternoon, and stare at Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei to transfer the money to the company account. .”
Ma Zhongliang quickly nodded and bowed his waist and said, “Master Ye, don’t worry, it’s all over to me!”
Ye Chen nodded, looked at Ma Zhongliang, and said coldly: “I won’t settle accounts with you for today’s affairs. In the future, you should be alert yourself. Don’t think that you are the number one person in Jinling and help you regardless of cause and effect. People beat and kill, and then let me know that you dare to do this kind of help and abuse, I will let you go to be the tortoise with Liu Zonghui, do you understand?”
Ma Zhongliang trembled in fright, and blurted out: “Master Ye, don’t worry about it. If I do this kind of thing again, I will meet you!”
Ye Chen snorted coldly: “You have to do your job in the underground world. Bars, KTV, and nightclubs are more serious ways to make money. Don’t bully the market, bully men and women, otherwise, I will teach Hong Wu together! ”
Ma Zhongliang hurriedly bowed and said, “Master Ye, your lesson is that you must keep in mind next…”
Ye Chen didn’t pay attention to him anymore, turned around and said to Xiao Weiwei, “Weiwei, just do what I ask, take over the company, do things well and behave well, don’t let me down!”
Xiao Weiwei choked with tears and said: “Good brother-in-law…I will definitely go all out…”
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, do it well, I will find you to find out the situation in a few days, and I will leave first.”
Xiao Weiwei said gratefully: “Brother-in-law, go slowly…”
Ma Zhongliang hurried to the side and bowed and said, “Master Ye, go slowly!”
Ye Chen was ready to leave. Thinking of something, he took out the cloth bag for grocery shopping from the basket of the electric car, and then took out a brand new Apple mobile phone from the cloth bag.
He handed the phone to Xiao Weiwei and said, “The phone is bought for you. People in modern society can’t do a lot of things without a phone, and you are about to be the boss of the company, and you need a phone. Contact the business and communicate with the team.”
Xiao Weiwei didn’t even dream of thinking that Ye Chen even bought herself a mobile phone, which really moved her to the extreme.
“Ye Chen gave me money to ride in the car in the morning, and saw me being bullied just now to help me. They all happened to help me by chance…”
“But this phone is not easy!”
“He knew that I don’t have a mobile phone, so he bought a mobile phone because he wanted to give me a mobile phone! It was bought specifically for me!”
At this moment, Xiao Weiwei was moved with nothing to add.

Chapter: 2280
She looked at Ye Chen, only felt like Rukun was in her throat. She wanted to talk, but she couldn’t say anything.
Seeing that she was completely stunned, Ye Chen didn’t tell her any more. He put the phone into her hand and said to Ma Zhongliang, “Little Ma, if you need to use a lady of etiquette, your friends, partners, etc. , Remember to take care of Weiwei’s business, understand?”
Without saying anything, Ma Zhongliang immediately said boldly: “Master Ye, don’t worry, after Miss Weiwei opens, I will help her publicize it! I think Ma Zhongliang is more or less thin on Jinling Road, and my friends must also I will give you this face and ensure that Ms. Weiwei’s etiquette company will be too busy!”
After speaking, he hurriedly said: “By the way, Master Ye, tomorrow is the anniversary celebration of the opening of several ktv under my own. It happens to be a group of etiquette ladies, and then I will ask Miss Weiwei to help!”
Ye Chen asked him with interest: “Oh? What a coincidence? Tomorrow is the opening anniversary celebration?”
“Yeah!” Ma Zhongliang smiled: “Why don’t you say that Master Ye is a real dragon on earth, no matter who has nothing to do, you will be around you in secret!”
Ye Chen knew that he had deliberately flattered himself to please himself, but he didn’t say anything, so he said to Xiao Weiwei, “Weiwei, you must arrange all the activities of Ma Zhongliang here tomorrow. The first business of your new company, strive to be a good start!”
Xiao Weiwei nodded hurriedly and said, “Brother-in-law, don’t worry, I will arrange it!”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and said to Ma Zhongliang: “You people on the road are rough in their work, and their overall quality is not good. Tomorrow, the lady of etiquette will come over. You must take care of their mouths, hands and feet, and don’t provoke any moles Miss manners, do you understand?”
Ma Zhongliang said immediately: “Master Ye, don’t worry, who the hell dare to make a bad idea to Miss Weiwei’s people, I fucking castrate him immediately!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and said to Xiao Weiwei: “Oh, by the way, Weiwei, I have one more thing to ask you.”
Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said, “Brother-in-law, tell me!”
Ye Chen said seriously: “Don’t tell anyone about this matter today, including your grandma, your parents, and your brother, including your sister Churan, do you understand?”
“Huh?” Xiao Weiwei asked in surprise: “Brother-in-law, why can’t you tell me? You have helped me so much. Grandma, Dad, and older brother will be very grateful to you…”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “I don’t need them to be grateful, nor do I need their flattery, and I am not helping you to make you feel me, but because you are indeed better than before and can sincerely call me brother-in-law. You respect me a foot, I respect you a foot, nothing more.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “As for your grandma, your father, and Xiao Hailong, I don’t want to have any unnecessary involvement with them. In the beginning, it is better to have more things than less, so only you know this. I know, if you tell them, then I can only stop all of this, understand?”
When Xiao Weiwei heard this, although she felt a little disappointed, she nodded honestly and said: “Good brother-in-law, I know, don’t worry, I won’t talk about this to anyone…”
Ye Chen looked at Ma Zhongliang again, and said coldly: “You are the same. You keep me tight-lipped. If anyone dares to say that Weiwei is my sister-in-law, I dare to say that I brought this company from Liu Zonghui. She, I will send him to the kennel to experience!”
Ma Zhongliang and the others all looked tense and hurriedly agreed.
Ye Chen was satisfied, and said: “Okay, so be it, I’ll go now.”
After speaking, Ye Chen twisted the throttle, and the little eDonkey jumped out quickly.
Seeing that he was gone, Xiao Weiwei was so busy shouting from behind: “Goodbye brother-in-law! Thank you brother-in-law!”

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Even I felt empathy for Xiao Wei Wei. I am happy that she has learned the errors of her ways. Furthermore, I am ecstatic that she has been given an opportunity to make income for her immediate family. Two thousands and five hundreds yuan ($2500) per week is a big step up from $200 per day at $1000 per week.

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