The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2281-2290

Chapter: 2281
Leaving the Pearl River Lijing, Ye Chen hurried to the vegetable market.
Time has been delayed a lot, and if you don’t hurry to buy the vegetables back, the wife won’t be able to eat breakfast when she comes home from get off work.
Although Jinling is an ancient city, its modern atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. The destruction, demolition, and modification of the old city’s buildings have basically become the style of modern urban high-rise buildings.
In the past, many traditional crafts and markets have gradually been replaced by various tall shops and general supermarkets.
In the early years, there were many shavers on the side of the road, and the shave skills were excellent, and two or three dollars could be used to shave a head by sitting on the side of the road.
But now, it has long since disappeared.
Instead, there are all kinds of exquisite and high-end beauty salons. Those Tony teachers who have poor craftsmanship and even lack of hair can cut anyone’s hair at random. They start with one or two hundred dollars. At unscrupulous merchants, customers will be fooled into applying for a card, cutting their heads and being cheated for thousands of dollars.
In the past, there were many horse-drawn carts and donkey carts on the roadside. Uncle farmers in the country picked vegetables from the fields in the morning and then drove to the city to sell them. Vegetables and fruits were fresh and cheap.
However, animal-drawn carts have not been allowed to enter the city in recent years, and even traditional vegetable markets have become fewer and fewer, so that most people can only go to the supermarket to buy food.
The quality of the vegetables in the supermarket is not very good, but the price is surprisingly expensive. It costs more than ten yuan to buy a cabbage.
This also caused this ancient city to gradually lose the scent of traditional life.
In fact, Ye Chen usually doesn’t like going to the supermarket to buy groceries, so he always feels less interesting.
Therefore, he often goes to a protected old residential area in the old city where there is a very hot vegetable market.
The reason why I like to go to that old residential area is not only because it is more down-to-earth, but also because there is another reason hidden in Ye Chen’s heart, no one has to tell.
In the past, when he and his parents first arrived in Jinling, their parents particularly liked the characteristics of the old town of Jinling.
There are many old-fashioned buildings left over from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China. This architectural style is very different from the north, and parents like it very much.
Because of their passion for traditional culture, his parents rented an old house in the old town. After his father’s renovation, the family lived in a very comfortable place.
Later, when his parents had an accident, Ye Chen entered the orphanage. He would often sneak out with his friends Zhao Hao and Li Xiaofen to take a look at the old town.
At that time, Zhao Hao and Li Xiaofen thought Ye Chen was playful and wanted to sneak out to play.
But what they didn’t know was that Ye Chen was actually just to miss his parents.
After his parents had an accident that year, the house was rented out for a few years, changing batches of tenants.
Later, the house was bought by people who invested in real estate, waiting for the demolition to appreciate.
Later, the house and the nearby old buildings were classified as a historical building protection area. Demolition and rebuilding were prohibited, so the house was left vacant for a long time.
Ye Chen also quietly inquired about it. It is said that the person who invested in this house was the initiator of a real estate speculation group in Wencheng. Although this old house was smashed in his hands and could not be realized, to him, this little money is not a big deal. , So this house keeps throwing it like this.
Later, the speculator was caught in a lawsuit because he was involved in illegal fund-raising and the house was closed by the court.
Two or three years ago, there were rumors that it was going to be auctioned, but because the person involved was a larger case, the case has not been finalized for the past two years, so he has not entered the forensic auction process.
The vegetable market where Ye Chen went to buy vegetables was not far from this old house, so he planned to stop by and take a look.
On the way Ye Chen was riding his bike, a Rolls Royce had stopped in front of this mottled old house.
In Rolls-Royce’s co-pilot, an elderly man walked down. This man was the old butler of Yanjingdu’s family in Jinling.

Chapter: 2282
After getting out of the car, the old housekeeper opened the door of the rear seat with agility and respectfully said to the woman sitting in the car: “Miss, we are here.”
The woman sitting in the car is Du Haiqing.
After she got off the plane, she took a pair of children and accompanied the old housekeeper back to the old house of Du’s house. After she settled in her room and luggage, she hurriedly asked the old housekeeper to take her to see where Ye Changying had lived before he died. local.
As for the brothers and sisters Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, they have their own plans.
Su Zhifei went to the orphanage to discuss donations, while Su Zhiyu held the laptop and continued to look for Ye Chen from the thousands of portraits.
Du Haiqing was also happy and relaxed. After all, he came to the house where Ye Changying, the beloved of his life, lived before his death. It was more or less inappropriate to bring a pair of children together.
Du Haiqing was extremely nervous at this time.
Although she knew Ye Changying had been dead for many years, she still felt a strong sense of tension when she came here.
It’s like the years when I loved Ye Changying when I was young, whenever I saw him, or when I was about to see him, I couldn’t control the rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.
With his heart beating wildly in his arms, Du Haiqing got out of the car, separated the courtyard wall, and looked at this small southern courtyard.
The stone wall of the yard is very short, and there are many hollow shapes made of blue bricks in the middle, so that people can easily see the situation in the yard.
At this time, the yard was full of withered weeds and fallen leaves from the trees. The osmanthus trees in the yard had already withered into dry wood because they were left unattended.
On the wall of the main building, there are large dead creepers.
At this time, the entire small courtyard looks incomparably broken, but Du Haiqing can imagine that if it is well maintained, the courtyard must be lush and lush with the grass and green trees in the courtyard when it is rainy in spring and summer. The scenery must be desirable.
Moreover, although the courtyard is not large, it can be seen that although the courtyard is not large, the architecture is very elegant.
Blue bricks are used for walls, blue tiles are used for roofing, and bluestones are used to pave roads.
The summer in the south is humid, if it rains, the green bricks and blue stones must be covered with moss.
The moss itself has a very natural sense of old age. For those who do not like it, the moss is dense, slippery, and feels somewhat disgusting.
But for those who like Eastern ancient culture, this is a very poetic and Zen-like creature.
Whether it grows in the yard, or on the fence, pond, or bonsai, there is a different kind of exquisiteness and seclusion.
Therefore, the moss has always been quite popular among literati and writers.
At this moment, in the eyes of Du Haiqing, this dilapidated courtyard has restored the scene and charm of Ye Changying when he lived.
In her mind, even the young and handsome Ye Changying was playing with his children in this yard.
After seeing it, Du Haiqing felt that Ye Changying was really in this yard, and the little boy who couldn’t see his face, his son, was circled around him non-stop.
Immediately afterwards, the dilapidated and closed door inside opened, and a woman with a dignified and beautiful appearance, a tall figure, and an apron still worn around her waist came out from the inside.
The woman smiled and greeted the father and son to enter the house for dinner. The scene of a family of three harmonicas playing and singing is really enviable.
Du Haiqing, who was caught in conjecture, looked at it carefully and saw the woman’s face clearly.
The woman in her imagination is not Ye Changying’s original wife, but Du Haiqing herself!

Chapter: 2283
Du Haiqing just involuntarily substituted himself into Ye Changying’s wife in his mind, and instantly felt that his eyes were filled with tears.
She wanted to bear the tears back, but she thought it was because she couldn’t control it, so big tears gushing from her eye sockets, sliding across the face that was almost wrinkled and not showing any age.
The old butler on the side looked at it and sighed silently.
“Hey…in the entire capital, who doesn’t know that the second lady of the Du family has loved Ye Changying for many years…”
“It’s just that, who knows that Ye Changying has been dead for nearly 20 years, and the second young lady still has such a deep feeling for him…”
As the so-called passionate hatred since ancient times, this hatred never ends.
In ancient Chinese, the word hate is more regrettable.
People who are infatuated often leave only regrets, and this regret will never stop.
Du Haiqing is like this.
People who have experienced deep-rooted love cannot understand one person and their obsession with another person.
Once you have obsessions, even if they are ten years or twenty years apart, even if they are thousands of miles apart, even if they are far from each other, even if there is a gap between Yin and Yang.
Du Haiqing is like this.
She had long wanted to forget Ye Changying, and had long wanted to live her life steadily.
However, the obsession in my heart is not allowed.
That obsession is like a weed growing in my heart.
With this weed, no other plants can be planted anymore.
Sometimes, she felt that this wild grass had been deserted, and even felt that it had been burned to ashes.
I don’t know when, suddenly a spring breeze blew my heart, and this weed grew back again.
That obsession is also like a thorn in the heart.
Sometimes I don’t feel the pain anymore, I think the thorn is gone.
But I will always inadvertently be hurt by this thorn.
Therefore, Du Haiqing also wanted to understand later.
This obsession has already deepened into the bone marrow.
“Chang Ying, since I have been there, why should I deliberately forget you?”
“Since I have always loved you deeply, let you always grow in the place in your heart that belongs only to you…”
“Whenever I think of you in the past, I would feel guilty and guilt towards Su Shoudao. Now I am relieved. From now on, I can think of you openly, miss you openly, and no longer have to feel guilty for anyone… ….”
At this point, Du Haiqing also felt a lot easier.
She wiped away her tears and asked the old housekeeper: “Uncle Wang, who owns this house now?”
The old butler pointed to the seal on the iron fence door next to him and said, “Miss Hui Er, this house has been sealed by the court.”
“Seized?” Du Haiqing frowned, and hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter? Can you inquire about it?”
The old housekeeper nodded and said, “I have been in Jinling for so many years, and all departments have some connections. I’ll call to ask.”
Du Hai nodded hurriedly, and urged: “Then you fight quickly, I want to find out as soon as possible, and also help me ask if I can open the seal and go in and see.”
The old housekeeper quickly took out his cell phone and made a call.
After some inquiries, he hurriedly reported to Du Haiqing: “Second Miss, the owner of this house, because of the illegal fund-raising lawsuit, all the properties under his name have been sealed up, but his case has been tried in a foreign country for more than two years. The sentence is about to be pronounced. After the sentence is pronounced, this house will naturally enter the judicial auction process.”

Chapter: 2284
When Du Haiqing heard this, he became excited and blurted out: “Help me pay attention to it. I want to take pictures of this house!”
The old housekeeper nodded and said: “This house occupies a small area and cannot be demolished in the future. It is considered a low-quality asset that cannot be circulated, and it should be easy to take pictures.”
“Okay.” Du Haiqing said firmly: “No matter how much it costs, we have to take pictures of this house!”
After speaking, she hurriedly asked: “Uncle Wang, have you ever said hello to someone from the judiciary, can I go in and have a look?”
“Yes.” The old housekeeper hurriedly said: “Just now I said on the phone that they will come over for asset registration and evaluation in just two days. They have to collect materials and prepare for the next judicial auction, so we can break it first. Open the seal and lock the door in.”
Du Haiqing said anxiously: “Then think of a way and get the lock open!”
The old housekeeper nodded, and said to the driver and bodyguard beside him: “Xiao Liu, see if you can break the door.”
The bodyguard hurried forward and pulled the seal off first, then looked at the door lock, and smiled: “Housekeeper Wang, this lock is about to rust. You can kick it away with one kick.”
Du Haiqing hurriedly said: “Don’t kick! I’m afraid you will kick down the door and the door will break, see if you can pry the lock open…”
The bodyguard took a closer look and said, “Second Miss, the lock cylinder inside has been rusted to death. I’m afraid that even if I take the key, I can’t open it. I can only break the lock.”
Du Haiqing nodded and said, “Open the lock, but try not to damage the iron door. If I buy it in the future, I want to keep it.”
“Okay.” The bodyguard hurriedly agreed, and then took out a dark dagger from his waist, put the sharp tip of the dagger into the lock slot, and then pried it hard to pry the tongue open.
The door was opened, and the lock was broken due to too much rust, but fortunately, the door was not damaged.
Du Haiqing couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart, pushed the door step by step and walked in.
In the overgrown yard, there is still a swing made of iron frame and chain, but this swing has been too old and it has been rusty.
However, in the eyes of others, the ruined courtyard is everywhere, but in Du Haiqing’s eyes, it is full of incomparable warmth.
At this time, an electric car came to the front.
When Ye Chen was still some distance from the door, he was a little surprised to see a Rolls Royce parked at the door.
He often visits this old house. The old house has always been sealed and no one cares about it. How can there be visitors today?
Surprised, he came to the gate and looked inside.
In the yard, three people are facing their backs, including a woman, an old man, and a mature man.
Ye Chen was even more puzzled, and thought to himself: “Is this old house sold? It shouldn’t. I heard that it has been in a state of being sealed up, and it has not started to enter the judicial auction process. How can it be sold silently? Lost?”
“But, what exactly do these people do? Why did they ignore the court seal and broke into it?”
Ye Chen was a little angry.
Because, after all, this is the old house where I lived with my parents.
If the homeowner came, he would naturally not say anything.
But these people are not homeowners at first glance.
They not only tore the seal, but also broke the door lock.
This kind of behavior, in his opinion, is indeed excessive!
So he planned to ask clearly, if they have nothing to do with this house, let them go out.
Just thinking about it, Du Haiqing suddenly turned around and glanced at the door.
From this look, it happened to face Ye Chen’s eyes.
At this moment, Du Haiqing felt a sudden storm in the depths of her soul, and she was shocked to be stunned…

Chapter: 2285
Ye Chen and his father Ye Changying are at least eighth similar in appearance.
After all, the father and son are an era away, and there is a big gap between their hairstyles and clothes. If Ye Chen changes into his father’s style, the similarity may reach the point of being fake.
Therefore, the moment Du Haiqing saw him, it was as if he had been struck by lightning, as if he had passed away.
She was almost stunned, and apart from shock, she was completely at a loss.
She didn’t even know if she had hallucinations because she missed Ye Changying too much.
Otherwise, how could there be a man so similar to Ye Changying?
Moreover, when Ye Changying died, he was only in his early thirties.
The time period when Du Haiqing and Ye Changying had the most contact was before Ye Changying’s marriage, from after Ye Changying’s marriage to Ye Changying’s death, the intersection between the two was so much.
Therefore, what Du Haiqing remembers most about Ye Changying are the years when he was 20 to 25 years old.
It happened to be about the same age as Ye Chen now, relatively more consistent.
It was precisely because of this that she had the feeling that she was a world away, as if Ye Changying, who was in her twenties, appeared in front of her again.
Almost at this moment, Du Haiqing’s tears burst again.
The tears made Ye Chen in her eyes blurred immediately, so she subconsciously wiped off the tears, and looked again, Ye Chen was still there.
At this moment, Du Haiqing felt terrified in his heart.
She began to feel that the’Ye Changying’ in front of her, or the man who looked like Ye Changying, seemed to exist.
Ye Chen was also a little surprised.
Because he didn’t quite understand why the woman in the yard looked at herself with such strange eyes.
He didn’t even understand why this woman couldn’t help but burst into tears when she looked at him.
At this moment, he immediately felt that things didn’t seem right.
In other words, 80% of this woman has something to do with her father.
Du Haiqing had some illusory conjectures in his mind, but Ye Chen didn’t.
He calmly and realistically analyzed everything in front of him, quickly calculating all the clues in his mind.
“First of all, this woman will come to the place where her parents lived before her death. The high probability is that she has some kind of relationship with my parents. Among them, it is most likely to be related to my father!”
“Secondly, this woman looked at me with so shocked, so excited eyes, and even tears bursting into her face. There is a high probability that she regards me as a father…”
“So, who is this woman?”
Just when Ye Chen was puzzled, Du Haiqing looked at him and subconsciously shouted in a low voice in order to determine whether it was dream or reality.
As soon as the word Changying came out, the old housekeeper hurriedly turned around and looked over.

Chapter: 2286
Ye Chen felt his eyelids jump wildly, he immediately turned his head without thinking, twisted the accelerator of the electric car, and left quickly.
Seeing Ye Chen disappear, Du Haiqing hurried to chase outside, but when she chased it out, Ye Chen had already disappeared.
She stood at the door in a daze, looking left and right anxiously, and murmured, “Did I have hallucinations?”
After that, she hurriedly turned her head and asked the old butler who was chasing her: “Uncle Wang, have you seen a young man who looks particularly like a long wing?”
Although the old butler only glanced at Ye Chen, he still said with great certainty: “Second Miss, I did see a young man riding an electric bike just now. He really looks like Mr. Ye!”
When Du Haiqing heard this, he was so excited that he even trembled when he spoke, and said, “It’s wrong… It’s not wrong… Since you saw Uncle Wang, then it proves that I don’t have any. Look at Huayan, it’s not, hallucinations appeared in my mind…”
As she said, she couldn’t help but muttered: “Why? How could there be two people who look like this in this world? And that young man looks like he is in his 20s… How can it look so similar to Long Ying?”
The old housekeeper sighed softly: “The world is huge. It is normal to have two people who look very similar but have no actual relationship.
Du Haiqing nodded: “Uncle Wang, what you said is wrong. The world is so big and there are so many people. It is indeed normal to have two very similar people occasionally…”
Speaking of this, Du Haiqing couldn’t hide his excitement and blurted out: “But! But even if someone really looks like Long Ying, he shouldn’t be here! Where is this? This is the former residence of Long Ying! What if he It has nothing to do with Chang Yingruo, is that too coincidental?”
When the old butler heard this, he couldn’t help frowning.
He also admitted that Du Haiqing made a lot of sense.
It is not too strange that someone looks like Ye Changying, but if he appeared at the door of Ye Changying’s former residence, it would be a coincidence! Even, the coincidence is almost weird!
At this moment, a clue suddenly popped into his mind, and he blurted out: “Second Miss, I remember! Mr. Ye, he… seems to have a son!”
Du Haiqing nodded and said, “Yes! Changying did have a son, but when his son was born, I was thinking about wrongs, and Su Shoudao had always had a big opinion on Changying, so I was basically with the Ye family. I lost contact with him, so I have never seen his son…”
As she said, she murmured again: “However, after Changying and Sister An died unexpectedly, their son disappeared. It seems that I have never heard the news of finding him…”
The old butler said with excitement: “Then this is right! Mr. Ye and Ms. An happened in Jinling, and their son disappeared in Jinling. The young man just now looked like Mr. Ye. Come on, that young man has a high probability of being Mr. Ye’s son!”
Du Haiqing’s tears burst again, and he said distressedly: “If it was Chang Ying’s son, he should be only eight years old when Chang Ying passed away. If he has not returned to Ye’s house for so many years, it’s really not a good thing. I know how I got here…”
The old housekeeper said with emotion: “I see him riding a worn-out electric car. He should not have a good life if he wants to come here…”
Du Haiqing nodded, looked at the old butler, and pleaded: “Uncle Wang, help me find a way, and be sure to find him out! I can be regarded as his father’s old friend after all. If he does not live well, then I will be You have to help him!”
The old butler thought for a moment, and said seriously: “Second Miss, forgive me, if this child has been discussing life at the bottom, then his ability, vision, and education level should not be too strong…”
“Furthermore, I guess he will have a relatively hard time now, with a high probability.”
“If you let him know your identity, if he wants to get rich overnight and want to rely on your relief for a long time, then maybe he will rely on you…”
“There is a good saying, it is easy to ask God to give it away. Before you help him, you must think carefully…”
Du Haiqing sighed and said, “Don’t worry about these, if you can find him, I won’t talk to him too much…”
As she said, she said again: “I intend to give him a sum of money, that is, I owed a debt to his father that year. I just paid him all the debts at once with a profit, so I will give him 50 million! After he has these fifty million, what will happen in the future depends on his own destiny.”
“Okay!” Seeing that she had a relatively safe plan, the old butler relaxed and said, “Then I will ask someone to inquire!”

Chapter: 2287
At the same time, Ye Chen had already escaped hundreds of meters by bike.
In order not to be found by Du Haiqing, he didn’t even buy food, so he rushed to Tangchen Yipin.
On the way, he called Chen Zekai, and as soon as he came up he ordered: “Old Chen, someone went to the old house where my parents lived today. Please help me find out who it is!”
Chen Zekai asked in surprise: “Master, did you go to the old house today?”
“Yes!” Ye Chen said: “I saw a woman there. She looked at me and called my father’s name. I want you to help me find out her identity, and check if this person is an enemy or a friend. , Have any intersection with my father.”
“Good!” Chen Zekai said without hesitation: “I will investigate now!”
Ye Chen said again: “By the way, there is one more thing you need to do for me.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Master, you say!”
Ye Chen said: “Check what the situation of the owner of the old house is now, when will his case be pronounced, and when will the house be put up for auction? I will buy this old house at that time!”
“Okay young master, I’ll check it out!”
Afterwards, Ye Chen randomly found a supermarket near Tomson Yipin. After buying a la carte, he was ready to go home. As soon as he left the supermarket, Chen Zekai called.
“Master, both things have ended!”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and said: “Tell me separately!”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “It is the second lady of Yanjing Du’s family, Du Haiqing, who went to your parents’ former residence.”
Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Du Family? Du Haiqing? What is it?”
Chen Zekai said: “This Du Haiqing is the wife of Su Shoudao.”
“What?” Ye Chen asked in amazement: “Mrs. Su Shoudao? Su Zhifei, Su Zhiyu’s biological mother?”
“It’s wrong.” Chen Zekai said: “It’s Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu’s mother. She came to Jinling this morning.”
Ye Chen asked: “Then why did she come to my parents’ former residence? She knew my father?”
Chen Zekai explained: “You may not know about this. In fact, Du Haiqing has always liked your father, but your father didn’t choose her back then.”
Ye Chen was surprised, but also somewhat embarrassed.
Su Shoudao’s wife likes her father, which is indeed a bit unexpected.
Ye Chen thought that Su Ruoli was the illegitimate daughter of Su Shoudao. It was exposed by the Japanese media last night. Du Haiqing came to Jinling today and went to the former residence of his parents. Is this really a bit too impatient? If Su Shoudao knew, he would be so angry that he would vomit blood.
Chen Zekai said: “Master, there is already information about the house.”
Ye Chen said hurriedly: “Say it!”
Chen Zekai explained: “In the case of the homeowner, the final judgment was pronounced in these two days. The amount of money involved in the illegal fundraising was very large, and the capital chain was broken, and there was no way to repay him. Therefore, in addition to the sentence, there is a high probability that he will not be accepted. All of the assets of the company are used to compensate the victimized investors, so once the verdict is pronounced, the house will immediately enter the judicial auction process. If it is soon, the auction may start within a week!”
When Ye Chen heard this, his heart was overjoyed, and he hurriedly said, “You will sign up for me. I will go to the auction at that time. In any case, I have to buy this house back!”
Chen Zekai said: “Good master, this matter is on my body!”
Ye Chen said, “Let’s do this first. You helped me keep an eye on Du Haiqing recently. Since she knows my father, she will probably infer my identity. My identity cannot be revealed yet, so try not to Let her find me.”

Chapter: 2288
“Good master!”
After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel a headache.
He found that there seemed to be a strong and strange magnetic field between himself and the Su family.
Although he has been waiting for the opportunity to ask the Su family to question the anti-leaf alliance that year and make the Su family pay the price for the anti-leaf alliance, but since this period of time, he still hasn’t gone to the Su family to settle accounts, and there have been various intersections with the Su family one after another.
First, accidentally rescued two descendants of the Su family in Japan, namely Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, but when Ye Chen rescued them, he didn’t know that they were the children of Su Shoudao;
Then in the Tokyo hospital, he passed by Su Shoudao again, but Ye Chen at that time didn’t know that the man close at hand was Su Shoudao.
Otherwise, with Ye Chen’s temper, even if he doesn’t kill Su Shoudao on the spot, at least he will be impotence first, then remember his appearance and settle accounts with him slowly;
Immediately afterwards, what made Ye Chen think of was that when he came back from Japan this time, he accidentally killed Su Ruoli, the killer of the Su family, but what was even more ridiculous was that after saving her, Ye Chen discovered that this girl was Su Shoudao’s illegitimate daughter!
At this point, Ye Chen had saved Su Shoudao, one son, two daughters and three children once!
The key point is that these three people are all his mother’s children!
One after another, because of chance and coincidence, saved the enemy’s child. For Ye Chen, this kind of fate made him feel powerless to complain.
In the end, who would have thought that I wanted to take a look at the old house today, but I met Su Shoudao’s wife, Su Zhifei, and Su Zhiyu’s mother Du Haiqing!
What’s more fucking is that Du Haiqing seems to have loved her father for many years…
Thinking of this, Ye Chen was already arrogant, and couldn’t help taking a sullen breath and cursing inwardly: “What the fuck are these things!”
Therefore, he secretly vowed in his heart that when he confronts Su Shoudao in the future, he will not only make him pay for the Anti-Leaf Alliance, but also make him pay the price for saving his three children!
At the same time, Du Haiqing was also looking for Ye Chen by any means.
However, she knew very little about Ye Chen’s situation, so she didn’t know how to proceed.
Although the old housekeeper has been in Jinling for many years, because the Du family is considered to be in a high position after all, and his daily style is low-key and cautious, he, as the representative of the Du family in Jinling, is relatively restrained.
Although he also knows many local high-level officials, he rarely pays attention to things in the market, so he can only ask someone for a while, starting with Ye Changying’s car accident that year, and first look at the orphans after Ye Changying’s car accident. The list of orphans accepted by the hospital and the orphanage, as well as the local adoption records registered at the time, tried to find relevant clues about Ye Chen.
As far as the contacts in Jinling are concerned, although he has a solid foundation, he is still far behind Chen Zekai.
As the spokesperson of the Ye family in Jinling, Chen Zekai’s most important task is to establish a solid foundation in Jinling. Therefore, Chen Zekai’s contacts in Jinling have always been very high-profile and direct, and it has been developed in all directions, far ahead of the old housekeeper of the Du family.
Therefore, when the old housekeeper started investigating Ye Chen’s related clues, he had already received the information and then reported it to Ye Chen.
When Ye Chen heard that they had to start with the orphanage and adoption records, he immediately felt relieved.
Normally, this direction is not wrong.
But the point is that this line was cut off by Tang Sihai as early as when his parents had just passed away.
Tang Sihai cut off all his clues, and even the orphanage where he lived at the time was operated by his people secretly, so no matter how the outside world checked it, they couldn’t find any results.
Now, Du Haiqing wanted to start from here to find himself, only idiotic dreams.

Chapter: 2289
After leaving Ye Chen’s parents’ old residence, Du Haiqing was a little bit lost.
On the one hand, it was because I missed Ye Changying, and on the other hand, it was because I saw Ye Chen just now, and felt that he and Ye Changying looked too much like each other, which brought back many memories of her youth.
When returning to Du’s mansion in Jinling, the servant had already prepared a sumptuous lunch.
Su Zhifei had just returned from the orphanage after donating money. When Du Haiqing was back, he hurriedly asked her: “Mom, where did you go this morning?”
Du Haiqing recovered from the chaotic thoughts, but still said absent-mindedly: “Oh, nowhere to go, let Uncle Wang take me around.”
At this moment, a maid walked in and said respectfully: “Second Miss, the meal is ready.”
Du Haiqing nodded and said to Su Zhifei: “Go and ask your sister to come out for dinner, what is this girl doing? Recently, I shut myself in the room all day long. The first thing I did when I came to Jinling was to shut myself up. It’s weird.”
“Hurt…” Su Zhifei smiled and said, “Zhiyu always wanted to find our benefactor, the young man who saved our lives in Japan.”
Du Haiqing suddenly realized, and hurriedly asked: “Are there any clues?”
Su Zhifei shook his head, sighed helplessly, and said, “Finding a needle in a haystack is so easy to find. It is still unclear whether he is a Chinese or an overseas Chinese. I don’t know whether he is in Japan. Still at home.”
Du Haiqing said earnestly: “This person saved the lives of both of you. If it weren’t for him, you would have suffered an accident long ago. With such a great kindness, you are indeed looking for a chance to repay you…”
After that, she asked: “What clues do you have about this benefactor? You might as well tell them, and I will help you figure out a solution.”
Su Zhifei opened his palm and sighed softly, “Hey, we actually don’t have any clues. We just met him and probably know what he looks like. Besides, there are no valuable clues. ”
Du Haiqing asked: “Would you like to send a reward to the outside world? Just say that you want to find the original savior and thank you personally. If he sees it, let them contact us.”
Su Zhifei said: “This method has been considered by Zhiyu, but she said that the probability is not high. She said that the benefactor should be a very good person and should not be short of money. Even if you see the reward, I am afraid that he will not follow us. Contact.”
Du Haiqing nodded in agreement, and said, “It is also said that if you really want money, you should open your mouth when you save you, or leave a contact information. Now only based on the memory of seeing him, I want to get out of the crowd. It is really too difficult to find him.”
Su Zhifei said helplessly: “I also advised Zhiyu, but she still doesn’t want to give up.”
As he said, he shook his head and said, “Mom, I’ll ask Zhiyu to come out for dinner.”
“Well, go ahead.”
Soon, Su Zhiyu, who was wearing a pajamas at home, walked out of the room unwillingly at Su Zhifei’s urging.
When she came out, she was still holding an ipad in her hand, and the fingers of the other hand slid quickly on it, constantly flipping through the faces on it.
When he came to the restaurant, Su Zhiyu’s attention was still focused on the ipad screen, and Du Haiqing asked: “Zhiyu, I heard your brother said that you are looking for the benefactor. Is there any progress?”

Chapter: 2290
Su Zhiyu said without raising his head: “There is no progress, and there is still no way to find him in the video.”
Du Haiqing said earnestly: “Some things depend on fate. If fate is not there, no matter how you find it, it won’t work; if fate is there, if you don’t find him, he will also appear in front of you.”
Su Zhiyu said without hesitation: “I don’t want to give the initiative to things to fate. It’s too unreliable. There are so many people in the world. Except for the neighbors at my doorstep, two people who have met by chance in a foreign country. People, the chance of meeting again by chance is almost zero. If I don’t take the initiative to find him, I’m afraid I won’t find him in my life.”
With that said, Su Zhiyu said in a sad tone: “Human memory itself is not that good. There is no one who can never forget. Many things have to be remembered more clearly by repetitively deepening the memory, just like when I was a child. The text is the same…”
“In the few days that I just returned from Japan, the appearance of my benefactor was quite clear in my mind, but after so many days, his appearance has become increasingly blurred, although I have always wanted to Memories can deepen the impression, but in fact it still doesn’t work. I’m afraid I’ll forget what he looks like after a while…”
Speaking of this, Su Zhiyu raised her head, looked at Du Haiqing and Su Zhifei, and asked: “Mom…Brother…You two have never felt this way, sometimes The more you want to remember what a person looks like, the easier it is to forget?”
Su Zhifei thought for a while, and said, “Also, if you see it often, you can’t forget it. It’s this kind of person who has only seen it once, and it won’t take long. I really can’t think of the specific appearance in my mind. There is only a vague outline left.”
Du Haiqing also nodded and said, “Zhiyu was right just now. People’s memory has to be deepened to keep it in mind.”
When she said this, what came to her mind was Ye Changying.
She loved Ye Changying so much in her life, but in the nearly twenty years since Ye Changying’s death, if it weren’t for looking at the photos of Ye Changying when he was young, Ye Changying would gradually blur in his mind.
Thinking of this, she sighed inwardly, and immediately asked Su Zhiyu: “Zhiyu, can you describe to your mom, what does your benefactor look like?”
Su Zhiyu thought for a while, and said, “One word is handsome; two words are very handsome, three words are very handsome, and four words are cool and handsome…”
Du Haiqing couldn’t help laughing: “Is there such an exaggeration as you said?”
Su Zhiyu said seriously: “Mom, I’m really not exaggerating at all. He looks very handsome, not only handsome, but also cool mess!”
As he said, Su Zhiyu put his chin on and said with an idiotic look: “At that time, Iga Kaminori took a bunch of ninjas to kill him, but he killed him in three or two strokes. Iga Kaminori was at the time. I was scared to death, and asked tremblingly who he was. Guess what he said?”
Du Haiqing shook his head and asked, “What did he say?”
Su Zhiyu stood up, Ye Chen, the imitator at the time, said with a cold face: “He said, I am your father and want your life!”
Du Haiqing smiled and said, “This person is quite arrogant.”
“More than arrogance!” Su Zhiyu seriously said: “It is arrogant! My Su Zhiyu grows so big, I have never seen such an arrogant person! I don’t even look at those Japanese ninjas who kill people without blinking. Killing them is like cutting melons and vegetables, it’s really amazing!”
As she said, she continued with a little annoyance: “The point is, this guy doesn’t have a good face with me and my brother. I asked him to borrow a cell phone to call Dad. This guy said nothing about personal belongings. Borrow it, it’s a terrible fart!”
Du Haiqing smiled and said: “People must be guarding you, and don’t want you to know his mobile phone number, and then trace his identity.”
“Yes!” Su Zhiyu said in a loud voice, “I think so! He is a very good person, and he doesn’t leave any clues! Before I left, I told him goodbye in the rivers and lakes, and he even said to me that he would never see you again. Now that I think about it, I’m still very angry! It’s really hurting my self-esteem! So I have to find him and ask him face to face, aren’t you coaxingly saying that you won’t see you again? Seeing this lady again, what is your heart doing? What do you think?”

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