The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2321-2330

Chapter: 2321
Wang Dongxue watched his leaving back, her whole body shivering in anger, and tears burst into her eyes instantly.
Two years ago, Wang Dongxue’s father had severe nephritis. Because he had rh-negative blood, it has been difficult to find a suitable kidney source.
At that time, Wang Dongxue did the matching by herself, but he couldn’t match it.
Later, she was lucky. The relatives in her family found a successful match in Southeast Asia, and the other party was also willing to donate a donor for compensation.
Subsequently, Wang Dongxue spent one million yuan to solve the kidney problem for his father.
I thought that after finding the source of the kidneys, as long as he took good care of him, he could extend his father’s life cycle for at least 20 to 30 years.
But she dreamed that after only two years, severe rejection occurred in the kidney of her father’s transplantation, and her kidney function declined sharply.
People were fine before the New Year, and after the New Year, they were admitted to the hospital because of acute kidney failure.
The doctor can’t find out the cause of renal failure, and this type of renal failure is completely irreversible. The only way is to find a new source of kidney and perform another transplant as soon as possible.
In a hurry, Wang Dongxue raised the price to five million, but even if the money was high, he still couldn’t find a suitable kidney source in a short time.
Walter, a classmate of Wang Dongxue studying abroad, knew about this from nowhere, and then he was very enthusiastic to help her contact the kidney source from the black market in the United States.
Walter came over today to tell Wang Dongxue that the source of the kidney had been found, and that he was still a donor, and he was a very young and strong guy.
But waiting for Wang Dongxue to be happy about this, Walter immediately revealed himself and made a series of extremely excessive demands.
Thinking of this, Wang Dongxue was extremely depressed.
She also knew that it was almost impossible to find a suitable kidney source in such a short period of time…
At this moment, she couldn’t help but think of the scene when she attended Song Wanting’s birthday party.
Ye Chen took out a rejuvenating pill at the time and was bought by Li Tailai at a sky-high price of 2 billion. It is said that that pill not only cures all diseases, but also turns decay into a miracle.
It’s a pity that the price of 2 billion is definitely not something that Wang Dongxue can get…
Although her income is not low, she has always been a senior migrant worker after all. The total net worth is less than 100 million. How can she expect to be able to afford a two billion pill?

Chapter: 2322
At this time, the inner door was gently pushed open.
The middle-aged woman came out and asked her, “Dongxue, that Walter is gone?”
This woman is Wang Dongxue’s mother, Sun Yufang.
Wang Dongxue hurriedly wiped away her tears, turned around to look at the woman, nodded and said: “Yes, mom, he’s gone.”
After speaking, she hurriedly asked, “Mom, how is Dad?”
Sun Yufang sighed, “It’s still like that, so awake.”
As she said, she saw Wang Dongxue just cried, so she hurried forward and asked concerned: “Dongxue, why are you crying? What did Walter tell you? Didn’t he say that he has helped your father find the kidney source? What’s next?”
Wang Dongxue sighed and said in a low voice: “The source of the kidney has been found, but what he meant is that I should work for him, and at the same time be his lover…”
“What?!” Sun Yufang suddenly widened his eyes and blurted out: “This…isn’t this person your old classmate? How could he be so shameless?!”
Wang Dongxue said helplessly: “I didn’t even think that he would become like this after a few years of graduation.”
Sun Yufang hurriedly said: “Can we give him more money? If the kidney source is 2 million, we will give him 4 million, or 6 million, as long as he can help find the kidney source and ensure that your dad can transplant it in time. Even if we smash the pot and sell iron, we are still willing!”
Wang Dongxue shook his head and said seriously: “This Walter’s father is a relatively well-known real estate tycoon in the United States. His family strength is very strong, and his assets are worth tens of billions of dollars. How can he be worthy of our money… ….”
Sun Yufang cried all of a sudden, and said helplessly, “What should I do…Your father’s rh-negative blood, originally only one in hundreds of thousands of panda blood, wanted to follow him It is very rare for people of the same blood type. It is even more difficult to find someone with the same blood type as him, with a successful organ matching, and the other party willing to donate…”
As she said, she sighed and cried, “The doctor said… the doctor said that your father’s current condition can last for up to three months. If he can’t find the kidney source, then Da Luo Jinxian will save him. I can’t stop him!”
Wang Dongxue nodded with a painful expression, and said, “Mom, don’t cry first, and give me some time to find the source of the kidney…”
Sun Yufang couldn’t hide his anxiety, and sobbed: “The doctor said, your father’s physical condition can wait up to 20 days. If the kidney source cannot be resolved in 20 days, even if he finds the kidney source, his physical condition, There is no way to undergo surgery…”
Wang Dongxue nodded and said seriously: “Mom, don’t worry, I will try my best to find a solution…”
Sun Yufang nodded slightly, her whole body was crying.
Wang Dongxue whispered at this moment: “Mom, you will be here for a while, and I will go out to breathe.”
“Okay, you go…”
Wang Dongxue came out of the ward and went directly to the courtyard below the inpatient department of the hospital.
It was already night, the weather was relatively cold, and there were few people in the yard.

Chapter: 2323
She took out a pack of ladies’ cigarettes from her pocket, took one out and put it in her mouth, and then took out a lighter, and pressed it a few times anxiously, then the flame was shot out and the smoke was lit.
Against the flames, her face was very ugly.
The cigarette was ignited, Wang Dongxue’s lips lightly bit the cigarette butt, and he took a strong sip. The surroundings were quiet, and he could even hear the unique sound of tobacco being lit.
Wang Dongxue rarely smokes and doesn’t like to smoke, but because she has been very hard at work, she is often over-fatred and over-upset. At this time, smoking a cigarette can bring her some relief.
Smoke erupted from her delicate nose, feeling the stimulation of nicotine in the brain, Wang Dongxue involuntarily shed two lines of tears.
In her mind, what her mother said was repeated.
The window period for my father to do an organ transplant is only 20 days.
If no suitable kidney source is found in these twenty days, the father’s physical function will enter the end of decline.
In that case, his body will be so weak that he can’t even support the surgical anesthetic drugs, let alone undergoing a major organ transplant operation…
This situation is much like some elderly patients with terminal cancer.
In summary, there are twelve words: the body is very weak and the condition is very serious.
surgery? Body can’t hold it;
Chemotherapy? The body can’t hold it either.
In the end, there is no way, but palliative care can be used.
To put it bluntly, it means to give up treatment and use painkillers instead to help patients relieve their pain in the last stage of life.
Wang Dongxue’s father was only in his fifties. For Wang Dongxue, she couldn’t accept that his father had passed away at such a young age.
However, the chance of trying to save his father at the moment is so slim that it makes people desperate.
The cigarette burned out, she unconsciously lit another one, and in her mind, she remembered Walter’s words again.
At the same time, a multiple choice question popped out subconsciously in her heart.
There are two options for this multiple-choice question.
Option a: promise Walter, change his father’s chance to survive;
Option b: Reject Walter and watch Dad pass away.

Chapter: 2324
Wang Dongxue felt extremely painful because it was the cruelest multiple choice question she faced in her life for more than 20 years.
At the same time, Walter was sitting in a Rolls-Royce, just driving away from the People’s Hospital.
Walter’s full name is Walter Horowitz, an American, and his family is also a well-known real estate developer in the United States.
He had been classmates with Wang Dongxue in the early years and had always had a good impression of Wang Dongxue.
But because Walter was still under his family’s nose at the time, he didn’t dare to pursue an Asian woman grandiosely.
However, the current Walter and the student Walter have changed drastically.
He now has sufficient resources and initiative in the family, and now he has made his business in China, and has begun to enter China’s real estate field, so he immediately began to release himself.
The first thing to release myself is to reconquer Wang Dongxue, an old classmate.
This is not only because he has always thought about Wang Dongxue.
More importantly, Wang Dongxue has made great contributions to the Emgrand Group in recent years, and his personal ability has been highly recognized by the entire real estate field.
She is not only capable but also very familiar with China Real Estate industry.
For a new American entrepreneur like Walter, if she can be used for her own use, it will not only be an excellent help, but will also save many detours.
In addition, Wang Dongxue also has a great value, that is, she knows all the confidential information of the Emgrand Group thoroughly.
The real estate industry seems to be building and selling properties. It does not develop any high-tech technologies or produce sophisticated equipment. It does not seem to have too much technical content or too much confidential information.
But in fact, the real estate industry has more confidential information than most industries!
Because they are very close to the relevant departments, large real estate companies often master the direction of urban planning and development to a certain extent.
For example, a certain piece of land may be planned for development in the future, and a certain area may be covered by rail transit in the future. These are all confidential information worth millions of dollars.
In addition, every piece of land and every project must be tendered. The base of this tender is the absolute core secret. Once leaked, it will bring huge losses to the company.
Therefore, Walter’s wishful thinking is to be able to put Wang Dongxue in her bag, and then digest the confidential information of the Emgrand Group she has.
Immediately afterwards, the Emgrand Group was hollowed out in a targeted and step-by-step manner, and finally seized the entire Jinling market.
At this moment, Walter looked at Wang Dongxue’s photo on the phone with a playful look, and said something in his mouth: “Wang Dongxue, this time, I must completely and thoroughly conquer you!”

Chapter: 2325
The next day, Ye Chen went out and bought a few red sandalwood jewelry boxes to hold the pill that he was going to give to everyone at night.
After all, it is a life-saving medicine in the eyes of everyone, and it has to be matched with a decent packaging.
On the way home after buying the jewelry box, Ye Chen received a call from Chen Zekai.
As soon as the phone was connected, Chen Zekai was very excited and said: “Master! The case of illegal fund-raising by the old house owner was sentenced this morning!”
“Oh?” Ye Chen hurriedly asked: “How to say?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “That’s right, the person is sentenced to life imprisonment, and all assets are not collected to repay the defendant’s arrears. So now all assets under his name will enter the judicial auction process, including you. The old house of concern.”
“Very good!” Ye Chen immediately said: “Old Chen, help me put my name on it, I want to participate!”
Chen Zekai said: “Master, rest assured, I have already signed up as a driver of mine. After all, you and your parents used to live in that house. If your name appears in the bidder list again, I am afraid there will be someone I figured out your identity, so I just made a claim, and please don’t blame it!”
Ye Chen said with emotion: “I don’t think about this. Then take your driver’s name to participate in the auction. In any case, you have to take the photo of the house.”
Chen Zekai smiled and said, “Master, don’t worry, that old mansion has long been included in the scope of protected buildings that prohibit demolition and demolition. It has almost no circulation value, so the starting price is only 880,000. I don’t think anyone will follow. Even if you grab it, when the price reaches two or three million, it is estimated that it can be won steadily.”
“Okay.” Ye Chen relaxed and asked him: “When will the auction start?”
Chen Zekai replied: “It is temporarily set at 10 o’clock in the morning next Monday.”
Ye Chen asked again: “Should I go to the court to participate in the auction or online?”
Chen Zekai explained: “Now judicial auctions are basically conducted online, open and transparent. I have already signed up and paid the bid deposit. I will start bidding on the judicial auction website at 10 o’clock next Monday morning. can.”
“Okay!” Ye Chen smiled slightly and praised: “Old Chen, this thing is done very well, it’s a hard work.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Master, you are too polite. These little things are all easy.”
Ye Chen said with emotion: “For you, it’s a simple effort, but for me, it means too much.”
After speaking, Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel melancholy.
Although his parents have passed away for nearly two decades, Ye Chen still feels heartache every time he thinks about it.
At the same time, the Du family mansion.
Du Haiqing, who had always been thinking about Ye Changying’s old house, also learned from the old housekeeper that the house was about to be auctioned.
She excitedly said to the old housekeeper on the spot: “Uncle Wang, please help me to sign up, I want to participate in this auction!”
The old butler nodded and said, “Okay second lady, I will arrange for someone to register for you.”
Du Haiqing said: “Then work hard, Uncle Wang can help me solve these problems. I’ll go back to my room and make a call.”
The old butler said: “Good second lady.”
Du Haiqing walked back to his room quickly, took out his mobile phone, and called Su Shoudao.
She knew that Su Shoudao had gone to Australia, but she had not been in contact with Su Shoudao for the past two days.
Su Shoudao was extremely depressed because of his mood, and he felt dull, so he didn’t take the initiative to contact Du Haiqing and his children.
At this time, Su Shoudao was sitting at the door of the villa, on the edge of the cliff next to the sea, staring at the sea below in a daze.

Chapter: 2326
In the past few days when he came to Australia, he has been in a low mood, not only because his wife Du Haiqing wanted to divorce him, but also because after the scandal was exposed, his image in everyone’s minds was subverted.
The evaluation of him by the outside world is simply one of China’s worst men in recent years.
Because, not only did he mess around outside with his wife behind his back, he made an illegitimate daughter.
He also disguised the illegitimate daughter as a bodyguard to take home and received his wife and children under his nose;
What’s more, he also directed his illegitimate daughter to commit a felony overseas!
This is not over yet.
The thing that outsiders spurned the most is that in order to avoid the exposure of the scandal, he even joined forces with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to kill his own daughter.
what is this?
This is a beast who derails in marriage, hides everything from everyone, uses illegitimate daughters as a tool of killing, and kills his daughter for his own benefit.
It can even be said that once a person gathers so many evils in one, he may not even be able to compare with a beast.
That is not as good as a beast!
Although Su Shoudao knew that all of this was the charge that the old man Su Chengfeng had cast on himself for throwing the pot away.
But he also knew very well that once these charges were deducted on his own head, he could not get rid of it.
Whenever he thought of this, Su Shoudao gritted his teeth bitterly.
Because he even had a hunch that he might not be able to get rid of these infamy for the rest of his life.
He Su Shoudao is indeed not a man of fame, but what he is most worried about is whether he will have the chance to inherit the Su family once he has these infamy.
After all, he can break the jar and don’t care about infamy, but the Su family can’t.
In the future, when the old man transfers power, he will feel that his reputation is too bad and refuse to give himself the supreme power of the Su family.
In that case, half of my life’s hard work would have been completely beaten.
Thinking of this, Su Shoudao hated his teeth!
“Why?! Why did the old thing make me take care of it?! Why did the old thing make my daughter unaccounted for, life or death, but it killed me!”
He couldn’t help but insult, picked up a bottle of vodka beside him and drank more than half of it and threw it into the rolling sea below.
At this moment, the phone rang suddenly.
The name on the phone screen made him startled.
“Wife?” Su Shoudao was puzzled at first, then hurriedly grabbed the phone, pressed to answer, and blurted out: “Wife! You are finally willing to call me!”
Du Haiqing said in a flat tone on the other end of the phone: “Su Shoudao, I am calling to talk about divorce. You are now in Australia and will not be able to come back for a while, or you should entrust a lawyer to help you. Go through the relevant procedures.”
Su Shoudao thought that the purpose of Du Haiqing’s call was to communicate with him about the divorce, and the whole person felt a burst of anger from the heart.
He couldn’t help but said coldly: “Du Haiqing, as long as we still have a divorce, we still have a husband and wife relationship. You ran to Jinling without my consent during the life of the husband and wife relationship. It is enough to give you face.”
“But when you are in Jinling, you even called me to mention a divorce. Isn’t it a bit too much? Do you really care about our love for more than 20 years of marriage?!”

Chapter: 2327
Du Haiqing listened to Su Shoudao’s accusations, not angry, but said calmly: “Su Shoudao, if you have self-knowledge, you should know that you are standing in a moral depression right now, if you still have to forcefully seize the moral high ground at this time. , That would be really disappointing.”
As he said, Du Haiqing said again: “Affection is not something to fight for by mouth, but to be maintained by practical actions. I just filed for a divorce with you, and you think I don’t care about love, but you are outside. All of your children are in their twenties. You have kept this from me for so many years. In the past so many years, have you ever thought about our relationship between husband and wife?”
Su Shoudao heard this, and his whole person suddenly fell into a despair.
“Yes… now accusing Du Haiqing of not being affectionate is almost equivalent to slapping myself in the face… After all, I am the one who really did the wrong thing, and if I make a mistake, I am wrong. Twenty years…?”
Just when he didn’t know how to answer Du Haiqing, Du Haiqing sighed slightly: “Hey, let’s not talk about it, I’m calling you, just because I want to settle in Jinling as soon as possible, even if I don’t. To settle down, you have to live in Jinling for at least a period of time, so divorce as soon as possible is also for you to consider, so as not to let others gossiping about you.”
Du Haiqing said the words too clearly, but Su Shoudao had already got the cryptic meaning of her words.
Du Haiqing meant that she would stay and settle in Jinling, and if the people of Yanjing’s big family knew about this, everyone could guess why she stayed in Jinling. To put it bluntly, it was for Ye Changying.
If Du Haiqing and Su Shoudao still have a husband-and-wife relationship, then the fact that Du Haiqing settled in Jinling for Ye Changying would indeed affect Su Shoudao’s face to a certain extent.
But if the marriage is divorced, for Su Shoudao, he can retain a bit of face.
Su Shoudao was very angry, but couldn’t say anything to blame or object.
He has clearly realized in his heart that he no longer has any possibility to redeem Du Haiqing, this woman is already determined to divorce him…
Thinking of this, he hated Ye Changying even more.
“Ye Changying, the bastard, is really lingering!”
“He has been dead for so many years and still has a profound impact on Du Haiqing.”
“That’s fine, now I even took Du Haiqing off to Jinling!”
“In Du Haiqing’s eyes, this guy who has been dead for more than 20 years is much more important than me!”
Du Haiqing, who was on the other end of the phone, heard Su Shoudao’s response for a long time, and continued to speak: “After all, it’s better to get together and get together.”
Su Shoudao was silent for a moment, and took a deep breath: “Hey…you said, after all, it’s a couple, and they have been a couple for so many years. Let me think about it.”
Du Haiqing gave a hum, and said, “If you think about it, call me at any time. All departments in Yanjing are related. It is not necessary for both of us to go to the divorce. As long as we coordinate, we will send a lawyer to each. Just do this.”
“Okay.” Su Shoudao said: “Think about it, and I will contact you as soon as possible.”
“Okay, so first.”
In the afternoon, Ye Chen had lunch at home, and he was about to go out with the pill he refined.
Because she agreed to Qin Aoxue, she would go to her home in advance to give her some guidance, so Ye Chen spared the afternoon time in advance.
In order to carry the pill, he said to his father-in-law Xiao Changkun: “Dad, do you have any plans for this afternoon?”
Xiao Changkun smiled and said: “I still go to the Calligraphy and Painting Association in the afternoon. In the evening we have a dinner with the executives of Sotheby’s Auction House.”

Chapter: 2328
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then you must drink a bar tonight?”
“Yes.” Xiao Changkun said with a smile: “You have to drink a little, what’s wrong?”
Ye Chen said: “Oh yes, I have something to do in the afternoon. If it’s convenient for you, Dad, let me drive the car in the afternoon.”
Xiao Changkun handed the car key to Ye Chen without hesitation, and said, “What’s the inconvenience of this, you can take it and drive. It happens that I have to drink at night. If I drive, I have to find a driver. It is much more convenient to take a taxi. Up.”
Ye Chen nodded and took the car key.
Xiao Churan on the side said in a convenient way: “Dad, I will go to the company for a while, so I just drop by to send you to the Calligraphy and Painting Association.”
Xiao Changkun smiled and said, “Okay, this saves a taxi fare.”
After Xiao Changkun and Xiao Churan’s father and daughter had left, Ye Chen took the pill from the room, put it in an inconspicuous backpack, and left the house.
He got into Xiao Changkun’s car and went straight to Qin Gang’s villa in the suburbs.
At the same time, at Jinling People’s Hospital, Wang Dongxue went to the office of the director of the nephrology department immediately after delivering food to his mother and asked about his father’s current condition.
Director Chen of the Department of Nephrology, who is over 60 years old, pushed his glasses and said seriously: “Wang Dong, to tell you, your father’s condition is very serious now, and the kidney in his body is now completely functional. …..”
“We now have him undergo peritoneal dialysis every day and hemodialysis every other day, and his complications are getting more and more serious.”
“I went to check up this morning and found that his condition today has dropped a lot compared to yesterday…”
“? Yesterday I communicated with your mother and said that there are about 20 days left for the transplant window, but after another evaluation today, the situation is not optimistic. I personally think that this cycle may be shortened to about 15 days. ”
Having said this, Director Chen sighed and said helplessly: “There are still fifteen days left in the transplant window. Excluding the pre-operative preparation time, you have up to 12 days to find the kidney source. If you can’t find it, then There is really no way.”
Wang Dongxue’s tears were suddenly controlled, and they burst out instantly.
She quickly wiped away the tears, and asked anxiously: “Dr. Chen, how can my father’s situation have fallen so badly? His current kidney has just been transplanted for two years. You did the transplant for him at the beginning. It is said that his life will not be in danger for at least ten years, but only two years have passed…”
Director Chen said helplessly: “This situation is indeed far beyond my estimation, and I can’t figure out why his kidney failure process will develop so quickly this time, I also tried to check if it was a mistake. I have eaten some toxic substances, but there have been no clues.”
Wang Dongxue asked: “Director Chen, will there be any toxic substances that can make people’s kidneys fail quickly?”
Director Chen nodded and said: “Some Chinese herbal medicines have relatively strong nephrotoxicity. For example, Aristolochia is one of them. The country has long removed this medicine from the Chinese medicine classics, but there are still some unscrupulous Chinese medicine practitioners. It can be effective quickly, and aristolochia will be secretly added to the prescription, which will eventually cause severe kidney damage to the patient…”
While talking, Director Chen sighed and said: “Buying health care products indiscriminately, taking herbal medicines indiscriminately, and listening to rumors about health preservation are also a major cause of kidney failure in middle-aged and elderly people in recent years… ”
“Moreover, these middle-aged and elderly people are easily fooled by unscrupulous TV advertisements, mobile phone advertisements and so-called health care masters, and lack the ability to distinguish.”
“There is a director of thoracic surgery in our hospital. His father has never looked down upon him as a Western medicine student, and he doesn’t know how to distinguish between good Chinese medicine and bad Chinese medicine. He blindly believes in the health programs on TV every day… ”
“Last year, he felt like he had frequent urination. According to the content of the health program, he prepared a pair of Chinese medicine for himself, cooked three bowls for himself every day, secretly drank it, and after drinking it for three days, he was sent to the hospital with acute renal failure. ……”
“It’s been forty-eight hours in the hospital, and then no one is gone.”

Chapter: 2329
Listening to the case described by Director Chen, Wang Dongxue carefully recalled for a long time, and said: “Dr. Chen, before and after my father’s illness, I did not see that he had taken any unknown drugs. Chinese medicine, let alone aristolochia…”
After that, Wang Dongxue said again: “After the last kidney transplant, he was in overall good health and had mild diabetes. So he has been taking extended-release metformin tablets, but this medicine is very safe for the kidneys. Yes, it is impossible to cause acute renal failure…”
Director Chen nodded and said: “The aristolochia I mentioned just now is just to give you an example. However, the ingredients that can cause acute renal failure are far more than aristolochia, and there are many chemicals. , Organic compounds have great nephrotoxicity.”
Wang Dongxue asked, “Director Chen, is there any way to find out, what is the cause of my father’s acute renal failure?”
Director Chen said: “I have already sent your father’s blood and urine to the laboratory for testing, but this series of tests is very troublesome, and it may be difficult to find a clear result for a while.”
As he said, he said: “Wang Dong, the most urgent task now is not to find out the cause of your father’s kidney failure, but to solve the problem of the kidney source as soon as possible. This is the most important thing!”
Wang Dongxue sighed extremely helplessly, and said dejectedly: “I have raised the price to 10 million yuan this morning, but my father has rh-negative blood. This one alone has lost more than 99% of the kidney source. ……”
Director Chen nodded and said seriously: “Wang Dong, the current situation is really helpless. I have also mobilized friends I know to help you inquire all over the country, but there is still no news yet.”
Speaking of this, Director Chen sighed and whispered: “Wang Dong, I advise you to be mentally prepared…”
Wang Dongxue was silent for a moment, nodded slightly, and said weakly: “Thank you, Director Chen, I know, I will think of a way…”
“Okay.” Director Chen comforted: “But don’t be too pessimistic. I have been in medicine for so many years and I have seen and heard many miracles. Among them are many miracles that I still can’t understand…”
“Someone is declared to have only a few months of life due to advanced cancer, but after he leaves the hospital, he can face his future life with extreme optimism, and he can even spend every day as the last day. On the contrary, such people have been After going through it for three, five, or even ten years, not only did the cancer cells in the body not expand further, but it seemed to feel some kind of strength and began to retreat completely…”
“There is another very miraculous case. It happened in our Jinling People’s Hospital. A patient with high paraplegia healed suddenly…”
Wang Dongxue thought that Director Chen was comforting her, so she nodded slightly, but in her heart she didn’t think such a miracle might happen.
So in her opinion, the only solution now is to find the source of the kidney.
There is no other way.
Coming out of Director Chen’s office, Wang Dongxue walked to the ward in a desperate manner.
She really didn’t think that her father’s condition had already deteriorated to this level, but it would accelerate again.
The twenty-day window period suddenly became fifteen days.
I don’t know. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, this window period will continue to shorten.
Just a few meters away, she suddenly received a call from Ye Chen.
At this time, Ye Chen was on the way to Qin Gang’s house, remembering that Wang Dongxue hadn’t given him a definite answer, so he called her to ask if she had time at night.

Chapter: 2330
As soon as the phone was connected, Wang Dongxue respectfully said: “Master, what’s your order?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “If there is no order, it is the same thing that I said yesterday. Are you free tonight? If you have time, come to Qin’s home to gather together. You will all come to see me at home during the New Year, but I never Up to now, there has been no Zhang Luo and everyone has a meal together, and I feel sorry for it.”
Wang Dongxue smiled reluctantly, and said, “Master, what are you doing so politely with me…”
Ye Chen said with a smile: “Hurt, this is not a question of politeness, it is a polite exchange! I have prepared a small gift for everyone. It is not worth any money, but a small amount of care. If you have time, just Come and sit down. If there is no time, it doesn’t matter. I’ll give you a gift later.”
When Wang Dongxue heard this, she hurriedly said: “Master! How can you condescend to give me something…Let’s do it, you give me a time and place, I must be there at night…”
Ye Chen said: “Okay, I will send you the time and place on WeChat in a moment.”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Good young master!”
After finishing speaking, he said with some embarrassment: “Master, I may not be able to stay too long at night, and I may have to leave early then, please forgive me!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “There is nothing wrong with you, just look at your schedule and don’t delay your own affairs.”
Wang Dongxue breathed a sigh of relief.
In fact, with her current whole person state, she is not interested in any dinner.
After all, his father was dying in the hospital bed. At this time, let alone rushing to the dinner, even eating, in Wang Dongxue’s opinion, has lost the necessity.
From last night to now, apart from drinking a few sips of water, she didn’t drop the rice, but she still didn’t feel any hunger.
However, Ye Chen was his boss after all, and he was so kindly inviting, which made Wang Dongxue feel that it was a bit unsuitable not to go, so he decided to sit there at night.
After making the decision, she put the phone back in her pocket, and walked back.
Returning to the door of the ward, she heard the whispering sound of sobbing from the ward. Wang Dongxue’s heart was tense and hurriedly pushed the door in. She saw her mother sitting on the sofa crying bitterly in the small living room outside the suite ward. University classmate Walter stood in front of his mother with a smile on his face.
At this moment, Wang Dongxue broke out in an instant, and she angrily rebuked: “Walter! Who let you come?! What did you tell my mother?!”
Walter turned around to see Wang Dongxue coming back, smiled slightly, and said, “Dongxue, I came to tell my aunt that there has been a slight change in the kidney source in the United States.”
Without waiting for Wang Dongxue to ask further, he sighed: “Hey! Dongxue, rh-negative blood is too rare, and rh-negative kidney sources are even rarer. This kidney source is now being scrambled by a French patient. , The price paid by the French is also very high, plus my delay in confirming with the donor, the donor is already a bit swayed…”
Wang Dongxue frowned and asked in a cold voice, “What do you mean?”
Walter smiled and said: “I mean it is very simple, Dongxue! This kidney source can be said to be one in a million, and the owner of this kidney source is willing to sell a kidney in exchange for cash, so as long as you agree to my terms, I You can get him to undergo a kidney removal operation in the United States today, and then order someone to freeze the kidney and transport it to China, and he can transplant his uncle tomorrow…but…”
At this point, Walter slapped his lips: “Tsk, tusk… But if you don’t agree, the donor will probably be sold to the French. You know, there are only two kidneys. If he wants to survive, he has to keep at least one. If he sells one of the kidneys to the French, it is absolutely impossible for him to sell me another kidney!”
“So, you must carefully consider my conditions, because the time left for you is running out!”

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I surely hope that Wang Dongxue does not fall for this philanderer. I do hope she receives the gift of life for her father from Yi Chen.

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