The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2341-2350

Chapter: 2341
Hearing that Ye Chen asked about Jiu Xuan Wei San, Wei Liang immediately became excited and blurted out: “Master Ye, Jiu Xuan Wei San has now occupied the entire Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian markets. After we have incorporated Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Kobayashi’s original Many production lines are now fully operational and are fully producing Jiu Xuan Wei San. Except for Asia, we are now hoarding goods and are preparing to enter the European and American markets next month!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, then smiled and asked, “European and American markets should have been quite touched by Oriental Chinese herbal medicine, right? Are you confident?”
“Yes!” Wei Liang said without hesitation: “Although Europe and the United States are the birthplaces of Western medicine, Europe and the United States are also the main forces of alcohol consumption. The top 20 countries in per capita alcohol consumption are all European countries, except for Europe. , As well as several countries in Australia and South America, the annual per capita alcohol consumption is more than ten liters! This is the first echelon with the highest per capita alcohol consumption.”
“Then the second echelon represented by the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea, the annual per capita alcohol consumption is about seven or eight liters.”
“Because of the high alcohol consumption in these countries, the proportion of stomach and liver diseases is also very large. Jiuxuanwei San has no toxic side effects, is extremely convenient and quick to take, and has a very good protective and repair effect on the stomach. Once the drug is on the market, the first wave of users will be those who drink alcohol.”
“Once we gain a reputation among these user groups, we will soon sweep the entire Europe and America!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “In this case, we can start with restaurants, bars and hotels, and then send a local push team to do free trials at the entrances of bars and restaurants in major European and American cities. Be less controlled, to ensure that they can feel the effect, but the effect cannot be maintained for a long time, so that after several rounds of promotion, we can immediately absorb these long-term drinkers and become our diehard users.”
When Wei Liang heard this, he hurriedly said: “Master Ye, your method is really good! Start with the group that needs Jiu Xuan Wei San most, and hit their pain points all at once, making them inseparable from Jiu Xuan. Xuanwei San, and even Jiu Xuanwei San is regarded as a magical medicine. In that case, our reputation will immediately rise!”
Having said that, Wei Liang said quickly: “I will convene a meeting with management staff tomorrow to quickly decide on a detailed plan for ground promotion in the European and American markets!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and smiled: “European and American economies are relatively developed, and the pricing of Jiuxuanweisan must keep up. In my opinion, it’s priced at 800 yuan per box. It used to be theirs. The sky-high prices of drugs are used to make our money. Those special drugs come in the country and cost tens of thousands of tens of thousands a month. In the future, we should go and empty their wallets.”
Wei Liang said with a smile: “Master Ye, I think it’s a problem if the price is higher, but the key is that we have to find a way to prevent them from buying at the Huaxia market, and then going to the European and American markets! In this case, the money will be sold by these dealers. Earn it.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “This is simple. In any country, the Jiu Xuan Wei San in the future must be purchased in limited quantities. One person, one month, at most one box can be purchased with a valid certificate. The supply of goods must be strictly controlled. The means to prevent collocation of goods is to learn from the tobacco industry. All medicines must have a corresponding regional code when they leave the factory. At the same time, they must be checked regularly to ensure that there will be no collocation of goods between regions or between countries. The condition of the goods.”
Wei Liang hurriedly said, “Good Master Ye, I have all written down!”
Ye Chen added: “In addition, we must strictly supervise dealers and sign clear contracts. Anyone who dares to hoard supplies and super-high prices will immediately disqualify him from being a dealer and let him pay a large amount of liquidated damages. If he pays, he will go bankrupt in a lawsuit!”

Chapter: 2342
“In short, there must be no such thing as a price-raising situation like Moutai! The official retail price of a bottle of Moutai is 1499, but ordinary people have no chance to buy it at this price, and when the dealer sells out, it costs at least two thousand. On July 8th, it is even higher during the holidays and festivals. Isn’t this just showing that consumers are pitted?”
Wei Liang immediately stated: “Master Ye, don’t worry, I will strictly prevent similar things from happening to Jiuxuanweisan! Any dealer who dares to stock up and raise the price, I immediately disqualified him and pursued his legal responsibility! Never Tolerate!”
Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction, and said: “After the Jiu Xuan Wei Dispersion is fully deployed in the European and American markets, the alcohol industry in Europe and the United States will surely usher in rapid development.”
Wei Liang agreed and said: “Yes! Many drinkers in Europe and the United States are highly dependent on alcohol. If Jiu Xuan Wei San is launched, it is equivalent to reducing the damage caused by alcohol to their bodies. Drinking too much alcohol, especially the stomach is the least. Comfortable, Jiu Xuan Wei San just solved their problem.”
Having said that, Wei Liang couldn’t help sighing: “Master Ye, it would be better if we could launch a liver-protecting product along the way! Nourishing the stomach and protecting the liver, this is a must-have medicine for European and American drinkers!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You will first push Jiuxuanweisan to the European and American markets. I will come out with a prescription for liver protection tablets in a while, and then we will focus on nourishing the stomach and protecting the liver!”
Chen Zekai smiled and said, “Master Ye, if you sell your refined pill, the market will be even bigger! You don’t need a rejuvenating pill, as long as the previous blood-saving pill, If the effect of the medicine is diluted to 10%, it is estimated that it will be sold out!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, and said, “If this medicine is really sold, the sales volume will certainly be good. However, this medicine cannot be mass-produced through normal pharmaceutical equipment, so the production capacity cannot be increased and there is no mass sales. conditions of.”
“It turns out that…” Chen Zekai said with some regret: “Now that many drugs on the market have a little effect on prolonging life, they have been fired to a very high price by those wealthy people. The Angong Niuhuang Pills produced in the decade have now been fired to hundreds of thousands. But in fact, this kind of medicine mainly treats only heat-clearing and detoxification, high fever convulsions, and stroke coma. It is impossible to prolong life, but everyone thinks this thing. It’s amazing, so the price is very high.”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “That kind of medicine is mainly in small quantities in the world. In addition, some of the raw materials are from the protection of wild animals and are no longer allowed to be used. So it seems to be a rare product, but in terms of effect, there is nothing to it. It’s amazing.”
As he was talking, the servants of the Qin family rushed over and said, “Master, Mr. Song family and Miss Song Wanting are here!”
Qin Gang hurriedly stood up and said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, President Chen, Hong Wu, you sit first, I will go outside to meet Mr. Song and Miss Song.”

Chapter: 2343
Since Song Tianming and Song Honor and his sons murdered Song Wanting were exposed, and they were thrown into the diamond mine in Sierra Leone, Africa by Ye Chen, Song Wanting’s position in the Song family has been unprecedentedly consolidated.
In the past, it was only Elder Song who sincerely supported her. Now, no one in the entire Song family dares to disobey her.
The main reason was that Song Wanting had Ye Chen’s great support. Even Song Tianming and Song Honor and his son could not bring Song Wanting down. The rest of the Song family knew that they did not dare to think similarly.
After all, if you want to bring down Song Wanting, you must first bring down Ye Chen.
Otherwise, the fate of Song Tianming and Song Honor is a lesson for others.
In the past few days, although Father Song often feels sorry for the siblings in the family, when he thinks that Song Wanting is safe, Song Tianming and Song Honor have also recovered a dog’s life, and they are relieved a lot.
For Song Wanting, the happiest thing today is to see Ye Chen again.
Since she returned to the Song family and took home the lord position again, she had no chance to see Ye Chen again. Not only was Ye Chen involved in many affairs every day, she was also very busy.
With the help of Ye Chen, the Song family negotiated a cooperation with Nippon Steel, and they obtained very favorable terms. So Song Wanting was ready to strike while the iron was hot, quickly settle all matters related to the cooperation, and then fully promote the project. So this period of time has been devoted to this.
At this moment, the thought of seeing Ye Chen soon made Song Wanting’s mood uncontrollable with excitement and excitement.
For this reason, she was specially dressed up today, not only wearing her favorite clothes, but also specially bringing the diamond bracelet that her mother left for herself before her death.
This string of diamond bracelets was lost and recovered by Ye Chen after helping himself to break the feng shui dilemma.
In Song Wanting’s eyes, this bracelet was originally a memorial left by her mother.
But now, this bracelet has another meaning in Song Wanting’s mind: it is the beginning of the intersection between her and Ye Chen and their lives.
At this time, Qin Gang greeted him quickly, and said very politely: “Oh, Mr. Song and Miss Wanting, I am embarrassed to miss you in the next stage!”
Mr. Song hurriedly said: “Why President Qin is so polite, come to your house today to harass, please don’t take offense to President Qin.”
Qin Gang hurriedly said, “How come! Come in quickly!”
Song Wanting asked at this moment: “Ms. Qin, has Master Ye arrived?”
Qin Gang smiled and said, “Master Ye has arrived and is chatting with President Chen, President Wei and Hong Wu.”
Song Wanting nodded slightly, feeling even more excited in her heart.
As Qin Gang came to the living room, Ye Chen saw the Song family ancestors and grandsons coming in, so he stood up, smiled and greeted the two of them: “Old Song, Miss Song.”
While talking, Song Wanting came closer, Ye Chen looked at her and couldn’t help but sighed in his heart: “Song Wanting is really a superb beauty. After being dressed so carefully, her temperament is not lost to anyone.”
Mr. Song walked up to him at this time and said respectfully: “Master Ye! Excuse me for hosting a banquet, I am really grateful!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “You don’t have to be so polite, come and come, please sit down.”
After finishing speaking, he hurriedly ordered Hong Wu: “Hong Wu, show Mr. Song and Miss Song tea.”
Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Good Master Lei Ye!”
After speaking, he hurriedly took out two more teacups and filled them with tea.

Chapter: 2344
Song Wanting subconsciously sat beside Ye Chen.
When Hong Wu handed her the tea cup, and when she reached out to pick it up, Ye Chen also saw the diamond necklace on her wrist, and he couldn’t help but feel a little bit embarrassed.
Speaking of the acquaintance with Song Wanting, it was Hong Wu that was the matchmaking. It was he who begged himself to show Song Wanting feng shui, and he met Song Wanting.
After sitting down, Song Wanting opened her mouth and said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, when Nainazi was videoing with me today, she asked me to say hello to you.”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Oh? Did you video chat today?”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “I usually follow Nainazi’s video every day. Didn’t she give me a puppy? I can see that she is also very concerned about it and wants to see what the dog is doing every day.”
Ye Chen nodded lightly and said with a smile: “Aoxue also said that he wants to wait for your dog to grow up and give birth to one for her.”
Song Wanting smiled and said: “Yes, she told me, I happened to talk about it with Cai Caizi today. Cai Caizi said that when she comes to China in a few days, she can bring one more and give it to Aoxue. I want to tell Aoxue this good news in person, why is she here?”
Qin Gang on the side hurriedly said, “Miss Song, Aoxue has just finished training and went upstairs to take a shower and change clothes.”
Ye Chen asked in surprise, “Rainbow is coming to China in some time?”
“Yes.” Song Wanting nodded, and said: “Nanako said that Gu Qiuyi, the star of China, who has always liked us, just happened to be going to have a concert in Jinling. She also wanted to come and have a look. I’ve already told her that she will come. And live in my house.”
Ye Chen was stunned, and asked in surprise: “Nanako likes Gu Qiuyi?! Really?”
“Really.” Song Wanting said seriously: “Gu Qiuyi is not only well-known in China, but also has many fans in Asia, the Chinese community around the world, and even in the European and American markets. She is very admired by Japanese girls because of her beauty. Many Japanese girls imitate her dressing, matching and makeup styles, and there are so many fans!”
After that, she explained: “Actually, I am also very interested in Gu Qiuyi, so we plan to go to the concert together at that time.”
Ye Chen felt his head as big as a fight at this time.
“My wife is going to see Gu Qiuyi’s concert, Dong Ruolin is also going to see Gu Qiuyi’s concert, Song Wanting is going, and even Ito Nanako is going…this…what is this going to be? what the hell?”
At this time, Qin Aoxue changed into a very temperamental dress and walked over. He heard Ye Chen and Song Wanting talking about Gu Qiuyi, and hurriedly asked with great concern: “Master Ye, Sister Wanting, are you talking about Gu Qiuyi’s concert?”
Song Wanting nodded and smiled: “Ao Xue, do you like Gu Qiuyi too?”
Qin Aoxue said without hesitation: “Who doesn’t like it! I bought all the tickets. I plan to go with my classmates then…”
After speaking, he asked: “Sister Wanting, are you going too?”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “I’ll go too. Ito Nanako, who just happened to send me the dog, wants to see it too. I have an appointment with her to go together.
“Yeah!” Qin Aoxue exclaimed: “Ito Nanako is also coming to Jinling to watch the concert?”
“Yes.” Song Wanting nodded and said, “There is another good news to tell you. I told Nainako that you like puppies. She said that when she comes this time, she will bring you a brother or sister of Xiaoyou. Here to give it to you.”
“Ah? Really?!” Qin Aoxue’s expression was pleasantly surprised when she heard this, but she soon became very embarrassed…
She stubbornly said: “Sister Wanting, I have fought with Nanako Ito and injured her. I am ashamed to accept the dog she gave…”
Song Wanting laughed and said earnestly: “People Nanako knows you will definitely care about this, so I specifically asked me to tell you, she said, the game is back to the game, and what happens during the game is just fine to stay on the field, Qian Don’t bring the events of the game into your life, she said she still hopes to make friends with you!”

Chapter: 2345
Qin Aoxue was overjoyed when she heard that Nanako Ito wanted to make friends with herself.
She couldn’t hide her excitement and blurted out and asked, “Sister Wanting, are you true?”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “Of course it is true, can I lie to you?”
Qin Aoxue couldn’t help but sighed: “Actually, I also want to be friends with her. I admired her very much before, and although I didn’t have much contact with her, I can feel that she must be a very nice and nice person. people.”
Song Wanting nodded gently, and said in agreement: “Nanako is indeed a very good girl, very friendly and very humble.”
Qin Aoxue said more or less guilty: “In fact, her strength was originally far above me. The reason why she lost to me was completely because I took the pill given to me by Master Ye. Thinking about it, I really feel that Very ashamed…”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “It’s nothing, Master Ye will give you a pill. This is entirely your chance, so I’m ashamed.”
Ye Chen also said at this time: “Aoxue, your sister Wanting is wrong. Everyone has their own chances. These chances will never tell you. For example, Ito Nanako, you don’t know her. Have you learned some fighting skills from top Japanese ninjas, so what’s the shame about this kind of thing?”
Qin Aoxue nodded lightly, so she said very seriously: “Master Ye, Aoxue understands…”
At this time, the subordinates stepped forward to inform that Li Tailai, the richest man in Haicheng, had arrived.
This time, Li Tailai didn’t let Ye Chen’s little friend Zhao Hao drive, mainly because he felt that Ye Chen is a man with great supernatural powers after all. He invited himself to dinner, and he must be more religious. If he still let his good brother be Driver, more or less inappropriate.
Immediately afterwards, Wang Zhenggang came, Shi Tianqi and Chen Xiaozhao, ancestors and grandsons, followed closely behind.
Since it was not until dinner time, after everyone took their seats, they chatted while drinking tea, and the atmosphere was particularly harmonious.
Each of these people respected and respected Ye Chen very much, and they had a relatively good relationship with each other, so everyone could chat together.
Seeing that the invited guests were seated one by one, Ye Chen couldn’t help but think of Wang Dongxue. I don’t know why Wang Dongxue still didn’t show up. In the previous call, she had clearly confirmed that she would come.
Ye Chen was wondering whether to call Wang Dongxue, but after another thought, Wang Dongxue seemed to be busy with some things at first. If she finishes dealing with the things at hand, she will naturally come over; if she still hasn’t dealt with it, then she’s even more unnecessary. Just urge her to let her do her own thing at ease.
At this time, Wang Dongxue was with her mother in the intensive care unit of the People’s Hospital.
Seeing that my mother had eaten the meal, the nurse also put a nutrient solution on my father. Wang Dongxue breathed a sigh of relief and said to her mother: “Mom, I have a meal in the evening, which is organized by my boss, so I have to go there first, but I will be back as soon as possible.”
Mother Sun Yufang hurriedly said: “Dongxue, you have been tossing enough these days. Now that you have a meal, you can have a good meal, chat with your boss and colleagues, relax and relax. Don’t hurry back. Mom is afraid that your heart will be tense. Now.”
Wang Dongxue smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry about me, I can adjust it myself.”

Chapter: 2346
After that, she picked up the hanging coat and said to Sun Yufang: “Mom, if there is anything wrong, I will leave first.”
Sun Yufang nodded and said, “Be careful when driving on the road.”
“Okay mom, I see.”
Wang Dongxue bid farewell to his mother and came out of the ward. Seeing that there was enough time, he first went to the office of Director Chen of the Department of Nephrology.
Now, there are only ten hours left before the deadline Walter gave him. The only gleam of hope that Wang Dongxue has is in Director Chen. I don’t know if Director Chen can initiate the relationship and help him find the right one in the last time Source of kidney.
Wang Dongxue came to the office door and knocked on the door, and heard Director Chen inside say: “Please come in.” Then he pushed the door in.
As soon as she walked in, she said with some regret: “Director Chen, I’m really sorry, I’m here to disturb you again.”
Director Chen hurriedly said, “Don’t be so polite, Dong Wang, please sit down.”
Wang Dongxue said: “Director Chen, I won’t sit there anymore. I just want to go out. I came over to ask you, is there any chance for the kidney source?”
Director Chen sighed and said, “I have already greeted many of my classmates. Our old classmates are basically the directors of the nephrology department of the top tertiary hospitals across the country. There are many related resources. They all agreed to help. But if they can find it, they can’t guarantee it. It’s just luck.”
Wang Dongxue nodded lightly, then lowered her voice for a few minutes, and said seriously: “That… Director Chen… If you or your classmates can help solve the problem of kidney source, I am personally willing Give out three million as a thank you. If you can solve it by yourself, all three million will be given to you; if your classmates help to solve it, then I will give you three million and an extra two million for your hard work… …Please pay more attention…”
When Director Chen heard this, he hurriedly said: “Wang Dong, I admit that some doctors do accept red envelopes from patients’ family members, but I have been in medicine for so many years and I have never done anything like this. Don’t worry, your father’s I’ll do my best to help with the matter. As for the hard work, you don’t need to mention it again.”
Wang Dongxue realized that what she said just now really offended Director Chen’s medical ethics, and hurriedly said apologetically: “Dr. Chen, I’m so sorry…I was too anxious, so I made this move. Please also Do not mind…”
Director Chen nodded and said: “Wang Dong, your feeling is understandable. We usually perform operations on patients, and their family members will come to stuff red envelopes. If they don’t accept it, they will feel as if I would not give them my heart. Relatives have surgery…”
“So, generally in this situation, we will accept the red envelope before the operation, and then quietly ask the nurse to hand it over to the hospital finance, and after the operation is over, we will directly charge the money to the patient’s account, etc. When the patient goes through the discharge procedures, the money will be returned to the family, so that the family can rest assured during the operation.”
Wang Dongxue said ashamed: “Director Chen, I’m really sorry, I was abrupt…”
Director Chen smiled and waved his hand: “There is nothing wrong, and I will not take it to heart. As for the kidney source, you can rest assured, I will definitely go all out.”
“Okay.” Wang Dongxue nodded and said: “Then Director Chen, I won’t disturb your work. If you have any progress, please feel free to contact me.”
Director Chen nodded and said, “Okay, I will call you if I have any information.”
At this moment, someone suddenly opened the door in a panic expression and said, “Director Chen, a major message! The patient’s examination in Ward No. 1 finally has a clear result!”

Chapter: 2347
As soon as Wang Dongxue heard that it was bed No. 1, he immediately realized that what he was talking about was his father, so he hurriedly blurted out and asked, “Hello, what result did the patient in Ward No. 1 have tested?”
The man looked at Wang Dongxue hesitantly, then at Director Chen, not knowing for a while whether he should continue.
Director Chen hurriedly urged: “Xiao Liu, what’s the result, you just say it, don’t dawdle!”
That person hurriedly said: “That’s it. The laboratory first detected excess mercury from the blood of patients in Ward 1, and then sent the blood sample to the judicial department’s laboratory for further testing of toxic substances. A large amount of’mercury dichloride’ has been detected!”
“What?!” Director Chen exclaimed: “Mercury dichloride?! Determined to be mercury dichloride?!”
“OK!” the person said hurriedly: “The police suspected that someone had poisoned them, so they are already preparing to file a case. It is estimated that they will come soon.
Wang Dongxue lost her color in shock, and blurted out: “Director Chen, what is mercury dichloride?!”
Director Chen explained: “Mercury dichloride is a highly toxic inorganic substance. This substance is extremely toxic. On average, one milligram per kilogram of body weight can reach a half-lethal dose! An adult male of 80 kilograms only needs 80 milligrams! ”
Wang Dongxue asked: “What is a semi-lethal dose?!”
Director Chen said: “The semi-lethal dose is the medical and chemical toxicity monitoring standard. For example, if one hundred mice are used for the toxicity test of mercury dichloride, the amount of mercury dichloride is more than one milligram per kilogram orally, and the required time is reached. At that time, fifty white mice died. This amount is called semi-lethal.”
Wang Dongxue exclaimed: “This substance can kill people with only tens of milligrams?!”
Director Chen nodded and shook his wrists and said: “This kind of thing is extremely toxic, especially to the kidneys, just like paraquat is extremely harmful to the lungs, there is almost no cure…”
Wang Dongxue suddenly became nervous and blurted out: “Why would my father take this toxic substance? Our family has never been exposed to such highly toxic chemicals…”
Director Chen said seriously: “Since the police are going to open a case for investigation, it is very likely that someone deliberately poisoned!”
“Poisoning?!” Wang Dongxue said puzzledly: “My father has been teaching and educating people for most of his life. He is full of peaches and plums, and he has received countless honors. Both his character and morality are impeccable. If you don’t have any enemies, who will deal with him?!”
Director Chen hurriedly said: “Wang Dong, this kind of thing is not useful by speculation. We must rely on the police to investigate in depth to find the murderer behind the scenes!”
As he was talking, the office door was pushed open, and several police officers in police uniforms walked in with solemn expressions.
One of the middle-aged men with the Chinese character face walked in front, came directly to Director Chen, and said: “Hello, I am Sun Wenbin, the deputy captain of the Jinling Criminal Police Brigade. We received a report from the Inspection Division of your unit. I suspect that a patient named Wang Chengyuan in your hospital is very likely to be poisoned. Is it convenient for us to see Wang Chengyuan’s family?”
Director Chen immediately pointed to Wang Dongxue and said, “Captain Sun, this is Wang Chengyuan’s daughter, Ms. Wang Dongxue.”
Sun Wenbin was a little surprised, and immediately put away his surprised expression, and said seriously: “Hello, Ms. Wang, this is Sun Wenbin, how is your father’s situation now?”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Captain Sun, my father is in a very bad condition now. His kidneys are failing rapidly in a short period of time, and his life is in danger at any time… Please be sure to find the murderer who poisoned my father!”

Chapter: 2348
Sun Wenbin nodded very seriously and said, “Ms. Wang, can you please help us remember, does your father usually have any enemies? Or has he had economic disputes with anyone?”
Wang Dongxue shook his head and said: “My father has been conscientious in teaching and educating people for so many years. He is also very willing to help others at work. No one has ever had any conflicts.”
Sun Wenbin asked again: “Then has your father eaten any weird food recently, or come into contact with something weird?”
Wang Dongxue continued to shook his head: “It seems that there is no such thing. Everything was normal before he became ill…”
Sun Wenbin then asked: “Do you usually live with your father?”
Wang Dongxue nodded: “Live together.”
Sun Wenbin continued to ask: “Who else will live with you besides you and your father?”
Wang Dongxue said: “And my mother, we are a family of three.”
“Okay.” Sun Wenbin nodded, then paused and asked, “Is there any nanny or part-time job at home?”
“No.” Wang Dongxue said: “I want to find a nanny for them, but my parents have been intellectuals all their lives, and they are not used to being served by them. In addition, they are now in their 50s and can take care of themselves. So I never found a babysitter, and I never found a part-time job.”
Sun Wenbin asked: “Neither you nor your mother have any problems with their bodies?”
Wang Dongxue shook his head: “No.”
Sun Wenbin nodded and said: “You are a family of three living together, and you and your mother don’t have any problems, then this can basically be inferred, it’s not the food or the water source in your home.”
After speaking, he asked again: “Ms. Wang, I need you to recall carefully. During the period before your father showed signs of his body, did he have a person by himself, or went out to eat with his friends?”
Wang Dongxue thought about it carefully, and said seriously: “There were no problems. Before my father had physical problems, he had been reading at home because of the winter vacation. He almost didn’t know how to go out, so he didn’t even go out and follow. The others have gathered.”
Sun Wenbin couldn’t help frowning: “That’s really strange. According to the test data, your father’s body contains a large amount of mercury dichloride. This highly toxic substance can enter the body through the mouth and nose, or through the skin. .”
“But our experts speculate that such a large toxic dose may take a long time if it depends on the skin alone, so the most likely entry is through the mouth and nose, and oral administration is the most likely.”
“However, based on what you said, your father is unlikely to be poisoned through food and drinking water at home, but he also did not go out to eat or get together…”
“Then it might be a little tricky to figure out where he was poisoned!”

Chapter: 2349
At this time, Wang Dongxue, hearing Sun Wenbin’s words, was very nervous, and hurriedly asked: “Captain Sun, based on your experience, is my father more likely to accidentally come into contact with this kind of poison, or he was secretly poisoned? More likely?”
“It’s not good.” Sun Wenbin explained earnestly: “The situation and clues we have now are indeed too limited. Basically, there are no very useful clues to help us determine the direction.”
After that, he asked again: “By the way, Ms. Wang, can your father be questioned in his current state? If you ask him directly about some things, you may be able to get more useful clues.”
Wang Dongxue shook his head and sighed: “My father has been in a deep coma for these two days…”
Sun Wenbin hesitated for a moment, then slapped his lips, and said, “Tsk…or else!”
“Since you just said that your father almost never went out before he became ill, then I guess that he is still more likely to be poisoned at home!”
“It’s just that it’s too likely to be poisoned through food and drink.”
“If it’s convenient for you, can you let us go to your home to collect clues? If you can find highly toxic substances in your home, then there is a way to continue to trace the source?!”
“After our professional criminal investigators come to investigate, there may be more valuable discoveries.”
As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this, she almost didn’t hesitate to say: “No question! It can be anytime. When would it be more convenient for you?”
Sun Wenbin said immediately: “The matter is urgent, if possible, let’s go now!”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “No problem! Then I will take a few of them over now.”
After speaking, she turned her head to look at Director Chen, and said with a pleading look: “Director Chen, my mother’s emotions have been very nervous these days, don’t tell her about this.”
Director Chen nodded immediately and said: “There is no problem with Wang Dong, don’t worry, I will keep your mother strictly confidential.”
“Okay, thank you Director Chen!”
Wang Dongxue thanked Director Chen, then looked at Sun Wenbin and said, “Captain Sun, then I will take you to my house now?”
“Okay.” Sun Wenbin nodded and said: “It should not be too late, let’s go over now!”
Fifteen minutes later.
Wang Dongxue brought a few police officers and a few technicians from the Criminal Investigation Division to her cottage.
Wang Dongxue’s family is relatively well-off, her parents’ income is very high, and her own income is not low, so the family has a small villa with more than 300 square meters and three floors with yard in Jinling.
The decoration style of the villa is very elegant Chinese decoration. The furniture and appliances in the house are also top-quality goods. At first glance, it is a family who pursues the quality of life very much.
The police officers put on shoe covers, gloves, and used various professional instruments to conduct careful technical inspections throughout the house.
At this time, Wang Dongxue was completely poisoned by her father, because this matter was so serious that her brain had already unconsciously left Ye Chen’s meal behind.
Now she just wants to find out, what is the cause of her father’s poisoning, is it an accident, or someone maliciously poisoned it!
At this moment, Qin Gang’s home.
It was dinner time and Wang Dongxue was still not here. Qin Gang came to Ye Chen and asked in a low voice, “Master Ye, Wang Dongxue, Vice Dong Wang is still not here, do you think we should start or wait for her?”
Ye Chen thought, Wang Dongxue was here, and there must be something to do. If he called her at this time, even if he didn’t intend to urge her, in her opinion, there must be some urge.

Chapter: 2350
As her boss, once you call him, it will definitely bring some pressure to her. It would be inappropriate if it affects her to do important things.
So he said to Qin Gang: “Nothing, let’s start first.”
Anyway, for Ye Chen, organizing a dinner today is secondary, and giving everyone a reward is the most important thing.
If Wang Dongxue can’t get anything tonight, there is no need to urge her, so she can give her the medicine in private when he has the opportunity.
As soon as Qin Gang heard this, he hurriedly said to everyone: “Come here, there is a restaurant for everyone, and our banquet tonight is about to begin.”
Everyone followed Qin Gang to the restaurant. The chef of Qin’s family had already placed sixteen cold dishes on the huge table.
Mr. Song said with a smile, “Ms. Qin, there are only sixteen cold dishes. Isn’t this a bit too expensive?”
Qin Gang hurriedly said: “How come Mr. Song, all of you are Qin’s distinguished guests, and it is not me who is the real host today, but Master Ye, the banquet must be done according to the highest standards!”
Mr. Song nodded and said with a smile: “Then I would like to thank Mr. Qin and Master Ye for the hospitality!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Mr. Song doesn’t have to be so polite, please sit down soon!”
Everyone sat down one after another, and Qin Gang immediately sent someone to get a few bottles of Maotai.
After everyone had poured a glass of wine, Ye Chen picked up his own glass and said very seriously: “Thank you all for your appreciation today, and also thank President Qin for helping Zhang Luo all this, I will toast everyone!”
When everyone heard this, they picked up their wine glasses and stood up. Mr. Shi Tianqi hurriedly said: “Master Ye! All of you here have been favored by you. Why are you and us so polite?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Okay! I won’t say more if you are polite, everyone has done this cup together!”
Everyone at the dinner table said together: “It’s done!”
Later, Ye Chen poured himself a lot of wine, and said: “During the Chinese New Year, everyone is really spending a bit of money. To be honest, I feel a little bit unconscious in my heart.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “However, I won’t say more if you are polite, so I hope you will not be polite to me.”
Everyone nodded one after another, and some people were already excited.
The difference between them and Wang Dongxue is that they both received the medicine from Ye Chen, and they went to Ye Chen’s house together to pay New Year’s greetings during the New Year. At that time, Ye Chen said that Qin Gang would prepare something, so everyone knew that Ye Chen Chen is preparing to make some pills in return.
As for Wang Dongxue, even though she had never received the elixir given by Ye Chen, she didn’t go with Ye Chen at the time, so she didn’t even know what Ye Chen’s purpose was for a treat today.
If she knew that Ye Chen was going to take out the Blood Rescue Heart Rescue Pill that would cure all diseases today and give it to everyone, then she would definitely not miss this opportunity.
Because as long as she gets a pill of blood-saving heart-saving pills, her father’s condition can be completely cured.
Ye Chen left the seat temporarily at this time, took the medicine he had prepared from the car, and put the one prepared for Wang Dongxue into his pocket.
Afterwards, he brought these medicines back to the dinner table, took out the boxes containing the medicines one by one, and said seriously: “Everyone, these are some blood-saving heart-saving medicines that I have recently made from President Qin to prepare materials. This kind of pill can not be said to be immortal, but at least it can cure all diseases and heal serious injuries. I hope everyone will take good care of it and take it out at critical moments.”
Everyone was happy and moved when they saw Ye Chen take out the pill.
Without saying anything, Hong Wu stood up and walked around the chair, knelt on his knees piously, and said excitedly: “Hong Wu, Master Xie Ye gives me medicine!”
When everyone saw this, without exception, they all got up and knelt in front of Ye Chen, and said in unison: “Master Xie Ye, give me medicine!”

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