The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2351-2360

Chapter: 2351
For Ye Chen, the blood-saving heart-saving pill was nothing but ordinary, not a big deal.
However, for others, this thing can’t say that it can prolong life, but at least it has a life-saving effect at the most critical moment.
With it, it is equivalent to one more life at the critical moment.
Song Wanting is the best example.
If it hadn’t been for a pill that she carried close to her body, the moment she fell from the cliff in Japan, she would have disappeared like everyone else in a foreign country.
Therefore, deep in the hearts of everyone present, they were so excited that there was nothing to add.
Ye Chen divided the pills one by one, and then said to everyone: “Everyone collect the medicine, let’s continue to eat.”
The crowd then carefully put the wooden box containing the pill into their pockets, got up and returned to their seats.
After a meal, the guests enjoyed themselves.
Until nine o’clock in the evening, when the meal was over, Wang Dongxue still didn’t contact Ye Chen.
Ye Chen drove away from Qin Gang’s villa, and then took out his mobile phone, ready to call Wang Dongxue, and asked her if she was in trouble.
At this moment, Wang Dongxue was at home, anxiously awaiting the results of police criminal investigators.
More than a dozen professional criminal investigators came to the house to conduct a carpet inspection of the entire house, but there is still no source of the poisoning.
At this moment, the phone in Wang Dongxue’s pocket suddenly rang.
She was taken aback by the ringing of the phone, and immediately took out her mobile phone and realized that Ye Chen was calling. Then she remembered that she also promised Ye Chen that she would go to the dinner he organized in the evening!
However, looking at the time on the phone again, it is already nine o’clock in the evening!
She was stunned by the time, and she thought to herself: “Why is it nine o’clock all of a sudden?! Oh, I completely forgot about the time… I let the young master’s pigeons go, the young master will not blame me Right?”
Thinking of this, she quickly connected to the phone and said very sorry: “Master…I’m really very sorry, I…I have something in my house, I forgot the time… I am sorry……”
Ye Chen heard the tension in her voice, and said: “Nothing, I didn’t call to blame you, I mainly wanted to ask you what happened, do you need help?”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Master, I don’t really need any help. I have encountered some emergencies at home and have been dealing with it at night, but I was so busy that I forgot the time…”
Ye Chen said seriously: “If you need help with anything, don’t be polite to me, just speak up.”
At this moment, Wang Dongxue was moved in her heart, and suddenly remembered the revival pill.
“A rejuvenating pill is enough to solve all the problems facing my father…”
“However, the value of Rejuvenation Pills is too precious…”
“Selling a 2 billion yuan at every turn, how can I afford it?”
“Since I can’t afford it, should I ask the young master for one?”
“How can I open this mouth?”
Thinking of this, she slumped and said, “Thank you, young master, for your kindness. I can handle it by myself, but I can’t go to your appointment. I’m really sorry…”
Ye Chen said: “It doesn’t matter if you have a meal. You should be busy with home affairs first, and we will have another dinner next day.”

Chapter: 2352
Wang Dongxue said gratefully: “That’s really so thank you, Master!”
Ye Chen smiled calmly: “It’s nothing, don’t be so polite with me.”
When it came to this, Ye Chen wanted her to be busy first, so that he would not delay her busying with family affairs, but at this moment, he heard Wang Dongxue’s phone, and suddenly a man’s voice came out: “Wang Madam, we have found the source of your father’s poison!”
At this time, Wang Dongxue was still holding a mobile phone, but when she heard this, she had completely forgotten that she was still on the phone with Ye Chen, and she blurted out and asked nervously: “Captain Sun, where is the source of the poisoning you mentioned? !”
Sun Wenbin, holding a heavy book in his latex gloved hand, said: “Our criminal investigators discovered that every piece of paper in this book contains mercury dichloride!”
“Furthermore, we found that this book is very new and many. It is estimated that your father has read this book frequently recently.”
“When he is reading this book, his hands will constantly be contaminated with the mercury dichloride smeared on it. A small part of this will be directly absorbed through the skin, and some may be taken by him when he takes food. Ate the food into the stomach.”
“Moreover, when the previous generation read books, they often had a bad habit. They liked to wet their fingers with their tongues when turning the pages. I don’t know if your father has such a habit?”
Wang Dongxue nodded lightly, and said, “My father does have this habit of reading books… I have said before that it is not hygienic to read books like that, but their generation has long been used to it, so this The problem has never been corrected…”
Sun Wenbin nodded and said, “That’s right, I think the excessive mercury dichloride in your father’s body came from this book!”
Wang Dongxue was struck by lightning immediately and blurted out: “Captain Sun, is it because someone deliberately poisoned my dad?!”
Sun Wenbin nodded and said: “From the painting process in the book, mercury dichloride is in a very fine powder form, completely spread on the paper. This way, it is almost colorless, tasteless, and very It is difficult to identify, so it can be speculated that this is definitely man-made, and the other party is very cautious and has a strong anti-reconnaissance consciousness!
Wang Dongxue said angrily: “My father has taught and educated people throughout his life. He has never offended anyone. Who would do such a bad hand against him!”
Sun Wenbin hurriedly asked her: “Do you know how this book came from?”
Wang Dongxue nodded hurriedly, and said, “This book was sent by a courier that my father received before the New Year.”
Sun Wenbin was overjoyed and asked: “Who is the sender?!”
Wang Dongxue shook his head and said, “At that time, there was no sender information filled in in the express delivery, but a slip of paper was included in it. The person who wrote the note claimed to be a student my dad had taught before. Saying that I stumbled upon this book abroad and knew that my dad would like it, so I bought it and gave it to him.”
Sun Wenbin frowned and asked, “There is no sender information, did you have any doubts at the time?”
Wang Dongxue sighed, and said incomparably self-reproach: “My dad has been teaching and educating people for half his life. He has taught countless students. Many students often mail him some books, including books published by themselves, or they found them in foreign countries. My father often mails some books he has read to his students…”
“You also know that books are the most common gifts that academics give each other, so we really didn’t take it too seriously…”
Sun Wenbin frowned and asked, “Is the express package still available?”
Wang Dongxue shook her head: “My mother cleans up those things once a day.”
Sun Wenbin asked again: “What courier company was at that time, do you remember?”
Wang Dongxue thought for a while, and said: “It seems to be an international courier, sent from Greece.”
When Sun Wenbin heard this, he sighed and said: “It seems that there is no clue…”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly asked: “Why?”
Sun Wenbin explained: “If it is really sent from Greece, it will be detected by the customs when entering the customs. The customs inspection methods are much stricter than ours. Many people who are clever and want to cross-border drug trafficking through similar methods will It was found out by the customs, so this kind of highly poisonous books cannot be delivered to your home…”
After that, Sun Wenbin said seriously: “I speculate that the international express is fake, and the delivery person must be fake too. The murderer is not abroad, but at home! It is very likely that it is in Jinling!”

Chapter: 2353
“It’s in Jinling?!”
When Wang Dongxue heard this, she couldn’t help gritting her teeth!
Immediately, she said angrily and coldly: “This person is doing everything possible to harm my father. I don’t know what the intention is! Captain Sun, please think of a way, you must arrest this person!”
Sun Wenbin nodded and said seriously: “This kind of criminal case involving murder is an absolutely major and important case. We will definitely try our best to solve it quickly!”
As he said, he couldn’t help sighing: “Hey, but because there are too few clues at present, I can’t guarantee you in time.”
Wang Dongxue nodded slightly and said, “I understand…”
Sun Wenbin said again: “By the way, Ms. Wang, please help me recall the time. When this express was received, let’s adjust the surveillance videos around that time period and find out the person who delivered the express first. !”
Wang Dongxue thought for a while, and said, “I was very busy at work during the time before the Chinese New Year. I really can’t remember. Wait for me. I’ll call my mother and ask if she remembers.”
Wang Dongxue immediately raised his cell phone to his eyes and was about to call his mother. Only then did he discover that Ye Chen’s phone was still hanging up, and the number in the call time column was still increasing, proving that he was still on the call. status.
She felt tight, picked it up hurriedly, and said to Ye Chen: “I’m sorry Master, I was a little urgent just now, so…”
Ye Chen had already heard the whole process of her dialogue with Captain Sun, so he spoke in an unquestionable tone, “Dongxue, tell me the address of your home!”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said nervously: “Master, my family’s affairs are still not causing you trouble…”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Tell me the address, I will pass now!”
Wang Dongxue heard Ye Chen’s tone very harsh, and was immediately suppressed by his aura, so she had to whisper: “My house…My house is in the second phase of Qingshuiyuan Villa, Building 11…”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I know this community is not too far away from me. I will be there in ten minutes!”
Hearing that Ye Chen was coming, Wang Dongxue felt a little nervous.
She knew Ye Chen’s status was honorable, and she really didn’t want to trouble Ye Chen with her own affairs.
However, she could not help but think again that Ye Chen is a figure with hands and eyes open to the sky after all. He is not only the young master of the Ye family, but also the master Ye who is highly regarded by the upper class of Jinling. If he is willing to help, the probability and efficiency of detecting the murderer should be both. Improved.
Thinking of this, she no longer struggled too much, and resolutely agreed: “Good master, I am waiting for you at the door!”
After hanging up the phone, Wang Dongxue called his mother who was in the hospital again.
After confirming the time when his father received the book with his mother, the police began to check from the surveillance video to see if he could lock the person who delivered the courier. If he finds this person, he can find the person behind the scenes.
At the same time, Sun Wenbin also advised Wang Dongxue not to live at home in the near future. After all, this has risen to the height of a criminal case, and the other party’s methods are concealed. If he still wants to attack Wang Dongxue, Wang Dongxue is afraid that it will be impossible to guard against.
Wang Dongxue accepted Sun Wenbin’s suggestion and planned to move directly to the hospital tonight, and guard his father in the hospital with his mother.
At the same time, Sun Wenbin also promised to send a few plainclothes police officers to secretly deploy control in the hospital to prevent the murderer from acting on their family.
After the technical staff of the Criminal Investigation Division collected the evidence, Sun Wenbin prepared to lead the team to evacuate.

Chapter: 2354
They have already obtained the evidence, the next thing to do is to search for clues, so they are not going to continue to spend time in Wang Dongxue’s villa.
Before leaving, Sun Wenbin said to Wang Dongxue: “Ms. Wang, I suggest you leave home now and go to the People’s Hospital.”
Wang Dongxue nodded and said seriously: “Thank you, Captain Sun, I will just pack up and drive over.”
Sun Wenbin said: “Well, I will go back to the team to organize a meeting of the task force. At the same time, if there is any progress in the investigation, I will notify you as soon as possible, but you and your mother will also help us recall some useful details. If you have any new clues, let me know in time.”
“No problem! Excuse me, Captain Sun!” After repeatedly thanking Wang Dongxue, he sent a group of policemen out.
Several police cars roared away.
Still waiting for Wang Dongxue to move, Ye Chen drove the BMW five series of Xiao Changkun, his father-in-law, to the door of Wang Dongxue’s house.
Ye Chen saw Wang Dongxue at the door, so he parked the car in front of her.
As soon as the car stopped steadily, Ye Chen pushed the door and asked with an anxious face, “Dong Xue, what is going on? Your father was poisoned? Why didn’t you tell me?”
Seeing Ye Chen so anxious, Wang Dongxue was deeply moved.
Looking at Ye Chen’s handsome face, Wang Dongxue felt a little more at ease, but also a little bit more of the kind of grievances peculiar to little women.
She has always been an image of a strong woman in front of others, and her performance is also very strong, but deep down, she still can’t escape the essence of a young woman.
In the face of such a major tribulation and change, she was holding on alone, already reaching her limit.
She also desires to have a strong and powerful shoulder, so that she can rely on, even if it only allows herself to have a moment of relaxation, it can also bring great comfort to herself.
Therefore, at the moment when he saw Ye Chen appear in front of him, Wang Dongxue just wanted to hold him and cry.
However, the trace of reason left in Wang Dongxue’s heart is constantly admonishing herself: “No…absolutely not, he is my boss…and he is the young master Ye Family, how can I Go up and hug him…”
With confusion of thoughts, Wang Dongxue put aside the absurd idea in his mind, and said with red eyes in a low voice: “My father, my father was admitted to the People’s Hospital after the Chinese New Year because of acute kidney failure. He always thought he was a kidney transplanted before. When something went wrong, I learned today that he was poisoned by mercury dichloride, and someone deliberately poisoned him…”
Ye Chen asked her: “Then how is your father now?”
Wang Dongxue choked and said: “He is in very poor condition now. The doctor said that the window for transplantation of the kidney is at most fifteen days, but he happens to be rh-negative blood. It is very difficult to match the type. In such a short time, it is very difficult to find the source of the kidney. The possibility is very slim…”
Ye Chen nodded, and said without hesitation: “Get in the car, I will go to the People’s Hospital with you!”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Master… how embarrassed to trouble you…”
Ye Chen said with a very serious expression: “Dongxue, your father is poisoned, not normal kidney failure!”
“The doctor told you today that he has a 15-day window period, and tomorrow it will probably become ten days, even five days!”
“In such a short period of time, if you hope to find a suitable kidney source, the possibility is not very slim, but almost impossible!”

Chapter: 2355
When Wang Dongxue heard this, she lowered her head unconsciously.
At this time, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart: “The young master is wrong, that’s how my father’s situation is…every day is rapidly deteriorating, and there is no hope at all…”
“The only glimmer of hope is the successfully matched kidney source that Walter found in the United States…”
“However, Walter’s condition is simply a great insult to my personality and character…”
“However, if I am not willing to accept his terms, I must be prepared for my father to die at any time…”
Thinking of this, Wang Dongxue’s eyes were sore, tears burst out in an instant, dripping uncontrollably on the cold concrete floor.
Subsequently, Wang Dongxue’s negative emotions accumulated for many days exploded in an instant, and slowly squatted on the ground, crying with his headache.
Seeing that Wang Dongxue, who has always been strong, was sobbing silently at this moment, his heart couldn’t help but feel a little distressed, and he thought to himself: “She must have reached the point where she is desperate, and her emotions will collapse like this… ”
Thinking of this, he squatted in front of Wang Dongxue, patted her shoulder gently, and said seriously: “Dongxue, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find the source of the kidney. I have a better way to save your father than to find the source of the kidney. Come, it will save the old man the pain of getting a knife on the operating table.”
When Wang Dongxue heard this, she couldn’t help but raised her head, looked at Ye Chen in amazement, choked up and said, “Master…are you telling the truth…”
“Of course it is true.” Ye Chen nodded, stretched out his hand to open the co-pilot’s car door, and said to Wang Dongxue: “Get in the car! Go to the hospital to get your dad’s body cured, and then thoroughly check who it is. Poison to your father!”
When Wang Dongxue recovered, Ye Chen had already opened the co-driver’s door, and gently pushed her back, pushing her to the door.
Wang Dongxue recalled what he had said a moment ago, and asked with a face full of disbelief: “Master…you…do you really have a way to cure my father??”
Ye Chen nodded, looked at her red eyes, and said seriously: “Since I have said it, it must be possible!”
Wang Dongxue subconsciously said, “But…but…but the doctors say that kidney failure is irreversible…”
Ye Chen said word by word: “The doctor can’t reverse it, it doesn’t mean that Ye Chen can’t.”
As he said, Ye Chen took out the pill that was originally prepared for Wang Dongxue from his pocket, and said: “This medicine was originally prepared for you. You take it, and you will take it to your father when you get to the hospital. Ensure that the medicine will cure the disease!”
Wang Dongxue was shocked and stunned: “Young…Master, you said that this medicine… was originally prepared for me? Did you already know about my father?”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “The main reason why I organized a dinner today is to thank you all for visiting my house during the Chinese New Year and paying less money. That’s why I prepared a blood-saving and heart-saving treatment for everyone. Pill, although this medicine is not as effective as the rejuvenating pill, it is enough to treat your father’s illness.”
When Wang Dongxue heard this, the whole person was still a little bit in a dream.
She subconsciously asked: “Master…this medicine…can really cure my father?”
Ye Chen said, “If it can be cured, you will know when you get to the hospital. Get in the car!”
Although Wang Dongxue couldn’t be 100% sure whether Ye Chen’s pill could cure her father, she was very excited at this time, nodded hurriedly, and sat in under Ye Chen’s urging. In the car.
Afterwards, Ye Chen started the car and drove quickly to Jinling People’s Hospital.

Chapter: 2356
At the same time, Walter, who was in the Jinling International Hotel, received a call from his subordinates.
The other party hurriedly said: “Boss, I heard a person from Jinling Police say that the police have found a book containing mercury dichloride from Wang Dongxue’s house! Now a special case team has been set up and started to trace the clues of the book. Up!”
“What?!” Walter exclaimed and blurted out: “How can the Jinling police be so fast?”
The other party said: “We didn’t even think that their efficiency would be so high.”
Walter hesitated for a moment and said, “When you pretended to be a courier to deliver the express, did you leave any clues?”
The man thought for a while and said, “There should be no one. The car that delivered the courier was a licensed car. It was impossible to find clues. The disguised courier was also wearing a mask and should not be found.”
Walter furrowed his brows, his expression gloomy, and his huge hooked nose made him look a little bit harsher.
He thought for a moment, then said: “Immediately kill the guy who pretends to be a courier!”
The other party was obviously taken aback, and only a moment later said in a bit of horror: “Old…Boss…Xiao Zhu usually performs well and is very clever. There is no need to treat him for such a thing. Do it, he is still very safe…”
“Is it necessary?” Walter said coldly, “Do you fucking understand criminal investigation? He is the only person exposed to the police at the moment, even if he wears a mask? Do you think wearing a mask is absolutely safe? Yet?”
“A person has ears, nose, mouth and eyebrows on his face. The mask can only cover his mouth and nose! The police can still monitor his basic face shape, eyes, eyebrows, and ears through surveillance video! He can clearly see his body shape, his height, His hairstyle, and his walking posture!”
“If Wang Dongxue’s surveillance video tape radio microphone is at the door of Wang Dongxue’s house, the police can still grasp his voice characteristics! With so many clues exposed, do you still think he is very safe?”
When the other party heard this, the nervous voice immediately trembled: “Yes…sorry boss…I…I…I didn’t think… …. Didn’t think of this…so serious…”
Walter gritted his teeth and said: “You tell that little Zhu, and you say I prepared him a million in cash, and then you ask him to run away quickly, and then you will drive him away from Jinling with someone in the middle. Get rid of him!”
As he said, Walter hurriedly ordered: “Remember to use the method of poisoning and never see blood. If you get blood everywhere, it will be difficult to deal with the crime scene!”
The other party hurriedly asked: “Boss, what should I do with the corpse? How about throwing it directly into the river? If the river is more than 100 meters deep, there is a high probability that it will not be found!”
Walter said contemptuously: “Stupid! The river water is useless no matter how deep it is! There are undercurrents at the bottom of the river. Undercurrents will wash things downstream from the bottom of the river. Once the corpse reaches the shallow water area downstream, it is likely to be washed away. Going ashore! Otherwise, how do you think those Shen Jiang’s bodies were discovered?”
Hearing this, the other party hurriedly asked: “Boss, do you have any good ideas?”
Walter thought for a while and said coldly: “So, you go find an anchor used on a speedboat, tie the corpse with an iron chain, hang the anchor, and throw it into the river with the anchor, the anchor It would be like a fixed boat, fixing the body in the sand on the bottom of the river, it is difficult for the undercurrent to take him away.
The other party quickly agreed and blurted out: “Good boss! I’ll do it right now!”
Walter hung up the phone, and a man with a dark face paced in front of the French window, cursing in a low voice: “Damn! I really didn’t expect that the Jinling police could be so fast…Wang Dongxue, it seems I have to push you again. Take it!”
Having said that, he immediately picked up his cell phone and dialed his phone.
As soon as the phone was connected, Walter immediately said in a cold voice: “Prepare the car immediately! Go to Jinling People’s Hospital in five minutes!”

Chapter: 2357
Jinling International Hotel is located in the city center, closer to Jinling People’s Hospital than Wang Dongxue’s villa area.
Therefore, when Walter got into Rolls Royce and set off for the hospital, Ye Chen and Wang Dongxue had just walked halfway.
When Ye Chen parked the car and walked into the inpatient building of the People’s Hospital with Wang Dongxue, Walter’s car also followed into the parking lot.
Wang Dongxue was excited and nervous, and she would not consciously turn into a run after taking two steps. Ye Chen also speeded up and followed her all the way to the door of the ward.
Pushing the door and entering, Wang Dongxue’s mother Sun Yufang was lying in front of the bed to rest.
Although Sun Yufang was only in her fifties, she was very tired at this time.
Her mental state seemed to be indistinguishable from an old lady in her sixties or seventies.
Hearing the sound of the two entering the door, Sun Yufang raised her head. Seeing that it was her daughter Wang Dongxue and a man she did not know, she was a little surprised and asked, “Dongxue, who is this?”
Wang Dongxue subconsciously wanted to say that Ye Chen is his boss, but Ye Chen took the lead at this time and said with a smile: “Hello, my name is Ye Chen, I am Dongxue’s friend!”
Sun Yufang nodded hurriedly, and said politely: “Oh, hello, Mr. Ye…”
Seeing that Ye Chen did not want to reveal his identity as the chairman of the Emgrand Group, Wang Dongxue hurriedly said to his mother: “Mom! Ye Chen has a miraculous medicine that can cure all diseases. Dad is saved this time!”
As soon as the voice fell, the door of the ward was pushed open.
Walter sneered as he walked in, “Which magic stick said he has a magic medicine that can cure all diseases? I cheated money into a regular hospital, so brave!”
Seeing Walter coming in, Wang Dongxue’s face immediately became very ugly.
She glared at Walter and said coldly: “You are not welcome here! Please go out!”
Walter smiled with interest, and said, “Dongxue, how come your temper will go up at night?”
After that, he paced to Wang Dongxue, smiled disdainfully, and said: “Haha, Dongxue, you are turning so fast now because you got the cure for all diseases that your Chinese gods often say. The magic drug?! In our United States, there are often some Huaxia magic sticks cheating money in Chinatown, but as long as they are caught by the federal police, without exception, they will all be sent to jail! Don’t know that your Huaxia law governs? ”
Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen, looked up and down Ye Chen for a moment, and asked Wang Dongxue with a smile, “Is this guy the magic stick? It looks like he is younger than most of the magic sticks!”
Seeing Walt’s arrogant appearance, Ye Chen couldn’t help but frowned.
He saw Walter for the first time, and he didn’t know the relationship and entanglement between Wang Dongxue and Walter.
Even Wang Dongxue’s father was seriously ill and was hospitalized. He had just heard about it, so he was a little puzzled about the sudden emergence of Walter, and he didn’t know the origin of this blond foreigner.
When Wang Dongxue heard that Walter described Ye Chen as a sacred stick, she immediately scolded angrily: “Walter, don’t rant here! This is the master Ye Chen Ye who everyone knows in Jinling! Not the so-called sacred stick in your mouth! ”
Walter curled his lips and said disdainfully: “Don’t all of you Chinese gods like to be masters? What qigong masters, metaphysics masters, fengshui masters, there are masters everywhere, in my opinion, they are all fucking liars! ”
Ye Chen was already a little upset at this time, so he said: “I advise you to respect it before you speak. This is China, not the United States.”
Walter looked at Ye Chen and said contemptuously: “Boy, I don’t want to talk too much nonsense with you. I’m here to talk to Dongxue about her father. People who have nothing to do with you get away as soon as possible!”

Chapter: 2358
Ye Chen sneered and said: “You have a big tone, what on earth is it that gives you the confidence to speak out here?”
Walter sneered with an arrogant look: “My name is Walter Hogwitz, you magic stick, have you heard of the famous Hogwitz family in America?”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “Sorry, I have never heard of the Witz family what you are talking about.”
Walter said coldly: “I’m telling you! The Hogwitz family is a well-known large real estate developer in the United States. Its business not only covers the United States, but also has large industries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. King’s Manhattan, New York, has a mansion named after the Hogwitz family!”
Ye Chen curled his lips and smiled: “You have a building in Manhattan, New York, so you dare to come to Huaxia to force it. Did you carry that building on your back?”
Walter frowned upon hearing this.
He could hear that the meaning of Ye Chen’s words was to ridicule his own mansion in Manhattan, New York, which would not work well in China.
So he shouted coldly: “Boy, although the building can’t be moved, the US dollars in my account can be circulated around the world anytime and anywhere. This is called hard currency and hard power, understand?”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “When you say this, I will understand.”
With that said, Ye Chen couldn’t help asking curiously: “I don’t know how much the total value of your Hogwitz family is?”
Walter snorted coldly: “That is naturally over ten billion!”
As he said, Walter waved his hand in disgust, and muttered: “I don’t understand what I am doing with you, a god stick!”
Immediately afterwards, he immediately looked at Wang Dongxue on the side, and went straight to the subject: “Dongxue, I don’t want to talk too much nonsense with you. I have said many things countless times, and my mouth is full of cocoons.”
“I’ll say it again for the last time. It’s uncle’s kidney problem. Do you want to agree to my terms?”
“If you don’t agree, the kidney source can’t be retained!”
Wang Dongxue subconsciously asked: “Didn’t you say to give me 24 hours? It’s just a long time!”
Walter smiled and said, “Sorry, the French suddenly added fifty thousand dollars to the donor in order to grab the kidney source!”
“Now the donor has been a little shaken, and he wants me to settle it down with him as soon as possible.”
“Otherwise, he will sell it directly to the French, so you have to give me a clear answer now, yes or no!”
Ye Chen asked Wang Dongxue at this moment: “Dongxue, what is going on?”
Wang Dongxue replied: “Master Ye, this Walter was a classmate who was studying in the United States. He helped my dad find a successful kidney source in the United States, but the requirement is…”
When talking about this, Wang Dongxue suddenly became stammered.
Walter’s words were so shameless that she couldn’t even describe them in words.
At this time, Walter sneered: “My request is very simple. Let Dongxue be my lover for ten years! Give me a few more children! Why, do you have an opinion?”

Chapter: 2359
In fact, Walter still has a lot of business requirements for Wang Dongxue, and even wants her to help herself hollow out the Emgrand Group.
It’s just that Walter didn’t say this in front of Ye Chen.
However, Walter had reservations, but it still made Ye Chen angry and unbearable.
He grabbed Walter by the collar and slapped it with the other hand!
This slap made Walter dizzy, not only half of his face swelled up, but even the corners of his mouth and nostrils began to bleed continuously.
When he was so dizzy that he could hardly stand still, Ye Chen said coldly: “Remember, any woman is not something you can insult casually!”
He covered his side face in pain, and cursed angrily: “Asshole! Do you dare to hit me?! I’ve grown up so no one dared to touch me with a finger! You bastard dare to hit me in the face!”
Ye Chen sneered, raised his hand and slapped him fiercely. Seeing that his faces were swollen into symmetry and looked like a pig’s head, he said coldly: “Your parents never taught you. When I get to someone else’s territory, do I have to learn how to behave with my tail sandwiched?”
Walter was beaten up and down, and his heart was already extremely angry.
At the same time, he regretted it very much.
He felt that he was carrying a bodyguard on this trip, but because he came to see Wang Dongxue, he didn’t let the bodyguard go upstairs. Otherwise, how could he be hit by Ye Chen?
Walter himself is a tall man, and occasionally exercises fitness. The punching force is much greater than that of an average adult. In addition, he is angry at this time, and he subconsciously waved his hands. Fight back.
He raised his fist and smashed Ye Chen’s nose.
He has always been insidious, and the tactic he planned in his heart was to smash Ye Chen’s nose with one punch!
Once the bridge of the nose is broken, the severe pain will make people unable to open their eyes, and the combat effectiveness will drop rapidly!
Immediately afterwards, he can directly kick the vital parts below him, completely abolishing all his fighting power!
Walter’s trick is the most detrimental in street fighting. He hits the opponent’s nose with his forehead first, and then takes advantage of his lack of preparation to take the key. It often allows people to turn defeat into victory at an absolute disadvantage.
However, Walter didn’t know what terrible strength the seemingly gentle and even thin Eastern man in front of him had!
Walter slammed a punch, thinking that he was already determined to win.
But he thought about it, this punch went out, and when Ye Chen was about to face the door, he was suddenly caught by a big hand!
This big hand is so powerful that he suddenly slams a punch, instantly removing all the strength!
Not only that, but he can’t even let his fists go forward!
Walter was shocked, and hurriedly wanted to pull his fists back, but in the next second, he discovered that the opponent’s strength was so great that he could not shake these big hands with all his strength!
It feels like an ant is pressed at the fingertips of a giant, completely without any ability to resist.
In Walter’s opinion, this almost violates common sense of physics!
In his opinion, even if the opponent is very strong, he can’t break away from the opponent’s restraint at all, but if he uses all the strength to pull, the opponent’s arm must at least move with it?
Even if the opponent is a world champion, it is impossible to get rid of violently, ensuring that his arm is almost motionless.
Only at this moment did Walter realize that he was in trouble!
With such a weird skill, even if the bodyguard follows him up, it is no use!
So, he immediately put on an extremely flattering expression, and confessed: “Master Ye is really sorry! I just arrived here, but I don’t know Taishan, and I hope you don’t have the same knowledge as me.”

Chapter: 2360
Ye Chen grabbed his fist tightly, and asked with a sneer: “What? If you can’t beat it, you will admit it? This is what you call the Hogwitz family style?”
Walter was naturally extremely angry when he thought that Ye Chen would dare to humiliate his family.
However, he knew very well that the disparity in strength between himself and Ye Chen was too great, and only by recognizing counsel could he minimize the loss.
As for the lost face, it doesn’t matter much, the big deal is when you find the opportunity to get it back a thousand times!
Thinking of this, he immediately laughed and said, “Master Ye, as you said, the Hogwitz family does have some strength in the United States, but this is China and Jinling. It is not my turn to be wild here.”
After speaking, he pretended to be pious: “Master Ye, please see that because I am the first offender and have already been slapped by you, please spare me this time.”
Seeing his face swollen into a pig’s head, Ye Chen coldly snorted: “You don’t even realize what your biggest mistake is! So, in my opinion, your superficial apology is just a kind of It’s nothing more than the skill of getting out of trouble, there is no real intention in it!”
Walter’s face turned pale from fright, and he blurted out: “Master Ye, you really misunderstood me. I really know that I was wrong. Ten thousand pious apologies to you.”
Ye Chen sneered, and then suddenly twisted his right hand, and Walter’s wrist broke at the sound of a click.
Walter screamed in pain immediately, and almost collapsed and shouted: “My hand! Why are you doing this to me! I have already admitted to you!”
Ye Chen looked at him and said coldly: “The person you should apologize most is not me, but Dongxue! You threatened her with the source of your kidneys in order to achieve your shameful sordid goal. Have you ever thought about it? Want to apologize to her?!”
When Walter heard this, he hurriedly looked at Wang Dongxue on the side and blurted out: “Dongxue, I was wrong! I really knew it was wrong! Please don’t be familiar with me, and also help me intercede with Master Ye.”
At this moment, Wang Dongxue felt more or less compassionate.
Although she knew that Walter was a nasty person, in her opinion, Walter’s nasty was only his own wishful thinking, and she did not agree to him, nor was he under threat.
And looking at the current Walter, Ye Chen had been beaten badly enough, and even one of his wrists was broken, which is almost the same.
So she said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, or let him go, after all, I have nothing to lose.”
Ye Chen nodded.
He also didn’t want to be familiar with Walter.
The descendant of an American real estate developer, worth tens of billions of dollars, will not be seen by China itself, not to mention this is still in Jinling.
Therefore, as long as this Walter rolls farther from now on, he doesn’t bother to be familiar with him.
So he stared at Walter, warning word by word: “From now on, don’t let me see you again, and don’t let Dongxue see you again, understand?”
When Walter heard this, he was immediately amnesty!
He looked at Ye Chen and nodded like garlic and said, “Master Ye, don’t worry, I will never appear in front of you and Dongxue in the future.”
When he said this, Walter thought in his heart: “Okay, your surname is Ye, you fucking dare to beat Lao Tzu, and you dare to break Lao Tzu’s wrist. If Lao Tzu doesn’t kill you, Lao Tzu will fucking Not surnamed Hogwitz!”
Ye Chen didn’t bother to listen to his nonsense at this time, let go of his hand, and said disdainfully: “Hurry up! Get away without stopping!”
Walter nodded again and again: “It’s me! Get out! Get out!”
With that, he turned around and walked out.
At this moment, Ye Chenjian frowned slightly, and suddenly called him sternly: “Wait a moment! I’ll ask you a question!”

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I knew all along that the spurce of the poison was Walter Hogwitz. How else could he proposition Ms. Dongxue. More importantly, I am glad Ye Chin heard by telephone that Ms. Dongxue father was poisoned. He will surely cure it.

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