The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2361-2370

Chapter: 2361
Walter thought he could get away by chance, but he thought that Ye Chen would suddenly ask himself a question.
As a result, he was taken aback, turned back hurriedly, and asked with a smile, “Master Ye…what else do you have to order?”
Ye Chen looked at him and said with a smile: “It’s nothing important, just ask you something.”
Walter breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Master Ye, just ask!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, smiled and asked, “Hercury dichloride, do you know what it is?”
Walter snorted in his heart, and replied with pretending surprise on his face: “No…I don’t know…What is mercury dichloride?”
At the moment of speaking, Walter suddenly burst into his heart!
Relying on his excellent psychological quality, he made his expression not change much.
However, Ye Chen still noticed the imperceptible stiffness and panic on his face.
Almost at this moment, Ye Chen concluded that Walter must be inseparable from the poisoning of Wang Dongxue’s father!
Therefore, Ye Chen’s expression became gloomy at this moment. He grabbed Walter’s collar and sternly shouted: “If you tell the truth, I will let you die a little faster!” m.9biquge. com Walter shook his head repeatedly with an innocent look, and blurted out: “Master Ye…you…are you making a mistake? I don’t understand what mercury dichloride is. Why are you doing it because of this? Something caught me again…”
Wang Dongxue on the side was also shocked.
Just now, when Ye Chen asked Walt suddenly, if she knew what mercury dichloride was, she felt a little bit in her heart.
She was shocked because she had never thought before that her father would be killed by Walter.
Because she had always preconceived that Walter appeared after her father was seriously ill, trying to take advantage of the fire, but she didn’t think that Walter was actually the initiator of his father’s serious illness.
So at that moment, she looked at Walter without blinking, hoping to see if he was lying.
However, Walter’s expression management ability is still very strong, so that Wang Dongxue really can’t see anything abnormal from his face.
Therefore, at this moment, she even doubted whether Ye Chen had made a mistake.
However, Ye Chen was not bewitched by Walter’s innocent expression at all.
He stared at Walter’s eyes and said coldly: “I’ll give you one last chance. If you still don’t tell the truth, what awaits you next may be the eighteen layers of hell you had never thought of before. !”
Walter swallowed hard and cried, “Master Ye, I really don’t understand what you are talking about! I am not a chemistry student. I don’t understand what mercury dichloride is. I know carbon dioxide. …..”
Ye Chen nodded lightly and sneered: “Okay, you choose everything yourself. You don’t have to regret it in the future.”
After speaking, he immediately took out his Apple phone from Walter’s pocket and sneered: “Come on, stretch your face over and let me unlock it. Let’s see if there is anything in your phone that is shameful. Action!”
Walter was frightened, and blurted out: “You are violating others at will! I have the right to let a lawyer sue you!”
Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and said, “Oh, when I hit you just now, you didn’t even say you want a lawyer to sue me. Why should I look at your phone, but you want the lawyer to sue me? Is it in your phone? Is there really something shameful?”
“No… absolutely no!” Walter said in a panic: “My phone contains the trade secrets of our Hogwitz family. It is of great importance. Master Ye, if you read it, just in case Leaking it out will definitely bring great economic losses to our Hogwitz family…”

Chapter: 2362
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Nothing, if it really causes economic losses, the big deal is that I will accompany you. I am always happy, isn’t it just money? You ask in Jinling, when did Master Ye lack money?”
Walter also wanted to find an excuse to refuse, but Ye Chen had pointed the front camera of the phone at him.
I have to say that facial recognition on mobile phones is really easy to use.
Even though Walter’s cheeks were swollen, the phone immediately unlocked through his face.
Walter’s phone is all in English, but for Ye Chen, it is not a problem at all.
Although he did not go to university, he received top-notch international education when he was young. Like current international schools, he has grown up in a multilingual environment since he was young.
In particular, Ye Chen’s mother is of Chinese American descent, and English is one of her mother tongues, and she has received top aristocratic education since she was a child. She is not only proficient in English and Chinese, but also has a deep experience in Japanese, French and Spanish.
In Huaxia, it seems very rare for a person to speak multiple languages. This is mainly because Huaxia itself is not an immigrant country. Most of the population of more than one billion speaks Chinese.
The United States is different.
The United States itself is an immigrant country. There are many English-speaking Europeans and many Chinese-speaking Chinese. Because it is very close to Mexico, there are many Spanish speakers.
In addition, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam in Asia, Germany, France, and Italy in Europe have had a large number of immigrants to the United States for settlement in the past two hundred years. Remember http in one second: //
The biggest advantage of living in such an environment is being able to come into contact with cultures and languages ​​from all over the world.
Therefore, Ye Chen also benefited a lot from his mother, and laid a good language foundation since he was a child.
Turning on Walter’s cell phone, Ye Chen’s first thing is to read the newsletter and WeChat.
Although it is all in English, it seems to be effortless.
Walter’s whole face was ashen as hell, and he almost desperately said: “You can’t read my information record! This is illegal!”
Ye Chen said in a cold voice as he looked at it, “Close your mouth, otherwise, I will break your other hand!”
Walter looked terrified.
He has no idea what to do now.
If you just shut up, Ye Chen will definitely find evidence of poisoning Wang Dongxue’s father from the chat records;
However, if you don’t shut up, what can be the result?
At most, Ye Chen would break another hand, and then wait for Ye Chen to turn out the evidence…
Thinking of this, he regretted the whole person and wailed in his heart: “I’m such a fucking fighter! Why should I come to the hospital at this time…why! If I don’t come tonight, I might not touch it. To this bastard! If you don’t meet this bastard, you won’t be tortured so badly!”
“It doesn’t matter if he is tortured! If he finds evidence that I instigated others to poison Wang Dongxue’s father, then I will be completely over! The Huaxia Police will definitely sue me for intentional homicide…”
“In that case, am I going to face at least seven or eight years, or even more than ten years in prison in China?!”

Chapter: 2363
Just when Walt was in a panic, he just received a WeChat message on his mobile phone.
The person who sent the WeChat had a Chinese nickname, named A Song.
From the list, I could only see that what Song had sent was a picture, so Ye Chen opened the information of Song directly.
It doesn’t matter if you look at it, the picture sent by Ah Song turned out to be a corpse with foam at the mouth!
At this time, the corpse was lying crookedly on a seat in a car. Yan Jing stared very wide and his expression was very hideous. At first sight, he had died of poison.
Just when Ye Chen was surprised, A Song sent another message with a sentence written in English, to the effect: Boss, the person has been killed, I will sink him into Jiang Jiang later, don’t worry, this clue It must be completely broken! ”
Ye Chen immediately flipped through the chat history of Azong and Walter.
The chat records of the two did not have a long conversation, mostly short sentences such as “finished”, “coming soon”, “come here soon.” and “good job.”
It seems that these two people don’t usually use WeChat text communication very often.
However, Ye Chen soon discovered that in the chat records of the two, there were four words that Walter sent to Song in Chinese: Mercury dichloride!
Moreover, immediately afterwards, Walter posted another article in English below: “Remember this term, don’t make a mistake!”
Upon seeing this word, Ye Chen’s pupils suddenly shrank!
Immediately, he stared at Walter and asked sternly: “Who is this Ah Song? Why did you let him remember mercury dichloride?!”
As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this word, her eyes widened, and she hurriedly went to Ye Chen to check.
Seeing that the words “mercury dichloride” were in the chat history between Walter and this Song, Wang Dongxue immediately understood what was going on.
She asked Walter angrily: “Walter! I have no grievances with you, and have been classmates for many years, why are you killing my father?!”
Walter trembled in fright, and said falteringly: “I…I don’t have…I really don’t have…”
Ye Chen opened the photo of the corpse that Song had just sent, handed it to Walter, and questioned: “I will give you one last chance to explain clearly what you are doing. Otherwise, you will never think about it in your life. Back to America alive!”
When Walter looked at the picture, he was struck by lightning!
Ah Song’s WeChat message was sent after Ye Chen took his phone away, so he saw this photo for the first time at this time.
At a glance, he recognized the corpse in the photo, who was disguised as a courier and delivered the courier to Wang Dongxue’s house!
It seems that Ah Song swiftly executed his orders and directly tricked his subordinates out and poisoned him in the car…
At this moment, the pores all over his body instantly burst into cold sweat, and his heart was panicked to the extreme.
He was worried that he had exposed the poisoning of Wang Dongxue’s father, but then again, even if it was revealed, at least Wang Dongxue’s father was still dead. The Chinese judicial organs would convict him, how much he would be lighter.
However, this subordinate is dead!

Chapter: 2364
He ordered Ah Song to kill himself, so he couldn’t escape the crime of intentional murder!
After all, in Chinese law, anyone who abets others to commit a crime must be punished as the principal offender!
He instigated his subordinates to kill someone, even if he didn’t do it himself, once he went to court, it would be at least a life sentence!
If the crime of poisoning Wang Dongxue’s father is added, it might be sentenced to a suspended death sentence…
Thinking of this, he suddenly collapsed. He knelt on the ground with a puff, crying and said: “I’m sorry, I was confused for a while, I didn’t mean it…I didn’t mean it… ”
Ye Chen slapped his face with a slap, and questioned: “You instructed your men to kill, and you said that you didn’t mean it? Are you fucking kidding me?!”
Walter covered his face and cried and said, “I…I’m just a ghost…I want to possess Wang Dongxue. I want Wang Dongxue to resign from the Emgrand Group to help me expand our family. Huaxia’s business, I want her to steal the Emgrand Group’s trade secrets and help me gain a foothold in Huaxia as quickly as possible…so…that’s why I made this move and wanted to force her to submit. ……”
As soon as Wang Dongxue heard this, the whole person was angry!
Wang Dongxue, who has always been very educated, couldn’t control herself at this moment. She slapped Walter angrily and rebuked her hysterically: “Why?! Why did you do this?! My father’s life, is it? Are you a bargaining chip to develop your career and satisfy your animality? Why are you so vicious?! Tell me why!!!”
When Wang Dongxue’s mother heard this, her blood pressure soared in anger. She shivered and reprimanded: “You…you beast!!! You paid my husband’s life!!!”
After speaking, she only felt dizzy in her brain, she lost consciousness and fell straight to the ground.
Wang Dongxue looked shocked, and subconsciously blurted out, “Mom!”
Ye Chen hurriedly supported Wang Dongxue’s mother, and then checked her breath, and found that she was only an insufficiency of blood supply to the brain caused by her anger and heart attack. There was no danger to her life, so he gently helped her to lie down on the sofa. With.
At this time, Walter covered his face and cried bitterly: “Dongxue, I beg you to forgive me this time. I can immediately call the staff in the United States and ask them to perform kidney removal surgery on the donor. I’ll send it here early tomorrow morning for my uncle to replace…”
“I can also give you 10 million US dollars as compensation. If 10 million is not enough, then 20 million…”
As he said, Walter cried and pleaded: “Dongxue, please, give me a chance! Please, don’t hand me over to the police!”
At this time, Walter was most afraid of not what Ye Chen would do to him.
He felt that Ye Chen would beat himself up, but his real trouble was China’s judicial department.
After all, I am not from Huaxia. I don’t have too many personal connections in Huaxia. If I was arrested by the police and prosecuted, I would be sentenced to a suspended death sentence.
Walter still has some understanding of China’s laws. Once sentenced to death with a suspended death sentence, even if he is actively reformed in prison, he will not even think of it for more than 20 years.
He is the eldest son of a tens of billions of dollars family, living a life of the most top, most extravagant, most wanton, most presumptuous dude, if he were to go to prison for more than 20 years, it would be more painful than killing him!
When Wang Dongxue heard his pleading, she suddenly trembled with anger!
She stared at Walter stubbornly and cursed coldly: “I’m telling you Walter! In any case, I won’t let you escape the law! Wait, I’ll call the police and catch you!”
Walter was so frightened that he cried and wailed: “No Dongxue…I beg you Dongxue…Don’t hand me over to the police! Even if you don’t want to forgive me, you must Consider your uncle’s life! If I really get caught, who will find your kidney source?! Who will save your father’s life?! As a daughter, you can’t just watch your father die?!”

Chapter: 2365
Facing Walter’s dying struggle, Ye Chen said calmly: “Walter, don’t worry, you don’t have your kidney source, and Dongxue’s father will not die!”
Walter shook his head constantly, and said confidently: “Impossible, absolutely impossible! Rh-negative kidney source is very difficult to find, without my kidney source, he can only wait to die!”
After speaking, he knelt in front of Wang Dongxue and cried, “Dongxue, I beg you, as long as you are willing to let me go, don’t hand me to the police, I can give you 100 million dollars! Please! Oh, don’t hand me over to the police, otherwise my whole life will be over…”
Wang Dongxue was about to refuse, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “Walter, don’t worry, I will never hand you over to the police!”
Walter thought that his $100 million promise had worked, and hurriedly said: “Master Ye, as long as you let me leave Jinling, when I arrive in the United States, I will charge you 100 million dollars immediately!”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “My friend, don’t get me wrong. I said I won’t hand you over to the police, but it doesn’t mean I will let you go. These are two different things.”
Walter looked at Ye Chen in panic, blurted out and asked: “Then you…what do you want…”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Don’t worry, you will know what I want, soon.”
After all, Ye Chen grabbed his collar and asked sternly: “I ask you, how many people did you bring to the People’s Hospital this time? Say one less or one more, and I’ll let someone take off your arm!”
Walter shivered with fright, and quickly said: “There are five people including the driver and the bodyguard…”
Ye Chen continued to ask: “Where are the people? Where are they?”
Walter said honestly: “People…people are in the car at the entrance of the lobby downstairs. There are two cars in total, one is a Rolls Royce and the other is a Buick business… .”
Ye Chen nodded, immediately pulled a group on WeChat, brought in Chen Zekai and Hong Wu, and then started a group voice chat.
After the two received them, they immediately connected in and asked in their voices: “Master, what do you want?”
Ye Chen said seriously: “Old Chen, Hong Wu, immediately send your most elite subordinates to help me capture all of Walter Hogwitz’s subordinates, don’t keep any of them!”
After that, Ye Chen said again: “Oh, yes, he still has his subordinates in Jinling People’s Hospital, in the car outside the lobby of the inpatient department, a Rolls Royce, a Buick Commercial, a total of five people, you Quietly send someone over and take them all to me!”
Chen Zekai asked in surprise: “Master, why did you conflict with Walter?”
Ye Chen asked him: “Do you know this Walter?”
“I don’t know, but I know this person.” Chen Zekai explained: “The Hogwitz family is not a top family in the United States, but it is still somewhat famous, so people like Walter came to Jinling. Here I am. Metropolis Daily News.”
“Report?” Ye Chen asked curiously: “Did you send someone to stare at this piece?”
“Yes!” Chen Zekai said: “The task given to me by the Ye family is to control the entire Jinling situation. Not only should some internal situations in Jinling be well grasped, but also the external situations should be well understood. Once some people with background come. Jinling, I will make a record.”
Ye Chen asked him: “Does this Hogwitz family have a big background?”
Chen Zekai thought for a while, and said seriously: “If you want to talk about this Hogwitz family, the background is not too big?…”
With that said, he continued to explain: “All the assets of the Hogwitz family add up to about 10 billion U.S. dollars. They are not even in the top two hundred in the United States, but their family has some special background.”
Ye Chen asked, “What is the special background?”
Chen Zekai explained: “The Hogwitz family and the Rothschild family are more or less related.”
Hearing the Rothschild family, Ye Chen couldn’t help but move.
He knew that the highest moment of his father’s life was to lead the Ye family and several other Chinese families to jointly fight against the economic aggression of the Rothschild family.
That time, he caused the Rothschild family to suffer a lot of property damage and face loss.

Chapter: 2366
Therefore, Ye Chen also suspected that the death of his parents might be related to the Rothschild family.
Because of this, when he heard that Walter had something to do with the Rothschild family, he couldn’t help sighing in his heart: “I didn’t expect that my first contact with the Rothschild family came so quickly.”
So Ye Chen asked Chen Zekai curiously: “What kind of relatives are the Hogwitz family and the Rothschild family, specifically?”
Chen Zekai introduced: “At best, it can be regarded as a distant relative… After all, the Rothschild family has been developing for so many years. There are tens of thousands of people in their Rothschild family alone, except for that. In addition, relatives with foreign surnames are even more numerous.”
“In other words, Walter’s grandma is a member of the Rothschild family, but her grandma’s line is not the core of the Rothschild family, at most it is equivalent to a gege in the Qing Dynasty. And it’s the kind of personality that is very marginalized among the royal relatives.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I understand…”
Rothschild’s name is almost unknown in the world.
Such a super family with a history of hundreds of years, the scale of its personnel is no less than that of the relatives of the Qing Dynasty and the Baqili brothers.
Within such a family, there must be many branches, and there is a clear primary and secondary relationship between these branches.
Just like the Ye family.
The line of Master Ye’s Ye Zhongquan is the only main line of the entire Ye Family and the core line of the Ye Family.
As for the branches that cannot be counted across the country, they are all branches without exception.
Some branches are Ye Zhongquan’s own brothers, so the relationship is a little closer.
However, some branches and Ye Zhongquan’s blood relationship even came out of Wufu, and naturally they would not have a deep relationship with Ye Zhongquan.
This kind of branch that can’t be beaten by eight poles, although the name is Ye, is too low for the Ye family.
The Rothschild family must be the same.
There may even be more branches than Ye Family.
Although Walter’s grandma is from the Rothschild family, she is in a very partial line when she wants to come. She speaks lightly and has no sense of existence.
Otherwise, it is impossible for her to marry the Hogwitz family for decades, and the assets of the Hogwitz family are only about 10 billion US dollars.
Chen Zekai said immediately: “There is no problem, master, I will arrange this!”
Hong Wu asked, “Master, what will happen to these people after they are caught?”
Ye Chen commanded: “All his subordinates are locked up in the kennel, freed up for the largest dog cage, stripped and locked together.”
“Good young master.” Hong Wu said hurriedly, “I’ll tell the dog farm to hurry up and prepare.”
Ye Chen said again: “Oh, by the way, Hong Wu, prepare a smaller dog cage, I have another use.”
Hong Wu immediately agreed and blurted out: “Master, don’t worry, Hong Wu must make arrangements!”
Ye Chen continued: “By the way, Old Chen, I have one more thing for you to do.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Master, please give your orders.”
Ye Chen asked: “You prepare a complete set of renal dialysis equipment for me, and send the complete set of equipment to Hongwu’s kennel. In addition, do you have a more trustworthy nephrologist? I will transfer one.”
“Dialysis equipment?” Chen Zekai hurriedly asked: “Master, is there any kidney failure among Walter’s men?”
Ye Chen glanced at Walter and sneered: “There are still no, but there will be soon!”

Chapter: 2367
“There will be soon?!”
Walter on the side murmured a bit dumbfoundedly Afterwards, he was very puzzled: “What the hell is going to be there soon? This surname is Ye, and he speaks inexplicably. It’s this that my mother hates Huaxia people the most. I like to talk about everything. Vague and unclear,”
Just when he still didn’t understand what Ye Chen meant.
Ye Chen said to Chen Zekai again: “Also, Old Chen, think of a way to get me some mercury dichloride, I’m useful.”
As soon as Ye Chen said this, Walter was struck by lightning!
“Ah?! What does the surname Ye want mercury dichloride for?!”
“Also, what does he make people prepare for dialysis equipment?!”
“Also! He just asked someone to prepare the dialysis equipment, and what did he say will be available soon? What’s there?”
“Now, he has asked someone to prepare mercury dichloride again. Isn’t this intended for me to eat?!”
Thinking of this, Walter felt like he was about to collapse.
He knelt on his knees and crawled in front of Ye Chen, crying and said, “Master Ye, please don’t play with me. If you are not satisfied with the US$100 million, I can add another 100 million to you, please. Just raise your hand and let me as a fart”
Ye Chen waved his hand, and said with a serious look: “Walter, we have an old saying in China that says, according to the way of human beings, you can still treat the human body!”
“You are an American and may not know much about Chinese culture. Isn’t this just an opportunity for you to practice it yourself?”
Walter went crazy and cried and said, “I don’t want to practice! I don’t want to practice! Master Ye, please give me a way out. No matter how much money you need, just say a word, no matter how much money I am willing to give. Please don’t fix me, I’m still young”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Then I really want to congratulate you. I am happy to mention kidney failure at such a young age, but you can rest assured that I will save you a dog’s life. I will connect you to the dialysis equipment 24 hours a day. Make sure You will not die.” This After speaking, Ye Chen said coldly: “Compared with what you did, I am so kind.”
Walter wailed in fright: “Master Ye, I beg you to forgive me, or let me call my dad, and I will ask him how much money he can give you if he does more, and as much as he can. How many are you!”
Ye Chen smiled and shook his head, and said calmly: “You don’t have to daydream. From now on, you have completely disappeared in his world. He can’t find any clues about you anymore. Just lie down in the cage of the kennel, eat when you eat, drink when you drink, and get dialysis when you dialysis!”
After saying that, Ye Chen added: “And you can rest assured, I am much softer than your nasty methods. You only know that you poison people, regardless of treatment, and regardless of whether the person you poisoned is still How long can you live, you can be regarded as a bandit that kills you regardless of burying!”
“But my mother, after all, is still a civilized person. The way we civilized people do things is that if you control the killing, you have to be buried. I will not only give you free treatment, but also provide you with food and housing. Most importantly, I at least guarantee You will not die for ten years!”
After Walter listened, the whole person’s spirit and emotions completely collapsed!
He has been a dude for more than 20 years. Although he has harmed many people, he himself has never tasted any suffering.
Right now, Ye Chen has already pronounced his future, and his future is to lie in a dark dog cage and survive on dialysis.
Such punishment is far more terrifying to him than hell He didn’t even dream of thinking that Ye Chen would be such a cruel character.

Chapter: 2368
Only then did he realize how much trouble he had caused!
So he looked at Wang Dongxue, crying and begging: “Dongxue! Please hand me over to the police! Let me accept legal sanctions and justice, please Dongxue! You are so pitiful! Me Dongxue!”
Walter knew very well in his mind that although it was terrible to go to jail, at least he could go to jail in good health.
If it really falls into Ye Chen’s hands and leaves Ye Chen so tossed, not only will he suffer from various diseases, but he may even die in the kennel in the end.
So in comparison, going to jail is really too humane.
Ye Chen sneered and joked: “Walter, you have become so fast. Just now you were begging Dongxue not to hand you over to the police. How come a few minutes later, you Begged her to hand you over to the police?”
Walter cried out and said, “Master Ye, Master Ye, do it well, call 110 and let the police take me away. I am a criminal. Criminals should accept the sanctions of the law. ”
As he said, he looked at Wang Dongxue again, crying and begging: “Dongxue, please say something, help me beg Master Ye, Dongxue, I kowtow to you.”
Before he finished his words, Walter kowtowed to the ground desperately, and the floor slammed.
Wang Dongxue said nothing at this time.
Ye Chen just said that he should use his own way to treat his own body. Although the methods are a bit terrible, but speaking, for people like Walter, it is the best end.
After all, Ye Chen still planned to keep him alive, but when he killed his father at the time, he had no plans to do so!
If he didn’t agree to his dirty demands, he would definitely not lend a helping hand to his father!
In the end, Dad’s end, I am afraid there is only a dead end!
Therefore, Wang Dongxue knew very well in her heart that she absolutely cannot have any kindness of women at this time!
Therefore, she said coldly to Walter: “I’m sorry Walter, you are not worthy of my sympathy for this kind of rubbish! You have today’s fate, and you are completely asking for it!”
Walter was extremely desperate, crying and said: “Dongxue, I know I was wrong, I beg you to give me a chance to make up for my mistakes and reform.”
“Otherwise, even if you tortured me to death, your father wouldn’t be able to go back in time!”
“Everyone is an adult. Since the incident has happened, we should negotiate the follow-up solution and remedy. This is much more realistic than investigating the fault alone!”
Waiting for Wang Dongxue to speak, Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “Walter, if you say one more word without my permission, then I will extend the ten-year time limit for another year!”
When Walter heard this, he was so frightened that he dared not say another word.
Ye Chen didn’t talk to him again, but continued to say to Chen Zekai: “Old Chen, I want you to use all your available relationships. In the past three days, all the surveillance videos of Walter that Jinling has taken in the past three days are all from the surveillance system. Deleting it completely, I want other people to be unable to find his whereabouts by any means! Even if the Rothschilds came in person, they would not find any clues to him!”
Chen Zekai said without hesitation: “Master, don’t worry, I will completely erase him from the monitoring records! Even if the king comes to investigate, it will be impossible to find out any clues about him!”
Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction and said, “Okay, these things will be handled by you and Hong Wu. Hurry up and let me land. After I get it done, I will tell me that I will send Walter to you downstairs. Take him and his men to the kennel together!”

Chapter: 2369
Chen Zekai and Hong Wu moved extremely fast.
Within dozens of minutes, all Walter’s men in Jinling, including the Asong who was about to throw the body, were controlled by the two of them.
From Jinling People’s Hospital, Chen Zekai came in person.
His men took their guns directly and surrounded the two cars under Walter’s. As soon as the guns were aimed at the five men, the five men immediately surrendered, and obediently grabbed them.
Immediately afterwards, all five people were taken into a modified minibus.
And their Rolls Royce and Buick Commercial were driven away by Hong Wu’s men.
These two cars will be sent directly to a car recycling factory in Hongwu tonight, where they will be disassembled, squeezed into a pile of scrap iron, and thrown into a chain steel furnace.
In other words, after tonight, it is impossible for Da Luo Jinxian to find the whereabouts of these two cars.
Afterwards, Chen Zekai called Ye Chen and respectfully said: “Master, the five people downstairs in the hospital are all under control, where are you? I’ll take someone over and take that Walter away!”
Ye Chen said: “You come directly to the No. 1 intensive care unit of the Nephrology Department.”
“Good master!”
Walter, who had not dared to speak anymore, burst into tears when he heard Ye Chen’s call with Chen Zekai.
He really didn’t expect that he would fall into such a tragic end.
I thought I was the Raptors crossing the river and coming to Jinling to swim freely, so I naturally didn’t put Wang Dongxue in my eyes, but wanted to take the opportunity to collect her as a plaything, and then drain her use value.
However, who could have predicted that there are people like Ye Chen with hands, eyes and harsh methods in a small place like Jinling.
Walter regretted it very much, but regret could not solve any problems. From the day he decided to poison Wang Dongxue’s father, his fate was already doomed.
Soon, Chen Zekai took people to the ward.
The moment Walter saw Chen Zekai, he seemed to have seen a ghost!
Just now, Ye Chen and Chen Zekai only made a voice call on WeChat. Walt only knew that Ye Chen was communicating with his subordinates, but Walter didn’t know who his subordinates were.
However, when he saw Chen Zekai, his whole body was instantly struck by lightning!
“Chen… President Chen?!” Walter blurted out subconsciously: “You… why are you here?”
When Walter first came to Jinling, out of basic etiquette, he took the initiative to visit Chen Zekai.
The reason why he came to visit Chen Zekai was because he knew that Chen Zekai was the spokesperson of the Ye family in Jinling. It can be said that he is the person with the strongest background in Jinling. When he first arrived, he naturally wanted to be familiar.
However, the two met only that time.
In Walter’s cognition, Chen Zekai represents the pinnacle of Jinling’s influence, but he never dreamed that Chen Zekai would appear here.
Chen Zekai looked at Walter, smiled playfully, and said: “Walter, when you saw me last time, didn’t you say that you have admired the Ye family for a long time? The Ye Chenye in front of you is the young master of the Ye family!”
“What?!” Walter felt his heart being run over by a heavy-duty train!
“I unexpectedly angered the Ye Family Young Master?!”
“What kind of idiot am I that would anger Young Master Ye Family?!”

Chapter: 2370
“The Ye Family’s strength is at least dozens of times stronger than the Hogwitz Family!”
Thinking of this, Walter really realized how sad and ridiculous he was.
I thought I came to Jinling and I could do whatever I wanted as long as I avoided Chen Zekai, but I didn’t expect it to provoke the young master of the Ye family!
So, while he kept beating his face vigorously, he cried and said, “Master Ye, I have no eyes and I didn’t think I would offend you. I didn’t know that Wang Dongxue was your friend. If I knew it, beat me to death. I won’t have any attempts against her…”
Ye Chen smiled and asked him: “Do you know that Emgrand Group is also my industry?”
“Ah?!” Walter’s eyes widened, and he blurted out: “This…this…I don’t know this, Master Ye…if I know, you give I’m so courageous, I don’t dare to have any evil thoughts on the Emgrand Group…”
Before Walter came, he specifically checked the background of the Emgrand Group.
However, because the company was bought by the Ye family as a gift to Ye Chen, it was not included in the Ye family’s own assets.
He checked, but didn’t understand the background, he thought it was just a real estate company in the province.
In addition, he wanted to quickly gain a foothold in China, and even quickly achieve profitability, and Wang Dongxue happened to be the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, so he started Wang Dongxue’s idea.
He always felt that as long as Wang Dongxue could be controlled by himself, he would not only be able to possess Wang Dongxue, but also draw some blood from the Emgrand Group, in order to quickly improve his strength.
But he didn’t even think that the company he wanted to suck blood was actually Ye Family Master’s property!
This is like a mouse, thinking about the tiger’s food carelessly, it is simply seeking a dead end!
Chen Zekai glanced at Walter at this time, with a bit of pity in his eyes, and thought in his heart: “This Walter can be regarded as a handsome, handsome and talented person, plus the family is also a wealthy businessman. The future is limitless.”
“But, who is not good for him, he wants to provoke the young master. Isn’t this rushing to fly more than 10,000 kilometers from the United States to die?”
Immediately, Chen Zekai looked at Ye Chen and asked respectfully: “Master, shall I take this Walter away now?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Take it away.”
Walter was frightened and limp, and blurted out, “Master Ye, please let me go, Master Ye! My grandma is from the Rothschild family. You should have heard of the Rothschild family, right? The top-notch families, wealthy and rival countries, and the entire economic and energy lifeline of Europe and the United States are in the hands of the Rothschild family!”
“If you let me go, I can help you connect with the Rothschild family, and let you cooperate with the Rothschild family. This is a good thing for you!”
Ye Chen sneered when he heard it, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in working with the Rothschild family.”
Seeing that the benefits were unsuccessful, Walter was dying to struggle and said: “If you really insist on locking me up for inhumane torture, once the Rothschilds know about it, have you considered the consequences?”
“Although I don’t have a Rothschild surname, I also have a quarter of my blood from the Rothschild family. Rothschild will not allow anyone to treat offspring with their blood in this way!”
“By then, they will not let you go! They will only make you die worse!”
When Chen Zekai heard this, he slapped Walter angrily, and said coldly: “Are you looking for death? When your death is approaching, you still dare to rant to the young master, believe it or not, I cut your tongue?!”
Ye Chen waved his hand to interrupt Chen Zekai at this time, and said calmly: “Old Chen, let him say what he wants to say.”
Walter yelled in panic: “I’m done! You’d better consider carefully, is it really going to offend the entire Rothschild family because of me!”
Ye Chen nodded, smiled, and said playfully: “To tell you the truth, I am not afraid to offend the Rothschild family, because even if they don’t come to me, I will find them sooner or later!”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen paused slightly, and said in a firm and domineering tone: “I still have a blood debt, and I have to pay for it with the Rothschild family slowly!”

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