The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2371-2380

Chapter: 2371
The desperate Walter was dragged out of the hospital by Chen Zekai’s men.
After he left, all the video surveillance records about him were completely erased by Chen Zekai’s men.
In this way, no one has a way to find his image data in Jinling City, and it is even more impossible to find his activity track.
After Walter’s family finds out that he is missing, they will find him in Jinling again, and they will find that this person is as if he has evaporated.
Before leaving, Ye Chen confessed to Chen Zekai and asked him to arrange professionals to take Walt’s favorite mercury dichloride. After he became ill like Wang Dongxue’s father, he immediately put him on dialysis equipment.
This is the so-called rule of the human body.
For some demons with extremely corrupt character, this method can bring him real punishment.
Wang Dongxue watched Ye Chen decide Walter’s fate in such a delightful way with his own eyes, and he was very moved.
During this time, she witnessed the whole process of her father’s illness, further deterioration, and unconsciousness.
She can vividly remember the pain her father suffered.
So, after learning that all this turned out to be the poisoning of Walter behind her back, she naturally hated Walter.
If Walter was just arrested, sentenced, and jailed, she would feel that Walter was too cheap.
As for Ye Chen’s handling method, if she herself, she would not dare to think about it at all, and she would not have the ability to realize it.
So the gratitude she felt to Ye Chen had already sublimated to an unparalleled level.
So, after Chen Zekai took the people out of the ward, Wang Dongxue closed the door, and the moment he turned around, he immediately knelt in front of Ye Chen and choked up: “Master, thank you so much for this matter. If not You, I may never know, all this turned out to be Walter behind the scenes; if it were not for you, I might never have a way to help my father get justice.”
Ye Chen hurriedly reached out to support her, and said seriously: “It’s just a matter of hand, don’t be so polite, this Walter is vicious and sinister, so I am not only helping you, but also treating the people.”
Wang Dongxue sighed, choked up and said: “I really didn’t think that for so many years of classmates, Walter would still be able to do such a nasty thing.”
As she said, she wiped away her tears, looked at her unconscious mother on the sofa, and asked: “Master, what’s wrong with my mother, right?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Auntie is only temporarily unconscious. Wiping her face with a cooler wet towel should wake her up.”
As he said, he said to Wang Dongxue again: “Wake up your aunt first, and then give your uncle the medicine. After taking the medicine, your uncle should be cured soon, so you and your aunt can be completely relieved.”
Wang Dongxue was so excited that she quickly said, “Good master, I will go now.”
After all, Wang Dongxue ran into the bathroom quickly.
Soon, she took a wet towel and ran out of the bathroom.
She strode to the sofa and carefully wiped her mother’s cheek with a wet towel. After a while, she saw her mother’s eyelashes move slightly, and then she opened her eyes.
“Dongxue” Sun Yufang opened his eyes the first thing he asked angrily: “Where is that Walter? He killed your dad, don’t let him go!”
Wang Dongxue glanced at Ye Chen, and hurriedly said to Sun Yufang: “Mom, Walter has been arrested. It is estimated that he will stay in prison for a lifetime!”
Sun Yufang said angrily: “He killed your dad like this. It’s just too cheap to put him in jail. If your dad can’t save him, he should pay your dad for his life!”
As she said, she thought of the suffering and sin her husband had suffered, and she couldn’t control her tears anymore, and she hid her face and wept bitterly.
Wang Dongxue hurriedly persuaded: “Mom, don’t worry too much. Ye Chen found a kind of elixir for Dad, and he can heal Dad’s kidney by taking it!”
“What?” Sun Yufang exclaimed, “Take medicine to cure your father’s kidney? How is this possible? Doesn’t it mean that kidney failure is almost irreversible in medicine?”

Chapter: 2372
Ye Chen said at this time: “Auntie, for most doctors, kidney failure is indeed irreversible, but our ancestors still kept good prescriptions, and treatment is not very difficult.”
“Really?!” Sun Yufang couldn’t restrain his excitement, and said with a choked voice, “Then Mr. Lao Ye will take action and save my husband. He has taught and educates people in his entire life, and has done good deeds. He has never done anything bad. This end”
After that, she looked at Wang Dongxue next to him, grabbed Wang Dongxue’s hand, crying and said: “He has used Dongxue for more than 20 years to raise Dongxue into a material, and he hasn’t seen Dongxue put on a wedding dress to marry. I don’t have the joy of enjoying the family of three generations. If he just leaves like this, it’s so godless.”
Ye Chen nodded at this time, and solemnly said: “Auntie, don’t worry, as long as uncle takes the medicine I prepared, it will be cured.”
With that said, he hurriedly ordered Wang Dongxue: “Dongxue, it should not be too late, you find a cup to pour half a cup of warm water, put the pill I gave you to the warm water to dissolve, and then feed it to uncle! ”
When Wang Dongxue heard this, he nodded hurriedly, and subconsciously said: “Good less When the young master’s words almost blurted out, Wang Dongxue realized that his mother didn’t know Ye Chen’s true identity, so she hurriedly changed her words: “Okay, Ye Chen, thank you, I’ll get it right now!”
After Wang Dongxue finished speaking, he hurried to the coffee table and boiled a little warm water with an electric kettle. After half a cup, he took out the red sandalwood box given by Ye Chen from his pocket.
As soon as the wooden box was opened, an inconspicuous pill was placed in it.
However, although the pills are not very eye-catching, after the box was opened, the refreshing fragrance of medicine suddenly overflowed, and quickly filled the entire ward.
This is the blood-saving heart-saving pill refined by Ye Chen.
Sun Yufang also smelled the scent of the medicine, and for a while, she felt that the whole person was more energetic, so she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “The scent of this medicine is too good! The taste is much better than the traditional Chinese medicine I have been exposed to! It seems to smell the whole People are much more comfortable with it!”
Wang Dongxue felt the same way.
When I smelled the scent of the medicine, it felt like a stuffy nose, and suddenly I smelled a rich menthol, and the feeling could even rise instantly.
At this moment, Wang Dongxue firmly believed in her heart that this medicine could definitely save her father.
Afterwards, she put the pill into the water according to Ye Chen’s instructions.
Just when she was about to find a disposable chopstick to stir, a magical scene happened!
This blood-dissipating heart-saving pill immediately melted into the water at an extremely fast speed as soon as it entered the water, and it melted completely in just two or three seconds!
Moreover, the melted warm water did not become completely turbid, but was in a translucent state like brown sugar water.
Although the color of the water has become darker, you can still clearly see that there is no trace of impurities in the water.
This made Wang Dongxue stunned, because she had taken Chinese medicine many times, especially Chinese medicine granules.
In her impression, almost all Chinese herbal medicines cannot be completely dissolved in water. No matter how hot the water is used, no matter how vigorously it is stirred, there will be a little bit of fine medicine residue in the cup at the end of the drink.
However, this medicine is completely soluble in water without stirring. It can be seen that this medicine is so pure that it contains almost no impurities!
Surprised, she looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Is it enough to feed this glass of water to my father?”
Ye Chen nodded: “It’s wrong. Although my uncle is unconscious, if he is lifted up, water can still be fed in.”
“Okay!” Wang Dongxue immediately took the cup and entered the ward inside, and her mother Sun Yufang hurriedly followed.
The two of them helped Wang Chengyuan, who was unconscious, to his feet, and then Wang Dongxue poured the warm water in the cup into his mouth little by little.
Then, a magical scene that subverted all the cognition of the mother and daughter took place.

Chapter: 2373
Halfway through feeding the liquid medicine to Wang Dongxue’s father, the mother and daughter were shocked to find that Wang Chengyuan’s pale, paper-like face instantly became a little rosy.
This is what Chinese medicine calls the color of blood!
People’s blood is strong enough, and the complexion will be ruddy and shiny. Once the blood is insufficient, it will become white or sallow.
Why are terminally ill patients almost pale, even their lips are half bloody, it is because the blood in the body has already been exhausted.
This is the case with Wang Dongxue’s father.
Extremely severe kidney failure has long put his life on the line.
The whole person, like a plant on the verge of dying, wilted to the extreme.
However, just after the medicine was taken in, his body began to undergo earth-shaking changes.
In the eyes of the mother and daughter, this scene is like watching a documentary on a TV station.
In order to witness nature from the depression of all things in winter to the recovery of the earth in spring, some documentaries deliberately used a camera to take time-lapse photography, filming a forest from the beginning of winter to the blooming of spring flowers, and then speed up the playback. .
In this way, the audience can see the whole process of the recovery of all things in nature in a few seconds!
At that moment, everyone will be shocked by the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature.
The mother and daughter at this time witnessed such a miracle!
Wang Dongxue’s father, Wang Chengyuan, has undergone a radical change in a very short time.
After his skin became rosy and shiny, his breathing became much stronger. It can be seen from the monitor next to him that his blood pressure, which was originally very low, began to rise rapidly in a short time!
After a while, Wang Chengyuan slowly opened his eyes.
At this moment, the mother and daughter burst into tears with excitement!
Wang Dongxue laughed and cried and asked with concern: “Dad! How are you feeling, Dad!”
Sun Yufang on the side also cried with joy, and asked, “Pharaoh, are you feeling better?”
Wang Chengyuan’s brain still didn’t react, and hurriedly asked them: “How long did I sleep?”
Sun Yufang hurriedly said, “What else has you slept for…You have been in a deep coma for several days!”
“Huh?” Wang Chengyuan exclaimed, “I’ve been in a coma for so long?! Why don’t I feel anything? It just feels like I slept for a long time…”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly asked him, “Dad, how are you feeling now?”
Wang Chengyuan thought for a while. He sat up straight and moved his limbs, and said in surprise: “It feels pretty good! It doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. Did the hospital find the source of my kidneys?”
“No.” Sun Yufang blurted out: “You have never been able to find the source of your kidney. Thanks to Dongxue’s friend who brought you a magical medicine, you woke up!”
Wang Chengyuan exclaimed: “The magic drug?! What magic drug?”
Sun Yufang didn’t know how to explain it, so he hurriedly said, “Oh, don’t ask so much. You are not a Chinese medicine doctor. How can you understand this magical medicine? Thank you, Mr. Ye!”
When Wang Chengyuan looked up, he saw Ye Chen standing next to him. He hurriedly said gratefully: “Mr. Ye, thank you so much this time!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Uncle Wang don’t need to be so polite. Dongxue and I are good friends. These are all easy tasks.”
Sun Yufang couldn’t help sighing: “Pharaoh, I think you are in a good state now, and your physical condition must have improved a lot, or I will ask Director Chen to come over and check it for you!”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly asked Ye Chen in a low voice: “It doesn’t matter if the doctor comes to see it?”

Chapter: 2374
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “It doesn’t matter, it’s okay to ask the doctor to come over for a systematic examination.”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly asked in a low voice: “What should the doctor say if you ask about medicine? After all, in the eyes of the doctor, my father’s kidney failure is almost irreversible…”
Ye Chen said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, the doctors at the People’s Hospital have already seen even greater medical miracles.”
Last time, Xiao Changkun, Ye Chen’s father-in-law, was hit by a car into a high paraplegia and entered the hospital. All the doctors announced that he could only lie in bed for the rest of his life. He could not feel any more under his neck, let alone move freely.
However, he cured him with a blood-saving heart-saving pill, allowing him to be alive and kicking on the spot.
At the time, this was also considered a medical miracle.
However, when I moved out the genius doctor, Shi Tianqishi, who was in the eyes of the public, basically no one doubted anyone more.
Not only did people doubt it, but it also brought Shi Tianqi to the trouble of Kobayashi Ichiro. At that time, Kobayashi Ichiro wanted a prescription for Sanxue Jiuxin Dan.
Soon, Sun Yufang ran over with Director Chen on the night shift.
As soon as Director Chen entered the door, he found Wang Chengyuan sitting on the hospital bed with a ruddy complexion. He was shocked and dumbfounded.
“Professor Wang, why are you… why are you sitting up?!”
Wang Chengyuan smiled and said, “Director Chen, my daughter’s friend gave me a magic pill. I feel very good. Let alone sit up, if it weren’t for so many pipes, wires and monitor clips. , I think I can get out of bed and play a broadcast gymnastics!”
“Oh my God!” Director Chen blurted out: “How is this possible? Your kidney failure has reached the end stage, and it can only be continued for the time being with dialysis equipment. How can it be done all at once?”
With that said, he ran over immediately and carefully examined Wang Chengyuan’s physical indicators.
It doesn’t matter if you look at it, the more you look at it, the more scared!
He muttered in amazement: “Heart rate is up, blood pressure is up, blood oxygen index is also up…”
“The ECG is also normal…”
He pushed his glasses in disbelief, looked at Wang Chengyuan and said, “Professor Wang, let’s shake hands. You squeeze it hard to let me feel your current muscle state.”
“Okay.” Wang Chengyuan immediately reached out and shook hands with Director Chen, using a little bit of effort.
“Oh!” Director Chen felt the strength in Wang Chengyuan’s hand and exclaimed: “You can do muscular strength! This is really amazing. You have been in bed for so many days and you lost weight quickly, and it was accompanied by more serious problems. My muscles were atrophied, but now there is still so much strength, it’s incredible!”
Wang Chengyuan was surprised: “Director Chen, is this strong enough?”
Director Chen blurted out: “That’s all right! You have to know that many patients with end-stage renal failure cannot hold hands as powerful as a five or six-year-old child!”
Wang Chengyuan was surprised for a moment, and said with a excited smile: “Director Chen! I just didn’t use my full strength…”
“What?!” Director Chen blurted out: “You can’t use your full strength with such a strong effort? Then I can feel it with your full strength.”
Wang Chengyuan nodded, and gradually strengthened his hands. Director Chen still looked shocked at first, but after that, his expression gradually became a little ugly.
Then, he suddenly yelled: “It’s all right! It hurts!”
Wang Chengyuan hurriedly let go, and said with an apologetic expression: “I’m sorry, Director Chen, don’t stop…”
“Nothing is going on…” Director Chen shook his hand, then quickly rubbed it with his other hand, blurting out: “You are really incredible! I’m a few years younger than you, you The hand strength is bigger than mine! At present, all your indicators are normal. What a miracle!”
As he said, he hurriedly said: “Professor Wang, wait a minute, I’ll let the nurse come over to draw your blood, and take the time to check your blood creatinine. If your blood creatinine is also normal, then you will be completely cured!”

Chapter: 2375
Serum creatinine is an important indicator for judging the degree of kidney damage.
The higher the blood creatinine value, the higher the degree of kidney damage.
For a normal adult, the blood creatinine value is generally within 133. Exceeding this value indicates that the kidney has been damaged.
Once the value exceeds 450, it can be assessed as renal failure, if it exceeds 700, it is basically in the category of uremia.
And Wang Chengyuan’s blood monitoring at noon today showed that his blood creatinine index has reached more than 1,500!
Therefore, I want to know if he is really getting better now, or even healed, blood creatinine index is the most important reference standard.
Soon, the nurse rushed over.
Seeing Wang Chengyuan’s sudden energetic appearance, the nurse was shocked to speak. It took a long while to recover after Director Chen’s reminder, and quickly collected Wang Chengyuan’s blood.
The blood was rushed to the laboratory for testing, and the results took as long as 20 minutes.
Just as everyone was waiting for the blood result, Wang Chengyuan clutched his stomach and asked his wife Sun Yufang awkwardly: “My wife, do you have anything to eat? I suddenly feel so hungry…I am hungry. My stomach is pumping…”
Sun Yufang wiped his tears and choked sobs: “You have been in a coma these days, and your stomach is also showing signs of exhaustion. The doctor said that even the nasal feeding method of intubating the esophagus from the nose is not suitable, so it has always been maintained by infusion of nutrients. I don’t want to prepare anything to eat…”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Dad, what do you want to eat, I will buy it for you now!”
After finishing speaking, he hurriedly asked Director Chen: “Director Chen, what does my dad need to avoid now?”
Director Chen said: “Your dad has been eating no food these days, and his body consumes a lot. It is still necessary to quickly supplement nutrients and calories, but don’t eat spicy food.”
Wang Chengyuan hurriedly said, “Doctor Chen, can I have some roast duck buns? It would be better if I could have a bowl of duck blood fans!”
If Jinling people are asked to select ten favorite foods, duck blood fans and roast duck buns will definitely be on the list.
Duck blood vermicelli is made by boiling duck blood, duck intestines, duck liver and vermicelli;
The roast duck bun is similar to the Yanjing roast duck method, but the roast duck is used as the stuffing of buns and wrapped in the buns.
Wang Chengyuan was a native of Jinling, so he thought of eating when he thought of eating, he thought of these two.
After listening, Director Chen nodded and said with a smile: “These are all okay, but duck blood fans must not put chili peppers.”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Then I will buy it!”
Ye Chen on the side said: “Dongxue, I will go with you.”
Wang Dongxue knew that if Ye Chen left alone to face his parents, it would be more or less embarrassing, so he said: “Then let’s be together…”
Just when Ye Chen was about to leave with Wang Dongxue, Wang Dongxue’s mother Sun Yufang hurriedly said: “Oh, Dongxue, Mr. Ye is a distinguished guest and a great benefactor of our family. Don’t let Mr. Ye go back and forth when you buy things. , There is a restaurant on the opposite side. You can buy it directly and let Mr. Ye rest here for a while, just to have a few words with your dad.”
When Wang Dongxue saw this posture, her heart suddenly became nervous.
She knows her mother too well.
In the past two years, I have been getting older and older, and my mother has been urging myself to find a partner to marry and have children.
After all, in the eyes of older generations of them, women who are over twenty-five years old have to hurry up to get married. At this time, career and school are not more important than marriage.
However, Wang Dongxue has been busy working in recent years. The rapid rise of the Emgrand Group before has a lot to do with her going all out.
It is precisely because of her career that Wang Dongxue is already 28 years old, but she still has no relationship with her, which makes her parents very anxious.

Chapter: 2376
Before, her parents didn’t find some suitable men for her. Wang Chengyuan even wanted to introduce a protégé of her own time to her, but she didn’t even give each other the opportunity to meet or have a meal.
Right now, Wang Dongxue found that her mother seemed to have a very good impression of Ye Chen. Now that she wants to leave Ye Chen, she must want to ask Ye Chen for some personal information, or maybe even want to test her relationship with him, by the way. a bit.
So she hurriedly said: “Mom… Ye Chen is a young man, and there is a generation gap with you. If you can’t talk to go together, don’t embarrass others!”
Sun Yufang hurriedly said: “Look at what you said, although your dad and I are a little older, we also know a lot about young people, OK?”
Ye Chen smiled and said at this time: “It doesn’t matter Dongxue, you go shopping first, don’t delay uncle’s dinner, I will chat with uncle and aunt for a while.”
Wang Dongxue was very embarrassed. She was afraid that her mother would talk nonsense or inquire nonsense in front of Ye Chen, but Ye Chen herself had said that she would stay with her parents, and she had no way to continue to force her.
In desperation, she had no choice but to say to Ye Chen: “Then trouble you to stay here with my parents, and I will be back when I go.”
As she said, she remembered something, and hurriedly asked: “It’s so late, are you anxious to go home? It won’t delay you too much, right?”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “If something is wrong, you go quickly.”
Wang Dongxue nodded: “Then I will go first.”
After that, she asked her mother Sun Yufang: “Mom, don’t talk to Ye Chen, I will be back soon!”
Sun Yufang waved his hand and said, “Oh, don’t worry, what can mom talk to others about? Just chat a few words, don’t worry about it, go ahead!”
Wang Dongxue had no choice but to leave the ward nervously.
As soon as Wang Dongxue walked away, Sun Yufang looked at Ye Chen with a smile, and asked, “Mr. Ye, how old are you this year?”
Sun Yufang had a very good impression of Ye Chen.
Not only because Ye Chen helped his family a huge favor and saved his husband, but also because of his handsome appearance and talent. Looking at his daughter Wang Dongxuelang as a talented girl and an exceptional match, he is indeed a suitable candidate to be a son-in-law.
Ye Chen didn’t know what Sun Yufang was thinking about. When she saw her asking the question, he hurriedly replied with a smile: “Auntie, you don’t need to be so polite. Just call me Ye Chen or Xiaoye. I will be 27 years old soon.”
Sun Yufang nodded and said with a smile: “Then Auntie will not be polite to you!”
After that, Sun Yufang asked: “Xiao Ye, what do you do?”
“I…” Ye Chen was really stopped by Sun Yufang all at once.
“What kind of work am I doing? I used to be full-time women and men, doing housework full-time, but now Ma Lan has taken over all housework…”
“But now her leg is broken, I have to help more or less…”
“In the final analysis, I am now considered to have got rid of the status of a full-time woman and man, so what kind of occupation is I now? A private entrepreneur?”
“Well… it’s almost a private entrepreneur. After all, there is an Emgrand Group and a Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.”
Thinking of this, Ye Chen said with a smile: “Auntie, I now own two small companies, so I am a self-employed entrepreneur.”
When Sun Yufang heard this, he said with a smile: “The self-employed are also very good! Although the self-employed may not earn so much, they are relatively free! For you young people, earning more and less is not the most The most important thing is happiness and freedom!”
As she said that, she couldn’t help sighing, and said: “I always said Dongxue, don’t have such a strong entrepreneurial spirit, you can live a wonderful life with more money, and there is no need to make yourself so tired every day, but this child Just don’t listen…”
Speaking of this, Sun Yufang looked at Ye Chen and said seriously: “Xiao Ye, in the future, you have to help Auntie to persuade her, let her take advantage of her young, good relationship, and the world to wander around. Isn’t this better than making money by holding your head down? Do you think it?”

Chapter: 2377
Ye Chen didn’t get to Sun Yufang’s point for a while, but he was more or less embarrassed when she heard that.
After all, Wang Dongxue is his own employee.
Although the Emgrand Group is its own, the entire Emgrand Group’s operations, management, and development are almost entirely handled by Wang Dongxue alone.
In contrast, he is just a handyman.
If it is true that Wang Dongxue quit his job to fall in love and travel around the world according to what Sun Yufang said, it would be tantamount to leaving the Emgrand Group behind.
From his heart, naturally, he didn’t want this situation, after all, who would let his capable person not do business and run around the world.
However, he was also very clear in his heart that it was chatting with Wang Dongxue’s parents anyway, so just follow their words and talk down. It’s no mistake.
So he smiled and said: “Auntie, what you said is very reasonable, in fact, when you are young, you should go out to experience the world and enjoy life…”
When Sun Yufang heard Ye Chen say this, he immediately nodded with a smile and said, “Yeah! It seems that Xiaoye, you and Auntie have the same ideas. Looking back, you can help Auntie and persuade Dongxue. Anyway, you are also a self-employed person. Yes, self-employed people have relatively free time. After she quits her job or takes a long vacation, you two can go on a trip together.
“Me?” Ye Chen was stunned and couldn’t help but laughed: “Auntie, my time is not as free as you think, there are still many things…”
Sun Yufang waved his hand and said earnestly: “Listen to your aunt’s advice, if you are your age, if you don’t enjoy life well, and you will get married and have children in the future, then you will really be tied to death!”
After speaking, Sun Yufang couldn’t help feeling: “My father and I have been worrying and tired from the time I was pregnant with Dongxue. At that time, I thought that it would be easier to be born, but I didn’t think it would be more tiring to be born… …”
“Later, we thought, it would be nice to wait for the child to go to kindergarten, but we really waited for her to go to kindergarten and found that things were more troublesome!”
“Not only to pick up and drop off her every day, but also to pay attention to her comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic. After class, she has to learn musical instruments, dance, and calligraphy. Every day she rides a bicycle to take her to class with teachers from Jinling;”
“When you enter elementary school, you must not only pay attention to hobbies, but also pay attention to your children’s learning. Then there are small promotion, junior high, high school entrance examination…There is no time period in which it is really easy. …..”
Sitting in the hospital bed, Wang Chengyuan couldn’t help but sighed: “Yes! From the time I was pregnant with the child, until the child was admitted to college, this is really a real life. It has been a lot of hard work over the past ten or twenty years. ”
Sun Yufang couldn’t help sighing: “So, you young people must enjoy life while you are young!”
“The best golden years of a person’s life is the ten years from 20 to 30!”
“In these ten years, you have a relatively complete outlook on the world, outlook on life and values, and the ability to distinguish right from wrong. You have even achieved financial independence to a certain extent. You have finally begun to break away from the control of your parents and experience adult free……”
“If you don’t grasp it well and enjoy it in the past ten years, you will definitely regret it in the future!”
Ye Chen nodded in agreement. When he was young, he also had a lot of fantasies.
The education of his parents has never done anything to help him grow up or hope his son will become a dragon.
When he was young, his mother would always tell him: life is short and the world is big, and I hope he can be a happy person, a person who can travel all over the world and eventually gain happiness and live up to this life.
If those accidents don’t happen, the Ye Family’s financial resources are enough to support Ye Chen’s economic freedom from childhood to age, and enough to support him in pursuing his dreams in his twenties.
And Ye Chen has never put money in his eyes, so after he reaches adulthood, he will not get involved in family fights.
In that case, he is likely to indulge in traveling around the world every day.

Chapter: 2378
Maybe to conquer Mount Everest, maybe go skiing in the Alps, go on holiday in France, go to Antarctica or go diving in Tahiti.
But it was the accident that changed his life trajectory drastically.
Originally, he was the world’s top rich child, with a population of six to seven billion people in the world, and no more than one hundred people who can reincarnate so well.
However, after eight years of age, he became the poorest and most miserable orphan.
Compared with other orphans, he has a harder life.
This is because he not only has no father and no mother like other orphans, but also lives in an orphanage like other orphans.
In his young heart, he still has to endure the pain of the murder of his parents, endure the unshakable hatred, and endure the huge gap from heaven to hell.
In a blink of an eye, nineteen years have passed.
The little boy who stood crying to death at the entrance of the orphanage has now grown into a 27-year-old adult man.
As Sun Yufang said, the best age in life is in the ten years from 20 to 30. However, for Ye Chen, seven years have passed since the golden ten years.
Ye Chen couldn’t help asking himself: “I have not had any chance to enjoy life in the past seven years. What will happen to the next three years? If the feuds of my parents have not been reported in these three years, then my golden ten years will pass. ……”
At this point, Ye Chen felt a little lost in his heart.
However, he never resented the past nineteen years of life.
Although in these nineteen years, the first fifteen years were lonely and helpless, and the next three years suffered all kinds of cynicism, it can be said that he has tasted all the hardships in the world.
Sun Yufang thought that after a few words of his own, Ye Chen seemed to be a little confused. Deep down he couldn’t help asking himself: “Did I accidentally say something wrong? Why does this Xiaoye feel like he is worried now? ”
Just thinking about it, Wang Dongxue ran back out of breath.
She was holding two plastic bags in her hand, and she was still gasping for breath, and said with some difficulty: “Dad…Mom…I…I buy The meal is back, hurry… eat it…”
Sun Yufang saw her daughter babbling and hurriedly asked: “Dongxue, what’s the matter with you?”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “Nothing, I just ran a little faster just now. I feel a little bit of breath now, so I just need to rest for a while…”
Wang Chengyuan couldn’t help but said distressedly: “Oh, what are you doing so fast? Walk slowly, just buy slowly, not in a hurry.”
Wang Dongxue said unnaturally, “Dad, aren’t you hungry? If you have been eating for so long, I am afraid that you will lose your health…”
In fact, Wang Dongxue was embarrassed to tell the truth.
The reason she ran so fast was because she was afraid that her parents would say something that shouldn’t be said to Ye Chen.
That’s why she deliberately ran faster, trying to compress the time that her parents and Ye Chen spend alone.
At this moment, the little nurse also ran in quickly and blurted out in surprise, “Director Chen! The patient’s blood came out, and the blood creatinine was only 45!”

Chapter: 2379
Hearing this value, Director Chen was completely confused.
From 1500 to 45? Isn’t this amazing?
Wang Dongxue’s family of three is more sensitive to this data.
After all, as early as a few years ago, Wang Dongxue’s father had already suffered from uremia. This family of three has been treated for a long time.
They are very clear about the value range of blood creatinine, and each different range represents what kind of state the kidney is in. They are even more clear.
The relatively broad normal value of blood creatinine is between 40-130.
So, when I heard the number 45, the family of three burst into tears with excitement!
Wang Dongxue remembered something, and then asked Director Chen: “Hello Director Chen, I seem to remember the value of 45. For normal people, is it more or less low?”
What Wang Dongxue said is wrong. The value of 45 is almost at the minimum, so it is actually a bit low for most normal people.
Generally speaking, the blood creatinine index of adult men is mostly in the range of 70 to 80 to 100.
Director Chen couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “This is actually normal. Your father fell ill during this period, he lost weight very quickly, his body became very weak, and there was also a certain degree of malnutrition. In this case, blood creatinine It will definitely be low. I guess your father will be able to maintain the best value of around 70 or 80 after a few days of recuperation!”
Wang Dongxue’s whole person suddenly relaxed a lot, she hurriedly asked: “Director Chen, is my dad’s current situation a healed?”
Director Chen nodded and said firmly: “Healed! It must be healed! This is simply amazing!”
Wang Dongxue was so excited that she turned to look at Ye Chen, her eyes flushed.
She has many words of gratitude to say, but it feels like a stalk on her lips.
This is because, in her opinion, this kind of life-saving kindness is too great. If she always thanked her, she would appear to be very sincere, not even religious enough.
Although Sun Yufang knew that her husband should have recovered, she hadn’t been fully corroborated before, and now the blood creatinine value has come out, completely dispelling all the doubts in her heart, and she couldn’t help crying.
Immediately, she looked at Ye Chen, and suddenly knelt in front of Ye Chen, and said gratefully: “Xiao Ye…thank you…I really appreciate you… ..”
Seeing this, Ye Chen hurriedly stepped forward to help her up, and said: “Oh auntie, what are you doing? Get up…”
Sun Yufang choked up at this moment: “Auntie feels that your kindness is too heavy for our family, and auntie really doesn’t know how to thank you…”
Speaking of this, Sun Yufang sighed: “Xiaoye, Auntie is not a fool. The medicine you gave us has such a magical effect. If it is sold to those top rich people, it will be worthless, not to mention tens of millions. It is hundreds of millions, and it is very worthwhile for those rich people whose lives are hanging by a thread.”
Although Sun Yufang is not a university professor, she is also an older generation of intellectuals.

Chapter: 2380
The advantage of an intellectual is that although she may not really understand medical matters, she has a more accurate knowledge and judgment on many things than ordinary people.
Wang Dongxue stepped forward to help her mother, crying and said: “Mom, don’t worry, Ye Chen saved my father, and I will repay him as a cow and a horse…”
Sun Yufang nodded lightly, choked up and said, “Xiaoye, you will be our great benefactor from now on…”
Wang Chengyuan on the hospital bed couldn’t help but flushed his eyes and said seriously: “Xiaoye, you saved this old life of uncle. If you have any use of uncle in the future, please speak to uncle. Uncle’s heart and soul will not hesitate. !”
Ye Chen smiled helplessly, shook his head lightly, and said seriously: “Uncles and aunts are serious. Dongxue is my friend. It’s just friends helping each other. Dongxue usually doesn’t help me less. It’s a return to her favor.”
When Wang Dongxue heard this, she was deeply moved.
She knew what Ye Chen meant, and she definitely felt that she didn’t bother to help him take care of the Emgrand Group.
However, she was very clear in her heart: “It is my job to take care of the Emgrand Group, and it is my job…”
“I have to serve the Emgrand Group after taking the young master’s salary. This is justified, so I am not helping the young master at all.”
“Furthermore, the young master doubled my salary as soon as he took over the Emgrand Group. I worked hard for him, isn’t it right…”
Just when she was ashamed, Director Chen, who had been talking on the side, plucked up the courage to ask, “This little brother, can you ask you a question?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Director Chen, please say.”
Director Chen hurriedly asked: “I want to dare to ask, what kind of medicine did you give Professor Wang? Of course, if there are any secrets involved and cannot be said, I understand 100%!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “It’s not a secret. It’s just that I asked for this medicine from the genius doctor Shi Tianqi. It is said that the genius doctor Shi is not the creator of this magic medicine. His old man also accidentally got a small amount of ancient names. The medicinal medicine passed down by the doctors was originally very small, but now I take one less medicine.”
When Director Chen heard this, he suddenly realized that he patted his thigh and said with emotion: “I remember! Last time was in our hospital, there was a patient with high paraplegia, just because he took the magical medicine brought by Shi Tianqi, he instantly recovered. It is said that the medicine used for the gods at that time was the ancient Chinese medicine medicinal medicine whose prescriptions were lost. I thought that this medicine was so magical that it could not only cure high paraplegia, but also cure the irreversible acute renal failure in the eyes of modern medicine…. ..”
Having said this, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for a while, and said in a rather melancholy manner: “Our ancestors left so many magical things, but it’s a pity that we don’t even have the ability to store them well. If this magic medicine If it can be rediscovered and reproduced, it is really the gospel of the people all over the world…”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled, without speaking any more.
Director Chen checked the time and said, “Oh, it’s almost eleven o’clock. I have to go to other wards for rounds first, so I won’t bother you much.”
Wang Dongxue hurriedly sent Director Chen out. After she came back in, Ye Chen also said, “Uncle, aunt, Dongxue, it’s really late, I have to go back first.”
Sun Yufang hurriedly said: “Oh, Xiaoye, what anxious, let’s sit a little longer!”
Wang Dongxue on the side was afraid that his mother would show too much enthusiasm for Ye Chen, so she hurriedly said: “Mom, this is a hospital ward, not at home. How can anyone stay in the ward for a while?”
After speaking, she hurriedly said: “Furthermore, Dad is completely healed now. Let’s go home quickly. The hospital feels too depressing for me during this period. I don’t want to stay here for a minute. .”
When Sun Yufang heard this, he had to say to Ye Chen with some regret: “Xiao Ye, the aunt will not keep you today. Tomorrow Auntie will cook a big meal at home, thank you very much, you must show your face!”

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