The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2391-2400

Chapter: 2391
Su Shoudao was so angry that he almost ran away immediately, and he cursed with great anger: “This Du Haiqing is really stubborn! She doesn’t take me Su Shoudao seriously!”
“Yes, big brother!” Su Shoude said immediately, adding to his jealousy: “Sister-in-law and you are still divorced after all. At this time, it is too much to openly remember a man who has been dead for 20 years and is a man from the Ye family! ”
Su Shoudao gritted his teeth and said, “Su Shoude, this is between me and her, so you don’t need to point me here!”
In Su Shoudao’s heart, although he had a lot of dissatisfaction with Du Haiqing, he was still able to see right and wrong in his heart. Su Shoude was talking on the phone at this time, and he was kind of peaceful! On the one hand, I want to irritate myself, on the other hand, I want to provoke the relationship between myself and Du Haiqing!
Therefore, he naturally didn’t have a good tone for Su Shoude.
Su Shoude sighed deliberately at this time and said: “Hey! Big brother! Sister-in-law is your wife, you have to think of a way! At the very least, you have to persuade her not to bid for Ye Changying’s old house, so we Su At least I can retain a face…”
Su Shoudao said coldly: “Su Shoude, I don’t need you to teach me to do things!”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “Brother, don’t be emotional now, after all, it’s not between you and sister-in-law, but between our entire Su family and sister-in-law!”
“She is now your wife after all, and she is not just your wife, she is also the Su family’s daughter-in-law, she is now acting recklessly, and it is not just you alone, but the face of our entire Su family!”
Su Shoudao exploded as soon as he heard this, and yelled, “Su Shoude! You don’t fucking tag me here! Why is the Su family today? You know better than me!”
Su Shoudao said this, and the implication was that it was not his wife Du Haiqing that he should blame, but his father Su Chengfeng!
The reason why the whole thing can reach this point is that Su Chengfeng alone caused it!
Had it not been for his own cleverness and his own mastery? Zhang wanted to betray Su Ruoli. The matter that Su Ruoli was his illegitimate daughter would not be exposed.
What really pushed the Su family into the abyss was the betrayal of Su Ruoli, and he was also forced to come out and take the blame. The culprit behind this was Su Chengfeng!
Moreover, in Su Shoudao’s heart, although he was very dissatisfied with Du Haiqing, he still had some understanding of what she had done deep in his heart.
After all, he knew in his heart that the whole thing was that he made a mistake first.
I have been hiding things about having an illegitimate daughter outside for more than 20 years. It is impossible for any woman to forgive myself, not to mention Du Haiqing, a woman who does not tolerate any sand in his eyes and has a strong personality.
Moreover, Du Haiqing likes Ye Changying’s things. She knew more than 20 years ago that she wanted to go to Jinling to worship Ye Changying. She was afraid that it had been in her mind for more than 20 years, and she hadn’t been in the past 20 years. Going there proves that Du Haiqing respects himself from the bottom of his heart.
The reason why she doesn’t care about her feelings anymore is because she has made a mistake first.
Therefore, under this premise, he hated his father far more than hated Du Haiqing.
However, Su Shoude didn’t care about this.
He just wanted to go to the bottom of the well and kill others.
So he opened his mouth and said: “Big Brother! What do you mean by this? Don’t you think that the Su family will have today? It is not your responsibility?”
Su Shoudao suddenly exploded when he heard this question, and he blurted out: “What the hell do I have to blame? Am I going to give up Ruoli? Did I collude with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to kill Ruoli?”
On the phone side, the expression of the old man Su Chengfeng was already very ugly.

Chapter: 2392
Su Shoude was very happy, but he questioned unhingedly: “Big brother, what do you mean? Do you think all this is Dad’s responsibility? Let me tell you! Dad does everything for our Su family! It’s to wipe your ass for your eldest son who has an illegitimate daughter outside! If you hadn’t messed around and got Su Ruoli out, how could we have this situation?!”
Su Shou’s anger exploded, and Liu Li shouted angrily: “Fuck your mother!”
Su Shoude was also angry and scolded: “My mother is your mother!”
Su Shoudao was speechless when he heard this.
And Old Man Su’s face was already so green and black.
Su Shoude continued to provoke at this time: “Big Brother! I didn’t call to fight with you, nor do I want to fight with you, I want to persuade you to recognize reality!”
Su Shoudao asked angrily: “Recognize what reality?”
Su Shoude said coldly: “The first reality I want to persuade you to recognize is that my sister-in-law doesn’t even have our Su family in her eyes!”
After all, Su Shoude continued to be aggressive: “The second reality I want to persuade you to recognize is that your sister-in-law has been married to you for more than 20 years, and she doesn’t even think of you as her own husband at all! To use the terms of young people today , You are just a spare tire in her eyes! It is the spare tire that she can’t get Ye Changying, so she chooses next!”
Su Shoude’s words deeply hurt Su Shoudao’s heart!
This is actually the most fragile place in his heart over the past two decades.
He knew that he was Du Haiqing’s spare tire, that he was Ye Changying’s substitute, and for more than 20 years, he had not been able to truly replace Ye Changying!
However, his uncontrollable love for Du Haiqing kept him deceiving himself and others.
Now, the fig leaf was unrelentingly by Su Shoude, and he was ashamed to the extreme!
On the phone, he scolded with extreme resentment: “Su Shoude! If you fucking talk nonsense, I want your life!”
Su Shoude didn’t speak, he actually enjoyed Su Shoudao’s anger and depravity now.
He knew that the more Su Shoudao lost his mind at this moment, the lighter his weight in front of the old man.
If he can keep him in this state, it won’t be long before the old man will never want to see him again.
Su Shoude didn’t speak, but the old man Su couldn’t stand it anymore!
His entire popularity trembled, and he gritted his teeth and shouted: “Nizi! For a woman who doesn’t love you at all and doesn’t care about your face, even if you say such things to your hand-foot brothers, you are still not human!”
Su Shoudao was struck by lightning instantly on the other side of the phone!
He really did not think that the old man was beside the phone!
He only understood now that he had been led by Su Shoude’s nose since he was on the phone.
Su Shoude provoked his anger step by step, tempted himself step by step, and fell into the pit he dug!
So he could only hurriedly explain: “Dad! I didn’t mean that, I was just angry just now…”
“Don’t say it!” Su Chengfeng screamed, and said: “No matter what method you use, I must prevent Du Haiqing from participating in the judicial auction next Monday! The face of my Su family will never allow her to be damaged Minute!”

Chapter: 2393
In the eyes of Su Chengfeng, the face of the Su family, he can throw himself to death, but the others must not lose a single bit!
The decision to betray Su Ruoli was made by him. Although he finally forced Su Shoudao to come out, but the face of the Su family was lost because of him, but instead of doing any self-examination, he only allowed the state officials to set fire to them. The people light up the lamps.
Even if Du Haiqing still did not divorce Su Shoudao, the marriage between her and Su Shoudao was that Su Shoudao derailed first. Don’t say she just wanted to buy the old house where Ye Changying lived, even if she also wanted Su Shoudao. Rail, Su’s family is absolutely not qualified to blame her.
However, in the eyes of Mr. Su, he did not think so.
He felt that although his son had derailed first, Du Haiqing, as the daughter-in-law of the Su family, would definitely not do anything that would damage the face of the Su family.
Now, Du Haiqing went to Jinling to cherish Ye Changying’s memory, and even bid for Ye Changying’s former residence. In Su Chengfeng’s view, this was definitely reaching out to hit the face of Su’s family!
So, in any case, let her completely dispel this idea!
Su Shoudao was also helpless at this time.
He knew Du Haiqing too well, and knew that he had no way to persuade her to turn around, but he didn’t dare to directly disobey the old man’s meaning, so he had no choice but to agree and said, “Dad, I will talk to Haiqing on the phone. Persuade her to dispel this idea…”
With that said, Su Shoudao added: “If you still don’t listen to my advice, then I don’t have any choice.”
Su Chengfeng shouted coldly: “When you call her, you must tell her clearly that this is not only what you mean, but also what I mean. If she doesn’t put your husband in her eyes, she must at least do it for me. What kind of face the father-in-law!”
Su Shoudao had to agree and said: “I know Dad, I will tell her.”
Su Chengfeng snorted coldly: “Do this as soon as possible!”
After speaking, he immediately hung up the phone.
Su Shoudao heard the busy tone on the phone, feeling very upset.
He remained silent for about five minutes before unlocking the phone and calling Du Haiqing, who was far away in Jinling.
Du Haiqing saw Su Shoudao’s call. Although he didn’t want to answer the call, he still pressed the answer button and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”
Su Shoudao hesitated for a moment, and said, “Haiqing, my dad called me just now. He was very unhappy about your trip to Jinling.”
Du Haiqing asked, “Why is he unhappy when I come to Jinling?”
Su Shoudao said in a cold voice, “Did you not knowingly ask? Did you know that the entire Yanjing City knew about your visit to Jinling? They all knew that you were going to Jinling to cherish Ye Changying’s memory, and they knew that you were going to buy the one that Ye Changying had lived in. Old mansion!”
Du Hai said indifferently: “Where I want to go is my freedom, and what I want to buy is also my freedom. Whom I want to cherish in my heart, or my freedom, let alone the entire Yanjing City knows it, even if the entire Huaxia knows it? I have a clear conscience.”
“You…” Su Shoudao asked angrily, “Don’t you think about it for your dad? What is his mood when someone mentions his daughter-in-law to remember another man in front of him? ”
Du Haiqing asked him neither humble nor overbearing: “Su Shoudao, do you think about it for my dad? When someone mentions his son-in-law in front of him, there is a 20-year-old illegitimate daughter outside, what is he? What kind of mood?”
Su Shoudao was speechless immediately.
He knew that it was impossible for him to convince Du Haiqing on this issue, because what he did was a hundred times, one thousand times, or even ten thousand times that of Du Haiqing!
So, he was silent for a long time and sighed: “Hey! Haiqing, I didn’t want to call you about this, mainly because my dad was very angry and called me, so that I have to persuade you to give up anyway. , Participate in the judicial auction next Monday. You know Dad very well. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I advise you not to participate.”
After hearing this, Du Haiqing said earnestly: “Su Shoudao, I ask you to take care of your husband and wife. Authorize your lawyer to divorce the marriage. After the divorce, you Su family no longer need to worry about what I want to do. What you do has nothing to do with your Su family.”
Su Shoudao said decisively: “I will not agree to the divorce for the time being. I will talk about it when I return to China.”
Du Hai said calmly: “Well…In that case, please don’t call me anymore. When you are willing to get a divorce, please contact my lawyer directly.”
After saying this, Du Haiqing directly hung up.

Chapter: 2394
Su Shoudao was once again hanging on the other side of the phone.
At this time, Su Shoudao was extremely angry in his heart.
He directly slammed the phone to the ground, smashed to pieces, and yelled: “Du Haiqing! I just don’t understand, what is so good about Ye Changying?! Let you remember him for so many years! Don’t you Forget, he never had a choice of you from start to finish! He has been giving up on you, and he has given up on you until he died!”
Just as he was furious, the servant quickly walked over with a mobile phone and said carefully, “Master…Master’s phone…”
Su Shoudao realized that he had already smashed the phone.
He had to take the call from the servant, suppressed his anger, and said, “Dad, what do you want?”
Su Chengfeng asked coldly, “Why can’t you get through on the phone?”
Su Shoudao had to lied: “There was a problem with my phone and it turned off automatically.”
Su Chengfeng didn’t look into it any more, but eagerly asked him: “Have you communicated with Du Haiqing?”
Su Shoudao hurriedly said: “Communication.”
Su Chengfeng asked: “What did she say?”
Su Shoudao said helplessly: “Dad, I’m sorry, Haiqing is very dissatisfied with my cheating on her back, so she won’t listen to what I say now.”
Su Chengfeng was immediately furious, and gritted his teeth and cursed: “Waste! What a waste! A waste that even a woman can’t control!”
After speaking, he once again rudely hung up the phone!
This was Su Shoudao’s third call that was hung up in just ten minutes.
He has been out of anger!
At the moment when he almost smashed the mobile phone in his hand, his whole figure was suddenly taken aback, and then suddenly relaxed.
He threw the phone to the servant, got up, walked up the stairs and returned to his room.
On the way upstairs, he murmured: “Du Haiqing, the old man is far away from me, Su Shoudao, who can speak well. Since you don’t want to give him face, I don’t care about anything in the future!”
At this moment, Yanjing Su’s family.
Su Chengfeng was equally angry.
Du Haiqing insisted on participating in the judicial auction next Monday, which made him very annoyed.
However, he is also very clear in his heart that in this situation, he hopes to persuade Du Haiqing, fearing that it is not useful at all.
At this moment, Su Shoude said, “Dad, maybe let’s find some relationship and let Jinling cancel this auction!”
“Canceled?” Su Chengfeng asked him back: “Can it be cancelled for a while, can it be cancelled for a lifetime? Now Yanjing is talking about it everywhere, and many people are paying attention to this auction. If people know that we want to prevent Du Haiqing from buying this old house, we will use this This kind of relationship and skill, I am afraid that people will even be laughed at!”
Su Shoude asked anxiously, “Dad, what should I do? The auction will start the day after tomorrow!”
Su Chengfeng nodded and said coldly: “Let’s clarify the relationship secretly, and move this auction from the Internet to reality. I’d like to see if she can really afford to go and participate in the auction. This auction!”
Su Shoude blurted out: “Dad, this can’t be done! What if she does go? In my opinion, she will probably go!”
Su Chengfeng’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he sneered: “If she really doesn’t know how to lift up, then don’t blame me for being cruel, you should be very clear about how Princess Diana died?”

Chapter: 2395
“Princess Diana??!”
Su Shoude thought of the bizarre fate of the legendary princess, his expression was immediately shocked, he instantly understood what his father meant, and exclaimed: “Dad, you…are you kidding me?”
Su Chengfeng said with a grim expression: “It’s about the face of the Su family, so I can’t tolerate the slightest joke. In any case, I can’t let the face of the Su family be destroyed in the hands of a woman with a foreign surname!”
Speaking of this, Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and said coldly: “Although the Su family is not a European royal family, the importance of our face is no less important than that of the European royal nobles! If anyone dares to insult the Su family’s face, don’t blame my ruthless men. In order to defend the face of the Su family, I did everything!”
Su Shoude nodded gently.
He knows that whether it is a royal family, aristocrat, or a top family, the importance of Yan facing them is almost above everything.
My father is now taking advancement as retreat and letting the auction go offline, which is equivalent to letting Du Haiqing consider it carefully. If she dares to participate directly in the auction unscrupulously, then don’t blame the Su family for being merciless!
Sometimes, just to force the other party to make a bigger decision.
It’s like a confrontation between two people. One of them can’t bear the pain of a killer for the time being, and is unwilling to let the other side go. They will often go the other way and directly hand the other a knife.
If the other party really doesn’t know how to lift up and picks up the knife, it is tantamount to helping oneself make the final decision.
Su Chengfeng wants to move the auction from online to offline, and this is the purpose.
Du’s old housekeeper in Jinling soon received the message that the auction would be changed to an offline auction, and hurriedly reported the situation to Du Haiqing.
Du Haiqing was surprised and asked: “Didn’t it mean that similar auctions have been put online for the past two years? Why did you move back online again this time?”
The old butler shook his head and said, “Second Miss, I am not very clear about this. I asked about it. It seems that offline public auctions are more transparent.”
Du Haiqing didn’t want to think too much, she hesitated for a moment, and said, “Let’s go offline. Is the time and place set?”
“It’s set!” The old butler hurriedly said: “Monday at 10 o’clock in the morning, in the auction hall of Jumbo Pavilion!”
“Jumbo Pavilion?” Du Haiqing asked curiously: “What is the background of this Jumbo Pavilion?”
The old butler introduced: “This Treasure Pavilion is a cooperative club under our Jinling Cultural and Play Association. It mainly sells various antiques and organizes and undertakes various auctions. The boss is called Baofugui.”
Du Hai counted and nodded, and said, “In this case, go directly to the Jumbo Pavilion to participate in the auction on Monday morning.”
The old butler hurriedly said: “Second lady, in the light of the next, you’d better not go there.”
Du Haiqing asked in surprise: “Why?”
The old butler coughed awkwardly and explained: “Cough cough…Second lady, the matter of your coming to Jinling has already been a storm in the city in Yanjing. If you want to participate in this auction in person, , Will surely cause even greater controversy at that time…”
Du Haiqing smiled indifferently, and said seriously: “The so-called dispute means that I and Su Shoudao still have no divorce. Although I did not have a divorce with him, I have been married to him for more than 20 years. I have never had any relationship with any other He’s close, even if it’s verbal ambiguity, but on the other hand, Su Shoudao, he keeps saying that he loves me, but he still had an illegitimate daughter outside long ago. Why is his approach allowed, mine? Will this cause more controversy?”
The old housekeeper said helplessly: “Second young lady, although the society has already emphasized equality between men and women, there are some things that are naturally different between men and women. In the moral philosophy of upper-class society, it is always higher to be bothered with men. It’s not surprising that many original partners even turn a blind eye to this for their tolerance.”

Chapter: 2396
As he said, he said again: “Do you remember that there was a well-known director who was not clear with others. Not only was his wife not angry, but publicly said that his own man took advantage? In front of public opinion, you will be scolded to death!”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly, and said, “Uncle Wang, you are more worried. I just want to buy the house where the tassels lived. This is also a kind of memory for him in my heart. Other than that, I will not If there are any scandals with other men, and there will be no actual relationship with other men. If the outside world can’t even tolerate this, then I don’t need their tolerance.”
The old butler said anxiously: “Second Miss, I didn’t mean that…I mean, you want to buy this house completely without problems, but the current situation is a bit special after all…”
“You and Su Shoudao are still divorced, so I feel that you don’t have to go to this auction in person…”
“Why don’t I help you find a third party who has nothing to do with the vacation? Let him take this house back on your behalf…”
“After the filming comes back, I am not in a hurry to transfer the property for the time being. When the storm passes, or after you and Su Shoudao divorce, you will transfer this house to your name. This will not make you uncomfortable.”
Du Haiqing waved his hand and said seriously: “Uncle Wang, I miss Chang Ying and it is not wrong in itself, so I am not afraid of the shadow leaning when I am upright.”
“However, if I was wrong, but because I was afraid of falling out of my tongue, I secretly asked someone to help me participate in the auction. Once it was passed out, others would think I was a guilty conscience.”
The old butler sighed, “Second Miss! I want to know what I should not say, but I have to say it! The Su family has always been very hostile. You have also seen what happened some time ago. They even have their own family. The flesh and blood can be sold, which proves that this family has almost no moral integrity at all. If you insist on participating in this auction, you will definitely offend them…”
Du Haiqing frowned slightly, and said puzzledly: “I just don’t understand. Su Shoudao carried the illegitimate daughter I raised for 20 years on his back, and still dignifiedly brought the illegitimate daughter under my nose for several years. , How come no one thinks the Su family will offend me?”
The old butler hurriedly said: “Second Miss…many things are not as we imagined…In the upper class, men and women are indeed very different, and you can’t do that. Consciously ignore…”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly: “Uncle Wang, you don’t need to persuade me. I have decided. If you don’t help me arrange, I will arrange it myself. In short, I must go to this auction, and I must go generously! ”
The old butler hesitated for a long time, and finally sighed helplessly: “Well, second lady, I will make arrangements…”
At the same time, Tomson Yipin Villa.
Ye Chen also received a call from Chen Zekai.
Chen Zekai said on the phone, “Master, the auction on Monday was changed to offline.”
“Oh?” Ye Chen asked in surprise: “Why did you change to offline?”
Chen Zekai said: “I have inquired about it, and even dragged the informant from Yanjing to help with the investigation. The information returned seems to be the Su family’s mediation.”
“Su Family?!” Ye Chen couldn’t help frowning, “Why did the Su Family interfere in this auction?”
“I don’t know about this…” Chen Zekai said truthfully, “I still don’t know the motives of the Su family, but you should keep a low profile, Master.”
After talking, Chen Zekai hurriedly added: “The main reason is that this house is too sensitive. It is the old house where your parents lived. Once anyone competes for this house, it will prove to have a certain relationship with your parents. I am afraid that the Su family will find your existence by this. Once the Su family finds you, they dare not say what they can do to you, but your identity will definitely not be hidden…”
Ye Chen said in agreement: “What you said is wrong, where will the buying on Monday be?”
Chen Zekai said: “The treasure pavilion, where the treasure is rich, is the place where you and Hong Kong’s so-called metaphysic master Yu Jinghai bid for clams.”
Ye Chen suddenly realized, and said: “I see, so let me remember that there is a VIP box in Zhenbao Pavilion. You ask Baofugui to prepare one for me. Then let your driver go to the scene to help me participate in the auction. I will be in the box. Secretly observe.”

Chapter: 2397
Bao Fugui heard Chen Zekai’s words that Ye Chen was going to attend the auction at his Treasure Pavilion, and he was immediately excited.
He immediately prepared the largest and best box, and at the same time, he specifically called Ye Chen.
As soon as the call was connected, he respectfully said: “Master Ye, you are rich and rich in Xiabao. I heard that you are coming to the auction on Monday morning, so I specially reserved the best box for you!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Pavilion Master Bao is interested, but this time, please don’t reveal my identity, let alone the information that I am going to participate in the auction.”
Bao Fugui said without hesitation: “Master Ye, don’t worry, I will personally take charge of the security work tomorrow. The auction site will prevent any undisciplined people from entering. Media reporters are not allowed to be within 100 meters of the treasure pavilion. At that time, you can go directly through the internal passage without revealing your identity during the whole process.”
Ye Chen said with satisfaction: “Very good, then pavilion master will work hard tomorrow.”
“Where! Where!” Bao Fugui said flatly, “It is an honor to be able to serve Master Ye!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Pavilion Master Bao, then we will see you tomorrow.”
“Okay, Master Ye, see you tomorrow!”
After hanging up the phone, Bao Fugui was still more or less puzzled, and he couldn’t help but secretly wondered: “I really don’t understand why Master Ye came to Jumbo Pavilion to participate in this judicial auction.”
“In my Treasure Pavilion, many large-scale auctions are held throughout the year, and many of them are rare and exotic treasures, but it seems that Master Ye has basically not participated in it.”
“The auction this time is just a very ordinary judicial auction. The auction items are only some assets that have been seized by the court. Among them, most of them are second-hand cars and second-hand houses, which are simply not influential… ”
“It is impossible for such an auction to attract any high-level people to participate, but why does Master Ye have such a powerful figure to come here in person?”
“The lot in this auction seems to have nothing valuable. The most valuable is an old second-hand villa with a starting price of 6 million and an estimated market price of more than 8 million. Master Ye lives. At Tomson Yipin, such a real estate is simply impossible to see…”
Although Bao Fugui was puzzled, he was still very excited when he thought of having more contact with Ye Chen on Monday.
During this period of time, he rarely heard that the famous figures in Jinling had all been gifted by Ye Chen. It is said that the pill that Ye Chen gave them had the miraculous effect of resurrection.
Therefore, he felt that if he also had a chance to get more relationships with Ye Chen, he might also have a chance to get a magic medicine that could bring back the dead.
Monday morning.
After Ye Chen finished washing up and dressed neatly, he took a taxi to the Treasure Pavilion by himself.
This auction itself has nothing of value, so there are no waves in Jinling, and there are not many people paying attention.
However, Yanjing, thousands of kilometers away, has countless pairs of eyes staring at this auction.
These people have only one focus, and that is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Su family, and the wife of Su Shoudao, Du Haiqing.
One thing everyone cares about is whether Du Haiqing will visit this auction in person today.

Chapter: 2398
Some people think that Du Haiqing will not appear because they think that the Su family will pressure Du Haiqing on this matter. In any case, they cannot let Du Haiqing lose the face of the Su family.
But some people think that since Du Haiqing has gone to Jinling, Ye Changying’s former residence, and even signed up to participate in this auction, she will definitely go because of her character, even if it’s a knife in the sky, she will definitely go. .
Therefore, the good people even opened a betting handicap in Yanjing, and started the betting game on whether Du Haiqing would appear or not.
Du’s old house at this moment.
Du Haiqing is also ready.
She had already decided that she had to be present at this auction, so even though the Su family had great opinions on this, she was determined to set off.
Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, two brothers and sisters, stood by the door of Du Haiqing’s room early in the morning. When the door of her room opened, the brothers and sisters immediately saw the very formal mother.
Su Zhifei was immediately anxious, and blurted out: “Mom! Are you really going to participate in that auction?”
Du Haiqing nodded slightly and said, “I have already signed up, so how can I not go?”
Su Zhiyu said anxiously, “Mom! You can’t go! My friend told me that all people in Yanjing are paying attention to you now. They said that if you do go, Su’s family will be completely stunned. No face left…”
Du Haiqing said seriously: “The Su family’s face is not determined by me. It is the Su family’s own decision. The actions of your grandfather and your father are the key to the Su family’s face.”
Su Zhiyu said eagerly: “Mom, I understand what you mean, but the current situation is that the previous events of the Su family are irreparable, but if you can give up participating in this auction now, Su The family can finally save a bit of face…”
Du Haiqing looked at Su Zhiyu and said very seriously: “Zhiyu, Mom never cares about anyone’s opinion of me, including this matter, so anyone can think so, but you can’t, you know why ?”
Su Zhiyu shook his head subconsciously.
Then she asked, “Mom, why can’t I?”
Du Haiqing said very seriously: “The reason why they think I should save the last face for the Su family is because they think I am a married woman.”
“They feel that as a married woman, at all times, the interests of her husband’s family must be the top priority.”
“My husband has a lover outside, so he must not make a big noise. On the contrary, he must show everyone the peace of the world so that everyone knows that he always puts his husband’s face as the most important thing in their eyes. , Such a woman, is called the general knowledge.”
“But, in my opinion, such a woman is too sad! Why should I wrong myself and cater to others? Why should I wrong myself and perfect others? Is it because I am a woman?”
Speaking of this, Du Haiqing looked at Su Zhiyu and said solemnly: “Zhiyu, mom never wants you to marry a rich and powerful husband. Mom only hopes that you will always If you can maintain your own dignity, you must never become the kind of woman who takes the so-called overall situation as important, otherwise, you will never be happy in your life!”
Su Zhiyu was struck by lightning at this moment.
She looked at her mother’s resolute eyes, and suddenly a stormy sea turned up in her heart.
She couldn’t help but wondered: “Why would I say that to my mother? Will I ask myself the same when something like this happens to me in the future? Su Zhiyu, Su Zhiyu, why are you so stupid? ……”
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help clenching her fists, gritted her teeth and said, “Mom! Since you must go, then I will go with you!”

Chapter: 2399
The Su Zhiyu of the last second thought about the face of the Su family.
However, at this second Su Zhiyu suddenly realized: “Although I belong to the Su family, I am also a woman. If today, when my mother encounters this kind of problem, I cannot stand firmly with her. If I marry someone and encounter the same thing in the future, no one will stand by my side!”
“This matter, from the root cause, is not a matter of the face of the Su family, but a matter of principle!”
“This question of principle is really about which is right and wrong. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You can’t ask the woman to accept it because the man is wrong! Just ask the woman to wrong herself for the sake of the man’s face!”
“So, today, I must accompany my mother to participate in this auction!”
Su Zhifei felt helpless when he saw this.
As the eldest son of the Su family, he can actually distinguish the pros and cons.
From the perspective of the Su family, he felt that his mother should not participate in such an auction at this time, because the overall situation of the Su family was the most important.
But after hearing so much from his mother and sister, he suddenly realized that he could not just stand from the perspective of the Su family and ignore his mother herself.
So, he sighed and said: “Mom, I will stay with you too.”
Du Haiqing smiled comfortedly, and said seriously: “If you know what is wrong, don’t accompany me, just let Zhiyu accompany me.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly asked: “Mom, why don’t you let me accompany you?”
Du Haiqing said very solemnly: “You are the eldest grandson of Su’s family, so don’t cause trouble to yourself at this time.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “But Zhiyu she…”
Du Haiqing waved his hand: “You are different from Zhiyu.”
Su Zhifei was actually very clear.
He is the eldest son and grandson, and in the future, he will try his best to inherit the Su family.
If he really made a big mistake in the eyes of Grandpa, then he would have completely lost the opportunity to inherit the Su family.
And he himself is far less open-minded than Su Zhiyu.
Su Zhiyu can be indifferent to the Su family’s assets, power, and inheritance rights, but Su Zhifei can’t do this yet.
At this time, the old butler also offered words of consolation: “Little young master, please listen to the second lady’s advice, don’t follow.”
Su Zhifei hesitated again and again, but nodded helplessly, and said: “Mom, then I… Then I won’t accompany you…”
After speaking, Su Zhifei lowered his head in shame.
He knew that although his mother took the initiative not to let him go, he was still persuaded after all.
Du Haiqing seemed to have seen what he was thinking, and said, “I know, let the driver take you to the airport. I have arranged the plane and will take off at ten o’clock to take you back to Yanjing.”
“Ah?!” Su Zhifei exclaimed: “Mom, I…I don’t want to return to Yanjing…”
Du Haiqing said seriously: “If you don’t want to return, you have to return. At ten o’clock, I will participate in the auction. You set off for Yanjing. This is also a statement of your attitude to the Su family.”
Su Zhifei immediately became anxious, and blurted out: “What kind of attitude?! Do I want to make them feel that I deliberately parted ways with you?”
“Yes.” Du Hai nodded and said without concealment: “That’s what mom meant. What mom wants to do is mom’s own business. It has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to stand by my side. You must be implicated because of me. You go back now, just to give a statement to the outside world and a statement to your grandfather, so as to minimize the influence of mom on you, and it will not have any substantial influence on the relationship between our mother and son. Damage, why not do it?”
Su Zhifei blurted out: “But I don’t want to express this attitude!”
Du Haiqing sighed helplessly and smiled: “You should be a little mature too.”
With that, she looked at the old butler and said, “Uncle Wang, you can send Zhifei to the airport for me.”
The old butler nodded without hesitation: “Good second lady.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly said, “Mom, I still have business to do in Jinling.”

Chapter: 2400
Du Haiqing smiled slightly: “It doesn’t matter, even if your plane goes back at ten o’clock, you can fly back in the afternoon. The most important thing is to let others see your attitude.”
After speaking, Du Haiqing asked again: “Do you know what is at stake? You have already said it very clearly. You are a smart boy. Don’t let mom repeat it from the beginning.”
Su Zhifei pursed his mouth and nodded helplessly: “Okay mom, I’ll just go and clean up briefly and go to the airport with Grandpa Wang.”
Twenty minutes later, two black cars drove out of Du’s old house.
One of them went to Zhenbao Pavilion in the city, and the other went out of the city to Jinling International Airport.
In the first car, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, mother and daughter sat.
The appearance of the mother and daughter are very similar, and both can be regarded as beautiful women.
At that time, Du Haiqing was known as the number one beauty in Yanjing, and it can be said that it was the object of countless high-ranking officials in Yanjing.
It’s a pity that even though Du Haiqing has the appearance of being overwhelming, he still lost to Ye Chen’s mother.
Su Zhiyu is very young, so although it doesn’t look as mature as Du Haiqing, the eyebrows are a bit more heroic than Du Haiqing.
On the way to the auction, the mother and daughter sat side by side, Du Haiqing looked out the window, his thoughts flying.
She unconsciously thought of Ye Changying, and she unconsciously thought of Ye Changying’s old house, and then unconsciously thought of the young man she saw in the old house that day.
“He must be Chang Ying’s son…otherwise it is impossible to look so similar to Chang Ying… It’s just that I haven’t found any information about him for the past two days. I don’t know if he will come to participate today. auctions?”
At the same time, inside the Jumbo Pavilion.
Ye Chen, wearing a disposable mask, walked into the auction venue with Bao Fugui’s enthusiastic company.
Although the auction was about to start in half an hour, Bao Fugui insisted that all those who participated in the auction were blocked outside the Treasure Pavilion.
In his words, the reason why he did this was mainly because he was worried that Ye Chen’s identity would be seen.
So, wait until Ye Chen enters the box before letting others in.
Since there are many boxes in the treasure pavilion, Ye Chen asked him: “Treasure rich, is there anyone else booking the boxes today?”
“Yes.” Bao Fugui said hurriedly: “There is a person surnamed Wang who wants to reserve a box, but I am afraid that other people in the boxes on both sides will affect your interest, so I did not agree. What I said to the outside is, this The importance of the auction is not high enough, so the box is not open for appointment. Except you, everyone else is sitting in the outside lobby.”
Ye Chen nodded lightly and said: “Thanks for your hard work, I think the time is almost up, you should let other people participating in the auction come first.”
“Good Master Ye!” Bao Fugui bowed to Ye Chen and hurriedly turned and left the box.
After a while, the bidders who participated in this judicial auction began to enter the venue one after another.
Ye Chen was sitting in the one-way glass box, so he didn’t worry that other people would see him.
He carefully observed everyone who came in and found that most of them were dressed very ordinary. It seems that the objects of this judicial auction are mostly ordinary working-class people.
At this moment, he suddenly saw two familiar women walking in side by side.
The two women seemed to be about the same age, the older ones were full of charm, and the younger ones were equally beautiful.
If you don’t know, you must think that these two women are sisters.
But Ye Chen recognized the two at a glance.
He recognized the younger woman as Su Zhiyu who he had accidentally rescued in Japan.
As for the older woman, it was the woman I saw in my parents’ old home, Du Haiqing!
Ye Chen looked at the two beautiful figures and couldn’t help sighing in a low voice: “Unexpectedly, this Du Haiqing really came to participate in the auction…”

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