The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2401-2410

Chapter: 2401
At the same time, Yanjing Su’s family.
Su Shoude reported to Mr. Su: “Dad! Sister-in-law took Zhiyu and went to the auction site!”
“What?!” The expression of the old man Su Chengfeng suddenly became chilly!
He gritted his teeth and said: “Du Haiqing is really too much!”
Su Shoude asked quickly: “Dad, what shall we do now?”
Elder Su clenched his teeth and said sharply, “Since Du Haiqing completely ignores the face of the Su family, don’t blame me for not giving her room!”
After that, he scolded angrily: “The European princess did not change after repeated teachings! Not only did he find a pagan boyfriend, he even was rumored to be pregnant with the pagan child. Where did she put the royal family’s face If she doesn’t push the royal family to the extreme, how can the royal family attack her?! After all, it’s all done by herself!”
Su Shoude lowered his voice and asked cautiously: “Dad, don’t you really want to start with your sister-in-law?! Although the Du family is going downhill, the overall position is still high. If we act rashly, we will definitely be offended. Du Family…”
As he said, Su Shoude whispered: “Moreover, the whole Yanjing City is watching. If we do it at this time, everyone will know that we must do it…”
Su Chengfeng snorted coldly and said, “I’m not afraid that they will know. On the contrary, I’m afraid that they don’t know! Du Haiqing, this woman, is the same after repeated teachings! If we don’t have any actions, the outside world will think that our Su family can let others Want to insult and swallow!”
Immediately afterwards, Su Chengfeng waved his hand fiercely, and his eyes were full of vicious words: “As long as we do it cleanly, don’t leave any substantive clues. Even if the whole world knows that we did it, what can we do? ?”
Su Shoude hurriedly asked: “Dad, who do we let?”
Su Chengfeng said: “I have arranged this in advance. I originally thought that as long as Du Haiqing doesn’t participate in this auction, I won’t be familiar with her. But since she doesn’t know how to promote, don’t blame me. Show mercy!”
Su Shoude asked again: “Dad, what about Zhiyu?”
Su Chengfeng said lightly: “I have explained that they will not do anything to Zhiyu.”
With that said, Su Chengfeng asked again: “Right, did you know why?”
Su Shoude shook his head: “There is no mention of knowledge over there, it should be no way.”
Su Shouli on the side hurriedly said, “Dad, Zhifei is already at Jinling Airport. I will fly back at ten o’clock.”
Su Chengfeng was somewhat relieved when he heard this, and said: “It seems that knowing the wrong really does not disappoint the name I gave him. It is the most important thing for people to know right and wrong!”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “Dad, if you really want to teach your sister-in-law, you must find a way to calm the emotions of Zhifei, otherwise, I am afraid this child can’t think about it…”
Su Shoude always means something.
His greatest wish now is to do everything possible to make the old man full of anger towards his eldest brother’s family.
He thought to himself: “It is far from enough to make the old man feel dissatisfied with his elder brother Su Shoudao!”
“Because the old man is still very strong now, so in the future, he is likely to pass on the throne directly across generations!”
“In other words, the old man is very likely to skip my generation and my eldest brother after another 10 years and 8 years and pass on the position of patriarch of the family to our next generation!”
“If he passes the position to Su Zhifei, then what’s the point of me even if I take down the eldest brother now? After the father gives way, Su Zhifei will also crush me!”
“So, the old man must also lose confidence in Su Zhifei!”
It is precisely because of this thought that Su Shoude deliberately used this method of murder and condemnation to deliberately remind him that he should pay attention to calming Su Zhifei’s emotions.
What he said was awe-inspiring, as if he really cared about his big nephew. In fact, he deliberately wanted to wake up the old man and wanted him to know that if he really killed Su Zhifei’s biological mother, Su Zhifei would definitely die. Li Ji hates him!
This kind of mother-killing hatred, no matter what method is used, it is impossible to appease.
Su Shoude felt that as long as the old man recognized this, then he would never give Su Zhifei any more chance, because that would be tantamount to raising a tiger!

Chapter: 2402
Father Su’s expression became very ugly.
Su Shoude’s words really made him realize more clearly that if he decides to attack Du Haiqing, then the eldest son Su Shoudao and his family will definitely turn against him!
However, he also knew very well in his heart that if he didn’t act on Du Haiqing, the Su Family’s face would disappear!
In any case, he couldn’t just watch Du Haiqing so presumptuous.
Once the Su family’s face can be trampled on by such a woman, how can the Su family maintain its status and dignity?
Thinking of this, he said coldly: “When this matter is over, let Zhifei go to Australia to meet your eldest brother, and don’t come back again!”
Su Shoude was extremely excited when he heard this!
“Dad asked Su Zhifei to go to Australia to meet his eldest brother. That would mean being sent into exile. The father and son will no longer have the opportunity to compete for the heir of the Su family. They can only spend their lives in Australia and die. !”
“In this way, I am the best candidate for the position in Dad’s eyes, so happy! Happy!”
at the same time.
It was close to ten o’clock in the morning.
At the auction venue, dozens of people sat sparsely.
These are all bidders participating in today’s judicial auction.
Most of their fancy is some second-hand real estate and cars.
Because almost all of the goods sold by the company are involved in certain lawsuits, the relationship is complicated, so most ordinary people are not very interested in this type of transaction.
There have been many cases in the past. For example, a judicial auction house was photographed, but the original owner refused to move out. In the end, the buyer was overwhelmed.
Because of this, the price of a foreclosed house is generally lower than the market price. If you are not afraid of trouble, you can save some money.
Since everyone is here to pick up and miss, it is difficult for judicial auctions to have the passion of outside auctions.
At outside auctions, sometimes two or more parties compete for a commodity, hundreds of thousands of items. In the end, because of mutual bidding and vindictiveness, the last few million transactions are also everywhere.
Participating in the judicial auction, everyone wants to save money and pick up the leaks. Everyone hopes to get a 20% discount for a house with a market price of one million. If it doesn’t help, it will get a 10% discount. Once the 10% discount is exceeded, the attractiveness will plummet.
Therefore, such auctions generally have no meaning.
At ten o’clock, the auctioneer stepped in.
Since everything is simple and fast, there is no extra cut. As soon as the auctioneer came on stage, he went straight to the topic and said: “Thank you all for participating in this judicial auction. The first item we are going to auction today is Jinling. An Audi a6 under the name of Powerway has been licensed for three years and has a mileage of 113,000 kilometers. It has a starting price of 150,000 and a minimum bid of 1,000 yuan. It will start now.”
The transaction price of a second-hand car like this and a second-hand car in the same condition in the normal market is generally around 210,000.
Because the ceiling is 210,000, everyone bids very sensibly.
After several bids, the price was mentioned as 180,000 all the way, many bidders gave up, only two people still insisted.
However, as the price was approaching the ceiling, the remaining two were also very cautious in bidding. A few minutes later, one of them raised the price to 195,000, and the other was unable to follow suit.
The auctioneer immediately announced that the first lot had been sold for 195,000 yuan.
In the box, Chen Zekai looked through the auction materials at random and said to Ye Chen: “Master, there are eleven cars participating in the auction today. After the cars are sold, the auction will begin. Your parents’ former residence is listed in the real estate. The first one has a starting price of 880,000.”
“I have already greeted the driver. No matter what the price is, he will follow through to the end, and he will definitely help you take this house!”

Chapter: 2403
Ye Chen nodded lightly.
He is also determined to win the former residence of his parents.
After all, this former residence carries the last time of being together with his parents, which is of great significance.
As several foreclosure cars were gradually taken away, the auction entered the real estate auction.
This time, there are 13 sets of properties participating in the judicial auction, but among the 13 properties, the cheapest starting price is the one that Ye Chen’s parents once lived in.
The main reason is that the old house has been classified as a protective building by Jinling. Not only is it forbidden to demolish, but also to turn over.
More importantly, whoever buys this old house has a certain obligation to protect this old house.
The house is very old and cannot be demolished to obtain greater economic value. Even if you want to rebuild it, you are not allowed to rebuild it. Therefore, such a house is basically not interesting.
No matter who buys this house, there is no chance of realizing it again.
However, Ye Chen and Du Haiqing are both waiting for the shooting of this house.
Because this house has the lowest starting price, as soon as it enters the real estate auction, the auctioneer directly puts the photos of the house on the big screen and says: “The first house we are going to auction today is A protected old mansion located at the mouth of the old street. The specific information about this old mansion can be found in the auction manual, so we won’t introduce more here, and we will start the auction directly. It’s 880,000 yuan, and the auction will begin now!”
As soon as the auctioneer’s voice fell, Du Haiqing directly raised the sign and said, “One million.”
“Good!” The auctioneer said immediately: “Bidder No. 34 bid one million, is there anything higher than one million?”
A plain-looking middle-aged man sitting in the corner immediately raised a sign and said: “One and a half million!”
This middle-aged man is Chen Zekai’s driver.
“One and a half million?!” The auctioneer was stunned. The starting price was 880,000. After only two rounds, it was 1.5 million, almost doubled!
You know, this property almost has no room for appreciation!
If you spend 1.5 million to buy such a house, the only possibility is to throw it into your own hands.
Because of his surprise, he still didn’t come back to his senses, Du Haiqing raised the sign again and said seriously: “I will pay two million.”
The auctioneer was even more surprised.
He immediately looked at Du Haiqing and reminded: “Bidder No. 34, I have to remind you that the property is forbidden to be demolished and developed, and re-opening is forbidden. It must be kept in its original shape according to the requirements of the city, and at the same time bear the responsibility. Certain maintenance obligations, are you sure you know about these particularities?”
Du Hai counted and nodded: “I know for sure.”
Although the auctioneer was confused, he nodded and said, “Bidder No. 34 bid 2 million. Is there anything higher than 2 million?”
The middle-aged man in the corner immediately said, “I’ll pay 3 million!”
“Three million…” The auctioneer wiped his sweat, and continued to ask: “Now the bidder on the 22nd bid 3 million, is there anything higher than him?”
“Four million!” Du Haiqing raised his hand almost without thinking.
Upon hearing this, the auctioneer hurriedly said: “Bid No. 34…”
After speaking, Chen Zekai’s driver said loudly: “I will pay 5 million!”
This time, Du Haiqing didn’t even give the auctioneer any time to think, and said directly: “I’m paying eight million.”
Eight million? !
The scene suddenly exclaimed!
This old house is worthless in the eyes of other people participating in the auction.
An old and dilapidated old house not only has no commercial value, but it is also very uncomfortable to live in.
An old house like this is either leaking or leaking. It must be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. If you live in such a house, you might as well just rent a low-rent house provided by the city.
So everyone feels that based on the starting price of 880,000 yuan, this house is likely to be unsold.
However, who would have thought that such a house of almost no value could be scrambled and pushed up to a price of 8 million in a short period of time.

Chapter: 2404
Although Chen Zekai’s driver didn’t have any money, Chen Zekai had already confessed to him that he had to take down the house at all costs, let alone only 8 million, even 80 million.
Therefore, he was not to be outdone at all, and immediately raised his hand and said, “8 million eight hundred thousand!”
8.8 million, compared to the starting price of 880,000, a full 10 times.
However, the competition between the two is just beginning.
Du Haiqing didn’t seem to want to continue to raise prices a little bit like this, so she directly raised her hand and said, “Ten million.”
The whole auction scene was in an uproar again.
In the box, Chen Zekai said in Ye Chen’s ear: “Master, the second lady of the Du family, seems to be determined to win.”
Ye Chen nodded, and sighed helplessly: “I don’t understand this aunt’s thoughts too much. After all, she and my father don’t have any substantial emotional foundation, why bother to seize this old house?”
Chen Zekai said with emotion: “To be honest, although I am a few years older than you, I have heard of Du Haiqing’s feelings for your father, and it is indeed a deep love…”
Ye Chen said, at the auction outside, Chen Zekai’s driver had already bid the price to 12 million.
At this time, Du Haiqing followed closely and raised the price to 15 million.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but frowned, and said to Chen Zekai next to him: “Send a WeChat to your driver and ask him to ask for 30 million!”
“Okay!” Chen Zekai nodded, immediately took out his phone and sent a WeChat.
Immediately afterwards, the middle-aged man outside the auction scene raised his hand again, which directly doubled Du Haiqing’s 15 million yuan to 30 million.
The scene was full of hissing inhales.
A house worth less than one million was actually carried to a high price of thirty million, which is simply unheard of in the history of judicial auctions.
Du Haiqing was also shocked at this time.
She turned her head and looked at the man in the corner who had been raising the price with her, feeling very surprised.
“I really don’t understand why this strange man has such a strong desire to buy the house I care about.”
“Actually, before I came today, I had imagined that I would meet competitors at the auction.”
“However, the competitor I expected should be the young man I met at Changying’s former residence that day.”
“Because that young man looks almost exactly the same as Changying. If I guess wrong, he should be Changying’s son.”
“In the past few days, I have been thinking of ways to find his whereabouts, but I have not found any clues.”
“And now, that young man does not appear at the auction, but besides him, who else is so obsessed with this old house? Who is this middle-aged man who bid 30 million? Or, Who on earth sent him?”
Just as Du Haiqing’s thoughts were flying, the auctioneer said: “Thirty million once, 30 million twice, is there any price higher than 30 million? If there is none, the 30 million third ……”
After he finished speaking, Du Haiqing came back to his senses and hurriedly said: “50 million! I give 50 million!”
“This…” The auctioneer himself couldn’t believe it, and shouted tremblingly: “50 million for the first time…”
Chen Zekai’s driver was even a little nervous.
Although it was not his money that was spent, he also felt that the money was spent too much.
So he hurriedly sent a WeChat message to Chen Zekai: “Boss, are you still bidding?”
Chen Zekai replied immediately: “Add another five million!”
So, the driver raised his hand again and said: “I’m out of fifty-five million!”
Ye Chen looked at Du Haiqing next to Su Zhiyu through the one-way glass, sighed and said to Chen Zekai: “Old Chen, if the second lady of the Du family raises the fare, let your driver abandon the shooting. Right.”
Chen Zekai asked dumbfounded: “Master, are you going to give up?!”
After that, he hurriedly added: “Master! Don’t say fifty-five million, even five hundred and fifty million, for us, it is a drop in the bucket!”
Ye Chen shook his head lightly, and sighed: “Hey, forget it, it’s not a question of money, let this aunt be perfect!”

Chapter: 2405
Chen Zekai thought that Ye Chen had waited for a long time, the old mansion that was determined to win, even said that he gave up and gave up.
He himself couldn’t help being anxious for Ye Chen, and blurted out: “Master, you have been thinking about buying this house for so long. Now it’s just a hand in hand. Don’t give up! Otherwise, if you If you regret in the future, there will be no regrets taking medicine…”
Ye Chen sighed lightly, waved his hand, and said seriously: “No more, no more, now it seems that Aunt Du needs this house more than I do.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said softly: “This is the old house where my parents and I lived together, but I don’t have the courage to stand up and sit in the auction hall to participate in the auction. On the other hand, this Aunt Du can Sitting openly outside and bidding, from this point alone, she is much better than me, and more qualified than me to get this house.”
Ye Chen admired Du Haiqing in his heart.
Now, the vast majority of people don’t know that they are the Ye Family Master, and they don’t know that they are Ye Changying’s blood in this world. Therefore, out of caution, they do not participate in this auction publicly, even signing up. In the name of Chen Zekai’s driver.
From this point alone, he admired Du Haiqing’s courage.
As the so-called gentleman is the beauty of an adult, Ye Chen decided to abandon the competition and give this house to Du Haiqing.
Although he didn’t know Du Haiqing, he also knew that Du Haiqing had loved his father for many years, but he couldn’t get any substantive results back.
Perhaps this house can give her a visible and tangible ideological comfort in the past thirty years of loving her father.
This can be regarded as the father who has died in his own generation, thanking her for the friendship over the years.
At this time, the outside bidding continues.
Chen Zekai’s driver did not receive any instructions to give up. After Du Haiqing bid 60 million, he raised his hand again and bid 61 million.
Ye Chen recalled the old house in his mind, sighed deeply, stood up and said to Chen Zekai: “Tell your driver, stop bidding.”
After speaking, he put on a mask, turned and left the box.
At the same time, Du Haiqing raised his placard again without hesitation, and said: “62 million!”
Seeing this, Chen Zekai hurriedly chased him up, and while hurriedly following up, he hurriedly sent a voice message to the driver: “Abandon the bidding and stop bidding!”
His driver just raised his hand when he suddenly received the information and hurriedly clicked to play. The speaker heard what Chen Zekai had just said, so he immediately put his raised hand back.
The auctioneer was already a little bit incoherent with excitement. Seeing him raise his hand and put it down, he hurriedly asked: “Bidder No. 22, are you bidding or not?”
The driver said, “I give up.”
Hearing these three words, Du Haiqing’s heart suddenly filled with joy, and a big rock finally fell to the ground.
Immediately afterwards, the auctioneer said loudly: “62 million once! 62 million twice! 62 million three times! Deal!”
Then, the auction mallet in his hand banged heavily on the table.
With this bang, Du Haiqing burst into tears of joy.
In the past few days, she has been awake at night for this house, not thinking about tea and rice, and she wants to buy it, but she is worried that it will happen unexpectedly.
Now, finally the dust settled.
Although the price far exceeds its original value as a house, for Du Haiqing, the house is priceless.
She fell in love with Ye Changying from the ignorant years of her youth, until Ye Changying got married and when Ye Changying died, her love for Ye Changying never faded.

Chapter: 2406
Thirty years later, Ye Changying left her with nothing but an indelible memory and some old photos.
Not to mention leaving me a token of sorrow to myself, even if I want to go to Ye Changying’s grave to worship, it is hard to climb to the sky.
Now, I finally bought the old house where he used to live, and the emotions in my heart for more than 30 years finally have a place to put.
Su Zhiyu saw her mother burst into tears, and her heart was mixed.
While she felt sorry for her mother’s infatuation for so many years, she sympathized with the inhumane her father had entrusted these years.
However, after another thought, I thought that my father had already had a physical derailment, and there was an illegitimate daughter who was only one year younger than him, and felt that his father was not worthy of sympathy.
Then, she thought of her benefactor.
Seeing her mother’s life of infatuation, she couldn’t help asking herself in her heart: “Su Zhiyu, Su Zhiyu, if you can’t find your benefactor, will you be trapped like your mother and never get out? If that’s the case. , You are not as lucky as your mother. At least, she still knows Ye Changying, and she grew up with Ye Changying, and has many common experiences and pasts. You don’t even know what your benefactor is called… …”
At this moment, at the back door of Zhenbao Pavilion, Ye Chen wearing a mask quickly walked out of the passage.
After going out, he looked up at the cloudy sky, his eyes were already filled with tears.
Ever since his parents passed away when they were eight years old, Ye Chen has been the same as Du Haiqing over the years, and he has nowhere to put his feelings towards his parents.
He is even worse than Du Haiqing, because Du Haiqing still has some old photos at least, but Ye Chen can’t save even a photo of his parents.
After the parents’ accident, they were airlifted to Yanjing within a very short time, together with their parents’ bodies and all the belongings in the old house. Ye Chen was equivalent to entering the orphanage in a whole suit. From that moment on, he almost lost All the items that can be pinned to grief.
Until some time ago, in the years before Gu Yanzhong took himself to Yeling Mountain to worship his parents, he didn’t even know where his parents were buried.
Therefore, this house bears all his thoughts for his parents.
Just a minute ago, Ye Chen was also determined to win this house.
He even felt that even if it cost hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions, he must buy this house.
However, at that moment, he suddenly decided to complete Du Haiqing.
Now, he doesn’t regret his decision, he just feels a bit desolate and sad simply because of the loss of this house.
Chen Zekai chased it out, seeing Ye Chen’s eyes filled with tears, his heart was shocked!
Knowing Ye Chen for so long, this is the first time he has seen Ye Chen with tears in his eyes.
He couldn’t help but exclaimed in his heart: “Is this still the Master Ye whom countless people admire? Is this still the Master Ye who walked out of the avalanche in the avalanche under the Changbai Mountain where a sky thunder buried the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family? At this moment, he was like a child who could not find a way home, painful and helpless.”
At this moment, while Chen Zekai felt distressed for his young master, he admired him a little more in his heart.
Ye Chen is no longer as simple as reluctantly giving up love, he left all his regrets to himself, and left the psychological redemption and rebirth to Du Haiqing.
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing, stepped forward, and asked in a low voice, “Master, are you okay?”
“I have nothing to do.” Ye Chen waved his hand, abruptly suffocating his tears, and said: “Old Chen…you can drive me to the old house for a look. Staying and going through some formalities, I want to go over and take a look, and it won’t be that easy to think about it again after the handover is over.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Good master, wait a moment, I’ll go drive!”

Chapter: 2407
Chen Zekai quickly drove the car over. Ye Chen was about to get in the car. Bao Fugui, the owner of Zhenbao Pavilion, hurried out and asked nervously, “Master Ye, why did you leave so early?”
Ye Chen said calmly: “Suddenly there is something to be dealt with, so I won’t stay longer.”
Bao Fugui hurriedly asked: “Master Ye, are you not satisfied with the service of Zhenbao Pavilion?”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “No, it has nothing to do with your Treasure Pavilion.”
Bao Fugui only breathed a sigh of relief and quickly asked: “By the way, Master Ye, are you interested in the items that were auctioned today? If so, please tell me, and I will help you win !”
Ye Chen shook his head and smiled: “There is nothing I am interested in at the auction. I came here today to join in the heat, so don’t worry too much.”
With that said, he pointed to the Rolls-Royce in front of him and said to Bao Fugui: “I have something to do, so I will leave first, and I will get together again when I have time.”
Bao Fugui hurriedly nodded and bowed his waist and said, “Master Ye, go slowly. If there is another auction in Jumbo Pavilion next time, I must contact you in advance!”
Ye Chen nodded, said goodbye to Bao Fugui, and got in the car.
Afterwards, Chen Zekai carried Ye Chen to the old house where Ye Chen lived with his parents.
Bao Fugui saw Ye Chen’s Rolls-Royce leave the Treasure Pavilion before turning around and returning to the auction venue.
At this time, Du Haiqing, who finally photographed the former residence of Ye Chen’s parents at a sky-high price of 62 million, has come to the back office of the auction and began to go through the house purchase procedures with the staff.
The staff of the judicial department looked at Du Haiqing in shock at this time, and said: “Madam, are you sure you want to buy this property at a high price of 62 million? If you want to breach the contract now, we will only Your bid deposit of 10,000 yuan will be deducted and you will be added to the blacklist for only one year. Would you like to consider it again?”
This is a judicial auction after all, and all the proceeds from the auction will be used by the defendant to repay the amount involved in the case.
Therefore, no matter how much is sold, there is no actual interest involved in the judicial department. Therefore, they hope that the goods sold by the judicial auction can really be sold at a price-performance ratio.
They felt that the price Du Haiqing had set out was too ridiculous, and that this house was not worth so much money without reason.
Once Du Haiqing paid the money, there would be no room for remorse anymore. All the money from the house auction will be used for judicial compensation immediately, and there will never be room for regret.
But in case Du Hai clears the money and regrets it, if she wants to coax it, she must come to the judicial department to coax it. At that time, it will more or less affect their own reputation, and it will be a trouble for them.
Therefore, in order to put an end to trouble, they hope that Du Haiqing will not be taken advantage of. It would be best to repent on the spot. When the next judicial auction comes, the house will be taken out again and auctioned at a normal market price. This is also a great joy for everyone. .
Moreover, they also felt that Du Haiqing must have bid the price with that person on the spot, so you kept increasing the price one by one. Otherwise, it is impossible for a normal person to get such an incredible price.
However, Du Haiqing spoke very confidently at this time: “I don’t need to think about it, please handle the payment for me as soon as possible, and the rest of the transfer process. The sooner the better, thank you.”

Chapter: 2408
The staff wiped their sweat and explained earnestly: “Madam, the starting price of this house you are buying now is only 880,000 yuan, and the highest market price is about 1.3 million. Your current auction price is six. Twelve million, nearly fifty times the difference! You really don’t need to think about it again?”
Du Haiqing shook his head and said firmly: “I have considered it clearly, and there is no need to consider it anymore. Please help me handle it as soon as possible.”
Several staff exchanged glances, and one of them said: “In this case, we will handle the subsequent payment process for you. Is your bank account balance enough?”
Du Hai counted and nodded: “Enough.”
“Okay…” The staff took out the pos machine and said, “Madam, please confirm that your card issuing bank has a single day transaction limit. Many users have a single day transaction limit. The default is 1 million yuan. If your transaction limit is not enough, please contact the bank.”
Su Zhiyu on the side said impatiently: “Where do you have so many problems, can you just swipe your card? If our card doesn’t even have a transaction limit, how could you just wait for payment?”
The staff member embarrassedly said: “I’m sorry, miss, mainly because we haven’t done a single transaction of such a large amount, so I want to confirm with you two clearly, I am really sorry…”
After speaking, the staff entered the number on the POS machine and confirmed that it was correct, then handed it to Du Haiqing and said: “Madam, please swipe your card.”
Du Hai counted and nodded, took out his bank card and handed it to the other party, and then entered the password. Then, the POS machine displayed that the bank had confirmed that the transaction deduction was successful, so he automatically typed out the slip.
The staff really sighed. It seems that they are rich people who don’t take money seriously, and spending dozens of times more is nothing to them.
Afterwards, the staff took out five copies of the house purchase agreement and said to Du Haiqing: “Madam, please check the details of the contract. If there are any problems, each of the five house purchase agreements must be signed, and every All pages must be signed for confirmation.”
Du Hai counted and nodded, flipped through and looked at the terms, and after confirming that the ownership of the property rights was clear and there were no problems, he immediately began to sign his name on the contract.
At the same time, Yanjing Su’s family.
Su Shoude said to Old Su Chengfeng angrily: “Sister-in-law, this woman is really ignorant! Not only did she go to the auction, she also took the house with a maximum of one million yuan for a price of 62 million yuan. I think it won’t be long before this incident will be known to the entire Yanjing city, and the face of our Su family will be seriously damaged by that time!”
After that, he said angrily: “How the hell does she like Ye Changying’s bastard! It’s unreasonable!”
Su Chengfeng said with a frosty face: “Don’t call her sister-in-law! Our Su family does not have such a daughter-in-law!”
Su Shoude said angrily: “Dad! I knew this was the case. It’s better to kill her on the way to the auction! That way, at least we can keep our Su family’s face!”
Su Chengfeng said in a cold voice: “If we do this kind of thing in advance, it would be risking the world! If she still doesn’t damage our Su family’s face, our Su family will kill her in advance, if this is spread out. , Our Su family will become the object of disgust by the whole people, and the object of criticism and criticism from the entire Yanjing upper class!”
After that, Su Chengfeng asked him back: “Have you forgotten that the world-famous princess in Europe was killed after she fell in love with a heathen, became pregnant with each other’s children, and was about to get married! But even so, even if There has always been definite evidence from the outside world, and the royal family has been scolded for decades! If the royal family kills the princess just because the princess is in love with a heretic, the royal family would have been drowned in the saliva of the common people long ago!”
Having said that, Su Chengfeng sighed, patted his face lightly, and said: “Others have to slap us on our faces before we can kill them. You can’t just because they stare at you. We must kill the other party! That is to poke a big basket!”

Chapter: 2409
Although Su Shoude has a German character in his name, he doesn’t have any “morality” in himself.
Not only is there no morality, but also has no morality.
As for Su Chengfeng, although he is also an unscrupulous person, he is at least scheming.
Such people are generally full of benevolence and morality on the surface, and full of men, thieves and prostitutes.
But the key is that the full belly of male thieves and female prostitutes cannot be seen.
In the belly of Old Man Su, the bad water fermented for a lifetime. I don’t know how many wicked things have been done, but the only one who really broke it was Su Ruoli.
In most cases, Elder Su is still very good at superficial skills.
At this time, Father Su had already regarded Su Shoude as his future successor training, so he said with earnest words: “Shoude, you have to know that the rules of survival and know-how of upper class society, generally speaking, are four words, teacher Famous!”
“A famous teacher?” Su Shoude hurriedly asked: “Dad, can you tell me more specifically?”
Elder Su explained: “The so-called famous teacher means that everything must have a decent reputation!”
“If we don’t have any status, we will go straight up and give the other party a mess, then this belongs to the young people who don’t play cards according to the routine and don’t speak martial arts, and we can only do it for ourselves.”
“Look at it. In wars between countries throughout the ages, even if the aggressor wants to invade a country, under normal circumstances, he will find a reason that can barely be justified.”
“Just like the Lugouqiao Incident on July 7th, the Japanese also falsely claimed that a soldier was missing, and then took the opportunity to start the incident.”
“We still need a reason between countries, let alone our families.”
Speaking of this, Mr. Su said with a cold expression: “Actually, I wanted Du Haiqing’s life a long time ago! From the moment I knew Du Haiqing was going to Jinling, I wished that Du Haiqing’s plane crashed and died on the way to Jinling. , Then you can get it done once and for all, once and for all!”
“But, I can only think about it in my heart, not just do it!”
“Because Du Haiqing only went to Jinling, and didn’t do anything that would humiliate the Su family’s reputation. If I get off her private jet because she is going to Jinling, then once the Dongchuang incident happens, the entire Su family will be destroyed. !”
“So, if she wants her life, she must be known as a teacher only after she has done things that substantially damage the reputation of the Su family!”
“Now, during the duration of the marriage between Du Haiqing and your elder brother, he went to Jinling to bid for the old house where Ye Changying lived, and the price was still dozens of times higher than the market price. This has indeed affected the reputation of the Su family. At this time, you have a certain reason to kill her.”
Su Shoude heard this and said with a face of being taught: “Dad, I understand what you mean! Hearing this from you today really made me start! In the future I will follow you to study hard and polish myself!”
Su Shoude grew up so old, and today is really the first time he heard his father tell this strategy.
In fact, the old man Su is very scheming, and there are countless strategies in his stomach. This is only a very simple point, not a high-level strategy.
However, because Su Shoude is the second child, he has no chance to learn such a strategy.
This kind of strategy, like the emperor’s art of the ancient emperor, is often only passed on to the prince who wants to inherit the general rule in the future. The other princes have no chance to learn, and they are not even qualified to listen.
The reason why the emperor was unwilling to teach his country’s methods and strategies to other princes was because he was afraid that other princes would threaten the prince’s safety in the future.

Chapter: 2410
This is like those martial arts sects. The head will always pass on the core martial arts to the successor of the next head, but not to other apprentices. The purpose is to ensure that the strength of the successor is higher. Will not be overthrown by his own people.
In the past, the old man Su Chengfeng devoted himself to teaching his eldest son Su Shoudao every day. As for the other sons, he never taught real strategies.
But now, the eldest son Su Shoudao has been completely abandoned by him.
After the eldest son was abolished, the most ideal heir in his heart became the second son Su Shoude.
Therefore, he planned to train Su Shoude from now on.
At this moment, he felt: “I have at most ten or twenty years to live in the future, and Shoude will grow up from now, ten or twenty years, and it has almost just settled.
“In this way, he will not threaten my grasp of the Su family’s power over the next ten or twenty years.”
“But if you change to abide by the Tao and become the heir, maybe in five or eight years, I can’t hold him down.”
“Looking at it this way, the situation that happened to this day may not necessarily be a bad thing.”
At this moment, Su Shoude hurriedly asked: “Dad, how are we going to kill Du Haiqing that bitch woman now?! Have you sent a master in the family to Jinling?”
“No.” Su Chengfeng shook his head, and said: “How can you use your own people for this kind of thing? Isn’t that trouble for yourself?”
Su Shoude asked in a puzzled way: “Dad, didn’t you say that we want to become famous? Now that Du Haiqing is insulting his family style, don’t we already have a reason to do it?”
Su Chengfeng was very disappointed and rebuked: “Shoude! Being famous is a necessary condition, but it is by no means the only condition! If you just cover your face and run naked, you won’t be recognized. Would you just wear a mask in the future? 、Are you not wearing pants?!”
Su Shoude said in fear: “Dad, I… I didn’t mean that…”
Su Chengfeng snorted coldly, and said sharply: “You can hear clearly, even if the teacher is famous, this kind of life-killing thing, we must try our best to separate everything!”
As he said, he added: “The teacher I just mentioned is famous, just to leave us with a back hand. The most important thing for us is not to be found by the other party for any evidence!”
“The best solution to this matter is to find a way to kill Du Haiqing, and although the whole world thinks it must be our Su family, no one can find any substantive evidence!”
“Like the famous princess in Europe, anyone with a discerning eye knows how she died, but what’s the use? No one can show direct evidence of her murder. In the end, she can only say that she died in a car accident or an accident. !”
“Ten thousand steps back, even if the outside world has evidence that the royal family murdered her, the royal family has at least one reason to excuse herself or mitigate the crime.”
“For example, she is pregnant with a pagan child and intends to marry a pagan, which is detrimental to the royal authority;”
“For example, she had already given birth to a prince for the royal family, but once she married a pagan in her second marriage, she would give birth to a pagan baby, and this pagan baby is the half-brother of the royal prince. Where is the prince’s face, where is the face of the entire royal family, and where is the face of the entire nation?”
“These are all the reasons why the royal masters are famous, and they are also the way to wash themselves after the Dongchuang incident in the future!”
Su Shoude hurriedly asked: “Dad, how can you make Du Haiqing’s death unclear?”
Su Chengfeng sneered and said: “What I am after is not to make her die unclear, but to make her die impeccable!”

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