The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2441-2450

Chapter: 2441
At the moment when the impact sound was remembered in the tunnel, Ye Chen’s figure could not help but stagnate for a moment.
With such a huge movement, you don’t need to look at how strong the impact is.
Even a Rolls-Royce, I am afraid that it can’t hold up such a large force, and the people in it are probably too ugly!
At this moment, Ye Chen felt very sorry.
Although he has no friendship with Su Zhiyu, in the final analysis, he has no grudges against her. A young girl in her early twenties was brutally abused by her family in such a cruel way. It is inevitable to feel regretful.
In addition, Ye Chen showed more sympathy to Du Haiqing.
Speaking of it, he had no contact with Du Haiqing. Unlike Su Zhiyu, at least he had saved her and her brother’s lives in Japan.
However, because Du Haiqing has been obsessed with his father for so many years, even this time he caused a murderous disaster because he is unforgettable for his father.
Therefore, the image of Du Haiqing is a bit more tragic in Ye Chen’s mind.
The man she loved did not choose her, and the man she chose had betrayed her for so many years.
And she can’t forget that sweetheart who has been dead for many years, and even spend a lot of money to buy back the old house where her sweetheart once lived.
However, it was precisely because of her behavior that brought all this for her.
Therefore, how can such a woman not be sympathetic.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel annoyed: “I knew so long ago, when I was in the treasure pavilion, I should start with Liu Zhan!”
“In that case, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu will not suffer this disaster!”
“But, having said that, since the Su family wants their lives, what if I kill Liu Zhan and save them in the Treasure Pavilion? The Su family hides behind them, and will still find other ways to kill them and kill Liu War, there are Zhang Zhan and Li Zhan.”
Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help sighing.
“It seems that the mother and daughter deserved such a disaster…”
However, in an instant, Ye Chen suddenly thought that he still had a few rejuvenation pills on his body!
At the beginning, Hong Wu was almost strangled to death by Zhang Zizhou, a master sent by Wu Donghai, and he just saved him with a rejuvenating pill.
If Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu are still alive, they will be saved by themselves!
Thinking of this, Ye Chen speeded up at his feet and rushed towards the inside of the tunnel!
At this time, Chen Zekai’s Rolls-Royce was sandwiched by four large trucks in front and two behind.
Because the inertia of the two large trucks behind was too great, the entire Rolls-Royce engine compartment had completely collided with the cockpit.
The trunk was also knocked into the position of the rear seat!
The original five-meter-long car body has now been hit by the front and back and hit only half of its length!
The visual effects of the scene can be said to be extremely tragic!
In the cockpit, Liu Zhan’s entire abdomen was squeezed into a pool of rotten meat by the invading engine compartment, and his head was protected by an air bag, so he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.
This caused him to suffer fatal injuries, but at this time he still didn’t breathe immediately, but he opened his mouth weakly, and constantly vomited a lot of blood, looking terrible.
The mother and daughter in the rear seat have soft seat double-wraps in the front and rear. The situation is better or less, but the internal injuries are also very serious.
In a car accident, the most feared is internal injury.

Chapter: 2442
If any internal organs suffer a heavy blow and rupture, it will cause severe internal bleeding.
If it’s fast, people can die within a few minutes.
There is almost no possibility of rescue.
At this time, Du Haiqing had passed out directly, but Su Zhiyu was still sober.
She felt her chest squeezed tightly by the front and rear seats, and it was almost impossible to see through. At the same time, there was pain everywhere in the body, and the whole person was extremely weak and incomparably painful.
At this time, behind him, there was a sound of opening the door.
The two large trucks that were hit by the main force behind had also been completely hit beyond recognition.
However, due to the high cockpit of this car, the driver has not suffered any injuries.
At this time, the two drivers pushed the door, jumped out of the cockpit, and went directly to Rolls-Royce to investigate the situation.
In the two trucks used to block the road in front, two drivers also jumped down.
The four of them came to the side of Les Rice and took a look. One of them exclaimed: “Captain, eldest…the eldest lady is also in the car!”
“What?! How could the eldest lady be in the car?!” The man who was called the captain was Ma Chongxin, the most trusted capable man of the Su family.
Ma Chongxin’s father was the personal guard of Old Su’s.
Later, his father got older and was not suitable to continue the role of personal guard, so he inherited his father’s mantle and became the personal guard of Old Man Su.
At the same time, he is also the black glove of Old Man Su.
Many dirty and bloody things were done by him personally on behalf of Mr. Su.
This time, he was instigated by Mr. Su to follow the tragic death of the European princess and solve Du Haiqing.
So he found Liu Zhan who was running around through the channels of the underground world, gave him such a chance, and then tailored a whole set of plans for him.
However, he only confessed that Liu Zhan had taken Du Haiqing into the car as a hostage and brought it into this tunnel, but he did not even dream of thinking that this Liu Zhan actually took the eldest lady Su Zhiyu into the car!
In shock, he rushed over to inspect, and he saw Su Zhiyu also sitting in the back seat!
At this time, Su Zhiyu’s face was pale and almost bloody, making Ma Chongxin panic.
At this time, Su Zhiyu also recognized Ma Chongxin and knew that this was the personal guard next to his grandfather, so he stared at him with an extremely resentful look.
Ma Chongxin could be considered to have rushed over in the strong wind and waves, but at the moment when his eyes met Su Zhiyu, he suddenly panicked!
He subconsciously dodged Su Zhiyu’s eyes, then rushed to the side of the cab, and yelled hysterically at Liu Zhan who was vomiting blood: “Liu’s name! Are you fucking crazy?! Who made it? You brought the eldest lady in the car too?! How the hell did I tell you back then?! How did I tell you!!! I told you to take Du Haiqing alone! It’s one person, not two people! You and him Does Mom have a brain?!!!”
After speaking, Ma Chongxin suddenly realized that something was wrong, so he asked with an angry expression: “Liu Zhan, you fucking tell me the truth, who on earth instructed you to bring Missy into the car too?!”
Liu Zhan was already at the end of his life, his eyes widened vigorously, his mouth was open with a spiteful face, as if he was saying something.
Ma Chongxin immediately leaned his head over and shouted sharply, “What the fuck are you trying to say? Loud!”
Liu Zhan weakly said in a mosquito-like voice: “I…”
“Me? Me what?!” Ma Chongxin lost his patience and scolded: “You fucking said it! What the hell are you with me?!”
Liu Zhan was about to continue speaking, but he fell over in a breath, and suddenly coughed several times violently, spraying Ma Chongxin’s face with blood.
Ma Chongxin didn’t care to wipe it, grabbed Liu Zhan by the collar, and gritted his teeth and cursed: “You fucking say it!!! Hurry up!!! What the hell are you with me?!”
Liu Zhan tried his best, and said four words: “I-Japan-Ni-Ma!”

Chapter: 2443
At this moment, Liu Zhan realized that he had been completely fooled by the Su family.
Moreover, he was seriously injured and died now, and his life is only the last few minutes at most. Therefore, he is naturally full of anger towards Ma Chongxin, the Su family dog.
Ma Chongxin was also shocked and scared right now, he just followed the father’s instructions, imitated the European royal family, and used the same method to clean up Du Hai.
The European princess also had a car accident in the tunnel, and then died in Paris with her fiance and the child in her stomach.
A car accident in the tunnel is indeed a good way to cover up, so Ma Chongxin followed the father’s instructions and found Liu Zhan, a dead ghost.
But what I didn’t expect was that Miss Su Zhiyu was sitting in the same car as Du Haiqing…
Ma Chongxin is not a fool. He knows that the old man loves Su Zhiyu the granddaughter most, and the entire Su family regards her as the jewel in his palm. Nowadays, Su Zhiyu is about to die, no matter how he explains to him or proves his innocence, Can not remove the bad label.
At that time, the old man was furious, and he still didn’t know how to punish himself!
Now, the damn Liu Zhan was so disrespectful to him, and he didn’t even want to tell the whole story. This made Ma Chongxin angry. He immediately took out his gun, held Liu Zhan’s forehead, and shouted hysterically: “You he Does Mom tell you? If you don’t tell the truth, I will send you to see Wang Ye right now!”
Facing the muzzle, Liu Zhan’s expression was not afraid, he smiled tragically, showing his teeth stained red with blood, and said coldly: “Okay, shoot! Dad is hurting all over his body now, my dear son, please hurry up. Gun, help dad get free!”
“You…” Ma Chongxin was almost furious, he directly put the muzzle into Liu Zhan’s mouth, and sternly said: “Bad son, go to hell!”
After all, pull the trigger immediately.
Liu Zhan suddenly shot out a cloud of blood mist from the back of his head, completely dead.
At this time, Ma Chongxin saw that Su Zhiyu in the back row was so weak that he was about to lose consciousness, and hurriedly shouted: “Quick! Save the lady!”
One of them looked at Les Rices who had been crashed into a mass of scrap metal, and said embarrassingly: “Captain, we don’t have the equipment, we can’t open these deformed frames! At least we have to have a large hydraulic shear, or Only with large-scale cutting equipment can it be possible to disassemble the metal frame…”
Ma Chongxin blurted out, “I don’t care what the hell you do, take the time to get the eldest lady out! Otherwise, if the master is to blame, one of us will count as one, and all the fucking must be buried!”
When the others heard this, they were shocked. Several people rushed forward and tried their best to get Su Zhiyu out of the deformed frame in order to rescue Su Zhiyu from it.
However, although these people are all top bodyguards, their true strength is far worse than that of martial arts masters. Compared with Su Ruoli who has practiced internal martial arts since childhood, there is a certain gap. How could it be possible that the unarmed will have hit The deformed metal frame broke apart, but it was in vain.
Just when Ma Chongxin used the strength of feeding milk, but was helpless, Su Zhiyu insisted and said: “Don’t save me, save my mother!”
Ma Chongxin’s expression suddenly became very embarrassed, and she said, “Miss, I don’t have such a big authority. The only decision I can make now is to rescue you and send you to the hospital as soon as possible… ”
Su Zhiyu cried and shouted: “You call Su Chengfeng! You tell him that if my mother can’t save him, I will not let him go as a ghost!”
Ma Chongxin said embarrassingly: “Miss…this…this kind of words…I am a servant, there is no way to tell the old man, don’t embarrass me Now the key is to rescue you…”
Su Zhiyu cried loudly and said: “I don’t want you to save! If you want to save me, save my mother first, or let me go with my mother!”
Ma Chongxin’s men didn’t know what to do next time. One of them asked, “Captain, what shall we do…”
Ma Chongxin gritted his teeth and blurted out: “Don’t care about so much, first save Miss!”
Su Zhiyu shouted eagerly: “I want you to save my mother first!”
As she said, she felt a sharp pain in her whole brain, and she fainted suddenly.

Chapter: 2444
When Ma Chongxin saw this, he blurted out: “Quick! Find a way to get the lady out!”
At this moment, someone suddenly yelled:
“Stop it all!”
Ma Chongxin was taken aback by the shout.
This tunnel is one-way traffic, and the entrance has been blocked by the accident car. It stands to reason that no one should have come in. Therefore, at this moment, an unfamiliar voice suddenly appeared, which made him suddenly nervous.
The same goes for the other three people.
The four of them followed the prestige at the same time, and they saw a man with a cold expression, walking towards the exit of the tunnel.
This extraordinary man is Ye Chen!
Ma Chongxin stared at Ye Chen and asked in horror: “Who are you?!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Who am I, you are still not qualified to ask! I now give the four of you a chance to survive, put down your guns, squat on the ground with your head in your hands, and give me an honest explanation one by one. Who on earth made you do this!”
Ma Chongxin gritted his teeth, pointed his gun at Ye Chen, and said sternly: “Boy, you fucking want to die!”
After speaking, he immediately pulled the trigger without hesitation!
However, Ye Chen disappeared from his sight the moment the gun fired.
Just as he couldn’t figure out his mind, he suddenly felt a black shadow appear in front of him, and immediately afterwards, his gun-holding hand was firmly grasped by a pair of big hands.
He opened his eyes subconsciously, and still couldn’t see the clear outline of the black shadow, he felt a sudden pain in his wrist.
Immediately after that, he realized that his wrist had been broken!
When the wrist broke, the gun on the wrist also fell directly to the ground.
At this time, he could see clearly that he was the young man with an extremely arrogant attitude just now!
He was shocked immediately, and blurted out: “You…who are you?!”
Ye Chen looked at him contemptuously, and said coldly: “I said, you are not qualified to ask!”
After finishing speaking, he directly grabbed Ma Chongxin’s neck and said coldly: “I’ll give you another chance to tell me clearly, who instigated you!”
Ma Chongxin hurriedly blurted out, “What are you three doing in a daze! Get rid of him!”
The other three were originally frightened by Ye Chen’s skill and did not dare to act rashly. At this time, listening to Ma Chongxin’s roar, he hurriedly took out the gun from his waist.
However, before they could point their guns at Ye Chen, Ye Chen had already picked up Ma Chongxin and slammed them at the three men suddenly.
The three of them had no time to react, so Ma Chongxin who flew over fell to the ground like a bowling ball.
Because Ye Chen’s strength was so great that the bodies of these four people had received huge heavy blows. At this time, they had no ability to resist, and they could only lie on the ground and howled.
Ye Chen stepped forward to the four of them, took out his mobile phone and turned on the video recording, first took a picture of the surrounding situation, and then pointed the camera at the four of them, and asked in a cold voice: “Let’s talk about it. Who is behind it!”

Chapter: 2445
In fact, Ye Chen knew very well in his heart that the four people in front of him must be from the Su family.
Moreover, they were sent by the Su family to perform such an important task, enough to show that the four of them must be the confidants of the Su family.
Therefore, Ye Chen needs them to tell the whole story in front of the camera, and then make the video public.
As a result, the reputation of the Su family would be completely rotten.
You know, the Su family betrayed Su Ruoli before. This incident has greatly damaged the reputation of the Su family. I hope that Master Su will finally push the eldest son Su Shoudao out of the black pot, but this account is not only recorded in Su Shoudao. In addition to his head, it was also written on the head of the entire Su family.
If it breaks out again at this time, the Su family still wants to murder their own daughter-in-law, or even murder the Su family’s own flesh and blood again, then the Su family will definitely become a rat crossing the street.
Aside from other things, fame alone will not be able to stand up in this life.
Old man Su’s confidant, Ma Chongxin and others, also knew that this matter was important.
The death of a European princess in a car accident has yet to allow the people to grasp any substantive evidence. If there is evidence to confirm what the royal family did, the reputation of the entire royal family in the world will be completely ruined.
Therefore, Ma Chongxin warned himself deep in his heart: “In any case, I can’t tell the truth about the whole thing, otherwise, not only will the reputation of Mr. Su be overwhelmed, I will also become a sinner in the eyes of Mr. Su… ….”
Thinking of this, Ma Chongxin hurriedly said: “Brother, is there any misunderstanding in this matter? We are planning to save people…”
Ye Chen rushed forward, grabbed Ma Chongxin by the collar, and said in a cold voice: “Believe it or not, if you continue to talk nonsense with me here, then I will take you to the dog factory, one by one. I chopped it up and feed it to the dog? Or simply tie up your hands and feet and throw it directly into the dog cage for the dog to eat for three days and three nights.”
Ma Chongxin was frightened and numb all over his body, even directly from his scalp to his toes.
Although he didn’t even know who the young man in front of him was, he didn’t doubt what the young man said.
From this young man’s eyes alone, he can see the other party’s determination!
At this time, Ye Chen continued: “Don’t worry, even if you want to die faster, I won’t give you a chance! I’ll put an iron cage on your head first to protect your head. Then use a bulletproof vest to cover your entire abdomen so that you won’t die so easily.”
“You…you…” Ma Chongxin shuddered and blurted out: “Who are you…we have no grudges against you, why are you so right? we?”
“You have no grievances or enemies with me?” Ye Chen sneered: “What did you plan on in Jinling? Murder others, the methods are cruel and despicable, and everyone is punishable. Even if I kill you, I will do the way for heaven!”
Ma Chongxin held up a strong momentum and said coldly: “Boy, we must first weigh our own abilities for the sake of heaven. Do you know who we are doing? If you annoy the boss behind us, even if you are older There is not enough head to cut!”
Ye Chen sneered, grabbed Ma Chongxin’s neck, and slapped with all his strength!
This slap force was so powerful that he pulled it up at once, and directly beat his entire jaw into a comminuted fracture. Almost all the teeth in the mouth were directly broken by the huge force at this moment!
Ma Chongxin hasn’t been beaten for so many years in the society, but he has never suffered such a terrifying slap in the face.
At this moment, he only felt that his mouth was completely painful to the point of numbness. At the end of the pain, he didn’t feel the pain at all. He could only feel that the whole person was already stale, and the whole mouth was full of big and small hard particles. .
And the mouth was full of warm sweet smell, and there seemed to be dozens of bleeding wounds in his mouth.
So that the blood filled his mouth instantly.

Chapter: 2446
Immediately afterwards, Ma Chongxin spit out with a wow, his mouth full of blood mixed with dozens of broken teeth, this scene was stunned, and the other three people around him.
They didn’t quite understand why the young man in front of him was suddenly angry.
Is it because the captain Ma Chongxin’s words are too pretending?
Ma Chongxin was also directly confused. Seeing that there were no teeth left in his mouth, his whole person was on the verge of collapse, and he cried vaguely: “You…you…you Looking for death…I…I am…I am Yanjing…”
Ye Chen sneered and interrupted him: “I know what you want to say, aren’t you from the Yanjing Su family? Are you talking about this with me here, do you really think I will be afraid of the Su family behind you?”
Ma Chongxin said with a look of astonishment: “The Su family…the Su family is the first in the country…you…why are you not afraid?!”
Ye Chen laughed and said contemptuously: “Afraid? To tell you the truth, I and the entire Su family have antagonisms, even if Su Chengfeng pretended to be forceful in front of me, I would slap all his teeth! ”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “Since you are a dog of the Su family, killing a few dogs like you can temporarily relieve my hatred!”
When Ma Chongxin heard this, he was even more desperate, and he thought to himself: “This guy…this guy actually has a hatred against the Su family. I…I wanted to move out of Su. The big Buddha at home, in exchange for forgiveness from the other side, did not think that he had lifted a rock and hit his own foot…”
At this time, Ye Chen raised his volume a bit, and said coldly: “I will ask you again, do you want to say or not?”
Ma Chongxin gritted his teeth and blurted out: “I say it’s dead, not to mention it’s dead. If I say it, the boss will not let it go even if my family knows it, so you should kill me!”
Ye Chen smiled: “I said, I won’t let you die so easily, I will send you to the kennel and let you die slowly.”
At this moment, Chen Zekai ran in with two of his men. He was a little relieved to see that Ye Chen had taken control of the situation. However, when he saw that Rolls Royce that had been hit by the horrible crash, he couldn’t help but feel relieved. Grabbing his heart, he asked, “Master Ye, man… how is man?”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Liu Zhan is dead, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were seriously injured and unconscious, but the two of them will not die within a short while.”
When Ye Chen came in, he had already used aura to investigate the injuries of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu.
The injuries of these two people are very serious. For the doctor, they should have lost the value and opportunity of treatment. If they survive for an hour at most, they may die.
However, for Ye Chen, their injuries were not incurable. After solving the four people in front of them, giving them half a rejuvenation pill for each of them, mother and daughter, would surely be saved.
Chen Zekai heard Ye Chen say that the two of them won’t die in a while, knowing that Ye Chen must have a way to save them, so he was relieved.
He checked the time and said, “Master Ye, we have to hurry up. I heard that the people from the high-speed wrecking team have already started to clear the obstacles at the tunnel entrance at the back. They should be able to clear them in about half an hour. Out of a lane.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I see, I can solve it all in ten minutes.”
Then, he asked Chen Zekai: “By the way, Old Chen, can you get me some African hyenas?”
“Huh?” Chen Zekai was stunned, and blurted out: “African hyena? What kind of African hyena?”
Ye Chen looked at the four Ma Chongxin in front of him, and said coldly: “It’s the kind of African hyena that lives in groups on the prairie and likes to dig its prey when hunting!”
Chen Zekai took a deep breath and blurted out, “Master Ye, what are you doing with that kind of dog?”
Ye Chen stared at Ma Chongxin and sneered: “I want to add a new breed to Hongwu’s kennel. He is full of ordinary dog ​​fighting, not very good. If you raise a group of African hyenas who like to dig their anus, they must It is interesting!”

Chapter: 2447
As soon as Ye Chen said this, Ma Chongxin and others trembled almost immediately!
They didn’t understand why the man in front of him was so vicious and wanted to torture them with African hyenas. Is he still a human being so cruel?
As a result, one of them couldn’t bear it immediately, and cried and said, “I said! I said all!”
It didn’t matter what he said, and the other two people around him also hurriedly expressed their opinions: “I also said!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction: “Okay, the three of you have this attitude, I will give you time later, a little bit of detail.”
After speaking, he looked at Ma Chongxin and sneered: “It seems that your bones are very hard. I wonder if the African hyena can chew it?”
As soon as the voice fell, Ye Chen laughed self-deprecatingly: “Look at my memory. I forgot that African hyenas don’t like to chew bones. They like to find a weak point from their prey, and then use their teeth to attack that point. It depends on whether you can hold it.”
Ma Chongxin’s face was as pale as paper, and he was frightened, he also hurriedly cried and said, “I said! I said all! Please be merciful…”
Ye Chen sneered, clicked on the phone’s video recording, re-recorded a new video, and said: “Come on, let’s introduce yourself first, and then elaborate on who instructed you to do this. ?”
Ma Chongxin endured the severe pain all over his body, and said: “I…My name is Ma Chongxin…I am the head of the Su family of Yanjing and the captain of Su Chengfeng’s personal bodyguard. I have played for Su Chengfeng. For nearly twenty years, this time, I came to Jinling to assassinate Su Chengfeng’s eldest daughter-in-law, Su Shoudao’s wife, Du Haiqing…”
Ye Chen asked again, “Why did that old dog Su Chengfeng assassinate Du Haiqing?”
Ma Chongxin’s frightened eyelids throbbed wildly, and he thought to himself: “This guy…what the hell is this guy…doesn’t put the aloof Old Man Su in his eyes at all, and even openly said about him. It’s an old dog, this…Is this guy really afraid of death?”
However, doubts return to doubts, Ma Chongxin now dare not have any disobedience to Ye Chen.
Therefore, he could only vainly said: “This…this is because…Su Chengfeng is very dissatisfied with Du Haiqing. He feels that Du Haiqing is going to divorce Su Shoudao at this time. The Su family fell into trouble…”
“What makes him even more unacceptable is that Du Haiqing actually came to Jinling at this time to cherish the memory of Ye Changying of the Ye family, and even publicly participated in the auction to bid for the old house where Ye Changying lived…”
“Su Chengfeng felt that Du Haiqing had seriously damaged the reputation of the Su family, leaving the Su family dull and embarrassed, so he had the idea of ​​cleaning the door…”
Ye Chen asked again: “Then how did Su Chengfeng plan the whole thing?”
Ma Chongxin said hurriedly: “Su Chengfeng wanted to follow the European royal family’s method of assassinating the well-known princesses by creating a car accident to clean up Du Hai, so he found Liu Zhan and asked Liu Zhan to play a scene of being hunted down. Then he took the opportunity to hold Du Haiqing and let me in Planning a car accident in the tunnel directly killed Liu Zhan and Du Haiqing…”
Ye Chen sneered: “Oh? So, in order to kill Du Haiqing, this old dog, Su Chengfeng, deliberately instructed Liu Zhan to tie up explosives and take hundreds of people hostage?!”

Chapter: 2448
Speaking of this, Ye Chen’s voice suddenly increased a bit, and he scolded: “This old dog, Su Chengfeng, is still not a human? For his own benefit, for the little trouble in his own family, he wants to create a terrible incident with such a bad influence? Doesn’t he take social security and the safety of people’s lives and property seriously in his eyes?!”
As soon as Ye Chen said this, Ma Chongxin was immediately shocked…
“This guy…what is this guy going to do?! Is he going to offend the Su family to death?! He puts such a hat on Old Su now, once this video is posted, then. ….. That old man Su will definitely become a rascal for the people all over the country!”
“At that time, the people above will definitely hold the Su family accountable, and they may even impose severe punishment on the Su family…”
“It is very likely that the Su family will suffer a heavy blow and vitality because of this incident!”
Thinking of this, Ma Chongxin immediately shivered and said, “This…this…this me…I…I can’t say that… …. I… I’m just a commander, I shouldn’t guess what the old man meant…”
Ma Chongxin can only say so.
He didn’t dare to tag Old Man Su for Ye Chen.
But he didn’t dare to excuse Old Man Su in front of Ye Chen.
Therefore, I can only answer in this seemingly neutral way, but actually throwing the pot away for myself.
Ye Chen sneered: “The whole thing, I believe that after the people across the country know the truth, they will have a clear judgment in their hearts! It is a clear fact that Liu Zhan rushed into the Treasure Pavilion with explosives today. It is impossible to excuse the old dog Su Chengfeng!”
After that, he said coldly: “This old dog, Su Chengfeng, is simply a crooked animal! He had murdered his own granddaughter, Su Ruoli, Su Shoudao’s illegitimate daughter, and then let Su be shameless. Shou Dao takes the blame for him, and now he wants to murder Su Shou Dao’s wife. It’s just a repeat of the old trick!”
“I believe that the broad masses of the people should be able to see the ugly face of this man through Su Chengfeng’s deliberate plan to kill Du Haiqing! At the same time, he must clear his grievances for Su Shoudao. This buddy is really too miserable. My father wants to kill him. Killing his own illegitimate daughter, now I am going to kill my wife again!”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen turned his head and said coldly: “In fact, this beast behavior done by Su Chengfeng is far more than this one!”
As soon as the voice fell, Ye Chen immediately stood up, took the camera close to Rolls Royce, and took pictures of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu who were seriously injured and unconscious, and said coldly: “This old dog, Su Chengfeng, For the sake of his own face, even knowing that his granddaughter Su Zhiyu was in the same car with Du Haiqing, he still did not rein in the precipice and even asked his subordinates to kill Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing together! Such an old beast is really a national A scum, everyone gets punishable!”
When Ma Chongxin heard this, he blurted out in shock, “No! It’s not like that! Master… Master doesn’t know that Missy is also in the car!”
Ye Chen paused the camera directly, walked back to him, and slapped it over: “Just the fuck you have a mouth, don’t you? At this time, I still want to defend that old dog!”
Ma Chongxin desperately said: “I’m not justifying…I’m telling the truth…Master, he really didn’t want to hurt the eldest lady, it was Liu Zhan! It was Liu Zhan who took the eldest lady without authorization Get in the car!”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “I don’t care about this. Doesn’t Su Chengfeng, an old dog like to buckle a pot of shit for others? Today I want to let him feel the feeling of being held by someone else and buckling a shit!”

Chapter: 2449
Ma Chongxin almost collapsed.
He didn’t expect Ye Chen to be so ruthless. He wanted to use this matter to directly blow up the reputation of Old Su and the entire Su family.
He can already foresee how passive the Su family will be once this incident is exposed!
This may be a huge catastrophe that the Su family has not encountered in decades!
He subconsciously said: “You…you can’t reverse right and wrong like this…”
Ye Chen sneered: “Are you still worrying about your master now? Don’t worry, I will delete the content you just used to excuse Su Chengfeng’s old dog, and then release the video. Then, the reputation of the Su family will be You will fall into the cesspool of evolution. Among them, you also have a credit.”
Ma Chongxin was ashamed.
Ye Chen didn’t bother him anymore, and instead said to Chen Zekai, “Send these four guys secretly to Hong Wu’s kennel for strict supervision.”
Chen Zekai nodded immediately: “Okay Master Ye, I urgently transferred two more helicopters and they will be there soon.”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and then said, “Also tell Hong Wu. Later, I will pay him 30 million in cash. This money will be reserved for him to transform the entire kennel. The scale of the kennel is expanded, the internal facilities are strengthened and upgraded, and more importantly, a complete set of underground kennels should be built in the ground of the kennel. His kennel should also be expanded in scale and become an industry. Upgraded!”
Chen Zekai couldn’t help laughing out loud.
He understood what Ye Chen meant. He said it was to upgrade the kennel. In fact, the main reason was that Ye Chen sent too many people inside.
If you don’t upgrade, there will be more people on the kennel than dogs.
So he immediately said: “Good young master, I know, I will explain to Hong Wu later.”
At this time, another eight men in black with live ammunition rushed in, came to Chen Zekai’s front, and said respectfully: “Ms. Chen!”
Chen Zekai nodded and hurriedly told them: “You guys, tie up these four guys one by one, take them out, and send them to Hongwu’s kennel first!”
Several people responded and immediately tied Ma Chongxin and other four people like a grasshopper and led them out.
Except Chen Zekai, everyone else left the tunnel. Ye Chen had already arrived at the Rolls-Royce car at this time. Seeing Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing who were in a coma due to serious injuries in the car, he sighed helplessly. Tone.
Chen Zekai sighed when he heard him, and hurriedly asked, “Master, are you sighing because the two of them were saved?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “I sigh because they are still saved.”
Chen Zekai asked incomprehensibly: “Master, since people are still saved, why do you still sigh?”
Ye Chen sighed, “Hey, I sighed because I wanted to save Su Zhiyu again. This is the second time I saved her life.”
Ye Chen said again: “I saved her twice, saved her brother once, saved her half-sister once, Su Shoudao that bastard, there are three children in total, three children are my fucking mother Saved four times, you say, what the hell is this?”
Chen Zekai also said helplessly: “Master, I believe you must also feel that the crime is not as good as your children. Although the older generation of the Su family is not a good thing, Su Zhiyu is indeed different from them.”
Ye Chen shook his head: “I don’t actually have any contact with her, and I don’t know anything about her. Is she the same as Su Chengfeng and Su Shoudao? I have no idea at all.”
Chen Zekai said seriously: “Master, Su Zhiyu has a good reputation in Yanjing, talented and extremely studious, and he is humble. He has never put on the airs of a rich second generation. He has never heard of her since childhood. As Su’s parents’ granddaughter’s identity has bullied someone, you can save her and you should not be wrong.”
Ye Chen nodded: “I hope so.”
With that said, he took out a rejuvenating pill from his pocket, divided it into two, and stuffed it into the mouths of the mother and daughter respectively.
The mother and daughter were already about to run out of oil, but as half of a rejuvenation pill was taken in, their bodies immediately began to enter a state of rapid response.
Ye Chen felt that the aura of the two became stronger and stronger, and he was also relieved.

Chapter: 2450
At this time, Chen Zekai on the side asked: “Master, what should their wives do? Should they just let them leave after they recover, or…”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “If they are allowed to leave here unharmed and enter the public’s field of vision directly, the video I just made has no meaning. As long as people are alive, people are not dead, and there is nothing serious, it will be in the eyes of ordinary people. Here, the Su family is not so evil.”
Having said that, Ye Chen said again: “Let’s take it to your hotel and put it under house arrest. Just like Su Ruoli, it’s delicious and drinkable, but it’s never allowed to contact the outside world or leave the room for half a step!”
“Okay!” Chen Zekai nodded and asked: “Then how to get them out?”
Ye Chen didn’t speak, and leaned down directly, with both hands forcefully squeezing the backrests of the front and rear seats that squeezed the mother and daughter apart.
As soon as Chen Zekai came up, he was blinded, and then he came back to his senses. He laughed at himself: “It’s really rare and weird. When the young master was in Changbai Mountain, he led the sky to thunder and annihilated the eight kings of the Wu family. What’s more…”
When Chen Zekai laughed at herself, Ye Chen had already pushed away the seats that the mother and daughter were squeezing back and forth.
Afterwards, he first took Du Haiqing out of it, carefully placed it on the ground by the tunnel, and then returned to take Su Zhiyu out.
At this time, Su Zhiyu was in a very chaotic state.
In this chaos, her brain still functions normally, but it has almost disconnected from the outside world.
Her world is already in darkness, only thinking is left.
And her whole person’s thinking has also been completely immersed in her own consciousness.
She vaguely remembered that just before she was in a coma, she heard someone talking, and it seemed that someone else appeared here.
Moreover, she felt that the voice seemed familiar.
“That voice seems to be exactly the same as the voice I heard when my brother and I were kidnapped in Japan and were about to be killed!”
“And the master of that voice is the benefactor I have been searching for!”
“However, before I closed my eyes, my consciousness was blurred, and I couldn’t determine if I had auditory hallucinations…”
“After all, my benefactor’s voice circulates in my mind every day. It is normal to have auditory hallucinations in an emergency…”
“Think about it now… the master grandpa was looking for at the time is really accurate…”
“He said that my benefactor’s life style is too hard, and I shouldn’t continue to look for my benefactor, otherwise it will only be moths to fight the fire. It seems that it is not just talking about it…”
“It’s just that I’m about to die in Jinling, but I still don’t have a chance to find my benefactor. God let me fly moths to the fire, don’t you even give me a chance to see a fire?”
“Think about it now, it’s really unwilling to die here so fruitlessly…”
Just in Su Zhiyu’s thoughts, when she felt unwilling to her imminent death, she suddenly felt that her lost contact with her body seemed to have some feeling.
Immediately afterwards, she felt that someone put her hands under her armpits, pulling her body up.
At this moment, she felt a panic and uneasy, because she didn’t know what was going on, and she couldn’t tell whether the feeling was real or illusory.
She even felt that this might be her soul, trying to leave her body.
At this moment, she tried her best to open her eyes, and after several attempts, she finally noticed a ray of light in the endless darkness!
Vaguely, she saw a man’s face!
She was surprised and happy in her heart, concentrated all her strength on her eyelids, and worked hard to open her eyes.
In the next second, a face of longing and thinking suddenly appeared in her eyes!
At this moment, Su Zhiyu couldn’t help exclaiming in her heart: “It’s him! It’s really him!”

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