The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2471-2480

Chapter: 2471
In the evening, when Ye Chen returned home, the ten masters and soldiers of the Su family were divided into five groups and began to patrol every hospital in Jinling.
At the same time, Su Shoude asked Steve to prepare a sumptuous dinner in the restaurant of his presidential suite.
Although the economic strength of the Steve family is tens of thousands of miles worse than that of the Su family, in Su Shoude’s view, Steve’s mother is a member of the Rothschild family after all, so it is impossible to maintain a certain friendship with him. What’s the disadvantage.
Steve was naturally too excited.
Although his mother was indeed a woman from the Rothschild family, he knew very well that there were at least hundreds of women in the Rothschild family like his mother.
And the line of his mother and grandfather is not named in the Rothschild family.
He is a relative of the Rothschild family, to put it bluntly is just to gain a reputation.
Now that he has the opportunity to make friends with the Su family, the top Chinese family, it is naturally a very valuable thing for him. Maybe in the future, he can rely on the Su family to quickly lay a foundation in China.
Therefore, Steve was so excited that he could not find his son Walter, who had been missing for a long time, and sat up on the wine table with Su Shoude’s faithful licking dog.
Just when the two of them were enjoying each other, Ye Chen received a WeChat from Chen Zekai. The content of the WeChat was: “Master, the people of the Su family are investigating the background of the Emgrand Group. At the same time, they have sent experts to sneak into the major hospitals in Jinling, secretly looking for Du The whereabouts of Haiqing and Su Zhiyu.”
Ye Chen sneered in his heart, and replied: “Su Shoude is okay, I have found the Emgrand Group. I can’t wait to find me out and meet him.”
Chen Zekai said: “Master, rest assured, the outside world only knows about the acquisition by Yejia of Emgrand Group, but they don’t know who the chairman of Emgrand Group is. I believe he will not be able to find you in a short time.”
Ye Chen replied immediately: “Don’t give him a chance, I will take him to visit the dog farm in Hongwu tonight.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly asked: “Master, are you ready to do it tonight?”
Ye Chen replied: “It’s wrong, it’s tonight. Go talk to Su Ruoli and let her prepare.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Good young master, is there anything I need to prepare?”
Ye Chen said: “Tell Hong Wu to prepare the dog farm. After all, Su Shoude is the second master of the Su family. He has an unusual background. Let Hong Wu vacate a dog cage for him.”
Chen Zekai asked: “What about Steve? Do you want to prepare it for him?”
Ye Chen said, “When Steve arrives at the kennel, it must be a moving scene with Walter and his son. Then let him live in a dog cage with his son. Oh, by the way, you ask Hong Wu to prepare some flowers. , To give the father and son a little warm atmosphere.”
“Good master, I see!”
Jinling International Hotel.
Su Shoude, who was full of food and drink, stood alone in front of the luxurious French windows of the presidential suite, looking at the night view of Jinling.
However, he was in a good mood at this time, because the whereabouts of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were unknown, and he was afraid that his murder of Su Zhiyu would be revealed.
He was actually very clear in his heart: “Even if the old man is no longer a thing, the love for Su Zhiyu in the old man’s heart is indeed from the heart.”
“If Su Zhiyu died, of course everyone would be happy. In that case, both Su Zhifei and Su Shoudao will be exiled to Australia, and there will be no one in the Su family who can threaten my status.”
“Furthermore, if Su Zhiyu is dead, it will definitely cause a big blow to the old man. Maybe it can make him belch earlier and help me inherit the position of Su Family Patriarch earlier.”
“However, if Su Zhiyu is dead, it is always a huge threat to me!”
Thinking like this, the assistant knocked on the door.
After Su Shoude let him in, he asked, “How’s things going?”

Chapter: 2472
The assistant hurriedly said respectfully: “Boss, the master sent out has already touched the entire Jinling hospital, and they have not found the two of them.”
“No?!” Su Shoude frowned and asked, “Is it sure that every hospital has been investigated?”
“Yes.” The assistant nodded and said seriously: “Not only the tertiary hospitals, but even the ordinary small clinics have been found, and they have not been found.”
Su Shoude immediately smacked his lips: “Tsk tsk…It’s a bit weird! There is no such thing in the hospital, are people dead?”
After that, he immediately opened his mouth and said: “Go and check the current progress of the police investigation. Are there any breakthroughs?”
The assistant said truthfully: “Boss, I have already inquired about the situation on the police side. They don’t have any clues now. They are monitoring the bullet shells collected at the tunnel site and want to push back clues from the gunner.”
Su Shoude frowned and asked him, “Where are Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu? The police have no clues?”
“No.” The assistant nodded; “The police are just as confused as us.”
“Damn…” Su Shoude cursed in a low voice, and then continued to ask, “Is there any investigation result about that group of mysterious people? The group rushed in through the tunnel entrance and took Du Hai away. Not to mention Qing and Su Zhiyu, they also took away the four of them, Ma Chongxin, not to mention the 6 big living people, even 6 corpses are not so easy to deal with! After all, are you going to leave some clues?”
The assistant opened his mouth and said, “The police have no idea at all about this.”
Su Shoude stomped his feet irritably, and cursed: “It’s fucking wicked!”
After speaking, he asked, “How is the network naval forces doing now?”
The assistant replied: “The navy has basically controlled the situation now. At present, 70% of the content of the discussion on this matter on the Internet is inclined to the Su family, thinking that the Su family is the biggest victim, and want to murder Du Haiqinghe There must be someone else in Su Zhiyu’s. I believe that as long as we continue to maintain such an overwhelming coverage of public opinion, within a few days, people across the country will believe that we are innocent.”
Su Shoude breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You did a good job with this matter. If the old man is also satisfied, I will definitely not treat you badly.”
The assistant bowed immediately and said, “Thank you boss!”
Su Shoude gave a hum and ordered: “There is one more thing, you can arrange it for me.”
The assistant hurriedly said, “Boss, please tell me.”
Su Shoude said with a grim expression: “Although Liu Zhan’s family didn’t know that I gave them 20 million and asked them to tell Liu Zhan to kill one more Su Zhiyu, but once they shake it out, it will be passed on to the old man. In my ears, then I am the biggest suspect, so you send someone to his hometown tonight and set a fire to destroy all the evidence, understand?”
The assistant nodded: “Good boss, I get it!”
After that, the assistant received a message, took a quick look, and reported to Su Shou Dehui: “Boss, Ms. Zheng’s plane has landed at Jinling Airport. You will be at the hotel in 40 minutes.”
When Su Shoude heard this, a trace of desire flashed in his eyes, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a little rippling.
The Miss Zheng in the assistant’s mouth is Zheng Xiaoqi, one of the four young talents in today’s entertainment industry.
This Zheng Xiaoqi is only 26 years old this year. She graduated from the film school for four years. She is very beautiful, but because of her poor acting skills and no background, she has been unknown in the film and television industry for the past two years.
However, starting from the year before last, Zheng Xiaoqi has successively obtained the film resources of many top directors, which can be described as a steady pace, and soon ranks among the super first-line actors.
Many people speculate that there must be a gold master behind her, but as long as the relevant speculation posts are posted, they will be deleted immediately, and they will not spread at all.
The reason is that Zheng Xiaoqi was taken in by Su Shoude, who was taken into his bag and made his canary.
Under normal circumstances, as long as Su Shoude has the opportunity to leave Beijing, Zheng Xiaoqi will come over to have a tryst with him, and today is no exception.
When Su Shoudao decided to come to Jinling, he asked Zheng Xiaoqi, who was filming in the South China Sea, to prepare to rush over. So Zheng Xiaoqi stepped up to finish filming today’s scene, and immediately took a sick leave with the crew, secretly took a private jet, and rushed to Jinling.
When I heard that Zheng Xiaoqi was about to land, Su Shoude felt a little excited, and said to his assistant: “Okay, you go out, I want to take a bath, and when Miss Zheng comes, I will send her directly into the room. see me!”

Chapter: 2473
Su Shoude had a good plan for himself.
Before Zheng Xiaoqi arrived, I took a bath to relieve fatigue, and when Zheng Xiaoqi arrived, I could go straight to the topic with her.
It is rare to have such a chance to get rid of the yellow face woman at home, and naturally take the opportunity to stay with Zheng Xiaoqi for a few days.
Putting off the hot water, Su Shoude took off his clothes and crawled into the bathtub, soaking his slightly fat body in the hot water.
Feeling happy in his heart, he didn’t know that he was only 20 minutes away from hell on earth.
At this moment, Ye Chen and Su Ruoli had quietly touched into the Jinling International Hotel.
Needless to say, Ye Chen’s skills, as for Su Ruoli, he was originally a master of internal boxing carefully trained by the He family, and he has received a lot of professional training as bodyguards and killers.
More importantly, during this period of time, Su Ruoli’s veins were completely opened up with the help of Ye Chen, and the overall strength has improved a lot, so it is not a problem to sneak into the Jinling International Hotel with Ye Chen.
Before coming, Chen Zekai had investigated the location of Su Shoude and Steve’s rooms in Jinling International Hotel.
Su Shoude directly undertook the entire administrative floor, so his bodyguards, as well as the masters of the Su family, were mostly arranged in the rooms near the elevator entrance and staircase entrance.
In their view, the entrance of the stairs and the elevator is the throat of the entire executive floor, and the executive floor is on the 20th floor, the highest floor of the hotel, so as long as you guard the stairs and elevator, you can ensure that Su Shoude is safe.
However, they did not expect that Ye Chen and Su Ruoli would choose to take a helicopter and break through their defense directly from the top.
However, the roar of the helicopter was very loud. Even if the helicopter was at a height of several hundred meters, the ground could be heard clearly, and it was even deafening. Therefore, Ye Chen specially asked Chen Zekai to arrange a fireworks show to cover himself.
It was half past eleven at night.
On the river opposite the Golden Collar International Hotel, huge fireworks suddenly set off.
The fireworks were set off on a boat on the river surface. The huge fireworks projectiles shot straight into the sky, bursting at a height of more than 100 meters above the river surface, and for a while, the entire river surface became extremely hot.
The fireworks exploded one after another, and the sound kept resounding on both sides of the Yangtze River. For a while, many people were awakened from their dreams, and many sleepy people came to the bedside to watch them in excitement.
No one knows why it is so late, and there are people setting off fireworks on the river.
However, Jinling itself is a city full of pyrotechnic and romantic atmosphere, and people often set off fireworks to confess love. Everyone is not surprised.
The fireworks continue to set off, bringing the entire river surface and the two sides of the bank to a colorful backdrop.
The riverside side of Jinling International Hotel was also illuminated like daylight.
However, because this side is too bright, the other side naturally appears darker.
At this moment, a helicopter in the sky quickly flew towards the roof of Jinling International Hotel.
The helicopter stays at an altitude of 150 meters, although it is impossible to eliminate the roaring noise during flight, but because the sound of the firework explosion is stronger, people cannot detect the presence of the helicopter at all.
At this moment, inside the helicopter.
Ye Chen and Su Ruoli sat side by side, and Chen Zekai and two of his men sat opposite.
When approaching the hotel, Chen Zekai said with some worry: “Master, as far as I know, there are at least 20 or 30 masters around Su Shoude, not including some bodyguards he hired from a local security company. You and Miss Su There are only two people, wouldn’t it be too dangerous? How about I transfer some more people over!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said faintly: “No, only a few people can sneak in and withdraw quietly. If there are too many people, don’t you just have to come with a sharp knife and a spear?”
Chen Zekai was a little nervous and said, “But young master, I don’t know what the strength is. If there is danger, it will be difficult for us to support you effectively…”

Chapter: 2474
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry about this. When you get to the top of the hotel, the helicopter does not need to go down. If Li and I go down by cable, then you will hover in the sky and wait for about ten minutes. Su Shoude and Steve took to the balcony. When the time comes, you can adjust the ropes and pull us up, and we will go directly to Hongwu’s kennel.”
Chen Zekai saw that Ye Chen had arranged everything, no longer said anything, and said firmly: “Good master, we are waiting for you above the hotel.”
Ye Chen said to Su Ruoli again at this time: “Ruoli, you will be responsible for Steve Hogwitz later, and Su Shoude will let me solve it.”
Su Ruoli nodded gently, and said respectfully, “Good Master Ye!”
Ye Chen said: “Remember, try not to disturb other people. Let’s fast in and out, and try to see that Su Shoude and that Steve have evaporated from the world, and we can’t find any clues.”
One minute later.
The plane hovered over the roof of the hotel.
Chen Zekai’s men immediately put down two extremely strong nylon ropes from both sides of the helicopter.
After Ye Chen and Su Ruoli exchanged glances, each grabbed a rope and quickly slid directly from the sides of the helicopter.
In the blink of an eye, the two quietly landed on the roof of the hotel.
Afterwards, the two quietly touched the balcony of Su Shoude and Steve’s room from the outside of the hotel.
At this time, Steve didn’t have any interest in the fireworks outside. He was lying on the bed, trying to fall asleep a little anxiously, but because of the jet lag, he had almost no sleepiness.
In desperation, he had to decide to drink some wine to help sleep.
So he stood up and prepared to take a bottle of whiskey from the wine cabinet in the hotel room.
At this moment, the sound of fireworks exploding again sounded outside, and he cursed a little irritably: “I don’t know which damn bastard it is. Fireworks are set off at this time!”
While muttering, he suddenly felt that someone patted his shoulder.
At this moment, Steve was so scared that his hair stood up.
There is only one person in the room, why would someone slap one’s shoulder?
He subconsciously turned his head to look, and a charming Chinese woman looked at him with a smile.
This woman is Su Ruoli.
Steve immediately realized that the other party was not good, panicked, and was about to call for help. He felt that his neck was suddenly hit hard, and he fainted.
at this time.
Ye Chen also touched into Su Shoude’s presidential suite.
At this time, Su Shoude had just finished soaking in the bath, wrapped in a bathrobe and dangling a cigar, while walking out of the bathroom, while holding a mobile phone, he sent a voice WeChat message to Zheng Xiaoqi: “Baby, how long will it take to arrive?”
The other party quickly replied, and the voice said in a sweet voice: “Dear, wait for me for another ten minutes. I have already entered the city, and I will be there soon!”
Su Shoude smiled obscenely: “Let the driver drive faster. If you still don’t get there within ten minutes, then I’ll see you later, I’m going to hit your ass!”
After speaking, he loosened his finger and the voice was sent.
At this moment, he suddenly heard a man laugh and said: “Mr. Su, I see that beautiful woman’s ass, you can’t beat it!”

Chapter: 2475
When Su Shoude heard this sound, his whole body was as if being electrocuted, and he jumped high all at once.
Soon, he immediately followed the reputation, and on a small stool in the bathroom door was a young man with a smile on his face.
He was shocked, and blurted out: “You…who are you?!”
Ye Chen sneered: “Me? I’m the great benefactor of your Su family.”
Su Shoude said nervously, “What kind of benefactor? You…what do you want to do?”
Ye Chen smiled: “I’m really the great benefactor of your Su family. Your eldest brother’s children are Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu. They were kidnapped in Japan. I saved them. You said Am I the great benefactor of your Su family?”
“What?!” Su Shoude said dumbfounded: “You…you are the mysterious master of Japan?!”
Ye Chen asked with interest: “What? Have you heard of me?”
Su Shoude vaguely said: “I heard my niece talk about it…My father still talks about it. If he has a chance to find you, I must thank you very much.”
As he said, he carefully looked at Ye Chen with a pair of eyes, trying to figure out whether this person was an enemy or a friend.
He secretly analyzed in his heart: “This kid suddenly appeared in my room. No matter how you look at it, it is because the person who came is not good…”
“But… if he is really the mysterious person who rescued Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu in Japan, then he should be malicious to the Su family, right?”
Ye Chen smiled at this time and said: “Oh, if you Su family really want to thank me, then it would be a really good, heartfelt gratitude. I just said it, because I not only saved their brothers and sisters. The two, they also helped save your elder brother’s illegitimate daughter.”
Su Shoude’s expression changed suddenly!
“My eldest brother’s illegitimate daughter?!”
“You… are you talking about Su Ruoli?!”
Seeing him in horror, Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “It’s wrong, I also rescued Su Ruoli.”
Su Shoude didn’t know whether Ye Chen was an enemy or a friend, but now he had the answer in his heart.
The man in front of him must be an unkind person.
Because, it was because of Su Ruoli’s sudden disappearance that the old man’s business with the Japanese Self-Defense Force was not fulfilled, and it was completely exposed.
The nervous Su Shoude immediately said: “This brother, Su Ruoli’s matter was the idea of ​​my father alone, and I did not participate in it.”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “I haven’t finished speaking, so don’t worry about explaining to yourself.”
Su Shoude hurriedly said respectfully: “Please say…”
Ye Chen snorted, tilted Erlang’s legs, and said leisurely: “Your sister-in-law and your eldest niece were kidnapped by the wanted man and almost died in a car accident. I saved them both.”
“What?! It’s you?!” Su Shoude was even more frightened when he heard this!
The last thing he wanted to see was that Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were still alive!
Unexpectedly, they were saved by this young man!
The nervous Su Shoude was afraid that Ye Chen would see his guilty conscience, and hurriedly pretended to say excitedly: “I don’t think my sister-in-law and niece are still alive! That’s great! Great!”
After speaking, he hurriedly said again: “I came to Jinling this time to find their whereabouts. Don’t you know, our family is very nervous about the safety of their mother and daughter. Before I came, my father told me, At all costs, it’s safe to change the two of them! I don’t think they were saved by you, thank you so much!”
Ye Chen said with a smile: “Su Shoude, I thought that all of you from the Su family are old foxes who are scheming and calculating. It is really disappointing to think that your acting skills are so flamboyant, and you don’t care at all.”

Chapter: 2476
Su Shoude said nervously, “This gentleman, you…what do you mean by this, I…how can I not understand?”
While speaking, Su Shoude’s brain was already running at high speed.
He can now be sure that the young man in front of him has no good intentions, so what he thinks in his mind is how to get out of trouble.
At this moment, the first thought that appeared in his mind was calling for help.
“On this floor of the hotel, there are at least 40 or 50 of my subordinates, and there are many masters among them. The combined combat effectiveness is amazing. This kid is not an opponent 80%.”
“However, this guy can quietly appear in my room, it proves that his personal strength is still very strong!”
“Combined with the previous descriptions of him by Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, this person can kill many top Japanese ninjas by himself. This shows that this person is extremely powerful…”
“Even if my subordinates can beat him together, I’m afraid he will kill him directly when I call for help…”
Thinking of this, he immediately gave up the idea of ​​calling for help.
“But, if I don’t call for help, what should I do next? What if he wants to kill me?”
When he was struggling, Su Ruoli stepped in.
When Su Shoude saw Su Ruoli, he immediately looked like a ghost, and said in a trembling voice: “If… Ruoli, you…you… why are you here? ?!”
Su Ruoli looked at him coldly and asked, “What? You must be disappointed to see me alive?”
Su Shoude said in a panic, “Ruo Li, don’t get me wrong. You are the flesh and blood of my elder brother, and you are my niece. How could I wish you something…”
Su Ruoli gritted her teeth and cursed: “Su Shoude, don’t you pretend to be a good person here! Your Su family regarded me as cannon fodder and sold my life to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Is it true that I don’t know?”
Su Shoude explained in a panic: “Ruo Li…that was not my decision… it’s all your grandpa…”
Su Ruoli immediately said angrily: “He is not my grandfather! He is such a cruel and shameless scum, I will personally kill him sooner or later!”
Seeing Su Ruoli’s emotions, Ye Chen said indifferently: “If Li, you must learn to control your emotions at all times, otherwise, no matter how talented you are, it will be difficult for you to become a master in the future!”
Ordinary practitioners only practice skin and muscles. As long as they practice hard, their temperament and emotions will not have much impact on their own strength.
However, for people like Su Ruoli, who have practiced internal martial arts since childhood and mastered internal power, what they fear most is their mentality.
Otherwise, it is very likely that you will fall into a bottleneck period, and it will be difficult to break through.
When Su Ruoli heard Ye Chen’s words, he hurriedly recovered, controlled his emotions, and said ashamed: “Thank you, Master Ye, for reminding me that I was too impulsive…”
Su Shoude heard this and pointed at Ye Chen and exclaimed: “You…you…your surname Ye?!”
Ye Chen nodded: “It’s wrong, my last name is Ye.”
Su Shoude blurted out: “You…are you the Ye family?!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he muttered to himself: “It’s impossible…I never heard of any masters from the Ye family…”
As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his head to look at Ye Chen, and the more he looked, the more he realized that this young man seemed very familiar! Seen somewhere!
So, he racked his brains and thought carefully for a moment, and suddenly a face popped out of his mind, and this face immediately frightened him!
He looked at Ye Chen and blurted out: “You…how do you look like Ye Changying…Who are you from Ye Changying?!”
Ye Chen put away his cynical expression, and said coldly: “Ye Changying is my father, I am his son, Ye Chen!”

Chapter: 2477
The moment Ye Chen revealed his identity, Su Shoude’s whole person was as if he was struck by five thunders!
He looked at Ye Chen dumbfounded, and blurted out in a panic, “You… are you really Ye Changying’s son?”
After saying this, he waited for Ye Chen to answer, and muttered to himself: “It looks like this, surely there is nothing wrong…”
Immediately afterwards, he hurriedly said: “Xiao Ye, I have some friendship with your dad. It stands to reason that you should call me Uncle…”
Ye Chen said disdainfully: “Let me call you uncle? You deserve it too?”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “I know, your perception of the Su family is definitely not very good, but our Su and Ye families have long had an agreement on non-interference and non-confrontation. Over the past ten or twenty years, We have always followed the tenet of not violating the river and developing the economy separately. You…you can’t break this agreement!”
Ye Chen snorted coldly: “The agreement between you and the Ye family is a matter between you and has nothing to do with me.”
Su Shoude said in a panic: “You…your surname is Ye…you must also abide by the agreement between the Ye family and us!”
Ye Chen sneered: “I don’t recognize any agreement between you and the Ye family, I only recognize eight characters.”
“Which eight characters?!”
Ye Chen said word by word: “Parents’ hatred is not shared!”
Su Shoude panicked even more and blurted out: “But the death of your parents has nothing to do with our Su family!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Your Su family took the lead in forming an Anti-Leaf Alliance. Just these four words will cost you!”
Su Shoude hurriedly explained: “Xiaoye…When your father had an accident, I didn’t even begin to take over the Su family affairs. The Anti-Leaf Alliance has nothing to do with me…”
Ye Chen stood up, grabbed Su Shoude’s bathrobe collar, and said sternly: “If it matters, it’s not you who have the final say, but I have the final say!”
Having said that, he smiled faintly and said: “Mr. Su, I have prepared a good room for you in Jinling. Since it is here, come with me and enjoy it!”
Su Shoude didn’t know where Ye Chen would take him, let alone what he planned to do with himself.
Just by looking at Ye Chen’s expression, he knew that it was definitely not a good thing, so he sobbed in shock and begged: “Ye Chen, I really didn’t do anything to hurt your father. The Anti-Leaf Alliance was done by my father and my elder brother back then. Yes, the wrongdoer has the debtor, if you want revenge, you are looking for them…”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You Su family are really fucking raccoon dogs. Whenever something happens, let your family take care of it.”
After speaking, his tone suddenly improved a bit, and he sternly said: “But don’t worry, your father and your brother can’t escape, but it’s a matter of time! Please come with me today!”
When the voice fell, Ye Chen stretched out his hand and slapped his forehead vigorously.
Su Shoude only felt dizzy in his brain, and his whole person instantly lost consciousness.
Immediately, Ye Chen asked Su Ruoli: “Where is Steve?”
Su Ruoli hurriedly said respectfully: “Master Ye, Steve was tied up after being knocked unconscious by me, right on the balcony.”
Ye Chen nodded and said to Su Ruoli: “Ruoli, you help me deal with the traces and don’t leave any clues.”
Su Ruoli said without hesitation: “Good Young Master Ye, dealing with the scene is one of my best things.”
In the past, Su Ruoli worked for the Su family, and there were often assassinations or kidnappings. Every time Su Ruoli was able to clean up all clues without leaving a trace, he was very capable in this regard.
Ye Chen handed the scene to her, and dragged Su Shoude, who was like a dead pig, to the huge balcony of the presidential suite.
At this time, Steve, who was unconscious, had his hands and feet firmly tied up by the sheets, and his body curled up into a spherical shape.

Chapter: 2478
Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and asked Chen Zekai to tell the helicopter pilot to put down the rope, and firmly tied Steve and Su Shoude together with a sturdy nylon rope. Then the two were quietly lifted up by the winch.
At this moment, Su Ruoli went backwards while dealing with the footprints he left, step by step back to the balcony, respectfully said to Ye Chen: “Ye Gongzi, everything is done!”
Ye Chen nodded. At this moment, Chen Zekai sent a message: “Master, a business car came from the airport and entered the hotel basement. The people from Su Shoude just blocked the basement. It is estimated that the people in this car should be here. Looking for him, you and Miss Su moved slightly faster.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “It should be Su Shoude’s friend here.”
As he said, he grabbed another rope and said to Su Ruoli: “Time is running out, you hug my waist, let’s go up together.”
The helicopter only has two ropes on the left and right, the one hanging from Steve and Su Shoude. It is estimated that it will take at least seven or eight minutes to wait for the winch to lift them up, untie the ropes, and then lower the ropes.
Since Su Shoude’s lover has arrived in the hotel basement, it is estimated that he will come up soon, so in order not to leave any clues, it is better to leave as soon as possible.
Therefore, if two people use the same rope, a lot of time can be saved.
Su Ruoli nodded immediately, but when he thought of holding Ye Chen, his cheeks were already warm.
At this time, Ye Chen had already grabbed the rope and said to Su Ruoli: “Hold my waist, don’t be afraid, I will hold you tight.”
Su Ruoli whispered: “Good Young Master Ye…”
After speaking, he mustered up his courage, stepped forward and hugged Ye Chen’s waist.
Feeling Ye Chen’s hard chest muscles, Su Ruoli’s face became more and more hot.
This is the first time that she has been so close and so loving with a man.
Ye Chen didn’t want to think too much, hugged her tightly, wrapped the rope around the waists of the two of them a few times, and then clenched one end of the rope tightly in the hand that was holding Su Ruoli.
After confirming that the ropes were tightly bound, he picked up the phone in the other hand and sent a voice message to Chen Zekai: “Just let the helicopter rise, hurry up and get out of here!”
“Good master!”
Chen Zekai did not dare to delay and immediately asked the pilot to raise the altitude.
Ye Chen held Su Ruoli and was quickly picked up by the helicopter.
In order to ensure safety, Ye Chen has been holding Su Ruoli tightly, and Su Ruoli also strongly hugged Ye Chen’s waist.
Immediately afterwards, the two people’s ground clearance increased, and the helicopter pulled up to a height of several hundred meters, and then flew towards Hong Wu’s kennel.
After the plane flew away, the firework show on the river finally died down.
Both sides of the Yangtze River quickly returned to calm from noisy.
at the same time.
A woman wearing a mask, sunglasses and a peaked cap took an Elfa nanny car and arrived at the second basement parking lot of Jinling International Hotel.
Su Shoude’s people have been waiting here long ago.
The nanny car stopped directly at the elevator entrance, and the surrounding area of ​​the elevator had been completely cleared by Su Shoude’s men. It was impossible for any paparazzi to lurch in, and even the surveillance video in the hotel parking lot was required to be shut down.
The car door opened, and the woman who completely covered her face stepped down. Su Shoude’s assistant stepped forward and whispered: “Miss Zheng, please come with me. The boss has been waiting for a long time!”
The woman hurriedly said: “Oh, then take me up quickly! Don’t make him wait in a hurry!”

Chapter: 2479
This woman is the most popular young actress, Zheng Xiaoqi.
People in the entertainment industry know that there is a super powerful gold master behind Zheng Xiaoqi, but most people don’t know who this gold master is.
Since playing with Su Shoude, Zheng Xiaoqi’s resources in the entertainment industry are so good that all actors are envious to death.
Other actresses, with good resources, usually have the opportunity to appear in some larger films and TV series every three to five.
Those actresses with good resources can make an annual drama by a well-known director every year.
Actresses like Zheng Xiaoqi with extremely good resources generally don’t have to do anything. The sponsor behind her will spend money to invite the best director, the hottest actor, and the hottest supporting role to play around her. A scene completely tailored for her alone.
Others can burn incense and worship Buddha in a drama with an investment of hundreds of millions, thank God.
And she, it was Su Shoude who directly took several hundred million, and invited a bunch of big names in the entertainment industry to come and serve her.
Mixing in the entertainment industry in this way can be said to be earth-shattering.
It is precisely because of Su Shoude’s energy in the entertainment circle that Zheng Xiaoqi is obedient to him.
No matter where she is or what she is doing, as long as Su Shoude makes a call, she will fly to Su Shoude to accompany him no matter how far away, and take care of this super gold master.
Su Shoude’s assistant directly invited Zheng Xiaoqi into the elevator, and then used the elevator administrator’s key to adjust the elevator to the manual control state, and directly let the elevator go to the top floor.
As long as the manual state of the elevator is adjusted inside, it is useless for anyone outside to press the elevator on any floor, and the elevator will not stop.
Within dozens of seconds, the elevator reached the top floor of the hotel.
As soon as the elevator door opened, the assistant could not wait to step forward and respectfully said: “Miss Zheng, please come with me!”
Zheng Xiaoqi also hurriedly followed, and while walking quickly, she raised her wrist and looked at the limited edition Richard Mille worth tens of millions on her wrist.
At this time, there are still about forty seconds before the ten-minute deadline Su Shoude said.
Zheng Xiaoqi breathed a sigh of relief, and forty seconds was enough to go to Su Shoude’s room.
Even though Su Shoude is a few minutes late, he may not be angry, but Zheng Xiaoqi still dare not let him have any dissatisfaction with him.
She knew that serving Su Shoude well was the most important thing for her right now.
Coming to the entrance of the presidential suite, the assistant pressed the doorbell and whispered: “Boss, Miss Zheng is here.”
There is no response in the room.
The assistant rang the doorbell again, but there was still no movement in the room.
He turned around and said to Zheng Xiaoqi: “The boss may be taking a bath, wait a moment, I will press it again.”
Zheng Xiaoqi hurriedly said: “Let me call him!”
After speaking, he immediately took out his cell phone and called Su Shoude.
Soon, the cell phone ringing was faintly heard in the room, but not only did Su Shoude not answer the phone, there was no other sound in the room.
The assistant’s expression froze suddenly, and he blurted out nervously, “Sorry! 80% of it happened!”
“Something happened?! What happened?!”
When Zheng Xiaoqi heard this, she was shocked.
The assistant hurriedly said: “I don’t know exactly what happened, please wait a moment!”
Having said that, he immediately took out his cell phone, made a call, and said in a low voice: “He is coming soon, the boss may be in trouble!”
Five seconds later, the doors of several rooms near the elevator entrance opened almost at the same time.

Chapter: 2480
An old man with gray hair and a Tang suit took the lead and ran over quickly.
Behind, more than a dozen men with extraordinary auras followed closely, everyone’s expression was solemn, and there was a little panic that was hard to conceal.
Everyone hurried to the door of the presidential suite, headed by the white-haired old man hurriedly asked: “What happened?!”
The assistant said in a panic: “The boss didn’t respond when I rang the doorbell, and no one answered the call, but the phone kept ringing inside.”
One of them asked, “The last time you saw your boss, what was the boss doing?”
The assistant hurriedly said: “The boss said he was going to take a bath…”
The man asked again: “Could it be that the boss fell asleep while taking a bath?”
The assistant shook his head: “I don’t know too well, but based on my understanding of the boss, I probably won’t!”
In some words, the assistant said too clearly.
For example, he knew very well that Su Shoude liked Zheng Xiaoqi very much.
Every time Zheng Xiaoqi came to see him quietly, she would wait very excitedly for Zheng Xiaoqi to appear.
Sometimes, in order to find a better state, he even arranges for himself to prepare some drugs to help.
So, for that reason, you should not fall asleep at this time.
At this time, the gray-haired old man said with a solemn expression: “Even if the boss falls asleep in the bath, it is easy to have an accident without staring at it. Let’s break in!”
The assistant also nodded quickly.
Want to know what happened to Su Shoude, breaking the goal is the only way.
So, he immediately said to the old man: “He old, you decide everything!”
Old He nodded, and when he was about to sink the inner strength of his body to his right leg, he kicked out suddenly, and the double door made of pure copper was kicked open!
Immediately, he took the lead and rushed in.
Su Shoude’s presidential suite is very large, with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters, and even has its own indoor swimming pool, which can be said to be extremely luxurious.
Therefore, a bunch of people rushed in, struggling to find every corner, and then everyone met and came to a conclusion that shocked them: Su Shoude is missing!
Do not.
Not missing.
The world has evaporated!
He, who was originally very immortal, is now panicking to death, his face is full of wrinkles caused by tension.
As he paced back and forth in the living room, he said eagerly: “This…what the hell is going on? We have been paying attention to the elevator entrance and the stairway, and we can be sure that the boss never left. And we didn’t hear any unusual movement, how could the boss disappear?”
The assistant blurted out, “He-old, do you want to… do you want to send someone to look downstairs? Will you accidentally fall down?”
Hearing this, He immediately rushed to the balcony, leaned on the extravagant railing and looked down. While watching, he said, “There is nothing unusual below, it must not be a fall.”
Someone couldn’t help but muttered, “I don’t go down, and I’m not in the room. Is it going up?”
“Up?” Hearing this, He frowned and said: “Upstairs is the rooftop, and you can’t get up from the room, so it’s even more impossible… Can’t it just fly away?”
“This…this is too weird…” Someone said in a panic, “Even if you fart, it will leave a little smell. How could it be possible that a big living person suddenly disappeared? Disappeared?!”
After the assistant looked around, he said: “The boss’s clothes are still there, and the bathrobe is missing. If he left quietly, he would at least change into his clothes. Could it be kidnapped?!”

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