The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2481-2490

Chapter: 2481
“Kidnapping?!” Old He’s expression twitched.
What he fears most is that Su Shoude is kidnapped.
So he couldn’t help thinking in his heart: “How do I say I am also one of the veteran-level masters of the Su family. This time I personally come to Jinling to protect the second son. If he is really kidnapped silently under my nose, then I Where is this old face? How can I explain to the master when I go back?”
Immediately, he thought of Steve who lives next door to Su Shoude, as if grasping the straw, blurted out: “Will the boss chat with that American next door?!”
The assistant, like him, was waiting for a miracle to happen. Seeing that the presidential suite was nowhere to be found, he was panicked to death. Hearing this, his eyes immediately brightened and he blurted out with excitement: “It’s possible, really. possible!”
After speaking, immediately turned around and ran out.
Others hurriedly followed.
As a result, when I hit the doorbell in the next room, there was still no response.
The people who were still holding a glimmer of hope, their hearts immediately sank to the bottom.
Everyone looked at Elder He, waiting for him to make an idea.
He always has a calm and unpredictable face on his face, his expression at this time is exactly the same as when he died when he was eighteen years old.
With a dark face, he kicked open the door of Stephen’s room and rushed in with everyone again. It turned out that Stephen, like Su Shoude, had also evaporated…
Old He was like a dog, smelling here, looking there, and groping around for a long time, but didn’t find any valuable clues. He was so flustered that he couldn’t help shaking his hands at the end of the touch.
Finally, he sat down on the ground and said with a gray face: “Hurry up…Call the master to report!”
A few minutes ago, Su Chengfeng just lay down.
Originally, what happened in Jinling made him sleepless.
In particular, the whereabouts of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu are unaccounted for, so he has been worried about the incident.
Moreover, he is indeed a little worried about his eldest granddaughter Su Zhiyu, after all, he has loved her since childhood, and he really loves her very much.
However, as the Su family gradually took control of public opinion, his inner worries eased a lot.
Although he was still a little worried about Su Zhiyu, he later thought about it carefully. Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing got in the car together, had a car accident together, and disappeared together. If he hoped that Du Haiqing would die, then Su Zhiyu would definitely not escape. .
If you hope that Su Zhiyu will survive, then Du Haiqing will survive.
Therefore, he later turned his mind and thought to himself: “The most worry-free result is that the two of you should die together. Otherwise, if only Zhiyu is alive, then with her character, she will definitely do everything possible. , Investigate the whole incident, and maybe they will turn against me at that time, so I just do it, so I don’t have to mine myself…”
He was somewhat relieved to understand this level.
Now I just wait for Su Shoude to feed back the message confirming the death of their wives as soon as possible.
At this moment, the butler knocked on the door to announce: “Master, the Du family is here…”
“Du’s family?” Su Chengfeng was very big and asked, “Who are all here?”

Chapter: 2482
The housekeeper hurriedly said: “Du Zhenhua, old man, brought Du Haifeng, the eldest of the Du family, with him.”
Elder Su couldn’t help rubbing his temples, and sighed secretly: “What the hell is it, what the Du family came to do for me? Could it be that they came to me to ask the teacher? Shouldn’t it, Jinling is not my site, and there is no evidence to prove it. Du Haiqing was killed by me. Did you ask me about it?”
“However, the Du’s family is still my in-laws after all, and they also have a deep relationship at the top level. They can’t clearly offend, so I can only deal with it!”
Thinking of this, Elder Su said to the butler: “You arrange for them to sit in the living room for a while, and I will come here.”
“Good lord!”
A few minutes later, Mr. Su stepped into the living room.
As soon as I arrived in the living room, I saw the Du family’s father and son standing in the middle of the living room, full of anger.
He immediately pretended to have a pained expression, greeted him, and sobbed: “My father-in-law…what’s going on with Haiqing and Zhiyu, do you have any information??”
Du Zhenhua said coldly: “Su Chengfeng! I still want to ask you! Is the matter between Haiqing and Zhiyuniang related to you?! You’d better tell me the truth, otherwise, Du Zhenhua and you are not at odds! ”
“Me?!” Grandpa Su pointed to his nose and said with heartache: “Haiqing is my daughter-in-law and Zhiyu is my granddaughter. How could I hurt them?!”
After he finished speaking, he immediately added: “You tell me, I have sent Shoude to Jinling to investigate and rescue quickly, even if I try my best, I must try my best to keep the two of them safe!”
Although Du Zhenhua had some doubts about Mr. Su, there was no evidence after all.
And one thing that puzzles him a little is that he knows that Grandpa Su loves Su Zhiyu’s granddaughter very much. If Du Haiqing had an accident, they would think 80% of the work was done by Grandpa Su or Su Shoudao, who is far away in Australia.
However, because Su Zhiyu also followed suit, they both felt that the two men would not murder their granddaughter or their daughter.
Therefore, Du Zhenhua, who is not sure about the situation for the time being, asked coldly: “Did Su Shoude go to Jinling to investigate any results?”
“This…” Mr. Su said with a sad expression: “I haven’t received any clear feedback yet. I just told me that he had people searched the hospital in Jinling, but they didn’t find their mothers. Traces.”
With that said, Old Man Su hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, father-in-law, or I will call now and ask Shoude what is the latest situation?”
Du Zhenhua nodded and said: “Okay, then you can ask him!”
As he was talking, the butler’s cell phone rang suddenly, and he hurried to the corner to connect, and then ran over to report: “Master, it’s Lao He’s call, saying that there is an important thing to report to you!”
“Oh?” Elder Su said hurriedly, “Give me the phone!”
The housekeeper hurriedly handed him the phone number. After the old man Su connected, he immediately asked: “Lao He, have you found any important clues in Jinling?”
Old He said with a trembling voice: “Old…Master…Yes…I’m sorry…”
“I’m sorry for what?” Father Su noticed something wrong, frowned and asked, “What’s the important thing? Hurry up!”
Old He choked and said, “Second Young Master… Second Young Master…”
The old man Su was mad and blurted out: “Don’t hesitate to talk to me! What happened to Shoude? Hurry up!”
He Lao sighed heavily, “Hey! Master! Second Young Master…he…he is missing!”
Elder Su’s whole body was stunned in an instant, and he blurted out: “Missing?! What the hell are you talking about?! A great living person, under your nose, disappeared right after arriving in Jinling?!”

Chapter: 2483
Su Chengfeng couldn’t accept it. His second son had just arrived in Jinling, and he couldn’t even spend the night in Jinling. He had disappeared.
Besides, He knows his strength.
Playing for the Su family for many years, it is almost a rare match.
Su Shoude had him secretly protected, how could he still disappear?
Mr. He on the other side of the phone was also sighing at this time, and said with shame: “Master…I have been on the same floor with the second son, and I have been guarding against any disturbances, but unexpectedly, the second son suddenly It seems that the world has evaporated, disappearing from his room…this…this whole thing is so weird that you can’t believe it…”
As he said, he hurriedly said again: “That’s right, not only the second son is missing, but also the new friends of the second son.”
Elder Su hurriedly asked: “A new friend? What kind of friend?”
Elder He hurriedly explained: “It was an American that the second son met at the airport. Their family had something to do with the Rothschild family, and he happened to book the same hotel with the second son, so the second son invited him to stay. I am next door.”
Elder Su blurted out and asked, “Could it be that American has any problems?”
“It’s not like it.” He Lao said, “I have observed that American. He is an ordinary middle-aged person. He doesn’t seem to be someone with kung fu or special strength, so it must not be him.”
Elder Su frowned and said coldly: “This thing is even more weird. It is already very difficult to let one person disappear under your noses silently, let alone get two people away at the same time?! ”
Old He hurriedly said, “Yes, my lord, I suspect that the other party must be a master of masters!”
Elder Su said nervously: “How can such a powerful person exist in such a small place as Jinling? You have been among martial arts practitioners for so many years, have you heard of any masters in Jinling?”
“There has never been.” Elder He said truthfully, “Master, frankly speaking, Jinling doesn’t even have a martial arts family that can be called a little bit famous.”
“Then it’s even more weird…” Elder Su felt a pang in his heart. He couldn’t help but rubbed his temples and said: “Jinling is really weird, Hai Qing and Zhi The whereabouts of the Yu and their wives are still unknown, and they disappeared suddenly after being guarded. It feels like there is a strong magnetic field in this place that is unclear and unclear, and there is a strange and mysterious everywhere…”
Elder He hurriedly said: “Master, strange things are not only that. The American that the second son knows today came to Jinling from a long distance to find his son. It is said that his son had been more than a dozen years ago. The celebrities disappeared together, and no news or clues were found…”
“This…” Elder Su felt a chill in his back.
He really didn’t understand what kind of strong man was hiding behind him.
With this ability to cover the sky with one hand, that person must be extraordinary!
So, he hurriedly gritted his teeth and said: “Lao He, no matter what method you use, you must find Shoude’s whereabouts. If you can’t find them, then you don’t have to come back!”
With that said, he Yu Guang glanced at Du Zhenhua aside, and hurriedly said: “There are Haiqing and Zhiyu! The three of them are from the Su family, and we must bring them back safely!”

Chapter: 2484
Old He hurriedly said, “Master, don’t worry, I will go all out!”
Elder Su said: “Okay! Investigate clues in Jinling first, and I will send someone to support you immediately!”
After hanging up the phone, Su said with a guilty expression on Du Zhenhua: “My father-in-law, you heard it just now. Now not only Haiqing and Zhiyu are missing, but Shoude is also missing. You can no longer doubt that it is. Am I messing up behind my back? Haiqing is my daughter-in-law, Zhiyu is my own granddaughter, and Shoude is my own son. This is obviously someone deliberately targeting our Su family!”
Du Zhenhua originally came with the motive of prospering the teacher to inquire about the crime, but what happened just now made him involuntarily dispelling the suspicion of Su Chengfeng.
When things have developed to this point, in his opinion, it is absolutely impossible for Su Chengfeng to play a trick behind his back. Some people will not even let Su Shoude go. This shows that they are going to fight against the Su family.
Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked: “Old Su, are you telling me the truth, have you offended anyone recently? Think about it, who is more suspicious?”
Elder Su spread his hand out and said, “You know my personality. I don’t usually constrain, so I offend a lot of people. So now you make me think, I can’t think of who it will be.”
Du Zhenhua couldn’t help sighing, he knew very well that Su Chengfeng was telling the truth.
Since the Dasu family surpassed the Ye family and became the first family of China, Su Chengfeng has always regarded himself as the leader of the business community. He is usually arrogant. No one is concerned, and many people are offended.
Thinking of this, he said sternly: “Old Su, what happened just now was that I was rash. The top priority now is to quickly find out all three of them. I sent Haiyang and Haiying to Jinling two hours ago. I think it’s better for our two families to investigate together, what do you think?”
Seeing that he had temporarily resolved Du Zhenhua’s suspicion, he was slightly relieved, and said: “Oh, father-in-law, it would be great if you would be willing to investigate with me! I’m afraid you will blame me, misunderstand me, I have a grudge against me, and the thought that you would still be willing to join hands with the two is really touched!” Remember for a second http://
Du Zhenhua said a little apologetically: “I just said something inappropriate because I was impatient for a while, and I hope you don’t mind too much.”
Elder Su immediately said ashamed: “How could it be my father-in-law! You handed Haiqing to our Su family, and you won’t be able to protect her. This is the Su family’s responsibility. Even if you beat me, it’s me. Su Chengfeng deserves…”
As he said, he sighed and waved his hand: “Hey, let’s not talk about this! The top priority now is that we have to send more people to Jinling quickly, even if Jinling is turned upside down, we must take them all. Save them all!”
Du Zhenhua nodded and said, “In this case, Haifeng and I will first go back and sort out all the resources and connections, and transfer all the available personnel to Jinling as soon as possible!”
“Okay!” Elder Su also deliberately pretended to be excited, and said, “In this case, then I will immediately mobilize all the people who can mobilize it!”
Du Zhenhua gave a hum and said, “My father-in-law, then we will leave first!”
Elder Su hurriedly said: “I will send you out!”
Du Zhenhua hurriedly said: “Let’s stay with the father-in-law, we can go out by ourselves.”
Elder Su pretended to be angry and said, “My father-in-law, what can you do with me? Come, I’ll see you off!”

Chapter: 2485
At this moment, Jinling.
The helicopter flew all the way to the dog farm in Hongwu.
At this time, the kennel is already busy.
Hong Wu took his confidant and was looking forward to it, waiting for Ye Chen’s arrival.
As the roar of helicopters in the sky grew louder and louder, everyone’s expectations were beyond words.
Immediately afterwards, the helicopter descended slowly and stopped in the middle of the kennel.
Hong Wu immediately led people to greet him.
At this time, Chen Zekai opened the hatch of the helicopter, and then made an inviting gesture to Ye Chen, and respectfully said: “Master Ye please!”
Ye Chen nodded and got off the plane with Su Ruoli.
Hong Wu hurriedly said: “Master Ye, you have prepared the single room and the warm father-son reunion ceremony. I have all prepared. When do you think we start?”
“Don’t worry.” Ye Chen waved his hand, pointed to Su Shoude and Steve who were still unconscious in the cabin, and said, “Take them to your office first and take them off. , Leave only a pair of pants, and pour a basin of cold water on each of them. By the way, remember to open all the windows.”
It’s still in the first month, but the weather in Jinling is still cold, showing no signs of warming up.
In this kind of weather, if you are stripped of your clothes and pour a basin of cold water on it, and you are still in a room with wide open windows, most people may not be able to bear it.
Hong Wuzheng hesitated a little bit, and immediately said to his men next to him: “Hurry up and bring these two guys to the office. In addition, let’s go to the individual and get some cold water!”
Several subordinates immediately stepped forward and dragged the unconscious Su Shoude and Steve directly to Hong Wu’s office.
Ye Chen asked at this moment, “Hong Wu, how is Walter’s situation now?”
Hong Wu hurriedly said: “Master Hui Ye, Walter is now in the late stage of uremia. Don’t worry, I have given full play to the humanitarian spirit and actively treated him. Now I will give him hemodialysis once a day. Basically, Keep his dog’s life.”
Ye Chen nodded, and said, “Take me to see!”
“Good Master Ye!”
Hong Wu took Ye Chen and Chen Zekai to the kennel area of ​​the kennel. Ye Chen looked left and right as he walked, and exclaimed: “Your place is indeed going to be expanded. When is there any plan to start construction? ”
Hong Wu respectfully said: “Master Ye, since President Chen told me about this last time, I have already asked people to come up with the expansion plan!”
As he said, he introduced to Ye Chen very seriously: “My current preliminary plan is to free up an area of ​​500 square meters in the yard, excavate this area directly, and build a three-story underground. The three-dimensional kennels will have a total usable area of ​​at least 1,000 square meters by that time. There is no problem in building 70 or 80 kennels!”
“This three-dimensional kennel is entirely made of reinforced concrete. There are no exits on the three underground floors. All entrances and exits are concentrated in a large room on the ground. People must go through this large room for security inspection. Fourteen hours of security guards to ensure that no dog is allowed to escape from the kennel!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and joked: “In that case, your kennel can raise at least a thousand dogs.”
“Yeah, Master Ye!” Hong Wu said with a smile: “Expanding at this scale should be enough, but as long as you say something, I can continue to expand at any time. It is not possible. We can put the entire kennel underground All developed!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said: “If you don’t have enough money, please tell me at any time, I personally still have a good view of your business, it doesn’t hurt to invest more!”
Chen Zekai listened to the chat between the two of them. For some reason, what he imagined in his mind was all kinds of people locked up in dog cages.
At this time, a few people have come to the gate of the kennel.

Chapter: 2486
Hong Wu immediately asked people to open the heavy iron door. As soon as he entered the door, he heard the fighting dogs in the surrounding kennels barking.
Seeing this, Hong Wuyi immediately shouted with a cold face: “It’s the fucking shut up to Lao Tzu, whoever dares to bark, I will kill it today!”
Amazingly, when Hong Wu shouted, all the dogs in the kennel stopped without exception.
Hong Wu was only satisfied and said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, please here!”
Ye Chen followed Hong Wu into the kennel. In the middle, he saw Walter’s men and Su Chengfeng’s men, Ma Chongxin and the four.
When Ma Chongxin saw Ye Chen, his eyes looked like a ghost.
Since being locked up in the kennel and seeing Walter’s end in person, Ma Chongxin’s fear of Ye Chen has deepened several layers.
He is locked here now, and what is most worried about is how Ye Chen will send him off next.
In the unlikely event that someone arranges a “package” similar to Walter for yourself, wouldn’t it be better to live than to die in this life? !
What frightened him even more was what if Ye Chen really let someone raise a group of African hyenas? !
Therefore, he saw Ye Chen coming over, behind the iron cage, kneeling on the ground and begging to Ye Chen: “Ye…Master Ye, please forgive me…We really knew that we were wrong. Please be merciful and go around us…”
Hong Wu shouted sharply at this time: “You guys who are damn chirp and crooked, I will tie you up directly and throw them into a dogfight that has been hungry for more than three days!”
Ma Chongxin immediately shuddered in shock, just like the barking fighting dogs before, he didn’t even dare to say a word in an instant.
Hong Wu hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, don’t mind, these new guys don’t understand the rules. Let me train them for a few days. In a few days, they will become honest and convincing. It’s docile.”
Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently: “These people are extremely sinful, and they have no use value. If they perform well, they will be left with a dog. If they do not perform well, just kill them.”
Hong Wu said immediately: “Good Master Ye!”
Ma Chongxin was even more frightened when he heard Ye Chen’s words.
He knew that he had no use value to Ye Chen now, because he had already recorded a video exposing the crimes of the Su family under Ye Chen’s persecution. Under this circumstance, Ye Chen could really ask someone at any time. Own fate.
At this time, Hong Wu took Ye Chen past Ma Chongxin’s four cages, pointed to an iron cage not far away, and said, “Master Ye, Walter is in that cage.”
Ye Chen looked in the direction of his fingers, and saw a single patient bed in the iron cage, with several sets of various medical equipment beside it.
Walter was lying on the hospital bed extremely weak, his whole body swollen for several laps.
Seeing Ye Chen coming, he was shocked and scared, and at the same time he hated Ye Chen. ?
After all, he is also the pride of the sky. Having suffered such a serious crime these days, the whole person is like falling into the 18th floor of hell, so naturally he is full of hatred for Ye Chen.
Ye Chen came to the iron cage, looked at Walter, who was pale and swollen, and asked with concern: “Mr. Walter, how are you feeling in the past two days? Is there anything I am not doing well in my subordinates?”
Walter roared angrily: “The surname is Ye, you are a total devil!”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Oh? I’m the devil? I just want you to taste it. That’s all you used to deal with others. Why am I a devil?”
Walter gritted his teeth and roared: “You better let me out quickly! Otherwise, our Hogwitz family will definitely not let you go! The Rothschild family will definitely not let you go! They will definitely come. Jinling killed you personally!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “Your Hogwitz family is indeed amazing. I heard that in order to find you, a guy named Steve Hogwitz came here. Are you familiar with this person?”

Chapter: 2487
When Walter heard Ye Chen mention the words Steve Hogwitz, his expression immediately became amazed!
He did not expect that his father would rush to Jinling himself to find himself.
This didn’t make him feel half-divided, but deep inside him, he felt a deep panic.
Although he is still using the names of the Hogwarts family and the Rothschild family to try to frighten Ye Chen and make a dying struggle.
However, he knew very well in his heart that he was nothing more than a fake tiger.
“Our family is just an ordinary cousin of the Rothschild family, and the weight and energy are simply not that strong.”
“The so-called foreign relatives, in ancient and modern times, refer to the relatives of the emperor, the king’s mother, and his wife. It is also very simple to face directly, that is, relatives outside and unimportant relatives.”
“So, the Rothschilds, basically won’t help me…”
“And the strength of our Hogwarts family is indeed a bit insufficient. In front of Ye Chen, it is not worth mentioning…”
“Father, he ran all the way to Jinling. It is absolutely impossible for him to be an opponent of a snake like Ye Chen…”
“What’s more, Ye Chen is still the young master of Yenching Ye Family… the chairman of the Emgrand Group… the strength is tens of thousands of miles stronger than the Hogwitz family…”
“So, when he came to Jinling, there was almost no other possibility besides Wanli giving people away…”
“If he also falls into Ye Chen’s hands, isn’t it all over?”
Thinking of this, Walter hurriedly said: “The surname is Ye, this is between the two of us. It has nothing to do with my dad!!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Oh? What do you mean?”
Walter blurted out: “What I mean is very simple. In the words of your Huaxia people, it would be misfortune to your family. So, if you have anything to do with me, just don’t involve my dad!”
Ye Chen nodded in agreement, and said seriously: “Walter, what you said sounds very reasonable.”
Walter hurriedly said: “Then you have to promise me not to do anything to my father!”
Ye Chen sighed helplessly and smiled: “I’m really sorry, Walter, you are a bit late.”
Walter’s eyes widened: “It’s a bit late?! What do you mean?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Your dad has been arrested by me. I will bring him over to see you in a while, so that you, father and son, will be reunited.”
Walter was struck by lightning, and he blurted out, “You…why did you move my father!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Why can’t I touch your father? Is your father made of gold?”
Walter said with canthus: “My father has never offended you! What qualifications do you have to move him?”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Since you have said so, then I really want to ask you, has Wang Dongxue’s father provoke you before?”
“I…” Walter was speechless.
He knew very well that the whole thing was all because of his own shamelessness.
If it hadn’t been for letting people poison Wang Dongxue’s father and forcing Wang Dongxue to submit, he would not have such a miserable end today.
So, Ye Chen asked him back now, and he was speechless all at once.
At this time, Ye Chen sneered and said, “You just wait here obediently, and I will send your dad over to reunite with you in a while.”
After that, he turned around and said to Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, go to your office.”
Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Good Master Ye, please come with me!”

Chapter: 2488
At this moment, Su Shoude and Steve have been taken by Hong Wu’s men to Hong Wu’s office.
Because both of them were unconscious and were tied up by Wuhua, Hong Wu’s men could only use scissors to cut the clothes on the two of them into countless strips of cloth.
Until all the clothes on and off the body of the two men were cut, and only a pair of pants remained, a little brother stepped in.
He held an empty basin in one hand and a huge bucket in the other. He said with some difficulty: “Oh, this bucket of water is really heavy.”
One of the little bosses named Brother Biao walked up to him, put his hand in the bucket and smacked his mouth and said: “Little Si’er, your water is not too cold, what’s the matter?”
The younger brother, known as Xiaosi, hurriedly said: “Brother Biao, this water is taken from the bathroom faucet. The water in the pipe itself may not be too cold.”
Brother Biao opened his mouth and said, “Hurry up and get some crushed ice in the freezer, go!”
Hong Wu’s kennel has hundreds of different breeds of fighting dogs, all of which are hugely appetizing breeds. In order to maintain the wild nature of fighting dogs, he usually feeds raw meat to the dogs.
With such a large amount of raw meat being consumed here, Hong Wu spent money to build a small cold storage specifically for storing various frozen meats.
Xiao Si brought back a large pile of ice ball, Biao Ge instructed him to pour all the pile of ice ball into the bucket.
The water in the bucket immediately became bitterly cold.
Immediately, Brother Biao looked at Su Shoude and Steve who were tied together, and smaked, “Master Ye told them to pour a basin of water for each of them, but these two old dogs are tied together, you guys, Hurry up and separate them first!”
As soon as the voice fell, I heard a voice saying: “There is no need to separate them again. Just give them a bucket of water and get them both rain and dew…”
It was Ye Chen who spoke.
When Brother Biao saw Ye Chen coming, he hurriedly said respectfully: “Good Master Ye!”
After speaking, he directly picked up the bucket and poured the entire bucket of ice water on Su Shoude and Steve.
This bucket of ice water with ice balls immediately poured Su Shoude and Steve to the heart.
The two people woke up instantly!
The bone-to-heart cold made the two of them scream, their whole bodies trembling violently.
Su Shoude’s head even bears a pile of ice scum that has not completely melted away.
The two realized that they had been tied into a ball by Wuhuada, and they were suddenly terrified.
Su Shoude blurted out, “Ye…Ye Chen…Where did you get me?!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Didn’t I tell you already? Seeing you come from afar, as the host, I will naturally do my best as a landlord. I have prepared a good room for you. Come and enjoy yourself.”
Steve on the side also asked in a panic: “Who…what are you? What do you want to do?”
Ye Chen looked at him and said with a smile: “Mr. Steve, right? When we first meet, let me introduce myself. My name is Ye Chen, Ye of Ye, and Chen of Xingchen.”
Steve said nervously, “Ye Chen?! I don’t seem to know you, why did you kidnap me?”
Ye Chen laughed: “Mr. Steve came to Jinling this time to find your son Walter, right?”
Steve’s eyes widened and exclaimed: “You know Walter?!”
Ye Chen nodded and said lightly: “More than knowing, he was invited here by me.”
Steve couldn’t hide his excitement and said: “Where is he? I want to see him!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I will arrange a grand reunion ceremony for you father and son for a while, but you have to wait a bit, I have something to do, I have to talk to Mr. Su first!”
After finishing speaking, he looked at Su Shoude and sneered: “Mr. Su, be acquainted, just say what you have, don’t wait for me to force you to say it!”

Chapter: 2489
Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Su Shoude’s fat body shuddered suddenly, and he blurted out: “I don’t know anything, what do you want me to say…”
Ye Chen took out his cell phone from his pocket, pointed the camera at Su Shoude, and sneered: “I only give you one chance. You can tell me honestly, how did you Su family murder Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu? of!”
“If your performance satisfies me, I can temporarily save you a dog’s life, but if your performance makes me unsatisfactory, then I will let you be listed as a missing person permanently!”
Su Shoude was shocked.
He is not a fool. Ye Chen kidnapped himself directly. On the one hand, he proved that he has extraordinary strength. On the other hand, he also proved that he must have enough aftermath ability.
So, he thought to himself: “I disappeared silently in the eyes of the outside world this time. The outside world is afraid that they can’t find me at all. Even if Ye Chen kills me, it will be difficult for the outside world to find him.”
“More importantly, everyone knows that Su Family’s Nilin can’t be touched, but even so, Ye Chen still dared to do something with me, which proves that he simply doesn’t put Su Family in his eyes…”
Ye Chen didn’t put the Su family in his eyes, this was what worried Su Shoude the most.
He felt that Ye Chen did not seek money, nor did he give any face to the Su family. In this case, he really wanted to kill himself, probably just a sentence.
Therefore, if he did not perform well enough, he might really die in his hands.
So he sighed inwardly: “If he betrayed his father today, if he survives, he will definitely not spare me in the future. In the final analysis, the most important thing at the moment is to save his life first… ..”
“Otherwise, my father’s reputation will be preserved, and my head will be lost. What the hell do I do?”
Thinking of this, he hurriedly said: “I…I said…I said all!”
Ye Chen pointed at the camera and said coldly: “Come, face the camera, and explain it to me word by word!”
Su Shoude immediately said: “The killing of Du Haiqing and Su Ruoli was indeed done by our Su family, but it was planned by my father Su Chengfeng alone. It has nothing to do with me!”
Immediately afterwards, Su Shoude explained the whole process of plotting the old man Su Chengfeng to kill Du Haiqing.
Ye Chen thought slightly, and asked him: “Okay, then I ask you, why did Su Chengfeng kill Su Zhiyu? Su Zhiyu is his granddaughter. This seems a bit unreasonable? Is it because he wants to kill Su Zhi Fish, someone else?!”
When Su Shoude heard this, he was so nervous that even his breathing was a little disordered, and his brain immediately started to revolve.
He knew very well that he wanted to kill Su Zhiyu, not what Elder Su meant.
However, under such circumstances, Su Shoude absolutely dare not admit it.
“Although I can’t figure out Ye Chen’s preference for Su Zhiyu, Ye Chen rescued Su Zhiyu twice in Japan and Jinling! This is a real fact!”
“So, if I confess to Ye Chen that I am actually going to kill Su Zhiyu, then Ye Chen might be even more upset to me…”
Thinking of this, Su Shoude had a plan to make a living, blurted out: “I’m telling you…Actually…In fact, my father is also very dissatisfied with Su Zhiyu, and always feels that she always defends her mother Du Haiqing. , With his elbow turned away, my father even suspected that Su Zhiyu was not a species of the Su family at all, so he planned to kill her and Du Haiqing together, one hundred…”
Ye Chen looked at him with interest, and asked, “Is that really the case?”
Su Shoude nodded unswervingly and said: “Really true! Everything I said is true!”
Ye Chen sneered and said: “It’s interesting…It’s really interesting!”
Su Shoude looked at Ye Chen and felt nervous.
He didn’t know what Ye Chen meant.

Chapter: 2490
I don’t know if he believed his own words, or if he knew it a long time ago, he had secretly murdered Su Zhiyu.
Therefore, he decided to do everything possible to make Ye Chen believe in himself, and blurted out: “In fact, my father has long been dissatisfied with my elder brother and his family. He drove my elder brother to Australia a long time ago, and then deprived him of Patriarch’s inheritance…”
“This time, my father is not only going to kill Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, but before I come to Jinling, he also wants me to put Su Zhifei under house arrest…”
“But this kid Su Zhifei reacted quickly and escaped early. However, even if he escaped, many of the Su family members were looking for his whereabouts. Once he was found, he was driven to Australia just like my elder brother; Zhong, just like his sister Su Zhiyu, was directly cleaned up.”
After listening to him, Ye Chen stopped filming the video and frowned, “Su Shoude, you keep saying that your father wanted to kill Su Zhiyu, but based on what I learned from other places, it seems that this is not the case. , Why do you want to buckle a basin of shit on your father’s head?”
Su Shoude was shocked immediately, and blurted out: “No! I don’t have any shit pots for my father, but what I said is the truth!”
“The truth?” Ye Chen sneered: “Well, I’ll find someone to come over and confront you!”
After speaking, he immediately said to Hong Wu: “Go and bring that Ma Chongxin here!”
Su Shoude heard the three words Ma Chongxin, his whole body was already scared!
He didn’t think that Ma Chongxin was still alive now!
Even more unexpectedly, Ma Chongxin was in Ye Chen’s hands!
“This game is over… this game is completely over… Ma Chongxin is the old man’s personal guard. He came to kill Du Haiqing, and he was ordered by the old man. He must know that the old man did not order Su Zhiyu also killed them all…when he comes, am I going to show my stuff?!”
Originally, Su Shoude was frozen into a dead dog by a basin of cold water, but now, he started sweating nervously.
He looked at Ye Chen in a panic, and said vaguely: “Ye Chen…you can’t believe that Ma Chongxin! That guy always runs trains with his mouth full, and there is no truth! ”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “When he comes later, the two of you can confront each other on the spot.”
Su Shoude was nervous to the extreme, wondering if Ma Chongxin came, and Ye Chen would see through his tricks.
Soon, Ma Chongxin, handcuffed and handcuffed, was brought over by Hong Wu’s younger brother.
When Ma Chongxin saw Ye Chen just now, he knelt down and begged for mercy for the first time. Seeing Ye Chen again at this time, he was about to kneel down and beg for a few more words, but saw that there were actually two naked girls in the room. The young man, after a closer look, he discovered that one of them was the second son of the Su family, Su Shoude!
At this time, Ma Chongxin was struck by lightning.
He never dreamed that he would see the second son of the Su family here!
At the same time, he was more frightened and jealous of Ye Chen in his heart.
Because he really didn’t think that Ye Chen was so rigid that even the second son of the Su family would not let it go!
Seeing Ma Chongxin’s scared legs trembled, Ye Chen looked at him, pointed at Su Shoude and asked coldly: “Ma Chongxin, do you know this person?”
Ma Chongxin nodded hurriedly, and said respectfully: “Master Hui Ye, I know him…he is the second son of the Su family, Su Shoude…”
Su Shoude stared at Ma Chongxin nervously at this time, and reminded: “The surname is Ma, in front of Mr. Ye, you have to pay attention to what you say! No matter what you say, you must be responsible!”
Ye Chen frowned and asked Su Shoude: “Did I let you speak?”
After finishing speaking, he pointed to Su Shoude and ordered Hong Wu: “Hong Wu, give me a hand!”

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