The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2491-2500

Chapter: 2491
“Good Master Liao Ye!”
Hong Wu replied and immediately walked forward, grabbing Su Shoude’s hair, and slapped his hand hard, drawing Su Shoude’s eyes at the gold star.
Su Shoude grew up so big that for the first time he was directly slapped in the face by an outsider. He was furious, but he was so angry that he didn’t dare to go out.
Ye Chen glared at Su Shoude at this time, and said coldly: “When I ask you to speak, you can’t say a word.”
Su Shoude could only cover his face and nod his head repeatedly, not daring to say a word.
Ye Chen looked at Ma Chongxin and asked him, “I ask you, when Su Chengfeng gave you the order, did you let you kill Du Haiqing or let you kill with Su Zhiyu?”
Ma Chongxin blurted out, “Master Hui Ye, Su Chengfeng asked me to kill Du Haiqing.”
Ye Chen asked again: “Then he was dissatisfied with Su Zhiyu, thinking that she turned her elbow out?”
“No!” Ma Chongxin said without hesitation: “Su Chengfeng loves Su Zhiyu very much, and he often sighs with us, saying that among the Su family, the smartest and most capable is actually Su Zhiyu!”
Su Shoude’s face was already pale.
Ye Chen glanced at him, then asked Ma Chongxin, “According to you, that is to say, it is impossible for Su Chengfeng to kill Su Zhiyu together, right?”
Ma Chongxin said solemnly: “It’s wrong! Master Ye, although Su Chengfeng is sinister and vicious, he really loves Su Zhiyu from his heart. He can’t kill Su Zhiyu.”
After speaking, Ma Chongxin sighed and said, “You tell me, in the tunnel, when I found that Su Zhiyu was also on Liu’s chariot, I was almost scared to death, because I knew in my heart, If Su Chengfeng knew that Su Zhiyu was dead, he would definitely condemn me…”
Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “So you killed Liu Zhan with a single shot?”
Ma Chongxin said truthfully: “I killed…At that time, I wanted to ask Liu Zhan who instructed him to harm Su Zhiyu, but he not only didn’t say it, but insulted me. I was impulsive. The gun killed him…”
At this time, Su Shoude on the side was already so scared that he couldn’t stretch himself.
Ye Chen looked at him and asked coldly: “Su Shoude, you keep saying that you want to kill Su Zhiyu, but now it sounds like that’s not the case!”
Su Shoude hurriedly explained: “This…this…this me…I am actually not very clear…maybe…maybe me Mistaken……”
“Make a mistake?” Ye Chen sneered: “Su Shoude, if you don’t have a ghost in your heart, you can’t deliberately throw Su Zhiyu’s pot on your old man, let’s talk, is this matter you behind the scenes? Planned?”
Su Shoude seemed to have been stepped on his tail, and blurted out: “No… it has nothing to do with me…”
Ye Chen nodded: “If you don’t tell the truth, it’s easy to handle, Old Chen!”
Chen Zekai immediately took a step forward: “Master Ye, what’s your order?”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “I asked you to find an African hyena who likes to dig its anus. Is there a way out?”
“Yes!” Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Jinling Wildlife Park introduced a group of African hyenas some time ago. The owner of the safari park has a good relationship with me and is also a senior member of my hotel. I can contact him and borrow this group of African hyenas!”
“Okay!” Ye Chen nodded, looked at Su Shoude, and said lightly: “Since you want to resist, then go and discuss life with African hyenas!”
As soon as Su Shoude heard this, his whole body was immediately shocked!
He didn’t doubt Ye Chen’s determination at all, this guy was not only amazing in strength, amazing in methods, but also amazing in courage!
If it really annoys him, I am afraid that it will definitely end well…

Chapter: 2492
The frightened Su Shoude hurriedly blurted out: “I said, I said all…”
Ye Chen nodded and turned on the mobile phone video recording function.
When Su Shoude saw that he was going to record a video, he said in a panic: “Ye…Mr. Ye, what do you want to know, I will be honest and honest, but can you please stop recording the video…”
Ye Chen asked him back: “What? Do you dare to do it and still dare not recognize it?”
Su Shoude vaguely said: “No…no, I just…I just…but I’m not used to it…”
Ye Chen glanced at him in disgust, and said coldly: “Have a lot of chirps, nonsense, Hong Wu, clap your mouth again!”
Without saying anything, Hong Wu rushed up and kicked Su Shoude’s fat belly, kicked him to the ground, and then stepped directly on his chest, bent over, and slapped him twice.
Su Shoude was pumped, and the tears of grievance fluttered in his eyes.
He had never suffered such a crime in his life, so naturally he felt 10,000 aggrieved.
But he also knew that there was no point in being aggrieved right now.
If you don’t cooperate honestly, Ye Chen is afraid that he will let Hong Wu take off his arms and legs.
At this moment, Su Ruo, who had been talking all the time, left his mouth and said, “Master Ye, it’s too cheap to slap him against this kind of bastard. As long as you say something, I will cut off his arms and see if he dares. I dare not sloppy with you!”
Su Shoude frightened his liver and blurted out: “No! Don’t! I said, I’ll just say it!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “If you don’t get to the point anymore, I will hand you over to Ruo Li.”
Su Shoude couldn’t help shivering, and said tremblingly: “Mr. Hui Ye, it was indeed me who let Liu Zhan kill Su Zhiyu. I asked his men to beat his family by 20 million, and then let his family notify him and let him kill Du Haiqing. At the time, bring Su Zhiyu with…”
Ye Chen questioned: “Why did you kill Su Zhiyu? She is your niece, so she didn’t provoke you by law?”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “I…I want to avoid future troubles…because the old man is very dissatisfied with my elder brother and very dissatisfied with Su Zhifei. If we kill Su Zhiyu again , The future Su Family Patriarch must be me…”
Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Who was it that decided to betray Su Ruoli?”
Su Shoude said without hesitation: “It was also my dad’s idea…”
Ye Chen asked, “So, your elder brother Su Shoudao was actually used as a scapegoat by Su Chengfeng?”
“Yes…” Su Shoude said honestly: “If the betrayal of Li Li just broke out, the people of the whole country are scolding the old man. The old man feels that his fame in his first life cannot be smashed on Su Ruoli in his old age. , So I gave it all to my elder brother, and then drove my eldest brother to Australia…”
Ye Chen nodded, ended the video recording, and said lightly: “If you cooperate early, you won’t have to slap these a few times, so next time you stay alert and don’t make the same mistake again.”
Su Shoude couldn’t tell, his expression was even worse than that of his dead father, and he asked with a sad face, “Mr. Ye… are you planning to send out all the videos just now?”
Regarding the current situation of the Su family, Su Shoude couldn’t be more clear.
It was because of the kidnapping of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu that it was questioned by netizens across the country.
It’s hard to find a lot of navy soldiers to come out to act as the victims, and forcibly subvert everyone’s cognition. If all the things I just said are exposed, then the Su family will be all over.
Not only will the Su family be over, but they will also become the sinners of the Su family.
The old man is afraid that he can’t wait to take his own skin…

Chapter: 2493
At this moment, Ye Chen looked at Su Shoude who was flustered, smiled slightly, and said: “The video just now has three clips in total.”
“The first paragraph is your confession. It was Su Chengfeng who wanted to kill Du Haiqing, and at the same time, he also threw the pot to Su Chengfeng, saying that he also wanted to kill Su Zhiyu;”
“In the second paragraph, you confessed to yourself, but you actually hired Liu Zhan to kill Su Zhiyu;”
“The third paragraph is your confession. In Japan, it was Su Chengfeng who secretly betrayed Su Ruoli, and then gave it to your elder brother Su Shoudao…”
Having said that, Ye Chen smacked his lips and continued: “Tsk…but, the first paragraph and the second paragraph are somewhat contradictory in themselves, so if I want to send out, I can only choose between the two. One……”
After speaking, Ye Chen looked at him with interest and asked: “Su Shoude, what do you think I will send out?”
Su Shoude shook his head, he couldn’t figure out Ye Chen’s preferences, he didn’t know what Ye Chen wanted to do.
In fact, no matter which one of the first and second paragraphs are sent out, you will have bad luck.
Seeing that he was not talking, Ye Chen smiled and said, “To tell you the truth, I plan to send out the first and third paragraphs, because these two paragraphs put the three of Du Haiqing, Su Zhiyu, and Su Ruoli. Everything fell on Su Chengfeng alone. This should be enough for the old dog to drink a pot!
“I am a person who prefers to concentrate firepower to fight tough battles, so we must first gather all the firepower and knock down the old dog Su Chengfeng!”
After speaking, Ye Chen smiled, changed the conversation, and continued: “As for the second video…I plan to keep it first and send it to your elder brother Su Shoudao in the future.”
Su Shoude asked dumbfounded: “Why… why do you send it to my big brother…”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “If I send the first and third videos to your elder brother, your elder brother knows that Su Chengfeng wants to kill his two daughters and also wants to kill his wife. Do you think he will fight Su Chengfeng desperately? ”
Su Shoude said in embarrassment, “This…my elder brother is afraid that he has this heart, and he also has this ability…”
“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “Su Shoudao has the ability to put aside first, as long as they can completely turn their father and son back, it is enough for me.”
Su Shoude couldn’t help fighting a cold war.
“I really can’t figure out why this young man in his twenties is so black?”
“If he really sends out the video, the eldest brother and the old man are afraid that they will become deadly enemies…”
“The point is, I shake everything out of the old man’s affairs, and also throw Su Zhiyu’s pot to the old man, the old man will hate me to the bone!”
At this time, Ye Chen said again: “When the first and third videos are sent out, Su Shoudao must have wanted to kill Su Chengfeng in his dreams, and Su Chengfeng probably wanted to kill you in his dreams! Then you will beg me Take you in and save your dog’s life, otherwise, as long as you go out, you will be killed by Su Chengfeng. Even if he does not kill you, it will make you worse off.”
Su Shoude was even more frightened.
“What Ye Chen said is not wrong.”
“If these two videos are posted, the old man will definitely strip me alive…”
“This is not an exaggerated sentence, it is a standard declarative sentence!”
“At that time, I’m afraid I really have to beg Ye Chen to take me in. Otherwise, as long as he let me go out, even if the old man knew that I was being threatened by him, he would definitely not forgive me…”

Chapter: 2494
Ye Chen continued at this time: “As for the second video just now, that is, you personally admitted that you want to kill Su Zhiyu, I will wait for your eldest brother to kill Su Chengfeng and send it to him when he becomes the head of the Su family. ”
“In case Su Shoudao has a chance to comeback, then even if Su Chengfeng is killed, you will not be able to breathe a sigh of relief, because once your eldest brother knows that you want to kill his daughter, he will find a way to find you. Kill you at all costs.”
“Look, how about my closed-loop design? Whether your dad wins or your brother wins, your end will be dead.”
Hearing this, Su Shoude’s tears were already welling up.
He got it.
He really understood this time!
“What Ye Chen has to do is to keep my father and brother and elder brother in a state of being hostile to each other all the time, even killing each other quickly…”
“These videos are in his hands, I am dead anyway!”
“The game between the old man and the big brother, if the old man wins, I have to die; if the big brother wins, I still have to die!”
“Ye Chen…you…your poisonous heart!”
Seeing Su Shoude’s tears, Ye Chen sneered, and said, “So if you want me to say, you just stay here honestly. I asked Hong Wu to prepare a single room for you, which is definitely the best treatment here. If you are still here, I can save your dog’s life, but if you want to escape, it doesn’t matter. At that time, either your father wants to kill you, or your elder brother wants to kill you, and you weigh yourself.”
Su Shoude suddenly cried: “Mr. Ye… please give me a way to survive… or let us work together, you help me solve my father and my elder brother, I inherit the Su family property After that, all the assets of the Su family will be divided into 30% of you!”
After that, Su Shoude quickly said again: “Mr. Ye, if you are willing to cooperate with me, I can cooperate with you immediately. First go to Yanjing to kill my father, and then go to Australia to solve my eldest brother!”
Hearing this, Hong Wuyi immediately cursed: “Fuck! Su Shoude, you fucking want to fart? Do you want to fool Master Ye and let Master Ye help you take the lead? You fucking deserve it too?!”
Su Ruoli on the side heard that Su Shoude wanted to provoke Ye Chen to kill his father, and hurriedly blurted out: “Ye Gongzi, you can’t listen to him slanderously! This kind of person has absolutely no credibility!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Su Shoude, even if I kill your father and your elder brother, I won’t let you inherit the Su family.”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen’s expression suddenly became very cold, and he sternly said: “I will continue to work hard and flatten the entire Su family!”
Su Shoude was frightened by Ye Chen’s eyes.
Because Ye Chen’s eyes were full of killing intent!
At this moment, Ye Chen turned around, looked at Su Ruoli, and said lightly: “Ruoli, I know you care about Su Shoudao, after all, he is your father, I can understand, but I can tell you clearly now, if Su Shoudao It really has something to do with the death of my parents. I will kill him myself. If you dare to stop me, I will kill you too.”
Su Ruoli’s body trembled immediately, and quickly lowered his head, and said respectfully: “Ye Gongzi, Ruoli’s life is yours. Ruoli dare not stop you from doing anything. If your father is really your murderer’s enemy, You want to avenge your father. If you leave, you will not stop it…”
Speaking of this, Su Ruoli knelt on the ground with a puff, sobbing and begging: “Young Master Ye, Ruoli has only one request! If your father is not directly related to your parents’ death, please raise your hand and forgive him. One life…”
Ye Chen said blankly: “Don’t worry, Ye Chen only kills the scum and scum, if your father and my parents die, there is really no direct relationship between them, I will naturally spare him.”
Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen turned around and said coldly: “However! In any case, Su Shoudao will have to pay the price for the formation of the’Anti-Leaf Alliance’ back then! Even if the death penalty is unavoidable, the living sin is still inevitable!”

Chapter: 2495
As the daughter of Su Shoudao, Su Ruoli’s heart is naturally thicker than water.
However, she couldn’t help but secretly thought: “I owed Master Ye a life, and Master Ye gave me a great opportunity to grow my martial arts strength rapidly. He is obedient to him in order to repay his kindness.”
“If the father really bears the unshirkable responsibility for the death of Ye Gongzi’s parents, then if Ye Gongzi wants to seek revenge from him, I will naturally have nothing to say…”
“So, I can only hope that the death of his father and Ye Chen’s parents is not directly related…”
“Fortunately, Ye Gongzi is very upright and fair. Since he has already said that as long as his father is not his father-killing enemy, he can spare his life. The rest depends on his father’s life. Come on, are you innocent?”
Thinking about this, she said to Ye Chen respectfully: “Young Master Ye, if you have these words, don’t worry!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and said to Hong Wu: “Okay, take this Su Shoude in, go to the private room prepared for him, and take this Steve by the way to meet his son.”
When Steve heard that Ye Chen wanted to meet with his son, he immediately asked, “Where is Walt now?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Your dear son, is lying in the special room I prepared for her now.”
Steve blurted out, “Lying down? Is he sick?!”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Since your son’s character is really scumbag, so I invite him to come here and make a good bed remodeling. As for why he is bedridden, you will meet him later, or let him personally. Let me tell you.”
After speaking, Ye Chen stood up and told everyone around him: “Pick them up and take away!”
Hong Wu and Chen Zekai went up in person, each of them picked up one, and dragged the two of them out.
Ye Chen walked up with the back of his hand behind him.
When they came to the kennel area of ​​the kennel again, Su Shoude and Steve trembled in shock when they saw the sight of an iron cage.
When they were dragged to continue walking, they found that there were many ferocious fighting dogs in the iron cages on both sides.
What made them even more stunned was that there were several iron cages inside, not dogs, but people!
Steve saw his son soon!
His son Walter, who was lying on a hospital bed at this time, looked very weak.
There was a young man with yellow skin standing beside Walter. This man was holding a bowl of porridge and stuffed Walter’s mouth with a spoon roughly.
This young man is Kobayashi Jiro who works as a contractor at the kennel.
Steve immediately struggled and shouted: “walter!myson! whathappenedtoyou?!”
Hong Wu went up to him and gave him a big mouth, shouting cursingly: “Grass! What the hell do you say? Don’t you both know Mandarin? You both speak Mandarin for Lao Tzu! Then his mother said that in front of us Niaoyu, I cut off your tongue!”
Steve was slapped and was extremely aggrieved, but he didn’t dare to compete with Hong Wu, so he covered his face, choked up and asked in Mandarin: “Walter, my son…you. …..what happened to you?!”

Chapter: 2496
Walter was also struggling to get up, but because of his weakness, he tried several times without success.
So he could only lie on the bed helplessly, crying, and said in Mandarin: “Dad…I…I was poisoned, and now I have uremia… …”
After that, he could no longer control his emotions, and cried loudly: “Dad! You must save me, Dad! This ghost place is like hell… If you don’t want to save it anymore If I go out, I might die here.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Walter, it’s impossible for your father to save you, but there is a good news that I plan to leave your father here to take care of you, and your father will live in a single room in the future.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said to Kobayashi Jiro again: “Jiro, you won’t have to feed this Walter anymore, just feed your dog.”
As soon as Kobayashi Jiro heard this, he was overjoyed and blurted out: “That’s great, Mr. Ye! You don’t know, besides feeding this Walter every day, I also give him shit and urine. It’s more disgusting than serving a dog. .”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “In the future, let his father do this. You don’t have to spend a lot of time these days. Let Hong Wu give you a day off. As long as you don’t leave the kennel, you can do whatever you want.”
Kobayashi Jiro bowed with excitement, “Thank you, Master Ye! Thank you, Master Ye! If I can take a day off, I…I want to sleep well, and then…and drink again. Two bottles of beer…”
After speaking, he looked at Ye Chen and asked nervously, “Master Ye, I… can I drink two bottles of beer?”
Ye Chen smiled, waved, and said to Hong Wu: “Hong Wu, let someone prepare a case of beer for Jiro tomorrow, let him relax!”
Hong Wu immediately said, “Good Master Liao Ye, leave it to me!”
When Kobayashi Jiro heard that he could have a case of beer, tears of excitement rolled in his eyes, and he choked up, “Master Ye, thank you…I…I have not had beer for a long time. ……”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “As long as you behave well, let alone beer, even white wine, red wine or even your Japanese sake can be solved for you.”
Kobayashi Jiro was like a chicken blood, and said in excitement, “Young Master Ye, I will continue to work hard and go all out!”
Ye Chen nodded, waved his hand and said, “Jiro, you go to rest first, you don’t need you here.”
Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly said: “Good son, then Jiro will leave first!”
Hong Wu winked at his subordinates when he arrived, and immediately one of his subordinates came forward and left with Kobayashi Jiro.
Ye Chen asked Hong Wu at this time: “Where is the welcome ceremony I asked you to prepare? It’s been a long time since everyone has arrived, don’t you start?”
Hong Wu hurriedly nodded and said, “This is the beginning, this is the beginning!”
After speaking, he hurriedly shouted at the people around him: “Quick, get the props!”
As soon as the voice fell, several of his men immediately took out a large red carpet from the empty dog ​​cage beside them, and a few people laid the red carpet from the hallway of the kennel in an orderly manner and spread it all the way into Walter’s single dog. The cage was spread directly on the side of Walter’s bed.
Another person directly brought Hong Wu a red suit jacket. Hong Wu immediately became the emcee of the scene and said with a serious and affectionate expression: “Today, it is Mr. Steve Hogwitz, who is not far away. Chong Yang, the great day of reunion with his dog son Walter, father and son, on this good day of universal celebration, let us witness the historical moment of their father and son reunion!”
After finishing talking, a little brother hurriedly held a bunch of flowers, stuffed it into Steve’s arms, and threatened in a low voice: “Hold tight, I will discount your legs if you dare to drop a flower bone!”

Chapter: 2497
Steve naturally didn’t dare to neglect, he could only hug the flowers tightly in his arms.
At this time, Hong Wu pointed to the entrance of the dog cage and said to Steve: “Next, Mr. Steve, please send flowers to his dog son Walter! Everyone applaud!”
His little brothers immediately applauded enthusiastically.
Steve’s expression was terribly ugly, but he didn’t dare to say a word of dissatisfaction.
Seeing that he was still chirping, Hong Wu couldn’t help cursing without taking any steps, “What are you rubbing against? Do you want me to give you an extra bed next to your son’s bed?”
Steve shivered in fright, and then he hurriedly hugged flowers and walked into the entrance of the iron cage with difficulty.
Steve, who only wore a pair of pants, was already frozen like a popsicle at this moment, so he walked up like a zombie with limited mobility.
When he stepped onto the red carpet and staggered to Walter’s bed, Hong Wu immediately stepped forward and said: “Next, please Mr. Steve to give flowers to his dog son Walter!”
After that, he explained to Steve: “Don’t let go when you are offering flowers later. You two should hold the flowers at the same time and face our brother with the camera, and let them take a photo of you two How can you not record such a ritual scene?”
Steve has the heart to die. His son is lying on the bed like this. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, but now he can only play with him at the request of Hong Wu, which is extremely insulting. game……
At this time, Walter was in a painful mess in his heart.
If he had known that things would develop into a ghost like today, and killed him, he would not dare to think anything about Wang Dongxue.
But now it’s too late to say anything.
Steve had no choice but to deliver the flowers to his son, while his hand was still holding the other side of the flowers.
The father and son looked at the camera together.
Several younger brothers were holding hand-drawn fireworks, crackling them continuously, and the colorful sequins fell one after another, leaving the father and son full of heads and bodies.
At this time, with a flash of flash, a photo full of black humor was taken.
Hong Wu said loudly at this time: “The welcome ceremony for Mr. Steve and his son to reunite will come to an end here, everyone applauds!”
All the younger brothers applauded, and Hong Wu smiled and asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, are you satisfied?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “It’s a good job, it’s interesting.”
Hong Wu hurriedly clasped his fists and said respectfully: “Thank you for the praise, Master. If there is another time, I will do it more grandly!”
Ye Chen looked at Su Shoude, who was frightened and silly, and asked, “Mr. Su, do you think we are very particular about our hospitality?”
Su Shoude paled with fright, and wailed in his heart: “This damn call it dainty? You fucking call it dainty? You’re a devil!”
However, he didn’t dare to say that, he could only follow Ye Chen’s meaning, and nodded again and again: “Pay attention to… pay attention to… Ye Gongzi is really too particular about doing things!”
Ye Chen snorted and said, “If your son is in my hands another day, I will definitely perform such a ceremony for both of you. It will definitely be more solemn than this.”
Su Shoude said in horror: “Ye… Ye Gongzi, my son is an honest child…”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Just at you, who is so bad that you are shit, your son is not much better!”
Su Shoude suddenly looked ashamed and did not dare to speak any more.

Chapter: 2498
Ye Chen ignored him, looked at Steve, and said: “Steve, do you know why I caught your son here?”
Steve blinked red and shook his head.
Ye Chen looked at Walter and said coldly: “Come on, Walter, tell your father about your glorious history.”
“I…” Walter suddenly didn’t know what to do.
Ye Chen said coldly: “Hurry up!”
Seeing Ye Chen’s anger, Walter shuddered in fright, and hurriedly said, “I said, I just said…”
Immediately, he looked at Steve and choked up: “Dad, it’s all my fault, it’s my fault…”
As he said, he coveted Wang Dongxue’s beauty, and at the same time, he peeped into the Jinling industry of the Emgrand Group, in order to achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone, the whole process of poisoning Wang Dongxue’s father.
After Steve heard these, his whole person was almost collapsed.
He only knew at this moment that his son, who was seemingly well-behaved and sensible with unlimited potential, turned out to be a scum scum in his bones.
It was precisely because of his own son’s inferior behavior that ruined his own future and ruined himself by the way.
His heart was full of resentment, and a slap was slapped on Walter’s face, and he roared: “You bastard! You not only ruined yourself, you ruined me!”
Walter cried and said, “Dad…I’m sorry…I…I don’t want things to develop like this…”
With that said, he looked at Ye Chen and choked up: “Mr. Ye, you are wronged, and you are in debt. I will bear my own responsibility. Please let my father leave here and return to the United States.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help laughing: “Walter, do you really treat me as a three-year-old child? I will let your dad go back now. If he goes back to move the rescuer and come to rescue you, wouldn’t it cause me trouble?”
After that, Ye Chen said again: “Furthermore, I told you before, since you can drag Wang Dongxue’s father into the water, then I can learn how to drag your father into the water, starting now, Your dad will stay here for ten years too. He will take care of you and at the same time make atonement for you!”
Walter looked at Steve in tears, crying and said, “Dad, I’m sorry…”
Steve also shed tears.
He really didn’t think of coming to China for a trip to China, and he completely ruined his future and even the freedom of life.
Ye Chen pointed to the empty cage next door and said to Su Shoude: “Mr. Su, this is the single room you will live in in the future. If you feel lonely, the father and son next door can be your company. After a while, I’ll find an opportunity to bring your dad over, so that you two father and son pairs can make up a table of Mahjong.”
Su Shoude felt a chill in his heart when he heard this.
“Ye Chen forced me to record so many videos. If this is really exposed, the old man must hate me to death. If he really gets the old man over, it would be so embarrassing to see the father and son in the cage. awkward……”
“Moreover, if Ye Chen really got the old man in, wouldn’t it be my eldest brother?!”
“At that time, our father and my husband will live in a dog cage here, and he will inherit the position of Su Family Patriarch outside. Wouldn’t he become a serf and sing and become the final winner?!”
Thinking of this, Su Shoude felt so uncomfortable and uncomfortable.
Originally, I felt that if my eldest brother Su Shoudao was forced away, he would become the heir of the Patriarch.
Seeing that I was done, I didn’t even think of coming to a small place like Jinling to end myself like this…
Just when his whole person was in great pain, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something and asked: “Hey, Mr. Su, when we first met in the hotel room, who did you voice say that you want to hit someone else? fart?”

Chapter: 2499
Su Shoude didn’t think that Ye Chen would be interested in matters of his private life.
He comes from a big family and pays great attention to private life. So when Ye Chen asked about this, he was a little nervous subconsciously, and he didn’t dare to respond.
Ye Chen couldn’t help frowning and asked him: “Why? I don’t want to say it?”
Seeing Ye Chen’s dissatisfaction, Su Shoude hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, no, no, I am willing to say, I am willing to say…”
Immediately, he said fifteen to ten: “That woman is… Zheng Xiaoqi…”
“Zheng Xiaoqi?” Ye Chen asked in surprise: “Is that Zheng Xiaoqi, who is known as the jade girl in film and television circles?”
“Yes…” Su Shoude nodded nervously: “It’s her…”
Ye Chen couldn’t help sighing: “Oh, I really didn’t think that Zheng Xiaoqi, the icy and jade lady mentioned in the news media, turned out to be your lover… My wife still recognizes her very much and keeps talking about her. Is it one of the benchmarks in the entertainment industry, saying that she is very clean and self-conscious, never gossip about gossip, and never even takes kiss scenes with other male stars? It seems that most of the people in this circle are unknown. the other side.”
Su Shoude nodded awkwardly, and said falteringly: “She…she doesn’t kiss the scene because I don’t let her pick it up… I told her before that she must not be with others. Men are in close contact, not even acting…”
Ye Chen slapped his lips and said, “Tsk tsk…If the people of the whole country know that the goddess in their minds will be crushed by your ugly, old and fat middle-aged fat pig at night. I don’t know. How sad.”
Su Shoude’s expression was very depressed, and his face was red and black. It was obvious that Ye Chen’s words hurt his self-esteem.
However, even if his self-esteem was hurt, he dared not say anything in front of Ye Chen, so he could only nod in embarrassment and echoed: “Yes, yes, what Mr. Ye said is…”
Ye Chen sneered and asked him: “Is this Zheng Xiaoqi always in Jinling, or did he come from other places to meet you?”
Su Shoude hurriedly said: “She came from another place… In fact, she was filming recently. My father suddenly asked me to come to Jinling, so I asked her to come and accompany me…”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Seeing that you are quite old, I don’t think you have a lot of energy.”
Su Shoude said embarrassingly: “There is no such thing… It won’t work when you get older…”
Ye Chen smiled and said indifferently: “Okay, it’s not too early, you can rest here, you won’t have a bed warmer like Zheng Xiaoqi’s female celebrities, so you have to adapt to the kennel as soon as possible. In life, when the time is right, I will send your father over, so that you father and son will reunite.”
Su Shoude lowered his head deeply, not daring to answer.
Ye Chen looked at Steve next door and said lightly: “Take good care of your son here.”
Steve had no choice but to nod again and again: “I know Mr. Ye…”
Ye Chenzheng said more and said to Chen Zekai: “Send me back.”
“Good master!”
Hong Wu sent Ye Chen and Chen Zekai out of the kennel. While only Chen Zekai was there, he said to Ye Chen, “Master, your aunt, it’s time tonight, do you think you should let her go?”
Ye Chen frowned: “It’s time?”
“Here.” Hong Wu said hurriedly: “This time your aunt’s performance is very good, noisy and noisy.”
“Yeah.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then let her go quickly, tell your little brother, open the door, she can go anytime she wants to leave.”
Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Good master, I’ll make a call and make arrangements!”
Ye Chen patted him on the shoulder and exhorted: “The kennel is a big deal here, so you must show it to me. Don’t let anyone with unknown origins approach the kennel, and guard against you. My little brother leaked secrets to the outside world!”
Hong Wu said firmly: “You can rest assured, Master, I have arranged all the kennels here. Everyone working here is my confidant, and during this time, I have asked them not to 24 hours a day. If you leave the kennel, you are not allowed to have any contact with the outside world without permission. All are managed in a closed manner, and there will be no leaks.”

Chapter: 2500
Ye Chen said, “The Su family’s energy is very strong. Although they didn’t have any industry and connections in Jinling before, they can turn Jinling upright, maybe tomorrow. There are at least dozens of helicopters flying back and forth over Jinling, searching for clues. You must be careful.”
Hong Wu nodded and said seriously: “Master, don’t worry, I will go all out!”
“Okay.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “I can rest assured that you do things, so let’s go ahead.”
Leaving Hongwu’s kennel, Ye Chen returned to the city in a Rolls Royce driven by Chen Zekai.
Because Su Shoude and Steve had just been brought to the kennel, the Su family must be looking for clues all over Jinling, so Ye Chen didn’t have to take a helicopter to return.
It is too late at the moment. If the helicopter at night is not covered by fireworks, the movement must be very loud, and it must be very noticeable.
Therefore, it is safer to take a car, at least not to give the Su family any clues.
On the way back, Chen Zekai asked Ye Chen while driving, “Master, when do you plan to send the video?”
Ye Chen said: “I’ll post it in the middle of the night! I’ll go back and edit the video, and then process my voice, and then I can send it out.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly asked: “Then are you going to post it on the short video platform?”
“Yeah!” Ye Chen nodded and said, “The overall strength of the Su family is still very strong. If I post on other platforms, it is likely that they will be dismissed by the PR in the first place, but if I post on the Ye family’s own On the short video platform, there is such a great opportunity to step on the Su family. The Ye family definitely missed it. Therefore, they will definitely not delete the video.”
Chen Zekai smiled and said, “If you really post the video on Ye’s short video platform, not only will Ye’s family not delete it, but I’m afraid they will do everything possible to promote it like crazy…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “That would be better.”
When Ye Chen returned home, Xiao Churan was still busy in the study.
Before Ye Chen set off to Jinling International Hotel, she had been busy with the company’s business. Now that she came back, she still didn’t finish her work.
He gently pushed open the door of the study room, Xiao Churan was carrying him, adjusting the design manuscript in front of the computer.
Ye Chen looked at his wife’s back, feeling a little distressed in his heart.
“I knew that my wife would be so desperate for the cooperation of the Emgrand Group, in fact, it is better not to give her this project…”
“It’s just that there is no turning back arrow in the bow. My wife attaches so much importance to this cooperation. If Wang Dongxue is asked to stop the cooperation now, she will definitely be hit hard.”
Thinking of this, he sighed lightly, and closed the door again, without disturbing Xiao Churan.
Back in the room, Ye Chen put water for himself and soaked in the bathtub, while holding the mobile phone in his hand, using simple video editing software, he began to process some of the material shot today.
The main material is two parts.
Part of it is in the tunnel, shooting the part of Ma Chongxin;
The other part was in the kennel, where Su Shoude was filmed.
These two parts not only clearly stated the fact that it was Elder Su who instructed to kill Du Haiqing, but also threw Su Zhiyu’s pot on his head.
Ye Chen knew very well that as long as he sent out the edited video, the reputation of the Su family would be devastated!
Su Chengfeng will also become the most despised old dog of the people across the country!

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