The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2511-2520

Chapter: 2511
Ye Zhongquan’s mockery made Su Chengfeng angry!
He really didn’t think that he put down his body and came to ask Ye Zhongquan. Ye Zhongquan would have to be more or less polite, right?
As a result, the old bastard said that he was thinking of fart!
This is really outrageous!
But he still gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Ye! You and my family have been fighting secretly for so many years. You should also know what the mountains do not turn around. If you want to completely turn your face with me today, I will wait for my Su Chengfeng to relax in the future. Come on, don’t blame my ruthless men!”
Ye Zhongquan sneered: “Su Chengfeng, if you want me to say that you are a thief, you have the damn meaning. If you are really capable, you just think of it yourself. What’s the point of running and pretending to be ruthless with me?”
After speaking, he continued to sneer: “At this moment, you run over to me to delete the video. Think about it with your toes. I can’t promise you!”
Su Chengfeng suffered a huge humiliation, and gritted his teeth and said, “Okay! Ye Zhongquan, you don’t want to delete the video, so I don’t force it. Since there is no front, then we will talk about business directly. I heard about your short video platform. It cost more than 80 billion to buy it. So, let me give you 120 billion directly. You sell it to me and make a net profit of more than 30 billion. How about?”
“No!” Ye Zhongquan refused without hesitation: “You don’t know how optimistic I am about the short video industry. The reason I bought this platform was to make the short video industry bigger and stronger. How could this be possible Have you shot it long ago?”
Su Chengfeng said coldly: “Speaking of it, isn’t it just too little money? So, I won’t be grind with you, 150 billion! As long as you say something, I will arrange financial payment now!”
“Impossible.” Ye Zhongquan smiled slightly: “I, in principle, never have trouble with money, but today’s matter is definitely not a problem that money can solve. I persuade you to die.”
After speaking, he didn’t wait for Su Chengfeng to respond, and simply hung up the phone.
Su Chengfeng on the other end of the phone was so angry that his chest fluctuated violently.
His housekeeper hurriedly asked: “Master! Ye Zhongquan made it clear that he wanted to see our jokes. Wouldn’t it be that he was secretly instigating things about Jinling? Maybe, the second son is now in his hands. in.”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand with a dark face, and said coldly: “Impossible, even if Jinling is the site of the Ye Family, it is impossible for the Ye Family to deal with all this behind their backs.”
After that, Su Chengfeng said again: “Don’t forget, Liu Zhan has never been to Jinling before. When he exposed himself in Jinling, he had just arrived in Jinling.”
“Think about it, when he arrived in Jinling, he was consciously found by the police immediately, and then rushed into the treasure pavilion and kidnapped Du Haiqing and Zhiyu.”
“Immediately afterwards, when he drove Du Haiqing and Zhiyu to rendezvous with Ma Chongxin, something happened suddenly, and the Ye Family didn’t even have an hour to prepare.”
“In this time window of less than an hour, they not only have to accurately track Liu Zhan, but also have the ability to directly take down Ma Chongxin and the four of them. Ma Chongxin is very strong. As far as I know, the Ye family should not One can surpass him.”
Speaking of this, Su Chengfeng continued to analyze: “There is also the disappearance of Shoude! Shoude is in the hotel, and there are more than 20 masters from our Su family to protect, but the other party can unexpectedly be unaware of the situation of these more than 20 masters. Next, take him away easily. This proves that the opponent’s strength is far higher than the more than twenty masters of us. How can there be such a powerful person in the Ye family?”

Chapter: 2512
“To put it hard, if the Ye family really had this ability, then they could have easily kidnapped me, or assassinated me directly at home, how could we keep being crushed by the Su family? ?”
“That’s also…” The butler hesitated for a moment, and then asked: “Master, then, do you think it’s possible that the Ye family suddenly made friends with some hidden master?”
“It’s also unlikely…” Su Chengfeng shook his head and said, “The Ye family has always attached great importance to martial arts masters. Ye Zhongquan, an old man, only has money in his eyes, and he will spend a lot of money to raise a large number of martial arts masters. , This kind of thing is not interested at all. So how can such a person not find a real expert to help?”
With that said, Su Chengfeng analyzed with a grim expression: “I can think of three possibilities now.”
The housekeeper hurriedly asked: “Master, what are the three?”
Su Chengfeng said, “The first possibility is that the He family is against me behind the scenes!”
“Hejia?!” The housekeeper hurriedly asked: “You mean Ruoli’s family?”
“That’s wrong!” Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth: “Since Su Ruoli’s accident, the He family has removed all the masters in our Su family, but I have never asked me for an explanation, the reason why I didn’t ask for it. , It is very likely that he intends to avenge me secretly.”
“Moreover, the He family is a family of martial arts, and there are many masters in the family, maybe they are behind the ghosts.”
The steward asked again: “Master, what about the other two possibilities?”
Su Chengfeng spoke very solemnly and said: “Su Ruoli is still unsure of life or death. If this girl is dead, it will be fine. But if she really escapes, then with her? personality, she will probably get revenge on me. of!”
The steward opened the mouth and said: “Master, since Su Ruoli’s whereabouts are unknown, I have followed your instructions and have been paying attention to the customs entry situation across the country. There have been no clues about Su Ruoli.”
“That can’t be taken lightly!” Su Chengfeng sighed: “Although Su Ruoli is very young, she is indeed very powerful. If she is really alive, it must be a time bomb.”
After speaking, Su Chengfeng smacked his lips again and continued: “However, no matter it is the whole He family or Su Ruoli, their strength is very strong, but they are really strong enough to make us more than 20 top masters. I didn’t notice it, so this is what I have been thinking about…”
The housekeeper nodded and said seriously: “When the He family had a face-off with us, we almost knew the situation in the family. Among their generation of young people, the strongest is Su Ruoli, but she seems to be indeed strong. To this point…”
Su Chengfeng sighed and said, “There is another possibility.”
The butler hurriedly asked: “Master, what is it possible?”
Su Chengfeng said, “Do you remember that Zhifei and Zhiyu were rescued by a mysterious Chinese man who had an accident in Japan?”
“Remember.” The butler said, “Miss Zhiyu has always wanted to find the whereabouts of the mysterious person.”
Su Chengfeng said: “That person is extremely powerful! One person can kill multiple top Japanese ninjas unharmed, which is almost equivalent to one person being able to kill multiple Chinese martial arts masters in succession! It is definitely the top of the top! If this person is capable It’s really so strong, so there is still a great possibility that he will kidnap Shoude quietly under the noses of more than twenty masters in the Su family!”

Chapter: 2513
Su Chengfeng at the moment has completely lost his position.
It is precisely because of this that his thinking began to diverge, and even a little jumped off.
In the dark, he felt that the master behind this incident was probably the super master who saved Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu in Japan.
But the housekeeper felt a bit whimsical.
He said euphemistically: “Master, the master that the eldest lady met in Japan has not yet confirmed his identity. We don’t even know whether he is a Chinese or a Chinese living in Japan.”
“Moreover, Kyoto and Jinling are separated by thousands of kilometers. In the vast crowd, how can the two people overlap each other so coincidentally. Although this possibility exists, the probability is really too low…”
Su Chengfeng shook his head and said seriously: “The basis for my judgment is not probability, but feeling!”
After all, Su Chengfeng analyzed: “Jinling, a mysterious person, gave me such a powerful feeling. I have only experienced this feeling before.”
“And the last time I felt this way was after hearing about the deeds of that super master in Japan!”
“That guy can easily kill many top Japanese ninjas in close hand-to-hand combat with just one person, and he is unharmed. I have never heard of this kind of master for so many years!”
“Although I have heard of a lot of duels between Chinese and Japanese masters, and most of them were won by Chinese masters, to be honest, I have never heard of a Sino-Japanese master showdown. Victory without injury.”
“Even if Bruce Lee confronts a Western master, it is impossible to guarantee that he will win unscathed.”
“Once the opponent can be unharmed, it will prove that his strength is geometrically ahead of the opponent!”
“In other words, this mysterious person can be unscathed with one enemy and seven, so it is not a problem to be afraid of one enemy. Even if the number of opponents doubles, maybe he can still pay a certain price. Win!”
“One person killed 14 top ninjas. How many people do you think there are in the world?!”
The butler suddenly fell into thought.
After a long time, he nodded seriously and said, “Master, you are right… He can kill seven Japanese ninjas unharmed, so his upper limit is far from seven. If you count this way, this Human strength is simply unheard of…”
Su Chengfeng continued: “And this time, Jinling’s behind-the-scenes man can not only easily capture the four Ma Chongxin, but also quietly take Su Shoude away under the noses of more than 20 masters in the Su family. This strength, It’s also unheard of.”
“So, Jinling, the man behind the scenes, feels like that Japanese mysterious master.”
“Two mysterious people who don’t know their identities can bring me the same feeling, which makes me have to connect the two together!”
Speaking of this, Su Chengfeng said firmly: “Moreover! The connection between these two mysterious people not only feels the same, but the important thing is that there is a clue that completely overlaps!”
The butler hurriedly asked: “Master, what is the clue?!”
Su Chengfeng spit out two words coldly: “Know the fish!”

Chapter: 2514
The butler looked terrified and blurted out: “You mean, the mysterious master saved the eldest lady last time in Japan, this time in Jinling, or did he save the eldest lady?!”
“Wrong!” Su Chengfeng nodded and blurted out: “I feel that way now! I always feel that Yu is dead! If she is really alive, the person who saved her must be in Japan. The mysterious man who saved her once!”
The housekeeper asked a little puzzled: “Master, if the man behind Jinling this time is really the mysterious man in Japan, then I can understand that he saves the eldest young lady. What is his intention to kidnap the second son?”
Su Chengfeng opened the mouth and said: “Knock Shoude, the probability is to avenge Zhiyu and his wife? After all, Shoude is going to Jinling on behalf of the Su family to deal with this matter, and it is naturally the easiest thing to have him operated on.”
The butler hesitated: “Why is that mysterious person so good to Miss? Not only did she save her twice, but also to help her out?”
Su Chengfeng said in a melancholy voice: “I can’t tell you this. If my speculation is true, then this time I really took a stinky move…”
As he said, Su Chengfeng sighed and said to himself: “I knew that this mysterious master was affectionate and righteous to Zhiyu. I would kill me. I would not attack Du Haiqing. After all, she is Zhiyu’s mother. She kills, if Zhiyu is alive, she will not forgive me in this life…”
In an instant, Su Chengfeng’s expression became extremely annoyed, and he said in pain: “If my guess is wrong, then this mysterious person had the opportunity to be available to my Su family! How could it have grown to where it is today!”
The steward hurriedly asked: “Master, if this is the case, is there still room for recovery?”
“Recover it?” Su Chengfeng wrinkled his old face into a ball, and said angrily: “How can I recover it now? I expelled her father and killed her mother. What’s more nonsense, Shoude and the damn Ma Chongxin, I also buckled Zhiyu’s black pot on my head. How could Zhiyu forgive me? She didn’t want my life, I burned the incense…”
The butler thought for a while, and hurriedly said: “Master, I have an idea, I don’t know if it is feasible…”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Say it!”
The housekeeper whispered: “In my opinion, it’s better to let the eldest son come back now! On the one hand, you have to apologize to him and explain that you have acted on Du Haiqing in order to protect the reputation of the family. As for the eldest lady, this is simply someone who wants to plant and blame Here you are! On the other hand, if you ask him to come back and continue to sit in his previous position, you are tantamount to taking a step back and showing him good.”
Su Chengfeng’s expression immediately became very strange.
The butler continued at this time: “Master, if your speculation is correct, and if the eldest lady is still alive, then her mother must be alive too. You expelled the eldest son to Australia before, and today you drove out the eldest son. Family, this is almost tantamount to offending all the four members of the grandson’s family…”
As he said, he remembered something, and hurriedly added: “Oh, yes, and Ruo Li! If Li is still missing, if this mysterious person is really in Jinling, then I guess Ruo Li might return it. Alive, maybe even by his side…”
“So it seems, sir, what you offend is their family of five…”
“So, the most important thing for you now, sir, is to quickly break them one by one and try to save them one by one. As long as there is someone in the family of four and someone speaks for you, you will have a chance to break the game instead of being a dead end!”
Su Chengfeng was silent for a long time.
He understands what a steward means.
He knew that he had really offended his eldest son Su Shoudao’s family too hard.
If Su Shoudao was recalled to Yanjing, confessed to him, and regained his successor position, then this matter might be reversed.

Chapter: 2515
At this moment, Su Shoudao was talking on the phone with his son Su Zhifei.
Su Zhifei drove from Yanjing to Jinling late at night, but as soon as he arrived in Jinling, he immediately fell into a predicament at a loss.
He came to Jinling to find the whereabouts of his mother and sister. However, the Jinling police sent thousands of people to search the city for a whole day, and there was no result. Su Zhifei did not know what to do with his own efforts. Where to start.
He originally planned to go back to Du’s old house in Jinling first and ask the old housekeeper for help. In that case, he still has a place to stay.
However, when he thought that he had just offended his grandfather, and his grandfather still let people look for his whereabouts, he suddenly felt a little worried.
Therefore, he called Su Shoudao, who was far away in Australia, for help, and said to him: “Dad, grandpa knows that grandpa has an old house in Jinling, maybe he has already sent someone there to wait for me to pass. If I go to the old housekeeper for help, I may still not come in, and I will be caught by the Su family…”
Su Shoudao said solemnly, “There is indeed a risk! I think you should be more cautious, don’t contact the old housekeeper yet.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly asked, “Dad, what should I do now?”
As he said, he couldn’t help feeling a little agitated, choked and said, “Dad…I don’t know what to do now… Mom and Zhiyu are missing, I want to find them. But I don’t have the ability to find them at all, and I don’t even have a helper by my side…I…I…I feel like a complete waste… .”
Su Shoudao sighed and said with relief: “Know your fault, don’t blame yourself too much. This kind of thing is far beyond the scope of your control. I would say something bad, even your grandfather can’t grasp the whole thing anymore. Go, how about you?”
Su Zhifei cried and said, “I don’t want to care about him! I just want to find Mom and Zhiyu as soon as possible, and they must be safe, otherwise, I will never forgive that old thing in my life!”
After that, Su Zhifei hurriedly said: “Dad! Come back and help me out, Dad! You are not here, I am too limited alone…”
Su Shoudao hesitated for a moment and then said: “Knowledge, you should find a place to stay in Jinling first, but don’t expose your whereabouts to the outside world. I will wait for your grandpa’s movement to see which flag he is going to take next. …..”
In fact, for Su Shoudao, although he had seen the news reports and the videos uploaded by Ye Chen, and hated Su Chengfeng, he still did not dare to turn his face with Su Chengfeng directly.
The reason why he didn’t dare to turn his face was also very simple.
This is just like when the Emperor Guangxu faced the Empress Dowager Cixi, the entire Jiangshan community, military and political power were in the hands of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Although Emperor Guangxu was the emperor, he was not her opponent at all.
What’s more, Su Shoudao doesn’t even have the position of the head of the Su family, and Su Chengfeng is the real decision maker of the Su family.
Moreover, modern society is very different from feudal society.
Feudal society can seek to usurp the throne, but in modern society, everything pays attention to the legal system. Almost all the assets of the Su Group are in the name of the father. Even if other shareholders hold the shares of the Su Group, the shares correspond to the vote. The right is completely handed over to the old man.
It is impossible to seize the power of the old man. Even if the old man is killed, the shares in the old man’s name will be linked to the major trust funds. The rest of the Su family can only take some living expenses from the trust funds on a regular basis. Take control of the Su family.
Therefore, even if Su Shoudao knew that the old man was going to kill his wife and would kill his other daughter by the way, he still had the guts to go back to the old man and desperately.
Because as long as he dared to leave Australia without his father’s permission, he might be put under house arrest directly.

Chapter: 2516
Because of this, although he was very worried about Su Zhiyu’s safety, he still did not dare to leave Australia for half a step until the father spoke.
He even dared not call to question the old man, because once he angered the old man, his fate would only become worse on the existing basis.
Su Zhifei is not very young, and he hasn’t really experienced anything. The biggest and most serious thing he has ever experienced in his life was when he was kidnapped in Japan.
In fact, he was already panicked when he was kidnapped.
The whole process was like a quail half-dead in fright. It was far less calm than his sister Su Zhiyu, so all the pressure at the moment was concentrated on his shoulders, and he couldn’t breathe.
He desperately wanted his father to come back and be his backbone, but unfortunately, he dared to disobey the old man, but his father did not dare.
Hearing that his father said he was waiting, Su Zhifei couldn’t control his emotions and shouted: “Wait more? What are you waiting for? You are waiting until the news of Mom and Zhiyu’s death. Will you come back to the funeral afterwards?!”
Su Shoudao felt that every word his son said was like a loud slap in the face, slamming on his cheek, making him feel that his heart was bleeding.
However, he has no way at this time.
He has experienced far more things than Su Zhifei.
He knows what is meant by “the courage not to be one man”, and he knows what is meant by “planning and then acting”.
He felt that those who knew the opponent had a gun and rushed up with their bare hands were brave men.
Such people are mostly cannon fodder for others, how can they have the opportunity to become a famous player on the battlefield?
The son angered the old man. In his opinion, he is already stupid. If he disobeys the old man’s intentions at this time and runs back to the country during this sensitive period, he will definitely touch the old man’s inverse scales. Once the old man thinks he is rebellious, then It is impossible for me to have a chance to get up again in my life.
Therefore, he can only patiently explain: “Zhifei, you asked me to go back and help you, but you know that with your grandfather’s character, if I go back now, you won’t even see my face at all. Lost your freedom? It’s even possible that you won’t have a chance to see me again in your life.”
As he said, he hesitated for a few seconds, and said seriously: “Zhifei, listen to your dad once. It is too late today. You will settle down in Jinling first. Tomorrow, while ensuring your safety, contact your grandpa and let your grandpa Your uncle and your uncle will send someone to help you find the whereabouts of your mother and your sister. You give me one day. If your grandfather doesn’t contact me during this day, then I will ask him. In any case, I will let him approve me. Go home.”
Su Zhifei wanted to scold his mother angrily.
However, after calming down, he also understood that what Dad said was not unreasonable.
On the contrary, Dad was deliberate, but he was a bit too impulsive.
Thinking of this, he said softly: “Dad, I know… you don’t need to worry about me. I’ll call Grandpa in a while, and I will communicate with you again if something happens.”
Su Shoudao gave a hum and exhorted: “Don’t call your grandfather tonight. I guess he is already planning how to find your mother and your sister. Don’t bother him. Let’s talk about it tomorrow!”
As he was talking, his mobile phone suddenly popped up a reminder that another call came in, and he exclaimed: “Your grandpa called me!”

Chapter: 2517
After receiving a call from Su Chengfeng, Su Shoudao felt that it was both reasonable and unreasonable.
He reassures his son in a hurry, then hung up the phone and connected to Su Chengfeng’s call instead. He couldn’t wait to figure out Su Chengfeng’s intentions.
As soon as the phone was connected, Su Shoudao said nervously, “Dad…you… why are you calling me so late?”
Su Chengfeng sighed on the other side of the phone and said, “Hey, Shoudao, Dad called to apologize to you.”
After speaking, he asked: “You have already watched the videos circulating on the Internet?”
Su Shoudao said truthfully: “Yes, Dad, I did see it?.”
As soon as his words fell, Su Shoudao quickly added: “Dad, I know you must have some opinions on Haiqing, but I believe you will definitely not have any bad intentions towards Zhiyu. Shoude and Ma Chongxin must be Being coerced by others, that’s why I used gibberish in the video and splashed dirty water on you!”
Su Shoudao’s words instantly moved Su Chengfeng’s heart deeply.
He really didn’t think that his eldest son, at this time, could be so rational and objective, and he even explained the truth of what he wanted to say most in his heart!
The truth of this matter is: “I really fucking thought of killing his own granddaughter! I only wanted to kill Du Haiqing!”
“However, along with Ma Chongxin and my own son, they all confessed my guilt in the video, and dumped all the black pots and unnecessary charges on me alone, and was seen by more than one billion people across the country. His mother can’t argue with her!”
Human emotions are so subtle.
Even if you are quite prejudiced against a person, when you are not understood by anyone, and only this person can understand you, your attitude towards him will definitely change 180 degrees.
Because he is your only soulmate.
Su Chengfeng felt this way at this time!
Unexpectedly, it was impossible to understand that his eldest son would break the secret in a single word, which not only moved him, but also made him a little surprised.
Su Shoudao’s words are actually intentional.
In fact, he hated Su Chengfeng very much, because, even if Su Zhiyu was not caused by the old man, Su Ruoli would always be quibble?
Moreover, Su Shoudao himself was buckled in a shit basin and thrown to Australia, which was also done by the old man himself. In this case, Su Shoudao’s hatred for him would not diminish at all.
But he still cleverly concealed all the negative emotions, and from the very beginning expressed a complete understanding of the old man, and this time he won the deep heart of the old man.
The old man sighed and said: “Shou Dao, or you know me… Zhiyu is my most beloved granddaughter, how could I be cruel to her? The outsiders are really confused! I just listened to the framing of the villain!”
As he said, he hurriedly said again: “By the way, there are so many major incidents happening at home now one after another at home. You can’t stay alone in Australia and enjoy the good fortune. Come back and help Dad tide over the difficulties!”
When Su Shoudao heard the old man’s words, his expression was even uglier than eating shit.

Chapter: 2518
“The old man does have a set…”
“Obviously he sent me to Australia, and then put me under house arrest in disguise, and now he needs me to go back to help. He actually said that I am now in Australia to enjoy the good fortune, and I am enjoying the blessing of this damn place.
Even though he thought so, Su Shoudao immediately followed the old man’s words and said, “Dad, I’m so sorry, I really have been spared during this period. If you need me to go back and help, then I will be at your disposal at any time.”
Su Shoudao wanted to go back, but he couldn’t immediately say that if you need me, then I will set out.
Even if the old man said something for this purpose, he must put the initiative in the old man’s hands, and say one more word at the end, always waiting for the old man’s dispatch.
In this way, on the one hand, it appears that he has absolute respect for the old man, and on the other hand, he appears humble in front of the old man.
In this way, it can also reduce the old man’s defensive heart for himself.
Hearing this, the old man felt refreshed and hurriedly said: “Let’s do it, I’ll let the Australian side prepare the plane, and you will come back as soon as possible!”
After speaking, he added: “By the way, I plan to leave Yanjing as soon as possible and go to Suhang to hide from the limelight. Otherwise, the police and Du’s family will probably come to the door before dawn. It will definitely be a big trouble. .”
Su Shoudao hurriedly asked, “Dad, where are you going to leave Yanjing?”
Su Chengfeng said, “I plan to go to Suhang, where we have some of our industries and a large manor. I want to go there first and be quiet and quiet. In addition, it is relatively close to Jinling, which is more convenient for me to take command.”
Su Shoudao asked: “Dad, am I Fei Yanjing or Fei Suhang?”
“Fly to Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Su Chengfeng said: “I hang up the phone and go directly to the airport by helicopter. I can get to Suzhou and Hangzhou in about three hours. You will fly directly to Suzhou and Hangzhou. I will wait for you in Suzhou and Hangzhou.”
“Okay!” Su Shoudao said immediately: “Then I will prepare.”
Su Chengfeng opened the mouth and said: “Shou Dao, there are some things, Dad also has difficulties, you must not blame Dad, especially Haiqing’s affairs, Dad is also helpless to think about the reputation of the Su family… ”
Su Shoudao said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, Dad, I understand you 100% of this point…”
As he said, he couldn’t help sighing, and then said, “You tell me, Du Haiqing, this woman, has never forgotten Ye Changying for so many years! She and I still had a divorce, so she went to Jinling to buy Ye Changying and live there. When it gets smaller, it’s to hit my Su Shoudao’s face. When it gets bigger, it hits the face of the entire Su family! Even if you don’t want to solve this trouble, once I go back, I won’t let her go!”
After hearing this, Su Chengfeng said with great satisfaction: “Shou Dao, you can have this knowledge, I am very pleased. As expected of the son of Su’s family, in the face of all right and wrong, he sees much more clearly than ordinary people!”
Speaking of this, he continued: “It’s getting late, you should hurry to prepare, and we will talk about specific things when you come back.”
“Okay.” Su Shoudao said respectfully: “Dad, you are on the road overnight, pay more attention to your body!”
“Okay, I see.” Su Chengfeng replied, remembering something, and then said: “By the way, Shou Dao, when the video first came out, I knew that Fei came to me and gave me a big deal, and then I didn’t know where to go. He contacted you, you remember to apologize to him on my behalf. As a grandfather of mine, my temper is really hot, so please don’t take it to your heart.”
Su Shoudao really thought that the old man would take the initiative to apologize to his son, and hurriedly said: “Dad, knowing that he called me just now. The biggest problem with this child is that he is not mature enough, and he has not encountered many things. The information from the outside world is so obsessive that you can’t see the essence of the matter. You must not have general knowledge with him. After I return, you must bring him to you and kowtow!”
Su Chengfeng was very satisfied with Su Shoudao’s remarks and said: “If this is the case, then I can rest assured, you hurry back, I will wait for you in Suhang!”

Chapter: 2519
One thing that Elder Su is better than Su Shoudao is that he used clues to construct a general framework in his brain, and in this framework, he calculated the existence of Ye Chen, a mysterious person.
In fact, Su Chengfeng has always been a very shrewd old fox, and there are almost no loopholes in many of his plans, but several times because he could not foresee a variable like Ye Chen, so he missed the slightest point and was wrong.
This time, he speculated that Su Zhiyu was dead, and speculated that Su Zhiyu must be rescued by an expert, so he decided to try his best to restore Su Shoudao’s family.
The first breakthrough point was naturally Su Shoudao, the head of the family.
The call just now not only calmed Su Shoudao, but also expressed his apologies to Su Zhifei in front of Su Shoudao.
If the father and son believed his words, he would have saved at least half of the family of four.
Although it is impossible for Su Shoudao to forgive Su Chengfeng so easily, at this moment, his heart is indeed relieved a bit because of Father Su’s initiative to admit his mistake just now.
After all, Su Chengfeng never bowed his head to admit his mistakes in his entire life, and suddenly apologized in person, which really surprised him.
Moreover, Su Chengfeng couldn’t count the existence of the mysterious factor Ye Chen, so he didn’t know the real motive of the old man’s softness.
In addition, he himself was sent to Australia. Even if the father did something sorry for him, there is absolutely no need to bow his head to him. Even the father can completely put him under house arrest. This is the father’s usual behavior. style.
But the old man didn’t have to choose this way. Instead, he actively bowed his head to admit his mistake and begged for forgiveness. This made Su Shoudao feel that the old man might have really come to realize that he had the idea of ​​reforming and making up for himself.
The old man is willing to make up for himself and agree to let himself go back to China, which is tantamount to preparing to restore his heir status.
There are no people who will have trouble with the trillions of fortunes, so in addition to surprise, Su Shoudao’s heart also has an uncontrollable excitement.
However, on the one hand, there was the grief and worry of the unidentified life and death of his own daughter, and on the other hand the excitement and excitement of Xianyu turning over. These completely different moods mixed together, which made Su Shoudao a little ashamed.
The reason he was ashamed was also because he found that he couldn’t stop the excitement in his heart under such circumstances.
This also made him thoroughly understand a truth.
Why did the battle for the throne and power between the flesh and blood of the closest relatives occurred one after another in ancient times?
Older brothers killed younger brothers, younger brothers killed older brothers, fathers killed sons, sons killed fathers, and so on.
The reason is that the benefits placed in front of them are so great that they can leave their blood and affection behind.
Sacrificing one’s dearest relatives, if only one hundred yuan can be exchanged, how many people in this world will agree.
However, if you sacrifice your loved ones, what if you can get back ten billion, or even one trillion?
I am afraid that many people will be completely confused by this huge benefit.
Su Shoudao is also a mortal, and also has seven emotions and six desires.
After being sent to Australia, he felt the loss of power. This sense of loss made him unforgettable.
Now that he finally saw the opportunity to turn against the wind, how could he not be excited deep in his heart.
So, he called Su Zhifei and told him briefly about the situation, and then told him: “Zhifei, I think your grandpa really realized his mistake this time, so don’t be here either. I touched him too much, you know?”

Chapter: 2520
Su Zhifei said angrily: “Dad! Mom and Zhiyu are now being killed by him. You tell me not to touch him too much? Don’t you watch the videos circulating on the Internet? Mom and Zhiyu are in that car. What’s going on in the car!”
“Stupid!” Su Shoudao angrily shouted: “It has already happened, what can you and your grandfather try to save?”
“Not only can you not save anything, you will also be forever!”
“You know, I am the eldest son of the Su family, and you are the eldest son of the Su family. Your grandfather will live for more than ten years at most. At that time, if I can’t be the head of the Su family, I will have to go away. !”
“If your second uncle, your third uncle or your fourth uncle take the seat of the head of the house, will it make our family feel better?!”
“I ask you, do you know what your grandfather’s brothers will end up after your grandfather becomes the owner of the house?”
“My uncles and uncles don’t even have one who can live in China! The day they failed to seize a prostitute, it was the beginning of their family’s departure overseas!”
Speaking of this, Su Shoudao said emotionally: “Those who have failed to seize the concubine, leave Huaxia and go overseas, can get less than 1% of the assets of the Ye family, and the most unlucky one can’t even get 1%. Arrived! Do you want to wait ten years to be kicked out of China, take back all the positions, funds and assets given to you by the family, and the whole family with hundreds of millions of assets to live overseas?”
Su Zhifei fell into silence.
As the saying goes, it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality.
Now I don’t care about money at all. I have private jets when I go out. I have my own business all over the world. I can do whatever I want. But once my father has said that he fails to seize his prostitutes and is sent overseas, he really loses everything instantly.
A better private jet costs hundreds of millions of yuan each. If you really deprive all your assets and leave only a few hundred million in assets for your family, what will you live on?
Su Shoudao also knew very well that his words had touched his son’s heart, so he was very wise to choose enough to stop instead of rushing for success.
So he opened his mouth and said: “Okay, I will tell you so much first. Your grandfather asked me to meet him in Suzhou and Hangzhou. You will find a place to stay in Jinling tonight and drive to Suzhou and Hangzhou in the morning. , I will be able to arrive in Suzhou and Hangzhou almost tomorrow afternoon, when you come to the airport to see me, let’s meet your grandpa together again!”
Su Zhifei was silent for a moment, no longer showing his rebellion and confrontation, and said in a low voice: “I know Dad, after you take off, send me a WeChat account, I will find time to pick you up.”
“Well, be careful yourself!”
This night, the reality is extremely calm, but the online world continues to boil.
The attack and abuse against Su Chengfeng has intensified.
What Su Chengfeng did has even begun to be reported by overseas media.
And Su Chengfeng himself, quietly hiding in Suhang overnight.
Su Shoudao boarded the Su family’s private plane and departed from Australia for a direct flight to Suzhou and Hangzhou.
As for Su Zhifei, for the sake of caution, he did not go to take refuge in anyone, nor did he go to the hotel. Instead, he lay in his limousine with the heater on all night.
This night, the three generations of the Su family, the grandparents, all had no sleep.
In sharp contrast with them, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, mother and daughter, lay on the extremely comfortable bed in the hotel and slept peacefully all night.
At 8 o’clock in the morning, Su Zhiyu was the first to wake up and opened his eyes slightly…

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