The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2521-2530

Chapter: 2521
What jumped into Su Zhiyu’s eyes was a luxury suite in a hotel, and he was lying on a comfortable bed with a width of more than two meters.
At this moment, she thought she was the soul after death.
So she immediately wanted to find her mother’s whereabouts, and when she looked around, she found that her mother was lying beside herself!
At this time, she didn’t care about the dream and reality. She stretched out her hand eagerly, shook her mother’s body, and shouted: “Mom…Mom, wake up…”
Du Haiqing, who was still asleep, woke up faintly. After she recovered, she looked at Su Zhiyu in front of her and exclaimed: “Zhiyu…you have nothing to do?!”
Su Zhiyu hurriedly said: “Mom, I…I don’t know if I have something to do…”
Du Haiqing looked around and asked subconsciously: “Aren’t we…in the tunnel? How come…”
Su Zhiyu also shook his head subconsciously: “I don’t know what’s going on, it looks like this is a hotel…”
With that, Su Zhiyu suddenly thought of Ye Chen’s face!
Suddenly it occurred to him that before he fell into a coma, what appeared in front of him was the benefactor that he was thinking about and trying his best to find him.
So she understood one thing and exclaimed: “Mom! Grace must have saved us!”
“My benefactor?!” Du Haiqing asked subconsciously: “You mean, the benefactor who saved you in Japan?!”
“That’s wrong! It’s him!” Su Zhiyu was so excited that her voice was trembling, and tears were completely uncontrollable, and she choked down on her cheeks, choked: “Mom…The last memory before I fell into a coma is that I am about to go. I’m dead, and my consciousness has reached the edge of fragmentation, and…then I saw my benefactor!”
Du Haiqing couldn’t help asking: “Could it be the hallucinations caused by unconsciousness at that time? Isn’t that person in Japan? How could he appear in Jinling?”
Su Zhiyu unswervingly said: “Mom. It’s him, it’s really him! I will never remember wrong!”
With that said, she hurriedly checked her body.
Soon, she discovered that her body, which had been severely injured in the car accident, was now unscathed, and she said excitedly: “Mom! My benefactor must have rescued us from the tunnel! And our body injuries. , He must have cured it!”
Only then did Du Haiqing realize that his body did not feel any abnormality at all at this time.
You know, before that, she and her daughter suffered a man-made car accident in the tunnel and suffered huge injuries.
She couldn’t help exclaiming in her heart: “In such a serious car accident, it is almost impossible for anyone to survive!”
“However, Zhiyu and I are unharmed now…This is incredible…”
So she hurriedly asked: “Zhiyu, why did your benefactor come to rescue us?”
“I don’t know either.” Su Zhiyu shook his head blankly, and said, “I have recruited him for a long time, but I have never found him. This is the second time I have seen him…”
As she said, she couldn’t help sighing: “Mom, my dear father, he saved me again… and not only saved me, but also saved you. Let’s count it down, my wife, and my brother, three I owe my grandfather four lives…”
Immediately afterwards, Su Zhiyu couldn’t help complaining: “Mom! The Feng Shui master that grandpa looked for is nothing but nonsense! He told me not to look for my benefactor, and talk about my life style and my life style recoil. , There will be a catastrophe, but he must not have thought that it was the benefactor who rescued me again! I said at the time that his calculations were not credible, and you scolded me…”

Chapter: 2522
Du Haiqing immediately stopped and said: “Know the fish! Don’t talk nonsense! How do you know that Master Lai is inaccurate? Master Lai has long said that if you were not looking for him, if you were obedient and went back to Yanjing, naturally you would not There will be such a big thing.”
Su Zhiyu was not convinced, and blurted out: “Then if I go back, mother, your safety will not be guaranteed!? If I am not here, my benefactor will not show up, then mother, you will be more fortunate. Up…”
Du Haiqing sighed and said, “Hey, this is the world’s cause and effect. Master Lai only neglected the connection between you and him at the time. I would not even have a connection with your benefactor through you. Even though I will be saved by your grace…”
Speaking of this, she couldn’t help sighing: “This benefactor is really a noble person in our family… I don’t know if I can find him and thank him in person…”
Su Zhiyu came back to her senses, and said with excitement, “The hotel we are staying in must have been arranged by my benefactor. I will go to the service staff and ask!”
After speaking, she hurriedly got up from the bed, rushed out of the bedroom in two steps, and went straight to the door of the executive suite.
As soon as Su Zhiyu pushed the door open, he saw four strong young women outside the door completely blocking the way.
She hurriedly asked: “Hello, where am I?”
One of the women said, “Hello Miss Su, you are in a hotel arranged by our young master for you and Ms. Du.”
Su Zhiyu asked in surprise, “Then, who is your young master?”
The woman shook her head and said, “I’m sorry Miss Su, the identity of our young master is highly confidential, and we must never disclose it to the outside world.”
Su Zhiyu was not reconciled, and asked: “Can you take me to see him? I want to thank him in person…”
“I’m sorry.” The woman continued to shake her head, and said apologetically: “Our young master has ordered that if you and Miss Du wake up, you should have a good rest in the room. You can talk to us at any time if you need it, but you can’t leave the room. step.”
“Huh?” Su Zhiyu couldn’t help asking: “I don’t know what your young master’s intention is for this arrangement?”
The woman explained: “That’s right, our master told you that your grandfather is deliberately trying to kill your mother, and your own safety is not guaranteed, so he needs you and Ms. Du to stay in the hotel room temporarily. Go out.”
Su Zhiyu feels a little lost, but when she thinks that her benefactor is also for the safety of herself and her mother, she nodded and said helplessly: “Well then… please help me thank you young master… …”
Then she hurriedly asked: “I…I have another question.”
“Miss Su, please say.”
Su Zhiyu asked expectantly: “Will your young master come here? I…I want to see him…I don’t know if there is such an honor?”
The woman smiled slightly: “Miss Su, I have no way to answer you exactly. Master did not tell me if he will come.”
Su Zhiyu felt even more disappointed.
Unexpectedly, I was rescued by my benefactor again, and even got into a high-end hotel by the benefactor, but I still couldn’t see my benefactor.
At this time, she couldn’t help asking: “Then, do you know where my phone is? If you know, can you return it to me?”
The woman said, “I’m sorry, Miss Su, our young master has ordered that you and Ms. Du cannot contact anyone outside for the time being, because now many people are looking for your whereabouts. Once they know you are still alive, I am afraid they will You are unfavorable, I hope you can understand!”

Chapter: 2523
Su Zhiyu thought that not only did En Gong not show up, he even refused to let himself communicate with the outside world, and his mood suddenly became even more disappointed.
She asked tentatively: “Will you let me report safety to my family? My grandfather must be very worried about the safety of my mother and me. Just report to him and let him know that there is nothing wrong with us. Enough……”
The woman shook her head and said seriously: “I’m sorry, Miss Su, our young master’s order is not to contact anyone outside, no matter who the other party is.”
Although Su Zhiyu didn’t understand more or less in her heart, she nodded softly and thought: “Even though it looks like this arrangement is like this, my mother and me are under house arrest, but I believe he must There is his reason, and he must be in good faith.”
So, she said, “I understand, thank you.”
The woman hurriedly said: “Ms. Su is polite. You and Ms. Du can tell us any needs, including what you want to eat and drink, what to wear, and you can tell me. Our master has ordered me. Arranged in place.”
“Okay…” Su Zhiyu bowed slightly and said gratefully: “Thank you!”
After finishing speaking, I realized that my stomach was indeed a little hungry, and he said: “Um…Can you please help me and my mother prepare some breakfast?”
The woman said without hesitation: “Of course it’s okay, Miss Su, what would you like to eat?”
Su Zhiyu hurriedly said: “It’s all right, as long as it is lighter.”
“Okay.” The woman said, “Miss Su, please go back to the room and rest for a while, I will inform the back kitchen to prepare.”
“Thank you!”
Su Zhiyu thanked him, and then returned to the room.
When she returned to the room, Du Haiqing also walked out of the room. Seeing that her expression was a little lost, she hurriedly asked, “Zhiyu, how is it?”
Su Zhiyu said helplessly: “There were four female bodyguards at the door. They didn’t let me go out. They said it was the kindness of the public who told us that we should stay here. There are many people outside now looking for our whereabouts. For the sake of safety, Benevolence won’t let us have any contact with the outside world.”
“I originally wanted to report to the Foreign Affairs Office of safety, but they didn’t allow it.”
Du Haiqing nodded slightly and said seriously: “This is understandable. Your grandfather wants my life, and some people want your life. I don’t know how complicated the situation is. If you let the outside world know that we two If a person is still alive, I am afraid that it will really bring a lot of danger, and it will also cause a lot of trouble to your benefactor.”
Su Zhiyu asked, “Mom, the female bodyguard at the door said, Benevolence is the young master of their family, then do you think who will be the young master? Is there any great family in Jinling?”
“Jinling?” Du Haiqing frowned for a moment, and said seriously: “I don’t really understand the situation in Jinling. I know that there is a Song family with assets in the early hundreds of billions. This benefactor is extraordinary, and he is definitely not Song. A family of this size can be nurtured.”
“In other words, if the Song family can cultivate such extraordinary talents, then the strength of the Song family will never be the scale it is today.”
Su Zhiyu asked again: “Could it be a hidden family?”
“Hidden Family?” Du Haiqing thought for a while, and said seriously: “I can’t say this, but to be honest, Jinling’s economic situation is not ranked in the top ten in China. In such a city, it is difficult to have What strong hidden family, after all, the water must be deep enough to be able to hide the giants.”
Su Zhiyu nodded in agreement and muttered to himself: “This is…”
After she finished speaking, she had an idea, and then said: “Mom, then do you think the benefactor is the young master of a big family in Yanjing or other first-tier cities?”
“First-tier cities?” Du Haiqing was silent for a moment, and said, “There are only a few of the top domestic families. As far as I know, these families have very powerful young masters, just like the Su family, including your brother. Among the descendants of these new generation males, who can be considered a master? The other families are even more unlikely.”

Chapter: 2524
Su Zhiyu couldn’t help sighing.
She also felt that what her mother said was right.
The elder brothers of these top families may be very mysterious to the outside world, but for the real top family members, they know the elder brothers of these other families very well.
Although all the sons of these top families are all so-called high-achieving students who have returned from studying abroad, Su Zhiyu knows very well that most of these are glamorous straw bags.
To put it nicely, it is embroidered pillows.
To put it ugly, it’s that the donkey shit is on the surface.
Regardless of these big brothers, each of them speaks fluent English. At the same time, they understand the world pattern and can talk about and give pointers to the development of the global economy. But if you really let him do it, he may immediately talk to the paper. Zhao Kuo was blind.
Before that, there was a well-known son brother who was known as a business wizard. In just a few years, he made billions by his own ability, but in a blink of an eye there was news of the company’s thunder and debt.
Billions of assets turned into billions of liabilities in an instant.
And such people are definitely not an exception in the upper class.
Therefore, it is difficult for Su Zhiyu to believe that his benefactor, his omnipotent benefactor, who is like a god from heaven, will also be the son of a big family.
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but fall into deep thought again. After a long time, she said distressedly: “Mom, the benefactor is not the son of a big family, but he is called the young master. What is his background?”
Du Haiqing smiled and said earnestly: “You have to find this benefactor. He has great magical powers and his ability is no longer what I can imagine, so his identity is definitely not something we can easily guess.
Speaking of this, a face suddenly flashed in her mind.
It was a very familiar but somewhat strange face.
That was the young man I saw at the door of Ye Changying’s former residence, who looked exactly like Ye Changying.
He looks so much like Ye Changying that he can be sure that he is 100% Ye Changying’s son.
Thinking of this, Du Haiqing couldn’t help but think to himself: “Will the benefactor that Zhiyu was looking for is Chang Ying’s son?!”
As soon as this idea came out, Du Haiqing couldn’t help but overthrow his own speculation.
“I saw that young man that day. He was dressed in very ordinary clothes and was riding a tattered electric car. It should be more difficult to come here. It should not be the benefactor that Zhiyu has been thinking about…”
Du Haiqing fell into deep thought, and another question came up in his mind: “Then…who is the person who grabbed Changying’s former residence at the auction with me?”
Su Zhiyu saw her mother’s expression sometimes solemn, sometimes tangled, and sometimes confused, so she couldn’t help asking, “Mom, what are you thinking about?”
Du Haiqing came back to his senses and said hurriedly, “Oh, nothing… Mom just thought about it for a while, but she didn’t have any clues.”
After speaking, she said to Su Zhiyu: “Zhiyu, you don’t have to worry too much. Since the benefactor arranged us here and let his subordinates protect us at all times, it is equivalent to establishing indirect contact with us. This is much more optimistic than your previous situation of finding a needle in a haystack and finding no clues, so you wait patiently, I believe he will show up sooner or later!”
Su Zhiyu nodded and was about to speak, when a flash of inspiration suddenly flashed in his mind: “Mom! Do you think this hotel is the property of Benevolence?!”

Chapter: 2525
Su Zhiyu’s inspiration suddenly appeared, so that Du Haiqing was also stunned.
She nodded approvingly and said: “Since this benefactor wants to properly settle us and strictly guard the secret that we are still alive, then he will not just casually place us in a hotel that has nothing to do with it… ..”
“Besides, he has sent so many people at the door, it’s probably like you said, this hotel is his property.”
“Even if it’s not, then he should have a deep relationship with this hotel.”
Su Zhiyu nodded, and ran to the desk in the living room of the suite with some excitement, and opened the drawer in it.
Generally, hotels will put some letter paper for guests to write on their desks. The name of the hotel must be printed on it.
When he saw the words “Jinling Buckingham Palace Hotel” above the letter paper, he couldn’t help exclaiming: “Mom! The hotel we are in is called Buckingham Palace. I remember, Buckingham Palace seems to be the property of the Ye family?”
Du Haiqing was horrified at once: “Buckingham Palace?! Could it be…Is it really him…”
Originally, Du Haiqing had also thought about whether the benefactor in his daughter’s mouth was Ye Changying’s son.
But she also overturned her own guess. After all, Ye Changying’s son had been missing in the early years, and he had never returned to the Ye family. It is unlikely that a fallen young master who has fallen outside has such a powerful ability.
But now, when she heard that the hotel she was in was Buckingham Palace, she immediately began to doubt it again.
Here, Su Zhiyu saw her mother in shock, and even said a “him”, so he subconsciously asked: “Mom, do you know what? Who are you talking about?”
Du Haiqing came back to his senses, and said with a complicated expression: “Actually, the Ye family also has a son who has been missing for many years…”
Su Zhiyu suddenly realized and blurted out: “Mom, what you said should be the son of Uncle Ye’s son?”
Du Hai counted and nodded, and said frankly: “That’s wrong, it’s him.”
As a woman, Su Zhiyu knows her mother’s heart very well.
She knew that her mother had always loved Ye Changying for so many years. It could be said that she was extremely infatuated with Ye Changying. Even if Ye Changying had been dead for nearly 20 years, her mother still missed him.
Because of this, my mother came to Jinling after learning the fact that her father had derailed, and she was murdered because she wanted to buy Ye Changying’s former residence.
Du Haiqing didn’t hide anything from her daughter, so she was not surprised when Su Zhiyu mentioned it.
Su Zhiyu asked in surprise, “Mom, didn’t that Uncle Ye’s son disappeared after Uncle Ye’s death? I remember that the Ye family didn’t even find his whereabouts. Why do you think he is the benefactor?”
Du Hai nodded and said seriously: “At your old Uncle Ye’s house that day, I saw a boy who looked almost exactly the same as your Uncle Ye when he was young. He looked like six or seven years old, older than you. How old are you, about the same age as your brother, and the age is very similar to your Uncle Ye’s son.”
Su Zhiyu couldn’t help asking: “Could it be a coincidence? After all, there are still many people who look like…”

Chapter: 2526
“No.” Du Haiqing said seriously: “If everything is really just a coincidence, most of it will only happen in one dimension. For example, if you happen to meet someone who looks very similar to me, this is normal. I accidentally It’s normal to meet someone who looks a lot like your Uncle Ye…”
When Du Haiqing said this, his tone and expression were a little serious, and he continued: “But, I unexpectedly met this young man in Jinling. Your Uncle Ye was killed in Jinling that year, and his son also disappeared in Jinling. , So this is the second coincidence.”
“Also! I not only met him in Jinling, I met him at the gate of your Uncle Ye’s former residence! If he has nothing to do with your Uncle Ye, why did he appear there?”
Su Zhiyu was silent for a moment, nodded, and said seriously: “Mom, I think your analysis makes sense. The young man you saw at the gate of Uncle Ye’s former residence is very likely to be Uncle Ye’s son… ..”
Speaking of this, Su Zhiyu’s conversation turned around and said: “Mom, Uncle Ye’s son, if he had disappeared in Jinling that year, he had been in Jinling. So the one you saw may indeed be Uncle Ye’s son, but Ye Uncle’s son may not be the benefactor! Do you have any clear evidence of this?”
Du Haiqing shook his head and said, “I don’t have any direct evidence either. After all, I haven’t seen the benefactor you mentioned until now. However, since the benefactor arranged us in the Ye family hotel, Then I believe that he must have a deep relationship with the Ye Family.”
Su Zhiyu fell into deep thought, and muttered: “If it’s like what you said, Uncle Ye’s son is the benefactor, then he has been alone in Jinling for so many years, how can he be helpless? Is there such a strong strength?”
“This…it doesn’t make sense at all! A master like this can’t be cultivated even by a top martial arts family.”
“You see that the He family is so powerful, and they cultivated Su Ruoli wholeheartedly, but Su Ruoli’s strength is tens of thousands of miles away from Bien. The ninjas who kidnapped me in Japan, I guess Su Ruoli is a couple One can barely win, and one-to-two will undoubtedly lose…”
Du Haiqing smiled slightly: “I can’t say this, but my instinct tells me that the benefactor you are looking for is likely to be him.”
Su Zhiyu sighed and said, “But I still don’t understand. If En Gong is really Uncle Ye’s son, then he should hate the Su family… In the anti-Ye alliance, the Su family has been unable to live with the Ye family for so many years. How can he save us? Especially my brother and I, both of us surnamed Su. To him, we are the children of our enemies… …”
Du Haiqing shook his head: “I don’t think about these questions, but I believe it will be clear sooner or later. After all, this benefactor will not forget about us after he rescued us. He settled us here. It is equivalent to having maintained a bond with us. I believe it will not be long before he will reveal the true face of Lushan!”
Su Zhiyu couldn’t help getting a little excited, and muttered to himself in a low voice: “My benefactor has saved our family of three so many times. If I can see him, I will definitely be a cow and a horse in my life to repay his kindness. !”
With that said, in her expression, she couldn’t help showing a bit of the shyness and fascination that the girl had for her sweetheart.
She is not to blame.
Any woman who has experienced two life and death junctures and the same face saves her twice, I am afraid that she will feel good in her heart.
What’s more, after Su Zhiyu returned from Japan, he has been obsessed with Ye Chen.
This time, not only saw Ye Chen, but was also rescued by Ye Chen, and even Ye Chen saved her mother with him. This has completely captured Su Zhiyu’s proud young girl’s heart.
Du Haiqing looked at his daughter in his eyes and couldn’t help thinking of the young man he saw outside the door of Ye Changying’s former residence.
When I think of him, I can’t help but think of the love of my life, Ye Changying.
For a moment, her eyes suddenly filled with tears, and she sighed in her heart: “Zhiyu, this girl, is afraid that she has already been moved by the benefactor. If she is looking for a son who is really long, it is really fate. …..”

Chapter: 2527
When Ye Chen settled Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu mother and daughter in the Buckingham Palace Hotel, he didn’t expect the hotel to reveal his identity to a certain extent.
After he posted the video on the Internet last night, he didn’t pay more attention to this matter.
Because he knew that this video would definitely drag Su Chengfeng and the entire Su family into the quagmire of the whole people’s crusade.
And he uploaded the video to the short video platform acquired by the Ye family, so that there is no need to worry that the Su family will publicize this video.
Because for the Ye family, no matter how much money they gave, it would be impossible for them to do business with Uncle Su’s family.
Ye Zhongquan would never miss this opportunity to humiliate and attack the Su family.
When Xiao Churan got up in the morning, Xiao Churan was still asleep, Ye Chen got out of bed gently to wash, and when he came to the first floor, Ma Lan was already cooking with crutches.
Although Ma Lan had broken her leg, she was very active during this period. As long as it was housework within her ability, she did not shirk at all.
At this time, Ma Lan was watching with gusto while holding his mobile phone, while guarding the egg fried rice in the wok, and under the armpit of his right arm was an aluminum crutches.
Hearing Ye Chen coming downstairs, she hurriedly recovered and said with joy, “Oh, my son-in-law, come and see, we have something serious in Jinling!”
Ye Chen had basically guessed what she was talking about after hearing her words.
However, he still pretended to be curious and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter?”
Ma Lan said solemnly: “Do you know that Yanjing has a very powerful family? The Su family whose surname is Su!”
Ye Chen nodded: “Oh… I’ve heard of it.”
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “This old man of the Su family, who is so fucking puss and bad shit, hired someone to kill his daughter-in-law, do you think this man is a tortoise bastard?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Listening to you, this old thing named Su is really a scumbag!”
“No more!” Ma Lan gritted his teeth and said, “It’s almost everyone’s punish! Now the law is civilized, otherwise it will be left in the feudal society. Such old things must be too late!”
“Good son-in-law, do you know Ling Chi? It’s just that the executioner used a knife to scratch him constantly, just like a Western chef slices ham on TV. He slices a thin slice at a time, and keeps a slice of three to five thousand dollars. He breathes!”
Ye Chen saw that Ma Lan was almost crushing his mouthful of teeth, and he couldn’t help but curiously asked, “Mom, why are you so emotional?”
Ma Lan said annoyedly: “When I saw your fucking news, I thought of that bastard grandma at first!”
“That dead old woman is just as bad as this dead old man surnamed Su!”
“Damn, when she was in the detention center, do you know how cruel her heart was? The old thing couldn’t walk steadily. When hitting me, she was still struggling to death, wishing to beat me to death in the detention center!”
“These two old things are so bad to their daughter-in-law, they are simply a pair of dogs and women who are angry with each other!”

Chapter: 2528
Ye Chen thought that Ma Lan thought of Mrs. Xiao through what Elder Su had done, and he was speechless for a while.
At this time, Ma Lan couldn’t help but sighed, and said: “I just pity this woman named Du Haiqing! I think she must be a kind-hearted and smart woman like me, but God does not have eyes, we are so good. A woman just can’t meet a good mother-in-law and a good father-in-law.”
Ye Chen was embarrassed and committed cancer.
Du Haiqing is definitely the top celebrity in the noblewoman circle after being a celebrity in Beijing anyway. In any aspect, she is stronger than Ma Lan, but Ma Lan is so embarrassed to say that she is the same as Du Haiqing, which shows that she is also thick-skinned. The edge of it.
But Ye Chen didn’t bother to tell her more, so he smiled and said: “Mom, you are busy first, I will go to the yard to get some air.”
Although Ma Lan was still filled with righteous indignation, when he heard this, he hurriedly said with a smile: “Good son-in-law, you can wear more clothes. It’s cold outside today.”
Ye Chen came out of the house and called Chen Zekai in the yard.
As soon as the phone was connected, Chen Zekai’s voice came over: “Master!”
Ye Chen asked, “Old Chen, how is your situation there?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Master, the executive floor of the hotel is still strictly guarded. Except for my confidant, even ordinary waiters and security guards are not allowed to approach. As for Ms. Du and Ms. Su, my staff just gave me feedback. Miss Su wants to see you and inquire about your identity, but my people didn’t disclose it and told them to stay in the room honestly. They just sent them some breakfast.”
“In addition, I received a message that the old man Su Chengfeng had fled Yanjing overnight. The plane departed from Yanjing Airport and flew east to the high seas, then circled the southern part of the Taiwan Strait, and then went all the way north. It was around 6 o’clock. After landing in Suzhou and Hangzhou, the flight trajectory of the plane was like a big fish hook…”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Why do you go to Suhang and make such a big circle? Is it because you are afraid that others will discover his true track?”
“Yes!” Chen Zekai smiled: “Some media don’t know the situation. They only know that his plane took off from Yanjing and flew east out of the country. They thought he had fled to Japan to avoid the limelight.”
Ye Chen said with a smile: “He ran to Suhang, he should not just want to avoid the limelight, Suhang is so close to Jinling, I think he still misses Jinling.”
“I think so too.” Chen Zekai said seriously: “The Su family has a little power in Suzhou and Hangzhou, and Master Su’s command of Jinling’s side is also considered to be on the front line himself.”
Ye Chen immediately ordered: “Hurry up and call Wu Donghai to Jinling, otherwise Su Chengfeng will probably find him to understand the situation after he gets over. Although Wu Donghai is surrendered now, he has eaten a lot in my hand Unfortunately, maybe I will take this opportunity to take refuge in the Su family to fight against me.”
Chen Zekai suddenly realized, and blurted out: “Oh, why did I forget Wu Donghai! With the acting style of the old fox like Su Chengfeng, when he arrives in Suzhou and Hangzhou, he will first sort out all the uncertain factors in Suzhou and Hangzhou first, and then plan again. Move, maybe I will summon Wu Donghai this morning!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “It shouldn’t be so fast. Su Chengfeng must have been less worried last night. He took a big circle in the plane and probably didn’t have any intention to rest. The plane just landed more than two hours ago, so he hurried. He rushed to his place of stay. I guess he will probably have to make up his sleep this morning. When he wakes up, he may first take a look at the local situation in Suzhou and Hangzhou.”
“So, you call Wu Donghai directly now and say that I am looking for him in a hurry and ask him and his eldest son Wu Xin to come by helicopter immediately. In this case, it should be too late.”
“Moreover, Su Chengfeng’s trip to Suzhou and Hangzhou is so low-key, the Wu family certainly won’t know his message now.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Okay, Master, then I will call Wu Donghai now!”

Chapter: 2529
When Wu Donghai was still asleep, he was woken up by Chen Zekai on the phone.
On the phone, Chen Zekai told Wu Donghai that Ye Chen asked him to take Wu Xin to Jinling immediately by helicopter.
Wu Donghai dared not delay, got up quickly, took his son straight to Jinling.
At ten o’clock in the morning, Wu Donghai’s helicopter approached Chen Zekai’s hotel gradually.
As the helicopter continued to descend, Wu Donghai couldn’t help but think of the scene where the father and son were directly shot out by Chen Zekai’s people last time here.
That time was the most humiliating day of Wu Donghai’s life.
Not only Zhang Zizhou and many other Wu family masters were engraved with very humiliating sentences on their foreheads, and even themselves and their son were beaten out by Chen Zekai.
Looking back at that moment, Wu Donghai’s fist was clenched involuntarily.
However, he suddenly thought of the Eight Heavenly Kings buried at the foot of Changbai Mountain.
Thinking of the tragic death of the Eight Heavenly Kings, he couldn’t help fighting a cold war.
It was precisely because of the death of the Eight Great Kings that he realized one of the most crucial facts: Ye Chen had enough strength to kill himself, even his whole family.
The Eight Great Heavenly Kings took their own orders against Ye Chen. Ye Chen killed them but didn’t want his own life. This was already his own good fortune.
In addition, he now knew Ye Chen’s true identity, so he became a little more afraid of Ye Chen.
At this time, Wu Xin beside him said with some worry: “Dad, what do you think Ye Chen is looking for with us?”
Wu Donghai hurriedly scolded: “Asshole, can you call Ye Gongzi’s name directly?”
Wu Xin said aggrieved: “Dad, aren’t we talking in private? Why are you so sensitive…”
Wu Donghai blurted out: “I’m afraid you’re not stupid! What’s the identity of Ye Gongzi? Young Master Ye, a top master! You can kill the Eight Heavenly Kings by one person! Don’t provoke him, even if you call him directly behind your back. It’s easy to get angry!”
Wu Xin curled his lips: “Dad. Are you a little too sensitive?”
“Sensitive?” Wu Donghai asked him back: “Did you watch the video on the short video platform yesterday?”
“No.” Wu Xin said: “Since the incident of beating my brother and Liu Guang and Liu Ming’s two bastard cross talks were transmitted to the short video platform, I stopped playing the short video platform, but I did receive it. The news feed probably knows the whole story.”
Hearing Wu Xin mentioning Wu Qi and Liu Guang and Liu Ming, Wu Donghai couldn’t help feeling a little bit in his heart. He held back his anger and asked him: “Then you think, besides Ye Gongzi, who else is capable and courageous in Jinling? Dare to directly tie up the second son of the Su family?”
Wu Xin thought for a while, and his expression couldn’t help but said nervously: “This…Dad, according to you, the second son of the Su family was tied up by Ye son?”
Wu Donghai said: “In my opinion, in the whole Jinling, Ye Gongzi has the ability to do it, except for him, no one can play…”
“I’m going…” Wu Xin couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Why did Young Master Ye suddenly act on the Su Family?! Isn’t it about declaring war with the Su Family?!”
Wu Donghai shook his head: “I don’t know exactly why, but as far as I know, the Ye family and the Su family have always had feuds. Maybe Ye Gongzi wants to avenge his father.”
Wu Xin shrank his neck and sighed: “Young Master Ye acted too fiercely. As soon as the second young master of the Su family arrived in Jinling, he was tied up. He is not afraid of revenge after the Su family finds him… ”
Wu Donghai said earnestly: “Judging from his ability to kill the Eight Heavenly Kings alone, he tied the second young master of the Su family, but it was as simple as a cat catching a mouse.”

Chapter: 2530
As he said, Wu Donghai said again: “If the Su family really fights against Ye Gongzi, maybe Ye Gongzi can kill Su Chengfeng by himself. With his ability, it will not be in China to kill all the Su family one by one. In my opinion, the reason why he still kept this old guy alive might be the same as a cat catching a mouse but not eating it. The main reason is not to eat the mouse, but to play with and torture him.”
Wu Xin couldn’t help but panic.
Seeing him pale, Wu Donghai reminded him sternly: “I will see Young Master Ye later, and you must give him enough respect and keep your posture to the lowest level. I won’t let you talk, don’t say anything. do you understand?!”
Wu Xin nodded hurriedly: “I know Dad…”
The helicopter landed on the roof of the hotel, and Chen Zekai was already waiting here.
Wu Donghai took Wu Xin off the plane and hurriedly walked to Chen Zekai and said respectfully: “Mr. Chen, I should bother you to greet you personally. I am really flattered…”
With that said, he gave Wu Xin a color and said, “Don’t say hello to President Chen!”
Wu Xin hurriedly said: “Hello, Mr. Chen…”
Chen Zekai nodded and said: “You two come with me. Master is already waiting in my office.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly followed behind Chen Zekai and came to Chen Zekai’s office on the top floor of the hotel.
At this moment, Ye Chen was standing with his hand in front of the glass window of the office.
After Chen Zekai brought the people in, Wu Donghai hurried forward, stepped forward, respectfully said: “Hello, Master Ye!”
Wu Xin also learned something, respectfully said: “Ye Gongzi is good!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “Wu Donghai, do you know why I am looking for you today?”
Wu Donghai couldn’t help but shook his head and said, “Young Master Ye, I really don’t know what you are looking for, Young Master Ye, please tell me.”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “I saved the Su family’s eldest daughter-in-law and eldest granddaughter yesterday, and then tied the Su family’s second son Su Shoude. You should have seen these things in the news, right?”
Wu Donghai’s body was shocked, and he hurriedly said, “Master Hui Ye, we already know what you said.”
Ye Chen gave a hum and continued: “Early this morning, Su Chengfeng, the head of the Su family, went quietly to Suhang. I guess that he wants to go to Suhang to hide from the limelight this time, but also wants to use Suhang as a frontline position to come to Jinling Investigate these matters, especially looking for the whereabouts of his second son.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, are you going to declare war with the Su family?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Declare war? Declaring war is meaningless. The Su family has always liked to play yin, so naturally I will not tell them.”
Wu Dong took a step forward on the sea, clasped his fist and said, “Young Master Ye, if there is anything that can be used up or down, please let me know!”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “There is something, I really need your help.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly said, “Young Master Ye, please tell me.”
Ye Chen said: “I guess that Su Chengfeng will take the initiative to contact the big families in Suzhou and Hangzhou this time, including your Wu family. They may ask you about the situation in Jinling, or they may throw an olive branch to you. Let you become an affiliated family of the Su family and work for the Su family.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly stated: “You can rest assured, Mr. Ye, that I, Wu Donghai, will look after your head and will never have any contact with the Su family!”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “Don’t, I just need you to establish contact with the Su family!”

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